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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. donald trump on a roll. >> we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. just won. >> the gop front-runner celebrates big back-to-back wins now all eyes on the nevada, the next vote casts tomorrow. can marco rubio and ted cruz stop his momentum. the uber driver accuseded of killing six people. reportedly picking up fares during the rampage. now those passengers are speaking out. >> we were driving through median sfls and uber is responding to the attack. amazing escape. a megabus evacuated just moments
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rocket man out of this world mystery. the newly uncovered tapes revealing the, quote, weird music, astronauts say was moon. what the famous rocket man really heard. i'm a rocket man >> ooh, that was bad. >> but it felt so good. >> great monday morning here on "good morning america." we're getting to the bottom of that space mystery and speaking of stars. >> yes, none other than sam champion, everybody, in the house. >> of course, they have pandora in space. >> 30 years ago, yeah. >> also, it with us new then. welcome back, sam. good to have you here. we'll begin with the race for the white house. it's your "your voice, your
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donald trump the clear front-runner in the republicans. their next contest in nevada tomorrow and abc's tom llamas is here with the latest. >> reporter: george, good morning. donald trump takes his high-roller campaign to vegas today while his two closest competitors, senator mar cue row owe and ted cruz try to argue the odds are on their side to win the nomination. their argument, trump may be winning today. but there are still 70% of voters not picking donald trump. this morning, donald trump on a victory lap following a big win in south carolina. saying he's attracted gop voters in all shapes and sizes. >> we won with everything. tall people, short people, fat people, skinny people. just won. >> in atlanta, the lights went out on trump. but it couldn't stop his power on over the crowd. crowd. i like that much better. because the likes don't work, i won't pay the rent.
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after his back-to-back wins. the whole trump family on the victory stage in south carolina. even wife melaina leading the charge for the next contest. >> we love you and we're going ahead to nevada. >> reporter: hoping to limit those trump celebrations. senator marco rubio. who barely won second place in south carolina. rubio hit three states on sunday. speaking to some of his biggest crowds and unveiling a new message. >> in america, a message of the people flow through the veins. >> reporter: but senator ted cruz is telling rubio, not so fast. marking rubio's appearance on his appearance on "this week." >> i think we can win florida on march 15th. that's fairly amazing admission they don't believe they're going to win here in nevada. >> reporter: all three hoping to
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who dropped out of the race following a weak showing in south carolina. >> a number of pundits said if a couple of other candidates drop out, if you add their scores together, it's going to equal trump. right? these geniuses. they don't understand that as people drop out, i'm going to get a lot of those votes, also. >> reporter: now the washington post reporting this morning that former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is advising donald trump. he'll announce his national security advisers very soon. rubio donny wahlberg, the former news kids of the block member. he has the oh oh oh the right stuff. >> did he say it like that? >> he didn't say it like that. >> thanks for clarifying.
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hillary clinton scoring a hard-fought victory in nevada over bernie sanders. a much-needed win for the clinton campaign they may now slow bernie sanders' momentum ahead of their next face-off in south carolina. abc's cecilia vega is here and has the latest for us. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. bernie sanders said he's not going anywhere, he's into this race until the convention. after this loss in nevada, that path to the name nation is looking a lot tougher. this morning, hillary clinton still riding high. >> we just won nevada! >> reporter: fresh off that nevada win -- >> something really special is happening here. >> reporter: clinton now armed with two victories and hoping for a third, heading into the next state, south carolina. >> the fight goes on, the future grasp. >> reporter: and she's looking ahead to the palmetto state feeling confident.
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with a double-digit lead over vermont senator bernie sanders. but despite that big vegas-style win, clinton conceding overnight, she has a big problem to overcome -- trust. >> i'll demonstrate that i have always been the same person fighting for the sam values. >> reporter: bernie sanders still vowing to stay in the race. vowing supporters. >> you and you and you have the power to determine the future of america. >> reporter: and former president bill clinton stopping in oklahoma overnight, bracing for a fight on super tuesday and beyond with a different competitor across the aisle. >> one of their candidates in the other party said he's going to make america great again. let me tell you something -- america never stopped being great again. >> reporter: lots of cheers for that line sanders' team is
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this fight is going to get more heated. as the two sides go after the african-american voters. george, clinton supporters tell me we'll hear her go strong on sanders' record on guns. jon karl now. in the end, the nomination are all about piling up delegates. jon, where things stand right now. >> reporter: after three states, donald trump has a even bigger lead in the delegate race than he's had in the polls. 67 delegates compared to 11 for ted cruz, 10 for you marco ruk owe and 5 for john kasich. it's takes 1,237 to win the republican nomination. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are actually tied among the delegates that have won in primaries and caucuses. democratics also have the super delegates, they can vote for
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really the party establishment. add those in, hillary clinton has a huge lead 5020 to 70. >> john, next tuesday, super tuesday, the most delegates at stake. >> that's the big prize, 11 states voting for candidates. george, if donald trump can keep his momentum, if he can score a sweep on super tuesday, it's hard to see how he's stopped. >> jon karl, thanks very much. let's talk to matt dowd right now. donald trump two big wins in south carolina. if you look at the betting markets right now, it has his odds for the nomination about even with marco rubio, why? >> we're in a unique situation
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instead of coalescing around the front-runner they're trying to go against the front-runner. they have made two bad assumptions during this race. first, they assumed that donald trump has a ceiling he can't get above the ceiling. a assumption that's going to be broken in the next week or two. the momentum as win, you gain the ceiling. the early 1900s in football, when you bet on the running game and knute rockne shows up with the forward pass. donald trump has invebted the forward pass here. the gop that wants to stop donald trump it seems the only way they can stop him is with a contested convention. it doesn't seem like they have a plan for somebody else to win. >> he has four opponents right now. >> meantime that path for hillary clinton with south carolina and super tuesday coming up, she can build up a huge lead.
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difficult if bernie sanders doesn't keep it close, she'll begin to wrap up the race next week. >> you went old school with the football analogy. now to that twist between apple and fbi. fbi director writing a letter about the disputes as protesters plan to back apple. abc's pierre thomas in washington has the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning, robin. while in support of apple across the country tomorrow, they continue to face off with both sides digging in, this morning, as you said the fbi director is getting personally involved in a very public director. releasing a letter calling on apple to comply to help the iphone of san bern dee owe killer, syed farook.
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we don't want to break anyone's enkripgs. but apple is taking to the air waves to challenge the fbi's reasoning. saying that the privacy and security of millions of his customers are at risk. >> no limit on what the government could apple to do if it succeeds this way. >> reporter: to make the case, apple has hired ted olson two whose wife died on one of the planes in the 9/11 attack and this is pandora box. we can't give the terrorists a victory. >> reporter: the fbi claims that the investigation remains urgent, that the phone may have critical additional clues including whether others were involved. this morning, apple ceo tim cook e-mailed his employees to thank them for their support. he said an army veteran wrote
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will always consider my privacy a treasure. clearly, neither side backing down. >> high stakes in this battle. we'll get the latest now on bill cosby. his wife camille is set to go under oath this morning. after her lawyers' attempts to stopped the deposition failed. it will take place in springfield, massachusetts. linsey davis is there. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is exactly what camille cosby was hoping to avoid. at around 9:30, she's expected to face probing questions not only about her relationship with her husband but his relationship with other women. over the weekend, her attorneys filed this emergency motion, to postpone her deposition at a massachusetts hotel. >> no wife wants to go into a deposition or public forum and have to testify about her personal relationship with her husband.
7:13 am
relationship with other women. cosby's wife of 52 years has been hoping to avoid answering any questions about her husband. but the attorney for seven of cosby's alleged victims who filed a defamation suit against the embattled comedian saying she would have relevant information having served as his business manager for years. her public item would create a unnecessary media circus that serves no purpose other than to harass and embarrass her. more than 50 women have come forward claiming cosby sexually assaulted them, claims he has consistently denied. his wife right by his side. only once making a public statement. defending her husband, saying he's the man you thought you knew.
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cosby can refuse to answer certain questions that would involve private conversations between her and her husband. disqualification rule. now to that big scare on a megabus, catching flame on a highway outside of chicago. rnt fortunately, no one was abc's linzie yooe ie janis is here. >> reporter: it had been on the road for just over an hour when disaster struck. it was really scary. >> reporter: horrifying moments onnen an illinois highway. >> big explosion. bus on fire. >> reporter: this megabus traveling from chicago to minneapolis, exploding. just moments after the 40 people onboard evacuated.
7:15 am
and as i got off, the bus blew up. >> reporter: panicked passengers watching as their belongings go up in flames. >> we lost everything. >> reporter: you can see the charred remains of the bus. miraculously no one was injured. many onboard said there were signs of problems early on. >> some people said they smell burning. >> reporter: "the new york times" frugal traveler lucas peterson was onboard doing a story on the bus. >> the driver kept pulling over to the side. >> reporter: last year in upstate new york, another megabus fire. after a tire blew. that bus pulling over and then igniting and in 2012, this megabus in georgia, destroyed by fire. a blown tire responsible for ravaging that bus. pending litigations, these bus may be carrying too much weight, causing the tires to blow out.
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is under way to what caused the latest bus to incinerate. recorder. megabus is cooperating with authorities and safety is its top priority. >> boy, so glad everyone got out of there. lara, the reason we were singing poorly "rocket man." brewing. new audio unveiling that astronauts may have heard music on the dark side of the moon. raising some big questions this morning. m >> reporter: up until now, david bowie is probably the closest we have come to hearing spacet newly declassified audio tapes reveal there may be music
7:17 am
in 1969 as apollo 10dark side of the moon, where contact with nasa is unavailable, astronauts claim they heard something strange. >> did you hear whistling sound? >> it sounds like outer space music. >> reporter: those transcripts i caused by two different spacecrafts,with each other. and thes a row naughts themselves aren't sure that music was caused by those radioy did admit they were very terrified by it. >> can you imagine? >> up there all alone. >> sure it's just radio not. >> or not. >> sure it was. >> sam, what else do you got today.
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lot to talk about today. wall. cooler temperatures in. and the northeast. now that's all cooler , we're talking about ice, rain and snow. city. today, some strong storms developing in texas. watch this low andto new orleans this is the worst part of this storm, these storms in the darker shade, it could actually spawn off some uld spin up a tornado in that. behind that, a low front. we're talking about snow. look at you, chicagoland,th and east, getting some snow. up to 6 inches.
7:19 am
. all right, so here we go. a look nes. noticeably cooler today and it's going to be warmer as you head farther south of u.s. 30. we're looking occurring wednesday night as rain and snow by thursday morning. that is a potential. light go ahead and look right now at the current ty itself in medina. , 32 -- 30 degrees in medina; 32 in cleveland and the sun comes out and they dissipate, expect highs in the upper 30s. and thanks forain this week, sam. already got chicagoland in one time.
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suspected in that deadly rampage in out. >> once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> inside that terrifying ride and uber official will join ushis morning. also coming up, a new crackdown on hoverboard. now an official sayingoard is safe. if you need an opioid to manage your chronic pain, o constipated it feels like everyone can go ...except you. tried many things? relief? you may have opioid-induced constipation, oic. it's different and may need a different approach. pain signals, but can also block activity in the bowel. which is why it can feel like your opioid pain med
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aspirin, or blood thinners. manic episodes may occur in some people. may cause low sodium levels. the most common side effects are nausea, constipation and vomiting. brintellix did not have n weight. ask your doctor if brintellix could make a difference for you. . it's 7:26. breaking overnight from the live desk. the emergency room at southwest general hospital in middleburg it's because of a fire and a cleaning utility room around 8:00 last night. no one is hurt. the ambulances are diverted to other hospitals. at this point, the hospital is
7:27 am
e.r. will reopen. smoke and water damage here. patients in the er were evacuated to another section of the ce and jackie. and cleveland's tallest building is for sale. >> the business reporting the owner columbia property trust is now in talks withand this includes the 57-story skyscraper and the marriott hotel. and the sale is expected to close within the next few gives it a market value of $231 million we are making calls on this and we're going to let you know what read the talk temperatures. >> and we are seeing dry conditions on the radar and that is great news as we start off your monday and re clouds, thinking another gleam day. the sun will come out today, actually. this afternoon, the temperatures 38 ster; 32, millersburg and throughout the day, the sun helps use out and highs in the
7:28 am
>> and we're right now and that is 71 northbound, 77 as well and with some issues and 90 in the shoreway that is kind of the red on the screen indicating major slowdowns. i want to talk about a couple of here, 77 and pershing. the ramp, 77 south and exit ramps, 77 north and canal road is closed from third to 9th and that is going to take you 16 minutes, know 18- minute ride, crocker to the inne at west 25th from our odot cam.
7:30 am
come back to "good morning america." and the angola crater in tanzania where the great migration is takingtomorrow, amy is going to take us inside live for our "good morning america" on safari. new technology we'll be using, you'll feel like you're right there with her. also right now, we're one day away from the gop ca on nevada and donald trump. south carolina. marco rubio and ted cruzis momentum. and mark zuckerberg is predicting virtual reality is
7:31 am
during a surprise visit at a on sunday. he said, pretty soon we'll live in a world where everyone has the power to share and experience whole scenesthere. >> how pretty soon? >> like tomorrow. amy is going to lead us. it's incredible. a network television first. a live al reality experience. "good morning america" will be on safari. let's talk to amy. >> that's right, guys. we'll be showing you animals like you have before. with amazing, sweeping views. you'll be looking at these animals with extremely rare at 360-degree virtual experience. we're bringing you a live, never before seen, an inte >> thank you.
7:32 am
>> give willie nelson his hat sam. >> first day back, a little cranking. >> amy will laugh. >> thank you, sam. first in this velopments in that horrifying massacre in michigan. the alleged gunman an uber driver now in custodylice investigate whether he picked up fares during the rampage. alex perez has the ood morning, the uber driver is expected to make his first appearance in court later today at this point, authorities are tight-lipid motives in this case. this morning, the hunt for answers. what triggered an alleged rampage that led to arrestason dalton. mayhem in kalamazoo beginning saturday evening a woman shot several times inof this residential complex, she arrived.
7:33 am
parking lot, a father and his 17-year-old son, shot and st 16 minutes later, a gunman opens fire just outside of this cracker barrel restaurant, killing four people.acher. >> this is your worst orter: authorities spot the suspect's vehicle and take him into custody without incident. the victims investigators say, apparently selected at ou tell the families of these victims they weren't targeted for any reason. >> reporter: police the uber driver took tears in between shootings. this man said he was one of his g the rampage. >> he said i'm not the shooter.
7:34 am
rode with dalton 70 minutes before the first shooting. the ride started ithin a few minutes he had to find a way out of dalton's cars. >> we were driving through medians, driving through lawnsing. speeding along.nce he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> reporter: millen then said he called 911 and gavee number. and this morning, we're learning one of the young victims a 14-year-old girl,ed to have brain dead is fighting for her life, responding to doctors with two thumbs up when asked if she can hear them.ght, alex, thank you very much. in a morning exclusive, we're joined by a member of uber's safety advisory board, ed so much for spending some time with us this morning to discuss this. what do you know about the suspect's background?
7:35 am
any details you can a full background check done on all driver partners for uber and this individual had the background checkas nothing in his background to indicate he was a problem. he had no record whatsoever. >> is it true that uber's background check does not checking fingerprints and law enforcement is not involved and that uber doesn't even meet with prospective drivers in person, is all that t is true that fingerprints aren't utilized. there are thousands of employers that don't use fingerprints in their bake ground checks. this process is handled online. this process is very the background checks looks not only where an individual lives
7:36 am
in the that in an emergency situation, a call to 911 is the best way to deal with the situation like that. there was no background check identified this man as a problem. he was a father, a husband, he was described as the police chief in kalamazoo as exactly the type of guy that any corporation would like to hire. >> was he still picking up the that information is part of the ongoing investigation. >> people are waking up this morning and concerned about using uber. you have been in law enforcement how can assure people they will be safe if they get in a uber car and will you recommend any changes to the board? >> uber isking at security procedures, before,
7:37 am
there's a constant flow of identity of the driver, the vehicle they're driving. in an exact identification of gets in the vehicle through their credit card information. >> all right, ed davis, thank you very much. of course, we're thinking of the victims and those that were injured and keeping thosemilies in our -- >> our hearts go out to them, no question. >> ed davis, thank you for your we'll move on now to the you new development in the domestic investigation intok johnny manziel. abc's ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: this morning, dallas police say they are examining hotelrtedly showing an encounter between manziel and his ex-girlfriend. >> detectives have continued communicating with the
7:38 am
>> reporter: in her affidavit seeking an order of protection from manziel, crowley said she met up with manziel zazza in the earlying morning hours of january 30th. she claims the argument became physical and tried to off. that she told the valet, please don't let him take me. i'm scared for my life. crowley also claims,23-year-old struck him with his open hand. police would not release details about the surveillance video. >> there has been no as to what charge, if any, will be filed against mr. manziel. >> reporter: in october, police dash cam alleged anotheration between the pair. manziel known for his hard
7:39 am
not been arrested or charged for either encounter.rning america," ryan smith -- abc news, new york. >> thanks to ryan for that. coming up -- the new warning about hoverboards. . the feds say most on now are not safe. we'll tell you why. ahh...ably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh...plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh!f your health. cigna. together, all the way. s. no artificial flavors. philadelphia garden vegetable. rich, creamy... ...and delicioustes
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it's 7:43 we' a new warning about hover boards. they're one of the hottest gifts. officials are now saying no hoverboard is certified as safe.ures and standards or face recall. >> reporter: could the holiday's hottest gift be headed toward this morning, major retailers are responding to the cpsc's stunning announcement that no hoverboard is certified as safe. and they are out there in one point, e-bay said it was selling a hoverboard every 12
7:44 am
but we all saw those videos.rom coast to coast. and those fires. the cpsc citing 52 hoverboard fires in over 24 states,e $2 million in damages. this home burned to the ground after a hoverboard went up in flames. some blaming those lithium ion china. but still, no firm proof. >> it's irresponsible for a company to continue to sell hoverboards that they know standard. >> reporter: the cpsc telling abc hoverboards currently on the market may be subject to recall and for full refunds for those already sold. toys "r" us now taking their shelves and stomg all sales. and swagway said it will comply with the new guidelines. they have come up with a new that should solve
7:45 am
when it comes to a holiday gift, the cpsc hasn't seen a safety issue this major in how do you take it away without being the bad guy? >> it "disappeared." >> always a >> it's a mystery. >> all right, coming up on "good morning america" -- we're of course counting down to our incredible live tv event. amyose and personal -- oh, my goodness -- with some amazing an malgs. coming uica." didn't even move your hand?! it's all in the wrist schwartzy... alright, another game. alexa, what time is it? it's 5:43pm.eading at 6:00... alexa, how's the traffic? the fastest route is 45 minutes to downtown. can we take the bike?! c'mon schwartzy!
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alright. been pretty volatile lately. there is a lot at stake here, you know? we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep
7:47 am
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...non-drowsy claritin, live claritin clear.
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we're just 24 hours away from our epic live event in africa. "good morning america" on safari. amy is intomorrow, she's taking live to what we're calling africa's garden of eden. many of those majestic creatures are under threat, including lions and amy had a chancet some orphan lion cubs and
7:50 am
>> okay. you. >> oh. >> oh, my. >> it's okay. it's okay. calm down. >> yeah, calm down. >> amy, tell to see you again. tell us what that experience was like. >> i mean, even though there was a steel reinforced steel door between me my heart was pounding. they're wild and ferocious. they had to be rescued just four days ago, their mom was poached. they can't survive on their own. thised them, fattening them up, and reintroduce them to a pride in a couple of weeks. and i also got to meet a lesscat. it was so beautiful. and just so many groups doirng amazing things out here. >> so glad you're there. much more with you hour. okay, amy.
7:51 am
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good morning, time now is 7:56. fernandez. >> and cleveland police releasing new details on a deadly accident here. >> a stolen minivan ran a red light at east 30th and community college avenue. this happened last night. from the van. he was fronounsed dead at the -- pronounced dead at the scene. the 14-year-old taken to metro with severe injuries. no one else was hurt. and this morning, edgewater ramp to and from the westbound shoreway will be closed. will be working for about 90 days on this. the goal is to make it easier for neighborhoods in the area. and this is what we're talking about. you see that?
7:57 am
on west boulevard and follow the detour signs. then to leave, exit at west the directions. we have those for you on our news net 5 app. and i'll take it from there. and that is a closure talk about. there is a dog on the road at 90 eastbound and 71. be careful in that area. also, backups on 77 and besides king cars going about 18 miles an hour. this is 77 and 490. a disabled vehicle is making matters worse. and d west 25th right now, odot cameras showing the back jump in the -- backup in the usual spot. and we're seeing some colder weather as we wake up ng. 22 degrees in menner and looking at 27 in fremont. into ashland, 28 degrees and really, depending on where you ly, it's going to warm up faster. if , wooster, canton and south, you will probably see the highs make it into the low 40s today. the rest of us, we're breaking in the upper 30s here and looking at the forecast. we're seeing a good deal of
7:58 am
into the end of the week. and that is a look at the power of five ce, jackie, over to you. >> my goodness, it was 67 degrees. >> hard to believe. now, it's feeling like winter. spring irry about that. >> we'll see you here in 25 minutes. more news, weather, and traffic.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 and we have the latest on kesha's emotional legalfans taking her side. and taylor swift sends kesha a big dpoe nation case of stolen identity. a nightmare hoax. her photo stolen and acrossked to a fake story. how you can keep your photos and identity safe online. and health alert the new research cholesterol does not increase your risk of heart disease.
8:01 am
reality check. it's oscar week. robin one-on-one with best actor nominee bryan cranston in his hometown. >> hello. >> i didn't know you >> so many stars getting red-carpet ready right now. this morning, the trainer revealing their favorite moves.d as we say -- >> all: "good morning america"! . just dancing away. love that. love the laugh. can't wait for oscar sunday. less than a week away. we're getting red-carpet ready with great moves and d.j. and rachel smith, with the holtest workouts to get in shape fast.
8:02 am
morning to "good morning america" on safari. you have seen amy out there in tanzania. >> oh, my gosh. >> we're using our drone technology that takes youside africa's garden of eden. amy is there. amy. >> that's right. right behind mes is the an gore ya carat. i can't wait to takeat carat with me and we're bringing with us groundbreaking technology. of course, we have our drone cameras flying above giving you unprecedentedse animals and then that 360-degree virtual reality experience. millions of animals are threatened on this continent. in fact, our own t.j. holmesouth africa where he'll bring the story of the rhino crisis in that country. are you guys getting excite snd. >> very excited. happier when t.j. gets his hands out of that.
8:03 am
with the morning e begin with that legal battle between apple and fbi. in a message to employees said helping to hack into the san bernardino shooter's iphone would set a dangerous press cedentprecedent.ald trump and hillary clinton are riding a wave of momentum after their big wins. there's word that trump is now getting advice from former mayor rudy e giuliani. and marco rubio has picked up endorsements including from donny. bernie sanders getting help from actor danny glover. in medical news, reer is
8:04 am
helped reduce infection rates by 64% in teens. hollywood is facing new a lack of diversity. a new survey analyzing hundreds of recent movies and tv shows found a third of speaking roles wenthe camera women directed only 3% of films. the report concluded there's a quote epidemic of invisibility for women and hands down the best video we'll see today. one woman dancing into the white house like it took 100 years to get there. because it did.laurin finally got to meet the president obama and first lady. she's 106 years old and she's very tech savvy. petition to meet the obamas. when she finally got the chance this is what happened. >> i want to be like you. >> you can. >> she's dancing.
8:05 am
dancing at 106? >> how much do we love that, virginia wouldn't reveal her secret to that dancing she does, guys, she sprinted into the white house, that president obama had to tell her, slow it down, not too quick, >> 106. so glad you shared that with us, cecilia. now, we have a health headline. a new study that providesidence that eating high cholesterol foods does not increase your risk for heart disease. sam before, you grab more eggs, dr. jen ashton is here with important details. it. >> in cardiology and nutrition,
8:06 am
old is new again. we know that if you have high cholesterol in your blood, yes, that is a risk factor for heartn terms of what we eat, it's more about the saturated fat and believe it or not the carbohydrates that stacks the deck. >> >> genetics is huge factor in there, too. >> cholesterol gets a really bad rap. >> mini med school here, every cell in our body in the cell membranes. we need cholesterols to make hormones. if you have high cholesterol in your blood the key thing these numbers. so many people i speak to, i have high cholesterol. ldl the lousy cholesterol. you want tond the healthy cholesterol number, the hdl.
8:07 am
good nutrition and exercise,rop those numbers. >> i like l for lousy and h for >> breaking news, eggs are super foods. take a look at this graphic. look at their knew traditional profile. an average eggs. sam, avert your eyes. 7 grams of ry high lean protein food. 180 to 213 grams of packed with nutrients. so, those are good. what's bad? all those breakfast meats, al those hash browns, bread. in moderation. >> but eggs are back and i like that.
8:08 am
>> i'm with you. lara, what's elseday? >> here's what's coming up -- kesha's emotional court battle. taylor swift and so many more showing huge support for her hen a nightmare hoax, a mom harassed after her photo was stolen and shared across the internet. she's speaking morning america" today. and a quiz for you. check out these dogs. which dog do you think is the most popular breed? we'll answer and we'll talk about the top dog coming up onrning america." i kind of feel like him right now. "good morning america's" morning menu is brought to you
8:09 am
to make a dep-- scanner: rescan item. rescan, rescan. rescan item. pens so often you almost get used to it. phone voice: main menu representative. representative. representative. g put first... relax, we got this. vo: ...takes some getting used to. join the nation. nationwide is on your side
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deal with high... and low blood sugar.ptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is highless when your blood sugar is low, because it works by enhancing your body's own ability to lower blood sugar. plus januvia, by itself, is not likely to cause weight gain ar (hypoglycemia). januvia should not be used in patients with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. if you have a history of pancreatitis. serious side effects can happen, including pancreatitis which may be severe and lead to death.via and call your doctor right away if you have severe pain in your stomach area which may be pancreatitis. tell your dog januvia if you have an allergic reaction that causes swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, or affects your breathing or causes rash or hives.sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this
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sulfonylurea or insulin ood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may p prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. ds don't have to forage, got two jobs to pay a mortgage, and i've also got a brain. life's short, talk is cheap.ile you sleep. still don't think i've got a brain? you think a resume's enough? wh tough? don't you want that kind of brain? a degree is a degree. you're gonna want
8:13 am
that's kesha and timber. we're playing that because the latest on kesha's leelt battle. so many stars -- has come out and supported her. they're doing it because a judge denied kesha's request to break with a longtime manager. jesse palmer has the story. >> reporter: this ruling has sparked outrage with fans and fellow hollywood stars to social media demanding that kesha become freed from working with her alleged abuser. >> reporter: overnight, pop star kesha new supporter in her legal battles with her producer. taylor swift making a $250,000 donation to help kesha with needs during this
8:14 am
this comes just after a judge refused to cancel kesha's contract with her label because she no longer wanted to producer lucas, the hitmaker behind radio smash hits from artists like katy perry, kelly clarkson and miley cyrus.ging in her contract against dr. luke, for the past ten years, dr. luke has sexually physically abused mrs. sebert. dr. luke refuting those claims. telling abc news, that the are outright lies. >> it ties into a bigger issue of sexual abuse going on in the music business quite a bit recently. >> reporter: these images showing an emotional kesha inside court.athered outside
8:15 am
on social media, the #freekesha becoming a top trend and her publicly supporting her. from ariana grande, to kelly clarkson. demi lovatowitter storm of support. this is only going to make you stronger. kesha posting this on all the support. a long road ahead for the pop star. right now, kesha is contractually obligated to make six more albums. >> i hope they work something thanks, jesse. a nightmare hoax that has a lot of parents paying attention this morning. a mom from connecticut is speaking out after
8:16 am
ie janis has her story. >> reporter: the photo captured joy your first child is born. this morning, that very same photo creating a living nightmare. >> it's something that i don't believe at times. >> reporter: the photo originally posted in january 2015 about bennett's sone first baby born in the new year. the same photo resurfacing wednesday. with the very different story. the headline reading, detroit woman gives birth to her 14 from 14 different fathers. on "world news" daily the story going viral when bennett was tagged onby a former co-worker. >> to be honest i thought it was a joke. >> reporter: the article tying bennett and her family's image
8:17 am
as the day worn on and the story spread it began to take an bennett. >> people are starting to make comments, calling you ugly and fat. started breaking down. >> reporter: according to experts all photoses are at risk. experts say, mark your pages as private. or water mark your photos. >> anyone can grab the the law hasn't caught up with technology. >> you want to watermark your photo. >> write a text, it's your name on it in some way. it's your picture. >> intended to be funny, it's not funny at all. we're counting down to oscar sunday and our big
8:18 am
but first, we're getting red-carpet ready all week. this morning, we have the hottest workout tips, a-listers to look their best. abbie boudreau went one-on-one to get their secrets for you. >> reporter: stars sizzling on the red carpet.he secret behind their perfectly-toned designer body. trainer jeannette jenkins knows. >> the hollywood >> reporter: training some of the hottest bodies in hollywood. >> i train pink, kelly pushing her a-list clientele to tone up fast. >> we do everything, we do cardio and sculpting. then we take everything up a >> reporter: in the three to six weeks leading up to the red carpet, her celeb clients
8:19 am
of two hours. >> it i hit those arms and the upper body. >> rotate. reach. >> reporter: like this exercise targeting the arms and upper back. >> >> reporter: jeannette said the row and fly is a celeb favorite and that it works. >> does pink do this? she does whatever i tell her. >> reporter: another secret -- nutrition. >> lowering the sugar content. so it's like no more processed foods. no sugeporter: but her best advice beyond hitting the gym -- confidence. >> number one thing is, absolutely no self to absolutely love yourself. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> abbie is keeping up.n doing your pre-oscars --
8:20 am
>> very little.l smith is live from the grand entrance of the samsung. they're going to show us a few moves while dj kiss pumps up the workout hey, rachel. >> robin -- ladies, are we ready to jump back into things? can you show us full body moves. >> first exercise, reverse lunge with an upright row. step the right leg back. now get off the couch at home. i need you to do this come on. this is team work. all across america. we're getting red-carpet ready. this is for thighs, booty, the back. >> all right, so, after the full-body move. what can we ody move. drop the dumbbells.
8:21 am
arms overhead. lower down and squeeze we call this is plie on your toes. it works everything.ething else for the backside? >> take your left leg back. lift the right leg floor. you're squeezing into the booty. arms, nice and long. squeeze tight. little balance. let's get the other side, too. i do this with all my girls,y rowland, alicia keys. 25 of these at home. if you do a hundred, by the end of the week, you'll pink. >> robin, i think we have to take five. >> rachel and abbie. what are we doing?
8:22 am
thank you to general ette jeannette. the very fit sam champion is outside. i'm doing skwats right now. happy birthday. you want to say hi to? >> my aunt. >> where is she? >> in minnesota. let's get to the boards. here comes the cold air.r than it has been. look at green bay this morning. that cold air sets up for ning rain/snow mix. let's head west, santa barbara, you guys have a strong wind going on. be on the other side of the jet stream where the cold air is living, we got some snow,right. let's take a look at the current temperatures. much colder start this morning. 32 degrees in cleveland; 25, menner
8:23 am
heading through your monday, the highs reaching the upper 30s and low 40s for some of us. a breakthrough the clouds this afternoon. and in the power of five seven- day forecast, you can expect temperatures to make a rebound in the middle of the week but then, teens and 20s as we head into the weekend. have a great day, everybody. >> we're live in times square. come say hi. now it's back to --! >> thank you, sam. get in here. "pop news" time, everyone. we begin with lady gaga singing what should be at the theme song at my alma mater,state university hosting thon over the weekend. 39 years running. this year did not disappoint. 700 dancers shimmied for two days no sleeping allowed. they raised $9.7 million. >> did you do it?
8:24 am
back in the day i did. were encouraged to participated. you can see here, there's members of the sports teams trying to keep everybody going.tball team. doing a little bit of dabbing. $127 million has been raised by penn state in this udent. a little shoutout. congratulations. also in "pop news" a little pop quiz for you. say you wake up. your fa restaurant. you order breakfast. you order scrambled eggs. they come out and they're runny. what do you do? sam? toast and swab it all up. >> you make it work. they're healthy. >> you guys would be doing just fine.this, so, how you respond to that moment could permanently alter your career
8:25 am
schwab ceo,e takes candidates out to breakfast. he has now admitted that he tells the waiter to mess up their order on purpose to see how the candidateshe's more interested in the prospect's character. another way to look inside their heart rather than just their head. >> interesting. >> i think it's is up now. >> what if they're very polite. it's not what i ordered. send it back. >> this is wrong if you plate and say, this is not what i ordered. >> this is not acceptable. >> sam, when you did that -- that's not going to fly with schwab. also in "pop news" if you think your significant other is a little territorial, trust me, it could be
8:26 am
site, one girl's gift to her boyfriend. a t-shirt with her face on t-shirt, if you're reading this, you're still close. i have a girlfriend. now, we're not sure of theng up to this gift. but look closely at this guy's face. >> help me. help me now. get me out of this room and right now. that may be the thought bubble. >> you're saying i love it honey. >> america, save me.p news." >> well done, lara. >> thank you.
8:27 am
. 8:27 on your monday morning. breaking overnight from the live desk, the emergency room at southwest general hospital in middleburgh heights closed because of a fire room. it was about 8 last night that it broke out. no injuries and ambulances are being diverted to other hospitals. at this point, they don't will reopen and there is the water and smoke congress. -- damage. the patients were evacuated to another section of the hospital. and cleveland's is for sale. >> the business reporting columbia property trust in talks with a perspective buyer. and this includes the aper and attached marriott hotel. the sale is expected to close within the next few months.
8:28 am
market value of $231 making calls on this, and we're going to let you know what we find out. and let's get a check of the weather and traffic starting with somara. >> and let's do it. 32 t now in cleveland. 25 in menner. we have been talking all morning, how chilly it is in comparison to the weekend we saw. you're in for the r. highs are going to reach the upper 30s the farther south you go, the warmer it will be. the sunshine will bump through the clouds into the and the power of 5 seven-day forecast, a few things i need you to notice. notice wednesday, thursday, and friday, the system is moving through and could bring some more wintery ghs reaching the 30s today. >> i am not ready for that, somara. and we're tracking a serious crash in geauga county, chillicothe and pilgrim avenue. expect delays in that spot and we're told that one occupant is trapped in that car. all right, moving to the area where
8:29 am
77 worse because of a vehicle that broke down. this is at se be careful and head outside. 71 and west 25th seeing a
8:30 am
me back to "good morning america" on this monday morning. and we're counting down to oscar sunday. rachel smith helping us get ready. showing great workouts stars use to get in shape. rachel, you have some high-tech gifts that can help us, too. right, rach. >> oh, yeah. robin. to keep me on the glam game, i'm samsung. i just talked my my steps. 2,237 steps this morning.
8:31 am
allow you to call, text and e-mail from your wrist. it's pretty handy while working out. >> all right, already eps. it's 8:30. not bad. she loves that move. >> she does. >> i do thousands of steps and you don't even have to move. how about we go back to africa? amy is getting ready, on the scene in in africa's garden of eden. >> that's right. we're so excited to take you live with unprecedented access into the angora cr i'm here with dave salmoni. he'll be our tour guide tomorrow. he's a big guy. i'm standing on a box right now to be dave and i actually went into the crater earlier this morning.
8:32 am
the whole point is to shed somen so many animals threatened. t.j. holmes is at an orphanage where they care for rhinos. baby rhinos. t.j., over to >> hey, there, robach. i'm at the oldest game reserve in all of africa. take a look down here. those are two rhino truth is, i'm sorry to have show those here, they're orphans. their moms were killed by poachers, after the coveted we have a crisis here with rhinos in africa. why? because of demand in asia because of rhino horn. they grind it down, put it it as mary >> caller: medicine. the thing is, it has no use. study after study has proven ino sign cientific
8:33 am
i want to show you how we can end this crisis. if they would chew their own it's made of care tin, same thing in your fingernails. it has no impact what soefr. it's a shame, robach, that we're animal to the brink of extinction to the equivalent of fingernail clippings. >> it's a shame, the. j., but so the light on the problem. in fact, that's why we're here the threat to wild animals. dave, i want to talk to you about the one of the biggest pressures that these species face is this poaching or illegal hunting. what you have to do is partner with the local people livinghis park. this is one of the first parks ever to partner with its local people. >> and case in point, perhaps, this park, the angora crater has population of lions
8:34 am
>> it's because -- you'll see it's gorgeous down there. a perfect place for them to be protected by this big crater and the facto eat. >> you have gotten close with those lions. >> with some, yes. >> i feel very safe with dave by my side tomorrow, you willu'll be watching from the the comfort of your own home. it's going to be spectacular. something you have never seen before. >> we can't wait for that, amy. you the technology you can use to go live on safari. >> the amy is going to be there. trumbo. he opened up about his humble the role that here here's a sneak peek.
8:35 am
>> hello. i didn't know you dine are you? >> good to see you. congratulations. >> thank you. >> this is your'hood. >> itht around the corner. >> it has to be humbling to come back here, you'ree as oscar-nominated bryan cranston. >> that life is about as far away from the boy who was raised in this area, as you can get. i washe idea that you could achieve that. >> he grew up here, in the los angeles suburb of cangog park.y dad was an actor. and he made his living getting a
8:36 am
at other times, not so well. >> reporter: bryan walked to his elementary school every day. >> so, this is the. >> reporter: and it was here he decided to walk in his father's footsteps. his first performance would be a memo about this tall. so, everything seems really big. >> yeah. >> you're supposed to sayresident lincoln will finish are writing the gettiesburg when he arrives back to washington. i said and everybody was laughing. later on, i realized the power i mistakenly misplaced one word this -- you expect home how wide medicine.
8:37 am
ultimate journeyman, appearing in dozen of tv shows and s. unlike his father, he considered himself bless, simply to be a working actor. your father wanted to be successful. he wanted to be a star. that did not happen for that break him? >> i think it did. i think that his e goated to the point where he felt that was what was important. >> is this your wife? >> yes. >> you understood whatsaid to you? >> lung cancer. >> walter white is the reason i was able to become dalton trumbo. >> reporter: bryan's portrayal of walter white was one of to crowningf modern television.
8:38 am
advocacy of the show's creator. >> he was my the network and is the studio, they were like, wait a minute, you're talking about walter white being played by this silly dad from "malcolm in the vince to his great credit and my benefit said, he's an actor. this is what he does. he can do r: now an oscar-nominated movie star for his performance as black-listed screen writer >> you don't want your name on it? >> no, you don't want my name on >> it we should be able to embrace someone's different culture, different ideals and someone's point of view that differs from ours as a threat to my own point of view but to be intrigued by it. >> it is -- you just saw the- >> i loved that movie.
8:39 am
cranston. >> yes. >> he's in a tough category,ll going on. >> it's still going on? tomorrow. that's just a snippet of what you'll see on the journey to on special edition of "20/20" this friday at 10:00 p.m. eastern. we sit down with sylvester stallone and briethe oscars sunday night and the "good morning america's" big after-party show is monday morning. are you guys ready? >> ready. out to sam again. >> hey, robin, iited a few people to your place to watch the "20/20." welcome. this i already know. what brings you to times square? >> we were just here for>> and come out and hang out with sam.
8:40 am
we got a long strong area of thunderstorms today that dwoms in s worst. lake charles, right on the only of this. baton rouge, areas that could see some tornadoes nta, we're wet starting tomorrow and soaking wet. well, it's a dry day for monday. and we're of seeing temperatures at 32 degrees in cleveland; 31, medina and in ravena this nton, that is 29 degrees there and highs this afternoon rising into the upper 30s and we will see sunshine breaking through. >> hi, how are here's what we're waiting for. best dog. america's loving dog. >> the five most favorite breeds in america. we'll count them down. teasing it all
8:41 am
lara, do you have your favorite. >> all of them. >> don't let lara take a dog> let's start with the fifth most popular dog. >> the fifth most popular breed is the beagle. >> come on out,, they are cute. >> the best barker of the bunch. a true hound dog. keep him on a leash. >> why do they make great they're friendly, they get along great with kids. >> plus, they're super cute. they make weird barking sounds.umber four. >> the fourth most popular pup is the -- >> the bulldog! >> i thought this was number one. i really lost it bulldogs. they're sweet. they don't require a lot of exercise. they're great in the city or in the country.
8:42 am
they have an unique face. >> america, i'm not sure what you're seeing right now. but we're holding on theot is -- >> golden retriever. >> now, i would have thought this was our number one. >> they're super versatile. easy to train. they get families. they're athletic. you know, obedience, agility. >> kids can do anything to them. your kids can ride them,r ears. they love it. second place goes to -- >> second place goes to the german shepherd. >> we have a puppy >> they're the most versatile. they're great protective dogs. they do shed. they're wonderful with families and they'rethey're puppy ies puppies, right in? >> right. all right, be prepared for that.
8:43 am
>> number one. >> the number one popular dog breed -- >> for 25 years in a row -- the labradort makes a lab so popular for so long? >> because they're athletic, easy to train. they come in three great love them. they're great with families. and they're beautiful. >> oh, look at him. i believe we have an award >> america's most popular breed for 2015. >> do we want me to hold this.up, "good morning america" anchors, we need a job program here. >> yes, we're switching gears.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome to my house. i love this song. i love "good morning america." this week, we're going to primetime. amy, first up. guest-starring in tonight's
8:47 am
>> he's the author turned crime fighter in abc's hit show >> get on your knees. >> reporter: while a fan of watching the show from the comfort of home it's now my turn to star "castle" stars. where i play a tv reporter. seems fitting. i arrive late in the evening ready for my close-up. first up, my very own trailer. is right over here. let me get the door for you. >> ooh. it says your character's name. >> reporter: it's very at this spacious couch. this is nice. i could get used to this. >> reporter: it's time for wardrobe fitting. >> i havhat tie into the color palette that we have used in the episode. >> come on in. come on in. yeah. >> reporter: first dress. >> kind of duut this next dress
8:48 am
>> way better. >> reporter: something that you wear in a news room. now time to grab a bite to eat.s see how good it is. post-dinner, i get dressed and it's time for the world to meet -- first, we head tolm a secret scene. once we wrap, time to get ready for my big moment and i'm getting some coaching from the tv, it's simplicity and truth wins out. you're doing great. >> reporter: is it always this much fun? >> reporter: always? >> it's still fun. >> just a fun wagon that just keeps on rolling at castle. >> reporter: my cast mates take me the set. but it's the interrogation room where my acting skills are really put to the test.
8:49 am
a look in her eyes that tell us, we could be a part of something together. then, you killed him, didn't you?it's time for me to channel my inner laila cam poe. our scene. >> he had seniority over her. >> and buckley was missed. he would kill her for that. >> reporter: what ends up happening to buckley in the end? well, you'll tonight to find find out. >> she's a natural. there she is. from hollywood to safari. amy, great job. >> thank you. what theyow you my laughing disorder kicked into high gear when i got there. we had to do several scenes over.
8:50 am
>> you can see amy on "castle" tonight on abc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
me back to "good morning america" in africa. in less than 24 hours, we'll take you right behind me, inside the angora gora we're partners ing with im360 the virtual reality experience. you'll feel like you're there inme. we'll show you the whole pick chuck for the first time. and you can control what you see from home. this has never been done bee a demo on what people can do from the comfort of their couch. >> right now w this tablet, you're looking around at .
8:53 am
in africa amongst all these beautiful animals. >> oh, my gosh. >> there's no way you can do this. >> that's >> upclose and personal. a little baby elephant. >> oh, my goodness gracious. >> the im360 camera wen africa, has six lenses that shoot simultaneously and then their game-changing software stitches all of the footage together in create a 360-degree video experience. >> like you're right there.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by university of phoenix. we rise. we want to thank these top dogs for joining us this ing. >> have a great day, everyone. . good morning to you. it's 8:56. i'm jackie fernandez with terrence lee.
8:57 am
details on a deadly r-old driving a stolen minivan ran a red light at east 30th and community college avenht. the mini van slammed into another car. a 17-year-old passenger was injected from the van. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the 14-year-old ssenger both taken to metro with severe injuries. no one in the other car was hurt. and now to a traffic alert for your morning ride. this morning, the edgewater the westbound shoreway will close. the crews will be working there for 90 days. the goal is to make it easier for neighborhoods in this area to access lake erie and this is what we're talking about. these ramps that you se closed. to get to edgewater, turn right on west boulevard and follow the detour sign. to leave exit at west 45th and tions. katie? >> and i have some accidents, unfortunately, to tell someone about. everybody, not a somebody. [ laughter ] >> and we have an accident on the jennings freeway northbound ue.
8:58 am
northbound as you approach the metro curb over 490 and also, 77 northbound, seeing delays there and tracking some cars going 18 miles an hour. and ing in okay, not seeing big, big backups. just that one spot there. a reminder and 77 in pershing, e, the on- and-off-ramp closed because of the construction heading outside. 77 and harvard right now, stop- and-go traffic. somara. and all right, - temperatures cold out there. quite the difference compared to this weekend. 32 degrees in elyria; 33, cleveland and this is themount of sunshine, not so good news and cool. the highs reaching the upper and thank you, somara. live with kelly and michael is coming up for you.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today from the film, fallen," angela bassett. and from the new series, "lucifer," rachel harris and the academy awards ise corner. so we're kicking off our after-oscar games. and it's time to reveal madam tussauds's newest strahan. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] and now, here are


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