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tv   News Channel 5 at Noon  ABC  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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enough talk. give us a plan. . live, always on your side. news channel five starts now. . >> good afternoon, everyone. this is leon bibb leading the broadcast with rain on the window pane right now northeast ohio is getting drenched and soon all these raindrops will turn into snowflakes. meteorologist jason is here and he's tracking the timing of all that weather change hour by hour. >> no question, leon, right now there's a live picture. you can't see all that much. we've have the loudz, some fog. it has been a wet morning. a morning commute was a sloppy
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that is going to change, though, as you mentioned. there's a live picture again, you can't see all that much and notice as leon mentioned, rain hitting the old window pane or the sky cam. it is all rain. that will change gradually. not during the daylight hours. we're talking about all rain. in fact, i do expect temperatures to continue to rise here as we head through the afternoon hours. temperatures right now, we're in the mid to upper 30s. but ms. here as you head inland we're well into the minorities, so warmer air surging into the south. in fact, 30s and 50s. some pockets where you see those yellows indicating steadier busts of wet weather, we would a little bit of risk for thunder but haven't seen much of that materialize. it's just rain. north madison out, some rain there. medina through western medina county right there. we also have rain showers woos
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ashland getting a good cell. and here we go, there is your changeover. notice it, rain for now, but this will change. eventually colder air will move in. so from west to east, we'll see the rain change over to snow. but that's not going to happen until later on tonight. so big time winter storm. area of low pressure right now to our south and west. the track will be up into western ohio. so what that means for us is it means primarily rain for a lot of this event. eventually, though, the snow will move in. look at the heavy snow right now indiana. well. temperatures in the 30s. notice we warm 50 or better rain showers during the day today. it's tonight overnight and then tomorrow where this rain changes times heavy snow. we're going to break all that
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big winter storm will break down the details coming up. >> rain tomorrow, snow on the way. breaking right now, a grand jury just indicted two people in connection with a deadly pit bull attack. bobby greene and leon morton are charged with a reckless homicide and involuntary man slaughter charges in the death of annie williams who was 71. she is the woman who died in july after she was attacked by a pit bull on pennington road in shaker heights. the indictment reads greene and morton violated a shaker heights ordnance which requires dog owners to con strain their bets with a leash. bobby greene and la i don't know morton are due in court later this week. two browns players indicted on felony charges related to traffic stop on christmas day have pleading in. they appeared in court this morning. saunders was charged with dui and improperly handing firearms in a vehicle. bryant with charged with drug possession for having oxycodone and adderall without a
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register 83 rucker is due in court in about two hours from now to be arraigned on fraud charges. the fbi says reggie rucker used $150,000 in charity donations to pay gambling debts and pay his mortgage. the police department is taking to social media after one of its please cruisers could not keep up with a criminal. we have the latest on the department's plea for help. >> reporter: the chief calls this incident embarrassing and upsetting. but he says it's just one example of a larger issue. in a nearly five-minute video posted on youtube officer mike grooms explains how a 2015 dodge neon got away from cruisers in a pursuit. a piece of metal fell off his car. he says the ohio state patrol had to take over eventually arresting the suspect. the video calls on voters to
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it's a temporary 5-year .5% income tax increase. the chief says the department's cruisers. >> cars are just part of it. they need all kinds of equipment. we need to repolice our radio system. too. it. we're doing band-aid fixes on a big problem. >> reporter: the chief also showed us stagging ceiling tiles in the briefing room caused by the heavy rain overnight. he says the last police levy was in 1992. march 15th. at the police department, sarah finny, news channel five. supporters say the levy would also support their road resurfacing and investment initiatives. now, for the race for 2016. donald trump is celebrating his biggest win yet. 22 point victory in the nevada caucuses last night that saw reported turnout. rubio and troouz lock in tight raise for second place.
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to coalesce around them as the alternative to trump. the campaign trail. >> reporter: this morning, donald trump on a winning streak after another decisive victory. this time, nevada. >> we love nevada. we love nevada. >> reporter: love for trump but in washington and strong desire for an outsider gave the guardian ad item front-runner an easy victory. >> of course, if you listen to the pundits we weren't expected to win too much and now we're winning winning winning, the country. >> reporter: in a third republican favorite, rubio, iowa caucus ted cruz finished third. >> the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. . >> reporter: ben carson and john kasich were at the bottom of the pack. they march on to super tuesday. >> why is there one standard for
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>> reporter: hillary clinton fired up during a cnn town hall after a federal judge ruled the former secretary of state's top aides should testify over her use of private e-mail. but ahead of the democratic primary in the palmetto state, the focus was on african-americans who make up half of the lector at. >> we must sustain and strengthen the historically black colleges and universities. >> racism, along with economic issues, educational issues, and all the rest, have to be addressed. >> reporter: clinton has campaign events in south carolina today. the republicans are taking part in a voter summit hosted by donald trump's foochl news kelly. kenneth moaten. >> a brand-new presidential poll shows governor john kay sic and donald trump in a statistical tie in ohio.
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the poll also shows case i can beating trump in the ohio primary next month. 55 to 38%. bernie sanders will be in northeast ohio tomorrow. the democratic presidential candidate will hole host a rally. doors open tomorrow morning 7:00. the event is free but rsvps are encouraged. we have a link to sign up on our newsnet5 app. >> coming up as we continue. questions does powder cause powder? the stunning verdict against a major pharmaceutical company. >> major mistake, you might find it hard to believe, what bruise sprieng stein did in his concert.
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ngsteen did in his concert. but it is true.
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john sewn and johnson is paying up. lawsuit. the suit blames the company's talcum powder for causing cancer. it comes after a woman died of cancer. the family claiming it was caused by the paweder. the case says they were aware of the dangers and neglected to make changes. the company is appealing this ruling saying it stands by the safety of its powder. new features for facebook, the like button get something company. facebook is rolling out the love, wild, sad and angry buttons. you can chews when responding to a post. the rollout is expected to take a few days. you will get the feature
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but you will need to update your app on your phones. and the oscar goes to -- up next a behind the scenes look at how the winners are kept secret until the big show. i would like to thank my
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0. well, the man they call the boss, made a major mistake at last night's concert in cleveland's que, bruce springsteen accidentally called it pittsburgh. he quickly corrected himself. by the way, this is the not the first time springsteen has confused city's, in 2009 he tried to pump up a detroit area crowd by giving a shout out to cleveland back then. >> well, at the same time excitement is building for hollywood's biggest night. just four days from now, the stars will be shinning on the oscar's red carpet. but the process of determining who wins in an academy award is
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as brandy hit shows us, the vote counting is highly involved and surrounding by security. >> reporter: they are the best secret-keepers in hollywood. they are set to cary those famous brief cases again. >> and the os core goes to. >> reporter: holding the name of this year's oscar winners. >> has there ever been a mistake. >> no there hasn't. . >> reporter: for 82 years pricewaterhousecoopers has counted the oscar ballots. 6,261 sent out to voting members this year on paper and online. >> we control everything from the time they go out indicated with security codes and those come back to us, we then have those in an undisclosed location zbl. >> reporter: inside that secret location, security is tight. there's a specialized alarm system, biometric locks and no internet access where a small team counts all 24 categories by hand. >> it's up to bryan and i to then consolidate everything, make sure we're going through their piles, counting that and
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we will stuff the envelope, close it, seal it with the red. >> reporter: those 24 winning envelopes and a duplicate set are then loaded into two briefcases like this one. both are locked in a vault until oscar sunday, when they are enter their code and take their briefcase. each then traveling a different route to the oscar red carpet escorted by la police. >> no matter what happens, at least one of us will get there. >> do you feel a lit bit by 007. >> a little bit. >> reporter: last year as a poof they carried a third briefcase. and backstage, they only hand the envelope to the presenter just seconds before the announcement. >> is this the hardest secret to keep. >> it's a big important secret. the reality is there's a secret we keep forever. and that is who gets second? >> by the way, news channel five is your home for the oscar's, the 88th academy awards
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followed of course by news channel five at 11:00. a monster storm system is on the move up the east coast. it is leaving a path of destruction this rv park in saint james parish, louisiana was owe blit rated. ordinary hood neighbors in florida were december mated. all of this was the work of 27 reported tornadoes in 24 hours across five states. today, the east coast is bracing for severe weather, including heavy rains, damaging winds, and hale as well. and you're keeping up with this i know. you've been a busy man. >> an early start to the severe weather system across the south. they had tornadoes watches and watches out for louisiana. a particularly dangerous situation. the highest of high yesterday afternoon in the watch. as you mentioned, that threat has shifted off into the carolinas today. >> what are we looking at? >> we're actually on the north side of that storm right now. as it moves 234 from the south and west. and currently on the warm side of it or we would be getting a bunch of snow. that's going to the case
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right now. snow. it looks like the timing is going to be through the overnight hours. so daylight hours today, it's just going to be wet. this temperature, though, will probably about ten degrees or so as we head through the afternoon enter the evening hours t strong free. notice to our south, already warmer air moving in. so we're looking at rain -- notice it heavy at times wherever you see the areas of yellow, that basically is western county right now because to the east is relatively dry. as we head off even to portions of java county. heading down to the south and west through medina county through lorraine county. this is all a steady rape. check it out. west of 71 even out to sandusky. notice here you see the brighter colors indicates where we could see heavy rain even mixing in with some sleet right here. but notice this cutoff from rain to snow has now moved into
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so eventually this cold air will start to cruise into town. as this area of low pressure moves north and east. basically west of cleveland. so normally, the center of the low, you want to look about 150, maybe 200 miles north and west. that is normally where the heavy snow is. you can see indianapolis to chicago. big time snow there for portions of northern indiana into michigan too. that's where the winter storm warning is currently. so there's your rain snow line. we have several more hours of rain. we'll have some dry breaks through, notice hour by hour, rain showers it will be windy. i do think we have some dry breaks especially into tonight and that's out ahead of that colder air that will move in. now, by the time the cold air get here, a lot of the moisture will be gone. so we're maybe looking at a couple of inches. that heavy wet snow if you have folks that maybe shouldn't be out and about shoveling the heavy wet snow, let them know. say, just give it a rest. we're going to be warming into the weekend, this stuff is going 30s and 40s.
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50s through the afternoon. here is your snow. this is midnight. notice western areas get it first and tomorrow morning's commute is going to be tricky. we will be tracking the snow. take a look here, it will stake around even in the noon hour, eventually pushing out quickly for your evening commute but by so i don't think tomorrow's evening commute will be all that commute. so keep that in mind for tomorrow. today, not a big deal. 45, rain, breezy and chilly but in the a huge issue often the 32 tonight. we'll see those temps fall. overnight. it looks like 1 to 3 tomorrow. we're cooling off on friday. look at the weekend, though, not bad. 40 saturday, we could flirt with 50 by sunday. stay dry, we're back after this.
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0. well, jason tells us we've making. slushy mess tomorrow. 1 to 3 inches of snow possible. it's going to be that heavy wet snow. it may not stick at the ieng. it will be around. it will be a messy day tomorrow. we'll be tracking it for you, then. >> it may be a slow go tomorrow.
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>> thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. 0. >> years off your appearance in your teeth are yelling from coffee, tea, or smoking. scott says he can help you look up to 13 years younger. and it only takes five minutes. welcome, scott. >> thanks, sarah. make sure you can look up to 13 years younger. i've got a birthday coming up, i don't know about you, i would like to subtract years. this secret. so please tell me. what do you have? >> well, this is power swab's
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clinically proven to lighten your teeth in six shades. first step is the stain out swab, you rub it on your teeth. things. off. up. we high trade the e-nam mal. and the reason why he experience that with the other products is they dehydrate your e-nam al. teeth. same process. notice i'm going right to the gum light. no sensitivity. when you're doing that two shades lighter. >> so only seven days and how long does it last. >> results will last up to six months. another graet thing it will nears. >> wow, that is simply amazing. so the coffee that i'm brinking every morning. >> drink all the coffee you want. drink all the wine -- well, responsibilitily of course and net at work. stains.
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sensitivity issue as well. >> that's the biggest advantage i feel about the product. >> you have a special. >> if your viewers call the 100 number, or go to power, tell them you saw scott on the show you'll guy one
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0. a chopper is on a rescue mission when everything goes sideways, the incredible story that came out of the smoke. a cab driver called the cop's honor and now. >> he's in the police car in the back on her -- why miss congeniality doesn't want to stay. >> a viral video for anyone. one dude's creative way to a"hire me."


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