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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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first at 11:00 a security guard in a hospital ward stabbed by a patient. it is a story we broke first at 5:00. ron reagan has a closer look at hospital violence but first the latest one that happened at st. thomas hospital tonight. that patient had two knives on him. the attack happened as he was being transported. when they arrived at the hospital the 33-year old patient pulled out one of the knives that backstabbed it backstabbed a security guard multiple times. that guard was unarmed, we are
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threatening. he was rushed to the hospital where he is in surgery. there was a statement released are saying "a member of the security team was injured during a unprovoked incident with a patient. he is currently being treated for his injuries. our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family." the suspect is in custody right now. he has not been charged it back his name has not been released. police say they are not sure how he was able to get two knives into the hospital.
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been investigating for months. ron reagan has a closer look at the problem. >> reporter: for the most part hospitals are not unsafe but they are fighting the identical crime trends threatening hospitals nationwide. the number one concern for hospital personnel his psychiatric patients. in many cases it is nurses who become victims. we spoke with a a nurse who was attacked by a patient at st. vincent hospital in cleveland. >> he hit me in the face. i heard from other people even from management, you work in a psychiatric facility, what do you expect? >> reporter: the hospital is now a leader in safeguarding staff and patience but across ohio we found 520 cases of violent injuries overa two year period. plus, 4 nurses have died in hospital shooting since 2010. a spokesperson said it is working closely with hospitals
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staff and patience. hoverboard catching fire, it is such a threat the feds at fire extinguisher nearby why it. one family learned that lesson first-hand it back they share their story with us. >> reporter: we have all seen the video of a hoverboard exploding on camera. it is terrifying. it is exactly what happened to this local family. >> i don't think we ever thought this would happen to us. it is sort of like an urban legend. >> reporter: this is all that is left of the hoverboard. hurts on saws -- her sun -- her sun pause's got them for christmas.
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they say in the suburb -- they said they say -- they say the hoverboard was charging for about 15 minutes before it started to make a strange noise. flames quickly put up by her sun pause who grabbed a fire extinguisher that happens to be nearby. it is not the first case of a hoverboard exploding. this one was caught on video. many places have already taking the matter into their own hands. they are banned from dozens of college campuses, and all airplanes. the cavaliers have forbidden them citing safety concerns. >> we are just a very blessed. >> reporter: the consumer product safety commission is investigating 37 hoverboard fires in 19 different states. meanwhile, this family is getting rid of both of theirs. amazon offers full refunds on
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cleveland police say three people were arrested after a shooting at a clothing store last night. police found a gun in the store and one in a car. they say they have interviewed several people who have given conflicting stories. one of the people arrested was found a.far from the store with a large amount of money. it is not clear if the money came from the store. reggie what girl is charged with fraud and line to the fbi for allegedly using thousands of dollars in donations to charities to pay down his gambling debt. investigators say he took funds for four years. he will be in court later this month expected to face two years in jail. the -- people in madison village on a mission to save their police officers. a huge crowd for the first -- a huge crowd for a public
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>> reporter: the message was asked echoed among dozens of neighbors. they want to feel safe. a back room gathered to eulogize a way they used to be. the way they like the, with ongoing police presence. demonstrations all night long. >> i can tell you there is a lot of people who have concerns. >> reporter: the mayor says a money crisis forced him to draft
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police department. >> i have had to count on the village police department where they have been there for me. they have helped me tremendously. >> reporter: many say noise ordinances, and property value could all go down too. >> i cried, i am sorry i cried. that is just not fair to any of us. there should have been something come up once again i talked to this council before, communication. >> reporter: it is a message they hope touches decision- makers. that was the first of three public meetings here in town. in madison, frank wiley. a packed house tonight as well in medina county hundreds looking for answers about the nexus pipeline. while people had plenty of questions tonight for them hosted by the epa focused on air quality surrounding a planned gas compression station. the upa will take the comments to have the side whether to okay a permit for the station. atm machines a target
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concerned about safety. joe pack a neck is has been digging into the story. residents are calling on east this. >> reporter: shoppers are calling on councilmembers, they say stores that are being hit are very important to them because they can't drive anywhere else. >> we are getting hit all at once. >> reporter: she is talking about the family dollar smash- and-grab and repeated convenience store robberies. robbers caught on video, this family dollar boarded up last week, burglars crashed through the front entrance. >> we need these merchants to fight back. >> reporter: she says shoppers are living in fear. she said many of them don't have vehicles.
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some stores are actually reducing there hours of operation, making it tougher on shoppers. >> they close early and it is hard for us to get off work to come here. >> reporter: in response she is reaching out to all of the retailers. she is trying to create a store security association. polling their resources to add security guards that many of the locations. >> i would ask the merchants to come together and let's see what we can do to fight the crime. >> reporter: the councilwoman is asking family dollar to post security guards at both of their locations. the family dollar saying "safety and security is the first priority. we have measures in place but
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back to you. two police officers being praised for their generous hearts. they spotted a woman panhandle link and instead of giving her a ticket they did something else. this is a photo of the woman panhandle in, officers asked what she was doing. her response was simple, she was trying to feed her children. the officers got in touch with a local food pantry and made sure her family did not go hungry. >> it actually does not surprise me. the police to more than just arrest people. i know that they try to help. >> not everyone needs a ticket. not everyone needs to go to jail. >> the food bank is open to anyone needing food at all times. it looks dry and we can show you a little bit more in
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we have got a little bit activity out there. what are these? they are indeed snow flurries. again, we have flurries in the snow belt. flurries being reported at the akron canton airport. so, some flurries, 300 in akron, 29 in cleveland. the good news is not a lot of snowfall right now. the bad news is another round of snow is on its way in. we will talk more about that. what i do have a problem with is being robbed by my utility company. >> imagine being built thousands of dollars for water you never used. i am ron reagan, tonight we go undercover exposing how water customers are being shaken down. she made headlines after
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drunk driving for all to see. the punishment this woman driver is now facing for for online antics. students who want to go places, in the business they're in now, or the start up they haven't even started yet. at devry we teach, what's been business-world tested. so i want to learn today, and make an impact tomorrow- you're our kind of student. our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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we continue to follow breaking news for a security guard was stabbed here at st. thomas hospital around 7:00. we have been working sources all night long.
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they were transporting a patient to this hospital when the patient somehow had two knives on him, attacked of the security guard, stabbed him repeatedly, the security guard was rushed to akron gen. hospital. he has been in surgery all night long. we told these are life threatening injuries. the patient who attacked the guard was taken to the police department. he has not been charged and his name has not been released. the question now is how can't a patient get two knives into a hospital? we will stay on top of the story. live in akron, chris flanagan, back to you. water customers build thousands of dollars for water they did not use.
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you have uncovered customers rights are being ignored. >> reporter: imagine getting a bill that is so off of the charts you know there must be a mistake. tonight we go undercover finding a complaint process that is cloaked in secrecy. he runs an auto repair shop, one day last year he got this, his water was not even hooked up. instead is built is an estimate. >> they estimated i used to ten times my usage. >> reporter: he is not alone. what i do have a problem with is being robbed by my utility company. she is being billed more than $6000 for water she did not use. are the air leaks here? >> no, because before i moved in i had the house inspected by a certified inspector and the city did a thorough investigation too. >> reporter: but in this
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complaint. they gave her no adjustment. the review board, we found remains cloaked in secrecy. did the water department tell you up front that you had a right to a water review hearing? >> no, they didn't, only until we went back and forth for months. >> reporter: never told to this request for review could even be filed. it is a review created by federal court order to protect customers. last year we found more than 45,000 customers received shut off notices get we found the water review board held only 31 customer reviews last year. why so few hearings? we went undercover asking customer service what to do when faced with disputing huge bills >> reporter: shut off notices. >> i want informationi want
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relates to her. >> reporter: not a word about the water review board so we went back again, this time specifically asking about filing a complaint. >> is there a way you can walk me through what the process would be? >> all that i can explain is a process is to bring you back in. >> reporter: and again, no details. nothing posted at customer service.
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did you have any idea that you were entitled to a review? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: her mother is being threatened is having her water shut off. how big of a bill? >> i am stuck with a water bill that is over $3000 and a sewer bill that is $1700. >> reporter: confined to her bed she is a stroke victim. you told him your mother could not have used all of this water. >> absolutely, it is not possible. she has been sick. she is bedridden. >> reporter: it took a shut off notice on the front door thanksgiving day and months of disputed bills before a board review was even mentioned. we found 130 more complaints filed with the ohio atty. gen. in the last three years. finally, facing huge bills, living on just $800 a month >> reporter: declining health, her case was heard by the review board created to protect her. when it was over, the board
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managers issued its ruling. a bedridden stroke victim is being forced to pay thousands for water she never used. >> whether you use it to cook clean, wash your car, give your mother a bath will let it run down the toilet it is not our concern. >> reporter: as a result of the investigation the water department has dropped plans to collect at $500 from her account for water that never went through a meter but it declined an on camera interview. i am ron reagan. we have got some flurry of activity over downtown cleveland right now.
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with a little bit of fog. those clouds are now producing some flurries downtown in akron. 30 in downtown cleveland. 30 in akron. 29 at north royalton. a wider view, akron at 28, we have a lot of upper 20s and lower 30s out there. we will top a few more degrees before we begin to level off. you should begin your day at 25 tomorrow. 29 in cleveland a light breeze at 5 miles per hour. again, the flurries are out there, flurries in youngstown and akron. it will not amount to much but we have this little weather making coming our way. this is a very weak weather system.
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this morning has really dried out the atmosphere quite a a bit so these two low pressure systems are moisture starved. so we will see a little bit of light snow tonight and a little more tomorrow. a front comes through tomorrow afternoon that will drop the temperatures. we will start off mid-20s then go to the low 30s on drop back to the upper 20s. here is the snow, are you ready for the morning commute? are you looking for a snow day? well, you need to snow for that and we only have flurries tomorrow morning. this is not a huge issue. it may slow you down getting to work a little bit. tomorrow afternoon we do see a little bit of lake effect
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expecting huge amounts of snow. here is the morning, afternoon, there is not a lot of snow. but we are expecting a nice little warm up. these temperatures are coming our way in time for the weekend. 26 tonight with a light snow. mainly cloudy skies. tomorrow 32 with a little bit of light snow. friday a few showers and 50. it is 40 and try on the weekend. do you remember this woman who live streamed her drive home after drunk driving claiming she was drunk. get this, she won't spend any time in jail. whitney beall agree to a deal on a dui charge that comes with 12 months probation, a
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a ban on bars are back alcohol. the judge also added 300 hours of community services.
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the clock is ticking towards thursday as the nba trade deadline is coming. tonight, were rumors that the cavaliers are trying to make a play for channing frye. keep your fingers crossed if you want him. espn saying kevin love's name is still in trade talks but that is it, they are only talks. it would be interesting to see what kind of returns they could
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>> i always try to make decisions based on the information in front of me. it gets dangerous when people make statements like that. it all depends on many factors so we try to say, we are opportunistic to keep it open and if there is a deadline, at the time the deadline needs to be dealt with we will deal with it. the buckeyes at michigan tonight. by the way, evan turner had his number retired tonight. here is the fan experience they had tonight, i don't know if it worked. the buckeyes beat michigan. they need to keep winning to bid for the tournament. >> this was a huge win. we had to come home to protect our court. i want to enjoy this win with these guys, i am proud of them. cleveland state playing tonight.
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point lead. 66-43, the vikings fall over at quicken loans arena. kent state got pushed to overtime tonight. in overtime they get the 84-78 win at home. we are back right
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will -- breaking news, a dozen people in a hospital for co poisoning. we will have the latest in the morning.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- gwen stefani. john kerry. and guillermo at the 2016 grammy awards.he cletones. and now, step aside, here's


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