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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  February 21, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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. terror in michigan overnight leaving six people dead, including a young girl. a man starts shooting at random. we'll sprain the impact planned parent hood will have on healthcare in your state. first, here's a look at downtown cleveland.
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overcast skies to start the day. hello, and welcome. i'm nick foley alongside janessa webb. to make sense of the weather we have been getting the last few days, it's been changing. >> yeah, fast and i hope you enjoy yesterday, 12 hours makes a big difference here. we went from 67 near record- breaking highs yesterday. did you soak it in? >> i did. took advantage. >> and lots of sunshine toward ashtabula county. the clouds there rolling in and look at the left of the screen. yesterday morning when i was showing you the shot, that was a big pile of snow that has shrunk due to temperatures on the warm side for the start of your weekend. to wrap it up, we're going to start to see a cooler weather pattern. that cold front has shifted across northeast ohio and that is why we're at a chilly 34 towards the airport. coshockton, you're at 41 degrees; 31 for ashtabula county and into lake geauga.
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we're dealing with that moisture well towards our south from columbus into dover, new cleveland. weather. the cold front is moving through providing that wet weather. today, we will not have to deal with any rainfall activities. just a cloud coverage will continue to take over. taking a look at your hour-by- hour, waiving goodbye to the 60s and even the 50s today. we're only going to see the high of about 43 going into tonight. a lot chillier, nick, we'll sit under mostly cloudy skies and a low of 26. >> all right, starting to creep down to what it's like this time of the year. breaking overnight, six people are dead, several more injured after a terrify -- terrifying string of random shootings in kalamazoo, michigan. they have the 45-year-old male suspect in custody. he's accused of shooting people in a cracker barrel parking lot, a car dealership and apartment complex. among those killed, the 14-year-
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condition. the suspect didn't resist arrest when approached by police. we're still learning a lot about this situation. been determined. back in cleveland, police busy investigating a shooting here as well. a teenager is in critical condition after being shot on the east side last night. the officers tell us a 17-year- old was shot in the chest after 9. it happened at the corner of east 68th and woodland avenue. no word on possible suspects. and also this morning, fairlawn police trying to determine how a dead body ended up inside a garbage truck. a trash collector discovered the remains yesterday morning while on the regular route. fairlawn police tell us the victim is a white man but his name and age have not been released. and moving to politics now, hillary clinton already looking ahead after her narrow caucus win in nevada. she flew to houston after the victory and held a huge rally at texas southern university last night. texas, of course, the biggest
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voting on supertuesday, which is march 1st this year. a victory there would give clinton more than 250 delegates and extra campaign momentum over senator sanders. and despite a fifth place finish in south carolina, the governor john kasich is in the race for the white house. the republican presidential hopeful knows he's not a favorite or front-runner, but he's not giving up. during the campaign stop in massachusetts last night, kasich said he is now proud of how things are going. >> they said that in a week or so he can't do very well in south carolina. he is going to call it in. tonight, one more time, we have defied and overcome expectations in the state of south carolina in about six or seven days. >> donald trump was the winner in south carolina. senator marco rubio narrowly beat out ted cruz for second place and the field got smaller. former florida governor jeb bush suspended his campaign
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place finish. the next republican vote is the nevada caucuses this tuesday. and happening today, governor john kasich is set to sign a bill stripping more than $1 million from planned parenthood. the move drawing much controversy and pushback from the start. meg shaw is following the story for us this morning. she's live in cleveland. what is the latest on the story? >> nick, it looks like planned parenthood clinics on the city's east side will no longer -- longer receive funding from the ohio department of health and defunding them almost entirely. the money, $1.4 million to be exact, will be reallocated to help clinics that don't perform abortions. they will be selected by the department of health in the coming months. the move also eliminates funding. the organization uses for hiv testing sex education, and other programs. on a 5 on your side investigation last year, we spoke with the ceo of planned parenthood. she fears the quality and value
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the selected clinics could have an affect on the thousands of patients visiting planned parenthood each year. and today's move comes days after wisconsin's governor scott walker signed a similar bill in their state defending planned parenthood, cutting nearly $4 million. live in cleveland, meg shaw, newschannel 5. and thank you, meg. looking at another bill making waives in columbus. lawmakers will consider a proposal that would further protect students' rights to religious exfromition in public schools. the bill would let kids share their religious views more freely in homework and the classroom. districts are allowed to limit the expression and practice the religious beliefs to lunch or other non-instructional time. and thank you so much for starting your sunday here with us. i'm nick foley. coming up this morning, the warm temperatures this weekend also brought out some dangerous winds. show you some of the -- we'll show you some of the damage the winds left behind. >> and before you file your
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yourselves and those trying to scam you out of your refund or your identity. >> and some 60s back into 40s. also, tracking our next winter
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. hi, good morning, everybody. i'm power of 5 meteorologist janessa webb. that sunshine and near record- breaking warmth yesterday going to be a distant memory into
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right now, if you're waking up, sitting under mostly cloudy skies and looking a the the big time temperature drop here from millersburg. 45 degrees and that is the hotspot. the farther east you go into lake geauga and portage and ashtabula. they are just under the freezing mark. today, just a few degrees and you're going to notice the big time temperature change from mansfield into richland county, 48 degrees and that will be pushing it. hopefully, you will see the winds. they're starting to subside coming out of the north and five to 10 miles an hour. euclid, 43 and what happened to the 60s? 48 for akron into stark and summit county. we're tracking the next winter storm. models not in agreement right now. the cooldown is definitely here. thank you. and she told you our first
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and while it lasted, it had everyone enjoying the outdoors this weekend. it was a great weather for the annual bright winter festival in the flats all day yesterday. i checked it out as well and it was a wonderful day. the temperatures were accommodating. thirty bans and art displays, pairing with 70 degrees temperatures drew in a record number of people. so many that the food trucks sold out of food. >> and attendance is off of the hook this year. we probably estimated we have had between 10 to 15,000 people come out. i think we can safely say that number is way over 15,000. >> huge turnout for that festival. a big change over last year when they had to brave snow and temperatures below zero. the other weather story of the weekend as janessa mentioned, the wicked winds and knocked out power to thousands of customers. yesterday, we checked with
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to 50 customers this morning. cuyahoga county was hit the hardest. residents living on tampa avenue and cleveland's old brooklyn neighborhood woke up to the sound of a large tree crashing around 1:30 yesterday morning. the tree brought down power lines and blocked the road. the homeowners we talked to were thankful the tree fell in the direction it did. >> and right to the middle of the street. no homes were damaged. >> certainly, lucky there and it took crews nearly five hours to remove the tree and clear debris in the area. thankfully, no one was hurt. and as we head to break, this is a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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. welcome back, 8:14 on your sunday morning. police in new york are searching the long island sound for the victim of a plane crash. that plane went down about 60 miles east of new york city overnight. two people were rescued after the crash. a third is unaccounted for. the faa and ntsb are investigating possible causes. a final farewell to a supreme court justice scalia, a man who left a huge footprint on the country's justice system. notably absent from the ceremony, however s president obama. some republicans are criticizing his decision not to attend.
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president's large security detail would have created a distraction so that vice president biden who had a close personal relationship with the scalia family attended in his place. >> and also this morning, figi started to clean up after the strongest storm ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. tropical storm cyclone winston slammed the pacific nation with winds of more than 180 miles an hour and that is the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. the storm there, as you see, brought heavy flooding and rains, flattening trees, knocking out power across the country. figi's government reported at least one death from the storm. and the aftermath from another hurricane continues as the coast guard continues hearings about the seekings of the el faro. the ship was lost after sailing directly into the path of hurricane joaquin last year. the captain and all 33 crew members were killed making it the worst u.s. maritime disaster in three decades.
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were overcome during yesterday's hearing. >> just really recalling what could have been the series of events at the time and really having a feeling for what loved ones could have experienced. >> and some family members of the lost crew are suing the ship's owner in federal court. others have also settled out of court. the coast guard will determine if misconduct, negligence, or law violations contributed to the accident. and an amazing video of a fire that destroyed a massachusetts mill. check out the flames lighting up the sky. it started around 3:00 a.m. yesterday in fall river, massachusetts, south of boston and firefighters were on scene overnight putting out water and despite the size of the fire, no one was injured. investigators are working to determine the cause. and demonstrations are planned the next week of apple stores in more than 30 cities. protestors will speak out about the fbi.
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it easier to unlock an encrypted iphone. a new proposal to break the stalemate between the fbi and apple involving an iphone that belonged to one of the shooters. a cybersecurity pioneer is offering to crack the pass code for free in three weeks. >> and using the social engineering and the hardware and software, we perform our magic with the wands and it comes out. this is how it works. there are 10,000 hackers in the world who could easily do what i am suggesting myself. >> and no word on whether the fbi iser considering the offer but that man is so confident he can crack into that phone, he said if he fails, he will eat his shoe on live tv. and all right, we're in the height of tax season. and americans some $15 million each year. laura harris is here with
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>> they're targeting you during tax season. >> they're smart enough to know, you know, 100,000 of these and maybe 10,000 are customers and they're going to make someone nervous. >> reporter: kelly phillips with forbes media wrote several articles about the latest scams. one, phishing e-mails like these or convincing -- they're convincing enough to trick tax professionals. >> the problem is that you can get this kind of spam even if you don't use turbo tax. >> reporter: and there are plenty more where that came from and not just from e-mail. >> the reason -- to tell you -- the lawsuit against you. >> reporter: some potential victims starting to post warnings on you on i -- youtube hoping to protect your -- . >> money, mean, money. >> it used to be that the spam report on 12-year-old kids trying to see what they could
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>> reporter: herb said that you can easily protect yourself. this is your check list. don't click on the link in the e-mail. >> the criminals are so sophisticated, there is a potential when you click on that, you can be installing malware in your computer. >> reporter: if they leave a voice mail, don't call back. >> when you respond to text messages or fake phone calls, even if you want to give them a piece of your mind, you're confirming that is a real number and chances are it's going to be sold to someone else. and we also reached out to turbo tax. they sent us an e-mail saying before e-filing yourself, make sure you have installed antivirus is software on your computer and update your web browser and don't open attachments claiming to be updates from their software. they don't send updates like that as well. and we have plenty of time about ever taxes. obviously things to keep in mind for sure. and janessa has a look at the weather. you told everyone to take advantage of the weather. you said it was going to go down.
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a lot of folks turning out. and you have to watch out for the shade. there was a big discrepancy. you can start telling it. >> and some spots near 70. >> right. >> and we came close to hitting a lot of records and we're over that. we're going to wave goodbye. >> and a few clouds, sunshine is out and about those are our records. it was in akron and canton. 77 yesterday and beat that record in 1930. and cleveland is a toasty 67 and came close to beating a record. we tied that towards the mansfield area. 34, ouch, for downtown cleveland. and seeing about a 20, 25
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into the rest of the day and talk about oroville and wooster. you see some of the contours map and we're talking about the darker pinks and blues again. and as that cold front has sliced through. what we are saving from is the rain. and that is tracking toward the south. the good news here and we're going to see dry today under mostly cloudy skies into northeast ohio and omaha into chicago. at 34 degrees and a well- defined cold front that has tracked in, missing the 60s and not talking about it again the next five to seven days. and looking -- looking at the hour-by-hour and going into 3:00 p.m. should see that high of 43 across the area and going into the 1:00 hour. and some temperatures quickly dropping here and going to see that low of about 26 and i want
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the models now, they're not in agreement but as the system comes n it's coming in from texas and looks like mid-week. as the models continue to come in and get into great, they will notice the accumulation aum. -- amounts. the path is showing it coming more towards the south into eastern locations of northeast ohio and keying our eye on that as we head into the wednesday and thursday afternoon. 44 today and 25 degrees temperature drop and you're going to notice the winds not an issue. and they coming out of the north, five to 10 miles an hour and that is allowing the cooldown. 25 into massileon and akron and capton and still, a lot of sunshine for your monday and tuesday.
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wednesday and as that front comes in, we'll track that into 32 and next weekend, 28, 34 and some cooler weather is making it back. >> and we talked about it yesterday. not quite ready to give up control just yet. after a few days of rest, the cavaliers are back in action this afternoon. it's a big one. lauren brill has a preview of what to watch for when the team takes on the oklahoma city thunder, a matchup you can see on newschannel 5. the cavs with another good test as they're in oklahoma city to take on the thunder. the cavs without the new edition, chang fry, who has yet to be clear to play. the thunder, 40 and 15 on the season, the proud owners of westbrooke and durant, both rank in the top 10 in scores. and with an impressive 30 and 6, the last 36 games. and despite that, we recognize they can't pick the thunder's offensive prowess likely and
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>> and one game at a time. pretty much healthy. and we have to, you know. be ready for it. and don't forget, the cavs play against the oklahoma city thunder here on newschannel 5. tipoff is at 3:30, and we'll have plenty of post game coverage. in the college ranks up close game as the buckeyes visit yesterday after hitting a free-throw to send the game into overtime, lyle stepping up in ot. lyle, the hero for the buckeyes and with that tough shot and a little more than a minute to go in ot and he doesn't stop there
8:26 am
62 win. and at the request, hosting the san antonio team and jerseys from way back when. and no score into late in the fourth period and less than two minutes to go and the first game. the monsters go up 1-0 and this ended in a 2-2 tie and san antonio winning it in a seven- round shootout and that is it for morning sports. and thank you. football coaches from around northeast ohio are teaming up to protect young players. this weekend, they came together in cleveland to make sure they're doing everything they can to prevent concussions. yesterday's clinic at the energy stadium helped coaches from youth to high school get up to date on the latest safety methods and topics, including proper tackling, properly fitting gear and safety drills. >> and a tremendously better coach and you can see the signs anditism toms of stuff that we were allowing kids to get up and continue to play through. >> recent study estimates that
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suffer 11 concussions for every 10,000 games and practices. and still to come, several primaries will take center stage the next few weeks. some of the presidential front runners are setting up camp here in the buckeye state. and while the investigation into browns quarterback johnny manziel continues, new e dills emerged that -- emerged that some of the domestic assault
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. hello, everybody. it's 8:29. thank you so much for letting us start your day with you. you look outside the overcast skies gone. the blue skies are back and you look at cleveland getting ready to get out and about. welcome back to the sunday edition. i'm nick foley. we have several developing stories for you, and including a controversial bill and. >> taking in all of the sunshine and that weather bug, 36 degrees and that is a chilly start. we were talking about temperatures at 50 degrees. elyria, 34 and warmer air
8:31 am
coshockton and dover new philly into the mid-40s and where that cold front sliced through and provides us cloud cover am. and we're sitting on the cloud south. you can see the moisture is flowing in and that is the cold front and we're going to see on the drive side as it tracks more towards the east. and an hour-by-hour goes like this, nick and the wins are coming down and. governor john case sick set to sign a bill defunding planned parenthood funds and would axe more than $1.4
8:32 am
what is this going to mean for planned parenthood in the state? >> and they will no longer receive funds from the ohio department of health. that mean, 1.4 million will no longer be used for hiv testing, cancer screenings or other programs provided by planned -- parenthood in many, many years. the mean would go to health clinics selected in the coming months. dozens gathered on saturday to protest the signing. >> reporter: believe women have control of their bodies and should be the ones that control their bodies and not legislated. >> today's signing comes one day after south carolina's primary where john kasich finished fourth and still, this move to defund planned parenthood could resonate -- resonate with those having the upcoming primary voting. meg shaw, newschannel 5.
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>> jeb bush has many things to be proud of. >> governor bush brought honor and dignity to this race. the former florida governor jeb bush boys out of the presidential race. they're picking up endorsement and supporters. they spoke highly of bush at rallies last night. at his own rally, bush was proud of the campaign he ran and stopped short of endorsing any of his former competitors. on the other side of the aisle, the democratic candidates are already beginning their ohio campaigns. yesterday, hillary clinton supporters celebrated the official opening of her cincinnati office. clinton offices are open in cleveland and columbus this weekend. clinton volunteers in ohio have begun canvassing neighborhoods and phone banking ahead of ohio's march 15th primary. >> and meantime, bern sanders supporters were out and about in ohio this weekend.
8:34 am
in a-mile-long march in cincinnati. the ohio primary is important, it occurs later in the election cycle, it doesn't receive as much attention as earlier states like new hampshire and iowa. that might be different this year as political experts say the races are closer and the entire election has been untraditional this year. and with our winter being as warm as it has been this year, lake erie has not come close to completely freezing over. this could mean especially bad algae blooms come summer; however, some relief could be on the way. the u.s. agriculture department made more funding available to help ohio farmers cut down on pollution that contributes to lake erie's algae problems. a new round of funding is part of a five-year, $17.5 million program. and new details this morning about the teen administrators say posed as a state senator and gave an inspirational speech to students at a toledo area high school. the 18-year-old isaiah aikens
8:35 am
that he did it to make a point about school security. aikens is facing charges of telecommunications fraud and impersonating a peace officer. family and friends of a missing navy veteran are searching for answers after a loved one disappeared a month ago. yesterday, the group passed out flyers with johnson's picture in akron. he was last seen near summit lake apartments in january. the 35-year-old goes by the nicknames jay, country, and denver. anyone with information about the whereabouts is asked to call police. and with just 27 days until spring, theme park mania will be upon us soon. when it does, cedar point said three attractions will not reopen with the park this year. the shoot the rapids water ride, the skyscraper and challenge racing are closing for good. meantime, the park is continuing work on their roller coaster val raven, which debuts this year. the raptor and dragster roller
8:36 am
and with temperatures approaching 70 degrees yesterday, janessa told us the ice part of the north coast harbor ice fest, as you see there, didn't last long. luckily today's big draw at the festival doesn't rely on the weather. it's the big science show down by the lakeshore. you can catch one of three shows today at 12:30, 1:30, and 2:30 between great lakes science center and the rock hall. and still ahead on good morning cleveland, just 148 days until the republican in cleveland. we are taking a look at the work that is being done to prepare as we head to the homestretch of the presidential campaign. >> and if you partied a little too hard saturday night, you may want to grab a cup of coffee. we'll explain the benefits of your daily pick me up ahead. janessa. >> and cloudy skies and cooler temperatures after a fantastic saturday. also tracking a disruptive mid- week storm.
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. i'm janessa webb. starting off into the mid- afternoon and the morning. going to sit under mostly cloudy skies. and the temperatures will be the talker throughout the afternoon. right now, we're at 34 at the airport. seeing a little bit of cooler
8:40 am
we're into the mid-40s and below freezing into lake geauga and ashtabula counties. they're above normal and in the 40s from richland county all the way into wayne county. 47 for today. we're going to lose that south breeze that we were dealing withance is friday. um to about 15 to 25 miles per hour. still, the warm spots from akron into canton. that is furbing -- pushing it, we'll be into the mid-40s and daytime highs and tracking a cooldown into request mid-week. >> a big change from yesterday. and we're learning more about a domestic abuse case involving johnny man zell. it's possible that some of the alleged assault on the ex- girlfriend was caught on
8:41 am
and they held a news conference yesterday updating their investigation. he's accused of assaulting his former girlfriend colleen crowley. investigators uncovered surveillance footage from the hotel why it about gan and it's not known what the video shows. the case is two weeks old. the dallas police department wants to make sure they have all of the facts before proceeding. >> up to this point in the investigation, detectives continued communicating with the complaintant, interviewed witnesses and received medical records from the complainant and obtained video from surveillance cameras. as of today, there is the no determination as to what charge, if any, will be filed against mr. manziel. >> and dallas police say that they have not yet interviewed johnny manziel, but they could finish their investigation by next week. and if you see news happening, let us know. text or e-mail us or tweet us
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. welcome back now, 8:44 on your sunday morning. with the south carolina primary in the rear view, the gop is one step closer to choosing a nominee. the republican national convention here in cleveland just 148 days away quickly approaching. newschannel 5 john's kosich has more on that and new jobs in early voting and democracy 2016.
8:45 am
today is sunday, february 21st, meaning five months inside quicken loops arena is going to look -- quicken loans arena is going to look like this. 100,000 balloons will be dropping from the rafter. and all across the city right now, preparations are going on in many fronts to get the place ready over at the new hilton convention center hotel. they're looking at more than a month more of construction work before they're in a position to hand over the keys to hilton to put the finishing touches on the place in advance of the june 1st grand opening. they will be posted on the facebook page, they will be hiring soon and got 90,000 clicks. you can apply for the 300 jobs posted online march 1st. coming up, they will be hosting a job preview at the global center for health innovation, which basically tells you about the various jobs available. >> and not a lot of people know like we have security guards we're going to hire or what a room attendant does or what does a houseman do? we're going to educate them on the actual job description and talk about the wages that are
8:46 am
we'll talk about the benefits and learn that and show them how to actually apply online. >> and those online applications will be accepted starting march 1st. you can find more about it on news net 5. and speaking of jobs and economic impact, the impact of the convention is about $250 million. a lot of that is going to be spent in the final week leading up to the convention and around the convention itself. for some local businesses, they're seeing some of the money trickle in. >> and i am not going to take anymore of your real estate away, bro. >> reporter: he started cutting hare as a kid and soon had a line of people outside of his cleveland home on saturday morning charging them $3 a cut. >> my mom was at the back window and count all of the people that would come in and charge me $1 per person. for her electricity. yeah. >> reporter: these days, he pays his own electric billas the the urban cuts barbershop he opened in detroit in 2008 and a second shop he open on pearl.
8:47 am
and notice new customers here doing work related to the rnc, starting with a guy from north carolina. >> he was here to install windows or wash wind sees -- windows and going to be here for the duration. cleaning the windows and the sky scrapers downtown. specifically for the rnc to help tidy up cleveland. >> reporter: in that potential, he registered with the local host committee to have his barbershop placed on the rncs list of preferred vendors and took it a step forward. >> i -- the concierges downtown, front desk people, cabdrivers, uber drivers. you name it. if it's downtown or by the airport, they video seen me and have a stack of cards and flavores. >> reporter: in the end result? >> we had at least a 20% or better increase from people specifically from the demograph of the rnc. >> the road to cleveland or philadelphia for that matter from the democrats comes through ohio next month with a march 15th primary.
8:48 am
contest in 2012 around 40% of voters in the presidential primary need to cast their vote early at the board of elections or mail it in with an absentee ballot. the early voting hours the next two weeks are monday through friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. throughout the campaign, newschannel 5 is partners with the folks at politi fact to take what the candidates are saying and put it under the mike -- microscope. there is a lot for our j ami is, on to look at. with the sites set on south carolina, donald trump finds himself in the cross hair's of the republican party. in a web ad, using a cnn interview in 2008. >> i think bush is probably the worst president in the history of the united states. >> and seemed like he was going to impeach bush and get him out of office, personally, i think would have been a wonderful thing. >> reporter: the ads claims getting a i lot of talk in bush country. >> and we do this a lot and find that sometimes the clips
8:49 am
things sound like they're not really what they sound like. in this case, he said it. >> reporter: trump has since quieted his impeachment talk but polity fact rating this ad as true. the passing of supreme court justice scalia, the talk on the campaign trail is who will fill the void? ted cruz claiming donald trump would not look far saying trump would appoint his sister who is a federal judge in new jersey. >> the one person he has suggested that would make a good justice is his sister who is a court of appeals judge appointed by bill clinton. she is a hard-core pro-abortion liberal judge. >> politifact pointing out trump spoke highly of his sister but this week, saying she would not be the right person for scalia's seat. >> he was saying she would be good at it but i don't think that is going to happen and since named a couple of folks.
8:50 am
donald trump threw out two names for consideration in last weekend's debate, two conservative judges appointed by george w. bush. we'll see you next week for another politifact fact check. and the week ahead for republicans as they caucus in nevada on tuesday and debate on thursday in houston. the last debate before supertuesday. i'm john cossic, enjoy your sunday. -- john kosich, enjoy your sunday. >> and 148 days until the rnc and signs that it's not that close and coming fast. it's going to be here before we know it. >> yes. >> and warmer temperatures, too, and getting a preview of what we're going to see with yesterday. >> hopefully. >> and that was late spring. that is going to be, not what we're looking at the next few days. >> and we had a mild winter. you know, don't being that you can e -- don't think that you can escape from weather. >> right. >> and mother nature could make -- could make a comeback here and talking about 27 days before the first official start of spring and some clouds out
8:51 am
you're going to need the coat, heavier coat than yesterday and we're seeing the temperatures dropping quickly and sunshine into akron. we were tracking a big massive snow and today, look at our streets. nice and clear and 34 this morning. the cold front swept through 35 degrees and into bedford and the euclid area and you're above the freezing mark and into wooster. oroville, 33 and the upper 20s and to lower 30s. the clouds are invading our space and we're lucky. towards the south from columbus
8:52 am
rain and we were dealing with the flow as the cooler air stacks -- tracks in here from st. louis and chicago and into that map, that is allowing the cooldown. you will see the sunshine today into the 1:00 hour. we're going to be sitting under mostly cloudy weather and tonight, we are back down to about 26 degrees. and we do have the area of low pressure that we're definitely keeping our eye on. panhandle hook looks like it starts to move in here as we head into wednesday and into thursday morning. so, could be tracking a little bit of heavy snow but our models right now, not in good agreement. taking a look at this model, you can see it starts to sweep through and into northeast ohio
8:53 am
models here and this is into thursday and friday. 34 degrees with mostly cloudy weather. and 26 for tonight. wrapping up the weekend with a cooler weather pattern monday and tuesday. not bad. you can see more sunshine and that is good news to see the mix on wednesday and thursday and late friday. we wave goodbye into the 60s and upper 20s over 30s into next weekend. >> and no complaints, by and large. still mild. we'll take it. and encouraging news for coffee lovers. including myself. drinking coffee could cut your chance of developing a type of liver disease. researchers say two cups a day can cut your chance of developing alcohol-related cirrhosis by 34%. it deteriorates the live wire about blocking blood flow. alcoholism is the second most common cause of that condition
8:54 am
say, coffee will never balance out all the negative affects of excess alcohol.
8:55 am
(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
8:56 am
. this morning, trending on social media, rapper 50-cent will have to explain those instagram photos to a bankruptcy judge. he filed for bankruptcy last year but later posted those pictures of himself with piles of cash as you see there.
8:57 am
of $100 bills that can easily add up to $50,000. let alone 50 cents. the judge told his attorneys he must come to court and explain that. i am guessing perhaps, you know, a promotional campaign will be used as a defense there. that doesn't make much sense you have to make little smarter decisions before that. >> yes, exactly. >> right. and smart would be layering up a little bit. >> yes. >> and compared to yesterday. >> yesterday, i was in shorts. i don't know what you're talking about. short sleeves, everything like that. today, 44 and slightly cooler. we're still above normal for february standards. late february and we're going to see more sunshine on monday and tuesday. you know, our models will come in agreement, tracking our next winter storm here. should have a good clear vision of that going into tomorrow. >> all right, janessa, we'll keep an eye on that weather for sure. we'll be back at 10:00. this week with george stephanopoulos is next.
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trump takes control. the brash billionaire dominates in conservative south carolina. >> when you win, it's beautiful. >> his second straight win. >> let's put this thing away. >> now, no doubt, the outsider is the republican front-runner. can anyone stop him? >> south carolina has given us another remarkable result.


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