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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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car in this crash, he was talking and he was alert. to be in some obvious pain. now the cruiser he was driving his own car has just been removed by a tow truck company, so this is the at the that the vehicle struck after sliding on street. now when we arrived at the scene, police and ems were already on scene frantically trying to get to this officer out. but the damage to the front and drivers side of the cruiser so inside. fire crews use the jaws of life to take the door off and pry that officer out. he was not responding to a call but as we told you east 71st street extremely icy and in fact several streets in this area very icy as well as we were driving to the scene this morning. a commanding officer told us that the officer is a patrolman with about 20 years on the jackson's detail. now he was taken to metrohealth medical center, again with those lower body injuries and the extent of those injuries not known at this moment in time. reporting from clevelands east
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so glad to hear that officer is alive. well breaking overnight from the live desk a welfare check leaves police right to a meth lab at an apartment in akron and now six people are in custody including three minors. police initially responding to check on a man who hadn't been seen by a co-worker since saturday . well they quickly realized they were dealing with much more. officers got a warrant, rounded up meth making materials, chemicals, a loaded handgun. three men and three juveniles also male were arrested. >> they had come over and asked us to come over here too and they told us they had busted a meth look and there was a bunch of guns in the house too but they had not found our friend whose still missing. >> right so besides the bust police also filed an official missing persons report for the man who has been identified as robert cook. okay let's get a check on weather and track starting you off with somara. >> good morning everyone. it's a very cold start. 25 degrees in elyria, 25 in
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don't know if you heard that wind really singing last night but its been picking up as we head throughout the day. we are expected to see this lake effect snow taper off. right now, kind of centralized there over counties like lorain areas of sandusky still seeing lighter snow and very light, a few flurries down there, but i want you to know that as we improves. here is a lock at your hour by hour forecast only it's not really improving your temperatures are stuck in the upper 20s today with this arctic air but good news is we are expecting a real warm up as we head into the weekend and we'll talk about that but for the roads. >> it is and the side streets are a lot worse than highways, okay so taking a look at two accidents in the cleveland area here is one at 15 fifth vet and another at 71st and lawn view. those are two i'm seeing but massive closure. 71 and 480 closed there was an accident there earlier a car was on fire and this section icy.
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they're better off. of course odothas been out treating them so side streets you really have to be careful on although i did look at odot cameras, four live looks at state route 8 and you can tell from these cameras that 8 looks a little bit shy and that's never a good side when we see shine on the highways. well right now parents panicked in two west side cities after four person consider am abducted in one day. in one case a man reportedly crawled into a girls bedroom window a few feet from a school and sarah finey is live in lorain where three of the attempts happened and the fbi is now greg involved in this sarah? >> reporter: jackie the fbi along with local agencies are on the case. lorain city schools telling students and parents that it is on high alert this morning. classes start in just a few yesterday. i want to show you footage of where the first attempt abduction happened in elyria. investigators say a girl woke up to a man pulling on her leg
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run for help . the suspect being described as a white man in his 20s or 30s about six feet tall. just a few hours later lorain police report a man with a similar description punched one girl, exposed himself to another and grabbed a third. the girls are okay but fellow students are shaken. >> it would make me scared where i want to go to school because sometimes i have to walk and it makes me scared where i don't want to go to school no more. >> lorain school officials are urging parents to walk their kids to school or to the bus stop or for students to talk in groups and again that suspect is being described as a white man in his 20s or 30s, about six feet tall. live in lorain, news channel 5. >> scary news there thank you sarah. news channel 5 we're always investigating for you you so we wanted to know about the number of sex offenders in the area and here is what we found. 13 registered sex offenders live within a half mile radius
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three of them match the their attacker. we are still unsure who that suspect is and it might not be someone on the registry. police want you to call them if you have any information that could help find this man. 5:05. not guilty on all charges. that's what a jury decide in the case of timothy wolf. he hit and child two bicyclists last september. he was acquitted of aggravated vehicle you already homicide and driving his truck when he made a left turn know a group of eight cyclists last september. two died, three were seriously injured . the group says they are stunned and disappointed with the decision. >> this could have happened to anybody and i would expect anybody that happens to even if it's myself to be held accountable. >> we're told the families of the two victims, math use billings and james lambert do plan to file a civil suit against the driver.
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frank freshwater wins his freedom. he spent 56 year on the run before getting caught just last year in a parole board voted to release the 79 year old . he disappeared from a prison camp in 1959 while he was serving time for hitting and killing a man in akron with his car. ohio schools getting a report card from the state department of education and it's not good. results show a decrease in scores statewide and now several educators are blaming a more rigourous testing system and say they do not accurately portray their schools performance. the number of schools receiving an a dropped out of 609 districts only six earned nearly perfect scores for performance on state tests down from 37 districts last year. and here is how some of the larger school districts in our area did. cleveland, akron and lorain got a d. parma and mentor both a c and remember ohio is transitioning to new standards and tests through next school year. only on 5 this morning millions of dollars in property
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cuyahoga county so 5 on your side investigators went to county leaders to get answers. we showed a cleveland air force veteran michael johnson a list of the top 12 property tax dodgers and a dozen list of companies owes more than $29 million. well johnson who owes just 4000 is now facing foreclosure. >> my god. look how much money they owe. they aren't being asked to pay this up. >> the county treasurer says it's not easy to get everyone with the county prosecuting over 2000 tax cases a year. some of the top 12 have gone bankrupt constantly as for reassessment or make tiny minimum payments to slowdown the collection process well if you you fly out of akron canton we want to give you a lock into their future. here is their $240 million 20 year blueprint, well it includes cosmetic improve ams and improving the passenger experience and also upgrade
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there, getting in and out of the airport will also be different for you. a complete redesign of the entrance road is in the works. well the time now on your friday morning, 5:07 and tgif, everybody. i'm jackie fernandez. >> i'm terrence lee . coming up an alert for salad eaters why let us packaged in ohio is being linked to three more illnesses. plus the gop heating up on stage whose ganging up on trump and whose encouraging others to support him?
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welcome back time is 5:11 chances are when you you get to work this morning everyone will be talking about that gop debate last night. here is what happened so you aren't out of the loop. marco rubio and ted cruz with a battery of attacks against donald trump trying their best to turn the table on the front runner before super tuesday. listen. >> i don't want a supreme court justice that you cut a deal
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religious liberty because that same justice will also erase the second amend am. >> when you say crazy are you talking about you crazy? give me a break. >> several years, ben carson were virtually absent and in fact, ben carson at one point even asked someone to attack him. >> you will have a response but i promised the governor he could respond. >> can somebody attack me please? >> [laughter] >> wow. wow. >> and clearly, our governor, didn't get a chance to speak on an issue until 30 minutes into the debate and afterwards he said he fell he showed his leadership skills and was happy overall. in the meantime trump's latest supporter raising eye brows. david duke a former kkk grand wizard is calling for listeners of his radio show to support trump and volunteer for his campaign.
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endorsing him but told us the vote is treason. a new report finds ohio is one of 10 states wheremillenials could sway this election why because we have a large number of colleges 385 to be exact so out of the 10 super tuesday states, we also have the highest ratio of young people with kids meaning issues that matter to young voters in ohio, may in more diverse compared to other states. well breaking overnight from the live desk four people dead in kansas including the gunman just identified as 38 year old cedric ford you'll see him here. police say he opened fire at his workplace, 14 are hurt. according to police, the shooting started while the suspect was driving to excel industries a plant that makes lawn mower products. he apparently shot two people right from his car and then one person in the factories parking lot before opening fire inside the building. he was killed in an exchange of gunfire with an officer and officials say ford has a long criminal history including battery, burglary and fleeing from police. jackie?
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learning new details this morning about the man accuse of going on a shooting rampage in michigan, all while driving for uber. police believe jason dalton shot six people and the marid father of two is currently in jail on six murder charges. his attorney is saying dalton switched cars at his pair en's house after the first shooting but his family is still left wondering why he did any of this. >> he's been acting different in the last couple days and his wife asked him and he said he was tired. just his demeanor he seemed to be depressed and down which was not his normal character. >> his attorney is denying reports dalton was having of his arrest. well now to an update on the supreme court. nevada dove nor brian sandoval does not want to be considered for the seat left empty by justice antonin scalia. he relessed a statement saying he let the white house know he does not want to be considered at this time. sandoval however did call the
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well, many knew justice scaalia was on a hunting trip when he passed away secretly. reports say he was with a group called the international order. the hunting group was founded in austria in the early 1600s. terrence? turning now jackie to the clean up effort under way after severe storms hit part of our can't are. people of virginia lock at this mess here picking up the pieces after an ef3 tornado left behind a path of destruction. this is a town waiverly more than 100 homes damaged there. the twister was on the ground for about 13 miles with winds up to 165 miles per hour. four people were killed. and you know that it's a bad snowstorm when the snow plows get stuck. that happened in indianapolis. cars just covered in snow, and firefighters had to be called out to local people who might be strand on the roads. the problem for us here this morning tom is those icy roads. >> yes, the stuff you can't quite see on the camera.
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and this is why it's so easy for it to ice over. we got the rain on wednesday, the heavy or heavy wet snow yesterday, and today, the temperatures are setting into that deep freeze zone. 23 degrees in ashland, 25 in cleveland, what you need to know is we'll stay around these numbers throughout the day not breaking the upper 20s. here is a look at the wind speeds not helping the situation making it feel much cooler. these are sustained wind speeds in other words the wind speeds are constantly seeing 14 miles per hour but every now and then you get a big gust moving at about 32 miles per hour so very windy we're seeing lots of blowing snow this morning and here is a lock at the snow for the most part very light. it is flurrying and falling lightly as we head throughout the morning. this is all lake effect snow that pushes out of here by the end of rush hour this morning we'll be left with cloud coverage and then clouds break giving way to a good amount of sunshine making for mostly sunny friday nice way to enter the weekend, temperatures are just really struggling to get out of the upper 20s.
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forward and i want you to notice your saturday. very sunny and high is actually rising towards the 40s and here is why we're seeing what we're seeing. area of high pressure sets up pulling in that wind from the southwest and that's nice because it will help get us into the 50s by sunday. speaking of which here is a look at your power of 5 seven day forecast. it's quiet and it's warm earl. kristin? >> somara i have good news for everybody. 71 at 480 look at this live odot camera back open in both directions it was close earlier because of a car fire and also it's extra icy in that spot according to cleveland police spoke with them earlier and look at our 5 on your side traffic maps you'll see traffic moving along just fine in that spot. elsewhere as we zoom on out i am tracking one accident here. this is on 15 fifth and clover side. that accident at 71st and lawn view has since been cleared that's good news over to you terrence. now to a 5 on your side investigation. a bed ford woman cashing in on her boyfriends death nine
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>> now she's facing felony food stamp fraud. the state department of job and family services says cases are reviewed and matched up with a national deceased persons database every six months but in the case of kathy wilson these benefits continued flowing for nine months, paid for by you, the taxpayer. at least for now. no id is required to use a benefit card just a pin number. >> is this a unique case? >> well i think any time you find somebody using a deceased persons benefits is unique. >> wilson could face prison time and will likely have to pay all that money back. in consumer news we have new information on that recall that cleared store shelves of bagged salads. three more people including two here in ohio have gotten sick in a listeria outbreak linked to bagged salads made at a dole plant in springfield, ohio. those new cases diagnosed a few weeks ago. 18 people in nine states have gone to the hospital in the
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right now, u.s. lawmakers accusing the takata company of faking test results to cover up the exploding airbag issue. a report shows company officials argue that data on quality and testing was manipulated to hide problems. the recall of defective airbag inflaters made by takata now involves 14 vehicle manufactures and millions of u.s. cars. welcoming up next, if you need to relax, how about a beer? but we aren't talking about drinking it. the latest hotspot to open out west. plus, are these penguins on a work out plan here? well tell you why scientists are watching these guys walk or should we say wad el it out? you're watching good morning cleveland.
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good morning to you 5:22 right now and happening today it's the deadline. apple must decide to either help law enforcement unlock a sus peekedded terrorists iphone or formally challenge a court order demanding that the company do so. apple is accusing the fbi of trying to acquire "dangerous power" calling this demand unprecedented. they say washington cannot legally force a brand new computer code to break into their own system. well happening today, thousands of folks are making their way into town for the wizard world convention. >> it's a big deal. the comic con cleveland event celebrating the best and thor will be there tomorrow. he will sign autographs, take photos, and then host the q & a session. we have ticket and event information on our app. someone i know who has the costume already picked out,
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>> well hopefully as i'm really excited, i'm geeking out right now but matt smith if you're already here in a hotel watching this good morning can't wait to see you. here is a look at that wizard world forecast this weekend you can expect temperatures to roche the mid 40s saturday. sunday even warmer into the upper 50s good news is we'll see a good amount of sunshine for saturday clouds begin to move in on sunday as we are expecting rain later and if you are attending the wizard con this weekend please be sure to send me your pictures i'd love to see them. kristin? >> i will not be attending the wizard con. i'm not that big of a nerd, although a lot of people think that i am. our traffic maps are looking okay right now, however i want to talk about a closure at 71 and 480 it's reopened so that's good news. i am tracking this accident on 155th and clover side should be cleaned up pretty soon and here is that spot we were talking
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icy at 71 at 480 according to cleveland police so be careful. let's head outside and get that odot camera so i can show you what i mean and traffic is back open. good news back to you. >> you know you have your nerd moments so keep it 100 at this point. we have to get to health news. your sleep troubles may have less to do with you and more to do with what your ma'am drank while she was pregnant with you. >> listen to this new research superintendents ex p sure to alcohol in the womb might make it harder to sink into a deep sleep and it also makes hyperactivity and memory problems more likely. research turpitudes say just one alcohol binge is enough to do damage. well forget about cracking open a cold brew to relax. now you can take a relaxing soak in it. yes, americas first beer spa is open in oregon and the owner says bathing in a blend of beer and barly isn't going to get you drunk but it will help you with aches and pains even insomnia and anxiety after just a week in business, the beer
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well, need a work out for all that beer or these penguins recommend a treadmill. not really. this is actually a scientific study here measuring and this is serious stuff too, how fast penguins waddle. was that right? researchers went to study how penguins move and they are trying to figure out if their body weight influences how they walk and penguins do have an advantage in surviving during breeding and i believe that was supposed to be fat. all right so mistake there. okay so a new program in missouri is using reading to help both kids and pets. >> and it lets the kids practice their skills in front of a non-judgment all audience called the shelter buddies program, so kids read in front of animals at the missouri humane society, which is really a cute idea there. i love that. well, coming up next jc penney living up to its name will share which items will cost you just one penny in an upcoming sale. plus police in akron
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find out what lead to that discovery, ahead. also let's take a lock at
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now at 5:30 our team digging into several breaking stories this morning. >> we are at the live december become knew information on a large health bust but first nick getting the latest on a
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injured overnight. >> reporter: terrence we are here at metrohealth medical center where the officer involved in this crash was taken after the accident. i can tell you we were there when he was removed from the car. he was alert, he was talking but he did suffer lower body injuries and appeared to be in obvious pain. let's show you the video because it was a very violent collision. when he arrived on scene police and ems were already on scene frantically trying to get that officer out of the car. the damage to the front and driver side of the cruiser so bad the officer wedged inside and fire crews use the jaws of life to take the door off that cruiser and his own car pry the officer out. now the officer was not responding to a call but simply driving down east 71st street but it's extremely icy in that area. in fact one officer walking around at the scene slipped, walking and injured his leg. now a commanding officer on scene told us that the officer is a patrolman with about 20 years experience, also on mayor frank jackson's detail as well.
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lower body injuries. the extent unknown at this time. reporting from clevelands west side news channel 5 back to the studio. nick wow what a story thank you. other news breaking overnight from the live desk here a welfare check leads police right to a meth lab and apartment in akron. well now six people are in custody including three minors. police initially responding to check on a man who hadn't been seen boy a co-worker since saturday. well they quickly realized they were dealing with much more. officers got a warrant and rounded up meth making materials, chemicals and a loaded handgun. three men and throw juveniles also male were arrested. >> they had come over and asked us to come over here too and they told us they busted a health look and there was guns in the house too but they had not found our friend whose still missing. >> right so besides the bust, less also filed an official missing persons report for the man who has been identified as robert cook. now let's get a check on
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it's chilly this morning. >> it's very chilly and it concerns me because we had had all of the wet snow and the rain earlier this week meaning we could possibly be facing a lot of icing on the road so please be careful and take your time. out in erie county schools are delayed this morning so keep that in mind. you can find that out on our newsnet5 app or website find out what time that is. here is a look at the lake effect snow lingering behind. of course it's flurries, light snow, a few pockets of moderate snow getting ready to crossover 71 right now but this is tapering off. i'd give it until just before lunch after the morning rush hour between that 9-12 zone we'll start to see things really clear out. temperatures this morning to start in the 20s it is very very cold out there and the winds aren't helping at all we're seeing blowing snow on the roads as well. that's a look at your power of 5 weather update. over to you kristin. >> thanks somara. still tracking that accident on 15 fifth and that is clover side if i can remember that as we zoom out. i turned on the traffic
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as we get to that 9:00 hour we'll see those back ups on 71 from about past 490 and you'll see it too and this loop from about west 65th street on 90 east as people make their way into the city. heading outside to our live look at 71 and 480 it was closed earlier now back open. the highways not too bad as we take a look at the odot, so side streets are extra extra slippery. terrence and jackie? now at 5:32. two cities on high alert in lorain county. parents have to walk their kids to school after four a telled abductions in just one day. >> sarah is live in lorain and all of the victims described the same suspect. so we are having some technical difficulties but we do want you to know about this man that all of the suspects are describing here. they say he's a white man in
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tall and police call him dangerous. the first incident happened early thursday morning at a home in elyria and investigator say someone used a ladder to climb into a 10 year olds window and tried to take her. a few hours later lorain police say a girl reported a man with a similar description punched her and another says he exposed himself and a third says he tried to grab her from behind. all of this happening just blocks apart. a lorain city schools placed on lockdown while police search for the suspect and the parents of the 10 year old calling it their worst nightmare and here is their advice to other parents. >> nighttime, morning time, any time, all windows completely locked, double check everything because you never know, someone walking why, make sure your kids are aware that there's danger out there. >> lorain school officials saying students should be walking in groups as well. we want to give that description of that suspect again for you this morning. a white man in his 20s or 30s
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over to you. terrence well breaking from the live desk ford announcing it will invest $145 million to upgrade one of its plants here in cleveland, the plant produces the engines that power the 2016 ford f150 explorer, expedition, transit, flex, and taurus. this expected to creator remain 150 jobs locally. the company is saying it's all part of $9 billion in total investments at ford facilities across the country in response to high demand for its eke o boost engines. jackie? >> great news there. 5:34 and a cleveland cop fired for sexting crime victims might soon be back out on the streets. he was let go three years ago and he's been fighting to get his job back ever since. last february, an arbitrator ordered the city to rehire him even after he admitted to that sexting. the city appealed but the court of appeals upheld the decision to give him his job back. the police union juans him reinstated immediately and he
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we have new video on a story we broke yesterday on good morning cleveland. this is surveillance video of a hit and run accident involving two akron police officers. they were on their way to a call with their lights on when a stolen minivan pulls out in the road as you saw there and see here again slamming know that crowser. the driver of the minivan took off on foot. police did find a cell phone and the van and are now looking for him. the two officers are recovering from minor injuries . good to hear. now to a 5 on your side investigation. a team uncovering loopholes in ohio law that puts domestic violence victims in harms way. >> they found case after case where abusers were able to get guns, despite protection orders against them. after reviewing five years of court records we found at least 31 abusers were able to get guns even theophano had that ban against them and listen to what happened to this victim. >> he threw the protection order that he had a copy of
5:36 am
he turned around and shot me in the leg. >> well you can see our full investigation right now in the app and 5:36 coming up, what you'll have many different plans, you'll have competition, you'll have so many different plans. >> now he's repeating himself. >> no no no no. >> [applause] >> a tag team on trump, two republican rivals work together to pick apart the front runner, the jabs you don't want to miss: plus another first for the cleveland clinic of hospitals making history again, it is
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good morning and welcome back. thanks so much for waking up with us on your friday. it's very cold out there so this is what i need you to know. temperatures are starting off in the low 20s as far as temps go throughout the day not going to warm up much. upper 20s at the most. here is what it actually feels like. my goodness some of the single digits in spots like youngstown 10 degrees is the feel like temperature in canton because we are seeing winds gust very high today. we're talking 30-mile per hour wind gusts i'm sure you've been hearing the wind really overnight and your hour by hour forecast check it out sunshine prevails well start to see a good amount of sunshine settle in by this afternoon. jackie? >> i like that, through, somara. 5:39 right now let's get to health news. cleveland clinic magging
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this week surgeons performed the first uterus transplant in the united states. the hospital says it was on a 26-year-old woman using organs from a deceased donor. cleveland clinic says his surgery will be used to help women born without a uterus or with abnormalities that block pregnancy. and this years flu vaccine is doing its job. the cdc says it cuts the chance of getting the flu by nearly 60%, for comparison last seasons flu only reduced your flu risk by 20%. the cdc also says it's still not too late to get a flu if you didn't get one. ups is working to get your packages to you faster by looking at the same day delivery. it's investing in the start up company to live which works with macy's kohl's and other retailers to deliver online orders the same day. it says same day delivery is become the new standard. speaking of kohl's it is closing 18 stores by june. >> the company says they are just not performing well enough and next month will find out if
5:41 am
well jc penney wants to avoid this and they want you back in their store so they sell items for a penny starting sunday, certain items will only cost you that one coin and others will be buy one get one for a penny. the company says they are doing this throughout the year at random times to help with their struggling sales. well next on your friday morning, protecting the police, one state looks into keeping officers name secret even if they are involved in a shooting. then a balding bandit, this man wanted for a string of thefts here in ohio and you will not believe what he's accused of taking. those stories when we come back you're watching good morning
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time is 5:44 on friday morning let's get to news from the live desk. the u.s. launching a test missle from california. the unarmed minute man 3 nuclear missle soaring over the pacific, sending a clear message as north korea continues its pursuit of nuclear weapons. the launch confirming the reliability of our cold war missles as the u.s. hopes to deter potential attackers . jackie and terrence? well 5:44 let's get to the race for the white house.
5:45 am
tense de bit and needless to say, those sparks were flying. >> they certainly were and if you couldn't watch it you missed out an a pretty entertaining evening. marco rubio and ted cruz take off donald trump no holds bar. >> the guy hired a $200 million and if he hadn't inherited $200 million do you know where donald trump would be right now? selling watches. >> no no no. >> [applause] >> governor kasicl had very time night by comparison but he wants the other candidates to know they shouldn't count him out. >> how does it feel to have people like marco rubio's campaign coming out saying you should dropout and make the way for us? >> well maybe they should dropout because if they don't win florida i don't nowhere they go from there. we'll just have to see. >> while the debate was going on former presidential candidate lindsay graham was taking digs at his own party. >> he spoke at a washington press club dinner and did not hold back. some quotes include "my party has gone crazy and if you kill ted cruz on the floor of the
5:46 am
senate no one will convict you." graham dropped out of the presidential race back in december. a gop presidential candidate is being accused of holding up a bill to help flint michigan. democrats say ted cruz put the brake on a plan to fast track a bill. it would give state access to $100 million in loans for water emergencies. cruz's office is reviewing the legislation. developing this morning for you, police officers in virginia could be getting more protection. a bill in the virginia senate would keep the names of officers and fire marshals secret, even if they are involved in a shooting. to get around disclosure laws officers names would be classified as person records. the bill sponsor says this will protect them from becoming targets in high profile cases such as tamir rice. mark zuckerberg getting heated after employees cross out black lives matter on white boards on their boards around their campus. they replace the phrase with
5:47 am
called that move deeply hurtful and facebook has a longstanding tradition of letting employees wright on walls and dry erase boards just lick they would on the virtual wall on facebook. a surprising new attack on the girl scouts this morning. a st. louis archbishop is calling for the church to cut ties with the group. in a letter he says the girl scouts is exhibiting troubling patterns of behavior and the group is becoming incompatible with catholic values. he points to issues like promoting contraception and lgbthad rights and the missouri girl scouts are disappointed that anyone would boycott the agenda. well let's get a check on the forecast and traffic together here is somara. >> you have it a look at the radar take a look at that flowing in so this is that left over lake effect snow we were seeing from last night. little bit of energy there. it's going to continue to push off towards the northeast and all these flurries will taper morning. but the next weather headlines
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this morning is the temperatures, very cold out there 25 degrees to start in cleveland, 24 up in mentor, we're locking at 26 down towards millersburg so a very chilly morning you factor in the wind chills we're down to feeling like the single digits in areas like canton. so it's very cold. be sure to bundle up and stay warm. here is a look at the futurecast. 8:15:00 a.m. the snow is out of here just dealing with lingering cloud coverage that will clear breaking way for sunshine which is very nice. we'll see a sunny afternoon. temps really struggling today not going to break the 20s that much i could tell you. as we head into your saturday highs will continue to move up into the 40s as we head threw much of the saturday with a good amount of sunshine as well. 60-mile per hour wind gusts, i'm really messing with this wind mass to understand why it's not picking up the gusts but in cleveland we are seeing reports at 30 miles per hour so again, very windy, noticing a lot of blowing snow out there. the weather changed that's copping know place as high pressure is setting up to the
5:49 am
wind so that's why we're seeing this warm up this weekend if you're wondering why is it so warm. for your power of 5 seven day forecast how warm is it going to be i'm going 55 for sunday, 44 for saturday a good amount of sun shin and then we're next week. kristin? somara navigating out of your neighborhood extra tough this morning considering all that ice. some looked like ice skating rinks, but still tracking that accident on 15 fifth and clover side hasn't cleared as of yet. as we zoom our 3d city zoom if you take 480 and 77 to 271 clocking in about eight minutes that ride right now so not impacted as of yet the major highways because the rush hour hasn't started, however i'm more concerned about the side streets heading outside four live looks at 71 our odot camera showing traffic moving along okay. well trending online this morning kristin a pennsylvania high school honor student so close to graduation turns out to be a 23-year-old man from the ukraine.
5:50 am
in harrisburg. potts was a member of the rotc and navy cadet program and police say he arrived on a short-term visa and created to stay in the u.s. and charged with identities theft and now. also making ways on loin a bald band it. >> he's hitting up drug stores around ohio including here in cleveland and take a look at these surveillance photos from the cincinnati area. you'll see him there and he swipes rogainex off the shelves less say he's done this in several but this is the first time investigators have seen a growthproducts. >> we aren't too sure, we are trying to look into that but our feelings is that he's trying to resell this and on craigslist, ebay, maybe at some type of flee market. >> it isn't cheap here. it's just under $50 for a bottle so it could be purchased for much lesson craigslist or even at a flee market.
5:51 am
on the way for johnny manziel the group that now holds the qb fate in their hands a rental scam going on right here in northeast ohio, we talked to one victim who was fooled by the very convincing lie.
5:52 am
happy friday. move over meat and get ready >> a big switch up. the fast food chain going vegetarian, but only on monday. leap day . here is a glimpse of what you'll see a roast beef sandwich, bun only a smokehouse sandwich minus the brisket and a krispy fish sandwich. now for all you meat lovers the normal menu will still be available.
5:53 am
because it's basically bread right? >> right. well long before he ran the white house, president obama worked the counter at baskin robbers . he posted his first summer job on linkedin. he's also announcing a new program to help young people experience their first jobs. the summer opportunity project is designed to increase summer programs and somara just like the president, you also worked at an ice cream shop. >> you remember that. >> it would be? >> it would be cold stone creamery, at waikiki beach in hawaii so definitely got a lot of customers there. so let's take a look at some lake effect snow that has been troubling us this morning. that along with the wind so it's very light. we aren't seeing a lot of lake effect snow. very light, flurries but because of the blowing wind, the wind blowing so hard i would imagine we're also seeing blowing snow so just be careful on the roads there. let's go ahead and set up why we're seeing this, so lake effect snow is coming from this little bit of energy that's getting pulled out with that system we saw yesterday.
5:54 am
sunshine and better temperatures is the high pressure to the south causing flow to come in from the southwest meaning we're getting warmer air being pushed in. let's take a lock at timing on this as we push through your friday, you'll notice temperatures really not budging or leaving the upper 20s going to be a cold day but you'll see not much cloud coverage so it's also a sunny day . that's good news. kristin i not roads will be icy there though. >> they are and somara i just got this tweet from my twitter friend craig, ko 26. he tweeted me that the roadings in elyria are getting slick. he says the turnpike even looks slower this morning still tracking that accident in the cleveland area 15 fifth and clover side not clear yet. i'll let you know when that happens elsewhere not seeing back ups as you make your way into the city. beautiful shot of progressive field heading outside for a live look at 71 and we are moving along jackie. well kristin now to news from around ohio. miami university is wrapping up pledging earlier this year
5:55 am
two dozen complaints of hazing . the university has gotten 21 so far from more than a dozen fraternities and sororities over the past three weeks. all are connected to the initiation process called pledging. so far there have been no official suspensions. a texas grand jury now looking at the case against johnny manziel . the dallas police juan the district attorney to pursue a misdemeanor assault charge against him. that carries a maximum of one year in jail and a $4000 fine. his ex-dirl friend says he hit her and threatened to kill her during a night out last month. she has a protective order against him. have you heard about the latest home rental scam. scammers are posting photos of homes they don't own online to get you to send them a deposit and that scam has taken a turn for the worst though. the thieves have come up with a new way to trap you listen here. court any greer, a college student searching for a home to rent so she found this home, a reputable site.
5:56 am
just $800 and they got a tour, took these photos and she called the owner who said he was out of town and to wire him a deposit. >> he said he was a pastor and he's working doing missionary work. he said he was out of texas. the money gram i sent it to was for a wal-mart in texas. >> now after she wired him the money the ad disappeared turns out it was a hijacked listing. the home was for rent but by a real estate company for $1200 a month, not $800. she and her fiancee are now of the out of that money. well new this morning for you more apartment options could soon be coming to the west bank of the flat. an investor group is submitting this artistic rendering you'll see to the city of cleveland. the building could stretch 11 floors or higher. it will replace an old industrial building on the superior viaduct. the plan still need to be finalized and approved the city planning commission. done town clevelands newest hotel is hiring hundreds of workers and today you have a chance to put your name on the
5:57 am
they are holding a company pre vow at noon and if 6:00 tonight and you can chat face to face with hiring managers. they are locking to fill about 300 positions and the hotel will open june 1. if you are in the market for a new ride ladies and gentlemen, get ready to kick some tires . today the clever land auto show opens to the public. there is a wide range of cars and trucks ranging from the ones many offer us cannot afford to those more practical. the show kicks off at 5, runs until march 6 and you can find more about ticket prices on our newsnet5 app. the shaw shank fudge a ever wing his freedom when he will be back out on the streets. parents on edge after four attempted abductions in just one day. we're in lorain county where the suspect is still out there.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning now at 6:00 we're following two breaking stories from overnight. right now police unexpectedly discover a meth lab. and rescue crews remove a cleveland police officer from his crushed cruiser but first we begin with that crash. nick is live at metrohealth medical center and nick how is that officer doing? >> reporter: well jackie the good news is that officer involved in this crash was talking and he was alert when he was removed from his zone car. he was brought here as you said to metrohealth medical center with what we were told were lower body injuries. we want to show you video of this accident because it was a
6:00 am
we arrived on scene before 3:00 police crews were already there frantically working to get that officer out of the car. now the damage to the front end drivers side of the cruiser is so bad he was actually wedged inside. fire crews used the jaws of life to take the door off and pry that officer out and he appeared to be in obvious pain when he put him in the ambulance. the officer not responding to a call but east 71st vote was extremely icy, in fact several streets in the area were very icy as we drove to the scene as well but commanding officer on scene told me the officer is a patrolman with about 20 years on the force and also a member detail. again he was brought here to metrohealth medical center with lower body injuries. the extent is not known this morning reporting from clevelands west side, news channel 5 back to the studio. nick thank you. our other big breaking story this morning from the live desk an overnight welfare check leads police to a meth lab at an apartment in akron. now six people are in custody including three minors. police initially responding to


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