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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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colleagues. >> we'll hear a lot more about it in the weeks ahead. a wild car crash ends with three women in a hospital. video you will only see at 5:00. a local mayor wants to nix his village department. flurries out there? >> maybe come down a little heavier in some spots. where you see the darker purple. snow this morning primarily u.s. 30 and north. this snow is not expected to stick around all day, in fact it should be out of here after
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very cold in areas like miller's lake and philadelphia but here is what we are looking at in terms of our headlines. we have to talk about this winter weather advisory for a few counties. warm temperatures by the end of the week but the bigger story is the snow system that is moving in overnight. >> reporter: in storm tracker 5 things are okay but visibility kind of low outside. let's give you an outside look. we are traveling along i-90 west. i'm seeing a band of moisture that is moving across avon lake. as you can see it is moving onshore into westlake, and even into lorraine county. pretty misty out here across the area. we are going to continue to drive on these roads. we have seen a few trucks letting out a little bit of
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mixture is starting to make its way onshore. yes the plows are out and you are going to deal with chemically wet highways throughout northeast ohio. you see the scattered snow here along the lake slower this morning. the pavement temperatures are well below freezing. 71 and snow at 18 degrees this morning as we zoom in. i want to mention a road project that is going to impact people later on this morning, the opportunity corridor, northbound east 105th now down to one lane, between carnegie and euclid. i'll be talking about it all morning long so you remember. here is 90 and the lakeshore. you see from the headlights the sheen on the highway. breaking overnight from the live desk, cleveland firefighters battling flames in the brutal cold on the city's east side in the 3800 block of east 55th street.
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one was hurt but one person was displaced. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a local police department could soon be history. another department could take over policing in madisonville language. sarah finney following this story for us this morning. this is far from a done deal? >> reporter: the issue will be presented to madisonville language council tuesday the mayor is clear about what he wants. he posted a letter to the village website saying he wants madison township to take over law enforcement duties in the village. he calculates the move would the mayor insists there would police presence. right now the department is only operating with what is considered half of full staff. some residents think it is a good idea, others aren't convinced. >> we are going to probably lose manpower unless they are going to hire more police officers. now they have more area they
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>> according to the madisonville language mayor. madison township would provide a dedicated officer to the village. again the plan goes to city council tomorrow. in the newsroom sarah finney newschannel 5. a wild car crash ends like this in akron. a street sign lodged into the side of a home, you see it there. and three women sent to the hospital. ronald berry was in his living room, watching a movie when suddenly he heard a loud boom. he looked out the window and found this mangled mess in his yard, the crash also causing this. >> i didn't even know it was there until i went outside and walked around. saw a no parking sign stuck in the house. i came in, there it was. >> the force so strong that parking sign went all the way through the wall. the driver and one of the passengers were ejected from the car after hitting a telephone pole, the cause of the crash is under investigation.
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accident that closed a portion of i 480 in brooklyn sunday. a 48-year-old man was driving the wrong way when he crashed into another car. a 28-year-old woman died at the scene. the cause of the crash is still under investigation this morning. and we are learning ohio is dealing with a growing speeding problem. each year an average of 1000 people are stopped for more than 100 miles per hour. that number, too, is on the rise. the most recent statistics are from 2014, 1100 drivers were stopped for excessive speeding. that is a 23% increase from 2011, because the speed is the cause of a third of ohio's traffic deaths. 4:35 right now. happening today the race for the white house comes to cleveland. chelsea clinton will be in town today pushing voters to register for next month's primaries. meg what can we expect?
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several stops in the next couple of weeks for chelsea. initially she was watching her mother run for president but now she is rallying voters to register. which is in march. today chelsea is expected to talk about hillary's plans to make a difference for families. these campaign stops aren't as easy for chelsea. in recent stops she has been asked about concerns voters have when it comes to her mother's trustworthiness. each time she says there is no one on earth she trusts more than her mother. it is on the city's east side a a crew there. you can check our app for updates all day long. live in cleveland meg shaw newschannel 5. the deadline to register to vote in the primary is tomorrow. if you move or want to change your party affiliation, you have to send a new registration form to your local board of election by tomorrow.
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also today is president's day to most schools banks and government offices are closed. your trash might be delayed by one day. buses and trains operate on their normal schedule. we are so happy you are here with us on your monday morning. a battle over the bench. justice scalia death leaves chaos. a guy skipped work for six years and nobody noticed. we are going to tell you what happened next. we are talking about snow this morning but that is not the real weather headlines. it is the snow coming tonight. stick around you are watching
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good morning and welcome back. let's start off with the snow that is happening now. in the purple we are seeing? of the heavier pockets down in northern portage. this snow will be here throughout the morning and out before lunch time. notice is on the model here, by 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. we are pretty good. but boy do we see a change take effect in the evening hours. a major storm system is moving toward the appalachian mountains. first as rain and then as snow. terrance over to you. netflix is putting et hands of a rival. it -b its entire business in
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-- its entire business in the hands of a rival. notably even though the move will likely only benefit amazon it will be able to host content for millions of netflix subscribers. >> interesting there amazon and netflix teaming up, sort of. let's talk about sports illustrated. they have debuted three of their covers and three separate covers for the first time and it is the first time they have ever done that. one of them stars plus size model ashley graham wearing a bikini, she is on the left and the second one is rhonda rousesy with a swimsuit painted on her body. miley clawson is the third one, it is not suitable for this family show, but you can find it online. it is hard to wrap your head around this, this morning. but a guy in spain stopped going to work for six years and
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>> they wanted to thank joaquin garcia for 20 years of service. but before giving him the award the bosses realized hey you haven't been in the office for years. >> now garcia has to pay back a year's salary, that is the maximum fine allowed. so if you think about it he got five years worth of pay for free for not a single day of work. >> but who knows how much he saved. that is probably pre-tax you know? >> true. >> we'll see. interesting though. coming up next for you a disgraced governor under investigation again. what elliott spitzer is now accused of doing. a reunion 70 years in the making. how the -- how two world war two sweet hearts were reconnected for valentine's day.
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a fast moving three alarm fire engulfed a building in new york city. i have video that is being shared on twitter this morning. the flames broke out around 10:00 last night in brooklyn, in a three-story apartment building. so far in reports of injuries. corrina? jackie while you were sleeping supreme court justice antonin scalia's body was flown back to washington d.c. he started at the jones day firm here in 1961. the 79-year-old died in his sleep saturday from a hearting attack. he was in texas at the time for a hunting trip. >> he was totally peaceful. he is a man who went to sleep and just didn't wake up. >> they assured me there were no signs of foul play. >> reporter: back in washington republicans are vowing to block
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president obama is making a short list of potential candidates and now the supreme court will continue to deliberate with the remaining justices. atlantic city's colleagues on the supreme court are paying tribute to him. >> many people are talking about his odd couple friendship with ruth bader begins burglary. -- ginsberg. she said she were best friends, and traveled together. the this happened investigating, the nypd investigating elliott spitzer. a woman says the two spent time at a hotel bar and went to his hotel room and he choked her. spitzer's spokesperson says there is no truth to these allegations. spitzer was forced to resign in 2008 after a prostitution scandal. we are learning a brief
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the weekend was a false alarm. the school says students working on a video project triggered reports of an armed person on campus. the lockdown was the second at the school in the last three months. this morning michigan is asking the federal government to expand medicaid coverage to thousands of flint residents. the governor wants anyone exposed to lead contaminated water to be covered. the u.s. attorney general is expected to visit tuesday to answer questions from the public. snow and cold weather causing issues across the east. take a look. this is the scene in cincinnati from last night. whiteout conditions made for a tough drive on i 71 and a lot of communities are under a snow emergency. but the good news is most of the snow is over. and take a look at this video from boston. this is called sea smoke. the fog forms when the cold air
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waters and several cities broke record cold temperatures yesterday but somara, hopefully that is not us? >> reporter: 50 by the end of the week but we have to get through today and tomorrow. right now we are seeing morning snow. so if you are going to hit the road now, you are probably going to be in it. good news is, it is light. we aren't seeing heavier snow, looking at an inch or less throughout the viewing area this morning. moderate in auburn, north then county. it should be out of here just after morning rush hour. but things quickly change. i want you to notice this. throughout the day, look at this time stamp, we have this nice break. but then we start to see rain moving in tonight,lake late tonight and quickly as the temperatures drop that changes
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notice the darker spots pick up the accumulation, 6 inches down in knees counties that are -- in these counties that are under a winter weather advisory. 19 in cleveland, high reaching the mid-30s. and the power 5, 7-day forecast. we could get a nice break from winter on friday. kristen, over to you. >> reporter: somara, i'm in storm tracker 5 after a bitter cold weekend, we are finally seeing temperatures on the increase. right now i am traveling along i-90 west, and just seeing a few light flurries that are coming down the area. it is causing the pavement to
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we've already seen a few trucks, we passed them a couple of minutes ago, that are trying to get salt on the ground, people are starting to wake up and get out and about. we could see slick spots on bridges and roadways, and overpasses this morning. make sure to definitely take it slow. certainly slick spots no matter where you are, especially along the lakeshore. as we zoom out, no major accidents at this hour, but i will tell you i noticed a disabled here 71 northbound at denison so ramp restrictions on that exit ramp in that area. drive time speeds not bad at this hour, it is president's day so maybe traffic volume not going to get in your way. let's head outside for live looks at 90 this morning and slick. we are going to be dealing with that this morning, you need to go slow.
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let's look at what is trending this morning. a few weeks ago we told you about a long lost love story. during world war ii reconnecting over skype and now norwood and joyce are meeting in person for the first time since the 1940s. a crowd campaign raised enough norwood's flight to australia. >> well you are still vertical. >> let me give you a squeeze. >> quite a squeeze. >> they spent valentine's day together for the first time in 70 years. norwood says it was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to him. >> that is so sweet. i love that. a lot of you celebrated valentine's day yesterday but that doesn't mean the special dates need to stop. >> no but if you don't have a clue where to take your boo, there is a new campaign called
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local couples came up with a list of their favorite date night spaces. hot spots in chapel hill and kenmore. the group behind this says they want couples to fall more in love with each other, and also with the city. and every week, this goes until march 18th, they are giving out a $50 gift card to a certain restaurant. if you take a photo with the hashtag you had me at akron, put it on facebook or twitter or instagram. we are back in two and a half years.
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good morning and welcome back. let's get to it. you know by now we have snow out there on the ground covering u.s. 30 and north a little farther south into portage county. but what i want you to know, 1 to 2 inches this morning, 1 inch for most of us. but here's where the change takes place. this storm system brewing in the south is actually going to push up into northeast ohio. it comes in as rain but tuesday morning, more snow and we could be seeing a good amount. we'll talk about that in just a bit. over to you. you can see the snow sha somara has been talking about. you'll want extra time. 77 and 480, 20 degrees, that is the surface temperature this morning. well below freezing. the plows are out.
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as we zoom in, a construction project i want to remind you about the opportunity corridor this morning reduced to one lane northbound east 105th one lane between carnegie and euclid. that is going to last 3 days. live pictures 71 northbound, you can see traffic is building but it's still pretty slow. terrance and jackie? a few changes could affect your morning drive. >> renovations begin today at huntington garage in cleveland. the entrance to the garage east will close for the next nine months and next week the western entrance will also close. the only way into the garage will be on third street. rates at the garage will go up two bucks on march 1 nats credit card readers will be down starting at 9:00 a.m., the
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least seven hours. if you have an easy pass you should not be affected. the brooklyn and parma heights police department are holding an active shooter today. an ohio supermarket joining the list of retailers offering an overdose antidote. then it is the scene out of indiana jones. ahead on good morning
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now at 5:00 a local police department's future in question. the mayor wants to shut them down but others are not convinced. the vote this week that will decide it all.
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stop in cleveland today? >> snow rolls in overnight, giving you a light dusting. is more on the way? we are going to take a live look right now in cleveland. do you see it? somara we see some flurries. >> reporter: we see it coming down out there, accumulations less than an inch this morning. starting off in northern portage county, then to parts of auburn, park, middle field, some of the purple showing moderate snowfall, that is the good news. the direction of snow is moving through cleveland and out toward ashtabula. but things are changing this evening. 19 degrees from cleveland, 17 this is why you have to stick around. i have to tell you about the winter weather advisory and how


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