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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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. new at 5, we have to get to breaking news. a tense standoff ends in garfield heights. >> an armed man was hold up inside a home all night until the situation came to an end and that is an hour ago -- hour ago. nick foley is live at the scene and what happened here? >> we're on granger road. we're a short distance behind me from the intersection and that is where police responded to several cars of shots fired and they raided the home over
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you video of how that went down with two people inside. the house, garfield heights police assisted by a regional s.w.a.t. team along with four other departments and one person was removed in hand gives -- cuff -- handy on cuffs and another brought on you by medics. this is across from elmwood elementary school. of course, tense moments -- obviously, tense moments as well and this has been a problem house for some time here in garfield heights. also, told me that several others were arrested and charged with obstruction. again, some children also in the home that were removed earlier before police raided the house as well and we'll stay on top of the story and bring you updates as we get them throughout the morning. reporting from garfield heights, nick foley, back to you.
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and breaking from the live desk, more than 650 customers without power in carol county. at one point, the number surpassed 4,000 heavy snow earlier in the week causing damage to power lines and utility polls and the centers are open and crews will be back out working on repairs at 6. and let's get a check on the forecast with somara theodore. >> and it's feeling more like spring into the weekend and not just temperatures, though, dealing with windy conditions. 17 miles an hour winds in cleveland. 18 miles an hour winds in elyria. calm in areas like ashland, medina and millersburg. temperatures, 34 degrees in cleveland right now. below freezing in ashtabula and some snow there. that is continuing to push into p.a. and shouldn't be an issue throughout the morning commute.
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forecast and i know. and education have waited and i am feeling 60 on saturday and i might be trying to play a little faith. 57. >> why? and my goodness. like flip flop weather. >> and we have some closures to tell everybody about because of construction. you see it on the maps there and i will zoom into one that would impact a lot of people on 90 west from the west side there and there is a semi blocking the 490 area at 90 eastbound. and you see that semi there on the maps showing the red and the slowdown. and that section is closed. take 490 to 77 as the alternate and canal road, and south third to 9th and closed for construction. and that is the on-ramp at 77 south and exit ramp at 77 north and detour signs will be posted there and this is the semi.
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the scene still and we're going to see it causingby problems. over -- causing big problems. over to you. the mother of a man filing a lawsuit against the city and officers. sarah phinney in the newsroom. what does she want here. >> reporter: the lawsuit is asking for $25,000 in damages and the jury trial. the deadly incident dates back to october and we have footage of the scene. and christopher kimble was hit by the officer. petus was crossing the street and responding to an emergency call at the time and kimble died at the hospital. the lawsuit alleges the city or officer destroyed or failed to record evidence like a body camera footage and claims that the city didn't man 10 the police cruisers and intersections and fall -- failed to properly train the officers and he admitted he didn't many tape the light is run and that one headlight on
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a full copy on the news net 5 app. and right now, a 5 on your side investigation finds lots of cleveland residents with huge water wills they say they're not using. the man who owns this property, you see it there, tells us he's being charged for water that is supposedly blowing into the -- flowing into the business and capped decades ago. and he bought the building in 2008 and got a water bill saying he owes more than $6,500. >> and like that is highway robbery. how will they charge me for something i have never consumed or had or used? >> the water department told us that they did find a fire connection here and there is a quarterly fee for the hookup; however, they will have toern for further inspection. and they hope the charges will be dropped. >> and right now, the stay of -- state of ohio is getting a
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rates for two ohio power companies. the public utilities commission received 55,000 letters against first energy and a -- aep's request and opponents call the plea a bailout. and 550 -- 505. a bullet pierces the ceiling, a woman sitting in the living room shot in the chest. the man in the apartment upstairs said it was an accident but the victim's family is not buying that and the 53-year-old robin bristol said she was watching tv on the couch but happened to lean back. and if she had not, the bullet that came through the ceiling would have had a much more tragic impact. >> and i heard a big boom and at first, i didn't know i was hit and then a saw all of the blood. >> and police say the bullet came from nathanial webb's gun. he said he was cleaning the weapon when it went off and when he was first confronted by
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he denied the shot came from the apartment. the couple plans to move as soon as she is out of the hospital and where the convicted felon is facing a new list of charges. and developing in cincinnati, a man shot to death by officers when he reached for a weapon and was reaching for a pellet gun. the police chief said that three officers fired nine shots when he reached for the fake pistol. at first, he followed the officers' demands to get on the knees and then said he reached for the pellet gun and cell phone video shows him reaching for the waistband. and cleveland police are looking for this man you see on the screen in connection with the double murder from last month. and an arrest warrant claims he filed the shots that killed bandy and james during a robbery in their west 9th street apartment. the police say that johnson knew the victims and an incident report shows officers found what appeared to be
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and the johnny drama continuing. the dallas police have medical records for manziel's ex- girlfriend as they investigate assault accusations against the browns qb. >> and colleen crowry error errorle -- colleen crowley filed a complaint that he hit her and he didn't -- and he didn't appear distressed over the weekend. he was in good spirits here and rapping along to a song with former texas teammate zim michael who posted the video on instagram. it's unknown if he was drinking. the browns will wave him as soon as the new year opens on march 9,th i. and -- 9th. we're learning the former first baseman russ brennan was convicted of trespassing at the ex-girlfriend's, ex-wife's mother's tennessee home. >> and in october, he allegedly broke into the home while the ex-wife was sleeping, taking
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the thermostat. he's facing six months probation and a $1,000 fine. and 5:08 now. i'm terrence lee. >> and i'm jackie fernandez. it's friday, everybody. >> and some interesting stories coming up. this is bizarre. an unexplainable noise keeps people up in one night and a lot of folks are calling this a real life x files. >> and comments about him saying here's not christian.
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. welcome back. 12 after 5 and breaking overnight from the live desk. russia announcing plans to return to mars and the moon. in spite of money troubles. it's space exploration has been unsuccessful the past three decades. a rocket is set to launch the first of two missions to the red planet next month looking for evidence of life and then they will drop a martian rover in 2018. and this could be delayed because of the economic crisis in russia. and jackie and terrence. and cool if that happens, right? donald trump waging a war
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>> the pope criticized trump's proposal to build a wall against the inex can border saying he's not christian. and the pope said that they would think to build bridges and not just walls and trump called the comment disgraceful adding i am christian and proud of it. now some of his political rivals are siding with the businessman. and the new york daily news is not holding back on their issue. you see that? check out the fiery front page. colleen trump, quote, the anti- christ. and referring to the spat between him and the pope and referring to him with lead scaly skin surrounded by flames. >> spent a hot topic in last night's town hall in north carolina and governor case sick pro-pope and saying his holiness has opened the walls and doors of the church to lots of people who did not understand it. jeb bush respects the pope as
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he's not on board with his criticism of those who would build walls at the borders and he said thee doesn't question trump's faith and that it real estate really -- it's really none of his about business and trump added there is a big wall at the vatican and he doesn't like fighting with the pope. the democrats are holding's townhall last night in nevada and it was held at the cleveland clinic in vegas. and bernie sanders considers himself a strong feminist and named an honorary woman years ago. he was responding to an audience question about how a man could understand problems that women face. asked by a sanders supporter if she would release trent of her speeches to financial institutions, hillary clinton said she would be happy to but everyone -- when everyone else does the same thing. and democrats in nevada go to the poems on saturday. -- polls on saturday. clinton and sanders are statistically tied. and new information from the fbi.
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warrant at the home of san brother yesterday. and they have been around four hours at the home and seen taking a computer and folders. and so far, he has not been and apple and the fbi are still at odds over privacy and security. the feds want the tech giant to help with the en-- crack the encryption on the iphone and we're hearing from families saying that apple should cooperate. >> and people complain with the order and we may get justice. it's not going to bring my daughter back. >> and microsoft and google are standing behind apple saying there should be no government- backed doors to your devices. the fbi has not ruled out a possibility of a third person involved in the shooting. and should you have to keep renting the box that gets you cable tv in your house?
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they're moving forward with a proposal to create a standard set of top box giving you access to cable premium and streaming tv channels. you could buy a set box top from any number of makers and no longer rent from the cable company. an average -- on average, that costs you 231 every year. and all right, checking on the forecast. >> and let's do it this morning. we're starting off with the radar. we had snow and a lot of dry air in place and having an issue reaching the ground but it reached in ashtabula and some light snow moving through and that is it. we're done and not worried about snow for the morning commute and nothing major is there but i want to talk to you about the temperatures and that is a major weather headline for today. 34 in cleveland; 32, medina and good morning, millersburg, and chilly in ashtabula at 29 degrees and we're warming up
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cleveland and that is gusting higher than that and it's going to be breezy. the temperatures will make up for it. and a thick layer of clouds continues to dissipate and move out of northeast ohio and making way for a good amount of sunshine. the highs will get the chance to reach the low 50s andup per portfa -- upper 40s. and the snow will have an impact on the temperatures rising and i want to break it down. saturday, 57 and farther south, you might be able to reach 60, you know? into sunday and we'll be into the 40s and that will continue to drop into the remainder of the week. we will see the chances of precipitation pick up to the end of the weekend. and the over to you, kristen. and let's get that live look now on the odot camera and hovering over 90 and 490 and this is before the inner belt bridge.
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still blocking the road and the officers are on the scene and spoke with the ohio state highway patrol. they don't know how long that section is going to be closed. take 490 and 77. we'll keep you posted as soon as we know when it's back open. and look at the closures and this is into the city. a lot to talk about this morning and i will highlight a couple for you throughout the morning. the roads are blocked here because of construction on 105th street and so ob to garny -- carnegie and cedar. both ways from woodland to grand avenue and some closures on canal and 77 and pershing. so much is going on. make sure you follow me on twitter. i will keep you posted. and police in florida are searching for a fast food thief. >> and this is after being caught on camera and following through the roof of a popeye's chicken restaurant. and you see the man there in the wee hours of the morning on january 18th and after
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spend several hours trying to open the safe and police are hoping someone helps them in this investigation and turns him in and that is the end of the story there and also hot on the web. unbelievable. did you see that? this dramatic new video of the private helicopter crashing into the water at pearl harbor in hawaii. we're about to show it again and there are five people in this chopper and a 16-year-old is in critical condition. people may help rescue everyone from the water, though. and well, now bizarre unexplainable noise is keeping one town in oregon a wake at night. >> and now, folks say this is the case for the x files. listen. >> they have wanted to mute your tv new. >> oh, no.
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hearing the strange shriek sound, making it hard for is exactly. out several possible opportunities here, the wildlife and a gas leak. for now, it's mystery that they will have to learn to live with. and they will need -- [ indiscernible ] if you're not especially from that sound for those folksing in that up to, you're not alone. >> and the cdc is saying one in three americans are sleeping less than seven hours a night and that is the minimum recommendation for adults between 18 and 60. so, a whole host of health issues connected with not getting enough sleep, including weight gain, high blood pressure and mental health issues like the depression. if you struggle to sleep, experts say keep a consistent bedtime and wake-up time can help and also, take all of the screens out of your bedroom and put that iphone down.
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pick me up, why a popular new drink tastes magical. >> and speculation surrounding mily and liam this morning. are they married? we'll have an answer next. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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. welcome back. already some traffic trouble spots for you on your friday morning. sorry i had to be a bearer of bad news. we're dealing with the semi block 90 and 490 this morning and so the 90 eastbound ramp right to the inner belt bridge is closed.
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dealing with other closures because of construction. and so we have canal, also 77 and pershing. the -ramp at 77 south is -- the on-ramp at 77 south is closed and 77 and pershing. looking at the odot cameras now, 4 live looks at 71, though, and we're clear in the section. the only real big problem spot is that semi accident and we don't know how long it's going to be blocked. we'll keep you posted and over to you. and so we're talking about the temperatures rising throughout the day. there is a lot of different dynamics. we have a warm front moving in and that is going to help alleviate the colder conditions we have been seeing throughout the week and we have windy conditions on the way. the temps are going to rise into the upper 40s and low 50s as we head throughout the day and west of i-71, you should be above freezing by the time we hit sunrise and this is a look at the weekend forecast. the temperatures in the upper 50s for your saturday. over to you, jackie and terrence.
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weekend warm-up won't melt too much of the snow. the -- [ indiscernible ] kicks off today and that is a winter weekend of fun activities taking place between the great lakes science center and the rock hall with more than 20 areas set up. event will be open to the public starting at 7 tonight until sunday evening. and if you are craving coffee to keep warm, harry potter lovers will love the new starbucks drink. the fans are freaking out on social media saying the limited edition smoked butterscotch law day tastes like butter beer, a popular drink in the fictional world that maybe they had when they went to harry potter world. >> and beyonce's super bowl performance is stirring up controversy. >> hard to forget that performance. we want to show you video to remind you this morning. as you can see, the dancers had on black panther-inspired outfits and others argue it was an antipolice message. miami police new vowing to
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concert there in april. a local union president calling on all police officers everywhere to boycott all of the concerts and the forth coming formation world tour. >> interesting. the dancers were dressed as black panthers and it was the birthplace of the black panthers in oakland, the super bowl in san francisco and 50 years. >> the conversation is not over about that performance. and are mily cyrus and liam helmsworth married? a lot of speculation around the couple here. >> and just last month, she reportedly moved back in with liam and a new report claims they secretly tied the knot in australia over christmas. so far, their reps are not commenting. they found love. >> if so, congratulations to them. >> and -- [ indiscernible ] coming up next, it's cleveland's least favorite time of the year, pothole season. now, florida saying they have a solution. >> and information after that search for a lorain toddler.
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. 5:30 now and to breaking news. a tense standoff ends in garfield heights. >> and ends 90 minutes ago with two people in custody. nick foley is live at the scene. what happened?
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we're on granger road. it's open to traffic. over the shoulder, you can see where the intersection is now. the police responded to several calls of shots fired and they raided the home just about two hours ago. two people were inside at the time they entered the house. we want to show you video new of how this all went down. guys, police surrounded and stormed the house. the garfield heights police assisted by a regional s.w.a.t. team with four other departments. a one-person removal in handcuffs and another man brought out by s.w.a.t. medics suffering from a gunshot wound and was alert. this is happen across from elwood elementary school, making for tense moments overnight. i spoke to an officer on scene who said that others were removed earlier before the shootout, before police readied the home, and including someone charged with obstruction and several children as well.
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and bring you updates as they're available this morning. reporting from garfield heights, nick foley for newschannel 5. and thank you, nick. breaking from the live desk, more than 650 customers still without power in carol county and this is a look at the current outage map for you. at one point, the number surpassed 4,000 heavy snowfall earlier in the week causing damage to power lines and utility poles. the two warming centers are open for anyone without heat. the crews will be back out working on repairs at 6 this morning. and somara, the good news is that we're going to see warmer temperatures today. >> yes, we are and we're starting off in the 30s, quite the contrast of where we started yesterday. i don't know if you remember this, i will be in denial, too, if i had to experience negative numbers on the thursday morning like in asheville. 29 degrees there to start. here is a look at your hour-by- hour. and so, let's just talk about -- actually, today by the hour. i kind of want to break it down
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we're going to see temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s for today. we're not just dealing with that and we're looking at wind speeds. it's going to be pretty windy out there. the winds at 17 miles an hour in cleveland; 18 miles an hour in canton and with the gusts, feeling breezier. and it's okay. the temperatures are kind of balancing that out. >> and i have good news. it was blocking the 90 eastbound ramp to the inner belt and being looks like they cleared it. it's unclear when they're going to open up the road. i will let you know. look at the maps here. all of the closures, as you make your way into the city, that is going to impact your morning commute. and i'm going to highlight some of them for you. it's tough to get them in and you can follow me on twitter for those updates. canal road from -- and that is a road closure for construction, too and a couple of others, 105th carnegie, the cedar and 79 from woodland to grand avenue. keep them in mind heading outside. i will show you where they cleared and we're showing you
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over here, the semi is gone. that is the good news. and no more flashing lights for you. hopefully i will let you know >> thank you. and 5:32. new developments this morning. the family of a man hit and killed by an east cleveland police cruiser suing the officer and the city. and looking into the lawsuit. the family saying police may have mishandled evidence. >> and this is coming after months of frustration for the family. the suit claims the city and the officer destroyed or failed to record and preserve evidence like body camera footage. christopher kimble was crossing the street when he was hit by officer kyle pettus. the lawsuit allegeus that pettus was speeding at the time and only had one headlight working on the cruiser. it goes on to say the city failed to maintain the police cruisers and intersections and didn't properly train officers. in the december report, pettus admitted he didn't activate his lights, sirens, and dash cam. he was responding to an
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the lawsuit is asking for $25,000 of damaging and a jury trial. we have a full copy on the news net 5 app. sarah phinney, newschannel 5. >> thank you. and we continue the coverage on the frantic search for a lorain toddler. the question now, where was she during the four hours she was miss something police did not show any signs of lengthy exposure to the below-freezing temperatures in this 911 call. a family member said she believed lana was abducted. >> saw someone grab her where? >> grab her by the hand and run off with her. >> the police are not sure. they said that utility company in the area did not see anything at the time. and lorain county child services said they're planning their own investigation. >> a lot of information on two babies revived with narcan. the mother is charged with child endangering and the grandmother is being charged with permitting drug abuse.
5:35 am
for toxicology reporting, but they believe the 9-month-old and 20-month-old, 21-month-old, had opiates in their system. trumble county has custody of the children. and 5:34, new this morning, a former first grade teacher will spend the next five years behind bars. jacob garlock pleaded guilty to child porn charges. he was a teacher at eastwood elementary school in overland until last year, when the parent reported him for taking photos of the daughter's feet. once released from prison, he will have to register as a sex offender. and new for you, a summit county man charged with a dozen break-ins across the county. he was arrested after leading police on a chase in a stolen car. the partnerships at the beacon journal said that deputies recovered a number of stolen items, including power tools and a u-haul filled with items and a 2016 winnebago camper. and next on this friday morning, a shocking move, the pope gives contraception the
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lesser of two evils. >> and the wind whips up a firenado and more crazy video
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your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive. american family insurance. . good morning and welcome back. the national weather service issued a wind advisory and that is for these counties. you can see if you're on it.
5:39 am
have a chance of seeing the winds of 50 miles per hour gusting today. and that means that we have to be impaired -- prepared, rather, for impacts like scattered trees and powerline damage. also possible with this, a minor property damage and we could want to issue a wind advisory for those travelling in high-profile vehicles and this is from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and this is peaking this afternoon. over to you, terrence and jackie. and the 5 on your side investigation, our state failing of the people who risked their lives to save ours. we found ohio is one of just 16 states that does not recognize the link between firefighters and cancer. and we have study after study showing that fighting fires is tied to an increased risk of several cancers. a beechwood firefighter battling cancer brought ohio lawmakers and won't pass a bill to give him time off and cover medical costs. >> and i would retire tomorrow
5:40 am
they are the most important thing to me at this time in my life, and they have always been important to me. i would want more time with them. obviously, with my cancer, it's a time thing. >> and sarah looks into why ohio lawmakers won't pass the law. you can see her full investigation on news net 5 app and and let's get to a startling statement from the pope. he's suggesting some women can use birth control. and he said it would be morally acceptable to do that to avoid spreading the zika virus. control and abortion. he rejected abortion as an option, calling it a crime and lesser of two evils. a sandusky charge is taking on the infant moality problem and they're using a technique popular in finland. they're called baby boxes.
5:41 am
register, trinity united methodist church. s to give one to every mother in the city. the church said most babies are dieing because of unsafe sleep practices like sleeping with mom and dad and has a mattress to provide a safe place to sleep, even if the family can't afford a crib. and help yourself to that second cup of coffee this morning. coffee can be good for your liver. the study was done by south hampson university and shows drinking four cups a day can reduce your risk of liver damage linked to drinking by 65%. and they don't know why the coffee is beneficial to the liver and that people should not use the finding to drink those sugary lattes. stay away. and coming up, officer trials put on hold. why maryland's top court is asking for more time. >> and pothole protection. a new car laughing in the face of northeast ohio roads. we'll tell you hard work.
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. breaking overnight from the live desk. prosecutors raiding volkswagon's head office in south korea. this is all part of the investigation into the
5:45 am
we are hearing computer hard drives and documents were confiscated and also homes of some company officials were raided. volkswagon faces legal action over the scandal in multiple countries, including here in the u.s. jackie. and corrina new overnight, the trials for five baltimore police officers charged in freddie gray's death put on hold. maryland's court of appeals delayed them. the signing of the sixth officer can be forced to testify against them. porter went to trial last year and ended with a hung jury. he's ex-- he's expected to be retried later this year. and the race to a white house. a big weekend for both sides. >> and the democrats in a nevada caucus and the republicans in south carolina primary. but, the campaign also dealing with some other issues this morning. here's one of them. the testimony will begin in a lawsuit that could knock ted cruz off of the ballot in illinois. a voter filing suit saying crews should not -- cruz shouldn't be on the ballot because he was born in canada
5:46 am
questioned by donald trump as well and neither campaign commented on the lawsuit. and one of our governor's comments going viral today. he was talking at last night's republican presidential up to hall in south carolina. he tried to counter all of the tough talk from trump and bush with the more compassionate message. you see him there and he hugged the young man. he was going through a rough time and found meaning in kasich's message. he also shared his favorite music. >> listen. fallout boy is one of them. yeah, i like linkoln park and 21 pilots, stressed out. >> and his response ratings raised eyebrows here of people going i had no idea. it's not the first time he mentioned lincoln park as one of the favorite bands. and some new video here. check it out. in australia, people are used to fires and floods but not that. do you know what that is?
5:47 am
in one town and truck loads filling streets and yards. and they're as high as rooftops. the city councilman won't help with the cleanup. it's not considered a fire risk and so they have to clean it up themselves. and check it out this morning. this is what is called a fire nado. can you see it there? the blaze sparked by a lawnmower and the high winds picked it up more. >> and they ripped up the flames causing the twister and that took 12 fire departments to put out the flames. thankfully, not the scene here in northeast ohio. we're waking up to a beautiful day, somara. >> and we are. a windy one, though. thankfully we're not dealing with the fire component and this is a skyline view right now of downtown cleveland. pretty quiet and not bad. and let's go ahead and get to the weather maps. a lot to talk about. we're talking about precip, wind, and temperatures. start off with the precip, a chance of rain and snow. not really in the picture today. we saw it earlier this morning through ashtabula county. again, a lot of dry air in the
5:48 am
and a bit of trouble reaching the ground. now, let's go ahead and talk about how we're going to see the day progress in terms of precip. it's quiet. the clouds start to thin out and give way to sunny conditions this afternoon. more clouds build in and we have a chance of a spotty shower or two overnight. other than that, i would not make rain or snow our weather headline as we head into the weekend. the temperatures, though, a major one. 34 degrees in cleveland. 29 to start in ashtabula. 31 in wooster and it's going to get warmer from here. we're expecting highs today to reach about 50 degrees. could be warmer depending on where you live. all right, so let's talk about the wind now. the wind advisory has been put in place. it starts at 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. and this is restricted to the areas west of cleveland and areas like richland, ashland county, huron as well and erie county. you could be seeing wind gusts of 15 miles an hour and be careful with the power lines, high-profile vehicles on the
5:49 am
with not bad. the peak for these wind gusts is going to be this afternoon. okay. and here's your power-of-5 seven-day forecast. the temperatures reaching the upper 50s and upper 50s by saturday and we're back down into the 20s overnight next week. >> i don't understand how this is possible when we're in february. i will take it. and we're seeing smooth sailing on the inner belt bridge. see the yellow cars there? they're going under the speed limit. the semi overturned at 90 eastbound, before the bridge all clear. we're good to go there and elsewhere, though, closures in the downtown area. canal road southbound, third tonight and closed because of construction. another one to highlight, 77 in pershing. the on-ramp at 77 south is closed and the exit at 77 north. elsewhere on 90, we are nice and calm. a nice comfortable commute for you in the morning. not seeing any problems there. back to you guys. and in consumer news this morning, forcing the -- ford's nextfusion will have a new pothole protection technology.
5:50 am
shock absorber system that stiffens when sensors defect a crater in the -- detect a crater in the world. it keeps it elevated instead of drop into this hole. the technology is only available in some luxury cars. >> and we this weekend, more than a million wal-mart workers are getting a pay raise. tomorrow, the company boosting the minimum wage to $10 an hour. the change applies to virtually all of wal-mart's hourly workers. the pay raises will cost the company an additional $1.5 billion just this year. and imagine free wifi accessible nearly anywhere. and that is the plan in the works for new york city. the city's mayor announced a plan that would use old pay phone booths as communication hubs, each with free wifi, usb charging ports and a tablet for browsing the internet. over a dozen are up and running and the city hopes to have 500 high-tech potholes open by july and 7500 the next seven years. >> and you can soon have
5:51 am
mcdonald's for breakfast. >> the fast-food chain trying to tan up the southern classic chicken and waffles in ohio. take a look. and this is that chicken mcgriddle and surrounded by a pair of maple syrup filled buns. mcdonald's is testing out the sandwich in central ohio. >> folks what, you see on the screen is not what that is supposed to look like. go to the south side and try it there. >> at least let us know on folk if you would give this oner -- know on facebook if you would give this a shot. and coming up next, saying goodbye to a conservative leader. the services begin for justice scalia and it's not without controversy. >> and suing over furniture. brooklyn is not ruling out legal action after ikea drops
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. let's talk about what is trending this morning.
5:53 am
picture is worth a thousand words, right? >> oh, yeah. >> and there is one picture with a lot of jaws dropping, leaving them speechless. do you see that? gilmer academy beat northeast ohio prep school, 108-1. in the d-3 sectional tournament. gilmer's coach tells us that his teen tried to make it fair. >> and we let them shoot. it was unfortunate that they went 0 for 28. and that doesn't happen. i have never seen it. this is my 36th year as a head coach. and i have never seen an z-fer game. >> -- a 0-fer game. >> he congratulated gilmer on the win and that they're incredibly talented. and check out this grandma from pennsylvania celebrating her 85th birthday and doing it by making snow angels. this video has been seen more
5:54 am
local celeb and she always had a playful personality and grandma said she's been making snow angels since the six kids were little. and no snow angels for us. >> and no, maybe actual angels. that is going to be windy out there. and let's look at how the day is planning out. if you live in richland, ashland, sandusky or huron county, i have something for you. the rest of us, you're going to wake up and it's going to be cloudy it's warm out here for in the low 50s. and as we head into the overnight hours, you will be kickoff restaurant week. the temperatures will be fairly nice. and we're looking fine as you make your way from the city and south 77 and 76 looking okay. dealing with the closures
5:55 am
downtown and that -- and into that cleveland area and we have some issues with 77 and pershing. the on and exit ramps are closed and let's go outside for the views and this is 90 in kennilworth and starting to pick up and this is a trouble spot i should say, jackie. and developing this morning, the city of brooklyn is up in arms over ikea's decision to scrap a store in their city and they're nodule -- ruling out legal action here and they're blaming the army core of engineers and they the building site. he said the ability to allow a plan costs brooklyn 350 new jobs. >> this is one of the largest injustices to the people of northeast ohio. we have an agency here that really is not serving the
5:56 am
>> if the army corps clears the land for building, they will reconsider coming to brooklyn. a family is offering a large reward for information about the murder of their loved one. it's been more than a year since patrick finney was tied up and shot inside his collectibles shop. at one point, the man was charged with murder. but the summit county office asked the city of akron to dismiss the charges. the victim's family feels frustrated and putting up $10,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. >> and i wanted to end up finding out who could have done this horrendous thing. >> police believe more than one person was involved and the hope is that there will be renewed focus on the case and there will be is justice for patrick and the family. and some of the stories we're following today. >> memorial services began for supreme court justice anthony skaly a. the public will be -- scalia.
5:57 am
his casket will be carried into the hall at 9:30 this morning. president obama and the first lady will pay respects ited and they won't attend tomorrow's funeral and that is drawing consideret simp from the republicans. the white house said it's because he doesn't want to create a security nightmare for the family. and the attorney is -- attorney is due in court today and facing charges for lying to police. the, rapement was set for last week. what was delayed until today. -- arraignment was set for last week. the pleasing say that phone records prove otherwise. you might have seen the bright pink elevator and rib on know on the outside -- ribbon on the outside of the metro health elevator. it comes to an end today. the elevateddor company put together the display to raise more than $10,000 for the susan g. komen of northeast ohio foundation.
5:58 am
and women in the area battling breast cancer. and next at 6, a canton woman shot in the chest sitting in her living room. now, she's talking about the moment from her hospital bed. >> and johnny manziel back to his partying ways? did you see the video there? while dallas police build a case against him. >> and breaking news in garfield heights.
5:59 am
6:00 am
breaking news at 6:00. a tense standoff ends in garfield heights. >> an armed man was hold up inside a home all night long until the situation came to an end with shots fired. our nick foley is live at the scene. what is the latest? >> reporter: we are on granger road. you see the intersection a little bit behind me up the hill. the police responded to several calls of shots fired at a house where you see the police lights and they were able to remove several people from inside and including kids. later, raided the home with two men left inside and this is video of how it looks when police entered the house. with an -- [ indiscernible ] surrounded by s.w.a.t. team as well. they stormed the house in and then garfield heights police with four other departments, one person was removed from that home in handcuffs and another man brought out by a s.w.a.t. medics team on a stretcher


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