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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tt4w`t3n`!$%" nz(l `"8@ tt4w`t3n`!$%" on(l `r< tt4w`t3n`! 0001 what happened to little lana? the frantic search, now 24 hours later we want to know exactly what went on during the four hours she was missing. the 2-year-old is back home with her family tonight. a family who thinks the little girl was abducted. >> police don't think she was outside the entire time, and that's raising more questions than answers. now's channel 5 frank wiley is live in lorain and police won't clear anyone in their investigation. >> reporter: police won't answer my question because they don't
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like what happened during that four-hour time gap? these streets were concerned last night, and this is where the little girl was found right here. it looked a lot like this, cold, dark, dangerous, especially for a toddler. >> you saw some be grab her where december. >> grab her by the hand and run off with her. >> reporter: it all pushed them to search for the 2-year-old. a few minutes into the police officer's drive, around the corner, something was frozen. had inched towards the curb, and shivering in nothing more than pajamas, there she was. >> she walked to me and you could still see her handprints. >> he fixed his ears on her words. >> she said "seat." >> they sat inside his truck and andrew told me he called police, that's when things got even more uncomfortable.
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>> reporter: four-hour search with fewer answers. this isn't the time he's been involved in a search for a small child. >> a missing boy i seen on facebook and a few of my friends once again were searching. >> reporter: search crews later found him dead. i talked to the little girl's grandma and told me that girl is home safe with her family but she also wants to know what happened during that four-hour time period. for now we're live in lorain, frank wiley, news channel 5. new tonight, espn is reporting that dallas police now have medical records for johnny manziel's ex-girlfriend as they investigate assault charges. she filed a complaint saying he rupturing her ear drum and leaving her unable to hear for days.
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you don't check if bullets are in there. >> a bullet pierces through a woman's living room, and shot her in the chest. the man blow in the apartment said it was an accident and the family isn't buying it. >> she spoke to us in the hospital room. >> reporter: she recounts the freak accident that cut her here. >> it was like a boom. at first i didn't know i had been hit until i seen all of this blood. >> that's when she said i've been hit, i've been shot, and she said blood was all over here. >> this is the corner of the couch robin sits every single night. this night she was leaning back playing on her phone. if she was sitting like she normally does, the bullet that came through the ceiling would have had a much more tragic impact. >> i'm glad he didn't take my
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>> police say the bullet came from this man's gun,y in n eshgs , nethaniel webb. >> he was walking up the steps and i asked him what happened, my girlfriend -- this man, nathaniel. >> the bullet went into robin's chest, and in surgery, doctors remove today from her stomach and the incision required 30 staples. the family says it could have been so much worse. her daughter and grand baby just left the apartment an hour before. her usual place is on grandma a's lap. >> it could have been really a tragedy. >> robin plans to move which
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nathaniel web is facing additional charges. doctors had to revive two babies with opoid anecdote. the mother has been charged with two counts of child endangering and their 43-year-old grandmother was charged with permitting drug abuse. they're in cps care. the family of a man hit and killed by an east cleveland police cruiser is now suing the officer and the city. the mother of christopher kimbrell, junior filed the suit claiming officer pettis was speeding through the intersection and had only one working headlight when her son was hit and the city or the officer destroyed or failed to record evidence. the suit asked for $25,000 in damages and a jury trial. >> and new information on a
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a project in the making bringing hundreds of jobs, now brooklyn leaders are pointing fingers. joe pagonakis is live at city hall, and the army corps of engineers didn't want to interrupt the land site? >> reporter: that's true. some believe the army corps should have been able to come up with a variable plan. >> the solution that army corps is giving usa no development is the best solution. >> reporter: brooklyn's commitment developer is blaming the army corps of engineers. swedish retailer ikea decided not to build a store and warehouse near the 16-acre plot. it will compensate for the wetlands and cost a world class operation, and 350 new jobs. >> this is one of the largest in justices to the people of ohio because we have an agency here that really is not serving the
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>> it would be over in that direction. >> brookline councilwoman lives across -- a brooklyn councilwoman lives across the site. >> my message is have you come here physically and looked at the site or on a map? army corps, come on. come on, army corps. rah, rah, rah. >> reporter: and a councilwoman is ready to launch a petition drive. >> i would go door to door in this cold e 0-degree weather. >> brooklyn isn't ruling out almost action against the corps. >> what they're doing is denying the people's rights to be able to use this property. >> reporter: and so far our calls to the army corps of engineers have not been returned. i did speak with an ikea spokesperson and confirmed if the army corps came up with a plan to make that land buildable they would consider rekindling the project.
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dramatic video tonight of a private helicopter crashing into the water at pearl harbor in hawaii. there were five people in the chopper. a 16-year-old passenger is in critical condition. people near the crash scene helped rescue everyone from the water. a startling statement from the pope tonight. he says women threatened with zika virus could use artificial contraception. he called abortion a crime and avoiding pregnancy is not a crime. governor john kasich, period, the pope criticized trump's proposal to build a wall saying he's not christian, and kasich says he's opened the doors state of texas church to
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and jeb bush said he respects the pope as a leader of his faith, but he's not on board of his criticism, those who would build walls at the boarder and does not question trump's faith, and it's none of his business. and donald trump's comments were disgraceful and trump told the audience he doesn't like fighting with the pope and his comments came after he prayed at the mexican border praying for people who died trying to reach the u.s. and the democrats tonight, held at the cleveland clinic in las vegas, bernie sanders telling the crowd he considers himself a feminist, and vermont senator was responding to an audience question, about how a men could understand women problems. and sanders was asked if transcripts would be released
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be happy to when everyone else does the same. quote, please release those transcripts so we know exactly where you stand. that got heated at times. democrats go to the polls saturday, bernie sanders and hillary clinton tied there. and a warm front moving our way. we can see it by this little line of snow and rain and that's going to trickle down. we're seeing some moisture in the form of light snow moving our way, sliding east across the area, we'll mention isolated rain and snow after 2 a.m. tonight, just isolated, folks, current temps in the 20s but we go way up so we've got some 50s and 60s to talk about this weekend, but what goes up, eye tell you the next phrase coming up. they know you're coming possibly sooner than others. >> i've never seen medical bills that high.
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firefighter, in a life and death battle against cancer. yet despite everyday of a link, our state doesn't recognize that their work saving lives may have put their own lives on the line. >> firefighters are getting sick doing their jobs. aren't we obligated to pay the bills? >> you're being obnoxious. >> our reporter will go straight to the source of the problem while firefighters are facing
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. disgusting, shameful, embarrassing, often described how firefighters are diagnosed with cancer. five on your side investigator sarah has been looking into this for months. >> that cancer diagnosis may be because of the work. >> there is growing evidence showing an in disputable link between fighting fires and getting cancer. but so far, ohio lawmakers refuse to recognize that link leaving firefighters without help they need when they face a battle more frightening than flames. >> this is one of the ways mike
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of his life. >> and basically, this device at 200 megahertz. >> he has geo blastomar, an aggressive form of cancer. >> he was diagnosed last fall. >> i have a 7-year-old son and i thought about -- at the time, i was holding his hand and i thought i may never feel his hand as a growing adult. >> because in most cases it's unclear, but mike blames the job he loves. >> reporter: double that your cancer was caused by fighting fires in. >> i definitely do. there is an association between fighting kaenser and that does appear to be -- cancer and that does appear to be the case. >> reporter: he conducted a landmark study from more than 30,000 firefighters. >> we found firefighters have
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and that increased risk was primarily driven by six types of cancers. >> this is his fire coat. >> it has been hanging here for five years and i don't have the heart to move it. >> it took the life of don huff's husband, tommy, a cleveland firefighter. >> you still miss him? >> tremendously. i just -- i can't get over it. he was everything to me. >> and the leukemia wes battled and beat not once, but twice. >> when you know yours is coming, possibly, sooner than others, that hits you pretty good. >> reporter: news channel 5 investigators found there's more, a lot more evidence than just doctor hail's data we found study, after study, connecting fighting fires to an increased risk of cancer.
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u.s., the results the same, despite ohio is just one of 16 states refusing to offer help to firefighters who get cancer. >> i feel almost embarrassed. >> for four years, senator peyton have been trying to pass presumptive cancer legislation, a similar bill in the house is also mired in bureaucracy. >> no other disabled injury that someone in ohio will receive while working that we don't take care of. firefighters workers' compensation benefits if they get cancers proven to be connected to fighting fires, benefits that would allow them to take time off without using sick days and full medical get now.
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said his firefighters held a phone a. that high. >> why is it ohio lawmakers won't pass this legislation. news channel 5. >> nice to meet you. >> as head the ohio municipal league, a lobbying group funded by your towns and cities' tax dollars. >> you can say why it would not approve the legislation? >> the cost could be as high as $75 million a year. >> firefighters are getting sick doing their jobs. aren't we obligated to pay the bills? >> you're being obnoxious out. i said i have an appointment, and i'm trying to get out of here. >> i'm battery power right now. >> mike says just his magnetic
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add in the pills, treatments and surgeries, and he worries he'll exceed the $1 million is medical insurance will cover and even though he's just months away from 25 years on the job he can't retire early because he needs tacoverage. >> that is a stressor because like i said, i want to be -- that coverage. >> that is a stressor like i said, i want to be there for my wife and kids. >> he said he doesn't know if he would become a firefighter if he knew what he knows now. >> i don't know if i would. it's a great job, but my family's more important. >> mike under went surgery tuesday to remove a tumor from his brain. he's still in the hospital tonight. he's doing well, but he is in pain. he's expected to be released tomorrow. >> i'm sure this story people are seeing tonight is shocked about what is happening to
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and may not being able to pay his bills. >> it's a real stressful and difficult time and when you don't have the welcome benefits it benefits makes -- the benefits makes it even harder. let's hand it over to mark who has a big change in the forecast. >> i want to send a shout out to mike, neighbor and friend, and we're pulling for you, get better. all right. acon, cloudy skies and -- akron, cloudy skies and a few little isolated flurries trying to form along the leading edge of the warm air, but there's not a lot reaching the ground. clouds are here and we'll have an isolated sprinkle between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. during the wee morning hours but i don't think
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tomorrow, and then the warm air floods in. 29 now, cleveland, 28 akron, 26 canton, 23 for ashtabula. notice west you're warming up, 35 in fremont, 32 ashland and mansfield. 2:45, trying to get a nice little flurry performing. not a lot ahead of the front. by 7 a.m. we're warming up from here on out, by 1:30, 2:00. most of us right around 50 degrees. excellent weather. all in all, not a body weather weekend. bad weather weekend. dew point at 13. now the cold air is here. it is going to retreat very, very quickly. the warm front moving in and these temperatures, 50s by saturday, some of you will touch 60 degrees. sand, a weak front tries to
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bit cooler with a few rain showers, and we've got -- saturday's your best day to get outside. tonight, cloud i skies and an isolated mix in a few spots, clouds, sun mix it will be breezy, breezy, breezy. could see wind gusts tomorrow night into saturday morning above 35 miles-per-hour. 27 night for the akron area and we'll mention a flurry tomorrow, breezy near 50. unbelievable. the rest of the weekend, 58 saturday, sunday, a few showers, mid-40s and then, yeah, back to reality. still february. 30s and 20s next week. our colleague, lion bibs served as emcee at the stephanie jones black history month celebration. >> reporter: civil rights leader andrew young was keynote speaker
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. announcer: now five on your side sports brought to you by: brunswick auto mart. kafs and bulls tonight -- cavs tonight, we'll get to that in a minute. lebron, 25 points, 9 rebounds, nine assists. love, 15 pounds, and 15 rebounds, and christian thomas, back-to-back lay ins. cavs win 106-95, and bigger news for the cavs, and an emotional
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everybody said good-bye to a fan favorite who wanted to play his entire clear in cleveland. two separate trades here. what the cavs got and what the cavs gave up. chancing fry coming to town with orlando, with a $9.6 million trade election, and off to portland along with a protected 20, 18 first round picks, and both andy and jared expecting to be heaving the cavs with two roster spots. >> it's hard work expect for those intensity. those are things that are going to be remembered here. they're incredibly appreciated. it made this trade an incredibly difficult one to do on a human level and in a real sense. it was a very difficult phone call to have. there's very little i've enjoyed less in my professional career than letting him know he was traded. >> i was at the cavs game
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i have to tell you, everybody was just -- it was really de ing depressing. five finds for the magic -- depressing for the mavericks. and how much time will he stay on the floor? that's what you need to watch for, in channing frye. and the team announcing today pay thwarted ways with jim ray, and starks. browns also introducing hugh jackson's coordinators. ray horton back for his second tour of duty as the team's defensive coordinator. his main objective -- you know it -- he wants to build a monitor defense. >> there's book, who moved my cheese. it's about change, constant change in the nfl, and there's going to be change no matter
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and we've got to find a way to become a suffocating championship defense and that's what we're trying to do. do we have work? yes we do. >> we'll see if mark can find his cheese next in weather.
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i think a lot of people feeling very sad about andy. >> we've known andy longer than any other athlete in this town. he's known lebron from high school. and there are a lot of fans bummed out about it. we'll see what happens, and who he gets picked up by. >> we'll miss him. he was good. >> fans love him. >> a lot of wild fans waiting for the game. >> i'm sure. good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kerry washington, ster-waldau, "this week in unnecessary censorship"


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