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tv   Live on 5  ABC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> put your hands up now! >> a pulse pounding police chase seen from the officer's point of view. the incredible trove of goods found inside the suspect's apartment. embarrassing. that's what a police chief told us about a chase that ended with an officer's cruiser falling apart on the road. now we're winning, winning, twinge country. >> can anything stop donald trump from clinching the republican nomination in cleveland this summer? today's victory lap. plus, a major endorsement on the democratsic side. we begin today with a winter weather alert. now at 5:00 we're keeping a close eye on the road as we deal with phase one of a one- two punch. the rain has been coming down since last thigh. it's not going to stop anytime soon but it will change? >> that's right because we are talking about yet another round of snow. chief meteorologist mark johnson, tell us where the rain is and how much more we can expect.
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an inch of reign most spots there this morning and early afternoon. let's take a look at our power of 5 live doppler radar. we dried it out briefly in some spots, but as you can see we've got two more waves of moderate to heavy rain, one here at mansfield, dover new philly, and then the second little wave columbus. again there could be a little bit of thunder, anal response to this low pressure, moving into cincinnati. it's just sending little waves of rain and some of it briefly heavy into the area. look at what the temperatures are doing with that surge of warm air. wooster at 53. the same for dover new philly. akron is currently 54 degrees. a little cooler lakeside. cleveland 45, elyria 42 degrees. so we're going to see temperatures slowly falling back into the middle and upper 40s by 10:00 p.m. and yes we've got more
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overnight. we're going time in that hour by hour, plus tell you how much snow you can expect coming up. in the meantime this snow is our southeast. >> mark, no doubt. we were tracking it during "the now" at 4:00. we've got a tornado outbreak right now in portions of north carolina, virginia, also from raleigh all the way up to richmond, even outside of washington, d.c. so let's get a closer look. notice that's a tornado what. warnings. seven tornado warnings right now into portions of north carolina, also virginia. take a look, there's raleigh. notice the severe thunderstorm warping is in effect. and west. 95. so these are heavily traveled enter state, and these thunderstorms and some storms bringing tornadoes, moving parallel to interstate 85. there's a particularly
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west of 85, moving into southern virginia. tornado on the ground there. another tornado to the north outside of richmond, even another tornado between richmond and charlottesville. this is all, believe it or not, the same storm system that's bringing snow to chicago and northern indiana and brought us rain this morning and rain to snow heading through tomorrow. so a lot going on here. tornado outbreak happening right now nor carolina and virginia. frank. three people are locked up accused of breaking into cars, stealing wallets, purses, even police gear. we have exclusive body camera video of the whole thing. we learned one of them is a convicted felon wanted for bolting from a halfway house. bob jones is live on 5 from bath township where all of this bob. >> reporter: well, frank, bath township residents first reported car break-ins yesterday morning around 6:30 in the morning. that led to a police chase and eventually to bags evidence of. police also found a man who
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facility plan and instead finds himself back in jail. >> put your hands up now! >> reporter: police body cam captures a chase through a wooded backyard with guns drawn. >> put your hands up now. >> reporter: katie jenkins was arrested and police tell me she's connected. system. >> reporter: including wallets, radar detect to credit cards and gift cards. >> mini ipads. >> reporter: craig's daughter was one of the vic still, her backpack stolen from her unlocked car. >> you feel violated. literally somebody was breaking into my daughter's car while i was backing out. >> police traced the phone of a second suspect and found him at this apartment. this picture shows his arrest. inside officers found the stolen property from at least a dozen victims along with a gun, a couple of stun gun, and a police ballistic helmet.
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from a law enforcement agency's vehicle. >> reporter: police found anthony hall hiding in a class wet a -- to. he had an outstanding warrant related to skipping out on a court ordered treatment program through or -- through oriana house. >> we were determined not to let this suspect get away. >> reporter: police are working to find the rightful owners, the victims feeling a sense of relief. >> premeditated in their planning. premeditated but not very smart obviously. >> reporter: and tonight bath police tell me that they have linked the suspects to neighborhood car break-ins in bath, cuyahoga falls, and silver lake. charges. there's one thing in common. they say with all of these doors unlocked. vehicles. bob jones, newschannel5. screw meantime parma police are sending out warnings about a
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criminals are demanding money from homeowners claiming to have been injured on their property. if residents don't pay up they are threatened with a lawsuit. police recommend you keep your property safe to guard. there is just one debate left between now and super tuesday. many are wondering if it is too late to stop donald trump. >> trump is celebrating his biggest win yet, a 22-point victory. chris joins us live. you've got the latest on the road to the white house. >> reporter: frank, certainly do. trump's closest competitors, marco rub why he and ted cruz, now hoping they can make up ground on super tuesday. the senators coming in neck and neck for the second contest. they're now lobbing the same criticism at the front runner. today in virginia trump picking up the endorsement of two current members of congress. the three candidates, though,
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>> i get greed deep, i want money. now we're going get agreed dee for the united states. we're going grab and grab. >> if donald became president nobody those what the heck he would do. he doesn't know what he would do. >> donald hasn't outlined what he's going to do on any issue. >> hillary clinton gaining the endorsement of harry reid. the next contest for democrats saturday in south caroline. >> bernie sanders hopes to slow her momentum in his home state of vermont. clinton expects to have big support with minority voters in the south. a new poll in ohio shows a tight race in both republican and democratic presidential contests. the baldwin-wallace poll gives governor john kasich some hope despise it last place finish. john kosich continues our coverage live from the newsroom.
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poll, a statistical tie. but within that margin of error what this poll lacked at is what if the contest was only kasich and trump. the debate stage may no longer be packed with 12 candidates but the field even at five remains divided. the baldwin wallace poll finds in ohio donald trump and john kay sition in a statistical tie with cruz, rubio, and carson 20 points off the pace. >> i think the biggest thing thises is that john kasich has the advantage in ohio. >> reporter: one poll looked what it would happen if instead of five there were just two, trump and kasich. >> it was again showing that because he's the one that's
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of a con ser of tough. i think there is some concern about what donald trump mate rep 70. >> reporter: the poll shows abe general election trump beating clinton by two points and sanders by five. it shows kasich's november margin over sanders is 17 points and 21 points over clinton, numbers that nearly mirror quinnipiac results. >> head to head he's clearly the one that people are looking for. so that is 62% approval. >> but the dee shea to get to ohio. to do that he needs a couple of strong showings in some super tuesday states next week and michigan on march 8th. more on that tonight at 6:00. john companies sir, newschannel5. >> democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is hosting a rally tomorrow morning at baldwin wallace university.
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we have a link on our newsnet5 app. he made the post. now he will pay the price. >> all because of our tough questions. a school resource officer learns his punishment after some scathing comments about the tamir rice case on facebook. republicans not mincing words today about. we detail the problems with the plan to shut down guantanamo bay. police chase down a burg arrest rae he. today we have new video showing
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exclusive newschannel5 story. we have learned a cleveland school resource officer will be suspended for 30 days. >> this comes after that officer made some shocking staments about that pir rice on facebook. investigator sarah buduson has more.
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ro posted messages blaming tamir rice's mother. he wrote, tamir rice's mama just want money. raise your son not to play with guns. you pull out a gun, you get shot. i don't have time to ask questions and coddle kids that wave guns around. ceo eric gordon called the comments insensitive, especially given his job is to protect students. he also cautioned staff to show respect for feelings on both sides of difficult issues. he has been on administrative leave since january 4th when we broke the story about his controversial comments. sarah buduson, newschannel5. new at 5:00, three men are facing aggravated murder charges in connection with the beating death of a cleveland
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police say emmanuel churn, everett gunn, and andrew hilton attacked dontez curlee at the corner of lee road and miles avenue last month. curlee died a day later of blunt force tram movement police haven't released details about a motive for the attack. a new line of tornadoes just broke to our south. >> this as people across our nation's south are still cleaning up from nasty storms that happened overnight. meteorologist jason nicholas is tracking the tornadoes that are still active rate now as we speak and have the latest video of the destructive weather. >> big time frank. we are trucing these tornadoes on the ground right now. we just learned that five people are dead. this is from the severe weather that we saw yesterday. the damage as we move to the south. we'll talk about in a moment, all the way down into florida. here's what's happening now. 420-mile stretch of severe weather all the way from just
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through raleigh, and even now into south carolina. so this is nearly 500 miles of severe weather. and i'm tracking one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, nine individual tornado warnings. severe thunderstorm warning for raleigh. bearing down on fayetteville this has the potential to be a strong tornado there just south and west of fayetteville right along interstate 85. now let's take a look at that video i just spoke about from yesterday. tornadoes ripped apart homes, tossing emergency vehicles. yesterday, if we have that video, we just have the video of the tornado there, if we do. do we? we don't. okay. well again we are tracking those strong storms and that severe weather moving through virginia. also. this is from virginia, at
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this monster tornado this is the aftermath here from what happened yesterday. the damage we're seeing this is from virginia yesterday strong storms devastated neighborhoods. this is also, i should say, correct myself here this is out in florida. with those storms that moved through yesterday. more on your. >> that daylight really puts it in perspective. >> as you pointed out drones that take this kind of footage really are changing our perspective. >> absolutely. gets you up and fast and you get video within minutes after that's devastating events. rate to you if you the if. there it is, captured live on the tower cam shot.
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our way in the next few 0 stop. the winter storm that is doing got. never mind, we got it back. we've got heavy snow right here. let's plot it. heavy snow chicago up towards at the fetched. washington, d.c. all the way through 0 fop. right here we've got the heavy flooding rainfall that. moving up towards cincinnati now. watch this rain shower activity. wave number two coming in now. wave number three following behind it later on. we will zoom in, show you we've got generally stowrnl.
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wadsworth, massillon, the i-77 phone. here's akron about to get the rape okay sog. there's 40s and 30s here, then there's that line at the medina fore. there's definitely auto boundary right here. 56 degrees currently in millersburg. sheempedz. it is going to take a track basically right up 7 is toippedz. if does it so it's going to wrap in some cold air. very quickly overnight tonight. so we already have our winter weather advisories out for cuyahoga, lake geauga.
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by tomorrow morning we are fetched. and then as we head through the afternoon, generally two to founder. southern calle ho gas, geauga, southern lake counties into ashtabula county for three, four, maybe close to five inches of november. so tomorrow featured. heavy, fechtdz. especially the i-90 corridor and the interstate 80 corridor. phone. by dawn turning colder. tomorrow 34, wet snow for the morning rush. twechtdz. snow coming in
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less than half an inch on the ground. 33 scattered snow, one to three inches.
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new developments on president obama's plan to close won tan mo bay. today republicans slammed that proposal. under the plan the bulk of detainees would be transferred to other countries. the rest would be moved to an undetermined facility here in the u.s. senator john mccain, the chairman, is a rare republican who supports closing guantanamo, but he's still hammering the president's proposal. >> i've been waiting seven and a half years for a plan in order for us to facilitate the closure of guantanamo bay. i am still waiting. because this is not a plan.
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seven pages of which are a rehash. >> senator mccain went on to say he would support suing president obama if he moves guantanamo bay detainees to the united states. the president has long vowed to close that prison facility. he says it's used a recruiting tool by terrorists and is too cost toll maintain. lee, frank. president obama revealed what he's looking for in a supreme court nominee to replace justin antonin scalia. >> he says the person must have a sterling record, a deep respect for the judiciary's role, and an understanding of the way the world really works. he's believed to be investigate republican candidate nevada governor brian sand value. meantime republicans on the senate judiciary committee are vowing not to even hold a hearing on the president's pick. the president says it will be difficult for republicans to explain any attempt to block a supreme court nomination. >> their job is to give this
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the courtesy of meeting with him. they are then free to vote whatever their conscience dictates. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has said president obama should leave the next supreme court selection to the next president. a wanted man on the run, and that's after police were able to chase him down and arrest him. we have brand-new video showing his sneaky escape from police custody. the owners of a pit bull are now facing charges after the animal attacked and killed a woman. details from the indictment
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exclusive body camera video as police chase down a suspect in the woods in bath township. it's an investigation that led to three arrests. people accused of breaking into cars and stealing wallets, purses, electronics, even police gear.
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convicted felon who is already wanted for bailing on a check- in at a halfway house. tonight donald trump is hoping to build on his momentum after going three for four in early primaries. he celebrated with reporters after winning the nevada caucuses last night. meanwhile, ahead of saturday's democratic primary in south carolina, hillary clinton received the endorsement of senate minority leader harry reid. >> right now a major storm system has its sights on ohio after battering the south. check out this massive tornado. just one of two dozen reported last night from florida to virginia. that storm is blamed for five deaths. it also destroyed homes and uprooted trees. and right now we are only feeling the beginning of a dose of that nasty system, right mark? >> we're on the warm side so it's rain. we've had more than an inch in most spots across northern ohio. as we told you it would. now we've got the first wave that has pulled toward our north and east. now we're waiting for the
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lorain county, akron, canton, dover new philly. soggy, moderate rainfall. so slow going there. again that pulls into greater cleveland within the next 15 to 20 minutes. then we have wave number three here, a smaller wave coming up i-71 into mansfield and ashland. where these yellows are, moderate to heavy rain would not even be surprised if you heard a little bit of thunder in one or two spots. phase two is the wrap-around cold air that's going to change rain over to snow. we're not going to see a major winter storm from this. that's to our west. but still a winter weather advisory out for greater cleveland and up the shoreline. lake geauga and ashtabula counties. for 3:00 a.m. tonight, through the day tomorrow, snow, heavy at times, beginning after midnight tonight. we're going with two to maybe as much as five inches by this time tomorrow evening. temperatures currently 50s and 40s. we're going to cool you down, though. evening timeline taking you
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more on the snowfall and what we expect for tomorrow morning coming up. frank. new video on 5 after a police chase in elyria ended when one officer's patrol car started breaking down mid chase. >> the police chief calling this upsetting, even embarrassing, says this is the latest example of a serious problem. our derick waller went into emlear i can't. the police chief using this as an example of why there needs to be a tax hike. >> reporter: if passed this would be the first income tax levee since 1992, and part of it, police say, has to do with an emergency they're dealing with. inside elyria's maintenance garage, there's a new bumper on this rusting elyria police van. >> we fight rust a lot. >> reporter: a metaphor for what the whole city is going through. >> if someone calls 911 and wants the police there right now i'm going to say it's a "fifty shades of grey" chance.
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192,000 man and a rusted floorboard was just retired this month. police chief duane whitely showed us the route from a sunday chase through the city. multiple officers chased a man with felony warrants. but in this video posted on social media, one of the officers involved explains how his cruiser quit mid chase. >> we heard a loud pop. it sounded like it was coming from the join, and a loud grinding noise. >> we put in for cars every year. the problem we run into, when there's no money, there's no money. >> reporter: they're down dozens of officers. >> there's nowhere else to belt tighten. we've cut everywhere we can cut. >> reporter: voters will decide if they want income taxes to increase from a half percent to two and a half percent. some blame cuts to the local government that has cut $2million. >> our governor can say he's
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he's done it on the backs investor city and municipal tea in the state. >> reporter: if passed the income tax would still be lower than what it is in lorain and overland. i also asked about further belt tightening. why not combine services with other municipalities. goth chief and the council person telling me that idea has been floated in the past but it would take years to implement, and they need help right now. live in elyria, derick waller, news channel five. >> today a grand jury indicted two people in connection with a deadly pit bull attack. bobby green and leon morton are charged with reckless homicide and involuntary manslaughter in the death of 71-year-old annie williams. she died in july after she was attacked by a pit bull on pennington road in shaker heights. according to the dierntle green and morton violated a shaker heights ordinance requiring dog owners to constrain their pets with a leash. two browns players indicted
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stop on christmas dave pleaded not guilty. arrest man tee bryant and saunders were issued a $2500 bond. their case was assigned judge dick ambrose, a former browns player. they're due back in court march 1st. meantime ohio's senate justice committee is considering a bill that would lower the amount of heroin needed to trigger the maximum penalty which includes 11 years in prison. ohio's public defenders office opposes the idea saying lawmakers shoe focus on approving treatment. a new proposal would help expectant mothers get the treatment they need. the ohio house approved the bill but the measure would also keep welfare workers from taking a child from its mother if she used drugs while pregnant as long as the mother
5:36 pm
the bill now goes to the senate for consideration. a toddler gets life in prison for a triple murder that happened when he was just 16 months odd. we explain the bizarre case of mistaken identity and reveal who should have received that sentence. plus, does lake eerie need to go on a diet? the federal status some are pushing for and why the state epa says it's simple -- it's simply not necessary.
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a spring-like weather pattern for northern ohio at least for now. that's reflective in our world of weather pic snchtz brenda
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interesting clouds from columbiana county. a little shelf cloud action from william. that would mean that we have some thundery weather trying to develop. clouds over massillon, like clouds from a thunderstorm. definitely a spring-like weather pattern. theresa, lewisville, stark county, 5:08 p.m. always look for the rainbow. mark j weather on twitter, like and follow, and post.
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people in cuba are mourning after learning ramon castro had died. he turned down an active role in the revolution that led to fidel and raul castro taking power and the rise of communism in cuba. ramon castro was 91 years old. a bizarre case of mistaken identity. >> a toddler in egypt was sentenced to life in prison convicted of killing three people and damaging property during an anti-government protest. that boy was just 16 months old at the time. he was barely even able to walk. the military later admitted it arrested the wrong person. this case may sound absurd but some say it's just another example of deep flaws.
5:45 pm
it will probably lead to just wide mistrust in the judicial system which has long-term disconcerting. >> the military says a 16-year- old should have been sentenced instead. and people in beirut are raising a stink about the garbage out there. it's a huge crisis. mountains of trash aussie there have been clogging the streets for the past several months. the government shut down an overstuffed landfill last year and has been searching for a way to dispose of the trash ever since. an agreement to send thousands of tons of garbage to russia fell through last week. now all new at 5:00, environmental groups in our state want lake erie to go on a day. they're talking about a pollution diet. it has to do with the algae blooms and the lake that contaminated the drinking water in 20 14. they want the lake to be listed as an impaired water shed by government regulators. the ohio epa says that's not
5:46 pm
already been taken to cut down on the pollutants that algae thrives on. impaired status means part of a body of water has so much pollution it's unsuitable for' squatic life, recreation and public drinking water. each state develops its own lists of body of water that don't meet standards with you the epa has final say. once impaired status is listed, a state puts the water on a plews diet with a daily maximum limit set for what's allowed to flow into the water screw. one of the hottest places on earth is spearntion so-called super bloom. these right here are pictures of wild flowers blooming in death valley. nice pic srksz right? well, the perfect mix of rain, sunshine, and wind is causing millions of flowers to bloom out there. it's the first time in 11 years the area has seen this many flowers. >> pretty. now to meteorologist jason nicholas tracking a line of tornadoes from the live desk. >> breaking news, three dead in virginia, six total with this
5:47 pm
take a look at how long this stretch is. literally from southern pennsylvania, there's a county there, just outside of philadelphia, north of d.c., all the way through virginia, all the way through north south carolina. we're talking more than 400 miles long of these strong and severe storms. the area in red, a tornado watch box out. they stiffly several hours. i was just updating you. nine tornado warnings on the ground. there's raleigh under a severe thunderstorm warning as well as a tornado warning, everything moving north and east along 95. also bearing down on interstate 95. we have the potential for a strong ef-3, ef-4, a long track tornado. a lot of big cities here along the enter stayed. another one bearing down on richmond. a lot going on.
5:48 pm
bringing us the rain and potentially a changeover to snow tomorrow morning. >> jason just said it. moving farther north. >> big system. >> big system, affecting 20 states including right here in northern ohio. we're kind of on the warm side so we've seen the rain, heavy at times. a little more to go before we transition to snow. remember that beautiful sunset i showed you 40 minutes ago? >> is it gone? >> well, the clouds are back. sunshine poking through, a little break in the overcast, but now it's clouded back up and we've got rain moving in, downtown cleveland. so let me show it to you now. here we go. the low pressure, cincinnati is going to track this way, and move right over cleveland. later on tonight and then wrap in some cold air and snow behind it as it moves away. in the meantime for your evening, if you're going out and about no snow to worry about but we've got areas of
5:49 pm
grafton, overland, vermilion, chatham, strongsville you're right in between. let's zoom into downtown akron, lake township, alliance, lewisville, canton beginning to dry out a little bit now as that wave continues to move toward the north and east. like. millersburg wooster, ravenna, dover new philly, but then you move north and west and it is cold in fremont. 35 in norwalk, closer to the lakeshore in the force. once again we've got wait for this low to move over cleveland and then by us. and then the cold air begins to settle in. and that will occur. let's take you hour by hour. let's show you that as we head through overnight, here we go. chief land 33, beginning to see a transition. this is at 1:15 a.m. tonight. akron still some rain, same for canton, but elyria, sandusky,
5:50 pm
snows. school closings potentially lorain county, erie, huron, back west towards the lake erie islands. you've got a better than 50% chance for some school delays lesser amounts as you head toward the east because the snow isn't going to start there until later, closer to sunrise. here you go, 7:00 a.m. we've got snow going a lot of spots, especially north of the turnpike, north of interstate 71, north of interstate 80 here out of akron. there you go. we've got some light to briefly moderate snowfall expected through morning and even through the afternoon. but by 7:00 p.m., pretty much pulls away. so weather alert for tomorrow. snow, heavy and wet, and we're looking at generally one to four inches in the snow belt. could you get two to five inches by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. then we have flooding issues that will continue through the day tomorrow. some small streams spill over their banks due to today's rain
5:51 pm
travel tomorrow for the morning and afternoon rush slow, slushy, slick. say that three times fast. slow, slushy, slifnlgt don't try it. 32 tonight, rain changing to snow, mainly after midnight. an inch or less by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow across the area. and then we ramp it up. morning rush through afternoon rush, generally one to four inches of additional snow, windy and colder, a hey near 34 degrees. but wait until you see the weekend. you want 60 degrees? >> bring it on, please. >> i may have it for you this weekend. 6:00 hour. >> thanks mark. here's what else is coming up. a former browns player and community activist is dog prison. brand-new details about to reggie rucker case. plus, as the republican field dwindles, governor kasich is still sticking to his guns for the white house, but after a poor showing in nevada we
5:52 pm
with donald trump. a search is underway for a
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5:55 pm
right now a manhunt is underway after a man escaped from inside a local police station. >> we just obtained new video showing how the man was able to get loose. tracy carloss is live on 5. you spoke with officers about how this all happened. >> reporter: yeah, lee, and they tell me they're trying to figure out what happened but i have learned that the u.s. marshals have joined the hunt for the escape '83. a burglary suspect chased counsel by a police officer, a foot chase caught on body cam radio. >> get on your stomach! get on your stomach! >> reporter: monday afternoon police tell me they were called here for a burglary in progress. >> we actually arrested him in december for trespassing in the same area where he was arrested on monday. >> reporter: when they arrived please explained to me they
5:56 pm
he was brought back here to the police department and into the booking room. this is new video of what happened next. he is searched, then he waits until a police officer is distracted. she's on the phone with his mother. he takes off his shoes and he sneaks out the back door. he has been on the run since. >> protocols and policies that were not followed, and unfortunately it results in an embarrassing moment where a suspect was able to flee our custody. >> reporter: tonight the u.s. marshal's office is joining in the manhunt. >> the underlying crimes may not be violent crimes but now that he's on the run people from our experience we've realized people on the run are desperate, and they do desperate things while on the run. >> reporter: now, marshals have told me they have checked several addresses but so far they have not found smith. anyone with information is asked to contact the police department.
5:57 pm
a lot going on. a 35-year sentence happened down against a local handyman accused of raping multiple women. >> is his arrest came after testing old rape kits linked him to the crime. one of patterson's victim confronted her attacker in core. more on his day in court. >> a local woman facing charges tonight for using her dead boyfriend's e bt card for months after his death. >> and the search for who stole
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now at 6:00 a winter weather alert. still raining and the snow is about to arrive. >> while the evening commute is going okay it's the morning commute that could be a little rough. chief meteorologist mark johnson, you're using the power of 5 to track when the snow will arrive. >> a big winter storm in progress. for us we've been on the warm side through the day so we've seen heavy rain and more of that right now. follow me over we will show you what's going on, on the power of 5 radar. here we are. we've got waves of rain coming in right now. the first wave dumped more than an inch on most of you through the morning and early afternoon. a little bit of dry slot there as it moves away. the second wave coming into greater cleveland. akron, canton, you're beginning to dry out. a third wave wrapping into mansfield, toward ashland, eventually within the hour interest the akron, canton, and cleveland area. a few more waves of moderate to briefly heavy rain to go. but here is this major winter


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