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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11 another deadly day of weather. tornado, snow, and wind planning several things. team coverage of the threats. >> and people across northeast ohio could be left without a way to get around. announcer: news channel 5 at 11:00 is brought to you by: first merit bank. and mother nature giving the u.s. everything she's got tonight. >> whipping winds and snow in the midwest, another day of tornadoes in the southeast and we're stuck in the middle bracing for the snow that's coming our way. this is a live look at the roads right now. storm tracker five is out in huron county and there's travel ban in effect for vehicles on the very western part of the turnpike. our team coverage starts with mark johnson who has been in the power five weather center tracking that rain/snow line. a great way to describe it we're
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in fact, the low pressure, that's done all the damage that's responsible for tornadoes and blizzards and heavy rain and flooding, is right now pulling right over cleveland. we're in the center-all of this major winter storm -- center of it all through this winter storm. as the low pulls in it's kind of a donut hole of dryness and pull in and out of here and in the next two hours we're beginning to see the colder air creeping in, towards toledo. watch that scattered snow line replacing green with the white and that trend will continue through the overnight hours. we have our winter weather advisory beginning at 3 a.m., on thursday, just a few hours from p.m. counties. i think everyone's going to get some snow, an inch or two.
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of snowfall by the time it's done. notice temps e elyria, you've dropped to 34, 37 in fans field, and 40s for akron and canton. the cold is coming and we're tracking in snowfall totals. we'll track in the snow delays and the warmer air for the weekend, as well. lots to talk about. don't go to bed. in the meantime, chris has the latest on the devastating tornadoes on the east side of this storm, chris. >> the east coast getting pounded by storms right now, mark. a tree crushing a home in durham, north carolina. that family including three children. they took shelter in the basement and it paid off. we're told everyone is okay. right now, virginia, under a state of emergency, after the deadly storms rattled that state, and waiverly, three people died there, a 2-year-old child and two men. they were found hundreds of yards from their mobile home. >> my truck went up in the air. the grass started caving -- glass started caving in on me, i
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>> and take a look at this. a tornado caught on tape and posted to facebook. you can see circled in red, this happened in henderson, north carolina. that is in the northern part of that state. there are 20 tornado warnings alone for that area today. two tornadoes ripping through southwest florida today, as well. this is tree and roof damage in charlotte county just north of fort meyers. we're told nobody hurt, but dozens of homes were torn apart. there are some 220,000 customers still without power across the south and southeast right now. and to our west, the national weather service in chicago, has issued a blizzard and storm warning. they're calling for a foot of heavy blowing snow in the windy city. the storm is already forced more than 1,100 flights to be cancelled at chicago's two main airports. hopkins has a bunch of cancelations and delays. >> okay, chris. we are tracking this weather as
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will mean for your morning commute. >> county on the power five school closings to keep you up-to-date on closings and delays and make sure tune into good morning cleveland starting at 4:30 a.m. i'm happy that i have -- they have the right one. i'm just surprised of the one that they do have. >> three men in custody tonight, suspected of beating a man to death at a bus stop last month, leading to a shocking revelation from the victim's family. >> they say he was no stranger to some of his alleged attackers. news channel 5's frank wiley says while they may have answers they will never have closure. >> reporter: they slid him into an ambulance more dead than alive. a bloodied head and battered body, clinging to life while it slipped away. >> it hurts bad. >> reporter: they say death
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>> it didn't make sense to put him on the schedule for an hour. >> he came in any way. >> reporter: a memorial where he had life beaten out of him, back in january there weren't any suspects. >> it looked like some guys were waiting on him and jumped him until he was brain dead. >> he had more kids and happiness on the way. >> when detectives called me and said they had suspects. >> reporter: three men melissa turner and dontez knew, everett, and emanuel, and another gentleman. >> why? it's the like i have so much anger. >> i want them -- it's like i have so much anger. >> i want them all to pay. >> reporter: tonight, he stairs at loved ones from a spot they can't reach. he never took her hand in marriage. >> those three men have been charged with aggravated murder.
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a young boy thought he saw a young girl cad napped. you were there as police worked this out. >> reporter: they chased down every single lead because they know how crucial those first few hours can be. here's what happened. the boy was walking home from middle school and thought he saw a young blond girl pulled into a white van at center ridge road in bridge plaza and immediately called police to tell them and they launched a full investigation contacting all parents at the school and police eventually tracked down the van after getting multiple calls and said the description was dead on expect instead of a 12-year-old girl, it was a 46-year-old woman, hugging her uncle in the van that he saw. >> thank fully everything turned out good. we don't have a victim of an abduction, and once again, i like to thank that young man who called us today about what he saw. >> and northridge police chief said the misunderstanding cost him about $2,000 in over time,
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they encourage anyone who seeing something suspicious to give them a call. homa bash news channel 5. and 50 people at a u.s. border protections was put in quarantine after opening an envelope and getting sick. investigators are still trying to figure out what was in the envelope. new since 6:00, several states have filed a lawsuit against the obama administration over the affordable care act. texas, wisconsin, kansas, louisiana, indiana, and nebraska, filed a complaint that takes issue with the health insurance provider's fee assessed to health insurers to cover subsidies. the government could generate billions of dollars from those fees. new information tonight on proposed r.t.a. service cuts. those cuts have thousands wondering how they'll get to work if their bus route is investigated. joe pagonakas has been digging into the story all night.
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and yes, that's right, especially for those who rely on paraproposed rate hikes. >> cleveland school crossing guard uses r.t.a.'s, bus route, but if a proposal to cut her routes becomes a reality, she'll she uses r.t.a. for everything. >> going to school, church, work, and most of the people in vehicle. >> and people like simon could feel the proposed cuts as r.t.a. looks to cut due to a dozen routes due to inadequate funding. >> the partnership should be an ally and make r.t.a.
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the state can do so much more. >> reporter: i took this case to r.t.a.'s ceo and i was assured no decision was being made, and riders' concerns would be heard in a hearing in april. >> we know our mind is made up. our mind is not made up. we're going to learn a lot and just what we learned. >> for riders like kita, we can only wait and hope for the best. >> how would you get around if you didn't have r.t.a.? >> i'd have to beg people to give me a ride. >> reporter: they'll hold a board meeting to go overall of those cuts on march 1st, a final decision being made in late april and i'm told the route cuts won't happen until august. reporting live, i'm five on your side investigator joe pagonakas. we had no idea where we were when we got those tolls and no one could tell us. >> yet they and others wound up paying big bucks for highway tolls, they say they didn't even know about, but our five on your
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that this problem has been under investigation for years. what you need to know to avoid the same toll troubles the next time you go on vacation. >> and a bad day weather wise, blinding snow out west, the deadly tornadoes to our east, it's our turn with some heavy snow coming our way. when we come back. . lucky, that's what a local fire chief is saying after a his pocket.
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done. we're preparing for another round of snow, spring break is just around the corner and many are planning summer vacations, but if you don't want to wind up paying more for your trip like some ohioans did, pay close to this story. >> five on your side investigator jonathan walsh has a warning to keep you from going down the same road. >> reporter: john from avon enjoyed his vacation when he flew into miami, florida, until he got home and got a letter in the mail. >> we had no idea where we were when we got those tolls and no one could tell us. >> reporter: john picked up a car from dallas rent-a-car and asked him if he wanted to buy a $45 sun pass, similar to ohio's easy pass. for any toll roads he would be driving on, john looked at his route. >> and i declined that because i didn't think we were going to be
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>> reporter: 3 to 4 weeks later a company said john and his wife owed $0.40 but added a $15 administration fee on top of the charge. >> we paid that toll, and figured that was the end of it. >> but no turns out john got another $0.40 toll charge and another $15 administration fee. >> they could just called me or sent me a letter if they're worried about the $0.80 and say, you owe $0.80. >> reporter: here's another way to look at it. i went for chinese take out for lunch and i asked the guy, hey, how much for a can of soda. he told me $0.80. now, would you pop open your wallet and pay $30.80 for this? >> it's pretty frustrating. >> reporter: steve from independence was pretty frustrated, too. >> it's aggravating when you're trying to talk to somebody and no one will talk to you and they
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>> reporter: he told me after a recent vatation, he you, too, got hit -- vacation, he you, too, got hit with tolls. his bill was for $94, $0.62. both steve and john filed complaints with the florida attorney general. >> i feel sorry for some of the people or maybe the elderly that just don't have the time or energy to waste a call, they'll probably just pay the bill that i just seen was ridiculous. >> reporter: in fact, the florida's a.g.'s office received 152 complaints surrounding rental cars and tolls and it's been investigating this since 2010. it's not just dollar named either. hertz, thirsty, alamo and -- thrifty, and alamo. it says customers are clearly noticed of a $15 administration fee when they decline the prepaid sun pass. enterprise holding which operates alamo, and national says it's been proactively
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and a newly proposed bill would require exposure. watch as this producer goes undercover at tampa international, asking about these kinds of charges. listen as she asked about the fees. >> there is a fee that has been added recently called a toll administration fee. you can explain to me exactly what that it? >> it activates if you drive-thru without paying any of the toll roads. >> people like john and steve and many others declining the florida sun pass they believe they were overcharged for something that wasn't thoroughly explained to them at the rental car counter. >> they're less than honest. they have to know this is happening. >> reporter: in 2009, the florida attorney general told companies to disclose these fees. they are in some contracts and flyers but they're still catching drivers off guard. a spokesperson for hertz says it's important to understand the toll situation on roads they
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and a race for the white house is making its way through northeast ohio tomorrow. democratic presidential candidate, barney sanders is hosting a rally tomorrow morning at 10:30, at baldwin wallace university. it is free, but r.s. vp's are encouraged. sanders and hillary clinton's next big contact is the south carolina primary on saturday. meanwhile, the republicans are getting ready to battle it out in another debate a day after donald trump won a battle for degets in the nevada primary. tomorrow's debate -- delegates in the nevada primary. tomorrow's debate is the last before super tuesday when voters in a number of states will to the polls. marco rubio is campaigning in texas, while ted cruz and john casic are answering questions -- kasich are answering questions about when and when about the race. and severe weather ravaging the southeast, these homes in
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virginia's governor has declared a state of emergency after storms killed three people there on top of the three killed along the gust coast yesterday. mark, it is snow that we're looking at for our region. >> we are, and tomorrow morning, the rush will be just getting going and ramping up through the morning and afternoon. this is going to be a slushy wet snow for several hours and that's going to slow folks down, so stay up-to-date. >> a thousand flights already canceled in chicago. >> a thousand flights in chicago. they had the blizzard and still have the heavy snow. it's going to take them a while to get 12 -inches of snow off of those runways. it's. for us, not 12-inches of snow, but 3 or 4 maybe a little bit more over the course of your thursday. right now, look at this. our live look downtown, it is a hazy sky low clouds and drizzle right now settling in over downtown cleveland, and again, there it is, drizzle over
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into ashtabula, we've got the lighter rain showers. this is still rain. now, as we widen out our view a little bit we'll show you where the snow is. here it is, beginning to creep into western ohio, and get closer and closer to us, now look at all the severe weather out here. look at all the heavy snow and blizzard conditions here. more snow wrapping into the south, and where is the center of this major winter storm? >> guess where. right here over greater cleveland. throw that low on. there's the center of the winter storm. you're under it. right now. it's going to slide quickly off to the north and east, and again that's going to allow this wrap around cold and snow to move in during the overnight hours. currently, 33 norwalk, and 32, fremont, and 35, dover, new philly, still mild with a southerly wind back here, winds wrapping in from the west-northwest, the cool down commences. 37 in cleveland now, a southerly
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16 miles-per-hour, dew point at 34, humidity at 39 -- or i'm sorry -- 89%. now here's the snow, heavy and wet, beginning tomorrow during the rush and continuing through the afternoon hours into the early evening. wind is going to gust upwards of 30 miles pore hour during the day on thursday -- per hour during the day on thursday so that's going to bring some snow around your travel, snow, slushy and thick. say that three times fast. no? there's the low, watch it pull away. cold air settles in. friday will be a downright cold day with highs in the 20s. we'll see a little bit of lake effect snow friday night into east of cleveland, amounting to no more than a couple inches. 7 a.m., there's snow. the darker blue would indicate moderate snow across the turnpike, and interstate 90 corridor, and continues through noontime and all the way into the afternoon rush. and that's some pretty good snows. the problem is by 6:00,
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snowfall on the ground yet -- not a lot of snowfall on the ground. then it really ramps up. look at all of this accumulation during the day. some areas four and a half to near five inches some, a little bit more, especially east of cleveland. 32 tonight, rain changing to snow. a trace to an inch by dawn, then we give you another one to four inches during the day tomorrow, snow likely slippery roads, 33 degrees. a quick look at our seven-day. does show a nice weekend warm up coming our way. for tomorrow, we'll see a high of 33, and then we cool you down friday, some light lake effect snow, 28, 40 saturday and near 60 on sunday. wow. spring. we've told you about reports of e-cigarette catching fire. >> now it has happened in northeast ohio and the explosion was big enough to set off the fire alarms. these are pictures of the charred lab coat and the smouldering e-cigarette after it
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worker at a plastic surgeon's office in lindhurst. they say it's lucky this wasn't worse. >> some of these items have done significant damage to people's houses and cars. >> according to the u.s. fire administration, the number of incidents like this one are small considering the millions of americans who smoke e-cigs, and there were 25 when they conducted a study in 2014. lebron james and company at the q tonight hosting charlotte. the king back on track. i'll highlight plus an apology to kire irving.
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announcer: now five on your side sports brought to you by: brunswick auto mart. the charlotte hornets coming to the q earlier tonight on a five game win streak. the cavs coming off a home loss to the detroit pistons. the top team in the east bounced back from the loss on monday. lebron james playing better tonight than he did on monday. james with a hot hand. james hits the three, then again from beyond the arc, cavs up early, 12-4, lebron james with 23 points on the night, and in the 1st quarter, kyrie with the steal, lays it in. the cavs start to pull away. 26, kyrie gets the bucket plus the foul. later in the 2nd, hornets down by 12. the miss three, j.r. smith comes up with it, and some way, somehow, finds the king for the slam, cavs up by 14, cavs win 114-103. the hilton inn oklahoma city where the cavs stayed when they
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after i cannery irving said he was greeted by -- kyrie irving was greeted with bed bugs, and was leaving due to lack of sleep because of bed bugs. >> hmm. the browns are getting a new quarterback. it's where, who, and who they will get him, that's the question. browns head coach hugh jackson along with members of the brown's front office in indianapolis for the combine, jackson saying they will be getting a signal caller in this draft, as the team has made it pretty clear they're moving on from johnny manziel. jackson even saying today poor off the field behavior will not be toll rated. as for the draft just because they need a quarterback, it does not mean they will use that number 2 overall take necessarily to get one of the guys here at the combine. the two names that seem to keep coming up, as far as quarterback prospects, and the browns are jared goth, and pentz. quarterbacks are talking to tomorrow, but they won't take the field until saturday.
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he's looking for in the future browns players. >> when i think of specifics, of what we're looking for in players, and obviously i'm looking for high character, guys, and i want guys that have high football character on this football team w. that being said we're looking for some people -- with that being said, we're looking for very tough people, because it's a tough game, and we're looking for those kind of people as we go through the process. >> some of the old talent, are not sticking around. talks between the two sides have broken down so he'll be a free agent. in 2015, benjamin had nearly 70 receptions for nearly 1,000 yards and 5 touchdowns and
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breaking news out of cleveland where police say a 16-year-old may have accidentally shot himself after shooting at a police district office. >> we have a crew on scene and we'll have the latest on good morning cleveland beginning at all right. >> that's right. snow for the morning rush, snow for the afternoon rush n be careful. we'll see you later. thanks for watching. >> good night. .
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