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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tt4w`t+o@p$8" lzh! `[7l tt4w`t+o@p$8" mnh! `+3, tt4w`t+o@p$8" nz(l `ym, )il tt4w`t+o@p$8" qzh! `n;p mr. two pups saved after falling into an icy pond. the dramatic rescue, caught on camera. new at 11:00, dramatic video captured by a police officer's body camera. first responders tread on thin
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a family is breathing a sigh of relief. >> reporter: the dogs got all the way out in the middle of this pond. where the ice turns to water. that's where they fell in. their owner worried because see could not find them and panicked when she found out where they were. >> this is zoe, back home, back alive. after what happened in the family's pond. panic. >> the panic soest in the police body cam video of the incident it was the moment, zoe and the owner saw them in the ambulance, seconds after they were pulled from the water. we are going to transport them in here. >> rescued, just in time by a member of the dive team. >> right as he got to hill, he
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he actually reached down just as he went under. he had to scoop him under the water. >> reporter: both spent more than 15 minutes, tread wag at the here before help arrived. when i saw him in there, i thought there was no way to get him out. >> reporter: both were rushed to a nearby vet hospital where doctors bumped warm fluids through their little bodies for hours. they are both safe and sound. it's a perfect night. >> reporter: the owner said that they are actually recovered after they both suffered from hypothermia. she tells me she plans to put up an electric fence so they can't get to this pond again >> right now, cleveland police are investigating a deadly two car accident near tri-c details about what lead to the crash unclear, but we know one person was killed. three others injured.
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community college avenue closed for hours. a six-year-old died in an apparent drowning. it happened in independence. an tony kelly pronounced kid at metro health. independence police still investigating what happened. >> mr. we could learn more about how a dead boy ended up in the back of a garbage truck. it happened yesterday morning at fairlawn. a trash collector found the remains while working his regular route. police confirm the victim was a white man, but his identity has not been released. is there cuyahoga county sheriff said lee escape friday night by kicking out a window that it was was previously broken. earlier, two enmates escaped through a broken window. >> there will all be some form of contact. >> akron family and friends searching for a loved one who vanished.
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ago. the navy veteran was last seen near summit lake apartments. anyone with information about his whereabouts should call the akron police >> new development in the fight under planned parenthood. the governor blocked it from getting money. while the bill does not mention planned parenthood. the group will lose more than a million dollar in funding for health programs. the president of planned parenthood said this will hurt >> the governor is trying to rebound from a weak performance last fight in south carolina's gop presidential primary. he heads to virginia tomorrow for two town hall meetings. donald trump retweeted a message suggesting that ted cruz and marco rubio are
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today, both candidates took aim at trump. >> it's a game he plays. surrounding yourself with smart people is not enough. >> donald devotes all of his time, money and energy to attacking me. >> the south carolina race claimed one campaign. ben carson, vowing to stay in the race. despite finishing last. hillary clinton traveling to los angeles, hoping to gain ground after her win in nevada. bernie sanders is looking ahead to super tuesday when voters in 12 states will cast their ballot it is primaries >> drastically cooler here in northeast ohio. these are not actual readings. 24-hour temperature change as many of us are feeling the chill back in the house, the heater running again, nine degrees cooler right now in cleveland than yesterday at this time. 15 degrees colder in canton, those actual readings back with 3's in front of them.
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early monday morning. 33 for us currently if cleveland. 33 akron, 37 in mill lettersburg. 32 in mansfield to 30 degrees -- high pressure dominating surface, keeping us dry. toward the beginning of the work and school week, we are watching a low down south that could spread as rain and snow, i'll talk about the timing and amounts coming up if minutes. tonight, overnight low 28 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. we'll see if we can warm it up again here at home in just a few minutes. tracey? >> thanks so much >> new information about a series of random shootings in kalamazoo, michigan. police say this man opened fire on city streets killing six people. he drove a car forbearer and he was on the job hours before his alleged rampage. elizabeth her is digging into the gunman's background and learning more about the lives
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& & amazing grace." >> a community of mourning offering prayers not only for the victim, but also for the alleged gunman, now in jail. >> we are very relieved we have someone in custody. the shooting spree saturday evening, in the parking lot where a woman walking to her car was shot several times. the second four hours later at a car dealership, a father and son killed here. the third, minutes later outside of a cracker barrel restaurant where four people were killed in their cars. including a 60-year-old retired teacher. we have for reason to believe there was more than one person involved in any of these incidents. >> >> reporter: suspect, jason dalton, an oftener driver taken
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>> kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along and finally, once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> reporter: in a statement, uber says -- >> very unexpected. he is a quiet guy, stuck to himself. never really had any problems. >> baffling because uber said the suspect passed their background check. police confirm e has no criminal history. we are told he could be in court as early as tomorrow. elizabeth her, abc news, new york >> the investigation of johnny manziel is expected to wrap up later next week. dallas police are looking at
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where manziel is said to have assaulted his girlfriend. >> >> the most famous kid from akron gave a summit county eagle scout something he would cherish forever. >> reporter: it has taken joseph years to achieve. >> this truly shows your level of commitment and dedication. >> reporter: the rank of eagle scout. >> the best thing i think ever happened to me. a lot of hard work. a lot of hard work. >> reporter: a lot of hard work to akeefe the highest rank in boy scouts, only a small percentage of boy scouts ever become eagle scouts. >> community service, helping other people, earning all of the merit badges, personal finances, first aid and a big project which, for me, the project was building a monarch butterfly garden. >> reporter: with his achievement comes letters of congratulations. >> i hope those around you are inspired.
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maier and a list of who's who? politics. >> brown, another eagle scout, very nice, including other people like barack obama and michelle obama. i got one from nasa, which has countless eagle scouts. >> >> reporter: the list is impressive, there is one letter that means the most to joseph. a letter to a kid from akron to perhaps the most famous kid from akron. >> no -- >> personal letter from the superstar on the basketball court. >> rewards are earned, not given. keep up the work. >> >> you can read the entire letter from lebron on our news net 5app. construction could affect your morning commute. edgewater ramp to and from the westbound shore way will close for restructuring. it's part of the lakefront west
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in the meantime, you can find suggested detours on our news net 5app gas prices are down. average price dropped to $1.07 -p a gallon. aaa said that is 66-cents cheaper than a year ago. drivers in northwest ohio saving more. gas going for $1.37 in avon. >> coming up, preventing a privacy battle. apple asking the fbi to unlock a terrorist i phone, but the solution may be hiding in common software >> never pay full price again, secrets to negotiating like a pro. the best time to ask -- photo finish to the daytona 500. >> >> first, here's a look at tonight's winning lottery
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fbi and apple could have been avoided. the fbi went to court to force apple to unlock the phone to see if he had communication with others about the attack. >> >> apple supporters plan to protest the fbi's court order. demonstrations are set to take place tuesday outside of apple stores >> new developments in the sexual assault case against bill cosby. his wife has filed a last- minute motion to postpone her deposition tomorrow in massachusetts. attorneys for seven women that claimed that bill cosby drugged and raped them want to question camille cosby about her husband's behavior. she argues she has had no involvement with the facts and
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everyone loves a bargain, experts say a lot of shoppers are too shy to negotiate a better price. consumer reporter, john metarie shows us how to and when to ask for discounsels. >> timings you should always
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>> it has a scuff mark or has some wear on it, something like that where it look necessarily 100% how it should, talk to the manager and see if you can get a discounsel. >> nedra loves shopping for clothes. >> if it's missing an item, a piece or a button, you can ask for discount on those. >> reporter: she sid with some products, you should always try to haggle. leading to number 4 -- >> it turns out there are several other times you should ask for a discount. it has fog to do with a product in any specific store. number 7, when you get poor service at a restaurant, ask the manager for money off.
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be going out of business. that's what pam jackson did on her hardware purchases and she's proud of it. >> reporter: what do you think of the price? >> awesome. everything under $10. >> reporter: don't be afraid to ask for a discounsel at big box store. >> >> warmer when did not melt away the fun at this weekend's winter festival here in cleveland. >> 3, 2 and 1. >> the north coast harbor ice fest featured a science show outside of the great lakes science center. experts, liquid nitrogen and setting ice on fire. people looking to escape the winter blues do not have to travel to the tropics. orchidomania at cleveland bow tannial garden underway through
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sights, smells and colors of cuba. >> >> after this weekend, we got a taste of may weather. a lot of us need to go there so we aren't completely discouraged. >> the spring fever is wicked. because now we all want it. >> we are going back to reality. winter jackets, messy cars, all happening for us as i have some snow in the forecast. it's not here, yet. i will you ease you into t taking a look outside as cleveland is really starting to notice added clouds. low cloud clouds, no visibility issues as far as driving goes if you are out late tonight. cold, though, 33 already. wind chill very cold 24 degrees. temperatures around the area, downtown. 33, euclid in the lower 30s. even kohler for us. 29 chagrin falls and 34 for us in north royalton. i want to focus on minter. there is no school for tomorrow
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when you have temperatures like this, already, that's why you have to have heat in the news. good news, can you sleep in monday. mom and dad as far as the kids go, they have to head to work. >> orville, 32, same story for you in medina. now, winds are better, some of us closer to the lake still noticing the lake breeze up a built. 12-miles per hour for cleveland, less as you head that's going to help the wind chill values, but it still feels cold. reading, 24 mans ophelia, notice less wind, better at 32, new philadelphia, millersburg, you hit the lower 50s. further south, closer to the lake with 30s. the chill. at least some sunshine should
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a mix of sun and clouds, high pressure dominates. we are going to watch a strong low coming out of the south, bringing in rain chances. depending on the movement of this low, depicts your chances at rain or snow anded timing as well. for now, your low tracking right into ohio, looking to impact cincinnati all the way to cleveland as we continue to drop those temperatures on the back side of this low and you can see all of the wind week nor us. we see the snow chances try to appear as we push towards thursday. this starts late tuesday night into wednesday, transitions into the snow chance for your thursday and then we start to see better weather as we move towards your next week. impressive. maybe a half inch or more, moisture and snowfall on the back edge. we could see the totals pick up
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the low in the track is just not perfect yet we'll see that happen towards the mid-point of the week, tor tonight, 28 the overnight low, 35 for your high on monday. when it comes to the "power of 5" seven-day forecast, looking at temperatures warming to around 46 by wednesday, but cold as we push towards the next weekend. man, was it gorgeous this weekend. we all had a chance to enjoy mother nature's little spring taste. a lot of you ventured out. great pictureses sent in by amy. she was by the science center showing us a great shot. we have one by margaret lowe. she sent if great photos that's at sunset at the cleveland metro parks as well as another great shot. she was out for a run. i loved this one, too. sioux sutton, she enjoyed the
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time now for sports, cav's losing a key player in the game. >> kyr eric kirschner e irving, leaving the game, flu-like symptoms. >> >> stay with us. at devry university's college of business, we're looking for the go-getters. so if you want to learn what's been business-world tested today, and make an impact tomorrow, you're our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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after plenty of chatter. 12-years with the cav's before being traded thursday will soon sit up for golden state. at waivers at 5:00 p.m. golden state apparently first in line to pick him up.
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com he came to terms with the warriors. back in northeast ohio u dan gilbert, cav's owner taking to twitter to thank him for his character and dedication throughout his 12-years in cleveland >> cav's taking on thunder in oklahoma. basketball fans hoping to see kyree irving, matching up with russell westbrook. tyree leaving the game with flu- like symptoms. >> >> early on, things going the thunder's way, kevin durant gets by the king, finishing the floater. durant, team high, 26 points. lebron, getting his own ail alley-oop, around the double double with 25 points 11 assists. smith, that's knocks one down
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cav's win big 115-92. >> it just shows our teams the guys in the same situations where guys make it to the finals. the guys step up. if they continue to do that, we'll be fine. >> >> indians in arizona for training camp. andy basskins will be joining them out there in a few days. zach, among the pitchers competing for a spot in the rotation. last year, he served better in another role. as a veteran, he knows what it takes to do well in this league. >> the way i work. the way i prepare, a starter mentatility, as far as the work load i like to do before spring training. i enjoyed the bull pen. a new experience out there for me, but i enjoyed it
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first win at daytona, making the record book. margin of a victory, making it the closest finish in the race's history. -- kyle bush came in third. stay tuned for "sports sunday" at 11:35, join andy, espn's brian winters, akron basketball coach as well as myself talking cav's thunder, breaking down the game, getting post reaction and we'll take a look at the newest cav's player. make sure you check it out in just a few minutes, we'll be
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ling out the door, you need the mittens and the hat -- >> yes.
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watching news channel 5 at 11:00. "sports sunday" is come willing
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for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. indians, browns, cav's, we have it all. welcome. i'm andy basskins let's look


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