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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  WEWS  February 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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you act upon it. >> reporter: though they didn't bring home the trophy from the tournament, the athletes told me they did a whole lot more important. the phone call with katy, they asked her for the life experience. >> and good for them. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning amer now at 4:30, traffic alert. a major closure could impact your morning commute and starts today. we'll let you know the best way around it. >> and a terrifying trip. an uber driver behind bars. the shocking new information on what he did in between the killing.
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>> reporter: fire shuts down the emergency room at southwest general hospital in middleburgh heights. the fire department responded around 8 last night and there were no injuries. the hospital confirms that the e.r. is shut down, ambulances diverted to other hospitals. at this point, they don't know when the e.r. will reopen. the fire confined to a cleaning utility room. there is water and smoke damage. patients evacuated to another section of the hospital. of course, we'll keep you updated on that. and a live picture right now in north royalton. crews are on the scene of a garage fire. this is on drake road between west 130th and bennett road. happened around 2:35 this morning and the fire department out safely and no one was hurt. no word on a cause. >> and this is a live look with more. tomorrow. what is in is toker for today? >> quite the opposite. we hit 67 degrees on saturday,
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very warm. and today is going to be different. cold, and the temperatures won't break the 30s. and this is a look at the conditions, and that is what that little, the clouds are here on the radar and we're seeing dry conditions, mostly sunny skies and that is some good news. the temperatures in the low 30s, upper 20s and i'm not expecting them to break thought your day and this is an hour-by- hour forecast. you are looking at a good amount of sun. we have sunshine in the forecast and talking about changes toward the end of the over to you. fantastic and bright and early on your monday morning as you make your way in from the south and you're looking great. closures to talk about in the greater cleveland area. and you see the red icons. a couple of them to mention, more so that will impact you and that canal road one and
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to the west side there and there is no big deal and head outside, 90 and fulton. a live look for you there and that camera is orange this isn't it? >> and it was so good. thank you, christin. and light get to a traffic alert. >> and another closure starts on the shoreway and sarah phinney has more on how to get around. good morning, sarah. >> reporter: good morning. and this closure affects people travelling west on the shoreway. the entrance and exit ramps will close for 90 days. if you're travelling on the shore, you know the construction crews and orange barrels are common and it's part of the lakefront west project. the goal is to make it easier for neighborhoods in the area to access lake erie and we have seen changes going from 50 to
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show you a map of the closure. to get to edgewater, turn right on west boulevard and follow detour signs. to leave, you have to exit at the west 45th street and follow the directions from there. we have a full list of the detours on our news net 5 app. the good news is that the ramps are expected to open in mid- may, so just in time for the season. that is nice about now. back to you. >> and thank you, sarah. 4:34 now. and more changes at the huntington park garage downtown beginning today. the lakeside avenue entrance, east on the courthouse will close. and this will affect anyone trying to part the court proceedings. jackie. >> and. >> one person dies in a three- car crash sunday night. >> i'll take it from here. audio difficulties. not clear what led up to the crash, a deadly accident. three others were injured in
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woodland and college avenues. it was closed a few hours after this happened. and right now, another inmate is on the loose after escaping from a cleveland correctional facility. the 22-year-old codie lee escaped from the oriana house on friday night. and the cuyahoga county sheriff said lee kicked out a window that previously broke. earlier this month, two other inmates escaped from the same facility. and breaking from the live desk. an all-out search for the man officials saya rammed a corporal with his car during a high-speed chase in franklin county. and we have new dash cam video coming in. lamonte fouler speeding and deputies chasing him with speeds, reaching more than 80 miles per hour. the sheriff said the corporal walked up to fouler's car at a dead end and hit the gas. the corporal shooting into the air. a second officer fired at the vehicle but fouler got away. that corporal is now recovering. terrence. and new information in a series of random shootings in
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jason doton is the gunman and he's an uber driver. cnn is wanting he picked up and dropped off passengers between shootings. the shooting spree started after 5:30 saturday evening and first, the parking lot where a woman was walking to the car was shot several times. the second, four hours later at a car dealership, a father and son were killed there and the third outside of a cracker barrel restaurant where four people were killed in their car and one of his passengers said that he got a call during the ride and after that, he started driving erratically. >> and he was kind of destroying -- driving through the medians and lawn and speeding along. finally, once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> and he passed the background criminal history. he could appear in court as early as today. and news this morning for you. the fight over planned
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the governor -- . >> governor kasich found a bill stripping more than $1 million from clinics, state. meg shaw is following this story for us and is in the newsroom with more. what is the latest? >> this means that clinics, the 28 clinics will no longer receive funding and defunding the clinickies almost entirely and that money, $1.3 million, will be reallocated through health clinics across the state that don't perform abortions. they'll be hand selected by the department of health in the coming months. the bill doesn't specifically mention planned parenthood, the backers said the organization will be most affected and planned parenthood released a statement reading it's a sad day when the sad desire to overscore political points overcommits the health and
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it will prevent planned parenthood from having programs meg shaw, newschannel 5. and come in columbus, a bill to deregulate the education standards is expected the proposal reduced the amount and created exemptions and they will regulate unnecessary excellent track record. and they're doing a better job of preparing students for college. the number is down. 32% of ohio students took a class at a public college or university. and that is down from 41% five years ago. and that is still the big of the struggle for most students. and still ahead, a local boy's hard work rewarded by a letter from akron's favorite son come we come back.
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a bus explosion sends a "new york times" reporter into action. somara. >> and we saw quite the warm-up this weekend and we'll see quite the cooldown and we're talking about major changes that will have us feeling like february.
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good morning, welcome back. i hope you enjoyed this nice bonus weekend that we had here in northeast ohio and if you don't know, now you know. the temperatures hit 67 degrees on saturday. today, though, starting off below freezing. 21 degrees in norwalk; 31, millsersburg and it's a chilly start out there. not warming up much. this is a look at the hour-by- hour forecast. you can expect highs to reach
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and we're going to see a good deal of sunshine bringing some of the clouds through and we have to talk later about how the snow re-enters the forecast at the end of the week. over to you guys. and the most famous from akron is recognizing a local teen's accomplishments. >> lebron james gave the eagle scouts something he will cherish forever and that took joseph cantwell a lot of work to earn the highest rank in boy scouts, something a small percentage of boys achieved. he got congratulations letters but one name really stood out to him. >> there is no better feeling than the satisfaction of a job well-done. rewards are earned and not given. he upped the good work. sin -- keep up the good work. sincerely, lebron james. >> cool there and you can read the entire letter from lebron on the news net 5 app. up next on good morning
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a centenarian not happy to celebrate her birthday. the hilarious viral introduce coming up. >> and overcome -- interview coming up. >> and what you're not going to miss with president obama. we'll be right back. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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. breaking overnight, isis is taking responsibility for multiple outside is attacks in bombings in syria that killed at least 122 people and some of the blasts went off near schools and a shrine. we're hearing children are among the dead and this is as secretary of state john curry announces progress for a deceased fire. some serious civil war began in 2011, more than 250,000 have been killed. >> and victims are expected to support the government's attempt to force apple to unlock the encrypted iphone and this is the latest. saturday night, the fbi acknowledged the password
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sunday, we learned san bernadino officials who issued sayed's phone paid for but never installed a feature that would have allowed the fbi to unlock the phone. apple is still challenging the court order saying it has implications far beyond the investigation and the company has until friday to respond. apple supporters plan to protest the fbi's court order. the demonstrations are to take place tomorrow. and bill cosby's wife is scheduled to gun her deposition in the defamation lawsuit against him this morning. the comedienne's attorneys were fighting to stop it but a judge denied the request to postpone her deposition and it's expected to go on as planned. seven women claimed he was a liar after publicly accusing him of sexually sexual assaulting them and he denies any wrongdoing. a new yorktimes reporterrened up reporting on a different time travel experience when the megabus he was on exploded.
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on a bus travelling from chicago to tominneapolis. it caught fire with 40 passengers on board. the driver pulled to the side of the road because of a mechanical issue and then saw the small flames grow bigger. everyone got off in time and almost everyone's luggage burned in the fire. and the governor is trying to rebound from a week performance in south carolina's gop presidential primary. >> and he asked for two up to hall meetings. donald trump is celebrating his big win saturday night and is causing controversy after retweeting a message suggesting ted cruz and marco rubio are both ineligible to be president. and despite finishing dead last, ben carson vows to stay in the race. one candidate is dropping out. that would be jeb bush. he suspended his campaign hours after a weak showing in south carolina. and for the democrats, hillary clinton's campaign travels to los angeles today and hopes to gain ground. bernie sanders is looking ahead
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including in ohio, cast their ballots in primaries. and we are seeing dry conditions throughout northeast ohio and as we look into the future of the future cast, this is what it's showing. and we should get a break in the clouds and some sunshine and that is getting them into the upper 30s and the lakeshore and tuesday, more clouds move into the picture, an indicator of what is to come and for now, let's talk about the temperatures. and that is this are the in elyria and medina; 24, and coshockton, 29 degrees. cold and different compared to the weekend. as we head throughout the day, not much of a change mainly going to be in the mid-30s throughout the afternoon. again, that sunshine moves in and we'll start to see clearing
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he's a look at the weather system. that is why we have some high pressure moving through. we call this a panhandle hook. so, originates in the panhandle at texas-oklahoma. as it looks like it's moving to the east, all of a sudden, it's into the midwest and northeast. we're going to keep watching this. the timing on this is wednesday night into thursday. and that could mean a messy commute on thursday morning. models are going back and forth. as we about gin to get more concrete in that, i will take you through that and this is your power of five seven-day forecast. we have highs in the 30s today. a little warmer throughout the middle of the week and back to over to you all. >> all right. >> and somara, we have this into our traffic center. a car fire at 90 westbound. this is on marginal drive. i will try to find this on our odot camera. keep that in mind. it should be cleared up soon. i will let you know if it's not and i will try to find it on the camera. for now, the closures still going on in the cleveland area because of construction.
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on-ramp is closed there and canal road, closed between third tonight. i will step outside is for you to get a quick look on the drivetime speed, and not impacted. 14 minutes. the speed clocking in at 62 and 271 northbound, richmond and 90 is at 11 minutes. the speed limit, 61 and heading outside, four live looks at 90 this morning. i will try to see if i can find the car fire and making calls on that, guys. >> a dream coming true this weekend for a woman who was 106 years old. >> she got to go to the white house and meet president obama and the first lady and here's the moment that she met our president face-to-face for the very first time. >> virginia [ indiscernible ] >> hi. >> hi. >> oh -- hi. >> oh. -- [ indiscernible ] >> yes. >> hold on. >> 106 years old. this is virginia mclauren. she's so sharp, she had a whole
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an effort to meet the president, including a facebook page and white house petition. you can see her energy is infectious there. >> you see she and the first lady there cutting a little jig there on the rug. the white house posted this video to facebook last night and it's been viewed more than 10 million times. and show still has moves. >> i love this. i am sure you can see the whole thing on white you're a black president with a black wife and we're here for black history month. the last time -- she was a baby, the president was president taft, so, you know, she's seen a lot in her 106 years. >> for sure. you have to love it. it's monday and a lot of you might be feeling like flossy dicky this morning. >> oh, yeah. watch this. >> are you excited for your party? >> not one bit. [ laughter ] >> flossy dicky is a trend -- for her attitude there, she doesn't care at all. she turned 110 and good day spokaney that thought they
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big mistake. she was like oh, no thanks. the great, great grandmother, she was not interested one bit. in the inside. >> yeah. the outside. >> and during the interview, asleep. uh-huh. and the time now on your monday morning, if you're feeling frosty, it's 4:51. i'm jackie fernandez. >> and i'm terrence lee. releasing anderation its emission. what it will cost to you purchase a ticket where you can save a few bucks and how their prices compare against others across the country. >> and as we head to break, let's look at wall street.
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. well, if you look at saturday, more of the peak of our amazing weather in february. we hit 67 degrees and today, we're not quite there at the bottom, but we are in a downward trend. this is a look at the future cast. notice, we're starting off very cold and that is the first downer. and we're heading through this afternoon and should see some sunshine. that is good news. we're looking at the mid-30s, and farther south of u.s. 30. you will pick up that sun sooner and you have an opportunity of reaching the mid- 40s and no how the change takes affect on tuesday. and first the clouds and closer and closer to wednesday, we get a chance of spotty showers and we're tracking another system that could potentially bring snowfall on thursday morning. >> all right.
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commission on 90 westbound and that is marginal because of a car fire. no one was transported to the hospital and should be cleaned up soon and let's go outside and i will show you live looks out of 90. one is out of commission and we're moving along nice and clear and other spots along 90. and talking about gas prices, down to start the workweek. the average price of a gallon of regular dropped -- dropped 5- cents to $1.77 a gallon. triple a is saying that is 50 cents cheaper than a year ago. and drivers are saving more at all -- at the pumps. we found more going for $1.37 a gallon at avon, lucky you, terrence. and a local beach in the running for the best freshwater beach in america. >> and they ranked in the top five. the breeder's choice, the 2016 poll by usa today and usa today saying the beach is cleaner than ever and has great
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voting ends on march 14th. and tonight, the nation will see what truly makes northeast ohio so great. >> and the bachelor is shog showing off sun mit county. and one of the ladies is from hudson and ben higgins gets to see the hometown before narrowing the field for two women here on newschannel 5. and it's 4:57 and ahead at 5 for you, cyclone blast. the cleanup underway in figi and a look at the deadly damage and how many people were forced from the home. >> and in north royalton, a live look at the crews on the scene here and we'll be updated
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hello, now at five, more changes on the roadway. >> how it's affecting your commute. >> and funding diverted. the ohio planned parenthood clinics losing more than $1 million on the state and where that money will be spent instead. >> and first, breaking overnight. fire shuts down the emergency room at southwest general hospital in middleburgh heights. the fire department responded around 8 last night. there were no injuries and the hospital concerns, the e.r. is shut down and ambulances diverted to other hospitals and at this point, they don't know when it will reopen. and the fire confine food a cleaning utility room. there is water and smoke damage. patients in the e.r. were evacuated to another section of the hospital and, of course, we'll keep you updated on that. and new details on the garage fire in north royalton, this is on drake road, which is closed between west 130th and bennett road. the homeowner telling us she woke up to see the grow outside and discovered the fire in the garage and called 911.


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