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tv   Live on 5  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we will take you to church building its own gun range. >> it serves the purpose of the police but not of justice. >> when you pull a trigger police act fast but another system there is another plan in place. you don't want to miss this. >> there is a neighbor screaming he is in the ice. >> somebody fell through the ice in summit county and that man you just heard from was one of several neighbors that tried to save his life. >> yeah but they found themselves trapped in the ice channel part of portage lakes in coventry township. the quick action may have been the difference between life and death. >> on the night this happened it was 15 degrees and the water temperature about 30 degrees and the victim in this case
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water and he was trapped and drowning for several minutes. fortunately neighbors and a deputy came to the rescue. >> if everybody doesn't show up, he doesn't make it. >> reporter: the cries for help came at 11:00 p.m. friday from the icy but not frozen channel. the voice of 21 nathan v and cody did not hesitate climbed down a ladder and put his feet in the frigid water. >> i don't know how i did it. i pulled him up there and bear hugged him on the chair until the paramedics showed. >> he went un under the water. >> i never seen anyone like that. i thought he was dead. >> and then a deputy showed up and had to get cody and his friend out of the water. >> i was frozen to the channel because my hands were locked
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>> i reached the one guy and picked him up and i turned around and threw him on the bank. >> the deputy turned his attention to sean holding onto the victim. >> i kept yelling that i am losing this guy. you got him. >> the two work together to pull beam from the channel, his body temperature dropped to 90- and-a-half degrees. >> i gave him arobas he was unresponsive. >> beam suffered hypothermia but survived. the rescuers don't think of themselves as heroes. >> you would want the same thing for you. >> reporter: and tonight investigators tell me they are not sure why beam went into the water but they say he may have thought it was covered with what looked like ice and it is the water is not safe. they say there is no such thing as safe ice.
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treated at a hospital and he was released. >> easy to think that. we are going to warm up in the 40s, thaw, freeze. there won't be safe ice. >> watch this winter storm push to go to east in the morning hours. you will say it looks like we are dry. not really, if you look carefully you will see the blips moving in through the cloud. this is drizzling weather. we got low clouds producing light mist and drizzle. wait, the temperatures, 30 degrees cleveland. 32 akron and canton and ashtabula and wooster at 30s. you know that is not drizzle but freezing drizzle so we will deal with that. untreated surfaces may get a small coating of ice and your windshield wipers may have to sweep the ice off of the windshield. all and all should not be a
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20s to 30s all the way through 6 and 8:00 p.m. and by ten p.m. we are down to 28 degrees. we got a little light snow coming in plus again the areas of drizzle, freezing drizzle and we will talk about that and time it in and out. evolving at five. regger rucker, a former cleveland browns player that spent recent years heading up charitable organizations and raking in donations is facing the possibility of prison. his alleged crime misusing funds. our kristin byrne join us from the federal courthouse. he is not fighting the charges. >> reporter: no, he is apologizing and accepting responsibility for what he did. that's what his attorney told me and he said this ordeal stems from one big problem. >> this is all related to a gambling problem. >> reporter: a football star, a local celebrity, a prominent businessman, that is reggie rucker but now rucker is facing
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federal investigators say he tried to cover up in the last four years. all of it spelled out in this federal charging document. >> he misled donors and people around the community that were ready to get the efforts. >> reporter: it cost more than one hundred thousand dollars and that's how much the u.s. attorney's office says rucker swindled from donors to his personal bank account. >> any lesson is that you are in charge of your own conduct. he head up two organizations that was supposed to reduce violence in cleveland by reaching out to teens and young adults in urban areas. >> from our perspective, mr. rucker was raising money saying that it was going to these nonprofits. >> reporter: but instead investigators say it went to pay for his gambling debts and entertainment and meals and
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about his actions they say rucker lied. >> the crime itself is very serious. but as bad is the loss of trust that people might field. he knows he will have to be punished and do everything to make it right. >> reporter: rucker's attorney says he is in treatment for his gambling problem right now he faces two years in prison and will have to pay back the money. i talk to the donors, a key supporter of the peacemaker's alliance and they tell me they are not commenting on the investigation but look forward to continuing to support the organization that is now under the authority of the boys and girls club of cleveland. he will be arraigned next week. police are trying to track down vandals that spray painted graffiti on three ohio churches.
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one of the church's virgin mary was painted black and another was covered with upside down crosses. to democracy 2016 and for democrats, the nevada caucuses just four days away. >> republicans at the polls in south carolina as well and chris flanagan is live in the newsroom with the latest. >> well hillary clinton is in harlem and she met with leaders of several civil rights groups and among those that she met with, the reverend al sharpton. he plans on making an endorsement in the democratic primaries. sharpton and clinton left a closed-door meeting at the national urban lead without saying if she got his blessing, she is grateful for what the organizations have done over the years. >> the work that each and every
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in futherance of civil rights and economic justice and social justice and political participation. >> on the republican side all of the candidate is in south carolina except our governor john kaisch spending a second straight day campaigning in michigan and new cnn poll released. it doesn't look good for him. the last place in south carolina. donald trump by the way leading in the palmetto state. live in the news ram, chris flanagan. frank. and if you are registered to vote already or not today is your last chance to get that form to the post office and early voting begins tomorrow. if you are new to the privilege of casting a ballot there is changes. same day voting registration is done. if you want to cast an absentee ballot you will have 28 days. that window begins tomorrow. the change eliminated the so- called golden week when people could register and cast a ballot at the same time.
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involves early voting hours. an agreement expanded in the weekday hours until 7:00 p.m. during the 4th week of early voting in the primary. in november early voters will get one extra sunday during the 3rd week of early voting. and finally a law passed in 2014 restricted who could mail applications and when. now, only the secretary of state can send such applications for general elections and only if the legislature directs the money for it. lee. developing. a touching tribute to a fallen supreme court justice. as the political battle over his replacement takes a new turn. the extreme challenges that any nominee from president obama will face next on 5. and our strategy appears to be working.
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meet after the u.s. bombed cash depos. a new overhaul proposed. the changes that the u.s. government is asking to have people eat healthier. and you have the right to remain silent but what rights does an officer have after pulling the trigger on the job?
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5:45. back with this. the supreme court is mourning the loss of justice antonin scalia. his bench draped in black. a tradition that dates back to the 19th century. he died saturday at the age of 79 from a heart attack. he joined the court in 1986 and the longest serving justice. looking ahead. president obama speaking publicly for the first time here since the death of justice scalia. a moment ago the president saying he will nominate a supreme court nominee indisputable qualified. the key republican senator leaving open the motion for a hearing to fill that vacancy. the leader of the senate
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nomination but did not rule out a hearing on a obama selection. it won't happen this week. the u.s. senate is in recess. the senators return from vacation february 22nd. there will be a public viewing for scalia on friday, his funeral will be held on saturday. lee. former united administrations general scully has died. the 93-year-old passed away at a hospital in cairo. he served as un chief served up
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four american journalists arrested in bahrain released. charged with participating in illegal demonstration. there was anniversary of an uprising. they plan to return tonight. leaders in france have voted to extend the country's state of emergency by three months. after the deadly terror attacks in november saying the threat of violence is high. that declaration expand police powers on searches and arrests and lets investigators restrict people's movement. some arguing that the state of emergency takes away fundamental freedoms. and russia is denying claims that its war planes struck a russia hospital killing 11 people. the air strikes came days after russia and other world powers agreed to stop fighting to deliver humantarian aid. the coalition against isis may be paying off.
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month of the coalition air strikes taking out an isis cash depo in mozel. the group is now hard up for cash. it cut fighter salaries and black market american dollars and releasing detainees for $500 a person. even fighter perks like free snicker bars have been slashed. developing now, the surgeon general is in flint, michigan meeting with the people that live there. he met with doctors to make sure that children exposed to lead contamination get the appropriate vitamins and other nourishment. this could have a profound impact on health.
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data shows levels of lead still testing above the federal limit in tap water. the naacp is calling for civil disobedience if there is not a plan to replace the city's water pipe. time to talk about the cold and yesterday's severe weather brought us a good amount of snow but other parts of the nation battered. >> talking snow and sleet and freezing rain and tornadoes. meteorologist jason nicholas
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the storm est test former brown's player reggie rucker is charged with -- gambling problem. chuck grassily says he thinks the president should choose -- the next president. but if president obama submits a comparable choice, it should not be ruled out. a gun range in its sights. >> the me dina gun range has a trustee to talk about a proposal. >> the proposed gun range would
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church but instead on property owned by the church, that is further down would like to build the gun range here. >> i was told small handguns all the way up to .223, others were told they maybe shooting up to a .50 caliber round. >> we don't have any authority. we're in a township and discharging a firearm in a township in the sate of ohio is illegal. >> all shoot regularly, but he tells me he is concerned. >> i always think about the number of people that are in the parks, the train that's going to be going by and the
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car that could potentially be gases. >> reporter: trustee linda bowers explained she has heard from some of the people who live along dear view lane. >> we are going to try of the a dialogue with the church. >> reporter: this man tells me he doesn't have a problem with a gun range in his backyard. >> if it's done safely it shouldn't interfere with the community whatsoever. >> reporter: we were told that the pastor was not available to talk with us today. tracy cardis news channel 5. this election season we are working with -- >> our group of editors quickly working to fact check statements on their accuracy. >> reporter: tonight we're taking a closer look at
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statements about obamacare. >> when jeb was governor his first four years as governor his medicaid program grew twice as fast as mine. >> so plitifact our edouards warn that you do need the keep in mind that there are other factors including inflation plus bush had to deal with the number of people in nursing homes. the edouards of -- if you want to find a complete link you can find it on the channel newsnet5 app. a bedford police dog just received a special vest to keep
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a non-profit vested in k-9s. they donated to k-9 mike. vested interesten in k-9s have sponsored dogs across the country. >> reporter: right now the chill is out there, so put on your bulletproof vests -- no, just kidding. we have low clouds out there. there could be a little bit of watchy drizzle and since temps are at freezing or below we call that freezing advertisal. that's about it. i don't think it's going to cause you any problems. akron 30, worcester, cleveland, ashtabula, 32.
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cleveland hanging in there through 9:00 p.m. a cloudy sky, we'll mention a tiny bit of evening freezing drizzle. cloudy sky temps by 9:00 p.m. 28. we have more snow coming in night but a nice warmup next. in this cold weather this will warm your heart. volunteers at aleria left hats, scarves, and coats in hopes that anyone who needs it will take it. the items will remain until thursday. this is part of their 2016 compassion week campaign? tonight at 5:00. a major difference in how a shooting is investigated. it has to do with someone like you pulls a trigger or an officer.
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>> reporter: it's all about snow days and how we use them. akron, ohio, the beautiful 330 and akron schools off today. thank you l.j. silicon rudy. what do you do? make a snow castle. and amanda needs another day to finish her snow castle. thanks for that in mansfield. notice the little greenery for the hair. and nice neighbors digging out neighbors in windham. baldwin university that will greet you at the door of your physics n# class. like my page then you can post
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will be on t.v. tomorrow.
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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when someone fires a weapon police interview victims and suspects. >> if it is a cop, the rules are sometimes different. our national investigative correspondent ross jones looks at people across the nation
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>> reporter: for most of his life mental illness was what bobby bennett fault but in 2013 at a cul-de-sac at the end of a quiet street bennett faced terror. >> he was having psychotic episode. >> reporter: screaming with a knife and when police arrived bennett was outside and seconds later police say he attacked raising the knife and lunging towards the officers. one officer opened fire. hitting bennett in the stomach. he was rushed to the hospital and charged with assaulting an officer and he would stay in police custody for days until a neighbor's surveillance camera shows he shouldn't be. bennett stood still and the officer that pulled the trigger was charged and his partner that gave a false statement was suspended. bennett survived his injuries.
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response would be let's maybe sure officers are trained properly and look at the policy on the mentally ill. >> reporter: but instead dallas' police chief says they should be afforded three days before questioning and to watch the video before making the statement. >> you are concerned about whether they are are going to be truthful or getting the stories straight. >> reporter: and dallas is not a news investigation reveals that 19 of the nation's biggest police departments called for some kind of waiting period for a criminal investigation or an internal probe looking into whether an officer followed policies and in most cities it
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the rule in mexico where the officers were charged with murder. in baltimore 25-year-old freddy gray died in police custody and officers are given ten days before questions and none for civilians. studies show memories can improve after a night's rest. fred frazier is the vice- president of the dallas police association. >> we want to give him a chance to give the best information he can of exactly what happened. >> reporter: but many other memory experts say it is not that simple. >> there is good science with other people coming along and using that sentence badly. dr. strain is a professor at the college of justice. >> when you are in the middle of the investigation we know that the memory is to get details as soon as possible. >> reporter: today it is more
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he sued the city of dallas settling his case for $1.6 million. while his attorney is happy he got justice, the attorney would be better served if the police were treated like everybody else. >> it serves the purpose of the police. it does not serve the purpose of justice. >> reporter: a special committee in maryland voted to cut the ten day period down to five days. it now moves to the legislature for consideration. for script news in washington, i'm ross jones. if you want to learn more about the cleveland police department's road to perform you can watch the hour long special on our the snow days, east siders got them happy but west siders
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cleveland hopkins 1.3-inches of snow and that is usually not enough to close school. saint gabe in mentor, we have a cloudy sky and three inch fresh coating of snow. the parking lot is clear and good news. wide view shows this winter storm out of here and moving up into maine and the northeast getting hit with rain and thunderstorms and snow. here is another system. this will be bringing up light snow and this system not impacting us. we are kind of between two systems for the overnight hours for part of the overnight i should say. we will track some light snow after midnight tonight and on and off through the day. so far so good. i have turned on a really high resolution sensitive radar and as you can see low clouds could be producing a flake or two or even some drizzle. all right? freezing drizzle could coat your windshield as we go through the evening.
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temperatures are at freezing or below, that is freezing drizzle. not a major ice event. your timeline. temperatures going down to the middle and upper 20s for the overnight. and we will stay cloudy and a little bit hazy and freezing drizzle and eventually we get snow coming in. let's track that in. isolated light snow along the shore with freezing drizzle through about midnight and let's show you the arrival of the next big storm. not a big storm. look at this. 7, 8, 9:00 and light snow. i'm thinking less than a half an inch and a half an inch and maybe a couple spots of an inch tomorrow. wednesday, 3:45 p.m. this is a not a major winter storm. no. not going to get you a snow day tomorrow kids, sorry. 26 tonight, light snow and less
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cloudy and cold. we will watch for a tiny bit of freezey drizzle in spots. all right. 32 tomorrow. nothing to right home about. not a big one. staying chilly. temperatures will fall during the afternoon. back in the 20s behind a week front. tomorrow 29 around noontime temperatures falling by the evening commute. 32 and less than an inch of snow wednesday and 31 thursday and ways this. what is this? 53 degrees. halleluiah! we will melt some snow. we will wake up the ground hog and see if he sees his shadow again. 50 and 47 on saturday. could be some rain showers friday. it is not like it is summertime coming but at least it is warm enough to get outside.
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i think we are going to break out the grill. grill out some steaks or burgers. monday, 38. uh-huh. tuesday, did you like the kick. >> you didn't pull a hamstring, did you? >> 30 degrees. that would be you. >> thanks, mark. here is what is coming up at six. a multi agency investigation is under way as the number of catalytic converters thefts are on the rise. and we are still months away from the rnc coming to town but one local barber is breaking in business as preparations kick into full gear. first when live on 5 returns. potholes and more pot holes and quite a few drivers in a cleveland subdivision frustrated. we will tell you where we are
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you know newschannel 5 is committed to helping you during pothole season. >> our patrol is roaming your streets addressing what you are concerned about. jonathan walsh joins us from parma. pleasant valley road needs help. >> reporter: yes, a different kind of emergency as we are out in fire station number 4 but drivers tell us these potholes right here are a big pain. but the city's response to our request is quick. >> the roads are appauling. >> reporter: carolyn takes care of a couple of elderly women and she sees potholes a lot. it is a rough road between broad and state.
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or sometimes you want to change the lane because of the road. >> this happened overnight. >> reporter: the street supervisor arrived and had a crew filling a massive hole. the supervisor said the milder winter has allowed them to catch up on potholes. not as bad as last year. there were problems on ridge and parma last year and it has been repaved and any plans for pleasant valley. >> it is addressed next year or the years later. even the plow drivers don't like it. it beats their brains in. >> reporter: for carolyn it is her car getting the beating. >> i have a fairly new car and it feels like everything is falling apart. >> reporter: back out here live minutes ago i saw city crews filling in potholes on pleasant valley road. i did get this tip from a viewer and here is how you tell
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go to news 5 app and click on the pothole patrol commission and you will see a quick link and this form takes seconds to fill out and quick and painless and something that anybody can do. all you got to do is provide how big the hole is and right there on the app. reporter jonathan walsh newschannel 5. thanks it for live on 5. chris and danita harris what is going on at 6. >> police investigating the warehouse district and the robberies. >> we are working to find out if there are any connections to a number of similar robberies. plus a lake county police department's future now on the line. the mayor blaming the state budget cuts. we are learning why other small
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few minutes. newschannel 5 at 6 brought to you by mr. roman hero burger. new at 6. a high end clothing store is cleaning up after a s.w.a.t. team responded to an armed robbery. >> and we are learning more details and taking a look at a string of robberies targeting stores with merchandise that is similar. meggan, this store has had trouble in the past. >> reporter: yes, there was a robbery here involving high end clothes and sneakers like this store. three bullet holes through the
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