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tv   Live on 5  ABC  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the first one is the artic cold front coming in. you can see it right here. it has a band of heavy snow. a thin band indeed but it is going to bring in low visibility and moderate burst of snow during the evening. if you are trying to get home from work or school, you got a little while longer. here. once this band gets in, it is going to be a good 20 to 30 minutes of moderate snow, slippery roadways and lower visibility. that is threat number one. through about 8 or 9:00. again we can see lighter flurries across the region right now from cleveland, up east and 90 and mentor and ashtabula and a couple of flurries developing south of sandusky. erie islands. that is what we are tracking. here is the moderate squall and the flurries. flurries for the next little while, timing this in, let's
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here is the main band of moderate snow. that drops in. there is 6:00 p.m. to greater cleveland and lorraine and not quite to akron and canton and swings through and another band develops by the 11:00 hour and this is going to be an on and off event evening. if it is valentine's day you are going for this evening and maybe a dinner plan going to the theater or just headed home tonight, make sure you stay up- to-date with the latest weather conditions. we got them for you. we will go to tara on the west side trying to intercept the heavy snow band, tara. i got to show you an amazing picture, mark. we are right there on the leading edge of this snowfall. look at those dark skies ahead of us. that is where the heavy snowfall is certainly coming down over marble head and bay view.
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how close we are. we are driving on 250 in sandusky and real busy roadway with a lot of restaurants. places where families like to go on a weekend like this and enjoy trying to get away for the holiday weekend. snowfall going to be impacting us. very soon as far as driving goes and the dark gray sky and some heavy snowfall headed our way. driving right into that heavy snow and we are going to ride it back to the city as it continues to get closer and closer to us. i want to check in with john though. he is actually on the east side in concord and let us know how the roads are. you have actually a flake or two. >> reporter: yes picking up in lake county. a little bit of snow and reduced visibility. have a look. you can see -- i'm not sure if you can see the snowflakes falling but the visibility is significantly reduced. it looks all clear on the roads
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quickly. mark was talking about only a couple of inches predicted. but that can change road conditions and cause things to get thick pretty quickly. as you can see looking wet but it is 21 degrees. so that material on the roadways could freeze over. this is an area, very serious accident was. just a couple of days ago. on i-90 near broomen road. the area was shut down because of the accident. multiple injuries reported and a bunch of vehicles involved. it is a 70 miles per hour area and you will have to slow it down once the snow moves through. not affecting our speed. visibility will come to play as the snow begins to pick up. what you can't see is how cold it is and looking at the temperature gauge and it is
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talking about the snow but associated with a cold front that is moving in fairly quickly. you are sitting at a nice 21 degrees. remember the cold and we are going to continue to see temperatures dropping tonight. we have wind chill advisories starting at ten p.m. tonight. all the way into your valentine's day morning. 10:00 a.m. cooler weather. we are talking about tonight. down to negative digit territory. inland locations from wayne, richland county down to 10 to 20 below. that cooler air will continue to track in. and as that moisture. so out towards bridges, roadways tonight as you are headed home for your evening commute. make sure you are taking it slow. mark. that's the triple threat, parts two and three. part two is the artic air and the windchill advisory through
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sunday for wind chills 10 to 20. wammy number three, perhaps 8 to 12-inches of snow by saturday evening and we will go to three to five lake and geauga and eastern cuyahoga and lake-effect snow bands probably three of them, one, two, somewhere in here and a west side band through saturday. conditions varying and that's threat number three. by the way, do you have our app downloaded so you can take me and janessa and the whole weather cruise with you wherever you are going on mobile. download our app right there at the bottom is the weather app. i'm just going to click on weather. it is interactive radar. you see that. interactive radar. you can zoom in where the snow is. there is the snow. you can control this and go where the snow is and where you are as well. download the app. it will be interesting weather lee. i'll take it from here. now to a story we broke at
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ring that can span as many as four counties was bused on thursday. we are talking about guns, tools and at vs and just some of the stolen items recovered from the tiny wayne county town of sleeve that was ground zero for the criminal enterprise. bob jones found out this investigation getting started. >> reporter: after getting a tip from an informant. officers from several jurisdictions raided this property. they searched an outbuilding and several camping trailers and found a slew of stolen stuff. by the time the raid was over more than 200 suspected items worth 30 grand were hauled away including rifles. >> there were suspected other firearms but they are missing. >> the neighbor told me he
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stunned and scared when a convoy of cops converged on the royal property. >> guys with uniforms and machine guns and i walked over to see what was doing and had a shotgun pointed in my direction and they told me to go back to my residence. >> reporter: captain hunter says the stolen goods were locked up and officers needed two trailers to haul it away. >> this man was hoarding stolen property. >> the victims of the property be leaved to be all over from ashland and ashtabula counties and more. one man just finished cooking meth before the bust came down. >> this man was operating a trade your stolen company operation. >> he was arrested on drug charges with more charges. detectives from multiple counties are busy trying to find the owners of this stolen stuff while neighbors try to
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>> up don't think about that police operation here. >> no. >> reporter: bob jones, newschannel 5. a 3-year-old girl was pronounced dead at a cleveland hospital and today her mother was charged with murder. meggen hickey has been following this story and has more. >> reporter: the girl arrived in the hospital in full cardiac arrest and from the first bruising. >> today neighbors told me they wished they seen the signs. >> they told somebody and they weren't believed. >> danielle johnson was charged morning. the family told police that 3- year-old girl had suffered a seizure but the medical examiner ruled her death a homicide. neighbors told me it is not the first case that they have seen. >> unfortunately today it is happening more than we know.
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he was a victim himself. i used to be abused and i made it through it. >> reporter: cuyahoga county receives 15,000 calls for abuse yearly. >> in that moment they are frustrated or angry and overwhelmed and that's the result. i don't think that they intend to hurt their child. >> reporter: now police could not tell me if any other family member could face charges. according to court documents, the mother does not have a criminal history in the county or the city. live in cleveland, megan hickey. newschannel 5. fact or fiction. >> hard to tell when you are watching the political ads and after the new hampshire primary, you can bet there is plenty of ads making bold claims about his leadership in ohio. we find out though what is true
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the rest of the presidential hopefuls are either dusting off after one debate, where the gloves came off or gearing off after a debate. stands tonight. >> if you thought it was cold in cleveland which it is. a look at the bitter cold gripping the nation. and we will continue to look at the roads as snow
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next. we learned this about two new cases of the zika virus. a woman in butler and licking county were diagnosed. they recently traveled to areas of the caribbean. we learned this week a woman from cuyahoga county and a man from stark were also diagnosed. now remember you can't get zika from casual contact. now to the democracy 2016. the two candidates are back from the debate. and another candidate
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chris flanagan has more with the race on the white house. >> we learned that jim gilmor has ended his long shot campaign for president and meanwhile our governor john kaisch is taking his message to south carolina air waves releasing two ads center oned his goals and one hundred days if elected president. the owner of home depot is now i don't know. i know there is people interested and the events are bigger and the people are interested. and we will see. and even more good news for his campaign, they are announcing today that it had
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bringing in more than $900,000 online. donald trump, the only republican candidate not in south carolina today. bernie sanders and hillary clinton meet again tonight at a dinner in minnesota. lee. with our governor becoming a stronger contender, john kaisch is becoming a target. political ads have not made their way here but it is soon. class harder. >> our editor read and there's a $1.5 billion increase. but governor kaisch plans cut income taxes by .188 billion during the same two years. and an economist said to keep
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went to the weathiest taxpayers rather to lower or middle class families. when i put the ad information on the truth meter we rate this ad false. frank. it turns out we are not the only ones shivering through winter weather. this week, more than a dozen states will see record breaking temperatures as marcy gonzalez shows us from new york. the cold snap there has already arrived. bundled up. like that? >> and bracing for potentially record breaking cold. >> if you have to go outside, be careful. if you don't have to go outside. the best things to do is stay indoors. 19 states watch for advisories with the feel like temperatures said to drop as low as negative 35 degrees this week in boston. so cold frostbite can set in. it is very cold.
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tie a 100 year old low temperature record by sunday. forcing the ironic cancellation of an ice festival in central park. >> it is lake-effect snow impacting buffalo on top of bitter temperatures. ingrid peterson is there. >> reporter: feels like 30 below. the warnings and complaints rolling in from the northeast to north carolina. >> it is a bit chilly and definitely an adjustment. >> reporter: while in weather is sparking ... >> reporter: a much different reaction. temperatures in the 90s. about that but fd%]&:
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we got very -- on this very busy friday evening. great job, tara. >> stopped at a red light and the accumulation started very quickly on the wind chill. that is the way it will be for us. downtown cleveland. we had a beautiful sunset. a clear patch and bright skies here but then you look at the power of 5 live doppler radar and that's the band that tara is in. reaching to sandusky on the lake and it will come on shore in an hour, maybe sooner to greater cleveland. timing is everything. it is a quick inch of snow but the keyword is quick and also it is timing for the rush hour and travelers. let's get to it now. we will show you the squall. tara right here. getting back on route 2 and will follow the band in.
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is a half of an inch to one inch per hour rates and mentor up towards ashtabula. 21 medina. ravenna 19 and we got a breeze out there. wind chills single digits for a lot of you and they get worse. overnight wind chills below zero. ten, 15, degrees below zero. the evening planner, temperatures in the teens and snow here and varying intensity between 6 and 8:00 p.m. for the big cities in northern ohio. we will deal with that burst of intense snow and another one around ten or 11:00. windchill advisories beginning ten p.m. through 10:00 a.m. sunday through the entire newschannel 5 viewing area. that's behind the artic front coming through and lake-effect snow kicks in. a snow advisory for lake geauga and a warning for ashtabula
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rates go. where squalls persist. over jefferson, we will go with 8 to 12-inches of snow beginning through the day tomorrow. total. for other bands that may set up and we will see them here, there is the main band through the evening. watch the squalls, there is another one here. west side. you can get two to four inches where that squall persists. wherever the squall sets up, you will have snow and briefly heavy. all right.
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more coming up after this. the columbine shootings were
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there were 13 people killed in 1999 before taking their own lives. now in the first interview sue c lee ball may have rationalized warning signs as possible bad behavior. >> all of the kids and the teacher, and i keep thinking -- constantly thought how i would feel if it was the other way around if one of the children had shot mine. i would feel exactly the same way they do. i know i would. >> reporter: in tonight's interview she talks about the relationship with her son and what was happening in her home leading up to the shooting.
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all of these kids. the teacher. and i keep thinking constantly thought how i would feel if it were the other way around and one of their children had shot mine. i would feel like that. >> you can see the complete interview. silence broken a mother's reckoning tonight on 20/20. we are tracking the show to alert. our coverage continues with a forecast and a look at the conditions outside right now as
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newschannel 5 investigation finds thousands of rapist kits
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more on that coming up. live on 5 continues brought to
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superstar. we are on staying on top of wicked weather a dual threat. >> you can see the snow coming down and many places tying up the commute and breezing for a dip in the temperatures. let's tip off the coverage with chief meteorologist mark johnson. how much snow has fallen? >> it is light flurries but you can see we have the storm tracking team. tara blake and rutter, east side and west side finding the squalls and giving you road conditions because it is all about timing folks. all about timing the area of heavy snow and when it is going to arrive in your area. let's show it to you. first of all, here is the band, very easily defined, this band of moderate to heavy snow beginning to move into amhurst, moving out of the sandusky area. a half of an inch to one inch.
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slow you down as it arrives. lighter snow showers and remember that accident on interstate 90, now we are getting increasing snow showers are lowering. we will check with john rutter in a second. until look at this, route two interstate 80 this and 90 moving through heron and vermilion, that is where the squall is and the heavy band of snow likely to arrive in greater cleveland within i'd say 40 to 45 minutes if not a little bit before. currently 22 cleveland to akron and 20 in canton and ashtabula and currently in youngs town area. let's show you the evening. you see the flakes. between six and 8:00 p.m. a big burst of snow. tara blake you intercepted this
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it back home. what do you got? >> reporter: big flakes i want to show you the roadways. that's the major story. you can drive 70 miles per hour on route 2 and going about 45, 50 with a lot of brakes. visibilities have dropped down to less than a quarter of a mile for sure. you can see here that your roads are snow covered. we have seen around two snowplows, now ahead of us you can see the flashing lights and a car now turning on the flashing lights because visibility has dropped so much in erie county. be careful on the west side and head out in cleveland because conditions are fine now but you are seeing what is ahead. and let's go to the east and see the driving conditions with john. check out the radar. plenty of action on the radar
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have a look. we found snow and decreased visibility and cars have the lights on so they are able to be seen by other vehicles on the roadway. that snow is not sticking to the roadways now but as it persists you can imagine that the snow will continue to stick to the roadways and we have transitioned from fine flakes to bigger flakes and doesn't seem to be sticking. janessa web is out here. we have snow in ashtabula and how about cleveland? >> reporter: the team is tracking the snow. i am tracking the colder air. now that front is moving across the front and will cause the temperatures to plummet and the winds are picking up 20 miles per hour. and that is just going to add insult to injury as this snow starts to move in here. the temperatures, we will step out of the 20s down to the
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saturday waving goodbye to the 20s and we will be talking about negative digit territory. here comes winter making a full time come-back. newschannel 5 is investigating and we have discovered there could be thousands of suspected rapists roaming the streets in cuyahoga county. >> it comes as a task force works its way through rape kits. >> reporter: this is 51-year- old michael white. he has been a free man for the past ten years but the prosecutor's office told me he should have been locked up for a 2005 rape. a grand jury agreed and indicted him. chris frost was a free man until his indictment on three rapes in cuyahoga county over the last 14 years but these cases are not unique. there could be as many as 2700
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>> in a perfect world it is nice to have more resources but we are dealing as best we can with the backlog. >> reporter: brad mentions the cuyahoga county sexual assault task force. doubling in size since 2013 and the goal is to go forward with the untested rape kits. it is shrinking but the piling up. at the hands of the task force. >> some might say why aren't you faster? >> each case is different. an average case takes 40 hours to investigate. >> or longer because after a rape kit is tested the task force must find the victim, suspect and witnesses in each
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>> we are prioritizing the cases and getting to them as quickly as we can and trying to identify the most dangerous streets. the task force is facing the pocket that it could lose 6 money runs out. the testing of all rape kits in be complete. they plan to finish by 2018. still still ahead. one of the officers talking about a deadly day. and we continue to track the snowfall and dropping temperatures. we have a different take on wintertime in cleveland and those that don't let the cold
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winning lottery numbers. want to dig deeper in the wind chill advisories. after the artic front arrives this evening and tomorrow, here is where the wind chill advisory kicks in. ten p.m. to 10:00 a.m. sunday, all of you within the sound of my voice under that windchill advisory. saturday morning you will see the coldest wind chills because we will have gusty winds 15 to 20 miles per hour through saturday morning and looking at minus 13 and minus 14 and minus 15 or 16 possible as you get up and go tomorrow morning. i think sunday winds calm down and wind chills minus ten,
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we'll be right back. we two somewhere tough, rough and cold in northeast ohio. there are some places a lot of us just won't go. >> leon went there and found other folks that were willing to brave the cold with him. leon, you found more action than you expected at this beach this week. >> reporter: how write you are. photographer rich geyser and wondered what we would find at the beach, and we were not disappointed with the waves rolling in, we had company in the wintertime beaches, the cold and the wavings the
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>> reporter: we are a cold weather people regardless of whether we like it, winter hits us with a frosty fit and even when the snowfall averages are less than usual, the season can hit. when it does, our beat goes on. even outside there is work to do. through the cold and snow of winter there is the grunt of construction even within site of cleveland's northern most edge cleveland's beach. that is where the city's front door opens into lake erie and a cold draft knives across the sand and brick wall threshold. months ago. sun worshipers celebrated warmer times but now the tables are turned. our story is of the winter beach and the hardy souls that don't mind the water slapping across the face. >> a lot of clevelanders that grew up here are used to the weather and changes and seasons. >> reporter: we take it in stride and keep on going. >> we do.
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>> reporter: so tough that most of us long for tender times near cleveland's edge of water. they remember summer's moments where sunworshippers found solace but some dispute that this is cold but look for beauty. >> absolutely. the lake is different every time you come and look at it. >> it is a serene type of beauty. quiet and something about the snow and the water when it is deserted like this. >> edge water park lies deserted and mentor's park even more so. there is the occasional brave soul leading with his chin as if to dare the north wind to deliver a stronger punch,
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hammer harder but with you there, you unnamed soul on impulse venturing with ankles of lake erie be careful, it is beautiful but punishing. >> relatively few people will come to this beach during this time of the year but there is a beauty here with the driftwood coming in and the waves coming in and the wind blowing. indeed, there is a beauty, winter at the beach. >> perhaps for you this is a story better viewed from the comfort of one's easy chair but not for me. i like cleveland's beaches in the winter where at times it is rough and tough and roaring with spirit and with unusual cold weather beauty. regardless of whether you visit lake erie we are hardy and
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leon bibb admitting that i like standing on the shoreline facing the cold wind out of the north. keeps me on my toes or does something to them. >> i'm shivering looking at the beauty. >> you know a year ago today it was 98% ice coverage so you would be standing on ice as far as you could see. >> a warm day when i got there compared to that. >> it looked warm. speaking of icy, we got our own john rudder in the snow belt of ashtabula and geneva. snow coming down, john. >> reporter: take a look. it looks like more snow is heading our way. plenty of snowfall and a couple of minutes ago whenever we talked to you there was not much snow but now plenty of
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tracks right now. people are taking it slow. and if you are headed out in this direction and ashtabula county you will want to take it slow. >> eddy's grill is closed on geneva on the lake. the snow has arrived. telling you it and timing it in for you folks, you will have to deal with some squall activity and some moderate to heavy snow. here is where john is, 5:34 and geneva north madison see the snow picking up in coverage and mentor and concourse and chester township and chardin and you are getting good steady snow and here is the squall. this is the main band of heavy snow that we have been tracking and we got our heavy snow detector on and let's show you the snowfall. look at the brighter pinks that is half of an inch moving
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and the i-90 corridor west siders getting socked. there you go. bay village and rocky river about to come on shore and north omlstead with the snow there. lower 20s and upper teens where you are. cold and single digits and about the upper front that is phase number one and producing these waves of moderate snow coming through the evening and it transitions to wind chill advisories for the entire state and viewing area. ten p.m. through 10:00 a.m. sunday and lake-effect snow beginning after ten p.m. tonight through saturday. snow advisories here for lake and geauga county and a snow warning for ashtabula.
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set up, not quite sure but here we go one band in ashtabula county. six to 8-inches and 3 to 6 tomorrow and lake and geauga and summit three to five and another one to three tomorrow where squalls persist. nine tonight, west winds to 25 miles per hour. that means wind chills to 15 below zero. looks like sunday your valentine's day after a high tomorrow of 13, dry, 21. frank and lee. here is what is coming up at six. cleveland makes a major policy change after the tamir rice's estate received a bill represented to his death. a bus trip to new york leaves passengers fearing for their lives with the bus
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a california police sergeant
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about the november day when 14 people were killed inside a san bernardino community center. >> sergeant cabb says he faced the killers isis followers and they had no fear. >> i saw the muzzles. >> four hours after the terror attack in san bernardino sergeant capp was there. an undercover officer waved at him to pursue the black suv. >> i saw them putting on ballistic bulletproof vests. they started shooting the back window of the vehicle. >> capps' suv feet away from isis sympathizer.
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as fast as i could and back of the car. >> sergeant capps crouched down by his cruiser. 24 years a cop, he had never shot his weapon before. >> no fear? >> no fear. >> he even as faru got out of his sue firing. >> this was a graphic fight. >> i heard to my left somebody officer down. >> san bernardino police officer nicklas cawahu took a bullet to the leg. >> i saw the footage of the officers running up to my vehicle with bullets flying up
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>> the two terrorists injure 14 people. but no cop had died that day. >> tell me about the texts on your phone. >> this is hard to talk about. that is how i realize how badly it could have ended for me and my family and then you make that leap and for all of these other people and their families. >> was the risk worth it? >> without a doubt. >> would you do it again? >> in a heart beat but hopefully i won't have to. >> sergeant capps said he saved the text and the one thing about that day that brings tears to his eyes. that's it for 5 on 5. what is going at six. a woman robbed by a man she hired to help her. you are so desperate that you rob an old lady in a wheelchair? you need help.
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advantage of a disabled woman to score some prescription painkillers. and the snow we have been tracking has arrived and it is following across the area. a live look on the west side of storm tracker 5. mark is
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tomorrow on valentine's day. bought to you by mr. hero. get a roman burger for 5.75. a winter weather alert >> talking about low visibility below wind chills and two rounds of snow and the first round hitting us now. >> and making a mess of the snow just in time for the evening commute.
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