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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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use #abc2020. that's "20/20" for i'm david muir. >> and i'm elizabeth vargas. from all of us, have a good night and a great weekend. announcer: news channel 5 at 11 clock is brought brought to you by:... news channel 5 begins right now with breaking news. >> heart stopping new video just in a breaking news out of stark county, two people are dead after a car crash on state route 619 in lexington township. that's near alliance. this mangled mess of a car now tangled in the trees, a witness told police the car sped past them, then lost control. and landed in the woods. both people who were in that car are dead and police say neither was wearing a seat belt. more breaking news out of richmond heights where firefighters were called to a fire at a back code label
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we're told a fire broke out just after 10:00 tonight. firefighters managed to put the flames out quickly and no injuries were reported. and video you'll only see of a man police want to talk to about a series of car break-ins on cleveland's east side. our cameras caught this man jumping over a phones break away and witnesses saw him break into a number of cars. take a look again. if you know him call cleveland police. more video you'll only see on five, another beauty supply store targeted over pricey hair weaves. this time, the thieves weren't messing around. even holding an employee captive while they swiped all of that expensive hair. news channel 5's homa bash has more. >> reporter: they took off with $50,000 worth of hair we've. >> they said, put your hands up, you won't get hurt. >> reporter: watch this
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you won't believe what you're seeing. two men stroll into the store in the middle of the day, and once inside they take their sweet time to get exactly what they came for. >> he said all we want is the hair. we won't hurt you. we won't touch any of your things; we just want the hair. >> reporter: so the men forced that 20-year-old worker into this bathroom. we're not showing her face for her safety. >> he put me here and just closed the door and i was sitting here watching it because the door was cracked the whole time like this and i could see everything going on. >> reporter: what she saw was what you're seeing, the guys ransacked the place and all of it caught on camera, they take every single hair weave they can find, and this entire room filled with those pricey ex-tensions.
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dozens and dozens stocked in a box, and stuff into this oldsmobile bravada. >> reporter: it totaled about $50,000. >> on the internet, instagram well, if their home, maybe have their own store. >> reporter: now that worker also told me that they kept asking her if he was okay the entire time they were in there. they did not hurt her. since that break-in, the store has installed a buzzer system so you can no longer just walk in. police are asking anyone with information on those two guys to give them a call. they think their unique gloves and jacket might give them away. in the newsroom, homa bash news channel 5. we've learned it was a foot feltish that eventually landed a former teacher -- feltish that landed a teacher -- fetish that landed a teacher in jail. the mother's complaint to law
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agents interviewed garlock where they found certainly pornographic pictures on his personal computer, and me might still be teaching if not for that parent's complaint. >> that was really key and that's really what the parents need to look out for, anything that's unusual or doesn't feel right. >> the porn found was more than enough to file charges. he was sentenced to nearly five years in prison. the actual charge of child pornography did not involve any ov erlin students. and car jackers grabbed more than what they could handle -- ob erlin students could handle -- oberlin students. >> reporter: the man has made a bunch of lifestyle changes. >> i'd rather not say my name on the air. >> reporter: and we'll explain. valentine's day around 430 time
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cars pulled into the same lot. by now he was back in his car. and i thought originally that it was a casual situation. >> then, a violent knock at his passenger window from four guys. >> they said i need to get the [ bleep ] out of the car, that i need to shut the [ bleep ] up. >> reporter: he couldn't throw it in reverse. his body was in danger so before he could run he had to live. >> they seemed like young kids. they were no older than 17. >> by now the driver's door was open. >> they said get his phone and started reaching into my pocket. >> maybe he could shove or pick and he saw something shiny. >> pointed at my chest and said i'm about to [ bleep ] blast you. >> he gave in and gave up. i started yelling, it's a stick, it's a stick. >> reporter: it was over. they left without his car and he left with a terrifying memory.
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>> reporter: once again, his past was far closer than it appeared. now he also says police told him that a five speed is one of the main reasons thieves cannot get away. news channel 5 uncovered some interesting information about ohio law while investigating the case of a mother in elyria charged with child endangering for leaving her two children home alone. lorain county childrens services tells us ohio does not actually have a law that states when it's okay to leave your child home it's all about using good destine calhoun, milton says she only left the kids alone in the apartment for a few minutes to go to the store. >> police, you know, they said they heard screaming, they heard true? >> after they knocked on the door for ten minutes of course my son is going to wake up if he
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>> police and childrens services are investigating and have never been called to the calhoun-milton's home before. it's 11 p.m. on february 19th and the current temp in cleveland is 55 degrees. let's just soak in that piece of information here. 55 in elyria, 54, wooster, to akron, and in philly, we're in a surge of warmth. now, we did have a couple of isolated sprinkles as i mentioned. we would at 5 and 6. they are pretty much done, so -- look at these current wind gusts. officially, we call it in the weather community, howling wind. 45 degrees -- 45-mile per hour winds in elyria, and you're talking breezy all night long. bag warm up tomorrow, then a big -- big warm up tomorrow, then a big cool down.
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tracking any snow. don't go to bed, we've got more next. only on five it is a sweeping sting operation against a problem sweeping cross the city. >> the cleveland police vice unit getting tough on gas stations that sell chicago to underaged customers. five on your side investigator joe pagonakas describes it's an effective tool, store clerks call it entrapment. >> i got one before and it makes me mad. >> reporter: he was busted selling alcohol to minors and georgia and go has been busted again. >> you don't put liquor into the hands of young people, that's very dangerous. >> reporter: police are on a crack down, using an undercover informant to go into this sonoco and came out with beer. the sting operation is unfair.
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out looking for a minor to go buy alcohol or anything like that. to sell him alcohol, this is entrapment. >> and police rely on residents for tips. >> we do need the public to be involved. you know, you want the crimes to stop in neighborhoods and we need the information so that we can have our officers go out in force. >> and the clerk, i asked him a key question. >> reporter: are you guys taking more steps now -- >> yes, yes. man, we've been taking steps but it happens when the cashiers is frustrated, he's got 4 or 5, 10 people every time. >> reporter: that was joe pagonakas reporting. all of these cases are turned over to ohio liquor control and repeated violations could cause a location to lose its liquor license. in just a few hours, voters in nevada and south carolina go to the polls. >> so tonight, the candidates maid their last minute pitches. >> it could be a last-stitch effort for some of them.
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weekend may match the end of their white house stream. and jeb bush getting some help from barbara bush. political analysts believe if bush does not do well tomorrow, his campaign could be over by sunday, and john casic won't win g.o.p.'s akasich's primary, in hopes that marco rubio fairs poorly. tomorrow, he'll be campaigning in massachusetts. donald trump is way ahead in south carolina. trump telling supporters don't buy or use anything from the tech giant until it agrees to help the fbi access data on a locked iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. >> what i think ought to do is boycott apple until they give that security order. boycott apple. >> as for democrats, it is
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in politics, hillary clinton and bernie sanders now deadlocked there, but clinton got a big boost today. she earned the endorsement of south carolina congressman jim clyburn, the highest ranking congressman and very influential. >> under financial hardship, how do you give yourself raises. >> that is a question on minds tonight after cahog on county uyahoga council decided to give themselves a raise, in comparison to other council members. our investigation will leave you outraged. >> plus, we've been telling you about the potential dangers of hoverboards for months, now the feds have a warning for those making and selling them. >> yes, it says february on the calendar, but these temps more reminiscent of early may. it's going to be a warm saturday, but what about sunday? stick around. >> and do you dream of shoveling into space in take a number and get in line t. sounds like
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astronauts is one of the most in
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now. in cuyahoga deficit, led it millions, the county council wants a raise, in 2019, they're going to get it. news channel 5 took a deeper look at the massive pay raises just passed by a vote of 7 to 4. >> megan hickey breaks down the
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of the members who voted to raise that future salaries in tonight's five on your side investigation. >> reporter: a county commissioner in handcuffs. >> i'm not an angel, but i'm no crook. >> a jury said he was. and it meant a whole new government in cuyahoga county. three commissioners replaced in came 11 county council members. and where did we look for inspiration in here in allegheny county in pittsburgh. their council members make $9,000 a year. but what about here in how about $45,000 for the same part-time job in cuyahoga county. >> if you're simply going to elect people that are there for the paycheck and the pension, and -- and the power or whatever, it's not going to work any better than your old form of government. >> that's one of those executives in allegheny county giving us a warning. five years later, our county faced the potential $20 million deficit. this year, metro health took a $7 million hit.
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jail had to be put off, and the county threatened to cut $6 million to the mental health and addiction board. but even while seeking to save every penny, the county council voted for something surprising last week. a huge pay raise by more than 15% to $52,000 by the year 2019. >> under financial hardship, how do you give yourself raises? >> reporter: a staggering five and a half times more than council in allegheny. >> there are smaller counties. we're probably more comparable in size to the state legislators. >> that's council vice president purnell jones. andy's right, cuyahoga is bigger by 2.5% in population and our budget is about 30% larger. >> even though it's called part-time, this is a $1.3 billion budget and we're not a small municipal government either. >> the argument is somewhat weak, and politically, it's
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>> that was the reason numbers like dave greenspan voted against the race. >> this legislation maybe came a little bit premature in my mind. >> the seven who voted for the race say the part-time job has become a full-time responsibility. take for instance dan brady. he told me he works 30 hours a week, which means he'd bring home $33 an hour by 2019. that's $9,000 a year more than the average household income than the county he severs. greenberg clocks 40 to 60 clock hours going above and beyond his obligations doing many things that aren't even in the job description. and then the raise won't even take effect until the next term so jones says he's not even voting for his own raise. >> reporter: so you do plan to run again for that term though? >> if the people have me, i certainly will be running.
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get the pay raise, right? >> oh, yes. >> reporter: megan hickey news channel 5. >> allegheny county council told us they have been product you've on a $9,000 raise, and he suggested a salary in the $20,000 range. here's a starling fact. did you know more than 7 million kids miss a month or more of school every year? now the white house is trying to change that. a new program will connect the million students in six through ninth grade who have missed class with mentors. mentor include teachers, and mentoring can reduce absenteeism, and will launch in ten cities including columbus. >> the feds are threatening to crack down on those who make and sell hoverboards. the consumer product commission issued a warning say they will seize or recall any of the
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>> there's been 52 reports of hoverboard fires in 24 states leading to $2 million in damage. several airlines now have even -- even new york city have banned hoverboards all together take them. >> i guess if you want a chance to use your new hoverboard or scooter or bicycle. >> just walk outside. >> this is the weekend to do it. >> it's going to be warm, but the winds will make you hover on your own. >> maybe fly a kite. >> it's extremely windy today. >> even now, it is windy. we're seeing gust business 45 miles-per-hour. right now let's take a look at our tower cam and see what's going on. a few little drops on the old windshield from a brief sprinkle that arrived earlier in the evening, they are pretty much done. i've taken them out of the forecast. watch right there. did you see them? i was in the way. let's bring it on back -- actually let's show you the radar. we're going to see a little bit of clearing. watch it. there was a sprinkle. there you go.
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cloudy, to start, i think we'll see some breaks in the overcast, and tomorrow, i'm thinking mainly sunny skies for the most part. during the day. mid-50s right now, remember these are average highs for april, mid-and-late april, boom. 31 miles-per-hour are your sustained winds out of the southwest. we have gusts above 40 miles-per-hour right now in cleveland. so it is very, very windy. the old shutters are rattling out there. mid-50s, elyria, mentor at 57, porfor fremont and -- 54 for fremont, and wooster. and 46 miles-per-hour in cleveland, 43 wooster, 45, elyria, 30-mile per hour wind gusts, and akron and canton right now, the highest we can
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downtown, 51 mikes per hour miles an hour, and lorain, 48. cleveland, hopkins right now at 46 miles-per-hour. here's the storm system producing all the wind rushing in around it. a little weak front dropping in right now but you're really not going to notice it expect for those sprinkles. there's that little front, goes bye-bye. behind it winds are still out of the southwest. we are still get the warmth. tomorrow, will be a few clicks warmer than we were today. we pit 54 degrees at hopkins. 48 tonight, mainly cloudy, windy and mild. tomorrow let's do t i'm staying with t 60. some -- it. i'm staying with t. it's going to be breezes but tomorrow's the day to get out and maybe fire up the grill. 60 degrees. akron and canton, tomorrow, 59, 60, what's one degree among friends right? it's going to be mild for late february. now sunday much different day,
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wet snow. 32 monday we'll watch for the middle part of next week, could be some winter weather. if you were hoping to become an astronaut, you've become a competition. more than 18,000 applied for nasa's training program, that's three times the applications from the last round of astronaut training in 2012. and out of those 18,000 applicants only 8 to 14 will be picked. those final candidate will then go through two years of basic training, training, which include space walking and learning russian before they are assigned a spacecraft. and cleveland for 12 years, he may have packed up yesterday, but today, he had a message to cavs fans everywhere. find out what he had to say and how he feels about the city and
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. announcer: now five on your side sports brought to you by: brunswick auto mart. the cavaliers organization says cleveland varizau saying farewell to the fans through a long heartfelt letter posted on social media. in a letter, quote, coming up from spain at the young age, as soon as i put on a cavs jersey and stepped on the court, with that, i say good-bye, but more importantly, i say thank you. thank you for your support, thank you for coming up every night whether winning or losing and thank you for giving me the best 12 years of my life, home is where the heart is, and my heart will forever be in cleveland end quote. cavs coach saying he and the
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>> this organization has been great, but his fan base has been here 12 years his whole year ask to talk to some of the guys when he first got here and talking to taz, he could very speak english and now to speak the way he does, and got acclimated to the u.s., and i texted andy yesterday. we talked for a little bit and said i was happy to have him this year and a half, and being a part of him, and it's hard to lose a guy like handy. >> don't forget tip off is at 3:30, we'll have plenty more coverage, a breakdown of the game and so much more so check it out. in the college ranked state golden flacks, knots the game up
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ken state released need, against the double team in the league, he scores, 22 points and 8 rebounds for kent state, going to to win 85-76. training camp in arizona for the indians, fans can expect new old faces, 15-year-old juan uribe has agreed to terms, shy of $5 million. he played for the mets, dodgers and braves. he hit home runs and will likely start at 3rd base for the indians, and it could take sometime. he's having some trouble with his visa so that will need to be worked out first. besides getting his visa figured out he'll also have to pass a physical before the deal is complete.
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all right of the here's your seven-day. a lot of foxes on social media are talking about a potential -- folks on social media are talking about a potential severe winter storm by next wednesday. there are no computer models that agree on a track for that storm yet. so, whatever you're seeing on the internet, you think everything on the internet is true. not necessarily. could it happen? >> it's not? >> no. >> could it happen, yes. we've got five different computer models and they're not forecasts that are saying five didn't things and vary by 500 miles. keep up-to-date. >> can i say, how classy, anderson was. home is where the heart is. a little piece of our heart is going with you. >> we love you. >> have a good weekend, by. announcer: closed captioning of
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- bill maher." oscar nominee alicia vikander.trump rally. and music from nothing but thieves.


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