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tv   Live on 5  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and we learn the concern that led to his arrest may be unsettling but not illegal. >> that's probably traumatizing their children. new tonight, two people facing more than 100 charges and a human trafficking ring involving children busted. we've heard from the good doctor. a teen arrested for pretending to be the real deal. now his business partner is telling his side of the story. >> i wanted to ask him, you know, come clean. is this true? but first at 5:00, we have a weather alert. mighty winds whipping across northeast ohio. could become dangerous in the evening. >> people to the west of cleveland fighting through gusts up to 50 miles per hour. chief meteorologist mark johnson, there are a lot of people under wind advisories. >> right on, lee. even outside the wind advisory we're seeing gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour right thiern greater cleveland and akron area. let's show you first of all a downtown cleveland skyline
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temperatures have warmed up into the 50s. but as i mentioned yesterday and the day before, the only way you get warm temperatures like this into northern ohio in the middle of winter is you need a stiff wind to do it. and that's what we have. so wind advisories out for erie and huron, ottawa, richland and ashland counties through 9:00 p.m. but folks, the winds are gusting everywhere. look at the current wind gusts in cleveland. 31 miles per hour. 31 miles per hour in elyria. mansfield's gusts right new 41. norwalk at 34. so it's definitely going to be a blustery evening. if you are going out and about put on extra hairspray. keep the hair lack good. we've got temperatures in the 50s to near 60 degrees. your evening timeline will drop you into the 40s. it's going to stay mild but it's also going to stay windy. a slow decline in our wind speeds. the advisory to talk about. temperatures going way up tomorrow. how warm? plus, we're tracking a return
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all that coming up. bizarre photos of feet became a fixation for a former everyland teacher. and that foot fetish of first grade girls cost him his freedom. >> the teacher was sentenced to nearly five years in federal prison. megan hickey joins us live with new details on how it came to light. >> reporter: investigators tell me it was a tip to the fbi about a teacher photographing a student's feet that uncovered a child porn stash on that teacher's computer. an overlapped first grader came home from school one day last february and told her mom that jacob garlock, her teacher, brought her into a room, asked her to remove her socks and should, and took pictures of her bare feet. while unsettling to parents -- >> for kids, that's probably traumatizing. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney
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>> it's certainly not a federal violation. it's clearly inappropriate. >> reporter: but was the mother's complaint to law enforcement that got the fbi involved. agents interviewed garlock at his house where they found several pornographic pictures. >> the images were of children under the age of 16 but they were not affiliated with the school. >> the u.s. attorney's office told me it was more than enough to file charges. garlock pled guilty. in court his lawyer argued that the root of this crime was a sexual fixation with feet and an internet search for related images led to the child porn. a judge sentenced him to the next 57 months in prison. investigators told me garlock mate still be a first grade parent's complaint. >> that was key. that's what the parents need to look out for, anything that's right. >> reporter: i spoke with the district superintendent after garlock pleaded guilty. it's important to note that none of those actual child
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overland students. garlock was placed on leave immediately following that complaint. megan hickey, newschannel5. also new at 5:00 a 150- count reindictment has been handed up against two people accused of unspeakable crimes against children. 5 on your side investigator jonathan walsh joins us now. we understand this involves child pornography. >> it is, frank, just horrible, i'm talking horrible acts, the most serious committed between june of 2014 and july of 2014. the charges have been leveled against 40-year-old andrew boy ton and a 37-year-old, anika george. not only does it accuse these two of sexual acts against four boys turned age of 14 and one girl who may have mental disabilities, but it also says george took pictures and video. george was arrested and boin ton was added. he was already in prison for rape when he called george to
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then he would listen on the phone while they were carried out. ace combed through the indictment i found it includes 55 counts of rape, 19 counts of kidnapping, seven counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, and one count of traffic in person. plus, 42 counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity oriented material or performance. some of the documents say the pair forced the children to engage in sexual acts with each other and with george. now for a newschannel5 investigation. we are asking tough questions after an elyria mother admitted to us she left her two children home alone. now she's charged with child endangering but we learned language in ohio's home alone law is pretty vague. only our derick waller spoke with that mother today. derick is at the elyria police department. what did she have to say? >> reporter: that 21-year-old mother did admit to me to
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alone but she says this is not what it seems. however, police and the neighbor who called 911 disagree. >> elyria police. >> yes, i'm calling because there is a girl in the building that has left the building and left her kids in her apartment. >> reporter: that call just after 9:00 on tuesday night at the arlington square apartments on david drive now have children services involved. >> police said they heard screaming. they heard kids screaming. is that not true? >> after they knocked on the door for 10 minutes, of course my son is going to wake up when he hears bang on the door. >> reporter: she said she only left her children alone for a few minutes to go to the grocery store across the street. >> i was gone for no more than ten minutes, then the lady across the hall called. >> when is it okay to leave a child home alone? >> ohio does not after law that
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your children home alone. >> reporter: one expert says it's all about good judgment. but this happens so often, the department made these educational handouts. she said parents need to consider their child's maturity level and time of day and tell them what to do if someone knocks on the door or calls on the phone. but she adds this warning. >> should something happen, the parent is responsible and libel for those -- for whatever has happened. >> reporter: children services did confirm to me that they have never been to this woman's home before, but they are investigating this case, talking to this woman, trying to make sure this never happens again. live in elyria, derick waller, newschannel5. right now, many in the nation in mourning after the death of reclusive novelist harper lee. >> her child's eye view of racial injustice in to kill a
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reading for millions of young people. lee's spokesman says she died peacefully. she wrote in her hometown of monroeville. that inspired the back's southern town. she dominated headlines last year when she released a sequel novell called "go set a watchman." and her death comes just days after another loss. supreme court justice antonin scalia lies in repose inside the supreme court for visitation today. this is a live look at those coming to pair their final respects. the visitation will last well into the evening, allowing public officials and the public to say good-bye. >> and within the past hour president obama and the first lady were there to pay their respects. right now our stephanie ramos is live outside the supreme court with a look at how the
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>> reporter: the body of the late justice antonin scalia is lying in repose at the supreme court where he built his legacy as a conservative icon. it's his final visit to this building where he was a commanding presence the last three decades. hundreds of mourners lining up in the cold at the supreme court to honor the late justice antonin scalia. >> scalia has been a figure in my life for my whole lifetime, and his opinions are very influential. >> he set an example for americans that you can stand up on principle, you can stand up for the laws. >> reporter: court police serving as pallbearers, and nearly 100 former clerks serving as honorary pallbearers. the flag-draped casket slowly brought up the steps to lie in repose at the great hall on the same pedestal that held the casket of president abraham lincoln. inside, the eight remaining justices standing in order, and
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short private ceremony, scalia's portrait on display flanked by wreaths from the senate and the house of representative. >> let he is pray for the coming of the kingdom. >> reporter: one of scalia easons who is a priest offering a prayer. >> in your wisdom you have called your servant an to anyone out of this world. >> reporter: a new york native, the first italian-american on the high court and the longest serving justice. president obama and first lady michelle obama among those paying their respects. >> this is an opportunity for the president to both pay his personal respects to those who loved justice scalia but also pay tribute to the outsized ill pact that he had on our country and our legal system. >> mourners can view scalia's casket until 8:00 tonight. vice president joe biden and his wife will attend the funeral mass tomorrow here in washington. at the supreme court, stephanie ramos for newschannel5. happening now we're
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tape. a helicopter on a sightseeing tour over hawaii crashes into pearl harbor. >> chris flanagan joins us in the newsroom with the new developments. >> frank, lee that crash, the video shows what happened after the crash. we're seeing for the first time strangers jumping in the water to help out. here is the chopper plunging into the water. it happened feet from shore. you can see witnesses diving into that murky water to rescue that family, plus the pilot. one by one they all did surface from the water. but a 15-year-old boy could not free himself from his seatbelt. he remains in critical condition. one of the rescuers says it was a pretty harrowing order daily. >> we were able to slightly cut through, and it took a long time, six or seven minutes. >> the helicopter, a single engine five-seat aircraft was built in 1979. the tour company not commenting on the crash. ntsb investigators are on scene right now.
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the navy is actually helping in the recovery process. frank, lee. >> all right, thank you, chris. our own governor has gone viral. >> the press ramping up for governor kasich's white house bid. now a tender moment with one of his supporters that brought both men to tears is garnering even more attention. we reveal it is a moment he's famous for. and this week's stroll through leon bibb's mayo hi 0. the surprising visitor we met along the way. that's at 5:45. we had real people make their own pizzas.
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now to democracy 2016 and the race for the white house. voters in south carolina and nevada go to the polls tomorrow. hillary clinton today got a huge endorsement. south carolina congressman jim jim clyburn said he is backing clinton. a big win could slow sanders' momentum. >> i believe that the future of the democratic party and the
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be best served with the experiences and know-how of hillary clinton as our 45th president. >> well, another first lady out on the campaign trail today, barbara bush, rallying with her son, former florida governor jeb bush. political analysts saying bush needs a real strong showing in south carolina tomorrow. if not, his campaign for president could be over sunday. lee, frank. now, all new at 5:00, you may have seen our governor making more national news since he came in second place in the new hampshire primary. >> today as he campaigns ahead of tomorrow's primary he is making rounds in the media yet again. this time, john kosich, you're in the newsroom with something he did yesterday that still has people talking. >> it was something that kasich has become known for. the hug. travel the town hall circuit with governor kasich and you will see it. the hug. that point of connection with a voter usually going through a difficult time.
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talked of losing a father figure to suicide, his parents going through a divorce and his dad losing his job. >> i was in a really dark place for a long time. i was pretty depressed. but i found hope, and i found it in the lord and in my friends. and now i've found it in my presidential candidate that i support, and i would really appreciate one of those hugs you've been talking about. [ applause ] >> the moment would be seen by millions. reaction from the crowd and the national media the same. >> it's moments like that, that don't get enough attention. >> i have to admit -- >> i'm teared up. >> an extraordinary moment. it's been happening to me all over. we all need to slow down a
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there are a lot of people out there who are lonely and are looking for a place to tell people about their issues. could you believe that? >> kasich holding three more events today with stops tomorrow in virginia, vermont, and massachusetts where he will host a south carolina primary watch party tomorrow night outside boston. live in the newsroom, john kosich. >> give me another one, i'll take that. >> you feeling left out? >> give her a hug. bring it on in. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> i feel the hug. >> can you slow that wind down out there? wrecking the hair. >> you just nail your shoes and your hair right down. i got 35 miles per hour hair aquanet on there right now. >> the power of aquanet. >> 57 degrees. 57 degrees. let's appreciate this temperature, please. 57 downtown.
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so we can't totally enjoy this, because it feels a little cooler thanks to 30 miles per hour wind gusts downtown cleveland, 57 downtown, 53 parma. 49 in orange. come on, orange! what's going on? we've got mid-50s brunswick, north royalton, hopkins, even avon lake. even next to the lake you're in the mid-50s because the wind is strong enough, there's? lake breeze. you've got a 30, 40 miles per hour wind out of the south. there's no chance for colder air to come in on that lake breeze. not going to happen. shelby 59. currently 61 in ashland. beautiful weather. ashtabula. a lot of snow to melt. fremont at 59. look at these wind gusts.
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elyria, and fremont as well. so it is going to remain blustery. this is a vigorous storm. look at all the wind it's producing. the wind fields, anything in purple is wind above 30 miles per hour. you can seat covers about 15 states worth. we have a wind advisory for the western third of our viewing area generally. erie and huron, down to mansfield and ashland. but the rest of the region, you're still going to have blustery conditions. i just want to shout out to my neighbors. i apologize for the garbage cans. they have been out in the street all day. i picked them up three times. they just keep on blowing. clouds were in and out. here's the thing. we actually after cold front. i'm going draw it in. it's a weak cold front right here. this thing is going to slide in overnight tonight. the problem we're going to have, it's counterintuitive for me to forecast warmer air for tomorrow than today behind the cold front, but we're going to do it.
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it may stir up a spot sprinkle tonight. a low near 46 degrees. tomorrow let's go for it. ta-da! frank, lee, 60. start throwing money. mainly sunny, breezy, warm, 60. all right? hopefully no lake breeze. i don't think so, all right. come on, my akron-canton forecast didn't take in the computer. you are going to be low in the mid-40s, and tomorrow you should see 62 in the akron- canton area. sunday cooling down. we've got a mix coming in, 45 degrees, 32 by monday. so enjoy tomorrow. get out and grill. they need to pay. they need to fund gcht we need some help. >> one of the victims of a drunk driving crash shows up at a court hearing for ethan couch, the so-called affluenza teen. how family members say that crash changed their lives forever and what the judge
5:22 pm
new at 6:00, hundreds of pothole complaints left unanswered for years. our pothole patrol is digging into the city's failures and
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. new developments in the case against a texas teenager whose attorney brought on that term affluenza. >> his case is now being moved from juvenile to adult court. a judge made that decision and ordered ethan couch be detained for ten days while he reviews the case and decides the new terms of his probation. couch was 16 when he got behind the wheel drunk and ended up killing four people. one of those injured was sergio molina who was riding in the back of couch's pickup truck when the wreck happened. he was thrown from the truck and left paralyzed. his brother spec about how that family's life was forever
5:26 pm
>> take a look. y'all have not been to my house and seen what we have to change every day for my brother to stay stable. >> couch's attorney argued the teen was too rich to understand right from wrong. he got 10 years probation which he recently violated when he fled to mexico. now they are both back in the states facing new charges. you've heard from the teen accused of pretending to be a doctor. today his business partner is sitting down to talk about the raid on his practice. >> if he is lying, the government needs to hire him. he's good. >> still ahead, all new at 5:00, the government documents that make it hard for this man
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a live look from washington right now. supreme court justice antonin scalia is lying in repose inside the building where he served for decades. hundreds of people, including members of congress, two potential nominees to replace scalia, as well as president and mrs. obama paid their respects today. the eight sitting supreme court justices attended a private ceremony earlier. a cleveland man already serving time in prison and an outside associate are accused of unspeakable crimes against children. an drew boin ton and annika george face charges against three boys under 14 and one 14- year-old girl who may have mental disabilities. a mother who admitted to newschannel5 she left her two children home alone while she
5:31 pm
child endangering charges. a neighbor called 911 when she saw the woman leave her elyria apartment. she told us she was only gone for 10 minutes. let's check in with chief meteorologist mark johnson. what a mild afternoon. >> a mild afternoon butt comes with a price. when it's warm in february you know you've got winds bringing in that warm air. a wind advisory through 9:00 p.m. erie, huron, ashland, all the way west to the state line, toledo and findlay as well. it is very blustery. dover-new philly at 56789 cleveland currently dry, cloudy for the most part, 54. mansfield at 56. look at the wind gusts. currently 41 miles per hour. 31 for cleveland and elyria, 29 in wooster. it will continue to be blustery through the evening and the overnight although wind speeds should subside below advisory
5:32 pm
but here we go. 50s all the way through 10:00 p.m. it's going to stay mild, breezy, and dry. we do have a little bit of rain coming our way, and a big contrast in temperatures between saturday and sunday. i will show what you i mean coming up. tonight video is surfacing of a woman kicking and thrashing inside a moving police cruiser. >> that woman was arrested after struggling with and even kick an officer. bob jones is live on 5 in mass is massillon. and this woman was already known to cops. >> reporter: massillon police were on alert that she could be a danger. officers say the video proves they had good reason to worry. check out this massillon police cruiser video given to us showing a 26-year-old handcuffed but still kicking a window with steel bars.
5:33 pm
sams her head into the plexiglass window separating the cop who is driving from the a prisoner, behavior that is both alarming and dangerous. >> we don't want to injure any other public members or any of our officers, and we don't want the suspect injured either. >> reporter: the trouble started when police went to arrest her on warrants. but police tell me she hid in the attic. as she was pulled out she kicked one of the cops. >> she started kicking him, caught him a couple of tames in the chest and the face area. >> reporter: that officer suffered a minor injury. meanwhile the struggle continued. even handcuffs didn't stop the violence. >> she's thrashing around, bashing her head around. she ended up head-butting myself who was escorting her, in the right side of the face. >> reporter: inside that cruiser the head banging continued as a sergeant took her first to the hospital for evaluation, then to jail where
5:34 pm
>> i think our officers showed great restraint. there was no pepper spray needed to be used, no tasers needed to be used. >> reporter: and tonight that woman is being held in the stark county jail on new charges, including resisting arrest, intimidation, and assault on a police officer. live in akron tonight -- or rather massillon tonight, bob jones, newschannel5. new information on the florida teen arrested for posing as a doctor. today the teen's business partner from their florida medical practice is explaining why he's still not sure what to believe. he spoke with terry parker. when undercover sheriff's deputies marched him out of his office in handcuffs his new business partner stood in shock. >> i wanted to ask him, come clean. is this true?
5:35 pm
the claims were legitimate, and his diplomas from colleges he claims he attended were real questions. >> i didn't have doubts. i had doubts when you first did the interview with us. >> reporter: he said love- robinson assured him he was a real naturopathic doctor. he says the teen even got approved for medicaid. >> in order to take medicaid proof. and the proof is a doc number. how did he get the doc number? >> reporter: tuesday a female deputy came in posing as a patient. listening on a wire, deputies came in for the arrest. >> they came in, and they were like, put your hands on the table.
5:36 pm
for two days and is bothered by charges that he stole thousands from a female patient. >> the fact that they're saying he robbed that old lady, that's what's bothering me. i couldn't think that he would do that, i really couldn't. >> reporter: but for now he's clinging to a thin hope that his partner is somehow telling the truth. >> i don't know whether he's lying or not. i do know one thing. if he is lying, the government needs to hire him. he's good, if he's lying. >> reporter: tonight love robinson is out on bail. he insists he never misrepresented himself and wants to open a new practice when all of this blows over. frank. leon's journey through ohio takes a surprising turn. a visit to a jewish heritage museum brings us the story of a holocaust survivor. but first, did you win? those are your wing lot tree
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indeed the thaw has begun. in my world of weather if you heard a lot of clanking outside today, it was probably ice falling off your roof, or maybe your garbage can lid smashing into your window due to the wind. warmer air means they're making maple syrup. you can watch them make it on sunday of this weekend. a great sign of spring when they're making syrup. sharon sent in the fight between winter and spring, the icicles. look at that. 50 degrees right there. let me go back one. come on. there we go. notice the ice curling off the top of this tin roof. love that.
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sure signs of spring. markjweather on twitter.
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this will make you emotional because in a moment you are going to hear the story of an elderly woman who when she was a child was just a few steps away from being a victim of mass murder. >> here's leon bibb with
5:45 pm
>> today the "myo hi 0" camera takes you to this most unusual place in our history. it is filled with emotion of a people. it chronicles their story. what they are. who were their ancestors, the troubles they faced. the victories they know. in the cleveland suburb of beachwood is the museum of jewish heritage, with eyes toward encouraging connections to all people. this is part of the story of jewish people. >> we look at history through the lens of jewish heritage, and we try to connect that heritage to all people. >> reporter: the richness and varied aspect of cleveland jewish life past and present is exhibited on the museum walls. identity here and legacy. there is a special richness from the history. visitors learn of a people but
5:46 pm
>> the jewish immigrant was the other at that time, but we're all the other at some point in our life, whether it's race, religion, sexual preference, disabilities, mental health. >> reporter: in the ten years of the museum hundreds of thousands of visitors have come. many have been students learning of the contributions to society which have come from the work of cleveland jews. superman busting through a brick wall at the museum of jewish heritage. yes that is the case. you see, superman was not born on the planet krypton, but born in cleveland. the brainstorming of two jewish boys from glennville high school. but permeating throughout this museum is a dark side of history, but a side which is never sidestepped. the museum puts attention on the holocaust where during world war ii in europe nazi
5:47 pm
jews in a campaign to exterminate a people, their religion, culture, their bloodline. >> i was just thinking that this might have been one of the groups that they're walking to, wherever. >> reporter: erica is a survivor of the holocaust. she and her mother were being transported to a nazi death camp. they were crowded interest a truck filled with jews. >> the truck stopped, my mother jumped off, she reached at me, i jumped after her, and we walked away. >> reporter: erica gold and her mother slipped into hiding, taken in by a woman who shielded them from the nazis for the rest of the war they lay hidden. >> what happened to the other people on that truck? >> i don't know, but i can guess.
5:48 pm
learned of what hated in all its forms does. troubling images, but with lessons for all generations of all people, the museum speaks loudly about building positive bridges among people. its very existence is about need for understanding around tolerance for all humanity. >> the museum created a platform for young people to talk about discrimination and hate in their schools, in their neighborhoods, and what are they doing to speak up and do something about it. >> we can show people how few our differences are, and how great our similarities are, and how important it is for us to be connected as people. >> reporter: the story of the jewish experience. but really of the human experience. this exhibit touches on separation, loneliness, fear,
5:49 pm
things that affect all people. so this museum of jewish heritage touches all people. one way or another. >> that's why i talk about the holocaust to the children, bick feel it's important, sought should never happen again. >> reporter: in this museum, the road from the past turns into the present, rooted for the future. along the way have been sign posts and stops. in many ways, these walls roadmap a corner of history of cleveland's jewish community. a place in myo hi 0 with the roads passing through the museum of jewish heritage carry sign posts of heritage and of tolerance, and of understanding. >> the people at the museum of jewish heritage on richmond road in beachwood will tell you visitors from all backgrounds and faiths will learn about
5:50 pm
ancestors and those of jewish immigrants. on another stop in "myo hi 0" i'm leon bibb. >> thank you, leon, and thank you for those americans. i was thinking that the last few weekends have been pretty great for the ice fest vassments there are a couple more scheduled. >> oh no, the ice is melting as we speak. it's going to melt even more tomorrow. let's take a look at a live downtown pic of cleveland. cloudy skies. you really can't see the wind. it is very windy out there. and if you're going out and about, hold on to your has. now, we do have a warm front moving through the region right now. 54 in cleveland, 52 akron, 50 in canton, 57 dover new philly, 48 in ashtabula. so you can bet the warm front is right about somewhere in
5:51 pm
look at that terrible pen penmanship. somewhere here. it's not quite to ashtabula yet. you know, sometimes ear the windshield, sometimes ear the bug. should i try drawing again? now, a warm front pulling through. so that's opened the flood gates. yes, for some wind, but also mild temperatures. there's actually a very weak cold front that's going to drop in tonight. and that front is going to drop -- dog-gone it. well, it's not going to look like. that it's going to drop in most like 11:00 or midnight, moving in to greater cleveland. it's really not going to do a whole lot to us. it may bring an isolated sprinkle, that's it. it's still going to maintain some blusteriness. here's our wind advisory through 9:00 p.m. that's ashland, mansfield, up to sandusky, erie and huron
5:52 pm
i've been chasing my garbage can up and down the street all day long. east siders getting it as well. 55 mentor, 52 in akron, 60 degrees in fremont. even though there's a front coming through tonight, i'm still thinking we bump those temperatures up. even a few clicks warmer than today. we hit 54 at hopkins. i think we can get closer to 60 tomorrow with a little bit of luck. look at these wind gusts. 33 fremont, still a 41 miles per hour wind gust in mansfield. the front right here very weak. here's the fronted that's going to get us on sunday and really cool things down. so tomorrow is your warmest day. 55 to 60 degrees, maybe a 61 or 62 for some of you. warmer saturday, then that second front comes in on sunday. it will bring in some showers, maybe even some wet snowflakes during the afternoon and much cooler temperatures. so 46 tonight, a spot sprinkle. staying windy. tomorrow, let's pull the
5:53 pm
breezy and warm. frank and lee. >> thank you mark. here's what's coming up at 6:00. police are on the lookout for thousands of dollars worth of weaves stolen from a shop. a divorce lawyer is in court but facing criminal charges. gregory moore. the other side of that story coming up. a rare phenomenon caught on camera. we'll explain how this fire firenado is just a symptom of a
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5:56 pm
a major grass fire burning in oklahoma spawns this brief fire tornado. this was a small part of a massive blaze that burned 1500 acres. crews say it was sparked by a lawn mower.
5:57 pm
and from a firenado to a firefall. this waterfall appears to be spilling flames instead of water. that's at yosemite park. park rangers say it's the subpoena's glow coming through waterfall right there. the angle has to be just right for you to see it. you can only see this phenomenon, though, fore a couple of weeks in february every year. well, that's it for live on 5. >> over to chris and danita for a look ahead. >> a lot going on. coming up next on newschannel5 at 6:00, digging into pothole problems that should have been fixed years ago. >> that's right. we're going to have that coming up tonight on newschannel5 at 6:00. and we've also learned there are still more than 450 open cases of potholes claims, some from three years ago. that means the city has yet to decide whether they will pay drivers who want to be reimbursed for pothole damage to their car. kristin volk got her hands on the records, and we'll have
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
now all new at 6:00 we're always investigating and asking tough questions of our leaders. and tonight we learn there's still more than 450 open cases of pothole claims, some from three years ago. >> that means the city has yet to decide whether they will pay drivers who want to be reimbursed for pothole damage to their car. kristin volk got her hands on the records. kristin, you tried to ask the city why this is happening. >> reporter: i did darks knit that, and they would not tell me. they did not respond to my request for an interview. the news comes as we are learning about the startling costs of these craters and just how much damage they do to drivers' wallets every year


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