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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> have a great weekend. good morning cleveland begins with breaking news at 4:30. tense moments for cleveland police officers one of their own slams his cruiser into a tree. >> that officer trapped inside his vehicle for nearly an hour while a dawnting rescue took place. this happened on the cities east side and nick foley is there so nick how is that officer doing? >> reporter: well jackie we can tell you when this officer was removed he was talking and alert but in obvious pain with lower body injuries. now before we begin we want to tell you we are at the intersection of lawnview and east 71st street. you could actually see the reflection of the ice on the roadway and just to give you an
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conditions where this officer was traveling. now behind me is where the wrecker is working on this cruiser driven by the officer involved in the crash that was a single vehicle accident. now when we arrived on scene just before 3:00 want to show you video. police and ems could yous were working frantically to get the officer out of this car. the damage to the front and driver side of the cruiser is so bad the officer was wedged inside. now fire crews used the jaws of life to take the doors off and pry the officer out but a very scary situation to say the least. now the officer was not responding to a call but on east 71st street just traveling and as we told you before very very icy conditions on this roadway. in fact one officer walking around the scene actually slipped and injured his leg. now the commanding officer told me this officer is about 20 years on the force and he's a member of the mayor frank jackson's detail as well. he was taken to metro health
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we do not know the extent of those injuries. reporting from clever land's east side. back to you in the studio now to more breaking news from the live desk here. a welfare check leads police right to a meth lab at an apartment in akron. well now six people are in custody including three minors. police initially responding to check on a man who hadn't been seen by a co-worker since saturday. well they quickly realized they were dealing with much more. officer the got a warrant and rounded up meth making materials, chemicals, a loaded handgun and three men and three juveniles were arrested. they also filed an official missing persons report for the man whose been identified as robert cook. now let's get a check on weather and traffic together. yes it is aville open in out there and chilly too. >> very slippery actually. we're seeing temperatures down into the 20s so this is giving the chance for that wet snow
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rain prior to that to really freeze. right now 22 degrees to start in medina, 25 in cleveland, good morning, 25 in ashtabula and 23 bees to start so right now we are dealing with remnant energy from that system that pulled threw loafing behind in its wake a little bit of lake effect snow. this is very light. we are seeing flurries, light showers, really crossing over parts of 71, 90, 80 moving just outside of akron so you'll want to be careful on the roads because it's not so much that it's a lot of snow but we have winds gusting at 35 miles per hour so visibility could be low where you're seeing that blowing snow. that's your power of 5 forecast with a better weekend ahead but for now how are the roads? >> you're right the wind an issue but side streets look like skating rinks, and we already have accidents and closures. here is 71 and 480, closed a car was on fire and also it's extra icy and unclear how long it's going to be before it is reopened.
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cleveland area this is 71st and lawnview this morning and again we don't know how long that's going to take but look at all of the snow we're dealing with. the highways are okay. as you see four live looks at 90. the highway is not the issue but the side streets especially icy. jackie? well two cities on high alert in lorain county this morning parents asked to walk their kids to school after four attempted abductions in just one day. and sarah is live in lorain and all of these victims are describing the same suspect. >> reporter: jackie parents and students throughout lorain and elyria certainly on edge this morning the suspect is being described as a white man in his 20s or 30s about six feet tall and police are calling him dangerous. the first attempted abduction happened in elyria at a home. investigators say someone used a ladder to climb into a 10 year olds window and try to take her.
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say a man with a similar description punched her and another says he exposed himself and the third says he tried to grab her from behind. all happening blocks apart. lorain city schools placed on lockdown while the police search for the suspect the parents of that 10 year old call it their worst nightmare. here is their advice to other parents. >> nighttime, morning time, any time all windows completely locked, double check everything because you never know someone walking by make sure your kids are aware that there's damager out there. >> lorain schools are on high alert and again that suspect is being described as a white man about six feet tall in his 20s or 30s. live in lorain, news channel 5. 4:35 now. it was a gop show down to watch and if you couldn't watch it you missed out on a pretty entertaining evening but don't worry we've got you cover. marco rubio whose in second place right now came out on fire.
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trump, no holds bar. they both kept going back and forth all night. here is one of the best jabs. listen. >> if he hadn't inherited $200 million, do you nowhere donald trump would be right now? selling watches. >> well this is the republicans last debate before super tuesday when several states hold their primaries. jackie? well terrence, a cleveland officer fired for sexting crime victims might soon be back out on the streets. he was let go three years ago and he's been fighting to get his job back ever since. last february, the arbitrator ordered the city to rehire him even after he admitted to the sexting. the city appealed but the court of appeals upheld that decision to give him his job back. the police union wants him reinstated immediately and he was never criminally charged. well new video this morning on the story we broke for you yesterday on good morning cleveland. this is surveillance video of a hit and run accident involving two akron police officers.
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call with their lights on when a stolen minivan pulls out in the road slamming into the cruiser you'll see it there and it spins out there. the driver of the minivan then fled on foot. police saying this morning this crash could have been much worse. >> this is somebody that just took off, showed no regard for the officers or the safety of the officers that were inside the vehicle. this could have been very easily could have been a fatality. >> police found his cell phone in the have and they are looking for him right now. the two officers are recovering from mine iron juries. this woman, tiffany powell will spend the rest of her life in prison. the jury found her guilty of murdering the father of her five victim. she was in a custody battle went she and her boyfriend lured him to her home and child him. she's serving a life sentence. a texas grand jury is now looking at the case against johnny manziel. the dallas police want the district attorney to pursue a misdemeanor assault charge
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in jail and $4000 in fines. his ex-girlfriend threatened to kill her during a night outlast month. she now has a protective order against him. time is 4:37. still ahead a gunman opens fire at his workplace, killing three people and he by the way is no stranger to law enforcement. into the live desk. and a balding bandit. a man ripping off several drug stores, you'll never believe what he's accused of stealing.
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. god morning and welcome back. this morning we're waking up to temperatures well below freezing in the 20s allowing some of that heavy wet snow and rain that we saw earlier to really set in and freeze, you
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roads very slick. 22 in wooster 25 to start in cleveland, 24 in elyria and 23 in ashtabula. here is a look at the wind speeds that are sustained but we are seeing gusts much higher than this gusts all the way into the 30-mile per hour zone. that's making it feel much cooler nearly single digits, in fact single digits is what feels like in canton, nine degrees is what it feel like there, 12 degrees in cleveland so a very cold start to your day but better news ahead. new developments on a investigation that load to a federal investigation at an ohio va medical center. two officials are now being disciplined. one is director of ohio's regional network, he's retiring and it was suggested he be removed. also the acting chief at cincinnati's va hospital has him suspended all this after nearly three dozen current and former workers came forward with concerns about care veterans we're getting at the clinic. now we have to tell you
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rogaine from drug stores. police just releasing these surveillance pictures. he walks into a walgreens and then swipes it from the shelves. police say he's been very active lately targeting drug stores here in cleveland and as far south as florence. police say they think he is selling the stolen goods online and not using them himself. well it is 4:42 on your friday morning and up next for you is surprising new crisis in flint. one presidential candidate accused of preventing help to that area. plus a meatless menu. one fast food place will offer nothing but vegetables. the options might not be what you're expecting though. we'll have another check on weather and traffic together
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and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america. time now 4:44 and breaking overnight from the live desk four people dead in kansas including the gunman just identified as 38 year old cedric ford.
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his workplace, 14 are hurt. according to police the shooting started while the suspect was driving to excel industries a plant that makes lawn mower products who apparently shot two people right from his car and then one person in the factory's parking lot before opening fire inside the building. he was killed in an exchange of gunfire with an officer. officials say ford was known to local authorities. well new video this morning of a close call for a state trooper. you can see the trooper in missouri next to his cruiser when moments later a semi side swipes it. amazingly nobody was hurt here but that cruiser probably totaled and the truck driver was cited. police officers in virginia could be getting more protection. a bill in the virginia senate would keep the names of law enforcement officers and fire marshals secret even in the event of an officer involved shooting. to get around the states disclosure law those names would be classified as personnel records which would make that exempt. the bill sponsor says this will protect officers from becoming
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such as tamir rice . that bill is in the hands of the virginia house. a new case of the zika virus is raising concerns. we know the virus associated with the birth defect that affects childs head size. now doctors in brazil believe it may cause stillbirth and neurological damage. a woman infected with zika had a badly malformed still born baby and tested positive. well in other health news the flu is working to fight off the flu. the cdc says it cuts the chance of getting the flu by almost 60%. last years vaccine only reduced flu risk by 20%. right now republican presidential candidate could be one of the senators holding up a bill that would help flint upgrade its led tainted water pipes. ted cruz put the brakes on fast tracking the legislation that would give states access to $100 million in loans for water emergencies. cruz's office is reviewing legislation. long before he ran the
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worked at the counter at baskin robbins, 31 flavors. the president posted about his first summer job and also announced a new program to help young people experience and get their first jobs. the summer opportunity project is designed to increase summer programs. well it is a far away from summer here at northeast ohio. you'll see that snow on the ground, so what are we in for? >> really know that far in fact. it will feel very close to it this weekend but it is very wintry out there. here is a look right now. 25 in cleveland, 24 in elyria, 26 down towards millersburg. lower 20s showing that all lorain and the heavy snow that we saw in the past couple of days has began to freeze making for very slick spots out there. wind gusts right now 16 miles per hour in elyria, however we are picking up wind gusts reading near 30 miles per hour in a few spots so that means blowing snow. here is a look right now, some of that energy left over from the system providing lake effect snow through much of northeast ohio, very light that's the good news, light to
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be tapering off towards flurries. here is a look at the time cast. notice by 7:15 the snow clearing out and then clouds will gradually leave as well. that's good news because we'll start to see sunshine today. it's going to be a very beautiful day just very cold. highs today really not breaking out of the upper 20s, maybe a few spots could hit the 30s and then as we head into your saturday that's going to be great. lots of sunshine, warming up into the 40s, and then sunday even better. so here is why we're seeing what we're seeing. this is why we have the snow right now as that pushes out high pressure behind it fills in and it brings in that nice flow from the southwest. that's what's warming us up as we head into your weekend. speaking of which your power of 5 seven day forecast showing that weekend forecast. very important there. mostly sunny skies saturday and sunday highs in the mid to upper 50s by your sunday. kristin? >> wow what a difference. but we need to talk about the icy conditions here we're
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rural roads and somara mentioned the blowing and drifting show so when it comes to the icy patches we're seeing them on the side streets, however 71 at 480 closed because this in tic already is a very icy spot plus they had a car that was on fire in that area. crews working to clean it up. elsewhere i'm seeing an accident in the cleveland area, cleveland police tracking this one 71st and lawnview avenue. unclear how long it takes before that cleaned. we aren't as rush hour so we should be okay heading outside to our live odot camera at 90 and it's calm out there, guys? ups is work together get your packages to you a little faster. the company just in vested in a start up called to live which works at macy's, kohl's and other retailers that deliver online orders the same day. the founder said same day delivery is becoming the new standard. speaking of kohl's the retail chain will close 18 stores by june. the company says they aren't performing well enough. next month, we will find out if any of those stores are north east ohio.
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get back know their and they think selling items for just one penny will do the trick. starting sunday, certain items will only cost you a penny and others will be buy one get one for a penny. the company says they are going to do this throughout the year to help with their struggling sales. speaking of sales move over meat and get ready for a menu switch up at arby's. >> the fast food place going vegitarean only on monday. the leap day, here is a glimpse of what you'll see. a roast beef sandwich, bun only. a smokehouse sandwich minus the briskett, a krispy fish sandwich with lettuce. >> well for all you meat lovers their normal menu will still be available so clearly this is all a gimmick as a way for you to just buy bread. right? >> they should say that it's april fools day i think. >> yeah. >> right? 4:50 still ahead this morning, on good morning cleveland, penguin on a
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happening here, what researchers are hoping to learn. how cool there but first, craigslist concerns a woman looking to save a few bucks is now out hundreds of dollars. as we head to break a look
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good morning and welcome back. waking up to some lake effect snow this morning, very very light, we are seeing light to moderate falling out there primarily flurries as we head throughout the morning and as that energy continues to shift towards the northeast we will start to see the lake effect snow die down. here is a look at the futurecast so you can notice on the time stamp by 7:15 we're down to a few flurries and clouds that continue to push out of here leaving us with
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going to be a sunny day. doesn't feel like the sun will be working because highs only reaching the upper 20s. good news is we keep pushing forward. we're going to be seeing sunshine for your saturday with highs reaching the lower 40s and from there we go up to the 560s by sunday, really shaping up to be a lovely weekend to enter as we leave february and begin to enter march. kristin? >> thanks, somarament you'll have to deal with ice on your ride into work or school this morning. already seeing accidents early, we haven't even hit 5:00 a.m. here is an accident, 15 fifth street and cloverside tracking one at 71st and lawn view and not to mention we've got a closure already. it's not even 5:00 a.m. look at this 71 and 480 closed. there was a car fire earlier and this patch here extra icy. cleveland police i'm sure how long it will take before they reopen that spot heading outside to 90 it's relatively comfortable on the major highways . i'm more concerned about the side streets we're moving comfortably at lost in this spot.
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the city of east cleveland bring in about $500,000 a month despite new ohio laws limiting the use of traffic cameras. state lawmakers say because the law is being challenged it's not being enforced and that lets cities like east cleveland continue to use the cameras to bring in a lot of money from fines . those behind the law hope the courts resolve the challenges soon so cities will finally put an end to camera use. well have you heard about the home rental scams? scammers posting photos of homes they don't own online to get you to send them a deposit. >> that scam has taken a turn for the worst. the thieves have come up with a new way to trap you. courtney greer is a college student searching for a house to rent. she and her fiancee found this one and the price really caught their eye here just $800. they got a tour, took these photos you'll see on your screen but then she called the owner who said he was out of town and to wire him a deposit. >> he said he was a pastor and
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work and said he was out of texas. the moneygram was for a wal- mart in texas. >> however, courtney says the man had no return calls and the ad disappeared too. turn out it was a hijacked listing. the home was for rent but by a real estate company for $1200 a month, not $800. they are now out of that money. downtown cleveland's newest hotel is hiring hundreds of workers and today you have a chance to put your name on that list. they are holding a company pre vow at noon and 6:00. you can learn about each position and chat face to face with hiring managers. hilton is hiring about 300 positions and expected to open june 1. and if you're in the market for a new ride get ready to kick some tires because today the cleveland auto show opens to the public at the ix center. there's a wide range of cars and trucks, everything from ones you can afford to the ones you can not like these that are
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of course. the show kicks off at 5 and runs until march 6. you can find more about ticket prices right now on our app. ahead at 5, parents on edge after several attempted abductions. one girl says a man came into her bedroom and a school system is placed on lockdown. then a winter storm so bad not even snow plows could avoid getting stuck. that's ahead at 5 on good morning cleveland we'll be
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now we are following two breaking stories police unexpectedly discover a meth lab overnight. and rescue crews remove a cleveland police officer from his crushed cruiser but first we begin with that crash. nick is live at the scene with now information and nick, do we know how that officer is doing? >> reporter: well jackie the good news is that when the
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car in this crash, he was talking and he was alert. to be in some obvious pain. now the cruiser he was driving his own car has just been removed by a tow truck company, so this is the at the that the vehicle struck after sliding on street. now when we arrived at the scene, police and ems were already on scene frantically trying to get to this officer out. but the damage to the front and drivers side of the cruiser so inside. fire crews use the jaws of life to take the door off and pry that officer out. he was not responding to a call but as we told you east 71st street extremely icy and in fact several streets in this area very icy as well as we were driving to the scene this morning. a commanding officer told us that the officer is a patrolman with about 20 years on the jackson's detail. now he was taken to metrohealth medical center, again with those lower body injuries and the extent of those injuries not known at this moment in time. reporting from clevelands east


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