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tv   Live on 5  ABC  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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down on traffic cameras. >> the bitter debate over who should nominate the next supreme court justice. president obama or his successor. we break down possible contenders. the artic air is making its exit but don't think mother nature is done with us yet. a major storm system is coming to ohio. and because of that our chief meteorologist mark johnson is tracking interest winter alert. tell us about the advisories. >> quiet in summit county and akron. showing you this pick because akron is going to get measurable snow, enough to shovel overnight and here is the progression. you can see the moisture pulling into southern ohio almost up into the newschannel 5 viewing area of tuscarawas county. so here is where we have the advisories and the winter storm warnings. advisories tonight through early afternoon.
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and wayne and holmes and stark, we got dover and new philly and a warning, trumble and mahoning snow. let's show you the current radar. again, we are dry. you got a few hours to get out and about to do your thing but the snow will begin to arrive in earnest. we will look at this. starts out as rain and watch the changeover. there we go. by ten and 11:00. we got a pretty good shield of snow. a sharp cutoff for lake county and greater cleveland. down towards medina and the cutoff line and ashland and mansfield. that i-71 corridor. feast or famine. south and east of that you are getting quite a bit and one, 2 in the morning, youngstown to canton and into coshocton and
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for the heaviest amount of snow. you could see higher amounts canton east towards youngstown. interesting stuff for the morning commute tomorrow. we will give you specific snowfall totals when we come back. in the meantime if you are planning your evening, temperatures in the lower to middle 30s. wind chills generally in the 20s. more to come on this baby. this is an interesting storm. snowfall totals you will want to see coming up. frank and lee. cameras. a state lawmaker wants to stop some cities from cashing in. that has some leaders saying not so fast. tracy, that city still uses the camera, what is the mayor telling you tonight. >> reporter: if the city follows the law on the books
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that he believes it is a delayed deterrent for drivers. roughly 100,000 drivers every single day travel through newburg heights. since last august the police department has been using this, the handheld laser with the speeders. >> as long as this is helping with the safety, i'm all for it. is no good. >> reporter: 77 through the city is 60 speed limit and when and when it is 74 or higher are getting tickets. >> the people are breaking the law. >> reporter: sometimes the driver does not see the police because they are being clocked from the bridge. cases like this don't make the driver safer but making money for the city some say. the proposal would limit a community from raising 30% of its annual revenue from camera
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restrict the ticket as community can issue to twice its population. block 200 or fewer from using the cameras if the community does not have fire or ems, they can't have traffic cameras. patton calls the tickets cash cams for the cities. of those 100,000 drivers that commute through the city. 120 is of one percent get a citation and he says that's about 300 a week. he believes that even if the new proposals are passed it will not affect how they use their traffic cameras and he believes that they do make drivers safer. >> plenty of empirical evidence to say these units change the way people drive. now last year the cameras that were in effect for about six months made the city about $450,000. the mayor says that is well below their budget of $8 million so even if the proposals do go into effect,
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use the traffic cameras. coming up at 6:00, hear from the lawmaker. tracy carloss. newschannel 5. new development on the death of supreme court antonin scalia. a judge says an autopsy should be conducted and changed her mind. chris flanagan is at the desk with the information. >> reporter: the judge says she changed her mind after speaking with scalia's doctor confirming that the justice had a history of heart disease. the 79-year-old scalia visited that doctor in washington d.c. two days in a row before going scalia died in his sleep at a resort ranch. the judge says that medical history and the lack of any signs of foul played meant the justice died of natural causes and no autopsy would be necessary.
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write national causes heart attack. scalia's family objected to an autopsy says it was unnecessary. and the passing of justice scalia has set into motion a political battle in washington. our leon bibb has more. lawmakers did not waste anytime floating the gauntlet. >> reporter: with the vacancy coming in the stakes are high. all three branches of the government are up for grabs. senate, republicans did not waste anytime suggesting that president obama should not in their estimation waste his time. majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate won consider any nominees submitted by the lame duck president saying the next president should nominate fort supreme court and the republicans are under attack by the senate democrats. >> i think the american people don't like this obstructism.
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say i don't care who he nominates lie oppose him. >> the democrats do not have the numbers in the senate to push through a nominee without some republican support. some of the republican moderates are facing tough re- election bids themselves. it takes an average of 69 days to fill a security vacancy. president obama has 11 months left in his term. leon bibb newschannel 5. this is a major issue in the presidential race with the republican candidates saying president obama should not name a nominee. >> most are citing history. is that on their fact. we went through the fact checker. ted cruz appeared on meet the press. >> it has been 80 years since there has been a vacancy in an election year. downtown do there.
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is rare for a president to nominate and have a justice confirmed in an election year because it's rare for it to come up. it has happened five times before. two of those vacancies happened in the last 80 years and as cruz referenced. in 1968, lyndon johnson nominated two people and neither confirmed and in 1940s franklin d. roosevelt nominated one and his nominee was confirmed in 12 day. the election year nomination does not happen often but it was more of a case of circumstance than tradition. a result political fact rated cruz's statement as half true. despite the political squabbling. president obama says he will fulfill his constitutional duty
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who will be on the list. there is a circuit court judge confirmed unanimously and he got support from senator ted cruz and marco rubio. he has a history of working with the republicans and democrats. another possibility is mare rick garland the chief judge of the circuit court of appeals. he is known as a moderate praised by republicans and circuit court judge james kelley another president obama nominee that won nomination from an appeals court. fast tracked by senator chuck grassley the republican choir of the senate judiciary. 150,000 people coming to town for the rnc and the
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a profitable week. we take a look at what the drivers expect and taxi drivers expect the airport to be the sweet spot. that's right. that is where they expect the most business and expect rides to and from the airport and beyond that taxi drivers will be working the downtown area here and they believe they have a strong advantage that will make convention goers choose them over uber and lyft. >> i expect to make more. how much more? i have never experienced it. >> tom van is expecting to make money during the rnc. >> my prices are the same, it doesn't matter the time or if there is nobody waiting the price is the same. >> that's unlike uber and lyft.
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to descend on the city for the rnc surge pricing is guaranteed particular ly in the evening. >> do you think you can compete with with uber and lyft. >> the sheer volume of the people that every form of transportation will be press to the max. >> so patrick keenon of ameri cab are purchases 13 new vehicles for the event. there. >> there will be demand for the outlying areas and hotels in geneva and akron and they are booked. >> and so he will be here with a smile on his face and jokes on hand. >> i try to have fun with them and to befriendly. >> i reached out to uber and lyft and in a statement lyft says they do not have specific plans for the rnc. uber told me the same thing.
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after cities in ohio and michigan had to deal with tainted water. the crisis that state officials are calling for federal regulations to be updated. >> a balt line in the wall on women, tacks on tampons. a debate on whether they are luxury items. an investigation gets a response before it airs. one of our script reporter
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that and more happening next. federal rules on lead in drinking water need a complete overhaul. epa craig butler wants faster notification for testing when lead is found. current standards are told the public is told within 60 days of the readings. sherrod brown has wants a plan to fix the problems. 200 kroger pharmacies will offer narcan.
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but cvs made a similar announcement. how many more local pharmacies may need this. we reached out to giant eagle. they are exploring options but unable to do so. heroin related overdose deaths jumped 18% in 2014. brazil has a massive effort to stop the spread of zika virus. zika 0 aims to eliminate the mosquitoes. they are raising awareness about the dangers of zika and how to remove breeding sites. brazil's president thinks it will not compromise the olympics in august. meantime more than 50 people are dead and dozens more wounded after missile attacks in syria. some of the attacks include children. at least 5 medical facilities and two schools were hit this morning. doctors without borders says one of the clinics was
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opposition activists says it was carried out by russian war planes in support of a major advance of syrian troops. four journalists are are behind bars after being accused of providing false information to enter the country. the journalists were covering rallies of barain's uprising. the artic air has moved out of our area but winter hanging around. a new storm is moving our way. but not before slamming millions of people in the process. meteorologist jason nicklas shows us more. >> we have a big storm system that mark and i are talking about. this system right now believe it or not moving out is also causing some problems with rain, snow and ice. major traffic troubles across
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take a look. washington d.c. under a winter storm warning bracing for 6 more inches of snow before the system moves out. 7-inches in parts of kentucky and up to five in virginia. that is in the back of the head and it hurts. down in north carolina winter weather caused 1200 accidents since midnight. so big old storm system. we will have a major storm in pennsylvania because of the wet weather. the storms we were showing you video of is moving out to sea. meanwhile this one is moving in from the past. mark, more on that coming up because this is going to be a big one. it will be the biggest storm for many of the viewers this winter. okay. >> all right? you ready? >> if you want to track heavy snow, i would say youngstown to
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i would get the hotel room and get there at 9:00 and wait it out. let's take a look at what is going on as jason mentioned the moisture surging. if you are traveling interstate 80 across pennsylvania, right here, there is going to be a major ice storm around state college back to somerset into the harrisburg area. fredericks burg maryland. it will be anizey mess in the next 18 hours because there's cold air trapped and there is the air in the valley trapped. you will get rain overspreading the area and below 32 degrees. it will be a big time. for us, not so. akron dry. but akron will see accumulating snows in the next 18 hours. cleveland.
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dry weather for the next several hours. you are okay traveling through the evening. akron and cleveland and ashtabula and sandusky, not much if any snow to mansfield and toledo for the whole event. it is this area here that gets slammed. we will show you the leading age of the precip beginning to take shape. steubenville and carol county. maybe rain and changing to snow. current temperatures right around the freezing mark. 32 elyria and 33 medina to wooster to canton and 34 in akron. cool the air down. temperatures generally lows tonight, upper 20s. notice we beginning to see snow in akron. i think canton you get the snow between 8 and ten here with
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freezing mark. blue counties, ashtabula and stark and carroll county to wayne and holmes. winter warnings for columbia. let me show you the storm track towards pittsburgh and off. here is the swoft of heavy snow. this puts us in the snow zone. carrollton 4 to 8-inches plus and a few spots around youngstown maybe more and 3 to 6 bordering that to trumble county and port ann county to the south of akron two to four and sharp cutoff to the west. we will probably change this a
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11:00 we will be on social media all evening long with live updates. stay with us.
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9:29 snow 9:29 snow 9:29 snow
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cebook 9:29 snow 9:29 snow arrives. stay with us. time for teacher of the week. >> every monday we honor every teacher. and this week's winner teaches 6th great at homestead falls middle school. >> in this week's savings teacher of the week we go to homestead falls where kate lamarka gets the surprise honor. >> congratulations, ms. lamarka
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the week. >> i am surprised. this is a great honor. >> ohio savings bank presented lamarka with omaha steak gift card. congratulations lamarka teacher of the week. >> if you want to nominate a teacher. go to an investigation gets action from the federal government. >> and that's before the investigation even airs. next all new at five. we will tell you how scripts reporter digging into the d.a. launched two federal probes. >> it seems like governor kaisch is playing ahead of the game in this presidential season.
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governor is doing in michigan. live on 5 continues brought to you by national carpet floor
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the top story today. new information about the death of supreme court justice on antonin scalia. he was found during a hunting trip but the coroner changed its mind. the official causes are heart attack. in washington it did not take up long for lawmakers to discuss it. president obama serving his last year in office should not submit a nominee to replace justice scalia. mitch mcconnell said they would refuse to hold hearings but president obama says he will submit a nominee after the senate returns next week. millions of people are in the path of the next major
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guess we are among them. the system has dumped rain, snow andize across 20 states and being blamed for more than 1,000 car crashes. mark, tracking the system. >> moving in our viewing area in the next couple of hours. southeast of greater cleveland and lake county not included. ashtabula and geauga and portage and tuscarawas and carol to holmes and wayne to coshocton. winter storm warnings where the heaviest amounts of 8 plus inches and back west towards canton and alliance to dover new philly and carrolton. this area could get slammed with four to eight inches of snow between now and say 8 or 9 clock. currently dry weather across the region. dry weather is good if you need to travel and have a couple of good hours. already we are beginning to see
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spreading up towards the north. rain for now. but once it reaches dover new filly and canton it may start off as brief rain and then snow by 8 or 9:00 and the accumulations begin. greater cleveland if you want a snow day you won't get it with one or two or three inches max of snow. wooster on the border two to four and akron four or five, canton again we are going 6, 7 or 8-inches. temperatures in the 30s. low 30s for the evening. the u.s. veteran's administration has launched not one but two federal problems and already enough sweeping changes in response to a four month national investigation that we have not aired yet. at issue a scandal at the v.a. the agency's headquarters announced an investigation
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bureau and insider met with top v.a. officials about our upcoming reports. script correspondent mark greenblat has fall useful from the soon to air investigation. >> reporter: this senior official at a v.a. hospital did not welcome our questions. but back in washington they are taking a script national investigation so seriously that officials removed authority from jack hedric, a high ranking terror that will no longer oversee the v.a. medical center. the hospital serves more than 40,000 veterans in ohio and will report into the executive in pittsburgh to ensure that no conflict of interest while twin federal investigations get going. the sudden shakeups comes days after we met with top officials and told them about issues raised by dozens of whistle
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quality of care for veterans and the alleged unethical practices involving leaders and their family. what we found has the chairman of the house committee calling leaders. >> if in fact this is true, i would hope that secretary would take it seriously because if he doesn't, we will examine it from the committee standpoint. >> the va issued a statement in advance of the script's investigation saying we will but allegations.
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confirming final facts and figures before we issue our report. mark greenbrat in washington. the south carolina primary may be five days away but governor john kaisch ventured up north to do campaigning in michigan. john kosic is in the newsroom. >> candidates looking at what states do i have a shot at winning and michigan is one of those states for john kaisch. >> i came here to announce that tuitions are going up. >> kaisch began in eastern mitch. -- michigan.
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extending the ratings for republicans. kaisch is selling himself as the happy warriors and candidates say above the name calling. >> let's start little and have success and revibe the spirit of our country. i will take care of the job in washington and you take care of it here. john kaisch will finish up tomorrow before going to south carolina ahead the primary for candidate events planned for the primary. still ahead all new at five, did you know you don't have to pay sales tax for condoms? but you do have to pay taxes uncondoms. the latest efforts to take on the tampon tax. we are going to hear diane sawyer's interview with the
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>> for many of you will be a day off as the winter storm packs a wallop for some views of the area. here is a predictor for schools around the area. youngstown and canton and dover and new philly and coshocton. 80 to one hundred percent for a snow day. make your checks payable to ... i'm just kidding. akron and ravenna and southern ashtabula 50 to 80% and lake county, northern ashtabula and northern geauga and medina, your out of the woods for a snow day. that is not great news for the kids.
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we will update for the evening and on social media so stay
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the british airlines pilot association is wanting investigation on laser lights. there was one that was beamed in the cockpit.
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a medical issue and workers are trying to identify the source of the laser. and that had us wondering if f.b.i. have solved other cases. there have been three incidents. the laser beams likely came from lorraine avenue and west 105th street or clifton boulevard and west 117th street. aiming a laser at an aircraft is a federal crime. new tonight a planned parenthood clinic is open almost three months after a gunman opened fire. >> three people died and nine others injured during the attack on the colorado springs clinic. the clinic still showing scars from that attack with the front doors boarded up and plywood covering the windows. planned parenthood wanted to treat patients even when the work continued. they will expand in a few
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smaller amount of people. we made a commitment the day of the shooting we would be wack as soon as possible. >> the organization spent three months working on a plan to improve security. the accused gunman robert deer is undergoing a mental competency exam in colorado. the national debate over the so-called tampon tax has reached the state of new york. a state lawmaker says that it doesn't make any sense to make women pay sales tax on tampons and other feminine products when bandages and condoms are tax-free. it would end the tax on products on women and their bodies. ten states in the nation that do not impose a tax on feminine products. ohio is not one of them. but the effort to end those tacks is gaining attention. last summer there was a bill
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legislature to eliminate the pink tax. it took four more months for the bill to make its way to a committee and the house ways and means committee where it had one hearing and it has not gone any further and we will keep you posted. we are talking about snow but we don't know how much but where. snow, south and east of greater cleveland. a lot of the kids will be disappoint in cleveland because one, two inches of snow maybe more. >> they don't want to go to snow but south and even akron has a shot at a snow day. >> all right. >> here we go. let's talk about it a live look at wooster where we have got cloudy skies. looks like it is hazy out there with patchy fog beginning to develop. notice the leading edge of the moisture is crossing route an 0
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towards new dover and philly. in the next couple of hours, columindiana will see some snow. dry now but if you need to travel in the next couple of hours it should be okay. where is the low? let's find the center. look at the moisture, severe weather and thunderstorms for alabama and orlando. this is the warm sector but wear not there, we are on the cool side. let's put the low on. right there. here is the track. it will go right that way and right close to the ohio river up to new pittsburgh and weakening for upstate new york and another low forming and moving up the east coast and this is the low as it will provide significant snows to areas south and east of greater cleveland.
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trumble county and ravenna and akron and south portage lakes into millersburg and coshocton to wooster. in this the sharp cutoff, ten p.m. tonight, snow and heavier snow down towards new philly and carrollton and watch the darker blues. no snow in cleveland. yikes. we get a little bit of snow for a few hours. 3:00 a.m., there you go. there is heavy snow. youngstown to canton and alliance and dover new philly and for tomorrow morning's rush, we got snow to deal with. it won't pull out of here until 9 or 10:00. tonight 29 degrees for the low and snow arrives for greater cleveland it will take awhile. 2 or 3 in the morning and one to two or maybe a couple of spots in cuyahoga county with
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four to eight inches near youngstown above 8-inches possible. 36 tomorrow. morning snow should shut off for the most part by about 11:00. afternoon clouds, 36 degrees and akron and canton, your in the red zone. snow tonight after 8:00 p.m., could be heavy especially after midnight. 1 to 8 and generally 4 to 8 inches for you. snow through 8 or 9:00 or 10:00 and moving towards the east, 36 degrees. wow. here you go for wednesday. a clipper system and a trace to two, maybe more, dry thursday and then we begin a warmup. who said spring wasn't right around the corner. upper 40s for friday. middle and upper 40s for saturday and sunday. don't get the pool ready yet. by the end of the month we are back in the artic deep freeze. a break coming our way this weather weekend. lee and frank. we'll take it.
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the weather is warming up but not soon enough for folks in cleveland. apartments lost heat on the coldest weekend of the year. we are digging into what it will take to get the heat going. >> they survived a machete attack at a columbus restaurant. this couple describing the moments. in democracy 2016, we are
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breaking her silence.
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up about her son's killings. we have new details from this abc news exclusive interview with dylad klebold's mom.
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17 years later. sue is telling diane sawyer about the serious signs she may have missed. >> sometimes he would seem distant or quiet and i remember asking him, are you okay? are you sure you are okay? you seem so tired and he would stand up and say i have a lot of homework. >> and you let it go. >> and i let it go. that's the difference. i would dig, if it were for me today, i would dig and dig and dig. >> were you distracted? >> of course. because we are hue imagine. we all have things to distract us. can't say i was too busy to notice that my son was falling apart. >> could you have prevented what happened in columbine. >> if i recognized that dylan was having mental distress he would not have been there. i would never imply that i am not conscious of the fact that he was a killer because i am. >> a year-and-a-half before the
5:53 pm
and a series of troubling events. he hacks into the school's computer system with friends and suspended for three days and scratches an epithet on a locker from a kid taunting him and him and another kid break in to a van and steal electronic equipment and the police made an arrest. >> this was a felony. >> question. it was awful and i thought that was the worse thing i could experience at the time. >> the court sentences the boy with leniency, a year of counseling and services and the mother worries about her withdrawn son but allows herself to be reassured after being released. >> he is a good kid. >> so the mother says she used to look through his room in his junior year and by the senior year she respected his room
5:54 pm
says now wrong that decision was. >> would you ransack his move now? >> i would as if his life was depending on it and i would do it with love. >> the mother is telling her story in a book called the mother's reckoning, she plans to devote the properties to charities devoted for mental illness. straight ahead. left out of the cold even though they are still inside. people living in a cuyahoga complex say they are freezing. new at six, we are dealing into what happened and what is being done to get the heat going. brand new details over traffic cameras. a lawmaker says enough is
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that is all new when newschannel
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newschannel 5 at six brought to you by mr. hero. get a roman deal meal for 5.74. live. always investigating our side newschannel 5 starts now. now at 6 another winter storm system on the move. coming off the weekend of snow and bitterly cold temperatures. the latest band of water is causing problems to the states south of us and some will hit us. what this means for you could be a real messy commute in the morning. >> chief meteorologist mark johnson is tracking the storm. it will hit the hardest in the overnight. >> overnight hours through the morning commute for some areas just to the southeast of cleveland. a few miles away. let's take a look. right now where you are the moisture streaming in across the ohio river. starting off at rain but it should change quickly to snow and that will continue on and
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