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tv   Live on 5  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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johnson will have a detailed look at where the action is in a moment. first, breaking news. four young girls in lorain county were almost abducted today. first we learned that a man approached three girls in lorain. police say his efforts forced the entire school district into lockdown. we later learned the man with a similar description tried to snatch a girl from her bedroom overnight. >> let's start with a lorain investigation. police say three young girls reported a man with the same description tried to abduct them from these locations within two hours this morning. we september our kristin volk to find out what police know about this man. kristin is live on 5 from washington and west knight. i understand one of those girls was punched. >> reporter: that's right, lee. a very scary situation out here. it was just after 6:00 a.m. when police say a suspect grabbed a girl, as you said, here at washington and west
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her twice in the face. she screamed and then ran away. the suspect ran, too. an hour later that same suspect police say likely struck again. this time it was just a few blocks away from here. he exposed himself and followed the girl into a yard. about a half mile over he grabbed a girl from behind. all the girls are 13 or under. there is one middle school student, two elementary school students. we're told the victims are okay, they are not harmed. but all of the schools here were in lockdown today. the school superintendent urging parents to keep a very close eye on the kids, escorting them to and from the school tore bus stop, the kids being encouraged to walk in groups. now, the suspect is described as a white man in his 20s or 30s, about six feet tall. he possibly had a black mask
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jacket with a has had, dark shoes, jeans, and gloves. if you see a man matching this description call lorain police. now parents here are understandably very concerned, kids concerned as well. live in lorain, kristin volk, newschannel5. >> after this very scary day for parents in lower rain we want to share some advice from the national school safety and services. getting your kids to and from school safety. >> don't let kids walk alone. there should always bea buddy system, at least two walkers. >> be sure your kids stick to main paths and streets. they should not take short cuts. >> they should not approach cars that pull up or talk to the person inside that car. just keep walking, speed up, and run away if necessary. >> your child should know that a stranger claiming you sent him or her to pick them up is dangerous. >> finally, if your child is approached or if someone tries to grab them, draw attention, start yelling, screaming, and run away. >> despite that advice what
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is that someone tried to abduct a girl from her bedroom on overnight. and police say the descriptions of both men are very similar. a man told police his 10-year- old daughter ran screaming into his bedroom about 3:45 this morning. she said she woke up to a strange man grabbing her legs bedroom window. she was able to he is sky. when her father checked out her room he found a stepladder that was in the yard had been moved to the side of the house under his daughter's window. police and the fbi are investigating. now to breaking news at 5:00. rescuers are looking for a kayaker at olmsted falls. this is first video as the dave team and other emergency crews searched the rocky river. we're told a kayaker became stranded in the ice water along columbia road. we have a crew on scene right now. mark, in these conditions, not ideal for search crews.
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wind, gusting at 20 to 30 miles per hour. you have snow blinding you, falling heavily throughout much of the afternoon. so that not good to be in the elements for any length of time. here's the good news. watch the back edge of the snow, now moving through cleveland, through mentor, through ashtabula. lorain, you're dry. mans field is drying out. we still have the band of snow generally from, let's say chardon to burton, up through andover, akron, medina as well. here is our heavy show detector. that's where snowfall rates are above half an inch per hour. we don't have much of that left. so the snow is beginning to taper off, not only in area, but in intensity as well. so we'll still see another hour or so of the snow as it moves south, helped along by this trough, some drier air behind it. look, a trough pushing away. it will take most of the snow
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lake-effect snows to begin to develop coming in off the lakes, and they'll be skinny little bands of isolated snow showers. so not a general snow for the rest of the evening once this main area of snow gets through. 30 in cleveland 30*eur7bgs akron, 29 canton. it's going to be blustery and cold with scattered snow tapering off. bundle up, and roadways are wet, some of them snow covered. drive with care. tara blake out in storm tracker 5 out on the east side tracking snow. >> reporter: i am. we just moved out of char don. it was really starting to lateen up as we push back towards kirkland. i want to show you the current road conditions. the advisory going until 7:00 p.m., roadways are wet. we have visibilities down but are really cleared. you can they'll trough is really moving a lot of this snow out of here now. but still, center lane has snow
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the side of the roads. we're also hearing numerous accidents in geauga county where we just were. so auburn south of wilson mills as well as washington street and auburn road, we've had some vehicles that have had some major problems. so the snow certainly slowing us down here on the east side. but looking much better as far as how much currently. john, how are you? >> reporter: hey tara. we are on 82 near macedonia. the snow starting to lighten up. have a look. pretty clear roadways that we are dealing with now. the snow is really stick on the parking lots and the back roads that don't see as much traffic. but i did want to point this out. hour. so there's the potential for blowing and drifting snow. what does that look like? i snapped a quick video and i'm going play it for you to give you an idea what that mate look like. on the right there's a little bit of an embankment.
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to the roadway. that can make for slick conditions. if you are headed out here, it's windy, and you are going to want to watch out for driflght snow. >> great job tara and john. you want to track some snow with us you? avenue got our app, right, on your cell phone or ipad? you can download it, news net you can track the radar, all of it so easy, rate in the palm of your hand. lee. new at 5:00, the state department of education released the much anticipated ohio school report card data. we'll continue this story. it's day to dump, detailing a complicated clap terp in ohio standardized testing. chris flanagan is here with the just released numbers. chris. >> reporter: the testing system
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many have complained the testing system is flawed and not a fair portrayal of their school's performance. significant was the number of schools that earned scores for perfect performance. got c's. cleveland schools receiving a d, akron also earning a d, parma got a c, mentor c as well, and lorain earned a d. the good news, district students and teachers are all exempt from consequences tied to scores on these cards as ohio transitions to new standards and tests throughout the school year. >> miami university says it's wrapping up pledging early this year while investigators look into complains of hazing. there are 21 complaints so far from more than a dozen fraternities and sororities
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all the complaints are connected to the initiation process. it's all pledging. so far there have been no official suspensions. meantime today education officials from across the state join national experts at a summit to come one solutions to sex assaults on clog. all of our state's public institution and several private ones took part. it was organized by an initiative launched last fall after a report revealed nearly 150 sexual sawrmts reported op ohio's public campuses back in 2014. well, thanks but no thanks. >> that is the word from the man believed to be under consideration to replace antonin scalia on the supreme court. what the nevada governor told the white house after learning he was beg vetted for the job. on its way to ohio, this nasty winter weather made a really mess of our state in the south.
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there's a pretty good chance you've seen a friend share some quiz results on the internet. we reveal who you're giving access to your information when you click on that link. and this week we told you about a man what found his own house posted as a rental on craigslist. another woman reveals she paid hundreds to rent a home that
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president
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to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. rescuers have safely located a kayaker in olmsted falls. this is video of the location where the dive team and other emergency workers were searching the rocky river. we're told that kayaker became stranded in the icy water along columbia road. again, this rescue has ended safely. good news, frank. a police cruiser crushed, destroyed during a violent hit- and-run crash in akron. we broke this to you on "good morning cleveland" and worked all day getting our hands on this surveillance video that shows the impact. bob jones is live in akron.
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that police may have a possible suspect. >> reporter: frank, no charges have been filed, but tonight akron police are actively searching for this hit skip suspect. take a look at the damage to this cruiser. the front tire and axle torn from the suv. when you see all this damage many are surprised the officer suffered only minor injury. watch this surveillance video from an auto lot. you will see the police cruiser streaking south when a stolen minivan pulls out and slams into it around 10:30 wednesday night. another angle from a different lot shows the krauser pushed into a parking lot. the officers get out and notify dispatch. wreck. >> reporter: the cruiser was totaled. the second-year officers were on their way to a fight call when the crash happened. heard.
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all we heard was, bam, and the whole entire building shook. >> reporter: officers tell me seat belts and air bags may have saved the cops' lives. they were trade at akron general and released. >> one had a head injury and hand injury, and one had a lip injury and knee injury. >> it was bad. all they got was scrapes. god was on their side. >> reporter: moments after the minivan driver jumped from the vehicle and ran away. >> the owner of the car that pulled out in front of us, i'm not sure direction. >> the vehicle that slammed into the cruiser was stolen out of cuyahoga falls. police told me they're following fresh ladies. >> this is someone that just took off, showed no regard for >> reporter: and it appeared the officers did not have their flashing lights on before the crash happened, and this crash will be reviewed internally. but we are told the officers
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when this accident happened and when this driver is found he will face multiple charges. live in akron, bob jones, newschannel5. turning now to democracy 2016, the republican presidential candidates preparing for a high-stakes debate tonight in texas. it is their last face-off before super tuesday when voters in 11 states will have their say. governor john kasich toured the big stage in houston. he is one of five candidates in tonight's cnn debate. for kasich and dr. ben carson this is an important opportunity to silence calls for them to drop out of the race. the pressure also on senators marco rubio and ted cruz, a new cruise showing donald trump 16 points ahead of rubio in rubio's home state of florida. that could push rubio to get tougher on trump despite trump's threats to hit back harder. >> every attempt to take on donald trump has failed spectacularly. the problem is cruz and rubio
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bit as much as donald trump. >> but the billion dollar question could be about trump's unreleased tax returns after mitt romney accused trump of hiding something about them saying, quote, there's a become shell. trump's reaction, romney blah an election that should have been won and is now playing tough guy. lee. well, today one of the presidential candidates made his pitch to voters right here in ohio. we were at baldwin wallace for bernie sanders' rally. our john kosich sat down with him. we have that story tonight at 5:30. one day after reports broke that nevada governor was being vetted for the scott, he's ruling himself out. today governor brian sandoval released a statement saying he let the white house know that he does not want to be considered at this time.
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could fill the vacancy hup bling. severe weather has been slamming our nation. >> meteorologist jason nicholas tracks dozens of severe stores. we're getting a closer look at the damage they left behind. >> yesterday, 4:00 and 5:00, we were tracking eight, nine different tornado warnings. people along the east coast reported that thunder kept them up all night. the hardest hit area left behind a five-mile wide path of destruction. two men and a toddler died when a tornado slammed into a mobile home and threw the distance of about three football fields. in lancaster pennsylvania, you can see tornadoes flattened homes and ripped barns down to the studs. even though the storms are over, the danger certainly isn't. >> as wind gusts continue to
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should be aware of las limbs, downed power lines, other wind related hazards. so use caution if you are traveling as debris and wears may still obstruct the roadway. >> reporter: and rescuers had to be rescued after a coast guard ship sent to rescue a fishing boat overturned in rough waters off of new york. so luckily there, everyone is safe tonight. so a not completely unusual severe weather outbreak for this time of year especially with the way the weather patterns have been well anyone yow. saw a little bit of wet snow today which now sending pretty quickly. >> indeed. >> still a lot of wind. now you know why i called this a slop storm as it was moving our way. it started off with rain and wind, heavy rain, some flooding, then transitioned to that wet snow and low visibilities, and just kind of mean. >> fortunately not really stick
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>> that's good news because we warmed it up. the pavement is very warm so a lot of that snow melting off. >> "very warm" being relative. >> beg 3. during the 4:00, akron was getting pummeled with a good band of moderate to heavy snow. notice now they are drying out. that is the trend for all of us here unnowhere ohio. drier air moving in so we're all going to begin to tray out. still have our winter weather advisory until 7:00. take a look. the big snow shield here, watch it push inland, a little trough of low pressure coming by right now bringing in drier air. it's rapidly eroding away the back edge of the snow. middlefield, still light snow.
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for mentor and madison and ashtabula. notice akron some lighter snows. ravenna, it's light. barberton, same story. but we're really drying out in the wooster area. here's the trough slading southward. as i mentioned at the top of the show we're going transition to a little bit of lake-effect snow coming in off of lake erie. there will be one or two, maybe maximum three bands, skinny bands of briefly moderate snow. i'm not sure that these bands are going to set up over any one location for very long. one to three additional inches of snow. there's one band through cleveland, all the way down to akron into canton, from the
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oat us the one accounts skinny band hear. ashtabula county, if that band sets up over you, you could see more than three inches of snow here. but we will to have wait and see. these things tend to wave around a little bit. but the general snow is basically fading fast for everyone. 28 for medina. 30 in wooster. 31 in akron. 28 currently in men tore. we've got wind gusts above 30 miles per hour. ashtabula, jefferson at 31. that gives us windchills in the teens. it is back to winter. didn't you enjoy that? when you get a monster winter storm like we are seeing go away, it tends to scour out the atmosphere for much of the united states. and that's what's going to happen. we've got some quiet we crore
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watch those temperatures fall into the lower to middle 20s by subpoenarise if you wantary going out and about, bundle up and watch for those wet and slippery roadways.
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tonight at 11:00 we are launching an exclusive 5 on your side investigation into domestic violence. >> our investigators dug through court records and uncovered how easy it is for abusers to continue to own guns. investigator sarah buduson joins us. >> our team found serious loopholes, loopholes that place abused we will in serious danger. protection orders are supposed to keep guns out of the hands of abusers. but we found more than 30 cases
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so why is that? even if the order bans an abuser from possessing a gun, ohio has no law allowing the cops to go and take your weapons. >> we don't have anything else in the law that allows for them to go to somebody's home and say, you have weapons, i need to get those weapons. >> that is not the only loophole. tonight at 81, rope regan and i will show you how ohio fames to protect domestic violence victims. on your side, i'm investigator sarah buduson, newschannel5. let the wooing begin with our state's primary less than three weeks away. you can expect to hear a lot more from the presidential candidates. today bernie sanders was up,
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we continue to follow breaking news now at 5:00. right now a search is underway after four girls reported someone trying to abduct them in lorain county. >> the first case was overnight. a 10-year-old in elyria says a man tried to pull her from her bed. then between 9:00 and 8:00 this morning there were three more cases reported in lorain that forced the school system to just shut down. our kristin volk is live from lorain with an investigation underway right now. >> reporter: well, frank, it was just after 6:00 a.m. this morning when police say a girl was walking in this area and a man approached her, then grabbed her arm and pushed her twice in the face. she then screamed and ran, and then the suspect, police say, struck again an hour later. >> i would fight if i had to, to protect somebody. >> reporter: howard sanders walks this stretch to and from school every day.
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a man targeted his first child this morning at 6:07 a.m. >> it's peaceful. i've been here about a year and a half. so i didn't really think anything like this would happen around here. >> makes me feel unsafe for these kids that have to walk to the bus stops early in the morning. >> reporter: both jennifer and matthew's kids walk this way, too. they told me they will be watching them even more closely. >> my son came home from school petrified. >> this is very concerning to us because the description of the suspect is the same in all three incidents. the fact that he is not just approaching children, but he's actually laying hands on them that increases the threat level to anybody. >> reporter: an hour after the first attempt police believe the same suspect did it again, here at this lorain intersection, exposing himself to a girl passing by, then
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the time, 7:20 a.m. at 7:46 today, he grabbed a girl here just steps from this school. the whole order daily sent all of lorain schools into lockdown. >> as often as possible students should be walking in groups. >> reporter: parents are figuring out how to reassure their worried kids. senate's tough, because we don't know how to explain it to him. he's petrified to go to school. >> reporter: take a look at the description of the suspect posted on your screen right now. he is described as a white man in his 20s or 30s, about six feet tall. he possibly add black mask over his face, wore a black jacket with a hood, dark shoes, jeans and gloves. if you see anyone matching this description you are encouraged to call lorain police immediately and ask for those victims. they are unharmed. let's check in with chief meteorologist mark johnson. i think almost everyone saw snow today.
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the back edge of our winter storm as it's progged to the east. did it some wrap-around stuff. that's why we are watching the snow tapering off very quickly around the area. hold on, folks. this is what -- we got it fixed. things are drying out for whatever you want to do. roadways are going to remain on the wet side. come on! well, the snow is going away. you're going remain cloudy. current temperatures are generally in the 20s, upper 20s, windchills in the teens, and the snow is tapering off. there will be a few lake-effect snow bands coming our way as we head through evening hours and the overnight, but all in all a much quieter weather pattern is setting up for us. more on that and a slightly warmer weather weekend, when we come back. a news alert now about a story we've been following for months. a board just granted parole to
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the man escaped from an ohio prison work farm and spent 56 years on the run before being arrested in florida last year. still ahead, new at 5:00, beware what you click. taking quizes that your friends post on facebook may be fun, but you need to know who you're giving access to your private information. and the little boy talks about heart break that ended with him and his terminally ill father being kicked off of a plane. but first, those winning
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democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders take his race for the white house to northeast ohio. >> john kosich spoke with sanders after that event and has more on his effort to get out the vote. >> reporter: get out the vote is key.
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a half weeks out but early voting is underway. sanders told me that's one reason he came here. sanders support among college students like those here is strong, fueled bia platform that includes free college tuition which raises two questions. >> how due pay for it, number one? and what do you say to the college students who are attending today that by the time you are president will have graduated and have $100,000 worth of debt. >> this is how we do it. when wall street's greed nearly destroyed our economy, congress bailed them out. now, in my view, we need a tax on wall street speculation, which i think is good public policy, brings in a lot of revenue. that will pay to make public colleges, universities tuition- free, and plus, to answer your second question, substantially lower student debt.
5:40 pm
say that student with standpoint debt can refinance and get the lowest possible interest rates they can find. >> there's not a path towards forgiveness? >> at this point, none. >> reporter: of the republicans, he only mentioned donald trump. >> is he the republican that gives the clearest path to the white house? >> i think his views and the personal demeanor are not what the american people want. you can't go around insulting everybun. i have differences with secretary clinton. you are not going to hear me ripping her apart. i know the media responds to what trump does. i don't think that's what the american people want. >> reporter: as sanders won in new hampshire, he now trainls south carolina. i ask him what is the state you could look at going forward to say this i can win.
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in berea, john companies sir, newschannel5. after just a few hours of deliberating jurors found a man not guilty of killing two cyclists and hitting three others. timothy wolf faced charges of vehicular homicide. matthew billings and james lambert dade after wolf hit them.
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now all new at 5:00, you've probably been tempted to click
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maybe one of your friends shared their results. >> what state should you live in? they can be fun, but like so many things on the internet there is a hipped risk to your privacy. here's why you might want to avoid the temptation. >> reporter: facebook qises seem to be growing in popularity. but before you click to find out which celebrity you look like, you might want to read the fine print. >> the application is not part of facebook. this just uses api to get all your data. >> reporter: what you think is a harmless quiz could be a ploy to steal your information. >> this amount of data that's being acquired by these companies can mean a lot of profit and a lot of monetary value to third party companies. >> reporter: it all starts with a simple click. to make sure you're not falling prey to this, you need to read the fine print. >> this would not be a particular site i would trust to proceed. >> reporter: he says if a page is asking you to authenticate
5:46 pm
facebook, you should click cancel. >> when that person or the user clicks yes, you can allow this site to access information. they then hold the keys to the kingdom. >> reporter: and that kingdom lists all your likes, dislikes, where you've been, not to mention your friends' information, all of it accessible to unknown companies who create quizes to get full access to your account. jonathan says' taken a quiz here and there. >> if it's something that i'm interested in, i will do it just for the fun of it. >> reporter: but he stops when he feels they're asking for too much information. >> a lot of people are worried if you don't know where it's going to end up. >> reporter: when it comes to facebook, less is more. take less quizes and share less information. that way if your information does get out there it's minimal. >> when you do share, when you do post, make sure it's with items that you trust, with websites that you trust, with information you can trust, and with links you can trust.
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quiz is legitimate, you could always do a google search of the company behind it. but keep in mind that a lot of these quizes are not just on facebook. they're also on other social media like twitter. you have to remember, they all work the same wap. in the newsroom, jennifer reyes, newschannel5. tonight an arizona family is happy to be back home after they were kicked off of a flight from washington state to mesa because of a child's allergies. the trouble started when 7-year- old giovanni started having an allergic reaction to a dog that was on board. the boy's father has terminal cancer. when the boy started reacting, the flight attendant tried moving his see. ultimately, he and his dad were kicked off, and the other
5:48 pm
>> it's not my fault. one of them has a dog and ?oarksd way, i'm not getting off this plane with this dog, and we got de-boarded. >> the family says one of the flight attendants who was making remarks was egging passengers on during the applause. giovanni says he said that this had to be one of the last memories he had with his dad, and the dad called the whole thing a slap in the face. >> my goodness. everybody involved. of we were just talking, frank and i, about how much we wish the warm weather would return. >> we're almost there. remember, meteorological spring begins in five days. march 1st. we're almost there. we've got a little more winter coming. it's the roller coaster of late winter and early spring. we're going get a few day, then cold again.
5:49 pm
left, but we're not down to weeks instead of months. >> this is true. >> so the glass is half full. let's take a look at what's going on. let's do a tour of our tower cams. cleveland drag out, still cloudy but the heavy snow has ceased. let's show you what's next. come on, tower cam. wet roads, but again the snow has ended. wooster is dry as well. a nice little coating on the wooster high football field. ashtabula high school, somebody needs to -- >> looks great out there. >> they need to brush off the lense there. it is dry in ashtabula as well. there is mentor, lacking west over the city of mentor. dry weather. the trend is for drayer, quieter weather to move in across northern ohio. it is doing so quickly. let me show you the radar. wide view showing the band of moderate to heavy snow that's been over us for much of the morning and afternoon. watch it. there it goes. it is going fast. fading quickly.
5:50 pm
with just a few later snow showers trying to linger behind, and i do expect we'll see bond or two of lake-effect snow begin to develop over the course of the evening and the overnight. skinny band, maybe an inch to two, maybe three inches inside that band. but the rest of you just flurries, late snow showers, 29. it's cold in me dana, 28 mentor, ravenna, 29 in canton, 34 in fremont, 30 in the maps feed area. windchills, a lot of you in the teens. so it is still february winter out there. where's that big old winter storm? well, the low is all the way up over almost into the canadian maritimes. dragging a little frost through rate now. that's what has kept the snow going. but as it pulls away, it's what is ending our snow. now a few isolated band of lake- effect snow. 7:00 p.m., notice there's a little band there, there's
5:51 pm
most of the area just a flurry overnight hours. it you made it. lake-effect snow. a few isolated bands giving an inch to three. the rest of the region a dusting. showers. it will remain blustery and cold all fate long. tomorrow 27 for the high. maybe a little morning snow with that lake effect off to the east of cleveland and akron, still breezy and cold. hopefully a few peeks of sunshine for you. your seven-day coming up. meantime we have more news on the troubled quarterback for the browns. >> that's right. johnny manziel's domestic violence case has been sent to a grand jury in dallas. we will have more details on this breaking news in just minutes at 6:00.
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now an update on a consumer alert we brought you earlier this week.
5:55 pm
man trying to sell this house. he found it listed on craigslist for rent. it was listed by a complete stranger who even took photos of the house. today we have the other side of this scam. the potential renter. >> our mike brookbank slains why one woman is out of hundreds of dollars because she believed the ad she saw on craigslist. >> reporter: have you heard about the home rental scam? that's where scammers post pictures of homes they don't own on-line to get you to send a deposit. these guys have found a bold new way to entrap you. courtney is a college student searching for a home to rent so she and her fiance found this home for rent on zillow. >> this house looked perfect. they were doing it on a rent to own basis so we would be able to kind of get started. >> reporter: the price was the best part. >> it was $800, utilities included, everything. >> reporter: she called the owner who said the house was vacant and available to tour. so she went through it taking these photos then called the owner who happened to be out of
5:56 pm
>> he said was a pastor, doing missionary work. >> reporter: he told him to wire him a deposit. >> he said was out of texas. the money gram that i sent was for a wal-mart in texas. >> reporter: courtney says the man then disappeared. no returned calls. the ad disappeared, too. turns out she had fallen victim to a hijacked listing. the home was for rent but by a real estate company for $1200, not $800. >> we're getting married. that makes a difference. i work hard for my money. i do the right things. >> reporter: zillow says posts a warning on top investor listing to let folks know about this scam. so how do they get the code for the lock boxes? they call the lapped lord and the landlord gives it to them. so be careful. in the newsroom, mike brac bank, newschannel5. >> that's our time. >> chris and danita are here.
5:57 pm
charge ad with trying to abduct four little girls. >> it's an incident that has two communities shaken up. tonight we spoke to the family of one of the girls who was nearly abducted. we'll hear from them coming up. we are keeping an eight on the roads. both of our storm trackers out monitoring conditions.
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two big stories now at 6:00. snow moving out of our area. chief meteorologist mark johnson tells us what to expect. breaking news out of lorain county where four girls all say
6:00 pm
morning and all of them gave a similar description of their attacker. first we have breaking news out of dallas. we just learned that police have referred the johnny manziel case to the dallas county district attorney. according to the police department the case will be prepared for a presentation to the grand jury. manziel is in the center of a domestic violence investigation involving a fate with his ex- girlfriend. police wrote in the blog that they considered this case a class a misdemeanor. we checked and that's the most serious type of misdemeanor. it's punishable up to a year in jail and $4,000 in fines. keep in mind, manziel has not been charged. breaking at this hour the attempted abducted shins lorain county. this unfolded early this morning. three girls say the man approached them at locations in the city. >> it all started in he will larry i can't as a 10-year-old girl woke up to a man trying to drag her out biher legs. we have a team of reporters digging into what happened.


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