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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. good afternoon, everybody. this is leon bibb. it was a tense overnight run-in with police in garfield heights resulting in four people taken into custody and an 18-year-old suffering from a gunshot injury to the leg. nick foley has more on the
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>> reporter: this whole thing began as calls of shots fired in granger and tourney road. when the police arrived on scene, they were directed by witnesses to this house behind me, where they say a suspect had gone into. the police removed several people from inside the house they say were being uncooperative and a s.w.a.t. team raided the house with two people left inside regional s.w.a.t. members using a flash bag as they surrounded and moved the house. and one was removed, handcuffed and another 18-year-old brought out on a stretcher who police tell us suffered a gunshot wound. the workers a few doors down, concerned about their children and telling us this is not the first time police were called to this house. >> and there cement -- seems to be a lot of situations at that house. seems they're safe. all that matters. >> reporter: a total of four people were taken into custody, some were charged with obstruction. reporting from garfield heights, nick foley,
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and the divorce attorney for a woman who was murdered in downtown cleveland three years ago was in the courtroom himself. bond for gregory moore has been set at $5,000. moore's facing charges for lying to police during the investigation of the murder of eliza sherman. and that police investigation is still open. the arraignment for gregory moore had originally been scheduled for last week, but it was delayed until this morning. eliza sherman was killed outside of moore's office in 2013. her murder was one day before to begin. and moore clammed he was in the office at the time; however, cleveland police say phone records show otherwise. and a second -- let's check in on the road situation. weather forecast. deliver better weather. we have minimal sunshine, clouds and temperatures are warming fast for us. taking you into akron and where
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south-southwest winds at 23 miles an hour and making it feel like 48 degrees. the numbers are going up and so are the winds. the wind advisory for western locations including eerie and huron and richland and ashland counties and that is until 9:00 p.m. tonight. we could see gusts as high as 50 miles per hour. and notice one of the advisor -- what the advisory is, and that is our highest wind, 44 miles per hour gusts in mansfield and high in cleveland, too, and akron and canton all pushing 30. the morning temperatures were in the 30s but we jumped up fast. 47, cleveland now. 48, medina and mansfield. fifty, menner and 50 in menner. 42 for ashtabula. , 49, coshockton and that is because was strong winds that we're warming up the temperatures. we're a good 25 degrees above yesterday at this time. the daytime high is 50. and may surpass that as we continue the warming trend. leon, we'll talk about rain coming in next.
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thank you, tera. and there are new details about an elyria mother facing child endangerment charges. the two know-year-old destiny calhoun milton left her two- year-old and five-year-old sons alone for about 30 minutes. elyria police officers were first alerted to the case because neighbors heard a child screaming and crying. when confronted, calhoun milton told officers her sister was with the boys and eventually admitted to leaving the kids alone. and a police officer is recovering from being kicked in the head trying to make an arrest. this woman kicked the officer and threatened to kill several others in the city jail. the woman was taken in on outstanding warrants and she's charged with intimidation, felony assault and resisting arrest. a former first grade teacher will spend the next five years in prison. jacob garlock pleaded guilty to child porn charges. reports -- wants he was a teacher at eastwood
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until last year, when a parent her daughter's feet. it was later discovered that garlock had a collection of child pornography and once he's released from prison, he will offender. around ohio, educators can't figure out why a teenager showed up at a high school, a state lawmaker. the teenager toured the school and spoke eloquently to students about case. it was recently in sycamore, in wyandot county where state senator david burke was scheduled to speak in mohawk high school in january. in late december, 18-year-old isaiah aikens drove up and said the senator had asked him to come instead. he reportedly looked the part of a fellow lawmark, well- dressed and well-spoken, even had a personal driver.
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the senator fell ill and he was there to take his place. and speak. >> well, it was not until weeks later officials discovered the fog when the real state senator showed up for his scheduled engagement. and happening today, a group of concerned togethers hopes the protest will send a message to city hall. the group said that the way the city is reducing the deer population is inhumane. the mayor said there are about 20 more deer roaming than the city can handle. the group will protest the plans to cull the herd at 6:30 tonight. the group is proposing alternative methods like birth control as ways to dim the herd that does not involve killing the deer. and downtown cleveland restaurant week starts today. this year, more than 50 restaurants are offering multicourse lunch and dinners
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restaurant week runs until february 28th and you would find a list of all places taking part and their menus as well. >> many are celebrating the weather warm-up forecast for the weekend, others hope that temperatures will remain on the colder side. the north coast harbor ice fest kicks off today and it will be a winter weekend of fun and activities on that plot of ground between the great lakes search and seizure center and rock'n'roll hall of fame and more than 20ize displays will be open to the public. and ahead, the late justice scali allays in repose right now and we'll share the plans to remember him this weekend. >> and in democracy 2016, the governor is calling for a bipartisanship. while the other candidates do
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>> and jail time is likely for the so-called affluenza teen. what has changeed in his case. news at the noon hour on a
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sad news from the world of literature. the author of "to kill a mockingbird" died. harper lee pinned that novel in phone 61 and it became a defining text on the racial
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the novel led to the hugely popular movie of the sage title. until last year, harper lee was regarded somewhat as a one-book wonder. how far, a sequel to mockingbird was released, although it was against her wishes. harper lee, dead today at age 89. and developing right now, a teenager is in critical condition in hawaii after a tour helicopter crashed into pearl harbor and five people were on board when it went down yesterday and witnesses capture said this epcredible video of the moment it crashed. >> and that is coming low and straight at me and it seemed out of place and not normal, so i switched to video and shot the video clip and the rest you can see. >> and people saw the helicopter crash and jumped into the harbor and helped pull the victims to shore.
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and just in, the case of the so-called affluenza teen will be transferred to adult court. the transfer means even couch couldn't get up to months in jail. the attorneys will not fight the transfer. couch has been in juvenile court after has extradition from mexico last month and he was sentenced to probation for killing four people in a dui crash. that was in 2013 when he was 16 years of age. ahead, no, this is not a waterfall of fire. we'll share what is happening in yosemite national park right now. we're going to do this. >> and a warmfront already playing 50s on the maps. fifty, euclid and menner. how warm will we get? that forecast is coming up in
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. a memory of justice anthony scalia. the officials and public are lining up to pay their respects to one of the most influential and controversial justices to sit in the high court. stephanie ramos is in washington, d.c., handling the story.
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after his passing, the supreme court justice anthony scalia is mourned in our nation's capital. court police serving as pallbearers and former law clerk serving as honorary pallbearers. the casket carrying his body slowly brought up the supreme court steps to lay in repose of the great hall of the court of the same pedestal that held the casket of president abraham lincoln. one of the great rooms of washington, somber and filled with light. inside, the justices standing in the order where they sit on the supreme court bench. >> let us pray for the coming of the kingdom. >> reporter: his son, who is a priest, father paul scalia, offering a prayer. >> in your wisdom, you called your servant out of this world. >> reporter: the new york mayor, a conservative icon, the first italian-american on the high court and the longest- serving justice. the anger the conservative -- anchor of the conservative wing of the supreme court and his
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>> the judges, lawyers and students and profoundly shaped the legal landscape. >> justice scalia was an american hero. he was a lion of the law. >> reporter: justice scalia's family, including his nine children and 36 grandchildren and friends and president obama and the first lady will pay their respects today inside a building where he built a legacy. after the private ceremony, the public viewing began. his casket can be viewed by mourners until 8 tonight and the funeral is set for tomorrow in washington, d.c., at the basilica of the immaculate shrine of conception. and more on the story throughout the day. in the meantime, presidential candidates are wrapping up for a big weekend. the democrats meet for the nevada caucuses as republicans are going on the offensive in south carolina.
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and in an interview, senator sanders accused hillary clinton of embracing president obama's policies in an attempt to appeal to black voters. at last night's up to hall, she fired back. >> i don't know where this came from. and maybe it's that senator sanders was not a democrat until he decided to run for president. >> in the meantime, the republican contest is getting ugly. and ahead of tomorrow's south carolina primary, ted cruz is taking heat thursday for a photo shop picture of marco rubio. donald trump is facing fallout from everyone over how he handled criticism from the pope. and ohio governor john kasich whose message this morning was one of the need to work together. >> if we want to solve the problems of the border, social security, wage growth, a balancing budget, if we want to do these things, you can't do it with one party. you have to have others working
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>> and kasich participated in last night's town hall. the most talked about response was from him and his taste of music. and. >> this may look like fire flowing off of a cliff at yosemite national park, it's not fire and you see a optical illusion called firefall and this is created when the -- and the angle of the sun has to be just right and that happens a couple of weeks in february and when it does, it's a bonanza for photographers and they call it firefall. >> and that looks like lava. >> yeah. >> and nice pictures. wonderful and glad to share them with you. and some frozen waterfalls out. >> we'll take the thaw when we
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>> and we get to enjoy it. let's look outside as we start this afternoon with a little more sunshine here in wayne county. wooster, beautiful. and notice the snow on the ground. yes, that is going to fade away for us today and tomorrow meaning we're going to have muddy paw prints in the house for sure and we'll take it and as the warm front lifts to the north, that is making a difference now. 61 in cincinnati; 47 in cleveland and you have 70s back here toward st. louis in february and not normal. that warm air bringing in some strong southern winds and that is delivering on the warmer temperatures and this is 25 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time and 47, cleveland and wooster and akron, ashtabula, one of the cooler locations at 42 degrees and we do have a wind advisory for a few of our counties. eerie, huron, richland and ashland counties until 9:00 p.m.
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looking at those winds, the gusts, as high as 50 miles an hour. many of us more so around 30 and still, very windy out there and cloudy as well. with the wind gusts noticeable until the evening overnight hours. i think they're going to start to drop into the teens. still on the breezy side for your saturday and -- saturday and they're delivering on the much above normal air. teens as we push toward saturday afternoon and breaking down the rest of the day for you, still warmer and cloudy at 52. the day i'm tie and overnight lows into the 40s and not a significant dropoff and rain chances pop up. and they're not impressive. the east siders, a better chance here into the evening hours from 7 to 10 and there is that chance. and we do see the clouds and leaving sunshine for saturday and temperatures warm into the mid- and upper 50s and rain not impressive and we do see a
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we move toward your sunday timeframe. 52 today and enjoy it. we're on the radio. check us out there, too.
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. well, what do you think? >> 52 today and lots of clouds. windy for us, too and a better
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a company in hot pursuit of a suspect. >> stopped for a parole violation. wasn't having any of it. >> see the crazy moment he's finds a way out. [ bleep ]. >> he is in pretty bad t takes in a scared pup. >> this dog was legislated to be put down. >> just wait until you see the


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