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tv   Live on 5  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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three cars crashed into his yard. why the city make him take it down. >> unnecessary stress in my life. >> today we're asking the tough questions about a well known problem area where major wrecks like this are common when it snows. >> first on 5:00, we're on top of the winter weather alert. the snow coming down after we were blanketed all day yesterday and last night. many still shoveling sidewalks. >> we're bracing for another round. we're keeping an eye on road conditions and investigating a problem on i-90. >> here's the headline. almost done.
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we've had a quite a bit of snow. southern cuyahoga, medina county. two to four, maybe five inch snowfall there. we'll turn on the heavy snow detector. watch bright pinks. we're losing them. the know is beginning to fade. still squall activity richfield, sagmore hills. flurries. down to the parma area. these snow showers continue and slowly shift north and east they'll continue. they should be relatively minor. good news there. 18 cleveland and akron. 17 in canton. 14 in worcester. 16 mansfield, ash buy. it is cold. look where we end up by 10:00 p.m. snow tapering off over the course of the evening. should be done by midnight if not before. we're in the lower teens. tara blake out in storm tracker.
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in the richfield area. tara, where are you now? peninsula. still on 80 west we get closer to route 8. want to show you the roadway situation. ahead of us, you can see the snowfall is soon to be increasing. roadways fine for driving at this point. 80 west as we make our way back toward peninsula and ridgefield. earlier, we were watching snow squalls on top of us. they're back and continuing to hit the exact same places which is typical with lake-effect snow bands. we see the snow as of now just increasing. it is still light. we're heading toward the heavier concentration. let me show you where we're headed. peninsula, richfield, outside dustin heights where the snow is increasing.
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heaviest snow. back to you. >> now to a news channel 5 investigation after we showed you this massive pile up along asian 90 yesterday. today we found out this -- i-90 yesterday. 40 weeks. it happened on the road known for dangerous snow squalls and whiteout conditions during lake effect storms. we spoke to the sheriff that says he refuses to let this be the norm. what's his plan? >> reporter: the sheriff tells me he'd rather spend money preventing these crashes than spending money responding to them. >> i think we should refuse to simply say this is the way it is. i'm going to work with the people we have available and see if we can employ technology. >> including warning drivers to
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at the at least, having deputies in trouble spots with flashing lights. those will cost money but maybe not as much as to clean this up. >> maybe $1 million when you talk about hospital visits, destroyed expensive semis. perhaps it would be better to spend our money with preventative measures. >> preventing pileups on this like newman road. three were seriously injured. >> because of the hill, definitely the road is always slippery coming up. >> the big rig driver had to be diverted around that mess. >> some truckers drive too fast. a lot of it is we get pressure from our dispatch to get there situation is. it was not surprise. this was a scene in the same spot just a few weeks ago. >> when snow squalls set up,
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driving for conditions to change mile by mile. >> reporter: just to be clear t video at the end of the story was from yesterday's crash. there was a very similar accident in the same spot january 18 t. the bottom line here, we need to slow down, take our time, keep our distance, pay attention. live in lake county, news channel 5 >> great advice. new information in the shooting death of the kent state university freshman. police have a second suspect in custody. marquis greer was arrested and taken to juvenile justice center. police say he and 15-year-old kremlin killed 18-year-old nicholas massa in an off campus
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both are charged with delynndelinquent say. >> the lorain business used customer food stamps to trade for cash and other unauthorized goods he used customer food stamps to purchase products for their story at other stores. they're all three charged with food stamp fraud. a conflict in north homestead involving a fence jonathan walsh is digging into why the city is making him take it down. >> reporter: it sounds like a fight for a fence, but it's more than that he's trying to prodetect his house. the city says is it doesn't meet the requirements for exception to city code. >> caleb zimmerman pointed out
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within falling into a nearby knocking over reflectors. >> he's been in front of the zoning board twice but denied a variance. during the second hearing, he provided a doctor's letter saying this fence or something similar would provide a medical condition for someone living in the home. >> are there's got to be a way to address that if we have all the facts we've never received. we've had two shots that the and each time the board wasn't given enough money to meet the burden to substantiate. >> the city said it was still vague. today i gathered more details, information about what that entails. i'll share that at 6:00.
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investigator jonathan walsh, news channel 5 it will be eight months before the man will go to trial for shooting a police officer. the campus police officer shot dubois to death over a missing front license plate the university reached a more than 5 million dollars settlement with dubois. uc restructured public safety leadership. today public city hall tried to clear up miscommunication for a child's ambulance. leon joins us now. some call had outrageous and insensitive. >> indeed they do mayor jackson said it was attempt for ambulance cost that was closed. whoever did the paperwork move along in routine fashion. the mayor said it should have
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it cost $500 the medicaid paid part of it. no bill was sent to the rice family for remainder of the cost. the director of the estate asked for accounting of that law. the mayor said the problem was someone should have flagged this paperwork because it was never intended for any claim to be sent. >> there was no sending a bill either previously or now to the tamir rice family. we closed the account and absorbed the other $300. >> in a letter t executor called the claim insensitive and callus. mayor jackson said legally the city was on lawful footing but
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the mayor apologized to the rice family. bottom line, there was never a ambulance. another story in the troubled chapter of ferguson, missouri. >> dominique is following these developments at 5:00. >> frank, the suit comes after a federal investigation following the shooting death of michael brown found a pattern of problems with excessive force and racial discrimination it follows a surprise move by the ferguson city council earlier this week which voted to push back against the settlement if city reached with doj after months of negotiations. city leaders can't implement all reforms. jackson said the agreement was fair, cost effective, and absolute necessary. >> the ferguson police
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expansive and deliberate. stopping people without reasonable suspension, arresting them without cause, using unreasonable force. these violations were not only greenous, they were routine. they were driven by racial violence. >> she said she was left no choice but to fight for rights # for people she says are treated unfairly by police. the case will go to trial unless a settlement is reached. there wasn't much hope of that happening. >> thank you. he was looking for love. >> instead, he was left with a broken heart. next only on 5, a man put himself out there and dipped his toe into the world of online dating. he learned the site was able to pull his heart strings to keep his wallet open. another kind of heart break
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mourning and police investigating after someone cut down 10 10 century old trees. we'll tell you why these trees were chosessen. new -- chosen. new at 5:30 how a police chief says his department is running out of money and losing the crew. and the nightmare is finally over the passengers from this storm battered cruise ship are back on
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john is in cleveland's official breaking news chopper looking at a wreck on i-90 now. john what's going on? >> reporter: haily, yeah, this is i-90 eastbound. look like a tractor trailer trailer and dump truck, a rear end accident. most damage is to the front and of that tractor trailer. when we arrived, two lanes of traffic were obstructed. they've got that down to one lane. three lanes heading eastbound are moving slowly. traffic is starting to back up.
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it's backed up through dead man's curve which is six miles. a long line of traffic as we lined back out here. it's really backing traffic up this afternoon. a lot of delays you can expect i-90 eastbound. some damage to both of these vehicles on i-90 eastbound, a tractor trailer and dump truck. >> breaking news out of georgia. a police officer in riverdale that's a suburb of atlanta has line of duty. he was serving a warrant when the suspect opened fire the officer was not wearing a bullet proof vest. he was shot twice the suspect is also in critical condition we have new information on the breaking news yesterday at 5:00. two deputies who were shot to death in the line of duty have been identified. one went into a crowded
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as soon as they start talking, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the deputy in the head. then the other officer was shot at. he was able to return fire but was also shot and killed. >> these are heroes. i don't know what else to say about them. they served this county and this the country faithfully and honorably. they lost their lives doing what they love to did. >> other deputies responding to the chaos shot evans to death. today flag across maryland are at half staff to honor the two fallen deputies. let's check with chief meteorologist mark johnson. >> you made up a new word for me. >> i put in an extra syllable for you. >> there you go. getting sunshine poking through the clouds. looking better in down down cleveland. squalls beginning to fade away. i do that all the time. look at this
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there are none. favor fading fast. northern summit, cuyahoga, medina county. last remnants of the squalls along the turn pike. i-76, interstate 80 still getting some of those brief bursts of light to moderate snow. that's it. these snow showers will continue east. there's no longer advisories for snow or warnings for snow in effect for now. we have a new lake snow watch for ashtabula county. that kicks in tomorrow at noon through 10:00 p.m. saturday. what computers suggest is we get one main lake huron to lake erie band of heavy snow from ashtabula county coming in from the north. our computers suggesting another band west of cleveland tomorrow night into saturday. we're going to have to watch for that we'll keep you posted.
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the last couple days. look at granger township near medina. 12.5 inches. madison 11. solon 9, same for burton. akron 8.5 inches west side of town. kent .5, kirkland 5, lorain 4 and alliance 4. this was equal equal. 18 medina, cleveland. cold afternoon. feels like 7 in medina and feels like 9 in mentor. let's show you hour by hour. watch these little snow showers tapering off, just shifting off toward the north. they could be couple flurries hugging the lake erie shoreline north and east of town by tomorrow morning's compute.
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another round of snow coming in tomorrow. just in time for the afternoon rush hour. this is the arctic cold front. it's going to bring a batch of moderate snow just in time for school. so weather alert day for the next round of snow. this is friday for the afternoon rush beginning after 4:00 p.m. in most spots. up to two inches of snow that doesn't sound like a lot. if it's coming down in a hurry, temperatures in the 20s, slick and slow for travel for the afternoon rush. arctic cold comes in, and we get pummeled. overnight lows drop to 12 above 0. we'll see snow tapering off. tomorrow it's snow by late afternoon. a high of 23. then look at saturday. 9, low of 2. sunday is, 10 with more lake-effect snow.
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more than 90 million people around the world use dating sites to find love. a north ridgefield man search for love on the side. megan, he told you his experience was heart breaking unfair. >> the victim tried and failed to get a refund after he second quarter he was dupe into paying for a subscription. turns out he's not the only one. >> i thought it would be a good way to meet somebody, you know. just looking for one person. >> this man didn't want to show his face as he shared his painful story. we'll call him sam. sam told me he signed up for an account on senior people and let it expire. soon e-mails started flooding in. it said someone read his profile, put it on their five list and wanted to meet him. >> one, two almost everyday favor me.
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i'm going to meet somebody. >> sam paid $50 for a new subscription and logged in to dreams. sam's inbox was empty. one. i was disappointed. >> sam was crushed and he's not alone the better business bureau says the site's dallas based parent company, people media, has a terrible track record >> people media has an f rating. they have well over 500 complaints. >> sam says he's not as upset about being denied a refund as he is about the site playing with people's emotions. >> i don't know that they care. i think they want to get their money. >> i reached out to the site for comment but did not receive a response the better business bureau tells me they didn't receive a response either this the newsroom, news channel 5 developing now at 5:00, ten
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than a century -- trees planted for than a century ago were cut down. the black wall nut trees were planted by the city's founder back in 1910. they were 50 feet tall with trunks more than two feet in diameter. the society thinks the culprit knew what he or she were doing since only black walnuts were cut down. those are more valuable. police are mow investigating. we're down to a skeleton crew of civilians and policemen. that's it. >> a police chief says the department can barely operate. we took his concerns to the mayor to find out how he plans to insure police can serve and protenth. off the malpractice in primary win, bernie sanders getting ready for another showdown.
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tracker 5, cleveland's official breaking news chopper over a fire on west 52nd street. john? >> reporter: crews are putting water on this fire. this is a vacant house fire in the block of west 52nd street. cleveland fire and multiple county coroners are here, several trucks. cleveland ems is also here. that's primarily a precaution. when we arrived on scene, crews were focus thong back area of the house. see a lot of damage there. they're hitting this with water. plenty of damage there. they're checking for hot spots now. vacant house fire west 52nd street in cleveland. crews look like they have this under control. >> mark, tough day to fight a fire. >> you bet. 1 degrees with wind chills in the single digits. not good to be outside. here we go. where's the squall?
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we have a stream or little band left over. not particularly heavy but running through broad view heights, boston heights, down to stowe stretching to revenna. it's been riding through there most the day with heavy snowfall amounts near granger, medina 12.5 inches in the last 12 hours. incredible stuff. here we go. 18 cleveland to akron, 17 canton, 16 ashtabula with rain showers. snow showers gradually fading out. there will be a few limited flurries and light snow showers through midnight, 1:00 a.m. they're going to slide up the the shoreline here. notice these temperatures falling down by 10:00 p.m. at 13 degrees. tara blake, our meteorologist, has been out tracking the squall. right now your on -- you're on the turnpike. >> right.
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way toward north royalton. want to show you radar wise. that's where we're headed. very big flakes ten minutes ago. certainly slowed down roadways. wouldn't say whiteout conditions. this is the heaviest we've town again, as we're making our way on 80 west. want to show you the roadways. blue skies up ahead. we still see driving conditions fine. we do have snow back on the roads. we've seen a few plows recently. snow has really lightened up. places that were hit hard from peninsula to breaksfield. driving conditions looking better. this area had a nice amount of snow as the lining up on the roads and signs are snow covered.
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take it little bit slower. driving is looking much more for us here on 80 west as we move toward north royalton. back to you. >> all right. all new at 5:00, threatened to a list. the city jail closed, dozens of officers lost their jobs. those hah are overworked. that's what the department is dealing with in the face of slinking budgets. we spoke to him about what it's going to take to keep that department running >> in a business where every second counts, it might soon take emergency service personnel in leer i can't longer to do their jobs. the ellyria police chief is so worried he spelled it out in black and white on facebook he said in a city the that sides, they should have 100 police officers.
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he's worry about more being eliminated. >> we have road officers that handle calls for service, investigative unit and narcotics unit. that's about it. >> since he took over as chief, 36 full time and eight part time have been cut. budget. if a march levee is not passed, he explained residents will feel the cut this time. >> we don't have anywhere else to cut. we've done everything we can to keep our service level where it's at. >> the city is facing a five year income tax to raise it to 2.25% why? we went to the mayor. she tells me it comes down to elimination of state tax and cuts by state in the local government funds. >> those that say cut, make do with what you have? >> sure. we have done that.
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performance audit and the city is following recommendations, but that's not all. >> we have contracts, consolidated departments. we have put a focus on wellness. we've managed overtime. our employees are contributing more to their health care costs now. it's really been a team effort, but we're at the point now it's very do i have find added efficientcies. >> it could cost someone making $50,000 a year an extra $20 a month. retirement, unemployment and disability will not be taxed. now to democracy 2016 where are hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off again in their second one on one debate tonight chris flanagan is live in the newsroom with information. >> no longer undisputed democratic front runner. tonight's debate in milwaukee could help hillary clinton get back on track. despite her new hampshire
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a key endorsement today the black caucus political action committee will back her bid for the white house. clinton receiving 90% in the vote by the board. bernie sanders did not receive any votes. >> clinton's rival took his campaign to hard lam tuesday. the challenge for banders will be capturing the african-american vote. that's a key piece of electorate in south carolina. month. still ahead, all the new at 5:00, good chance you saw gravitational waves on your meter today. forward. the standoff is over. we have charges being filed oregon.
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cold in my world of weather today. bold and angry by the lake. by the way, no lifeguard on duty. i don't blame him or her. >> this is what squalls mean. localized areas of heavy snow. they can be a few miles wide. this is via twitter. this is dover, new philadelphia via grant willis. sunset, beautiful there. we've had over a foot of snow in the last few days. this is interesting into. the first 69 days of meteorological winter december 1st to february 7th. cleveland hopkins 8.8-inches of snow. just in the last four days cleveland hopkins 9.1. we've doubled our snowfall total to 17.9 inches. still number 2. least snowiest winter ever.
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right now police in britain are trying to find this mystery man that helped them bust a fleeing suspect. see that there? see a suspected dug dealer run prosecuting police when someone sticks out his leg to trip the perpetrator.
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remaining occupiers turned themselves in peacefully to authorities today after a chaotic and emotional showdown. brady has the latest. >> a tense ending to more than a 40 day standoff in this wild life ranch in oregon. 40 turned themselves in after a standoff with agents. their surrounder playing out over a live streamed phone call. >> looks like they've got guns pointed at us. i don't know. >> are they being gentle? >> yeah. >> michelle also stepped in over the phone the rancher rights supporter pleaded with the group to surrender. >> we do not need weapons now. they can not fire upon you with the world watching. >> they're demanding the federal
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lands to control. the group's spokesperson shot and killed after a police chase. investigators say he had reached for a gun. >> after another hour of negotiations, the final man hold up inside gave up peacefully. >> i'm walking towards them right now. >> okay. >> all four are set to appear in court tomorrow. agents arrested bundy, the father of one of the occupation leaders on charges tied to a government standoff two years ago. now all new at 5:00, what was predicted einstein a century ago has been proven by scientists working for details. >> this is described as holy grail of modern physics. want to talk about what they are, why they matter, what we can learn from them next.
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take us to science class. >> my pleasure. starting with the question, what the heck are gravitational waves. imagine you throw a pebble into a pond. the pond will have ripples from the pebble hitting the water. that's what we're talking about here. what if that pebble was the size of a star or black hole? ripple effect would create if two black holes smash into each other. that would create gravitational waves, that ripple across the space itself. are you confused ? just hang on. this is what einstein theorized never been proven by scientists until now. just that scenario two black holes colliding sending gravity waves rippling across space all the way to earth. now that we know how to detect waves, it opens up things like a whole new avenue to understanding the universe. scientists can now use this
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holes and stars. they'll also be able to look deeper in universe and further back in time. they do do expect potentially at some point to be able to see the big bang itself that created the universe. gravity waves. there you go. cool stuff. gravity waves to lake-effect snow. slightly different. >> you were taking notes, right smoking material. >> i was distracted by mark's comment. >> we know now. it's physics. speaking of physics, lake-effect snow, cold air over warm water, a lift. boom, you got it. here's tar tara blake. she's in storm tracker 5 doing a great job. i-77 north coming into downtown cleveland. look at hah full speed ahead.
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full speed ahead. roads are good. i-71 northbound. sorry about that. we'll show you the squalls what's left of them. can't call them squalls now. thin bands of snow showers stretching northern summit down to stowe. boston heights to stowe area, carbon monoxide has. earlier bands from today, southern counties, strongville, bed view heights, northern summit, macedonia. those are going bye bye. whatever flurries or light know showers are left through the evening will begin to shift slowly toward the north. they should be out over the lake by 11:00 midnight for the moist part any way. how cold are we? this is what we're dealing with mow. 18 akron, 16 kent.
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well. how about 15s coming in for let's show you the courthouse. courthouse. 18 millersburg, 16 mansfield. much there. a flurry or two. notice they're going to shift north and out back over the lake for your morning commute with mainly cloudy skies. here comes the arctic front. by your afternoon rush, this is going to be a problem. only an inch or two of snow. going to come down between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. when you and kids get out and go. it's a friday night folks. here you go. this could slow you down for your 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 p.m. hours tomorrow. then the arctic air plunges in behind that arctic front tomorrow night. by saturday morning, wind chills could approach 15 below 0 in
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temperatures single digits. 15 below 0 wind chills. frank knows that's cold. overnight low, teens and single digits. tomorrow's highs in the mid-20s with snow arriving during the afternoon commute. one to two inches doesn't sound like a lot going to come down when you try to go. greater cleveland, 12 for the low, 25 the high tomorrow. akron and canton, single digit lows tonight, mid-20s tomorrow. seven day. lake-effect snow saturday, 10. low of minus 4 18 sunday. here's monday and tuesday we're watching for accumulating snows. frank and lee? >> all right mark, here's what's coming up at 6:00. a local school district taking action after this brawl happened at a championship basketball game. we'll have the latest end to what happened that night. plus he raped a girl before turning 18. now he's accused of raping another one. his neighbors were never told
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the reason may stun you. first, live on 5 returns, passengers on board a cruise ship are getting land legs back after severe weather rocked and
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new developments now after four tough day also sea. a royal caribbean cruise ship seriously tossed around in a storm this weekend is back in port in new jersey. >> no serious injuries reported. some passengers say it was the scare of their lives. we have their story and what the cruise line is now saying. >> rarely is anyone this happen i for a vacation to be over. >> we're happy to be alive. >> the royal caribbean anthem of the seas is docked in new jersey
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>> despite severe storm warnings in the forecast, the ship cruised right into a storm. >> the ship started going crazy. >> third largest cruise liner in the world pounded by 30-foot waves. >> water kept coming above the window. it was like we were in an aquarium. >> wind gusts topping 100 miles per hour. >> not even tied down, 45 degrees angle. >> never again. >> today cruise officials are apologizing >> couldn't be sorrier about what happened. we know we're going to make changes to provide more guidance, more oversight. >> that brings little comfort to 45 passengers, including those spending another night on board with a ship docked a day early.
5:56 pm
>> they're not giving money for flights. you're on your own. >> a lot of frustration. >> passioniers are reimbursed and given a discount on a future cruise. some question whether they'll get back on the water any time soon. >> an awful situation for them. we have a look ahead at 6:00. >> we have a lot going on. all new on news channel 5 at 6:00. a stunning short coming in ohio sex offender registry. neighbors didn't know a teenage rapist livered in their neighborhood. plus the startling number of teen rapists on the streets. finally fading. snow squalls fading for now. we're tracking the next round of
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now at 6:00, a winter weather alert. roads are still slick, streets still snow covered. it's not over yet. >> snow still falling now. more is on the way. then temperatures take a drastic drop. >> our team of power 5 meteorologists are track what to expect. mark johnson is in the weather center. break down hour by hour for us. >> here's the good news. there's still snow out there. this event is winding down after four days literally of an and off snow that gave some of you more than a foot. wow. finally winding down. the power of 5 doppler radar. we're going to swing over there.
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