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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  February 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> reporter: we'll get to them next week. kimberly richardson channel 7, eyewitness news. >> we know where to go for thanksgiving dinner. >> there you go. >> that's what's making news in america this monk. >> stay with us for "good morn to be the person that found someone missing when everyone is looking for her for hours and i go outside and find her like nothing. >> breaking news at 4:30. a missing 2-year-old found alive crawling in the snow. >> a man rescuing lana lowther a half male from her house in lorain. this photo taken moments after she was found. >> we have been on top of the story since the beginning. sarah phinney is live at the lorain police department.
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this girl is found safe. >> the young girl's parents are thanking god as well as everyone that looked for her. let's get to the massive search. investigators searching on the woods behind the home. police say her mom and siblings were inside at the time. her father just stepped out. canines, helicopters, officers, deputies combing the area. word spreading on social media quickly. andrew lives nearby and decided to take a different route home. he saw something in the distance. as he got closer, he realized it was lana. >> she put her hands up like she was happy to see me. gave me a big hug. i put her in the car waiting for police. she was relaxed and calm in the car. she knew she was safe. >> reporter: after police arrived, the young girl was transported by ems to the hospital. her family says she is doing well.
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says this investigation is far from over. news channel 5. >> thank you. now a check of the forecast with somara. >> a frosty morning. lighter. 10 degrees in medina. 11 in akron. down in the single digits in mentor at 4 degrees. feel like temperatures, some are more accurate than others. in mentor it was four. it feels like that. millersburg, warmer at 29 degrees. that's because we have a lot more cloud coverage in those areas. that arctic cold will give way to warmer conditions tomorrow but not before a nice beam of sunshine shines down on northeast ohio. we will talk more about the amazing forecast. we have an accident 90
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no causing problems. besides that should be cleared up soon. elsewhere, 71 approaching the metro curve is great. 77 and harvard. a quick peek of the o dots, nice and clear. a couple of cars. the accident should be cleared up fast. back to you guys. >> thank you. breaking overnight, issues with emergency phone lines in cuyahoga county. at&t saying there is no estimated time of repair. if you try to call the seven digit emergency number for fire and police in bay village and get a busy signal, hang up and dial 911. we will keep you updated. an east lake community is on edge after police respond to reports of a peeping tom. this isn't the first time police have received this type of call here. they don't have much work with this investigation just footprints outside of a window there.
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years after they had a peeping tom at another complex. east lake police say before 10:00 on tuesday, a 7-year-old girl told her mother she saw a guy outside the window at lakeside estates videotaping with his cell phone. the department's police chief tells us they don't have much more than that. east lake hosting this, warning about a peeping tom prowler. as you can imagine, neighbors are on high alert. >> you are always going to get those random creeps that just really like to put an unnerving in you. >> i am concerned because people who start off as vow years, they often get tired of just looking and then they want to start acting. >> east lake police have one reported incident so far but there could be more. well, this morning attorneys for the family of take near say anderson are
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ohio attorney general's office will take over the investigation into her death. she died in november of 2014 and the family called for an ambulance to help the mentally ill woman. two police officers showed up and anderson was hurt during a struggle getting in the squad car. the appointment with the ag's office doesn't mean a lot to them. >> we don't know the reason. we don't know what considerations were given to sending it over. we don't want to be too harsh in terms of judgment. maybe it's a good thing. we will see. >> the attorneys say the primary focus is the civil case which allegation the officers used excessive force when they restripped her. a north royalton man in court. he faces charges in the shooting death of his girlfriend.
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arraigned for killing crystal shaver in their home. she was taken to southwest general where she died a short time later. a carbon monoxide poisoning that sent 14 people to the hospital. we took the case to east answers. mark could waller and his fiancee didn't want to be seen on camera. she got the furnace fixed and police are looking into the heating contractor's work. >> he had the wires messed up. we were in the process of moving. >> ohio does not have a law requiring rental units to have c.o. detectors but some cities do. in march cleveland will vote on a mandatory c.o. detector law. a doctor's office in massillon raided.
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the attorney general loaning into dr. frank razorini. time check 4:36. food ease, something that we have been waiting for. >> this is exciting. downtown cleveland restaurant week starts tomorrow. this year more than 50 restaurants are offering multicourse lunch and dinner for 15, 30 and 40 bucks. lit run until february 28. you will find the places taking part and their menus on downtown thanks for starting your day with us, i'm jackie fernandez. >> i'm terrence lee. still ahead, guns on campus. the university allowing students to pack heat in the classroom. >> a hospital hacked. ransom paid after thieves paralyzed a computer system. >> we will talk about the sunny
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we are waking up to cold temperatures and maybe colder temperatures depending on where you live. you are looking at the satellite imagery. what i have done is let you see this because i want you to know that areas that are under a lot of clouds here and gray are going to be a lot warmer than if you are not. that is radiational cooling. the same area we saw the satellite in millersburg 21 degrees. then ashtabula and mentor down to the single digits. it's a very cold start to the morning.
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>> thank you, somara. it's freezing here. goodyear, arizona, a different story. temperatures could reach 80. this is great news for the indians as they have the first workout. it was supposed to tampa bay pitchers and catchers and the rest of the players were not expected until sunday but the entire team arrived yesterday to get an early start. i'm pretty sure they want the warm weather, too. >> cavs had a week off. tonight it's back to business. cavs-bulls 8:00 p.m. will there be any wheeling and dealing? the trade deadline is 3:00 this afternoon. there are rumblings kevin love could be sent to boston but most reports say that won't won't -- that won't happen. jim brown on his 80th birthday, he will have a statue
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a sculpture is from lakewood. the statue will be unveiled during the browns alumni weekend later this year. up next, new amazing video of a driver heading into the path of this tornado. why he didn't know it spinning right by him. >> then, sugar shock.
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organically. welcome back. more dollars -- good morning. more lead discovered. two ohio epa employees have been fired for what happened. another demoted. the agency said they mishandled testing at the sebring water plant. the operator waited months to notify anybody about the high levels of lead coming from the pipes.
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serving as a warning to other cities. 13 facilities are under lead advisories. all but three of them are in northeast ohio. they include the bain brage building, a culinary school in chesterland and in akron. they have to notify residents of the issue in 30 days. people in flint will have help paying their water bills, 30 million from the state to make it possible. new test results show filters are removing the lead. there is some debate over replacing the lead pipes. the mayor says she plans to replace the pipes next week. a major shake up in the presidential polls. a poll still gives trump a big lead but hillary clinton leads bernie sanders but the poll shows both democrats would lose to trump, rubio and kasich in the general election.
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with the biggest lead over clinton at 11%. breaking overnight from the live desk, 10 million people are under red playing and high wind warnings as a february heat spell triggers wildfire fears. people could be asked to avoid outdoor burning because conditions are dry. winds are expected to be strong. this follows the heat wave out west. phoenix breaking records with a high yesterday of 91 degrees. jackie? corrina, you won't believe the next story. a hospital in los angeles paying hackers $17,000 ransom. the fees got in the computer system, then disabled the network. the ran some was paid in bitcoin that is hard to trace. the hospital ceo says it was the quickest way to unlock the computer system. new guidelines issued will
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university of texas at austin. the guidelines comply with a state law that allows concealed licensed holders to bring weapons into the classroom. it goes into effect august 1st. more people are dying on our nation's roads than ever before. the national safety council out with new numbers. 38,000 people were killed between 2014 and 2015. another 4 million he were seriously hurt. more than a thousand died in traffic accidents last year. now to an incredibly close call for a man in florida. >> you got to check this out. his dashboard camera recording as he drives right into the path of a tornado. you see the right side of the strewn? you can see the tornado moving in right there. heavy rain pouring down making the road hard to see but that is hard to miss, a tornado. you can see everybody slamming on the brakes. transformers blowing, debris
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the driver appears too busy yelling at other drivers and said he didn't know the tornado was just feet away. was breaking. >> beware of your surroundings. >> road rage is dangerous. >> tornado rage is more. >> i have no words for that man. let's talk about the weather. we will be seeing temperatures starting off chilly. let's take a look. high pressure. i can elaborate on what it is. for me it stands for happy weather. a good amount of sunshine. you notice the cold front that passed through will bring with it a plunge in the temperatures. that's why it's cold to start this morning. after that a nice warm front moving in behind it. that means temperatures will go up. we have to get through the cold.
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this is why we will see the sunshine. highs low to mid-30s. we have a slight chance early friday morning for maybe a mixed bag of precip and a quick -- to the east side if it even reaches the ground. by friday afternoon a good mix of sun and clouds, more than today. we have the chance for precip as we head into the overnight hours. other than that, things are good as we shape up into the weekend. we got to get to the warmth. 9 in medina to start. 4 in mentor. i said earlier, you are probably wondering how can it be so warm. when you get the cloud coverage you stay warmer. now clouds in mentor and ashtabula down to 2 degrees. the power of 5 seven-day forecast, we are going to tampa bay seeing temperatures again reaching the low 50s this weekend. it's so early but we are already seeing an accident here.
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90 east and 185th street. i will zoom in. i spoke to cleveland police. a five car accident, no injuries. our odot camera showed me it was clear. if we take a meek at our camera at this spot 90 east and east 152nd, if we can go to that odot camera, i will show you five cop cars with a disabled vehicle. this might be another problem on 90 east. not a lot of cars out there. letter it's not causing any congestion. i will let you know if there are trouble spots later. well, do you know when your passport expires? in the next three years almost 49 million will expire meaning a lot of people will be renewing theirs at the same time. here is how to avoid the six weeks. get your picture taken now. do it at the post office,
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the passport by mail. get ready to pay more when you book your next flight. jetblue raised ticket prices by $6. now three more are requiring airlines too, delta, united and american airlines. those same airlines raised airfares just last month. a new move could mean less leg room. it could prevent you from stretching your legs under the seat in front of you. >> the other eases a tight squeeze by creating adjustable bench seats for people of every size. >> some get more, some get less. all right. trending, you have heard the warnings about the amount of sugar in soft drinks like that. >> don't call me out. choosing a fancy coffee may not
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they looked at 131 hot drinks from coffee shops in the u.k. some had up to 25 teaspoons of sugar, three times more than a can of pop. starbucks is committed to reducing sugar in its drinks by 25% over the next few years. until that happens, yeah,ing a lot of sugar. >> that is so much sugar. get that sugar rush after a chai latte. water bill concerns. we take your concerns to city leaders. >> why a popular discount
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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good morning. welcome back. we are waking to frigid conditions. up to ashtabula, you are down to near zero. millersburg in the upper 20s. oh, my goodness. i haven't seen this in so long. sunshine is in the forecast. highs today -- i am going to low 30s. 33 for most of us. the sunshine will stick around for the entire thursday. kristin. >> we are accident free except for this one crash here. this is at 90 east and east not causing congestion. it's early. not a lot of cars out there. no injuries. akron moving okay. innerbelt 71 approaches the
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i will let you know if the accident causes trouble spots. i want to show you the odot camera at 90 east add east 102nd, farther west of the accident i mentioned. you see the cop cars there. disabled vehicles in the farther right-hand lane. a 5 on your side investigation into the cleveland division of water getting the attention of city leaders. they are willing to talk to anyone to figure out a solution to the water bill problems. our investigation revealed that 44,000 shut off notices only turned to 31 cases going before the board. water reps say some of those are repeat notices and they work on customer service enhancements every day. however, we get calls nearly every week from people upset with their bills and found a lot of people have big issues trying to get cases addressed. >> the way that they treat you is so unfair, so unjust, so be little, so aggravate willing, so demeaning that your
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point where you just don't know where else to reach. this is why i gave you a call. >> and we talked to the division of water about david's case there. they said they need time to research the issues. machine gun kelly is bringing back the annual est fest. it will be august the 7th in garr rest bill. tickets start at 70, the early bird tickets. thousands came to the festival in 2014 but it was canceled last year. a lineup hasn't been announced but everyone assuming he will be the headliner. >> hope so. new questions about hoverboard safety. who is regulating them. >> fitbit meets fashion. the stylist workout trackers.
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month
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breaking news. after a frantic search a missing 2-year-old from lorain is found in the snow alive. >> sarah phinney is live outside the police department. there were several agencies, dogs and a helicopter searching for her. but one man happened to be in the right place at the right time. >> jackie, that young man is being called a hero. i want to show you footage of the young girl being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. andrew lived nearby and decided to take a different route home and spotted her in the snow. you can see the outline of her tiny hands and feet at north jefferson and missouri a half mile from her house. she was found after hours of searching by multiple law enforcement agencies and hundreds of volunteers. the family says she is doing well but they are left with lots of questions. >> i started crying. thank you, lord is all i can


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