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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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hello, now at five, more changes on the roadway. >> how it's affecting your commute. >> and funding diverted. the ohio planned parenthood clinics losing more than $1 million on the state and where that money will be spent instead. >> and first, breaking overnight. fire shuts down the emergency room at southwest general hospital in middleburgh heights. the fire department responded around 8 last night. there were no injuries and the hospital concerns, the e.r. is shut down and ambulances diverted to other hospitals and at this point, they don't know when it will reopen. and the fire confine food a cleaning utility room. there is water and smoke damage. patients in the e.r. were evacuated to another section of the hospital and, of course, we'll keep you updated on that. and new details on the garage fire in north royalton, this is on drake road, which is closed between west 130th and bennett road. the homeowner telling us she woke up to see the grow outside and discovered the fire in the garage and called 911.
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one cat died in the fire and two others unaccounted for. the woman's husband able to get three vehicles out of the garage, but their motorcycle was destroyed -- destroyed. >> and let's get a check on the forecast. like february tomorrow. >> and this is a look at the radar. we are heading into a sunny day and that is some good news. i couldn't believe it, you know. in the forecast, you're going lower 60s, 67 degrees and it was recorded on saturday. thirty in medina. , 28, ashland and wooster; 31, millersburg. it's a cold start as we head throughout the day. not warming up much. we have to focus on the fact that we're going to have sunshine. 36 degrees this afternoon and you have to stick around. we're going to be talking about something that could be impacting your morning commute on thursday and that could be a big deal.
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and 76 into the city from the south. and corrina mentioned the garage fire happening in north royalton and this is on the map here. the closures on drake between west 130th and bennett this morning and that should be cleaned up soon. also, the car fire just cleared and that was at 90 westbound and marginal. and a couple of closures to tell you about in the greater cleveland metro area. we have 77 and pershing. and 77 southbound, the on-ramp at pershing closed because of a construction and a work on the canal road from third to 9th and 105th and 79th. on. you're used to it and let's get >> and to a traffic alert. >> and sarah phinney is looking into the changes for you and what is the west way to get
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>> this closure affects people heading west on the shoreway who want to come toemwater. the ramps and entrance and exit ramps will be closed for 90 days and right now, they're still open and they're going to close soon. i want to show you the maps and for drivers going west, who want to come to the park, if you want to leave edgewater and go west on the shoreway, exit at west 45th street and construction crews are a common site and part of the lakefront west project working to protect the nearby nairs and the good news is that these ramps are expected to open by mid-play and them in time for boot season.
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there will be a former contact. >> and right now, an akron family is searching for answers after a loved one vanishes. the navy veteran was last seen in akron and anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call akron police. and independence police are investigating a six-year-old boy from cleveland. kelly was pronounced dead. the circumstances surrounding the drowning have not been released. and the fire department issuing a warning about thin ice and hopefully a lab and pug, getting pulled from icy waters. the names, zoe and juice. they were playing when -- and zeus. they were playing when first responders arrived and both were treading in the water for
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hypothermia. they're doing just fine this morning -- suffer from hypothermia and they're both doing just fine. >> and 5:04 right now. and new developments this morning in the battle over planned parenthood. the governor signed a bill asking more than $1 million from the organization. meg shaw is following the story for you this morning and how is this going to affect the planned parenthood in the state moving forward? >> reporter: the planned parenthoods statewide won't be able to fund hiv testing, cancer screenings and other programs in the past. that ask -- and ha is because they will no longer receive $1.3 million under the new law from the ohio department of health. and the law states ohio is banned from contracting health services with any group that performs or promotes abortion. and while it doesn't name planned parenthood, it's believed it will be most affected. planned parenthood released a
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governor signed the bill stripping more than 1 point -- and he should explain he's invested in immortality while defining one of the best programs in the state. and he signed the bill one day and he finished near the bottom of the pact at 8%. live in the newsroom, meg shaw, >> thank you. and the parma mayor is getting ready for his state-of- the-city address and that is opened to the public at the local united auto worker's hall on chevrolet boulevard. >> and in north canton, the e.m.s. department is working to expand and upgrade the headquarters. the department has outgrown the two stations and one originally had three full time employees and tim thank you -- 10 full- time and 36 part-time workers worked there and that project has the approval of the administration and still needs
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and 5:06 on your monday morning and thank you for starting your day with us. i'm jackie fernandez. >> and i'm terrence lee. are you dreaming about summer already? uh-huh. we'll tell you about changes you can expect to see at cedar point this year. >> and a terrifying ride and uber driver behind bars and accused in a deadly shooting
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good morning to you. it's 5:09. new details on a series of random shootings in kalamazoo, michigan. the uber driver was picking up fares in between shootings and it started just after 5:40 saturday night. the first one, a parking lot, where a woman walking to her car was shot several times. the second one four hours later at a car dealership and the father and son were killed there and the third one, outside of a restaurant where four people were killed in their cars and the suspect was an uber driver. he drove that afternoon and called 911 after the ride. >> and they were kind of
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finally, once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> and uber said the 45-year- old passed a background check. police confirm he has no criminal history and could be in court as early as this morning. corrina. and to breaking overnight from the live desk. the mayor of london is joining the push for england to leave the european union. the move is a direct challenge to prime minister david cameron who wants the country to stay put. so far, no country has ever left the eu and came ron said staying is the best option for dealing with russia and the rise of islamic extremism in the middle east. he will go to parliament today to formerly set a referendum schedule set for june 23rd. and we have an update on the water crisis. the feds are calling out state and city officials. the e.p.a. said they failed to comply with an emergency order. the problems include lacking a comprehensive plan for the corrosion treatment in the water system and lawsuits over
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cost michigan taxpayers millions of dollars. at least 1 dozen suits were filed in local, state, and other courts and in the meantime, the boys and girls club is doing its part to help out. families in flint have been making due with water for months because of lake contamination there but they're piling up fast. 100 kids went through collecting all of the bottles to recycle. >> and this morning for you, black water pouring out of faucets. it's been happening the past few days in crystal city and some say it looks like black sludge or oil coming out of the sinks and that it's coming from sediment leaking into distribution lines after they clean the water tower the first time in decades. no timeline has been set for when they will have clear water again. and a lot of shocking new images from figi. and you can see the devastation there. at least 20 people confirmed
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staying in emergency shelters after their homes were damaged or flooded. and most of the country does no the have electricity and the prime minister declared a state of emergency for the next 30 days. and it's 5:12 and let's get a check of the forecast. >> and right now in northeast ohio, we're sitting dry and quiet. the radar is not showing precipitation and that is good news. the only thing, it's getting colder and you're waking up to. its at or below freezing. 28 in wooster; 30, millersburg; 30, new philadelphia and good morning cleveland, 31 and cooler in menner at 23 degrees. and throughout the day, we're not going to depart much from the 30s and highs in the mid- 30s. and the farther south you live, akron, canton, tuscaroras county and once that sun starts kicking into high gear and clouds moving in on early tuesday morning and that is the beginning of the end, but the beginning of the change that is
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the future cast. we start to see a lot of sun in the south and the southern portions of the viewing area and reaches the lake shore by this afternoon and then tuesday, a disturbance in the upper atmosphere and bringing in a slight chance of spotty precipitation and wednesday is when things come into play and this is a look at what is setting up. again, we call it a panhandle hook, meaning it develops in parts of texas and oklahoma and looks like it's going to travel east. then, it starts to bank off towards the midwest and makes taking the hook. right now, this is where it's going to be situated by tuesday and wednesday night into thursday, that is where the questions begin to a rise and i think that thursday morning could be a messy commute for us and your power of 5 seven-day forecast, and here it is. i put that in the forecast wednesday night and that is when that system will arrive and starting off with rain and depending on temperatures. that is a look at the power of 5 seven-day forecast. how's the commute now?
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a live look at 480 and 1 30th all the way to bennett on drake road. right close between west 130th and bennett. we'll let you know as soon as that reopens. elsewhere, a few construction projects and closures happening. at this point, canal road, 10 5th and 79th and the on and offramps from 77 southbound and northbound and we did that. over to jackie and terrence. >> thank you. and let's go to some dramatic moments when the coast guard comes to the rescue of three people. >> and being pulled by the strong current and this is in washington state here and they're caught in the rough waters. the person trying to help them gets caught. and all three were airlifted to safe and -- safety and doing fine this morning. >> right there. right there. >> the woman in new hampshire is alive this morning after a
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she was trapped in a rushing river. and firefighters -- with ropes and a ladder to hold on to. the issue lost her -- she lost her grip and floated away. that happened as the boat arrived. >> and we end up losing the ladder in her and by that time, the boat made it up here and we picked it up at the stairs and tied it up in two minutes. she's hypothermic now and probably wouldn't have lasted much longer. >> and she jumped in or fell, either way, she survived. >> and frightening images here and moments in oklahoma when a model home explodes in the middle of the day. one worker thrown into the driveway after opening the garage and smelled gas. five other homes were damaged here and officials think the leak started when some know stole a gas-powered stole out of the home. and if you're planning the trip for spring break, book now. if you don't, fair compare said you can pay up to 30% more more a flight out.
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destinations in past years and found travelers booking tickets this week -- excuse me -- and my deadness -- goodness. it's up to -- [ indiscernible ] >> and on average. >> thank you. >> compared to last minute. >> let me check coffee before you have to read a spring break story. >> and you have -- [ indiscernible ] on twitter and you have 27 days until spring, folks and this means grit's -- it's almost theme park time. the price for a ticket is going up. according to the website at $65, $3 more than last year and this is how you can avoid paying full price by discounted tickets online at giant eagle or count is drug mart stores. if you compare cedar point's price to disney world or universal or orlando, they're not charging you that much. the ticket there costs 105. >> and i am. okay. cedar point is closing three rides this year, though. shoot the rapids, the skyscraper and challenge racing
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the park said that work is along the raven and debuts this spring. also, you will see changes on two other coasters, the rapter and the top thrill dragster are getting revamped. and another trip hot on the web this morning, even though it happened in 1969. >> and new audio of a conversation recorded between the apollo 10 astronauts and while orbiting on the far side of the noon, they apparently heard weird outer space-type music and whistling sound. >> and it's more scientific thansyify and explain the two roads in the space craft probably interfered with one another. >> and that is too realistic. i think all of the x files fans would like to say oh, some martians were there. you know what i mean? coming up next, the cows were -- cavs were hot on the court last night. what one fan said to lebron and you're not going to believe it.
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>> and ex-perts say your favorite healthy characters are -- [ indiscernible ] >> and following breaking news at the garage fire in north royalton and this is a live look. scene. we'll bring you an update in 2
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. welcome back. looking ahead this morning, the domestic violence investigation of johnny manziel is expected to wrap up this week.
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video from a texas hotel where he allegedly assaulted his former girlfriend. investigators have not yet interviewed manziel. so far, he's not been charged. >> and fox sports reporter and tv personality and dancing with the stars cohost is due in court this week for a civil trial. she's seeking $75 million in a in addition lawsuit against the marriott hotel. this goes back to an incident in 2008 where she was secretly recorded in her hotel room. she's accusing marriott of allowing the suspect to book a the living wage. discussions between the palace employees and their union start today. and if you're thinking what
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it's day three of downtown restaurant week. they're offering multicourse lunch and dinner specials for february 28th. there is a full list of all of the places and their menus on our app at and people looking to escape the winter blues don't have to travel to the tropics. the cleveland botanical gardens is underway through march 6th and features the sites and smells and colors of cuba. >> sounds nice. and some very nice with temperatures like this. 31 degrees in cleveland right now and we're looking at 30 in elyria; very cold in parts of ashland and wooster and into the 20s to start and that is going to wake you up. this weekend was so warm. what a stark contrast and this is the weather headlines for today. noticeably cooler. if you live south of u.s. 30, i am noticing a lot of clouds dissipating and leaving your neighborhood pretty quickly,
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warm up more than the 30s and we're talking about the wintery wednesday into thursday. >> and what happened to the 70s and the 60s? are you kidding me? >> oh, okay, somara, we're looking at some construction closures in the greater cleveland metro area. and this is here and is going to be the one that impacts people the most. 77 in pershing. the on-ramp at 77 southbound, that is closed and the offramp at 77 north of ramp and that is closed. we see 77 backed up during rush hour elsewhere. the drive time speeds are looking good at this hour. 271 northbound, richmond and 90 and checks in at 11 minutes. rock side to downtown. taking 77 north and that is at 9 minutes now. the traffic is building on 480 and warrensville and that is the bottom right. the other live odot cameras on 480, showing we're incident free. over to you, guys. and cavs fans this morning celebrating a big win. the team handed the thunder the worse loss of the season. >> and dominating without the starting point guards the last
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love had 29 points, lebron with 25 and the cavs win 115 to 92. >> this showed our team shows -- and the same situation last year when guys went down and they were able to make it to the finals and they have to step up and play hard and play for each other and continue to do that. we'll be fine. >> and also, trending right now, turns out some of your favorite disney characters are too happy n. a study of 32 films, academics concluded overall that they make poverty unrealistic. bert and mary poppins didn't person. singing cheerfully after working all day in a mine. and relax, everyone. it's disney and for children. they go over the scenes and the motions and everything. so, they don't seem too happy.
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cheer you up this morning, the 80s live o. you remember the cabbage patch kids? >> yeah. >> they're back and not like the you may have in your garage somewhere. >> and it's rebooted with touch sensors, lcd lights and led lights. also in the cheeks and she talks and coo coos and -- and coos and there is an app there. and many of you have have reported next, the colorful flashing lights. what do they mean and where are they coming from. >> and he live tweets his bus experience after he ends up exploding. and we're going to give you a look at the lottery numbers. good luck.
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. state funding stripped from planned parenthood. how it will affect dozens of local clinics. >> and our team is on top of a traffic alert for your monday morning. >> sarah phinney is looking at another shore way closure and kristen byrne is monitoring how it's affecting traffic. and this is coming in. the cleveland police releasing new details on a deadly accident that happened last night. a 14-year-old driving a stolen minivan goes through a red light and this is the intersection of community college avenue and east 30th street slamming into another
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from his car. the 17-year-old man pronounced dead at the scene. the 14-year-old driver and another passenger were taken to metro with severe injuries. we can tell you that no one in the other vehicle was hurt. and also breaking, fire shuts down the emergency room at southwest general hospital in middleburgh heights. ambulances diverted to other hospitals. at this point, the officials don't know when the e.r. will reopen. the fire was confined to a cleaning utility room near smoke and water damage. the patients in the e.r. were evacuated to another section of the hospital. and let's get a check on the forecast tomorrow. and looking cooler out there. >> yes, and that is going to be cooler today. noticeably cooler. in fact, we're expecting highs to be in the mid-30s. and this is a caveat. if you live south of u.s. 30, it's like akron, tuscaroras, county carol, and you're looking at a warmer day. along the lake shore, mid-30s and farther south, you have a potential in the low 40s, good news, right? a little foreshadowing.
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it's not quite wednesday yet. as we head from wednesday into thursday, we're going to be tracking a panhandle hook. a system that could potentially bring us rain wednesday night and snow thursday morning. we'll keep an eye out on it and let you know if anything changes. for now, how are the roads? >> there are no accidents right now somara and on our maps, the garage fire is happening in north royalton and that happened from west 130th all the way to about penet this -- bennett this morning and look at all of the green here and we're not seeing accidents at this hour and heading outside, the traffic is building on 480 and this is 480 in granger. i showed you 4ity and the time before and this is a start to pick up around this time. >> and traffic alert new for anyone around cleveland, another closure starts on the shoreway. sarah phinney is looking into the changes for us.
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>> reporter: this is for people heading west on the shoreway and wanting to come to edgewater park. the entrance and exit rampings are going to be closed for 90 days beginning today. construction crews and equipment a familiar site on the stretch of the shoreway and part of the lakefront west project, working -- in this area into a treeline boulevard and trying to make it easier for neighborhoods in the area to access lake erie. we're seeing some changes already like the speed limit going from 50 to 35 miles an hour and i want to show you a map of the closure for drivers going west wanting to get to edgewater, turn right on west boulevard and follow the detour signs. if you want to leave and go west on the shoreway, exit at west 45th street and follow the directions. we have turned, i turn navigation on the website if you want more details. the good news is that the ramps are expected to open by mid-may
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sarah finney, newschannel 5. >> thank you, sarah. and you may also notice the strange lights if you're driving into downtown cleveland. they're lighting up the gateway district coming from progressive field. they're testing the ribbon scoreboards at the stadium. the indians home opener, april 4th against the red sox. >> and new information this morning, a series of random shootings in michigan. police say this man was the gunman you see him there and he's a uber driver. cnn is reporting that he picked up and dropped off passengers between shootings. this shooting restarted after 5:30 on saturday night. the first happened in a parking lot where a woman walking to her car got shot several times. the second one, four hours later at a car dealership, where he killed a father and son. the third one outside of a cracker barrel restaurant where four people were killed inside their cars, one of the uber passengers said dalton got a call during the ride that
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>> they're driving through medians and the lawn, speeding along and finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> dalton did pass uber's background check and police say he has no criminal history. he could appear in court as early as today. and 5:34. we're expecting to learn more today about how a body ended up in the back of a garbage truck and discovered saturday morning in fairlawn. a trash collector said he found the remains working his regular route, including akron, copley township and it's believed the victim was crushed to death. police are not releasing the victim's name. and one person killed in a two-car crash and this happened sunday night. it's not clear what led up to the crash. three other people were injured as well and east 30th street between woodland and community college avenues was closed for hours following that accident. and new this morning for you in the fight over planned parenthood funding, the governor picks a side.
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than $1 million from clinics statewide and meg shaw's on top of the story for you this many wondering how does this our state? >> reporter: this means the 28 clinics statewide would no longer receive moppy from the department of health and that money, $1.3 million, to be exact, will be reallocated to perform abortions. the clinics will be hand selected by the department of health in the coming months. while the bill doesn't specifically mention planned parenthood, the backers of the bill said the organization will be most affected. planet parenthood released a statement on sunday reading in part, it's a sad day when the fire to score political points overtakes a commitment to health and the safety of ohioans. the move will now prevent planned parenthood from providing hiv testing, cancer
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>> and thank you. some of ohio's education standards is expected to head to the ohio house. according to cleveland.amco, the proposal would reduce the amount of standardized testing that students face. and creating exemptions for to eliminate unnecessary relations for schools with an excellent track record. and a new report shows ohio schools are doing a better job preparing students for college. the number of students take remedial math and english classes is down. in 2013, 22% of ohio students took a remedial class at a public college or university, down from 41% just five years ago and math is the biggest struggle for most students. 5:36. the film forced -- and bill cosby's wife will testify despite a last-ditch efforts to delay the deposition. >> and why it might be better for your health to get out of
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good morning and welcome back. let's go ahead and get a check right now on that forecast. you're waking up to dry conditions. that is the good news. you're also waking up to cooler conditions and we're starting off this morning in the 20s and low 30s for a lot of us. adjusting the high as i have noticed and we have more
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afternoon and that means highs are around 37 degrees and again, as i reiterate, you're in the 40s living farther south in areas like akron and north canton, tuscaroras, carol county there. sunshine will prevail for the day and clouds moving in overnight. you should see the snow moon and that is a look at the power of 5 forecast. over to you. in health news this morning, a noro virus outbreak sickens dozens of students at the university of michigan. more than 100 have been streeted and one hospitalized. the health department is trying to figure out the source of this but most of the students infected live in the dorms. if you're waking up early with us, it might be good for your health. turns out getting too much sleep increases your risk of getting a stroke. a new study of 290,000 people finds getting more than 8 hours a night ups the risk by a whopping 146%. and getting 7 to eight hours, would help protect against stroke.
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number. >> you have to hit it right. a startling new study on the popular diet said the caveman diet could be making you gain weight. >> and you heard of it called the paleo diet. it's a low-carb, high-fat diet that bans dairy, cereal, grains, potatoes and sugar and meant to help you lose weight and big muscle. lead to more weight gain which is no the what you want to do. of melbourne. the paleo diet raised insulin levels in people with diabetes. >> all right. >> and time check for you, 5:41. next on good morning cleveland, san bernardino victims weighing in on the inscription battle. whose side will they take? apple's or the fbi. >> and dancing through the white house. this 106-year-old is going viral this morning.
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your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive.
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. time now, 5:44 and an all- out search for the man officials say rammed a corporal with his car during a -- during a high-speed chase in franklin county. this is now dash cam video we're getting here.
5:45 am
speedings and took off. and spodes reaching more than 80 miles an hour. the sheriff said the corporal walked up to his car at a dead end and hit the gas. the corporal shot into the air. the second officer fired at the vehicle and fowler got away. that corporal is recovering, terrence and jackie. spent update on you the developing stories we're following. >> and bill cosby's wife set to tell all this morning. she will give the deaf -- in the defamation lawsuit brought against her husband. the attorneys tried to stop the deposition several times but a judge denied the requests. seven women sued cosby for defamation and claim he portrayed them as liars after they publicly accused him of sexually assaulting them. >> and several victims of the san bernadino terror attack are taking sides in the encryption fight and they're to force the government's attempt to force apple to unlock an iphone from one of the shooters. apple saying it has implications far beyond the investigation and the company
5:46 am
apple supporters across the country plan to protest the fbi's court order and protests are to take place tomorrow across apple stores across the nation. a gunmaker is going to ask a judge to dismiss a lawsuit over the sandy hook shooting. it's a wrongful death lawsuit that holds the gun company partially responsible for the massacre ands company said the 2005 law shields gun manufacturers from most criminal lawsuits. a "new york times" reporter, travel reporter indies up reporting on a different type of travel experience when the megabus he was on exploded. lucas peterson is his name and he live tweeted the experience on the bus from chicago to minneapolis and caught fire with 40 passengers on board. he pulled to the side of the road because of a mechanical issue and then saw the small flames grow bigger and everyone got off of the bus in time and almost all of their luggage burned in a fire.
5:47 am
you can see cleveland looking the clouds cloudy and dark. and that is low. we're going to talk about that more later and they're moving out and giving some sunshine into the afternoon and you wouldn't know it, though, 21 degrees in cleveland and very, very different from saturday, the upper 60s, 28 degrees in wooster; 27 starting in ashland and that is a chilly start. we're dry and starting off dry and we're going to end up dry. and this is a look at the hour- by-hour forecast through time this afternoon. the highs rise to 37 degrees and south, you're looking at 40, 42 for your high and a good deal of sunshine kicks into high gear on the road home and you can see that in the model forecast. and the clouds linger along the lakeshore and recede and dissipate throughout the monday and we start to see sunshine
5:48 am
atmosphere disturbance here and a chance of scattered showers on tuesday and early wednesday morning and that is the system developing in texas and oklahoma and it develops out there and looks like it's not coming anywhere near the midwest or parts into the southeast and it makes a sharp left turn and some models getting more clear on this and bringing it closer to us and we're on the warmer side of the system wednesday night and we'll see the cooler side and which we will see snow for the thursday morning commute and we'll keep tracking that and let you know of changes coming up there in the power of 5 seven-day forecast. and i want you to notice the temperatures in the 30s and we warm up the middle of the week and we drop back down to below the average for this time of the year into next weekend. >> and i can't believe the temperatures we saw this weekend. that was unbelievable. >> and right now.
5:49 am
ride here in northeast ohio and looking live at our odot camera. this is 71 and clay, this morning and come on, buddy. you can do it and that is not working. 71 in clark and looks fantastic. elsewhere, we're checking in okay and showing no accidents. that is the good thing for your ride. 77 southbound, the on-ramp at pecking and that is going to be closed because of cruxes and -- construction and the offramp. looking live at 71 and this is 71 and west 25th. we're seeing cars moving along and no backups to report at this hour and i told you about the closure happening. drake road is closed in that 130th and bennett. i will keep you posted as soon as it's open. over to -- over to you. >> look.
5:50 am
>> i want to say i had to michelle. >> hold on. >> and i love this video. that is virginia mcwarren, she's 106 years old but you won't tell by the video. it was her dream to meet president obama and the first lady at the white house. her family started a social media campaign and a white house petition and her dream came through. the white house posted the video to facebook last night and it's been viewed more than 10 million times she said to the president and the first lady is so epic there. >> and you have to love her two- step there. >> oh, yeah. >> and that was not the only thing that happened over the weekend at the white house. >> right. >> and the #, obama and kids, has been trending for days and this shows the president reaching out to the young boy visiting the white house for black history month. a reception. the internet went wild and people started posting their favorite pictures of obama interacting with kidos and this
5:51 am
the newsroom and the president giving him a beautiful so he can get in the selfies. >> and you have to check out the #on twitter. the pictures are so beautiful. >> and the smile for sure. and this morning, keisha is getting major support in her fight against the producer and sony, her label. >> and taylor swift is donating $50,000 to help her with legal bills o. friday, a judge ruled against releasing keisha from her recording contract. she's accusing her abuser of ongoing abuse, including drugging and raping her a decade ago. she was criticized over the weekend for not speaking out about the case but the mop teary donation speaks volumes. >> and tonight, the nation will fantastic. >> abcs the bachelor showing off summit county and one of the ladies looking for love is from hudson. the bachelor gets to see her hometown before he narrows the
5:52 am
and you can see it here at 8:00, here on newschannel 5. landmarks. >> oh, yeah. i wonder who he's going to pick. hopefully her. 5:51, coming up next, can he really run? calling another rival's eligibility into question. >> and going to the dark side. a former cavalier could be playing for the team's biggest we'll have the latest report
5:53 am
. good morning to you. 5:53 right now and talk about democracy 2016. the governor is trying to rebound from a weak performance in south carolina gop primary. townhall meetings. in the meantime, donald trump is celebrating a big win on saturday night. causing a lot of controversy here by retweeting the message
5:54 am
rubio are both ineligible to be president. >> this is a pattern and a game he plays. smart people alone is not enough. >> donald devotes all of his time and energy and money to attacking me. >> the south carolina race claimed one campaign, though, jeb bush called it quits after the primary and dides bite finishing last, ben carson vows to stay in the race. for the democrats, hillary clinton's campaign travels to l.a. and hopes to again ground after the win in nevada. bernie sanders is looking ahead to supertuesday and that is when voters in 12 states, including here in ohio will cast their ballots in primaries. and let's get a forecast from somara theodore. how's it look something. >> it's looking cloudy and we'll start to -- start to see the clouds back off throughout the afternoon. clearing much quicker farther south in the viewing area. taking their time along the lakeshore and allowing the temperatures to reach the mid- 30s.
5:55 am
the lower 30s in areas like coshockton and here's what you're waking up to and walking out of the door, too and it's cold. 27, mansfield; 31, cleveland and 23 in menner. kristen. and thank you, not seeing accidents still as of yet and we zoom out from progressive field. look at all of the green on the maps and incident free. a few reminders of the construction projects going on in the greater cleveland metro area and this is going to impact you. 77 in pershing and talked about it last week, too and that on- ramp is closed and the offramp construction and heading morning. the traffic is tarting to pick up slightly -- slightly and not too bad in that spot. is that will change in the middle of rush hour and talk about the gas prices? down to start the workweek and good 92 says -- good news there, a gallon of regular dropped five cents to $1.77 a gallon.
5:56 am
drivers right here in northeast ohio are saving more at the pumps. we found gas going for $1.37 a gallon in avon. and they're lucky parents. >> and former fan favorites. and suiting up for gold know state. "the associated press" reporting the deal last night and the team has yet to announce it. the trail mazers released him giving him an opportunity to sign with any team except the cavs. and the most famous is recognizing a local teen's great accomplishment. lebron james -- something he will cherish and remember forever. it took him a lot of hard work to earn the highest rank in boy scouts, something a small portion of young men achieve. and they achieved letters of -- [ indiscernible ] and governor john kasich and brama. -- barrack obama. and there is one letter that
5:57 am
>> and there is no better feeling thank the satisfaction of a job well done. and keep up the good work. sin sorely, lebron james. >> how awesome is that? you can read the full letter from lebron on the news net 5 app. and light talk nascar now. taking the checkered flag for this year's daytona 500. >> and seems winning the race was his plan all along. this is a picture of a letter he wrote while in elementary school and his mom tweeted it out. in the letter, he wrote the wish was to let the daytona 500 he wanted it to come through to february 17th, 1998, and he was a few years off and his treatment came true eventually. that is so cool and i am glad his mom kept that. >> and great penmanship there, too. >> and a-plus in cursive. and next at 6, an icy rescue to save two dogs.
5:58 am
>> and changes to cedar point, we say hello to a new coaster and say goodbye to three others.
5:59 am
. new at 6, more champs on the shoreway. >> and the new construction getting underway. the best way to get around all of it. >> and funding diverted. dozens of ohio's planned
6:00 am
than 1 million in the state. where that money will be spent instead. >> and we begin with breaking news overnight from the live desk here. the emergency room at southwest general hospital in middleburg heights closed. it's because there was a fire in a cleaning utility room around 8 last night. ambulances are diverted to other hospitals and at this point, they don't know when the e.r. will reopen and there is smoke, water, and smoke damage. patients in the e.r. were evacuated to another part of the hospital. and now details about the garage fire in north royalton on drake road. the homeowner woke up to see a glow outside around 2 this morning, discovered the flames. we spoke with fire officials who tell us that everyone made it out safely. >> there were about four people home at the time and all got out okay and called 911. when we got here within five minutes, and we had heavy fire coming through the garage already.


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