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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  February 14, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> it's going to be a bitterly cold valentine's day in cleveland. we have tips to help you brave the elements. and the debate over who should already begun. this is a live look of medina as you start your sunday, a very cold day on the way as you begin this sunday, welcome to this edition of "good morning cleveland," i'm nick foley alongside meteorologist janessa webb. let's get to the forecast because we continue, as you just told me, a short time ago this coldest two day stretch. we're almost out of it but we
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>> our shot there showing the coldest temperatures now across northeast ohio. have the double layers again as chilly temperatures are invading our space. you can see well towards our west and even towards our east, that is a little bit of sunshine and that is going to allow to us clear out, partly valentine's day. these are some of the coldest temperatures of the season, morning. that is the ambient temperature, greater cleveland. barberton currently 7 below, the winds are starting to subside, they were coming from the northwest yesterday, 15 to 20 miles an hour. that was allowing for that bitter cold, still very cold this morning but the winds are going to continue to calm down as we head into the rest of the day. out towards wayne county, mansfield, you're currently 5 below. if you need to get to a mild
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towards lake, geauga county, ashtabula, you are above the single digits, the great news as we head into the rest of the day, we're finally going to see our temperatures climbing barely into the 20s once again. but the good news as we head into your monday we're going to start to rebound back, back into the 30s. so high pressure is building on top of us. well towards our west. you can see this morning from the "power of 5" and that's going to allow for sunshine to move back in but still a very chilly and cold valentine's day, good day to be inside. but we're going to be on that monday. the bitter chill continues. we have team coverage of the dangerous cold as we just heard, heard janessa webb will continue to track this and meg shaw experiencing this firsthand live in medina.
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>> reporter: i mean, it's really hard to put it in words because it is so cold. janessa said chilly. it's beyond chilly. i have only been standing here for about five minutes and my fingertips are already cold. i have gloves on. but the good news, there's no wind because unlike yesterday it was very, very cold with that wind. today there is no wind. so that is making it, if we even want to venture to say just a little warmer. a lot of folks here in medina will be venturing out to visit the 22nd annual ice festival. it's ok, doctors we talked to say it's ok to go outside and enjoy yourself especially on a holiday weekend like today but don't overdo it. make sure you're keeping track of how long you are outside. in temperatures like this frostbite can set in, in 20 minutes or less. if you're heading out layer up. loose layers i should add.
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it's important if you do get wet remove any reclothing that is wet because that could make you even colder. remove my clothing. what should do you if you get frostbite? >> luke warm water. don't try hot water or fire or anything to overheat yourself because you can be prone to burns particularly if your skin is numb. >> reporter: as i mentioned, it is ok to enjoy this weather especially if you like cold weather. here in medina they are celebrating their 22nd annual ice festival. today the team competition starts. it will be a good time so don't be afraid to venture out in this weather, just make sure you're being preventive, make sure you're covering up, layering up because like i mentioned earlier where i didn't have words in the beginning, it is very, very cold so make sure you have the hats, gloves, scarves, everything you need to make
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live in medina, meg shaw, newschannel 5. looks can be deceiving, it's cold out as she mentioned, she's going to get back to the live truck. thank you for braving the cold. after you've been in the cold take your time warming up as meg just said. if you have a lot of cold exposure on skin don't rub your hands together. that can actually cause more damage. like she said use luke warm water, not hot to wash those hands. another concern, your water pipes at home, keep a steady drip so the pipes don't freeze, know where the shutoff valve is in case the pipes burst when it does get warmer. >> should you have a pipe freeze, should you have a pipe burst you need to know how to shut it off. >> experts say keeping the thermostat in your home at a warm temperature consistently can also prevent pipes from freezing as well. pet owners, there are some extra precautions you need to take during this time of weather for your furry friends.
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good idea to keep short-haired dogs cozy on walks, don't forget about the paws and ears. those parts of the bodies are most prone to frostbite. as well as other cold weather issues. >> when you're walking your dog in cold weather you're going to have to be aware of the salt and the treatments for the ice and getting in their pads and licking it and burning their feet. >> also make sure larger breeds that are used to the cold have access to fresh unfrozen water and escape area to get out of that wind. now to developing news -- police department in madison village soon to be dissolved. the mayor wrote an open letter to the community explaining the decision. the mayor says it's due to budget concerns. thank you so much for starting your sunday here with us. i'm nick foley. coming up this morning, things got personal at last night's republican debate. we'll show you the exchange
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celebrities and pro golfers mingle in california for the pebble beach proam. the moment that is going viral first, janessa webb with the weather. >> chill is in the air for valentine's day but sunshine moving back in. i'll let you know how short- lived this sunshine will last as we're tracking snow for the workweek.
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i'm "power of 5" meteorologist janessa webb. love is in the air for valentine's day. partly sunny skies but chilly temperatures. the weather not really showing us love this afternoon. daytime highs, slightly warmer in greater cleveland. we're going with 18 degrees. from the islands all the way to medina county this morning you are waking up to about 7 below. the coldest temperatures of the season. give the weather a little bit of time. we'll be in the lower 20s by mid-afternoon. that high pressure is on top of us. that sunshine going to warm us up just a tad bit from solon to pepper pike, beachwood, independence, you'll see that high of 19 degrees. inland locations, akron currently at 8 below from wadsworth into the massillon area. as we head into the 3:00 hour you'll be at 22 but i promise we're going to be on that upward trend.
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going to hit 50 going into next week. >> the worst of the chill soon behind us. u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia died at age 79 as we first said yesterday. the longest serving justice on the court, widely considered to be the most conservative member. he had a long and storied career in the legal profession. as tracy carloss explains it started in cleveland. >> reporter: associate justice antonin scalia was the longest searching justice on the current united states supreme court nominated by president reagan in 1986. >> getting nominated to the supreme court is the culmination of a dream of course. i'm greatly honored that the president would have such confidence in me. >> reporter: before being appointed to the supreme court scalia started his law career in cleveland. even telling students just a few years ago his own experience working at jones day cleveland provided the type of work/life balance students
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scalia became the first italian- american member of the court. >> through the sheer force of his personality he for three decades led the conservative movement in american law to roll back the era of liberal activism. >> reporter: known for his high intellect, elegant writing. died in a ranch resort in texas. he attended a party friday but didn't arrive for breakfast, a ranch employee found the body in his room. reportedly died in his sleep of natural causes. late tonight president obama expressed his condolences. >> inflewsed a generation of lawyers, judges and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> reporter: leaving behind a wife and nine children, he was 79 years old. >> thank you. we'll have more on what the supreme court vacancy could mean during this election year.
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enough talk. give us a plan. 8:15. chilly sunday morning. with each passing debate the presidential field gets smaller and smaller. last night just six candidates met on stage in south carolina. things got very personal very quickly when the debate turned to the war in iraq. donald trump started off by saying the u.s. should have never gone to iraq and has done nothing but destabilize the middle east. jeb bush disagrees saying his brother worked to keep america safe. the other candidates did not agree.
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down during the reign - [jeering] >> that's not safe. >> the world trade center came down because bill clinton didn't kill bin laden when he had the chance to kill him! >> south carolina voters go to the polls on saturday for the republican party primary. the democratic party primary takes place a week later in south carolina on saturday, february 27th. last night's debate started with a moment of silence for justice scalia. the candidates were also asked how they would go about selecting his replacement. >> i believe that the president should not move forward and i think that we ought to let the next president of the united states decide who is going to run that supreme court with the vote by the people of the united states of america. >> senate majority leader mcconnell agrees with governor kasich saying the decision should fall to the next president. however, president obama says there are too many important cases before the court and a nomination cannot be put off. in speaking at a democratic
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clinton blasted republicans for nomination. >> barack obama is president of 20, 2017! [ cheering and applause ] that is a fact my friends. whether the republicans like it or not. >> the president says he plans to fulfill his constitutional responsibility in due time. another 551 of hillary clinton's e-mails are available for public view this morning. the u.s. state department released work related e-mails from clinton's time as secretary of state. the new documents brings the total number of pages released to 45,830. the state department says none of the e-mails were marked confidential at the time they were sent. earlier this week a federal judge ordered clinton's remaining e-mails released by the end of the month. al-shabaab militants claiming responsibility for last week's bombing of a somali
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the group released a statement on-line. it said the operation targeted "western intelligence officials and turkish nato forces aboard the plane bound for djibouti." a laptop bomb made its way on to the plane through the mogadishu airport security. many people came out to see pope francis during his first full day in mexico. he spent the night at the vatican ambassador's home in mexico city. today he will head to the crime ridden suburbs to experience firsthand the poverty, drug use and gang violence plaguing that area. brazil's president says the zika virus outbreak will not compromise the upcoming olympics in rio. the brazilian military and hundreds of thousands of health workers have been mobilized to fight zika. experts say the virus is sweeping through parts of latin america.
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but linked to a serious birth defect among newborns. the rio olympics are in august. meantime hawaii declared a state of emergency in response to the zika virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses. parrot clammation will free up much needed state funds for the manpower and resources, officials made clear the proclamation didn't mean residents or tourist shoes be alarmed. no one has picked up the zika virus in hawaii yet but more than 250 cases of dang fever have been reported on the island since september. sad news from antarctica. a shifting iceberg that stranded a colony of penguins six years ago is causing their numbers to dwindle. the iceberg, about the size of rhode island cut off their food supply and caused them to treck nearly 40 miles to find food. since the ice shifted 150,000 penguins have died. scientists ska unless the iceberg is broken up by sea ice the remaining 10,000 will also die. dwindling numbers not a problem for the shark
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in the past week 10s of thousands of sharks have been spotted off the coast in palm beach. it's part of the annual black tip shark migration. around here. >> if you have a vacation to florida planned and are worried about the sharks don't be, black-tip sharks typically are timid around humans, and are responsible for only 16% of shark attacks around florida and most result in only minor wounds. sharks are no sharks, -- i think i'll take it from what we have here, it's so cold. janessa webb looks at weather. patience is the key? >> patience. we're northeast ohio strong, we're used to cold weather. it's nothing unusual. just a little spoiled lately. i don't say this much, i said yesterday i'm cold.
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>> i am used to the cold and i had to mention yesterday, wow, wind chills and winds were picking up throughout your saturday afternoon. but there is hope this morning. you can see well towards our west and east that sunshine making a comeback here as high pressure is sitting on top of us now. the coldest spots across northeast ohio this morning, 8 below currently, temperature dropping in akron. stark and summit county, even medina, wadsworth, you're at 8 below. so chillier temperatures, these are the coldest temperatures of the season. that is not factoring in the winds. they are going to start to subside as we head into the rest of the day. so winds not going to be an issue, it's just that colder air pretty much taking over our area, 8 below even towards the west in elyria into avon lake. if you need to get to the warmer spots here it's lake
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currently, a kind of a toasty 10 degrees. looking at the "power of 5" now, this is that high pressure that is taking over and it's going to continue to sweep in here as we head into your mid- afternoon. that's what's going to allow for our skies to clear going into your valentine's day. now, it's going to be short- lived. due to the area of low pressure that is tracking in from our west and our south. it's already causing winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings well towards our east here. it's going to be come in from the south towards the east and provide with us a little bit of snow as we head into overnight into your early morning commute for your monday. so i need to you soak up all this sunshine for your sunday and look at our temperatures. we're on the rebound. yesterday we were barely out of the single digits. so nearing 20 as we head into the 3:00 hour. we'll start to be on that downward trend but i think 17
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high pressure on top of us, that's what's allowing for partial clearing. this is that next system, associated with a cold front, warm front towards our south. that's going to cause some very sloppy conditions from north carolina all the way up towards maine. so taking a look at our futurecast here, very quiet this morning, our temperatures will start to warm up now. 21 to 23 degrees is pushing it for today. i think we'll be more into the upper teens, lower 20s. it's 9:00, 10:00 tonight you can see that moisture, a good swath of it from mansfield all the way into wayne county, starts to track in here. some isolated activity, you could see about an inch of accumulation overnight. it's that early morning commute, let's look at that, 6:15, out towards 30 corridor all the way into 77 south. so definitely be tracking that for your early morning hours. 18 for today.
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the good news, no snow here, west winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. slightly warmer as we head into your evening hours. i told you, you just need to have a little bit of hope here, 32, yeah tomorrow afternoon. monday, tuesday and wednesday. my valentines gift to you, nick, look at that 50. that is friday with mostly cloudy skies. >> i never thought i would be so excited to see a possible 20 degrees for the forecast today. with all the nba all-star weekend festivities, also come the trade rumors. there are interesting ones involving the cavaliers. and a full slate of college hoops involving some of our state schools. here's your morning sports report. >> kevin love trade rumors have been floating around. among the rumors include one that would have the knicks carpal -- carmelo anthony coming to cleveland.
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yesterday said he's not going anywhere. he has a no trade clause. plenty going on in the skills challenge. minnesota's karl anthony townes with the win, in the three- point shooting contest. clay thompson wins that one. zach lavine gets the win for the second straight year. a lot of fans on twitter were impressed with him. plenty of action all day and night, akron heading into their game against northern illinois on a seven-game win streak. second half akron up 61-52 but northern illinois hungry here, niu pulls ahead and akron down by 3. the trip toll knock the game up at 71.
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for the three, goes ounce and niu -- out of bounds and niu upsets akron 80-79. ohio state visiting rutgers. second half buckeyes already up 37-34 but cory sanders hits the floater, enters with a team high 23 points last night. buckeyes keep it going. aj harris to the hoop, no-go. that's ok, it's tipped in. rutgers not giving up. mike williams with the steal. throws it up for dj foreman with the dunk, pretty play but it was not enough. buckeyes winning this one 79- 69. that is it for morning sports. as lauren also mentioned all-star week wrapping up tonight with that all-star game. the only cavalier you'll see on the court is lebron james. of course tyronliu will be for the eastern conference as well. tipoff 8:00. they are playing in toronto
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game held outside the u.s. in the 65-year history of the all- star game. it's called the biggest party in golf for a reason. justin timberlake proving why. at the pebble beach proam with carlton. the event pairs up pga golfers with celebrity amateurs. there's one more round today. on the pro side phil mickelson leads the field at 16 under. still ahead -- an iconic general store with roots going back hundreds of years. cincinnati. a federal investigation begins at an ohio va hospital. you're watching "good morning
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hello, everyone. you're looking at downtown cleveland, overcast sunday as you begin your day, it's very, very cold as we've told you. all weekend long. welcome back to this sunday edition of "good morning cleveland," i'm nick foley. weather our top story. continues to be with the temperatures and wind chills frighteningly low this morning. our meg shaw is experiencing the depths of the lows in medina. we'll go to her shortly. first a check of the forecast with meteorologist janessa webb. >> good morning.
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our wind chills advisories that we saw yesterday, they have expired. been lifted from the national weather service. even though it's a bitter, biting down cold, summit county, you're currently at 8 below, some of the coldest temperatures of the season. that shot there was out towards lake county. mentor, you're at 14 and you're the hot spot. these are the feels-like temperatures out towards -- out towards the east they are dealing with temperatures above the freezing mark, above the single digits but well towards inland locations that bitter cold from elyria all the way into mansfield, wow, you're almost at 20 below. so you should have double layers as you are stepping out. the winds have subsided. yesterday we were dealing with that northwest breeze. 10 to 15 miles an hour. throughout the afternoon they remain on the light side, that's what's going to allow to us see our temperatures pick up. we'll see a transition from out
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to allow for the gradual warm- up as we head into next week. now, you can see high pressure is on top of us, tracking in here from the west, this will continue to move in as we head into your mid-afternoon. we'll go with partly sunny skies for your valentine's day. soak this up because this is our next storm system, it's well towards our southwest. this is going to continue to track in here as we head into your monday, we're talking a good dose of snow overnight into your early monday morning hours. but nick, we're going to go from upper teens, single digits this morning, that biting down cold, to 30s as we head into tomorrow. just hold on here. >> hold on, it's going to get better. trust us. the temperatures not stopping the dozens of events happening on this valentine's day across northeast ohio. that means many of you will be heading out into the cold today. meg shaw has been out and about all morning long for us and has
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getting the short end of the stick, meg. in this assignment but she's being a good sport and keeping us updated. good morning, meg. >> reporter: i know. how did i get this assignment today? this is unfair! producer, i'm calling you out. no, i just want to talk about the current conditions, unlike yesterday we're not seeing wind which is good because it feels just a little bit warmer. i am in medina which janessa mentioned all morning one of the coldest spots in the region. you step outside and it hits you in the face but without that wind it is a little better. doctors say it's ok to go out this weekend, since today is a holiday, and have some fun but be smart. it comes down to prevention and common sense. you've heard it before but this time of year it's critical to actually practice what we preach.
8:34 am
cover your head, waterproof boots if you can. wool socks work best for keeping your feet warm and limit your time outside. frostbite can set in on exposed skin in 20 minutes or less in temperatures like this. here's warning signs for frostbite. >> excessive cold, numbness, maybe whitish discoloration particularly in the extremities, fingers and toes. >> reporter: out here in medina i've already seen quite a few people walking here through the square because it's the 22nd annual ice festival. it is -- this cold weather doesn't matter. they are going to come out here and enjoy it. you should too. there's a lot of sculptures. remember what i said, layer up if you're heading out even if it's to medina or anywhere else to celebrate valentine's day. be smart, use common sense. we want to protect everyone. if you saw janessa webb's 7-day forecast a little bit ago we're almost through.
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and we'll get to that friday of 50 degrees. live in medina, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> there are folks behind you getting ready for the day. braving the elements for sure. now to breaking news. i-480 westbound is closed right now between ridge and teagueman roads, there's an accident and all westbound traffic is being routed off the interstate at ridge road. we'll keep you updated on the story as it developments. the frigid weather blamed for a deadly traffic pile-up in pennsylvania. a sudden snow squall causing dozens of cars to pile up on a major highway. i-78 was closed for hours after an accident yesterday morning, involving at least 50 vehicles. three people were killed, at least 40 others injured. police say whiteout conditions caught drivers offguard. cars and trucks are still scattered on the interstate this morning. >> a couple of people laying out and trucks and cars all
8:36 am
trailers, between tractor- trailers, and it's just total destruction. >> dozens of ambulances shuttled some of the drivers involved to a firehouse to keep them out of that bitter cold. pennsylvania state police are telling people to stay off the roads unless they absolutely have to travel. also new this morning, iconic store destroyed by an overnight fire in cincinnati. flames were already through the roof of the rabbit hash general store when firefighters arrived. by the time the crews knocked it down at midnight the store unfortunately was destroyed. the building served as a social center for the small unincorporated town and also sold antiques, it opened in 1831 and reportedly contained items dating back to the 19th century. the department of veterans affairs says it has opened an investigation into a cincinnati hospital. the hospital delivers medical care to more than 43,000 veterans from southwest ohio,
8:37 am
our sister station wcpo in cincinnati reports the federal investigation began this past week after the station and scripps news washington bureau told va officials about findings from their own investigation including possible inappropriate conduct involving an official at the cincinnati hospital. if you use the turnpike to get to work or school you'll need cash to pay for tolls next week. credit card read readers will be down for several hours monday -- this is the wrong video but the ohio turnpike commission will be upgrading its technology network to improve customer service. that means cash only. the upgrades shouldn't affect drivers with the e-zpass service. when we come back, if you're trying to eat healthier you know how confusing food labels can be. we'll share what words companies like to use to disguise ingredients you shouldn't be eating. a cleveland valentine's day tradition, getting married at tower city.
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want to take part. >> the cold weather can create some nice beauty here but what will the snow do? in my 7-day forecast i show you when the snow and warmer
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good morning. alaska, take that.
8:41 am
morning colder than barrow, alaska. 8 below. you can see that sunshine is starting to move into summit county. normally we start to see the coldest temperatures just right before sunrise and this morning cooler. hopefully going to warm up throughout your mid-afternoon. high pressure is moving in from west-to-east and that's what is allowing our cloud coverage to break as we head into the rest of the day. look at this, 22 degrees, we're going to be notching up about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon. the great news, we're going to lose that breeze we saw for your saturday, it will be on the light side, 5 to 10 miles per hour out towards beachwood into the euclid area. inland locations, i know you're off to a very chilly start into summit county by by mid- afternoon around 3:00 you'll be at a nice -- this will be toasty -- 22 degrees. nick?
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can certainly be a health concern. in other health news -- food that is boxed, bagged and wrapped, it can be difficult to understand all the words on the package. there are some key words to look for. check out the sugar and avoid foods that are loaded with it. you'll also want to look for words that are just synonyms for sugar. they depend tend to end in "ose," like dextrose. watch for corn syrup. watch for sodium content. know the difference between good fats and bad fats. even if it says zero transfat on the label, if you see the word hydrogenated fat in the ingredients list there could be up to half a gram of transfats per serving in that product. >> definitely a code to decipher there. when calories come into play, kramer says calories are especially important in beverages, some fruit juices and sodas can be lotted with calories but do nothing to --
8:43 am
nothing to fill you up. if you see news happening, text or e-mail us at or tweet us
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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8:45. with our governor becoming a viable threat in the republican primaries, john kasich is also becoming a target. political ads haven't made their way to ohio just yet but soon will be.
8:46 am
running to find out whether it's true. >> kasich's budget raised taxes by billions. hitting businesses hard and the middle class even harder. >> our local politifact editor found it's true that he asked for a sales tax increase of $1.5 billion over two years but what the ad doesn't say is his plan also cut income taxes by two years. economists we spoke with also said to keep in mind most of the tax cuts did go to the wealthiest taxpayers rather families. when we put that ad information up to our truth-oh- overall. lead is not the only problem the city of flint, michigan dealt with in the past few years. in 2014, the city saw 87 cases of legionnaire's disease, 10
8:47 am
worst outbreaks of legionella in u.s. history. it's expected the water supply was to blame but as people started to die the cdc was never called in to find the source. according to cdc protocol a state must invite the cdc to investigate an outbreak and michigan didn't do that. >> the state stopped our investigation by prohibiting us to communicate. they prohibited communication between the center for disease control and genesee county health department. they prevented that team to come here and help us find the source. >> experts in the cdc say it's probably too late to scientifically identify the source of the legionnaire's outbreak but those in flint are concerned another outbreak could happen this summer if nothing is done. terrifying moment captured on camera in new zealand as the eastern part of the country is rocked by an earthquake. a 5.8-magnitude quake hit christchurch today and you can actually see the shaking on the driveway there.
8:48 am
reports of serious damage or injuries. this quake comes just one week before the five-year anniversary of a more powerful quake in christchurch that killed more than 180 people. speaking of earthquakes, a group from the university in california and deutsche telecom hoping to working to to build a seismic networks to help with this. the ultimate goal, to build a worldwide seismic network and use the data to reduce the effects of earthquakes. have ever been through an earthquake? >> tons. >> i was in only one but you don't feel like what is happening. >> here in northeast ohio we're severe weather -- that and earthquake central -- both of them. >> alaska the fault lines for sure. >> we're used to that but
8:49 am
winter weather, that is what we're dealing with today. colder temperatures. and that's a great shot out towards the medina area and they are sitting in some of the coldest temperatures this morning from medina all the way into summit county. our records show 8 below this morning from wadsworth into the akron area. but the great news, sunshine is starting to build as high pressure is building on top of us. look at that, greater cleveland, you're currently at 3 degrees. giver the weather a little time to warm up here. akron 8 below, out towards the east, lake, geauga, into ashtabula county, you're the warm spot, finally above the single digits. we're losing the winds today as high pressure is building out towards the west. so from toledo all the way into erie, huron county you're sitting in the sunshine now but you can see cloud coverage as our next storm front is building, well towards our west.
8:50 am
this will produce us with a little bit of snow late evening tonight into overnight and for your early morning commute. you can see winter weather advisories from winter storm warnings, taking over from cincinnati, all the way into the east coast as this next system will be large and in charge but it's going to allow for warmer air to track back in. so today will be the last day we talk about single digits and even mid teens. upward climb. tonight our lows will be around 17 degrees so definitely slightly warmer than last night. clouds start to work its way in, you'll be under a nice sunny valentine's day. it's late evening around 8:00, 9:00, so maybe you're stepping out for a late dinner. you're going to start to see the clouds working its way in and a little bit of snow from stark county all the way into wayne county.
8:51 am
flakes flying but the brunt of the moisture, look at that, 6:45, in time for the early morning commute you'll start to see that snowfall picking up. these totals are not impressive but once again this will be an equal opportunity for everyone to see a little bit of snowfall. do i think we'll see a snow day? definitely not. not tomorrow. this morning, could have seen delays but as we head into monday our temperatures are going to be well above normal. we'll step back into the 30s but accumulation will be near an inch for most locations. today 18 degrees, partly sunny skies. we won't see that snow moving in, until about late hours into your overnight. 17. so going to deal with a kind of inversion there. 18 for a high today. 17 for a low. we rebound back to the 30s as we head into monday, tuesday, wednesday. and that is not a mistake.
8:52 am
for friday, we're back in the 50s. >> can we fast forward to next friday and saturday? it's valentine's day, so what better way for a couple to celebrate their love on this special day than to tie the knot. the annual valentine's day tradition in cleveland will continue today at tower city. cleveland municipal court judges performing those wedding ceremonies. the newlyweds who already have their marriage licenses will receive a $25 tower city card, cupcake and free parking pass as well. today's the first day of random acts of kindness week. hudson's league of service is getting things started right away with the kindness kickoff this afternoon. it starts at noon at the green and each day this week participants will complete specific tasks like sharing a book on monday or writing a thank you note tuesday. also today the trumpet awards foundation, to honor congresswoman fudge and other women of the congressional
8:53 am
she's receiving the honor for promoting lemming alive reforms and -- legislative reforms and policies that benefit all americans. it's on newschannel 5 at 3:00 this afternoon. keeping with the valentines weekend tradition. snow and single digits not enough to stop hundreds of people from stripping down to their underwear for charity. we tagged along for the annual cupid undery run in -- undie run in downtown cleveland. >> reporter: the brave of the brave. >> doing something nice. >> i don't know very many people who would do this, let alone in their underwear. >> nice job. >> you saw the forecast today? >> i was crying. >> i've been running fast the whole time. it's cold. >> we try to rock it for her.
8:54 am
justin justin justin winebrenner my best friend. >> hats off. braving the elements. more than 35 cities across the country take part in the valentines weekend run every year. today the event raised nearly $8 million for the children's tumor foundation.
8:55 am
8:56 am
finally, bitter cold and snow some of the reasons winter
8:57 am
new research suggests some seasons may make you dumber. bull -- belgium researchers showed brain scans show least active in winter and more active in summer. we're dumber in winter, there another chilly day but we're on the upward trend. just hold on to friday. 50 degrees in february. unreal. once again but chilly for valentines but have a good one. >> we'll make it through it. back at 10:00 as well this week with george stephanopoulos next. more on the passing of justice scalia.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. battle for the bench. justice antonin scalia, conservative legend, dice at 79. the fight to fill his seat already under way. >> i plan to nominate a successor. >> it's up to mitch mcconnell and everybody else to stop it. it's called delay, delay, delay. >> as both sides dig in, will the presidential election become a referendum on the court. plus, trump targeted in the nastiest debate yet. the billionaire businessman under fire. >> i am sick and tired of him going after my family. >> and, firing back. >> it's a price pal.


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