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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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learning about a deadly accident on route 8 in akron that shut down the highway for several hours. the summit county medical examiner identified the victim as 43-year-old tanya johnson, a canton firefighter. she was running across the freeway when struck and killed yesterday afternoon. johnson and her husband were reportedly arguing in her vehicle before jumping out. today. akron police are investigating the incident.
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who died in the akron plane owner. reports joe castillo accuses the owner of the fight to take place while knowing the plane had a control panel. investigators are working to determine what caused the crash in november. all nine people on board were killed. >> and we just in, a window washer fell from the side of southwest general hospital in middleburgh heights. he was taken to the hospital's emergency room for treatment. no word on his condition. and southwest general's emergency room reopened last night after a fire forced it to close for several hours. room causing smoke damage. investigation. and right now, four teens are recovering after being hospitalized after eating drug- laced food from a classmate. side. cleveland police tell us that the students, ages 13 and 49, were rushed to rain-- 13 and 14, were rushed to rainbow
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the food was brought from home. >> when it comes to eating -- sharing anything brought ho- from-home is advised against. >> all four were released from the hospital and are doing okay. for the student who brought the food, they're not at school and. now power of 5 forecast time with jason. >> and all is quiet. look live now. our sky cam overlooking the city. west. sunshine today. a relatively nice looking late february afternoon shaping up for us. but, that is all going to change. it's going to anen through wednesday and -- to happen through wednesday and thursday. 36 in downtown cleveland. the temperatures across the region again mainly in the upper to mid-30s and a couple of 40s moving inland. 42 north royalton, strongsville and sullen at 43. it's nice again for this time of the year.
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chicago, indianapolis, cincinnati -- and this area snowstorm through wednesday, wednesday afternoon and into the day on thursday. there, you see the advisories out. i believe that is a winter storm watch there for northern indiana and southern michigan. this is why. the big area of low pressure. this is riding up the mississippi river valley and look at it here. pummel areas to the west with snow and bring us snow as we head through thursday. we're going to break down how much i expect coming up. hour-by-hour, we're in the 40s and eventually 30s. we keep things dry, including for those heading out for the big bruce springsteen concert downtown at the q, mike. and breaking news out of akron at noon. a company evacuated because of chlorine. hazmat and other teams are on the scene trying to stop the leak and workers at hygienic corp have been told to leave. we're making calls now and we'll get you details as they come in. and the republican presidential candidates are rallying voters in nevada headed for the -- ahead of tonight's first in the west
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meanwhile, the democratic candidates are courting african- american voters ahead of the next contest in south carolina, with the help of hollywood heavyweights. bazi kanani brings us the latest on the race for the white house. >> reporter: the front runner heading into tonight's republican nevada caucus with a double-digit lead is fired up. >> tomorrow, you have to vote, vote, vote. >> reporter: and riled up after a protestor interrupts him. >> and i would like to punchim in had the face, i will tell you. >> i donald trump unleashes on ted cruz. >> this guy is sick. there is something wrong with this guy. >> reporter: attacking the senator after his campaign shakeup. cruz forced to fire his communications director for retweeting a student newspaper report that falsely claimed this video shows marco rubio disparaging the bible. >> i had made clear of this campaign, that we will conduct standards of integrity. >> reporter: cruz plans to put
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he's gaining a slu of endorsemens after a strong showing in north carolina while jeb bush bowed out. >> if we're still fighting against each other in september and october, we're going to lose. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton bring hollywood star power to their campaign. clinton stops by the set of scandal and launches a new ad featuring the voice of actor morgan freeman. >> she says their names. death. >> reporter: sanders on the trail with actor danny glover while spike lee voices a new sanders radio ad. sanders and clinton will appear separately in a televised town hall in south carolina. in nevada, a long day for the candidates. the polls close at mid-night. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. and less than a month to go before ohio's primary. a new poll by quinnipiac university shows john kasich is trailing donald trump, 31% to 26%. ted cruz comes in third with
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marco rubio with 13%. the poll shows 38% of voters might change their mind on a candidate before casting their ballots. and we just received early voting numbers in ohio's presidential primary. the secretary of state john houston said that more than 150,000 absentee ballots were requested by mail and in person for the march 15th election. more than 10,000 voters have already cast their ballots. bernie sanders is going to be here in northeast ohio this week. he's expected to attend a rally at baldwin wallace university in berea thursday morning. harvest for hunger kicking off the annual campaign at the greater cleveland food bank. as part of the event, good morning cleveland anchors jackie fernandez and terrence lee took part in a grocery bagging contest. you see him there, he was crowned the winner. the harvest for hunger fundraiser aims to end nutritious meals for thousands of people here and organizers hope to beat last year's donations of $4 million.
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and all right, coming up, showing support. apple fans standing in solidarity with a tech giant. why they're gathering outside of stores right now. the impact of the deadly shooting spree sets in, the >> and goodbye gitmo. the prison facility set to close. why the commander in chief said that is a good thing. we're back after the short
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new at noon, revealed a plan to shut down guantanamo bay. -- busted in a fight against terrorism. because it's used as propaganda to recruit terrorists and it drains military resources. his plan calls for transferring remaining detainees to the united states and seeks up to $475 million in construction costs. >> protestors are rallying apple stores around the world to show sent to the tech giant's refusal to help the fbi unlock the iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. apple has until friday to respond to the court-order. position. the microsoft founder bill gates said that apple should help. family members plan to join the fbi in the fight against apple. all right, here we go. our way. you can see it here through west texas, western oklahoma. and going to grab some golf
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stay close.
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the suspect in a deadly shooting in michigan. he's charged with killing six people and injuring two others. the uber driver admitted to his rampage and we're learning what the suspect may have done hours before the shooting. here's more from elizabeth. >> reporter: charged with six murders and facing life in prison. >> you understand the charges? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: uber driver jason dalton showed no emotion. >> i would prefer to remain silent. >> reporter: and revealed no new details during his arraignment. the prosecutors said the 45- year-old admitted to investigators that he took people's lives. dalton's friends say they are in disbelief. >> he was very quiet, reserved. not afraid to speak his mind, but definitely not out to ever cause anybody trouble. >> reporter: according to the detroit free press, dalton once worked as an insurance adjustor, is married, and the father of a 10- and 15-year- old. we're learning from a local gun
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once a month and bought a tactical jacket there hours before the shooting. >> screeching like you would not believe. >> reporter: she called 911 to report his erratic driving that saturday afternoon. uber confirms getting reports about dalton during the attacks and maintains they were the first complaints about him. he stands accused of shooting eight people at three separate locations, killing 6 and injuring two, including a 49- year-old girl in critical condition initially believed to be brain dead. >> and strong and everybody needs to get that straight. my daughter is not dead. >> reporter: for the investigate, dalton is cooperating and still not talking about a motive. and he's due back in court next thursday. a massive air bag recall may be expanding. the national highway safety traffic administration is expected to recall 90 million
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inflators shalled. they're linked to 9 deaths in the u.s. in november, takata was fined $200 million in order inflators. and a line of strong storms moving across texas is expected deep south today. more than 7 million people in parts of alabama, mississippi and florida and georgia are at risk for tornados. jason is in the weather center. killing time to sit down. there he is and here we are. >> yeah, mike. >> and that storm system is on the move and -- . >> the pet's excited. >> it is. >> and that is heading on ur way? >> yeah, totally. 100%. >> okay. >> and we're not going to feel the brunt of the winter part of the storm. some rain and snow on the back side and we're going to get to that pet. and i will do the best i can. there we go and we get a nice
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you know, we can sit there for three minutes. >> he's melting hearts. >> and we can do that. i can talk about the weather over the pet. it's nice today and we're tracking rain for tomorrow. light get to the weather. sorry, we'll get to you in a moment, buddy. let me skip through the weather fast. 36downtown; the temperatures across the region and what do you care? temperatures in the upper 30s and lower 40s. and hard trekking this to the north and west and mid-week storm, the area of low pressure and all of this moisture, we have severe weather potential here through louisiana and portions of eastern texas and that i have tornado watches around and eventually, this area of low pressure is moving up the mississippi river valley and move toward us and notice the rain and behind that, snow showers and this is your hour temperatures from the lower 40s and falling a bit into the mid- and upper 30s.
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is in town and looks pretty good. and here it is. midnight tonight. we're dry and that is on wednesday at midnight. we're dry tonight. to and from the concert should be fine and here's your rain showers. tomorrow morning's commute is a messy one. and we're talking about cater -- scattered showers and grab the rain gear. notice we're in the 30s and this is all rain. i can't rule out through the overnight hours, maybe a wet snowflake and that will be rain afternoon. and this will be rain. tomorrow's evening commute is not bad and wet with a few showers this is the old air with the system coming in. bam and we see a changeover and this is thursday morning at 7. i think the morning commute will have wet snow flying around and i'm not expecting snow maget an. it will be wet and start. even by thursday afternoon, we'll see snow continue and by thursday night, we dry things
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impressive. an inch or so much rain between now and thursday morning. snowfall for the day on thursday, you can see a good two to four inches and maybe three to five inches of wet snow for everybody on thursday afternoon hours. thirty for today. sunny skies and rain shower arrive through the overnight 39 tonight. rain gets here again and looks like we could also mix in isolated wet snowflake. the seven-day forecast, there is your rain for wednesday. thursday, there is your snow and friday, we dry things out. the weekend, hey, looking good. the temperatures into the 40s. we're on the radio, cleveland star 102 ncx and it's puppy time. >> yu riel and his sister gabriella is still at the shelter. i realized i had not brought a puppy in awhile. >> yeah. >> and it was time. and i wanted folks to know that
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apl and you can get puppies, too. >> and i am getting the best puppy snuggles. he's sitting here calmly and sweetly and he's a puppy. >> oh, no. >> and that is the reminder there they need patience and need to -- like to chew on stuff and they're i they need training. >> and oh, my goodness. >> and it's been awhile -- . >> and we love. >> we love pets of all ages here. >> and this is a cutie. 2167 and look at him checking himself out. and i'm a good looking puppy. on? weekend. i wanted to put another save the day out there for the event and it's so much fun. >> nice. >> and they sell out, though,
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$5 comes back to the apl and helps us continue to take care of great pups like yu ri el here. in tremont. i will have him do a forecast here and post a picture on facebook or twitter, instagram show. you want to get more extra yuriel there. >> do we have to go to break? >> we do. >> okay.
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. okay, light look at what is going on now. not much happening here today. into tomorrow, thursday we're going to feel the brunt of the storm system and we're not going to get a ton of snow out of this and little, if any, tomorrow and thursday is our snow day. two to four inches is possible. the heavy, wet snow and rain tomorrow, though, and we're on the warm side and changing over to the cold side for thursday. we're watching it. >> and i. thank you for watching newschannel 5 at noon and the latest at 4 and live on 5 and there he is. yuriel available at the cleveland apl and he has a story just as adorable and available at the apl as well and we'll see you again at 4. cake require carry -- take care, folks.
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. hi, i'm sarah carps. skin deep medispa offers a variety of services tailored to meet your needs. dr. becker is here to share more with us. welcome. >> and thank you for having me. >> tell me more? >> it's a full-service, high- end medical spa in ohio and we offer lacer hair removal, tattoo removal, skin regeneration and we also have injectables, including botox and fillers. >> lots of variety. and tell me about the laser tattoo removal?
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and the newest and in laser tattoo removal and it can hit all skin types and all colors of tattoos and that was never done before. it's got two wave lengths breaking up the pigment and typy particles that the body can absorb. >> and all treatments used to be 10 -- to get rid of the tattoos and now we can do that through the treatments. >> and sounds like you can get it done quicker than you used to and specifically, does it have all of the skin types i know in old past procedures. some colors. you were not able to get it all out and sounds state-of-the- art. >> yes. >> and we can hit every skin type from very light skin to dark kin and every-to-too color from the blacks and reds and oranges and yellows, never able to be resolved before. >> and that is amazing. that is a new tool. the resolve handpiece?
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technology and we can use two wave lengths to improved collagen in the skin and with this new technology, we increase the technology and skin pigmentation issues. >> and great.
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try to free two kids stuck. >> between a rock and a hard place. >> see what it takes to finally im. tourists spot a momma leopard with her catch of the day. how she takes dinner to go to her hungry cubs. a goi has a bigs girlfriend. >> the only thing she has to do is find him. >> what happens when that's harder than it sounds. plus the buzz word for your new ipad mini. and feats of strength and other impressive skills.


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