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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  February 21, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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i was born and raised in this up to, and i still live community. >> six people are dead, including a young girl. others are fighting for their lives this morning in michigan and we'll break down what happened. >> and in ohio, a controversial today. the impa act impact deep funding planned parenthood will state.
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cleveland and some spotlight skies and overcast conditions as you begin your sunday. hello, i'm glad you're joining us here on this sunday edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley along janessa webb here and not what we had yesterday and still mild conditions. we'll take it. >> and that is above normal. we'll notice a 20 to 25 degrees temperature drop, unfortunately. i hope you soaked it in because of the different weather patterns here. a few more clouds and still a lovely start towards summit county. and where is that snow at that we saw earlier this week, about six inches of accumulation and just a nice dry day right now and that weather bug there said 36 degrees, so, temperatures definitely starring off a lot cooler. at the ain't, we're at 43 degrees. ravena and into stark and summit county and into the mid- and upper 40s.
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close to our daytime highs and we're following temperatures very quickly. you can see from the power of 5 right now, the cloud coverage is working in and in a partial clearing out towards the west and towards mansfield and richland county, eerie, huron and seeing a partial clearing. the good news, we have the storm system that is brewing and that is that cold front, well-defined and producing wet weather toward cinci and into the pittsburgh area. we're kind of in that dry shot and that is some good news. and the hour, they want you to be outside and we're above normal this time last year and we were at a chilly 13 degrees. can't complain here and we're at 34 and the clouds thicken up into tonight and we looking at overnight lows into the mid- 20s, nick? >> and thank you.
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people are dead and several more injured after a terrifying string of random shootings. they have the suspect in custody, accused of killing people in a cracker barrel parking lot. and among the injured is a 9- year-old girl and she's in critical condition right now. >> to have someone drive around randomly and gunning people down for no reason attacks the psyche of the community and any community for that matter. >> and dalton didn't resist when approached by police. and he doesn't have a criminal history and an investigation into his mental health records is underway. in cleveland, police are busy investigating a shooting here as well. a teenager is in critical condition after being shot on the east side last night. the officers tell us the 17- year-old was shot in the chest after 9. it happened at the corner of east 68th and woodland avenue and there is no word on possible suspects. and this morning, fairlawn
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a dead body ended up inside a characterrage truck. the trash collector discovered the remains yesterday. police tell us the victim is a white man and his name and age have not been released. and moving to politics now, and hillary clinton is looking ahead after the narrow caucus win in 9595. she held a huge rally last night and texas, of course, the biggest prize of all of the 13 states voting on supertoday, and a victory there would give more than 250 gel cats an extraical pain momentum over senator sanders. >> and governor john kasich is in the race for the white the republican presidential hopeful said that he knows he's not a favorite or a front runner but he's not giving up. during a campaign stop, he's now proud of how things are going.
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or so he can't do very well in south carolina. he's going to call it in and tonight, once more, we have defied and overcome expectations in the state of south carolina in about six or seven days. >> donald trump was the winner in south carolina. senator marco rubio narrowly beat out ted cruz for second place and the field got even smaller. florida, former florida governor jeb bush suspended his campaign after a disappointing fourth place finish. the next republican vote is the nevada caucuses this tuesday. and happening today, governor john kasich is to sign a bill stripping more than $1 million from planned parenthood. the move drawing much controversy and pushback from the start. meg shaw is following the story and is live in cleveland. what does this mean for planned parenthood in the state? >> reporter: it means that clinics where i am at on the city's east side and the 27
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receive funding from the ohio department of health. essentially, defunding the claims almost entirely and that money, $1.4 million to be exact would be reallocated to health clinics that don't perform abortions. they will be selected by the department of health here in the coming months. the move eliminates funding the organizations use for hiv testing, sex education and other programs is any in a 5 on your side investigation, we spoke with the ceo of planned parenthood. she feels the quality and services being offered by them could have an affect on thousands of patients visiting year. and today's move comes just days after wisconsin's governor scott walker signed a similar bill in their state defending million. live in cleveland, meg shaw, newschannel 5. and thank you. looking ahead to another bill
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lawmakers will consider a proposal to further protect students rights to religious expressions in official schools. it would let them share their views more freely and districts are allowed to limit the expression and practice of religious beefs to lunch or other non-instructional time. and thank you so much for starting your sunday with us. coming up this morning, the warm temperatures this weekend and some dangerous winds. some of the damage the winds left behind. >> and plus, go ahead the $100ble go the way of the $105,000 notes? why there is talk of taking it out of circulation. >> and our local weather from janessa. >> and from 60s to 40 and esand some some are clouds and we're tracking a mid-week storm. i will show you the details
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. good morning, everybody. i'm power of 5 meteorologist janessa webb. and this is the space this morning and most of you with the emoji from 67 to a high today of 44 degrees. nearly a 25 degrees temperature drop for daytime highs. hey, we are still above normal for this time of the year and we can have the dry streets toward akron and some sunshine, trying to flow through here and we're going to stay under mostly cloudy conditions. from richland county and into wayne, we'll go with the upper 40s and see a hit-and-miss
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notice the shift in the wince. yesterday, a southerly flow came down and we'll deal with a northerly flow, five to 10 miles per hour and that is good news, even though the temperatures are dropping quickly. 48 forwards akron and canton. and upper 40s is never an issue if the day before was not 67 and thank you so much. and our brief preview of spring is almost over. while it lasted, it had everyone enjoying the outdoors this weekend. it was great weather for the annual bright winter festival that went all day long and 30 bands and light snows -- shows paired with the 70 degrees temperatures and drawing a record number of people. everyone taking janessa's advice yesterday and getting outside. so many that the food trucks told out -- sold out of food. >> and attendance is off of the shook this year and we probably estimated we had between 10 to 15, 000 -- 15,000 people come
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that number is way over 15,000. >> and i was among those that went out and checked out the festival. a great day all day long and great weather as well and that was a big changeover last year when they had to brave snow and temperatures below zero. and the other weather story of the weekend is those wicked wins. the strong gusts knocked out power to thousands across northeast ohio and we checked with first ensperm that is down to 50 customers this morning. cuyahoga county was hit the hardest and residents living in tampa avenue and they woke up to the sound of a large tree crashing around 1:30 yesterday morning and yet brute down power lines and home owners were grateful. the tree fell in the direction that it did. >> and it's practically in the middle of the street. and so, no homes were damaged. >> thankful, indeed. it took crews five hours to remove the tree and clear debris in the area.
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and as we head to break, this is a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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. sunday. out of syria, at least 57 people are dead after two explosions in the city. and the neighborhood where the bombings happened has been a months.
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day that john kerry announces a provisional agreement on a cease fire in the cupt a -- country's five-year civil war. the u.s. and russia are expected to reach out to cease fire enforcement. and britain prime minister david cameron said it's up to the british people to decide whether the uk stays in the european union. he will propose holding a referendum on june 23rd after striking a deal to retain special status within the eu. the uk is considering stepping away from the eu because of security and border concerns amid the ongoing syrian refugee crisis. a final farewell yesterday to supreme court justice anthony scalia. a man who left a huge footprint on our country's justice system. absent from the ceremony, president obama. some republicans are criticizing his decision not to attend. and the white house said the president's large security
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created a distraction for vice president biden who had a close personal relationship with the scalia family, attended in his place. and this morning, figi started the cleanup after the strongest storm ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. winston slammed the pacific nation with winds of more than 180 miles per hour and that is the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. the storm brought heavy flooding, flattening trees and knocking out power across the country. figi's government reported one death from the storm. and the aftermath from another hurricane continues as the coast guard continues hearings about the sinking of the el faro. the ship was lost after sailing directly into the path of hurricane joaquin last year. the captain and all 33 crew members were killed, making it the worst disaster in three decades and some family members were overcome during yesterday's hearing. >> and just really recalling
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of events at the time and really having a feeling for what our love woke -- loved ones could have been experiencing. >> and some family members are suing the ship's owner in if recall court and others have settled out of court. and the coast guard will determine if misconduct, negligence or law violations contributed to the accident. and demonstrations are planned outside of apple's stores in more than 30 cities. prosecutors will speak out against the fbi because the agency. s apple to make it easier to unlock an encrypted iphone. meantime, a new proposal involving an iphone belonging to one of the san bern shooters. and they're offering to crack the pass code him i for free in three weeks. >> and using the social engineering and plus the hardware and software, we would perform our magic with the wands and it comes out. and this is how it works. there are 10,000 hackers in the world that can do what i am
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>> no word yet on whether the fbi is considering that offer, but that man is so confident he can crack into the iphone. he said if he fails, he will eat his shoe on live tv. and should the u.s. stop sprinting $100 bills? a former secretary treasury thinks so. catching on. >> reporter: this is a series 1928. >> reporter: for charlie -- . >> $500 bill? >> and they're like monopoly money and even those of us not collecting them, have a good chance of holding one. >> 78% of our bills circulating make up the $100 bill 78%. >> reporter: and there is an argument to take all of those bills out of circulation. the $100 bill is the most common counterfeit bill in the country because it's easy to fake. the feds can't keep up with high-tech criminals. >> it has a bar strip on the inside and a watermark on the outside of it and two-en to
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that is for counterfeiting. >> reporter: it would not be the first phase cut out because of crime. the $500 bill was, too. >> and they said because of drug use, the 500,000 made it easier to carry and transport bills. >> reporter: still, saying goodbye is never easy. >> and we're not losing it. it's evolution. things change in life and we have to accept that, too. the 100 is not the only u.s. currency that could be seeing changes. the treasury department released plans to receive alexander hamilton with the woman on the $10 bill. and you will have to get rid of the hundreds, right? >> and i don't have a problem spending. >> me neither. >> and this weather has been treating us well and like lick we paid for it the last few days. >> and we'll see a drop today. it's still above normal temperatures and this time last year, had to pull out the
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13 degrees and that is a chilly one in 2015. >> and talking about 80 degrees differents. >> and that is from yesterday. i mean, come on. look at the records and a few records broken into canton and 67. the old record in 1930. and we came close to cleveland and temperatures are above normal and you will notice that today downtown and a crisp 37 this morning and we had the first cold front sweep towards the east and that is producing a little bit of rainfall towards our south and we're on the dry side of things and temperatures cooling off. lower 40s and into mid-40s this morning and inland locations, i still like it, 47 for summit county and into the orrville area and you can see a few clouds that are creeping out towards the east and still,
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west from lorain, eerie, huron county and seeing some sunshine. and that is moisture to the south in columbus and into pittsburgh. and looking at the good contour, you can see that well- defined cold front, chicago and indianapolis producing the colder air across northeast ohio and into the south. and 63. we're over the warm air and hour-by-hour, going to see a little bit of sunshine and definitely clouding up into the rest of the day. our next weather maker is an area of low pressure that is going to be affecting us, our models now not in agreement. and this is our next panhandle hook now as it slides a little bit more towards the east and we could see a good dose of snowfall. one of the models right now shows it coming across a
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portions of northeastern ohio into wednesday and thursday. and these are not big totals but accumulations piling up here, two to three inches and heavier amounts toward the west and keeping our eye on that system throughout the rest of the week and 44 for today. much cooler weather pattern entering here. 26 to break out the big winter coat and you will see more sunshine into monday and tuesday. look at that, 43 degrees and that is still nice. 48 on wednesday and as that front moves in, it transitions to a cold front and you can see that big time drop into next weekend and only a high of 28. nick? >> and winter is hanging on. thank you, janessa. and arch a few days of rest, the cavaliers back in action and this afternoon, it's a big, big match.
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watch for when the team takes on the oklahoma city thunder. >> the cavs with another good test as they're in oklahoma city to take on the thunder. the cavs without their new edition, chapping fry who is yet to clear to play. the thunder, 40 and 15 on the season and they're the proud owners of russell westbrooke and kevin durant. the cavs on a hot seat, winning the last sports great and an impressive 30 and 6 the last 36 games. despite the recent play, though, they recognize that they can't take it lightly. and today's game, part of the period in their schedule. >> and you know, we have we have to get our rest, one day at a time and get what we can. ready to go for it, you know and they're healthy. we have to be ready for it. and don't forget against the oklahoma city thunder is
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the tipoff is at 3:30 and we'll have plenty of post game coverage. and a close game as the buckeyes were visiting after hitting a free-throw to send the game into overtime and stemmings -- stepping up in o.t. as well and for the buckeyes last night, down by two and getting a tough shot knocking the game off at 62 and with more than a minute to go in ot and doesn't stop there with 31 seconds to play. lyle takes it to the rim and had a game high and leading the buckeyes to a 65-62 win. and. at the q last night, hosting. and hey rank the jerseys from way back when and less than two minutes to go and fires one for the first of the game. and they go up 1-0. this game ended in a 2-2 tie in regulation. san antonio winning it in a 7- round shootout. and that is it for the morning sports.
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football coaches from around northeast ohio are teaming up to protect young players. this weekend, they came together in cleveland to make sure they're doing everything to prevent concussions. yesterday's clinic helped coaches from youth to high school get up to date on the latest safety methods. topics included proper tackling, properly fitted gear and safety drills. >> all right? >> and a tremendously better coach. now, you can see the signs and symptoms of stuff to continue to play through. >> our recent study estimates that high school football players suffer 11 concussions for every 10,000 games and practices. still to come, several primaries will take center stage in the next few weeks. some of the presidential front runners are setting up here in the buckeye state. >> and while can the investigation into johnny manziel continues, new details emerge that some of the domestic assaults may have been caught on camera.
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. hello, everybody. it's 10:30 and thank you so much for letting us help you start your a. giving you live look at downtown cleveland. the sun is out and blue skies may not be in the upper 60s, but going to be a beautiful day for you. welcome back to the sunday edition of good morning cleveland. i'm nick foley and we have several developing stories this morning, including a controversial bill about to be signed into law by governor john kasich. meg shaw is live at a cleveland
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will impact the organization. first, janessa webb with more on weather. janessa. [ indiscernible ] >> right here in menner and our temperatures really still not bad. millersburg, berlin, sugar creek, killbuck, you're at 54 degrees and now, for the rest of us, look at that. we're cooling off well-defined cold front and has swept towards the east. greater cleveland at the airport, currently at 43 degrees and going to notice about a 25 degrees temperature drop from yesterday. definitely got spoiled for your saturday. we give back to reality today with a few more clouds tracking in from west to east. the great news is that moisture is going to be staying just south of us. a nice dry day to wrap up the weekend with our cooler air, really, it continues to track in as we head into the rest of the afternoon.
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the way into indianapolis. and what we were dealing with yesterday is southernly winds allowing us to see the warm-up today. it transitions out towards the north and our winds have really subsided since friday in your saturday afternoon. and you can see the light breeze throughout today, five to about 10 miles an hour. your hour goes like this. still fantastic day for you to be outside. even though our highs have dropped off of the mark by noon. we should be at 44 going into tonight. we'll be at a low of about 26 degrees. >> and the mid-40s, middle of february no complaints. and just hours from now, the govior -- governor john case sick to plan a bill -- john kasich is planning to seen a bill. would itad aids to the 28 clinics statewide. and meg shaw has more. what does this mean moving forward for planned parenthood? >> reporter: ic in, it -- nick, it means like clinics are here
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would no longer receive funds from the ohio department of health. that money, $1.4 million will no longer be used for hiv testing, cancer screening or other programs provided by planned parenthood. that mean would go to help clinics selected by the ohio department of health in the coming months. dozens of planned parenthood supporters gathered in columbus on saturday to protest this decision. >> i believe women have control of their bodies and should be the ones to control their bodies. they should not be legislated. >> and today's signing comes one day after south carolina's primary where john kasich finished 5th. still, this move to defund planned parenthood could resonate with voters and concerned southern states will have the primary's upcoming. meg shaw, newschannel 5. and i do want to compliment jeb bush. >> beb gush -- jeb bush has many things to be proud of. >> governor bush brought honor
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>> former florida governor jeb bush bows out of the presidential race and the remaining republican candidates are all clamoring to pick up his endorsement and supporters. all five remaining gop hopefuls spoke highly of bush at rallies last night. at his own rally, bush was proud of the campaign he ran and stopped short of endorsing any of his former competitors. and on the other side of the aisle, the democratic candidates are beginning their own ohio campaign. and yesterday, hillary clinton supporters celebrated the opening of the cincinnati office. the clinton office opened in cleveland and columbus this weekend. clinton volunteers in ohio began canvassing neighborhoods and phone banking ahead of ohio's march 15th primary. and meantime, bernie sanders supporters were out and about in ohio this weekend. nearly 1,000 people took part in a-mile-long march in cincinnati. the ohio primary is important because it occurs later in the election cycle and normally doesn't receive as much attention as earlier states
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that might be different this year as political experts say the races are closer and the entire election has been historically untraditional this year. and this morning, we're learning more about a domestic abuse case involving browns quarterback johnny manziel. it's possible some of the alleged assault on his ex- girlfriend was caught on camera. the dallas police department held a news conference yesterday updating their investigation. manziel is accused of assaulting his former girlfriend colleen crowley on january 30th in dallas. yesterday, police say they uncovered surveillance footage from that hotel where the alleged assault began and it's not known what the video shows. the dallas police department said it wants to be sure that they have the facts before proceeding. >> and up to this point in the investigation, detectives have continued communicating with the complainant and interviewed witnesses and received medical records from the complainant and obtain video from surveillance cameras.
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determination as to what charge if any will be filed against mr. manziel. >> and dallas police say they have not yet interviewed johnny manziel, but they could finish their investigation by late next week. and we judge -- with just 27 days until spry, the theme park time will be upon us soon. cedar point said three attractions won't reopen with the park this year. they shoot the rapids water ride, the skyscraper and challenge racing are closing for good. meantime, the park is continuing to work on their roller coaster val raven which debuts this year. the other roller coaster rides getting makeovers as well. and with temperatures approaching 70 degrees yesterday, the ice part of the north coast harbor ice fest did not last long. luckily, today's big draw at the festival doesn't rely on the weather. that is the big science showdown by the lake shore. you can catch one of the three
10:36 am
lakes science center and the rock hall. and still ahead on good morning cleveland, 148 days until the republican national convention begins here in cleveland. we're taking a look at the work being done to prepare the city as we head to the homestretch of the presidential campaign. and the federal government taking steps to keep lake erie clean. we will share the details of the plan to reduce algae blooms next. janessa. >> and 40s and 30s are back into the forecast. i will show you my seven-day
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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. good morning, everybody. it's time we start thinking about winter once again. we are snow deficient here in northeast ohio. 20.6 inches for the season so far and nearly 27 inches below normal after a wonderful start to the weekend. we're tracking in this cooler air but still seeing a good dose of sunshine toward lake county. i don't see those snow pilots that we saw earlier yesterday. you can just see green grass and a few clouds that are working in from the west. right now, we are talking about mostly cloudy skies as we're stepping into your mid- afternoon. our daytime highs can't complain. they are still above normal from richland county and all the way into medina. upper 40s throughout the day. wins, they have really died
10:40 am
north breeze, five to 10 miles per hour but up to 25 degrees difference from yesterday at the airport. we'll see the high about 44 right now. killbuck into millersburg sitting at 54. akron and canton, the highs today into the upper 40s. late week storm. nick. thank you, janessa. with the winter being as warm as it has been this year, lake erie has not come close to completely freezing over. this could mean especially bad algae blooms come summer. how far, some relief could be on the way. the u.s. agriculture department made more funding available to help ohio farmers cut down on pollution that contributes to lake erie's algae problem. the new round of funding is part of a five-year, $17.5 million program. and new details this morning about the teen that administrators said posed as the state senator and gave an inspirational speech to
10:41 am
18-year-old isaiah aiken told reporters from the blade he did it to make a point about school security. he is facing charges of telecommunications fraud and impersonating a peace officer. and family and friends of missing navy veterans are searching for answers after their loved one disappeared a month ago. yesterday, a group passed out fliers with johnson's picture in akron. he was last seen near summit lake apartments in january. the 35-year-old goes by the nicknames jay, country, and denver. anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call police. and if you see news happening, please let us know. text or e-mail us or tweet us.
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. welcome back, 10:43 on your sunday now. with south carolina's primary behind them, the gop is that much closer to choosing a nominee. the republican national convention is just 148 days away and quickly approaching. john kosich has more on that and new jobs and early voting in this morning's democracy 2016. >> reporter: a very good morning, everybody. today is sunday, february 21st. which means five months of the night inside quicken loans arena is going to look like this. more than 100,000 balloons will be dropping from the rafters. this will be the closing night at republican national convention july 21st.
10:45 am
preparations are going on see many fronts to get the place ready. over at the new hill -- hilton convention center hotel, they're looking a the more than a month more of construction work before they're in a position to hand over the keys to hilton to put the finishing touches on the place and it's posted that they'll be hiring soon and they got 900,000 collects. -- clicks. and coming up, they're going to host a job preview. the global center for health innovation, which basically tells you about the various jobs available. >> not a lot of people know that we have security guards we're going to hire or what a room attendant does or what does a houseman do? we're going to educate them on the actual job description and talk about the wages paid and we're going to talk about our fenny -- benefits and learn that. we're going to show them how to apply online. >> and those online applications will be accepted starting march 1st. and you can find more about it on news net 5.
10:46 am
economic impact, the impact of the convention itself is around $250 million. and a lot of that is going to be spent in the final week leading up to the convention and around the convention itself. for some local businesses, they're already seeing some of the money trickle in. >> i, i am not going to take any of your real estate away, bro. >> reporter: he started cutting hair as a kid and had a line of people outside of the cleveland home on saturday mornings charging them $3 a cut. >> and tell my mom she left them, the back window and count all of the people that would come in. she charged me a dollar per person for her electricity. yeah. >> reporter: and those days, he pays his own electric bills at the urban cuts barbershop he opened in detroit in 2008 and a second shop he opened in pearl. he's got a loyal clintel but notice new customers here doing work related to -- relating to the rnc and starting with a guy from north carolina. >> he was here to install windows or wash windows and they're going to be here for
10:47 am
downtown. specifically for the rnc. this helps tidy up cleveland. >> reporter: in that potential, he registered with the local host committee to have his barbershop placed on the rncs list of preferred vendors and he took it a step further. >> and the concierge is downtown. the front-desk people, cabdrivers, uber drivers, you it. if it's downtown or by the airport, they have seen me and have a stack of the carb and fliers. >> reporter: the -- car and flyers. >> reporter: the end result? >> a increase, some people from that democraty graph of the rnc. >> reporter: the road to cleveland and for the democrats, comes through ohio next month with the march 15th primary. early voting began for the contest in 2012 and around 40% of voters in the presidential primary need to cast their vote early at the board of elections or mail it in with an absentee ballot. the early voting hours the next two weeks are monday through friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
10:48 am
newschannel 5 is partners with the folks at politifact to take what the candidates are saying and put it under a microscope. with the south carolina primary this week and the passing of the justice scalia, there was a lot for our jameson to look at. with the sites set on south carolina, republican front runner donald trump finds himself in the cross lairs of his own party this week. -- cross hair's of his own party this week. first n a web ad, using a cnn interview in 2008. >> i think bush is probably the worst president in the history of the united states. just seemed like she was going to look to impeach aboutish and get him out of office, which would have been a wonderful thing. >> reporter: the ads claims getting lots of talk in south carolina, an area known as bush country. >> and we do this a lot and find sometimes those clips are kind of spliced together to make things sound like they are not really what they sound like. in this case, he said it. >> reporter: trump since quieted hism peachment truck and polity fact rating this as true. the passing of supreme court
10:49 am
talk on the campaign trail is who will fill the void. ted cruz claiming donald trump wouldn't look far, saying trump would appoint his sister, who is a federal judge in new jersey. >> the one person he suggested that would make a good justice is his sister who was a court of appeals judge appointed by bill clinton. she's a hard-core pro-abortion liberal judge. >> reporter: politifact pointing out that trump spoke highly of his sister but just this week, saying she would not be the right person for scalia's seat. >> she would be good at it but i don't think that is going to happen. he since named a couple of folks to consider for the bench. >> reporter: rating cruise's -- cruz's nepotism claims as mostly false. donald trump threw out two names for consideration in last weekend's debate, two conservative judges appointed by george w. bush. i'm jameson muelle rex. we'll see you next week for another fact check. a week ahead, the
10:50 am
tuesday and debate on thursday in houston. their last bedate -- debate before supertuesday. i'm john kosich. enjoy your sunday. and thank you, amazingly the rnc is five months away, 148 days away to be exact. quickly approaching. >> quickly. >> and feels like the weather has been almost summer-like, especially yesterday. 67 degrees is something we don't normally see this time of the year. >> not at all. >> and we're seeing it tailor down a little bit. >> spring fever. >> and yes, spring fever is here. i have. >> and 27 days until the official start of spring. that happens on march 20th. today, we're starting off the day with a good dose of sunshine. we do have clouds that are in from the west. and we'll go with mostly cloudy in the afternoon. our temperatures, folks, we're still well above normal for this time of the year.
10:51 am
currently at a crisp, brisk 37 degrees and winds died down from friday and into yesterday afternoon. the mild spot this morning goes to holmes county and into killbuck. you're reporting 54 degrees this morning. massillon, a nice 46, sugar creek, 48. nearing 50. the cooler air is tracking for lakeshore communities from -- excuse me -- am ask, the menner area and into the lower 40 iss and that is into lake geauga and portage county. the high pressure is into the east and we're seeing partial clearing here and hour-by-hour, still a great day to be outside. by 1:00, 43 and i am forecasting that as our high.
10:52 am
enter until about tuesday, wednesday, all the way into thursday. the mottos on the internet, this big massive storm into the east coast and the totals right now, not impressive and could see a good one to three inches, heavier amounts out towards the east and into stark summit county, near four inches for ashtabula and keeping our eye on that should be a good, be in good agreement as we head into tomorrow. our motto and keeping an eye on the storm front. 44 for today with mostly cloudy weather and look at that north wind, five to 10 miles an hour and that is what is cooling us off. crank up the heater again and here we go, 26 and that cooler weather pattern is still above normal and tracking in for the start of your workweek. you see a lot of sunshine on monday into tuesday.
10:53 am
head our way but it's associated with the warm front and then let me get out of the way. you can see a cold front is behind it and that is going to drop our temperatures. 32 and going into next weekend, nick. i will not be talking about 60s but only the upper 20s to low 30s. >> yeah, it's still winter and still february. thank you, janessa. and this morning, encouraging news for coffee lovers. drinking coffee could cut your chance of developing a type of liver disease. researchers say that two cups a day could cut your chance of developing alcohol-related cirrhosis by 44%. cirrhosis deteriorates the liver by blocking blood flow. alcoholism is the second most common cause of that condition in the u.s. experts say that coffee will never balance out all the negative affects of
10:54 am
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10:56 am
. all right, finally trending this morning, you see it. a new yorker lost his wallet earlier this week. we told you about it. they got some of the valuables back after the robber decided to kind of do the right thing. we told you the setback, the driver's license and credit cards with the brutally honest letter that has been called quote the most new york note imaginable, end quote. it's said in part i kept the cash because i needed weed. the metro card because the fare is $2.75 to 2 -- $2.75 now because it's kind of cool.
10:57 am
let or social media writing thanks, i think. and at that point. >> yeah. >> and just keep it all. >> you adding insult to injury if you're going to sunday that back and say you're not going to give it back. it has a lot of play on social media and -- . >> and you came so close to doing the right thing. >> and ended up not being the right thing at all. >> and it's still the right thing to get the weather and before it tails down. >> please. >> and gets colder. >> and we're tracking the next system and seeing the big storm on social media and we should have a clearer picture as we head into tomorrow and tuesday afternoon. the track of this thing. 48 mid-week and behind it is cooler and next weekend, when you see it, we will be talking pattern. no more 60s but spring is near. sure. >> i'm sorry. >> take advantage of the last day for the warm-up for sure.
10:58 am
and thunder here on newschannel 5 beginning at 3:30. we'll see you later at 11:00. thank you so much for joining use good morning cleveland.
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