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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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stop in cleveland today? >> snow rolls in overnight, giving you a light dusting. is more on the way? we are going to take a live look right now in cleveland. do you see it? somara we see some flurries. >> reporter: we see it coming down out there, accumulations less than an inch this morning. starting off in northern portage county, then to parts of auburn, park, middle field, some of the purple showing moderate snowfall, that is the good news. the direction of snow is moving through cleveland and out toward ashtabula. but things are changing this evening. 19 degrees from cleveland, 17 this is why you have to stick around. i have to tell you about the winter weather advisory and how
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we will be seeing warmth by the end of the weekend. in storm tracker 5 on bel air road here, i wanted to get off the major roads of 90 and show you some of the untreated roads. we are at a crawling pace right now, at about 25 miles per hour. spots on the road definitely slick and we are seeing light flurries, this is not heavy accumulation, but as it comes down it is making our drivers out here slow and steady. i want to mention also visibility kind of low this morning as low clouds are taking over aclose northeast ohio. thanks so much i can't necessary sa -- thanks so much. our maps showing scattered light snow along the lakeshore. 71 north and 77 north and both eastbound and westbound on
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watch out for. our drive time speeds aren't impacted as of yet. not a lot of cars out there 90 eastbound at crocker 13 minutes, and 271 northbound to 90 an 11-minute drive for you. guys? developing this morning, madisonville language will soon decide if another police department should take -- madison's mayor says it comes down to money. he wants madison township to take over policing duties. he calculates it could save $81,000 annually. the mayor insists there would be no change in service. he says the township would provide a dedicated officer to the village. some residents think quality will suffer, others are okay with it. >> i think it is a good idea.
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so yeah, it would be better on the cops too. >> madison is exploring the option of contracting with the lake county sheriff's office for help. council members say they will take up the issue at tomorrow's meeting. a decision will likely be made in the coming weeks. breaking from the live desk a suspected former nazi prison guard with ties to ohio has died in his native croatia. jake cobb dens go was -- jacob dens go fled the country after the justice department uncovered his past. he was among dozens of nazi war criminals who collected millions in social security benefits after being forced out of the u.s. happening now corrina, police are searching for a man wanted for murder. antoine bennett shot and killed a man inside a home on north howard street yesterday morning.
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dangerous. if you have any information about his whereabouts, police would love to hear from you this morning. what is being called the largest heroin bust in history of alliance. >> the police seized 50 grams of uncut heroin, which has a street value between $6000 and $10,000. officers arresting this 38-year- old man for heroin tracking, possession and criminal charges. if convicted he faces 25 years in prison. a life saving heroin antidote narcan is used by first responders. loved ones of heroin users previously had to get a prescription from a doctor. cv s started offering narcan just last month. today the metro health system opens its new freestanding emergency department in cleveland heights. it will be open to residents in the surrounding communities.
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set for 7:30 this morning. residents in lynn hurst are holding a peaceful protest, upset over the city's plan to kill deer by trapping and shooting them. the protest starts at 6:30, an hour before the city council meeting. the columbus restaurant where a man randomly attacked people with a machete is reopening today. one couple said when mohammed berry barged through the door his face was filled with hate. some report he was a potential terrorism suspect but we understand the fbi is investigating him as a lone wolf attacker. supreme court justice ant tin scalia's body was flown to virginia overnight from texas. still no word yet on arrangements for the 79-year- old. his family says an autopsy will
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and before being appointed to the supreme court, scalia started his lay career here in cleveland in 1961. his death now sparking a political battle on the campaign trail. >> we should not allow a lame duck president to essentially capture the supreme court in the waning months of his presidency. >> it is outrageous republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >> president obama is making a list of potential candidates and for now the supreme court will deliberate with just eight justices. happening today, the race for the white house makes its way to cleveland. chelsea clinton will be in town to campaign for her mother's presidential bid in ohio. i'm rick shaw live in cleveland this morning. we are hours away from chelsea's arrival. meg? >> reporter: chelsea was sitting on the sidelines
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now she is making a lot of stops to get voters rallying to register for early voting. we are expecting chelsea to talk about hillary's plan for early childhood education and just recently she announced she is pregnant with her second child. chelsea said this will be the first time she is voting as a mother, saying whoever is elected will steward the country and the world my children will grow up in. right now hillary is leading in south carolina over bernie sanders. that is scheduled to begin at 2:00 on the city's east side. live in cleveland meg shaw newschannel 5. meg thank you. and early voting for ohio's march 15th primary begins wednesday. but the deadline to register to vote is tomorrow. if you moved, got married or want to change your party affiliation, you are going to
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form to your local board of elects. and a reminder today is -- board of elections. today is president's day. if you have the day off good for you. schools banks and post offices will be closed and trash collection might be delayed one day. cleveland buses and trains operate on their normal schedule. i'm jackie fernandez. >> appreciate you waking up here with us on good morning cleveland. coming up a man stranded in the desert for a week. the coincidence that led to his rescue. a random act of kindness by students overwhelmed their teacher. why a birthday surprise meant so much. you are watching good morning
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. good morning. breaking overnight from the live desk a virgin atlantic flight headed to in the morning forced to return to london. a laser got in the way of the pilot's vision. lasers can burn a pilot's cornea, and temporarily blind pilots.
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passengers were put up in hotels and their flight is set to leave london today. the biggest meth bust in australia's history. $900million worth of of the drug was smuggled from hong kong in bra inserts and art supplies. investigators found 160-gallons of the drug in liquid form, enough to makeover 1000 pounds of crystal meth. police arrested four men. they could all get life in prison. now to a crazy story of survival. an oregon man managed to live entire week. 6-year-old phillip samson is recovering at a hospital. while going from arizona to oregon his pickup truck broke nevada. he stayed in his truck, drank melted snow and rationed what little food he had in his car him while checking road conditions.
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car. >> you never snow. in san francisco a bizarre attack on the golden gate bridge. >> two people were shot while walking across with 5-inch blow darts. one woman was lit in her kneecap. the darts were likely fired from a passing car. the darts will be tested now chemicals. >> that is horrifying. and there are new developments this morning on the royal caribbean cruise ship blasted by hurricane force winds. that ship now back on the water. the coast guard inspected it over the weekend. and a week ago passengers huddled inside their rooms as the crew battled 76 miles per hour winds and waves nearly 40 feet high. and a terrifying ordeal for dozens of people at a new hampshire ski resort. two tram cars got stuck 40 feet above the ground in subzero temperatures too. this happened on canyon
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a service break issue stopped the tram. the ski patrol and firefighters rapelled all 48 passengers to the ground. thankfully no injuries here. let's take a live look in cleveland. as you can see some flurries across the area. coming down somara. coming down pretty good. you can see the parts in purple are seeing heavier snowfall. not heavy, but heavier than others. this morning really only expecting an inch or less. you could pick up 2 inches in certain pockets. other than that, not a bad morning. but things are changing and i have to explain. all the models have been in disagreement for the last couple of days. frustrating for any meteorologist. area low pressure is coming up from the south. depending on its track it will drastically change our forecast. right now it is moving over the appalachian mountains there, and depending on how far west or east it goes that will set up a little snow for us or a lot of snow for us.
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rain turning into snow as we head through the overnight hours and temperatures drop. we push through, first it comes in as a good amount of rain. then early tuesday morning it switches over to snow. darker purple indicates heavier snow. ashtabula and terrell county under a winter advisory. here's what somara is going with through the next couple of days. 3 to 6 inches, and then it decreases as you move farther west. those are the areas we will be watching for and i will adjust my forecast as needed as i continue to track the assist e. in the power 5, 7-day forecast is the snow ends today after overnight. temperatures around 50 by friday. let's look at the first camera here this is 480. area. this is one of the busiest
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still no accidents as of yet. earlier it was red here on chester avenue downtown but i just spoke with police and asked if there was an accident and they said we are free and clear. might just be cars going under the speed limit this morning and that is a good idea if you are on the secondary roads because of the light snow that we are seeing along the lakeshore, the highways are being treated the plows are out but the secondary roads are always the ones that are a little frickier to navigate. -- little trickier to navigate. peyton manning has to figure out how to respond to a lawsuit this week. it claims he was involved in a lawsuit. the suit filed on behalf of six unnamed women alleges the university violated title 9 regular clinovations created a quote hostile sexual environment and states the university interfered with the disciplinary process to favor male athletes.
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right? do you recognize these two guys here? that is carlton and justin timberlake. they won the at&t pebble beach pro-am. >> jt could learn a thing or two. >> he knows how to dance. >> they took a break from playing golf to entertain the crowds with the signature dance move. alphonso on the left finished with a dab. he modernized it. we love that. you are waking up love struck or maybe love sick after valentine's day. check it out here. 25,000 led roses human tornado in the dark night, in hong kong. -- illuminated in the dark night, in hong kong. it encourages people to visit
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trending right now, a high school student's generous gesture getting a lot of attention. >> 17-year-old hayden godfrey saved his money to buy 900 carnations, one for every young lady in his high school. the flowers were delivered just in time for valentine's day too. >> i want to make as many people happy as possible. >> he says it took him a year and a half to save the $450 needed to buy all those flowers and i'm pretty sure he got a lot of hug. >> nicely done young man. take notes guys. kids later. later. the social media reunion. >> we have that story next on
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back. a live shot of the bridge in downtown cleveland showing some of the lighter snow falling. this morning we are expecting this snow to bring about an inch or less and it will be out of here by the end of your morning rush hour commute. mostly cloudy skies throughout the day and then the real weather headlines kick in. so a winter weather advisory will be issued at 7:00 p.m. tonight for who? carroll county, ashtabula county. a good amount of snow is headed
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a lot of the modeling are battling, going back and forth, conflicted as we headed throughout the weekend but here bringing in rain. so tonight you can expect the rain as temperatures volley number. then as we head into the overnight hours that quickly changes over to snow. morning commute. i can't stress enough how messy it is going to be for the areas farther east and south. rain, we are talking about a good amount of snowfall, we are talking about possible sleet. so we'll keep an eye on this system. for now though, let's check out the roads. janessa, over to you. >> reporter: somara, in storm tracker 5, you are exactly right. this morning is just a tease of what we are about to experience tomorrow morning. we are on 71, and decided to get back on the major highways. we were on the side streets and seeing a lot of untreated
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if you are out and about, getting out this morning, you are going to notice still slick spots after a very chilly weekend. our temperatures are starting to warm up, we are on 71, going north. just outside of strongsville. seeing a few light flurries. what you are seeing this morning is low-lying clouds, and visibility is reduced just a tad bit. just light flurries across-the- board, if you are starting to extra time. we are still seeing slick spots bridge ways. but the good news, as you said, temperatures warming back up to next winter storm. stay safe out there, make sure everyone is going at a safe speed this morning because of the slick spots. getting reports of a disabled vehicle on the jennings freeway at brooke park
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but it is a light snow somara has been telling us all morning long and no major accidents at this hour on 90, 77, 71 look great. same story with 480 and the turnpike. let's head out for a live look at 90, showing it is slick out there and not too busy approaching the 50:00 time slot. the second drunk driver who killed himself and four others in a wrong way crash in dayton was released from jail just hours before the accident. he was arrested for dwi but was released. the 61-year-old crashed head on into an suv early yesterday morning on i 756789 three of the four victims inside the suv were members of a band and friends say they were a tight knit group. >> they were three guys with the biggest possible hearts you can imagine. they loved their families, their friends, their fans. i mean the five of us, we were
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>> plans are in the works for a benefit show to help their families pay for funeral expenses. say scary seen on int-- a scary scene on interstate 65, pile ups. more than 30 people were taken to area hospitals. >> and interstate 78 in pennsylvania back open this saturday. three people killed, whiteout conditions played a role in 5:25. up next the latest on the flint water crisis. and a growing problem here, the staggering numbers of ohio ans -- of people in ohio caught driving more than 100 miles per hour. here are the winning lotto numbers.
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a wild car chase ends with three women in a hospital and this street sign, stuck in the side of a home. plus shutting down the police. a local mayor wants to nix his village department.
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a snow globe this morning. let's start with meteorologist somara theodore, let's shake it up girl. >> reporter: the snow globe is shaking looking more like a violently shaking snow globe tomorrow, because a winter weather advisory will be issued this evening for ashtabula and carroll county. we are talking about the snow this morning but i'm giving you foreshadowing for tomorrow. current temperature 19 degrees, areas like nor walk or ashtabula started in the teens and it is a cold morning. highs will reach the mid-30s. 35 degrees for your lie. relatively quiet as we normally are before the storm. cloudy conditions but snow moves back in overnight. over to you. >>
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5, traveling on 80 east, right now seeing light snowfall coming down just passing peter man -- peterman road. we know it is a holiday today, but the pavement is definitely wet. we are getting over a very frigid weekend. right now our temperatures are into the upper 20s. if you are out and about, you are going to notice visibility pretty low this morning, so make sure you are taking it slow. thanks janessa. and yes, i have seen the plows, i saw them on our way to work and am watching them this morning. where you want to really be careful here is east and west shoreway. 90 eastbound and westbound and 71 and 77 north. when you make your way into the city because of the lake-effect snow, the light snow making those highways just wet as they are treated with salt this morning.
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into the city as you approach the metro curve at 57 miles per hour, just a 3 minute ride real quick there in that section. and head outside. look at our cameras this morning, traffic is lightly building. over to you corrina. breaking overnight from the live desk. cleveland firefighters battling flames in the brutal cold on the city's east side. this was the 3800 block of east 55th street. cleveland fire officials telling me no one was hurt but one person was displaced. we'll keep you updated. terrance? corrina, a local police department could soon be history. another department could take over police not guilty madison village -- over policing in madison village. >> the issue will be presented to the council tuesday. the mayor being very clear about what he wants. he posted a letter on the village website saying he wants
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village. he calculates the move would save $81,000 a year. the mayor insists there would be no change in service. operating at half staffing. some residents think it is a convinced. >> we'll probably lose manpower unless they are going to hire more police officers. now they would have more area they would have to cover. >> according to the madison village mayor, madison township would provide a dedicated officer to the village. in the newsroom sarah finney newschannel 5. a street sign lodged into the side of a home. ronald berry was watching a movie diehard, when he heard a loud boom. he looked out the window and found this mangled mess in his front yard, the crash also causing this. >> i didn't know it was there
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around, and looked up there and seen that. a no parking sign was stuck in the house. there it was. >> the force was so strong the sign went all the way through the wall. akron police say the driver and one passenger were ejected from the car after hitting a telephone pole. the cause of the crash is under investigation. new details about an accident that closed a portion of 480 in brooklyn sunday. a 48-year-old man was driving the wrong way when he crashed into a car. the 28-year-old woman died at the scene. ohio is dealing with a growing speeding problem. each year an average of 1000 people are stopped going more than 100 miles per hour, and that number is on the rise. the most recent stats are from 2014. more than 1000 drivers were stopped for excessive speeding. that is a 23% increase from 2011.
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a third of ohio's traffic deaths. happening today, the race for the white house comes to cleveland. chelsea clinton will be in town, pushing for voters to register for next month's primary. and meg shaw is looking ahead to this afternoon's visit. what can we expect from chelsea? >> reporter: jackie this is one of many stops in the past couple of weeks for chelsea. initially she was sitting on the sidelines watching as her mom made a run for president but as you mentioned she is now rallying voters register for early voting, which takes place in ohio next month. today chelsea is expected to talk about hillary's plan to make a difference for families. but these campaign stops aren't as easy as it sounds for chelsea. she has been asked about her mother's trustworthiness. each time she says there is no one on earth she trusts more than her mother.
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city's east side. we will bring you updates all day long on our news 5 app. live in cleveland, meg shaw. the deadline to vote in the primary is tomorrow. you have to send a new registration form to your local board of elections by tomorrow if you moved or want to change parties. today is president's day, so a lot of schools banks and post offices will be closed. trash collection might be delayed by one day but buses and trains operate on their normal schedule. 5:35. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm jackie fernandez. still ahead this morning, a battle over the bench. justice scalia's death sending washington into chaos.
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six years with nobody ever noticing. radar up on super screen 5. we are back in two and a half
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right now we are seeing light snow. it is not that bad. as we head throughout the day, highs reach above 35 degrees. but things are changing. tomorrow morning might be a
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and here is why. note on the model how things are quiet throughout the afternoon. -- quiet throughout the afternoon. this sets up for a nasty picture. the reason is temperatures drop to the freezing point which means we could see freezing rain and icy conditions on the road. then after that we are set up for snowfall. and this is all taking place during the morning commute. so it might not be drastic numbers in terms of accumulation, which we'll talk about later in the show. but because of the time frame it is looking messy. the areas that will be most impacted, east of cleveland and south of u.s. 30, ashtabula county, carroll county, you are under a winter weather advisory. we'll talk about accumulations but for now terrance take it away. netflix just finished putting all of its online video on amazon's cloud. it is a move it started in 2008 when a server issue took down
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netflix made the decision before amazon launched their own streaming service prime instant video. sports illustrated debuting three different covers for its annual swimsuit issue. the first time they have ever done that. one stars plus size model ashley graham, you see her on the left and the second one is rhonda rosie in a swimsuit painted on her body. the third one is haley clawson, and we can't show it to you because this is a family program, but you can find it online. a guy in spain stopped going to work for six years and no one noticed. >> the city wanted to thank joaquin garcia for 20 years of service. but before they gave him the award the bosses realized hey you haven't been in the office for years. >> garcia must pay back one
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that means he gets five years of pay for free. >> kind of a win/win for him then. a disgraced governor under investigation again. what elliott spitzer is accused of. a reunion 70 years in the making. plus another check on your weather and traffic together,
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14 people are dead in syria, where we are just learning missiles have hit a clinic and schools sheltering refugees. russian war planes targeted this clinic here, which is supported by doctors without borders. over the weekend supreme court justice antonin scalia's body was flown back to virginia. the battle over the seat on the supreme court is already heating up he started his clear here in cleveland at the jones day firm in 1961. the 71-year-old died in his sleep on saturday from a heart attack.
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>> he was totally peaceful. a man who went to sleep and just didn't wake up. >> they assured me they did not see any signs of foul play. back in washington republicans are vowing to block any nomination from president obama but the president is still making a short list of potential candidates and for now the supreme court will continue to deliberate with just 8 justices. and atlantic city sa's colleagues are paying tribute to him. >> many people talking about his odd couple friendship with ruth bader ginsberg. buddies. they traveled to india together in 1994. in her statement she says they disagreed now and then, but the arguments always gave her just what she needed when deciding a case. there. new york's former governor morning. spitzer. a woman accusing him of attacking her.
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her at new york's plaza hotel. spitzer's spokeswoman says there is no truth to these allegations, and spitzer was forced to resign as new york's governor in 2008 after a prostitution scandal. we are now learning a brief lockdown at arkansas state over the weekend was a false alarm. the school says students working on a video project triggered reports of armed men on campus. no one was arrested, no guns were found. in december a man with i shot been drove on to campus in december but eventually surrendered. this morning michigan is asking the federal government to expand medicaid coverage to thousands of flint residents. the government wants anyone exposed to lead in water to be covered. the u.s. surgeon general is expected to visit flint tuesday to answer any questions from the public. snow and cold weather causing issues across the east. whiteout conditions made for a tough drive on i 71, and a lot
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but the good news here, most of the snow is now over. and take a look at this video from boston. do you see that over the water? that is called sea smoke. the fog forms when the cold air moves over relatively warm waters. several cities on the east coast broke record cold temperatures yesterday, with some cities hitting the negatives. but somara, you are saying is that the case for us? >> know we are actually going to get a nice break. so you know, at the end of the week, we will reach about 50 degrees. but before we get there, we have to deal with this mess this morning. it is not too bad out there, we are expecting an inch or less, we can handle it for the most part. in the purple, you are seeing more moderate snow falling right now. but we have another round headed for you as we speak. that should be out of here during your morning commute and at the end of it we'll see the
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here is the bigger story. a nice system to the south is headed for the eastern seaboard and as it is crossing the appalachians, we will see it come in as rain and then quickly it will transition to snow. something we have been noticing the models have been so conflicting with this over the past few days. somara is going for ohio. i think we'll see a good amount of snow coming in, and this is a look at accumulation we are expecting. monday night into tuesday, i'm going to go 3 to 6 inches if you live in carroll county, ashtabula county, and lighter as we push farther west. so it is right there in that eastern and southern portion that we could see a good amount of snow tomorrow. in the power 5, 7-day catastrophe, rain tonight, switches over to snow early in the a.m.
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temperatures in the 50s. janessa, over to you. >> reporter: somara, in storm tracker 5, this is just a tease this morning, seeing this first round moving across northeast ohio. roadways are not too bad this morning but we are on the side streets of downtown cleveland on east 30th in euclid. these are some of the untreated roads we are seeing some of the roads haven't been gotten to, to put down salt. we are taking it pretty slow out here. also we are dealing with low- lying clouds, so visibility low as people may have the day off, or you are jury just getting up, -- or you are just getting up, out and about. make sure you are taking it slow out on the roadways. thanks so much janessa. the side streets snow
5:50 am
we are dealing with a disabled vehicle on the jennings freeway at brooke park road. so that is fantastic. and janessa has been driving on the secondary roadways, that is where you need to be careful. travel times right where they should be at this hour, 13 minutes from crocker to the inner belt. 271 northbound richmond to 90, 11 minutes. 90 in kennelworth, traffic is building as we head outside to the traffic camera if we can? there we go. we are seeing more people out and about. over to you terrance and jackie. hard to forget, a few weeks ago we told you about a long lost love story. >> i love this. a couple who fell in love during world war ii reconnected over skype and now norwood and joyce are meeting in person for the first time since the 40s. he was in america, she lives in
5:51 am
campaign raised enough money for him to take that flight down under. >> well you are still vertical. hello. >> i want to give you a squeeze. >> tight squeeze there. look at them. norwood and joyce they spent valentine's day together for the first time in 70 years. and norwood says it was the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to him. >> look at the smiles on their faces. puppy love. so a lot of you are sharing your thoughts on newschannel 5. if you don't have a clue where to take your boo, a new campaign, couples came up with a list of their favorite website spots. there is a website for neighborhoods like chapel hill and kenmore. the group behind this says they want couples to fall more in love with each other and with the city.
5:52 am
with a stay at a hotel and also $50 gift cards. >> hashtag you had me at akron, this is a great pr move for them. next on your monday morning, recession fears. financial insiders share their worries after a rocky start to 2016. grab that crash before you head outdoor. why you cannot use your credit card on the turnpike today. those stories just 60 seconds away. -- grab that cash before you head out the door. why you cannot use your credit card on the turnpike today. those stories just 60 seconds
5:53 am
good morning. there are new fears of another recession. a new survey of financial insiders find nearly half of them think there is a good chance of another recession this year. but a better than expected consumer spending report came out friday and it could help
5:54 am
when did they know? that is the question this morning. top volkswagen managers reportedly warn the automaker could be in trouble over diesel emissions more than a year before it admitted faking data. the u.s. was looking into whether vehicle software was giving false results. there was another record setting weekend at the box office thanks to all the date nights of course. dead pool stars ryan reynolds brought in $135 million. that is the biggest r-rated opening ever, beating last year's 50 shades of gray. and how to be single, already, came in third. >> i have a feeling today, somara, a lot of people will be at the movies too. >> i want to see how to be single. let me snow if you -- let me
5:55 am
chilly out there, not as cold as this weekend. for now 18 degrees in worcester, it is a very, very chilly start. we factor in the wind and siblings. cleveland 8 degrees feeling more like 7 in worcester and canton. 35 degrees. the snow we are seeing this morning will give way to mostly cloudy conditions this afternoon. and in the 6:00 hour we are talking about a nasty commute possible tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning definitely we will be prepared for that. as far as this morning, you are just good on your highways. the side streets the secondary roads are snow covered and slippery this morning. we are great when it comes to the drive times.
5:56 am
the others checking in just fine this morning. heading outside to our cameras for live looks at night, not too bad. it is president's day, i think a lot of people are off. renovations begin today at huntington park garage in cleveland. the lakeside entrance will close for the next nine months. next week the western entrance will also close. the only way in will be on west third street. and the updates are part of a $20 million renovation plans plan. and if your commute takes you on the turnpike, make sure you have cash today. credit card readers will be down starting at 9:00 a.m. and the outage will last about 7 hours. the technology network is being upgraded.
5:57 am
should not be affected. the brooklyn and parma heights police department is training today. it is like a scene out of indiana jones. tourists hit with a bizarre weapon while just walking on the golden gate bridge. all those details next on good
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your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive.
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you are waking up to some monday flurries, we have live team coverage as you get ready for your drive into work. know coming down overnight here in cleveland, just a light dusting but it can be enough to make those roads slick for the early morning drive in. let's go right to meteorologist somara theodore who is tracking the latest. >> reporter: we are seeing snow move in. the good news, it is light for now. let's get to the radar, so you can see what you are expecting this morning. here's a look, an inch or less this morning, maybe a few spots
6:00 am
heavier pockets. i'm going to zoom in now. notice it is moving out of northeast ohio, and as we zoom into areas like lorraine county, getting a break. but the snow in huron is headed your way. this should be done by the rush hour time frame. 20 degrees in cleveland, 18 in medinah. throughout the show, winter weather advisories have been issued for a few neighborhoods here and we are talking also about a warm-up by the end of the week. over to you. >> reporter: somara, in storm tracker 5, 20 degrees, wow we long. this morning in storm tracker 5, i am tracking a few flurries, traveling along 90


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