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tv   News Channel 5 at 11pm  ABC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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c1 the driver door swings open. a heavyset guy, gun in my face. >> a night out of friends turns into a nightmare for a local man who simply goes looking for his i.d. but it could have been worse if not for a twist of fate. he talked with the victim about the terrifying ordeal. >> reporter: the father of four said he just got out of the hospital today. he has not got that picture out of his head of steering down the barrel of a loaded gun. >> he gained a limp and a few stitches but didn't lose life. a gun spared him. anthony wasn't ready for what waited outside his driver's
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>> they started hitting me over the head. >> reporter: a stranger grabbed him, but the gun jammed and his body was too close for the gunman to aim higher. a bullet grazed his leg a not ripped through his foot. >> then he tried -- he shot again like 2, 3 times and then the gun jammed again. i pushed him and i just took off running. >> reporter: hopped up on adrenalin, he didn't know he had been shot. by the time he peeked around the corner of a stranger's yard, his own car passed, two thieves inside. again. an artery was near. he might not have been sitting here. >> they stole his wallet and cell phone. new tonight, five people are dead after another tragic shooting in the u.s. this one
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police say a gunman shot and killed four people at a home. then called an officer and said he shot his family. that led to a three-hour standoff that ended when he took his own life. a 12-year-old girl related to those killed survived. >> when our investigators get a chance to break this down, there is going to be valuable information. i don't know what it is going to be. >> reporter: the victims say that may be the shooter's wife, two children and a neighbor. there is new information on last night's breaking news. that mass shooting in kansas. 38-year-old cedric ford had been served a protective order involving a former girlfriend. they think that is what set off the attack that left three deadnd a 11 hurt. he was killed in a shootout. he windshield wipers a convicted felon. the mother of his two children
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ford a semi-automatic rifle and a handgun. something a local police chief says he has never seen. a fugitive goes to extremes to not get caught and some of these pictures are really disturbing. this shows kirk kelly during a traffic stop. they didn't realize he was on tampa's most wanted list. when they couldn't verify his identity, they grabbed the finger scanner but kelly bit off all his fingerprints while in the back of the cruiser. >> i have heard of people sanding them, but never had a person chew their fingers off during an investigative process. >> they were able to i.d. him through previous mugshots and tattoos. he is facing several charges
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a former probation officer finds himself behind bars. he was sentenced to a year in jail. williams took payments from people he was supervising in exchange for early probation release. he took 1500 bucks and 15 sandwiches. >> i'm not trying to tear down the neighborhood. >> no. she is not trying to do that, but only on 5. she is confronted. look at this old mansion on the city's east side. it has been vacant for years. now police are looking to haul the owner off to jail. the owner said she just wanted to renovate the property but those living next to the eyesore are tired of waiting. the owner failed to appear in court. joe. >> reporter: that is right.
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action. make repairs or it will face the wrecking ball. >> it is creepy. i think they should do something about it. >> reporter: she has been living across the street for years. a hazard on the outside. even more potential danger on the inside filled with code violations and now the police are looking for its owner. >> they are constantly coming through, dumping. you have kids in the neighborhood that might be out playing and going there and the building collapse. >> i went in search of the property owner. she later showed us she had plans to turn this into a women's shelter but for the past three years, she hasn't been able to come up with the funding. >> reporter: now an arrest warrant has been issued. what are you going to do?
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than what i'm doing. if i can find investors then i can try to rectify it. >> reporter: residents want the owner to tear it down. >> if you're not able to handle it, let it go, because it is putting a damper on the community down here. >> reporter: i tried to get it boarded up. meanwhile, she is facing jail time and thousands of fines right here. i'm joe pagonakis. weather-wise, the chill is stin hanging around. it is 28 degrees in cleveland. 29 akron. 20s everywhere you go, but a few hours from now, we're going to see the warm up beginning. a few isolated flakes, barely a flurry. here is what we're going to talk about in about seven minutes. my other weather weekend, the
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enjoy some almost spring weather. we're tracking rain and did you hear that? that is the roar of the march lay on. march may come in like a lion. we'll talk about that, as well. we're talking about deer. protestors will be back at it. they want the city to stop the deer culling methods. this was a protest before the city council meeting. option. it starts at noon. new tonight, photos capture the drastic changes to one street from lush and green to dry and des so has. what is happening there might surprise you. >> reporter: we took you out on the streets a lot, but tonight
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different look at the city, its struggles. pa picture is worth 1,000 words. these two are more. >> it looks like what the world would look like in an apocalypses. you have seen his haunting photos. >> it gives you this look of life after people. >> the grit, the grime, block after block left life less. >> there were trees growing out of windows. >> he went back. then he went back again just a few days ago. take a look. look around. i mean, it is abandoned. >> it is part of a team. guys from east cleveland now cleaning up east cleveland.
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take the hiding spots away. it may look a little more abandoned but it is better. >> yes, better. take a closer look at the photo. he says the reactions are mixed. >> someone will blame the economy. someone will blame race, this that. hopefully in time it will come back to what is used to be and what east clevelanders know it can be. >> reporter: the big vacant buildings will be demolished over the next 60 days. they plan to put a green structure project there. that will be done some time next year. a federal judge says there is no evidence that u.s. border patrol agents here have policies that encourage racial profiling. two groups sued saying there were part turns targeting hispanics. the justice department said
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claims and the judge threw out the lawsuit. new information on the zika virus. there are 107 travel related infections in 24 states including nine pregnant women. one gave birth to a baby with a rare birth defects. two others were born healthy. one had an abortion after scans showed there was an undeveloped brain. they are looking into other reports. it is a classic story. this one about donald trump and a farmer's wait. >> there is a lot of folks out there that may not agree with me and that is the american right. >> wait until you see how leon weaves this one together. holy chicago. we have temperatures chilly around the area right now. >> [ laughter ]
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weekend. stick around. more pictures of the piles of blue ice ice and what makes it that color? >> and he has plenty of reasons to show the famous smile.
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use. breaking news out of new york where multiple media outlets are saying yoko ono was rushed to a manhattan hospital after suffering a possible stroke. >> the former wife of john lennon called 911 and was taken by ambulance to mount sinai roosevelt hospital, the same place roosevelt died when he was shot in 1980. a lack of support for ohio firefighters with cancer prompting the mayor of another to get behind them. they refused to recognize the link between fighting fires and cancer. he wrote this letter joining others. it would provide benefits for firefighters. now to democracy 2016. now all eyes on south carolina
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>> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are making one final push to win over voters. it is safe to say clinton has a huge lead in the polls there. >> it is mammoth. just released clemson university poll showing hillary clinton up by 50 points. it is a daunting task for bernie sanders. he expects to be more competitive. this is the sanders' rally a little while ago when he was outcome paining in south carolina. at the same time and not far from there, president bill clinton joining his wife for a campaign stop. about half of the lector rather inside the primary is black and polls show hillary clinton leading the group with a wide margin. >> and i will do everything i can as a democratic nominee if i'm so fortunate to help turn
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this year. a strong victory for clinton in south carolina could bring through super tuesday including many other southern states. donald trump coming here to ohio will hold a campaign rally tuesday at noon. today, trump got a bombshell endorsement from chris christy, the new jersey governor who previously said he didn't have the right temperament to be president, but stunned the political world. he vowed out two weeks ago. tonight our governor john kasich said he asked for christi's support and that he is a little surprised he is endorsing trump. speaking of trump, someone once said politics can sometimes get so dirty it can leave a smell in the air. leon bibb has a story with a certain aroma that just might
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>> wise old advice. put your foot in the metal or go in the barn yard. he will tell you friend, you have to be careful where you step. good advice too. >> i loaded into the manure spread der and haul it through this gate. >> reporter: in ohio, it dropped p in on me. we sent them to see how much the farmer had had enough of politics. well precisely enough of donald trump he said. on his farm, he spread his word of no trump, in bull manure. it is himself slinging the mud. >> a lot of folks they not agree with me and that is your american right, but i voiced my opinion not yours. >> reporter: jerry is trying to chip away at trump's lead.
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his words are a lot of waste. his granddaughter said we're putting you on facebook, no trump in bull manure went viral. >> it made me happy. we're from a very rural farm county and that is the way we do things around here. [ laughter ] >> reporter: they furnished the ink for my riding out there. i have raised almost every one of these cows. >> the farmer jerry is writing his thoughts 15 cows and bulls giving it their also don't get jerry mad at you, he will write you a letter. >> a letter you don't want to get. this is not the first time jerry has used this stinky ink to express his thoughts. >> he wished his wife a happy birthday in manure. well mother nature put him on a show in michigan. check out these piles of blue
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mackinac in the northern part of the state. these were taken by kelly shoop. they have gone viral on facebook. according to m i, the shape and size of the molecules gave the great lakes the blue hue. >> very nice. >> it has to do with cows i think. >> doesn't everything? >> is that what it takes? >> do not try that with mary. >> that wouldn't impress you? >> mary is not going for that. >> let's talk about a little snow. >> you're in a lot of it tonight. you're in deep. >> very deep. a big pile of smoking doo doo. what is going on? [ laughter ] >> all right. just a few flurries here and there across the area. nothing to worry about.
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we're going to zoom out and show you our current satellite and radar. flurries, trying to get a clearing here. the flow is still out of the northwest. that is why we're so cold right now, but that is soon to change. we're going to shift those winds around to the south and east and south and west by sunday. that will allow temperatures to warm up. 29 currently nor walk. ashtabula 24. i don't expect temperatures will go down a degree or two lower than now because the warmer air will be in i think tomorrow by sunrise, a lot 60 us will be up near 30, 31, 32 degrees so the warm up beginning overnight tonight. southerly breezes already. but surely. 7miles per hour now. that is a good sign. notice there is not a lot of across the country.
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in the week really scoured out a lot of the moisture. northwest rain. northern california, washington and oregon. that is not going to be visiting us until sunday night into monday. warmer air here will float our way over the course of the weekend. tomorrow 40s for most of you. sunday, 50s. that sound pretty good? 50s. sunday is your day to get outside and enjoy blue skies and sunshine. 27 tonight. cloudy skies. cold and dry. tomorrow i think we'll do about 43 or 44 degrees, sun and clouds, breezy and warmer. we'll talk about the march lion coming in. late rain after sunset. 45 monday with morning rain and snow. here is your march lion. we could have more accumulating snows during the day on
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d now, 5 on your side sports brought to you by brunswick auto mart. quarter back and cleveland native jones is at the combine this week. iout up with him to talk about his journey. football has taken him across the countries, the distance he has traveled as a person may extend even further. san diego is where jones is preparing for the next major story line in his life, his nfl career. in cleveland, once upon a time, there was no dream of being a pro athlete. >> it is hard to see that in yourself at a young age when you don't have many positive role models around you.
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a sign of joy. >> you kind of in a way want to survive. >> reporter: back then he did not see a future. his high school football coach, did, but the coach had a wall to break down. >> how did he gain that trust? >> being consistent and trying to understand what he wanted from me and that it is something better than the way i grew up. >> reporter: when he moved on to ohio state, he had a connection with the assistant coach. >> what did he do differently? >> i wasn't even backup. he was consistent staying on me, get good grades. >> in that second effort, gets him in there for the touchdown.
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he led the buckeyes to a national championship. >> his potential became clear to him, not just in football, but in all the different parts of his life. >> i'm going to return next year for school. >> [applause] >> during the 2015 season he lost his starting job. >> why did you come back and are there regrets coming back? >> no regrets coming back. >> those dreams starting here, every morning at sunrise training, studying and preparing for what is next. >> we're trying to get them ready for day one of mini-camp. >> combine is coming up. people are going to ask tough questions. why should we draft you given that you didn't start the whole season last year? what would be your answer?
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look at the tangibles i have and look at my potential. >> reporter: he with a pen in his hand, a career on the gridiron and a chance to give his daughter a better beginning. >> it allowed me to hopefully provide a lifestyle for her that i never had. >> reporter: he is facing a football career with a bigger purpose and that signature smile now reflecting a life seen lived happily ever after. >> you're always smiling. what is behind that smile? >> i am just enjoying life. i have been through so much. i wasn't always smiling and every chance i get to smile now, i take advantage of it. karldell told me his proudest accomplishment so far is being a father.
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the loose was the trending story of the day. this year a union chase. people called 911 saying they saw the creature running down the road. they were not imagining things because that pony who wears a fake horn for pictures and parties had got loose. it took police three hours to reign her in. [ laughter ] >> it is a horse. >> [ laughter ] >> have a
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kerry washington, dau, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from jason derulo with cleto and the cletones. move, here's


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