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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> and who is getting hit hard now and how much snow you can expect for the rest of the morning. our team is giving you a look at what you can expect out of the door. sarah phinney is in canton and meg shaw in garfield heights and somara theodore is tracking the storm. >> and storm tracker 5 is on 76 battling the element. and you can see the heavy, wet snow is covering the highway. if you have to go out, give yourself extra time. overnight, it took our photographers 45 minutes to get from canton to akron and we're going to start with you. you have been tracking us, girl. >> i have and you night have seen me drifting there to look down at the radar. i want to talk about the distinction that is so important. i hope you understand we're seeing a wet snow and notice the touches teetering on that teasing line. what happens when you have a wet snow? heavier accumulation in terms
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an ice layer and another thing i want you to notice is i will take off the state temps here and clear the screen and notice the evolution of the storm. we're starting to see the heavier purples diminish, meaning the intensity is going down and not heavy in areas of summit county and stark county and that is picking up in parts of geauga and we're seeing things pick up out there this morning. accumulation this morning is really depending on where you are. i will pull up that map. if you're farther south, you can see between four to eight inches and farther west, we show less, and nonetheless, everyone is making for a nessie commute in areas eve of the cleveland and south of u.s. 30. and snow is steadily coming down across parts of northeast ohio. the number of school closings, more than tripling the last 30 minutes and they're scrolling at the bottom of the screen. >> and canton is getting slammed right now.
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the pro football hall of fame since 4 a.m. at this point, is it getting better or worse? you know, terrence, it's just remaining the same. it's just nasty out here this wet, thick snow keeps falling and traffic is moving okay off of 77 and near the pro football hall of fame. i spoke with canton dispatch and they said they have been called out to a couple of accidents and a few disabled vehicles. i want to show you some footage of downtown canton from early this morning. you can see plows are working there trying to clear the streets before rush hour ramps up. now, the plows are working in massillon whered radios are slick and snow covered and dispatch telling me they have been called out to a few accidents and disabled vehicles and this is not the type of weather where you want to be stuck on the side of the road and make sure you have a blanket in the car and some extra food and water and make sure your phone is charged and go back to kristin and how's it
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>> you know, sarah, not too gad and that does no the matter where you are. tracking speeds on 77 this morning and northbound 34 miles per hour and this is in the akron area. and not a good spot into the city. like i said, it doesn't matter where and block at the -- look at the blanket of snow. the ride from 77 and one of the rough spots you will encounter when you hit the highway and we want to talk about an odot camera and the slide-ins and we'll get to those later this morning and give yourself extra travel time. coming into our maps here this morning, an accident on 71 between drake and boston. i am getting a report of a jack grewed -- jack knifed semi and they don't know how long it's going to take to clear that. you're in the southern portions of the viewing area and what
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21 south outside of massillon and very difficult driving conditions we're dealing with and we're driving along a semi. the reason we're not getting out and around is because the left lane is snow covered. there are several inches of snow and there is a vehicle passing us on the left. and that is very difficult driving conditions. you can see the snow flashing up from underneath and with a slush-like material we're dealing with. we saw several road crews in massillon and several private companies out here plowing and they're taking care of many parking lots and things of that nature. we have ice building up on the wipers that we have to get out and knock off. and very difficult driving conditions we're dealing here in massillon this morning and we have dual-action storm tracking. how are things looking for you? >> reporter: we are in route 44 north into manoway and like
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moisture is on the light side and into stark and summit counties. starting to lose its force. it's picking up here in portage and geauga. we had to scare ourselves, the entire -- the tire lost the grip here and we spun out a bit. this is a one-lane road. a slow go of things and you captain see the lines on the road. to add judger to insult, the visibility is down to about a quarter of a mile. and things are really slow here and we have only seen a few plows out and about here and hopefully going to start to see that pick up as people go up the street. back to you. >> and stay safe out there. we don't like hearing that about the tires spinning out. and team coverage continues. snow is falling in many places. >> and let's check in with meg
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>> one thing is constant and it's wet snow and we're above the freezing mark and that is making a slushy, wet snow and you can see out there. three odot plows and as you can tell, we saw this in the 480 eastbound lanes. it backs up traffic especially when you have two to three plows back-to-back-to-back and it will back up traffic. and why of you're stuck in traffic, we're not getting that much snow, why am i going so slow? that is because the plow trucks are out here trying to clear the way for you. when you have the two trucks, this traffic will jam up and keep in mind, they're keeping you safe this morning as you knelt up and hit the road. we will -- get up and check the road. we'll check in with you soon. live in garfield heights, meg shaw, newschannel 5. and the number of school closings new sky rocketing from the sky desk. we're up to 253 and this
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classes until 10 this morning and don't forget to download the news net 5 app and all of the information is scrolling on the bottom of the screen. as for air travel, this is a look at the flight aware misery map. we have five cancellations at cleveland hopkins and three delays coming in. two cancellations at akron- canton and we'll keep you updated all morning long. terrence. >> and 6:07 now. chaos and confusion in downtown cleveland after a 911 caller said that shots were fired in a store on west 9th street. the shooter could have a hostage and ha is coming from the crush clothing in the warehouse district around 6:30 last night. police are not confirming if there was a standoff or a robbery attempt, but they said that shell casings were found inside the store. in the meantime, dozens of residents living in the building above the store were told to stay inside for thee hours. >> oh, my god, this is real. i didn't know it was real until i saw it from our window.
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the store was arrested. and the gang unit arrested someone's few blocks away. and happening today, madison village couple is expected to talk about a proposal to get rid of the police department. madison's mayor posted a letter online and thinks the move will save the village -- will haveak $81,000 a year and it will be covered by madison township police. they will have a dedicated officer and policing help. >> another meeting is scheduled to talk about the nexus pipeline in medina county. the e.p.a. is holding a public hearing at 6:00 at cloverleaf elementary school and they will talk about the coproposed wad ice worth station and it's been the center of numerous battles, including a plan to rerouted pipeline to a less populated area. and ited is the last day to register if you wanted to vote in the primary next month.
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send a new registration form to the local board of e wellecs and early voting starts tomorrow. and new this morning, as you're looking for's new job, listen up. the hilton-cleveland downtown hotel plans to hire 300 people and preparing if air croup woke -- june 1st opening. no housety pallity experience is necessary. we're putting a link to apply at and thank you for waking up with us. i'm jackie fernandez. >> i'm terrence lee and this is what is coming up on good morning cleveland. a lawmaker using viagra to make a bold statement. how she's -- that drug from men to abortion laws to women. >> and what would you do for a free lunch? the extreme length some folks are taking to have their tab taken care of. >> and somara is theodore is keeping a close eye on the heavy snow for you. >> and that's right, we're seeing a good amount coming down out there. i have good news. things are starting to pull
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issues to talk about and timing on this storm. stick around. you're watching good morning
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. good morning to you. it's 6:12. we have a winter weather alert for you. the heavy snow falling south and east of cleveland. you can see the difference a few miles make. >> and on the left side of the screen, that is canton and they're expecting several inches. to garfield heights, a little bit. and somara theodore, you were telling me that things are improving. >> and they are. we're of seeing the evolution of a storm take a good turn as the deeper purples move to p.a. they can have it. the one thing i am stressing this morning is that differentiation between wet snow and dry snow and this morning, we're seeing wet snow and what is that 540 line? that mean says it's different iting us between the snow and rain and we're close to this
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dry snow and that is difficult while traversing the roads and you can so ice layers out there. it's important to see the -- see ice layers this morning and the heavier shades of purple are pushing into upstate new york and pennsylvania and we're getting relief. over to you, corrina. and breaking from the live desk. at least seven dead and dozens feared trapped in russia andis cue teams are working despat pry -- and rescue teams are working desperately to sea them and the struggleur -- center little issue caving and so far, four people rescued with serious injuries and many more believe trapped in the rubble here, and including children. they think fault gas equipment is to blame. and following the news of scalia's death, president obama said he has every intention of choosing the next nominee.
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the senate is back in session this month. he said there will be plenty of time for me to do see and for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote. these are the responsibilities that i take seriously. they are bigger than any one party and they're about our democracy. and a lot of republicans argue the vacancy shouldn't be president. anyone he nominates. the ohio governor john kasich is hitting the campaign trail and stumping for votes in michigan. holding rallies in townhalls across the state. today will be day two of the campaign tour in michigan. and many of kasich's opponents are campaigning in south carolina. the gop primary there is set for saturday. the former president george w. bush joining his brother jeb in charleston. and donald trump standing behind his comments on the bush family and how he opposed the iraq war and how george w handled it.
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said there is no bad blood between him and the bush family. on the democratic side,ern bernie sanders and hillary clinton will be in our state next month and they're coming to ohio for the democratic party dinner in columbus two days before the primary on march 17 -- 15th. we'll keep you posted on details of the visits. and taking a live look now this morning, updating you on this winter weather alert and this is i- route 44, rather and that is near auburn township. d radios are snow covered this morning. somara. and as we look at the radar right now, notice something. wait for it. it's coming back around and that is some loop going. the deep purples are diminishing and going away and that means the intensity is going down. the temperatures are flirting with the freezing-non-freezing line and that is a wet-heavy snow making for a slushy
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and by heavy, it's not like more than moderate snowfall now and that is geauga county as you can see in the purple specs. if you're hitting the roads on geauga county and 271, you -- you can expect a good amount of snow coming down and bap bridge and just outside of auburn and this is what it's translating into today and, of course, we have the school closings -- closings and snow totals and visibility issues and down to a half mile in canton and some improvement, so to speak and because a half hour ago, we were there down to a quarter of a mile and not good at all. we're seeing whiteout conditions, getting reports of that and how much accumulation are we talking here and depends on where you live. starkly contrast if you look farther south and that is where we're pick -- you're picking up the heavier tote isa -- totals. akron got slammed pretty bad there and i am interested to see after this is said and
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and this is the thing. it's not ending until right before and around that morning commute. and around 9:00 a.m., things will start to die down and seeing a good amount of snow falling in parts of lake county and ashtabula county. you don't want to look forward to the snow stopping until right after lunchtime and that is the best that i can give you. the power of five seven-day forecast, temperatures in the 30s today and 49 by friday. john and the storm tracker 5, how are things going? and somara, you said weather wise, things might be improving and that is good news for road crews. this is what they're dealing with outside and difficult driving conditions for road crews and drivers, anyone on the roadways and the right lanes look better than the left. we have seen several cars off of the road and people digging cars out of ditches. i snapped another video a couple of minutes ago of another vehicle off of the side of the road and you heard them
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and some bigger vehicles having difficulty and two vehicles off of the side of the road and the ohio state highway patrol on scene before that incident and very difficult driving conditions that we're dealing with now. meg shaw, talking about multiple plows we have seen on the roadways and we have seen some of the same, the very difficult driving conditions and we continue to see throughout the morning. >> thank you, john. a report of an accident on 77 and 76 this morning. and traffic is already starting to build here at your rush hour and light pull it out if you can. 71 and clark, starting to see the traffic building at this hour. it's difficult and more so. a lot of people trying to leave early, which you should. that is going to be an extra long commute. doesn't matter what highway you're using, light look at the road weather maps this morning and what i mean when i see the snow turnpike, 480 and 71, 77.
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and, you know, i have been in touch with the ohio state highway patrol. they're telling me in massillon, they're seeing slide- ins and cars and ditches at mile post 10 and let's go to the odot camera showing the backup at 71 and west 25th this morning. reduced to a few lanes there and traffic bumper-to-bumper. over to you. >> thank you. >> and it's chilly outside. but, would you be willing to eat outdoors in this kind of weather if the meal was free? >> would you? let us know on twitter and in massachusetts, it's called the pooler vortex challenge. you have to eat lunch outside in single digit temps with snow fallling on you. people are not afraid to try it. the outdoor tables, mostly full. what would you say? >> about to say that. >> and no flavor? >> or it would not stay hot that on long. >> exactly. >> and we should ask the reporters on the field if they want that. they would probably say no. and does it drive you nuts?
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>> and nissan is coming to your rescue. check it out. they're self-parking office chairs. just a single collapse. the furniture tucked itself into the right spot. nissan saying the chairs are tracked by four motion cameras on the wall and controlled through wifi. now, hold on, wait a minute. don't expect this to come to our office any time soon. and this is a stunt to promote nissan's park assist technology. >> and that is cruel, nissan. so cruel. >> and got us excited and pulled us back. >> uh-huh. >> and ladies, imagine wearing a ring with this huge rock. somara and kristen, are you seeing this? the number of car at and how much this diamond could sell for. >> and i love that and a white- knuckle morning, folks. the heavy snow making for a dangerous ride. and our storm trackers are on the road with the latest
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. if you haven't left for work yet, you may want to give yourself extra time. we're deeming with snow-covered and slippery streets and some road says wet and icy. massillon, spoke with the ohio state patrol and they're seeing a lot of slide-ins and tracking
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miles an hour and traffic is building on our odot maps, 71 and west 25th and we can head outside and show you the picture. and rush hour officially started. >> the biggest difference here in southern portions of geauga county, i can't know if our -- i don't know if your drivers are used to it here, but we're confind to one lane and on a slow go of things, captain see the lines on the road and visibility is down to about a quarter of a mile here and we have seen quite a few plows that are starting to treat these untreated roads. i mean we're down to about travelling at a snarling 20 miles per hour and passing us on our left at -- and plows are starting to get out and about. somara. all right, i want to talk about the evolution of this storm. you're looking at the radar
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this direction. you can have it up in main. and let's go ahead and zoom in. another thing i want to point out here is where the heavier bands of snow are. and in this purple right here in parts of upstate new york, that is where they're seeing the heaviest snow. in cleveland, much lighter and it's getting better. we're seeing improvements. does that mean we're in the clear because it's snowing out there, the roads and conditions are terrible. this is a closer look at what we're looking at, the lighter purple is showing us things are improving and temperatures are teetering on that 32 degrees freezing line, meaning a wet and slushy snow. and this is a big talker here. one state lawmaker in kentucky wants men to know what it's like to have laws control what they do with their bodies. >> this is what she's proposing. a bill for men needing viagra. it would require them to be married, see a doctor twice and then get written approval from their spouse to get the erectile dysfunction drugs.
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the state adopted a law requiring women to see a doctor before they could have an abortion. and 6:26 coming up, the -- the big issue the cleveland city council is taking up today. >> and a winter weather alert. the heavy snow on the left side of the screen. canton is getting the brunt of the storm. the schools there are already closed and on the right, garfield heights much lighter there and schools. they have just closed, too and we're going to get an update on
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. now at 6:30, a winter weather alert, a strong snowstorm forcing hundreds of snow closings. >> and while theout conditions causing horrible travel conditions. >> and we have live conditions all morning long and sarah phinney is live in one area getting pulletted -- pummeled and meg shaw in garfield heights. >> we begin with somara theodore and the question, when will it end? >> and i have the answer for you now. and looks like it'senning. look at the evolution of radar. and that dark purple shrinking and turning to a few specs on the geauga-cuyahoga border and this is still coming down. the temperatures are telling me somara, it's a wet snow, heavy snow and flushy snow. ashtabula, 29 degrees and the reason that concerns me is with
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below the freezing line, we could see some icing. keep that in mind. this is when it's ending. 6:30 a.m. we start to see them shift toward the eastern counties and lake county, ash 25 bulla and that is revving up -- ashtabula and revving up for you and wait a couple of hours before going into work. hang in there. a lot of schools are cancelled and this is why. back to you now. and 3:15. >> okay, we like that. heavy, wet snow is slamming parts of northeast ohio and leaving commuters to deal with a very messy ride. >> and sarah phinney is spending the morning in canton where the snow has not let up just yet. give us an update, sarah. >> reporter: oh, it hasn't let up at all. and now traffic is picking up in this area off of 77 and we're by the profootball hall of fame and this wet snow is coming down and it looks like quite a bit of slush on the road.
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others and some not so much and feeling brave. and always the preferred route here. and there are about 100 plows in several counties, including stark, summit and portage. and odot, reminding drivers to stay a safe distance away from the plows and the slowdown, of course, the crews working near the snow-covered streets of downtown canton. i spoke with canton dispatch and they're responding to a few accidents and disabled vehicles and nothing too serious. the storm story in massillon. the cars are going slow overnight and navigating the give yourself extra time and when you are heading to work this were nothing. took us 20 to 30 minutes longer than normal to get to this part of canton and how's it looking in your area, john? >> i we passed where you were and saw you were not outside
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i advise you to kind of stay in this morning if you don't have to be anywhere and as traffic builds up, it makes more sloppy driving conditions and slush we're dealing with and some temperatures around freezing. that material that is melted or slushy could refreeze and i mentioned traffic paying -- picking up here and roads are looking better as the snow let up and allowing road crews to catch up and heading southbound. a lot of snow on the roadways and there was one lane that was really open for travel. you can see all three lanes are looking good. again, we're heading northbound out of canton on 77. and things are looking better here as road conditions improve. you can imagine that things will get tangled up this morning for your commute. >> and you might be approaching this accident on 77 and 76 and an accident before 76 there and showing speeds of 23 miles an
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not a good thing if you're coming from that canton area and where he is. deaf netly be careful. i want to mention, too, it's not just that section. look at the reds and yellows and we're seeing the cars going extra slow because of the accident in the twinsburg area and seeing the backups there and on to the turnpike and 271. not looking good. the state highway patrol is saying they're constantly trying to keep up with all of the cars and ditches and the slide-ins. let's go outside of the odot camera at 271 and west waterloo. the ice is covering half of the camera. janessa webb? and my heart is pounding. and we're on route 322 and we are dealing with the up-and- down roads and very -- into -- and these are one lane roads. it's like being on a roller
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out here as fast as they can and you can see one passing us now. you can't see the lanes on the road and on the visibility. we here in geauga county are still dealing with the moderate snowfall you can see the wipers going back and forth here and dealing with slick spots. back to you. all right, we're live out here on 480 in garfield heights. the current conditions, snow is letting up just a bit and it's lighter now. it was more of a moderate, steady light snow and now, it's that light stage. i want to talk about the visibility and that is so much better out here and thankfully, now the morning commute is picking up. you see how busy the valley bridge is here? there are three billboards out here and this morning, we could
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could barely see the one closest and definitely looking better out here and that seems to be the morning commute is a little slower than usual. really, not bad. a lot of odot trucks here trying to keep you safe. eighty trucks out between cuyahoga, lake and they're in full force to get the roads treated and cleared. we'll check back in with you soon. live in garfield heights, meg shaw, newschannel 5. >> and thank you. the school closings keep pouring in for the live desk. look at this and at this point now, we're up to 300 closings and including akron, canton and chardon city schools. so, you're going to want to download our news net 5 app if you don't already have it for the latest closings and delays. look at the miseryia. i checked in with cleveland hopkins, five cancellations so far, three days and as for
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and two delays coming in there and we'll keep you updated all morning long. >> and we're on top of a developing story. a s.w.a.t. team spending hours downtown after someone called 911 saying shots were fired. the shooter could have had a hostage. and this happened at crush clothing on west 9th around 6:30 last night and this morning, police are not confirming if this was a standoff or robbery attempt. we do know that officers found shell casings inside that store. dozens living nearby were told to stay put for hours and at least one suspect at the store was rested the gang unit arrested another person a few blocks away. >> and in that situation, unnerving for people living in the warehouse district, feet away from where another rattled residents last month. january, a double murder. one woman who risk -- walks her dogs at all hours of the day and night feels safe always. >> if you don't know the
6:38 am
as downtown, you know, and not safe. probably. when you live down here, it's different. >> and although another neighbor said it'sup nerving, both incidents happened a short time apart from each other. jackie. and for all of you michael simon fans of the restaurant, lolita, you could be waiting up to a year for the tremont favorite to reopen. his restaurant closed after a fire last month and started above one of the stoves and spread to the second floor. and also today, cleveland city council will start discussing the mayor jackson's budget for 2017. the plan includes a half percent income tax increase. if approved, it would be the city's first next tax increase since 1981. the mayor said the increase is needed thanks to state cuts. >> and we coming up on good morning cleveland, a major overhaul. the big renovation project with the lincoln memorial and generous donation to pay for it. >> and heavy no 12349 canton
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it's going to be a rough ride for some. >> it is and that snow is nothing to play around with. akron and canton, they were slammed and things were improving there and ashtabula, you're on my radar coming up.
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your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive.
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. well, diamonds are forever, right?
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this. a 400 carality diamond -- 400karat diamond found in africa, worth $20 million. the 27th largest diamond ever recorded. i like that. and snow-covered and slippery streets. our team is checking out the road conditions for you and we're going to check in with
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. good morning to you. it's 6:44 and welcome back to the morning sprint. tricky travel, whiteout white- knuckle conditions making it dangerous on the road. >> and nearly 300 school closings are at the bottom of the screen right now. >> and sarah finny in canton is getting hit hard. meg shaw in garfield heights and somara theodore tracking the storm. >> and of the if, storm tracker 5 south is -- and first, storm tracker 5 south is covering the form is and highways. give yourself some extra time. we just -- so you know overnight, it took our photographers 45 minutes to get from canton to akron and light start with meteorologist somara theodore. and you have been tracking the
6:46 am
>> something i am very, very keen on right now and that is the evolution of the storm. take a look at the screen. what you're going to notice in the purple, the darker shade of purple is starting to disattire and -- disappear and dissipate and that is still a wet snow and the reason that s because of the temperatures. we're close to that rain-snow and you look farther south and is because of the fact that the temperatures are not dropping below freezing except in ashtabula and good morning. 29 degrees there and we could see some icing and that leads me to this next part of the story. the good news is that we're seeing the tend. -- the trend. look at the arrows toward buffalo and that is where things are heading. the storm system is move
6:47 am
relief in areas like akron and canton sooner. one area experiencing major relief in tuscaroras county and that is good news as well. how about the timing of the system? well, that depends on where you live. the farther east you go, the longer you will be in it. do you live in areas like sandusky. barely seeing anything. notice the time stamp there as we push through and this is going to move into the east. they're going to take it and we'll start to see things dry out. the time, 9:45 a.m. and just after that rush hour timeframe, that is when we see things improve. again, that is why it was a bad and big deal because of the fact that it happened during the critical time when everyone is hitting the roads. i can't tell you how many spinoffs we're hearing and it's important if you can, go ahead and not take the treacherous commute and this is that power of 5 seven-day forecast and what i want you to notice are the temperatures and we're at the freezing line today. but we could be hitting 50 by friday.
6:48 am
dangerouss on i-77 in canton, making driving conditions tough this morning. >> all morning at the pro football hall of fame and what do they look like now, sarah? >> that i are changing. the first time all morning, we're seeing pavement, the good 19. -- sign. this morning, they were snow- covered and you could not see the pavement and the odot plows are working hard to clear the interstate. the hard work is paying off. i want to show you footage of downtown canton from this morning. the streets, snow-covered plows working there to clear the roots before the commute picks up. also, in massillon, the crews were working hard to clear those roads. they have been called out to a few accidents and disabled vehicles. nothing serious. the same story here in akron and again, if you are going out, we have been saying all
6:49 am
broken record, but take it and give yourself a couple of extra minutes. the interstates are okay and the side streets, i am sure, are not okay. how's it looking? >> it's not looking good as traffic picks up and that means we might be seeing more accidents. u.s. 30 near milepost 10, according to the state highway patrol, they're telling me that is an extra slick spot and they're seeing 9 cars there and making it worse for drivers. an accident to 77 and 76 this morning. 77 is a mess and if you're making your way from canton and akron, there are a lot of snow spots in that massillon area and head outside and see traffic building at 480 and warrensville center road. and going under the speed limit in this spot and other major highways because they need to
6:50 am
>> reporter: things are getting messy on 77. you're right. we're moving along slowly. the traffic is moving but slowly and kind of approaching that accident. the area where you motioned there was a possible accident ask that is on 77 and 277 and traffic might be backing up. weather conditions are not helping anything. a lot of snow is coming down and seems to have picked up wet road conditions, slush we're seeing and looks like crews have been able to catch up a bit during the brief break from the snow and traffic is starting to back up and that is going to be the case here and that is as rush hour continues. the double barrel storm action. how are things looking for you, janessa webb? >> we're in burton. i want to show you the accumulation that piled up
6:51 am
to my knees. going to get back in storm tracker and show you the plows and people out shoveling steadily this morning and what we're dealing with is the wet shovable snow this morning the last few hours since we have been driving around seeing significant assumelation. the snow is -- accumulation. the snow hasn't let up the last hour. so, definitely seeing slick spots, the temperatures also into the upper 20s, and 30 degrees. definitely cooler. back to you. and they warm-up there, janessa. the team coverage continues. this snow has been falling since 11 last night. >> and won't stop. meg shaw is live near the valley view bridge for us. how does it look? give us an update? >> reporter: that snow is coming down. we have been here since 4:00 a.m. and it's now turned to a light snow, which is a good thing,
6:52 am
and so let's look at the roadways here along 480. and we're in garfield heights. you can see the morning commute is picking up. i will say the good thing about the snow being, it's so wet is that it's not messing with the roads out here in the cleveland area. so, obviously, down in can don and it's much worse. up here, you're looking good. the morning sprint continues with corrina pysa. >> thank you. and people this is a live desk. the school closings going by the monday. -- minute. we're at roughly 300 this is refreshing here. but, this does include akron- canton and chardon city schools. you will want to download the news net 5 app. the latest on that and i got our flight aware misery map here, too, and to give you an idea of travel and 3 days --
6:53 am
cancellations to keep you updated on this. jackie. >> thank you. and people happening today, madison village council expected to talk about a proposal to get rid of the police department. madison's mayor posted a let about the idea online and high thinks it will save them $81,000 a year. under the plan, the village would be covered by madison township police and. another meeting scheduled to talk about the nexus pipeline in medina county. the e.p.a. is holding a public hearing at 6:00 at cloverleaf elementary school. and they're going to talk about the proposed gas compression station and the nexus pipeline is the center of numerous battle negligence recent year -- battles in recent years, including muting the pipeline in a less crowded area. >> and today is the last day to register. if you move, change your name or want to change your party affiliation, you will need to send a new registration form to the local board of elects.
6:54 am
>> and we check in with somara theodore. >> and at this point, we're seeing about the snowfall rate, that it's more uniformed throughout the viewing area. earlier, we saw the pockets of dark purple, denoting the heavier snowfall and things are lightening up. nevertheless, it's coming down out there. it will shift through pennsylvania and new york. until then, give it time. it's going to be a messy commute. and light look at the visibility -- visibility improving and still doing well into canton in a my. we'll talk about the timing on the system coming up in 60
6:55 am
. the morning sprint continues at 6:55 with breaking news from the live desk. russia denying accusations of war crimes over the air strikes
6:56 am
we told you about that yesterday. the attacks now declared war crimes by both france and turkey. the missile attacks killed as many as 50 people. dozens hurt and several medical facility and schools were hit. jackie. and following the news, a supreme court justice scalia's death, president obama said he has every intention of choosing the next nominee, but it's not going to happen until the senate is back in session later this month. a lot of republicans argue that the vacancy shouldn't be filled until we have a new president. they vowed to delay or block anybody the president nominates. >> and we a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs officially reopened the doors three months after a deadly shooting there. three people died, 9 were injured in that attack. planned parenthood said for now, they have added security measures in place and they will be offering a full range of services to fewer clients. and happening today, the coast guard is set to start a new investigation into the sinking of the el farro. the cargo ship was lost in
6:57 am
the path of a hurricane. 33 crew members were on board and no bodies recovered. hearings like this were rare. the last time a formal hearing was had was after the bp disaster in the gulf six years ago. and we learned the president is set to visit vietnam in may to visit an international summit. president obama accepted an invitation from the vietnamese fromem primm to pay a visit there. they spoke at the u.s. summit with southeast asian leaders taking place in california. it's been more than 20 years since the diplomatic relations were restored between them. a lincoln memorial is getting a major makeover. the national park service is fixing damage from a 2011 earthquake and they will clean the marvel and clear the new space under the memorial. rubenstein, billionaire philanthropist. and radar is showing the snow is dieing down but it's still coming down, the main point and it's affecting roads. >> absolutely and tracking the accident at 77 and 76 and got
6:58 am
a jackknifed semi, 71 southbound at royalton. and lots of accidents, guys. >> and we'll have continued coverage of this winter stomp. we want to make -- storm. we want to make sure you get from point a to point b safely this morning.
6:59 am
7:00 am
you . a winter weather alert coverage continues here at 7. >> 315 schools have been closed and they're controllinga -- scrolling at the bottom of the screen right now. >> and sarah phinney is in kent where the roads are snow- covered and meg shaw in garfield heights and power of five meteorologist somara theodore is tracking the storm. >> and we want to show you storm tracker 5 and the southern part of northeastern ohio, heavy with wet snow covering the highways there. if you have to go out, we have


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