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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon. i'm leon bibb. there are details about what was a missing 2-year-old girl found al live crawling in the snow during the overnight hours. sarah phinney has been following the story and has the latest from lorain.
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and all of the people that helped search for the 2-year- old, especially the man who found her but many questions remain. it's the ending everyone hoped for, a toddler clutching an fbi agent alive and well ending hours of concern. >> she is just a tiny baby. we need her to come home. >> k-9s, choppers and deputies searched the area around the family's lorain home while hundreds of volunteers gathered nearby. word spreading on social media reaching andrew, who was taking a different route home when help spotted something. >> i threw my car in park, through the hazards on, she put her arms up and grabbed me. >> outline of her tip any hands and feet visible in the snow at north jefferson and missouri a half mile from her house. >> i kept telling her i would take her to mommy. >> reporter: an ambulance ride made the reunion possible. >> thank you, lord. that's all i can say, thank you, lord. >> reporter: although grateful, the grandmother has concerns.
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maybe we need to talk to her another day but if someone took her, shame on you. >> reporter: for now, she plans to wrap her arms around the toddler. >> it could have turned out several differentways. and by the grace of god it turned out good. >> reporter: the lorain police department said its investigation is far from over. in lorain, sarah phinney, news channel 5. the police in lorain tell us the 2-year-old girl's body temperature was just a few degrees below normal when she was found. that means she was likely not out in the cold the entire time she was missing. the investigation centers on what happened to her between the time of her disappearance and her recovery. we continue to follow the story and will keep you updated of course. let's check in on the important weather information. my friend and yours, tera blake. >> good to see the sunshine. doesn't feel like 25 agrees.
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5 miles per hour and remaining low. the windchills are bitterly cold at 19. but when you grab the shades and head outside the sun makes a difference. 26 in cleveland. 24 in wooster. we have your satellite and radar on. nothing happening around us. this is a dry day to enjoy. 26 in elyria. 27 mansfield. 30s are coming. 40s and 50s are surrounding us as we wait for a warm up from a warm front to move in mainly making a difference for your friday-saturday timeframe but let's enjoy it. 50s and 60s getting closer and closer, it doesn't feel like february in the near future. today we will need the winter jackets and sunglasses. 29 at 1:00. by 5:00 clouds will start to increase. i think truly taking over in the overnight hours as temperatures warm and we are looking at a little shot of mix as you are waking up tomorrow. we will talk about that opportunity in minutes.
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>> many thanks. we will enjoy the sunshine. now to a traffic alert. all lanes of interstate 77 are up this morning. the pile up was in the northbound lane of 77 at east morning in cleveland. two people were taken to the hospital. they are listed in stable condition. new at the noon hour, the summit county sheriff's office is making an arrest in a recent string of break-ins at construction sites and businesses. deputies arrested this man, 36- year-old joshua collmar in connection with break-ins in the last month. he was found in possession of stolen property ranging from power tools to brand-new win any bay go camper. he could face further charges pending the outcome of the investigation. an east lake neighborhood is on high alert. there may be a peeping tom on the prowl. police report just before 10:00
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told her mother she saw a man outside their window videotaping with his cell phone. the department's top cop says they don't have much more than that. they did a post warning on the facebook page telling residents in the east lake area to be on the look out. >> i am a bit concerned because people who start off as vow years, they often get -- voyeurs, they often get tired of looking then want to act. >> east lake police reported one incident but said there could be more. a north royalton man is in the courtroom facing murder charges in the shooting death of his 19-year-old girlfriend. jeffrey greiner will be arraigned for allegedly killing crystal shaver in his home. he called 911 aftershaver was shot. she was taken to southwest general hospital where she died a short time later. also today, a major milestone for the cuyahoga county common pleas drug court.
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of the program will be recognized. now, the goal is to break the cycle of drug depen dan see by addressing the underlying addiction problems instead of handing out punishment. graduates are rarely arrested again. today's 300 graduation is set for 4:30 at the county justice center. our temperatures hover near the freezing point in northeast ohio, for other clevelanders it's a far different story. basking in 80-degree temperatures of goodyear, arizona, are the cleveland indians. spring training is underway. today marks the first day of the workout. it was to be pitchers and catchers on the diamond with the rest of the squad expected sunday but the entire team arrived yesterday to get an early start. see, hey, cleveland, let's play ball. when we return, president obama announces plans to make history. what we know about this
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>> plus, just in, time for pothole season. for the is introducing an innovative feature that will save car owners big money on pothole repairs. >> a mysterious substance falling from the sky in michigan.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. new at the noon hour, it's
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president obama is heading to cuba. he confirmed the speculation to be true with a presidential tweet. this morning the president said, his words, next month i will travel to cuba to advance our progress anders that can -- and efforts that can improve the lives of the u.s. people. he will be the first to travel to cuba in 90 years. this is after the obama administration reopened ties with cuba in 2014. south korea spy agency says north korean leader kim jong-un is order ting preparations for lawn -- ordering preparations for launching an a tack on seoul. new out of poland this afternoon, recently seized documents show lack way len sha was -- wolenza was a paid
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the workers group that helped topple communism. the documents show pages of reports and receipts for many signed by him. he previously admitted to signing a commitment to be an informant but insisted he never acted on it. now to a recall alert. toyota is recalling nearly 3 million s.u.v. z worldwide because of -- s.u.v.s worldwide because of a possible problem that could cause some rear seat belts to fail. the affected vehicles are the toyota rav4. rav4 ev and vanguard. toyota dealers will fix the problems at no cost to the consumer. it's a pothole season. perhaps you know that. ford says it has a solution. the automaker is touting pothole protection technology on the fusion sedan.
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system stiffens when it detects a pothole to keep the wheel elevated instead of dropping into the pothole. when the news at noon returns, a powerful world leader is not happy with donald trump. we will find out just how much sway pope francis holds with american voters. now tera. >> the sunshine is out there. we are still in the 20s and 30s but 40s, 50s, close to 60 is coming.
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new polls are out today. they show the race for the g.o.p. presidential nomination is closer than ever. the current front-runner, donald trump, is taking serious heat from a very powerful world leader and voice. lana zak has more on the pope francis take on donald trump. >> reporter: pope francis returning to rome from the mexico, u.s. border had this to say about some of donald trump's comments. a person that thinks about
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may be and not about building bridges is not christian. the pope would not advice americans how to vote but said he wanted to give trump the benefit of the doubt. >> i'm christian. i'm pros assistant, presbyterian. >> reporter: trump has been adamant about his christian beliefs on the campaign trail,ing to war with ted cruz who announced the endorsement of 300 south carolina pastors today. cruz and trump are battling over first and second place a challenger is emerging in marco rubio. >> the next president of the united states, marco rubio. >> nikki haley gives her endorsement. >> it's like a nascar race and she is drafting for marco rubio. he was in a close third. he could pass ted cruz. >> reporter: jeb bush was counselly tower in his remarks. >> i think the jeb bush folks are starting to make the plan
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>> reporter: lana zak, abc news, washington. who will choose supreme court justice antonin scalia's successor is a huge question in this election. now vice president joe biden is offering insight into president obama's selection criteria. he said the president is looking to nominate a candidate supported by republicans in the past. g.o.p. lawmakers have already threatened to block any obama nominee. republicans in congress have said they want the next president to nominate a replacement for the highest court in the land. in michigan, governor rick schneider is giving engineers one month to find the problem lead water pipes in the city of flint. engineers have been hired to inspect the piping. the ultimate goal was to replace the old pipe but the state funded study is needed to locate them and pry or ties which ones to remove first.
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a detroit bush are dealing with a miss -- suburb are dealing with a mystery. it is covered with a strange tar like substance. it's not bird droppings but it's hard to tell what it is. >> there was concern it was a flammable liquid. it is more of an ash consistency. it has an oily tip consistency as well. >> some residents think it could have come from an airplane since a national guard base is close but they say there is no indication the substance came from any military aircraft. something is in the air in suburban detroit. >> i'm a meteorologist but i can't tell what you that is falling from the sky. >> one of the things we have falling from the sky right now is sunshine. >> beautiful sunshine, right. it looks nice. still chilly. still february-like. but warmer air is coming. it's the talk of the town.
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we want it to stick around. i want to show you a beautiful color contour here, showing you the warm air from the southwest. here and now it already feels better just because of the sun. meteorologist jason nicholas and i were talking saying it's perfect. he wants to have lunch outside. temperature at 26. winds south at 5 miles per hour. we have been cooped up the last couple of days. 11 days with temperatures well below the 50s. so, that warm up will make a huge difference tomorrow as well. let's talk current temperatures. 27 downtown. 27 parma. 25 in kirkland. we got a few warmer temperatures and a select -- in a select location or two. jackson township 27. we have western locations, 30 new london. 32 in shelby to 32 vermillion. 29 in west lake. hour by hour today, beautiful
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-- beautiful sunshine the bulk of the day. clouds increase to the evening and winds really start to pick up. in order to really truly find a warm up, you have to have winds like this in the month of february. so s winds will be howling as we sit smack between the high and warm front. warm front for friday but because of that, winds are a major story as well as a wintry mix. by the overnight hours, we will see upwards of 20 miles per hour. the creeks in the house return. but howling into the morning as 24 miles per hour wind gusts in cleveland to 30 in some locations, potential wind advisory. we will keep you updated there. it does bring in a chance for a little wintry precip before temperatures truly warm with the winds then a rain chance later. here is the timing on the potential mix. 2:00 in the morning, a little snow and a little mix. not much in the way of
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into the ground. dry air has worked in. many we see it quickly in and quickly out. 36 by 7:00 a.m. overnight lows going up helping the daytime high reach the lower 50s. well above average. there is the rain shot. does it look impressive? it is not. even with the official front. but the cold front doesn't sweep until saturday night. maybe a chance that it rains saturday night but more so into the sunday timeframe. even then, look at the numbers, goes .02, .03. we get to enjoy the 50s, the middle 50s mainly friday and saturday. a little cooler toward sunday. 329 high today. mostly sunny. tonight winds picking up, clouds increase. a mix potential early tomorrow t. friday 50. 55 saturday. remember, we are on the radio.
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around here today we are calling tera blake his sunshine. >> i like it. it feels good when you step outside. that's for sure. more of that to come today. high of 32. we do see more clouds for friday. 50s for friday. 55 saturday.
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>> how right you are, tera, miss sunshine. for tera blake, i'm leon bibb. good luck, be well. we will talk again. i'm sarah carnes. we will check in with bill smith president of wa smith financial group. he is standing by in his retirement solution studio with his retirement tip. >> i want to talk about your 401(k) or your employer sponsored retirement plan. the vast majority of employees are amassing a large amount of money in their retirement savings vehicle such as 401(k)s. do did you know everything
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let's go over five key points. number one, be weary of administrative fees. they can add up. these fees can total 1% or more. and could add up to as much as $140,000 over your lifetime. number 2, your investment solution may be sub par. on average today's plans offer a total of 19 fund choices. there are over 7,000 plus funds out there in existence today. number 3, be careful with target date funds. these areed rage today. they sometimes will automatically enroll you in these fund choices while the target date funds may help you manage your risk a bit better, check the expenses and how they are truly allocated. number 4 employer contributions vanish when you leave your job. the employer match is one of the biggest reasons to truth. if you leave your job, there is less incentive for you to leave
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the auto enrollment is not always the best option because you may not have as much control to be able to save what you need to save for retirement. for more information or anything about your 401(k), get a second opinion and that's this week's money tip. >> thanks so much. if you would like more information, tune in to retirement solutions with bill smith sundays at noon. you can call the office at 866- 417-4156 or log on to wa smith
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a crew braving bubbling hot lava to rappel into an african volcano. a cat is stuck in freezing for daze. >> 33-foot electrical pole -- >> see the heroes who jumped in when the fire department wouldn't help. we are joined "right this >> youtube star's interview with


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