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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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now at 5:00, a peaceful sunday at any ohio church interrupted by gun firement the pastor was killed. why officials think he was targeted. breaking news, two fires, one out of an east side home. we have all things oscar this morning. first lets get to weather and traffic together. >> we have wind, water, temperature. lets look at the wind, 40 miles per hour wind gusts in cleveland. gusts could be teen 45 and 50
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the winds should calm down as we head throughout the day but one of the reasons we are so windy is because we have a front passing through. we have rain lingering in parts of ashtabula county. in terms of temperatures, it's warm out there but the chill sets in as we head into the afternoon. you said the rain is moving out but i am keeping a close eye n the east side. i want too remind everyone about construction work happening on 105th on south bound carnegie.
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so the rain rain and the wind should make you be careful today. we are following two vacant house fires from the live desk. first a fire on west 77th between detroit and franklin. the firefighters have been dousing hot spots. we will keep watching this and bring you updates. also strong winds making crews lives difficult for a fire in castle wood, no injuries were reported but neighbors are now dealing with melted siding. no word on the cause. a congregation is mourning it's pastor. the suspect was his own brother.
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william schooler was the only intended target but many people want answers. pastor schooler just finished his service when his brother followed him to the church's office and moments later shots rang out. church members clearly distraught and angry. >> i can't believe it. my pastor is dead. >> everyone loved pastor schooler. every loved him. >> family members of pastor schooler said his brother suffered from mental illness. he is expected in court today.
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columbus area are searching for a suspect after an attempted abduction. a man tried to grab an eight year old girl while she was playing in her yard. witnesses said she kicked and screamed until the neighbor let her go. meanwhile a 15 year old girl is saying a suspicious man was in her driveway early pants. three similar incidents happened in the same neighborhood. police are investigating whether three spate shootings saturday were related. on saturday night police were were fired. 30 minutes late police were
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an 18 year old was shot on the sidewalk. then another victim was taken to the hospital in a stolen vehicle. investigators are investigating a possible murder suicide. they found the bodies of a 36 year old woman int man on timber drive and they are looking for a motive. a canton firefighter was hit and killed on the highway last week. police are still investigating the incident. also happening today, a new
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opening in cleveland county. this is troubled browns quarterback johnny manziel dripping straight out of a bottle in a club in miami. this happened hours after police announced that a domestic violence case against him is heading to a grand jury. deums said he hit her so hard she lost hearing in one here. >> that behavior will not be tolerated. our organization is going to take a stand and we are going situations. >> dallas police want to pursue a misdemeanor assault charge. sources said that the browns will wave him after the new
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dicaprio. >> he's king of the world and now he's king of the oscars. after five nominations he finally walks away with a win. brie larson also walked away with an oscar for her performance in room. what some called a lack of diversity lead to this pro test. at -- protest. the time is 5:07.
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our oscar coverage is not over just yet. why lady gaga's performance brought many to tears and got her a standing ovation.
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breaking from the live desk, russia has declared three days of mourning after a deadly mining accident in the northern part of the country. the first two explosions happened thursday and the other happened sunday. a methane leak caused the blast. family in friends from flint michigan are rejoicing after a seventh grader who was shot in a cracker barrel
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jason dalton, the shooter is expected to be in court this morning. new information on the flint water wries is, new e- mails have been released one e- mail shows that they could have declared a state of emergency a month earlier. the cruz ship damaged by a major storm last month is abandoning it's latest voyage. it was forced to turn around because of an outbreak of the norovirus. now to democracy 2016 and the high stakes race.
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donald trump will win all of the states, but his win in ohio after that will help his campaign. >> we are going to go to ohio, i will win owe ohio. if i do not win, i will leave the race. >> john kasich said he will back who ever is the winner of the republican primary. >> donald trump will hold a rally at the columbus airport tuesday. the event is free but you need a ticket. >> bernie sanders admitted that he lost big in south carolina but he's looking ahead to tuesday.
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the only pos thing is we won the 29 years of age and younger vote. >> hillary clinton leading by a two to one margin in these key states on super tuesday. we have a lot of different aspects of weather that we are looking at. here's a look at the wind advisories. 40 miles per hour gusts in cleveland right now, 36 miles per hour gusts in alaria. looking at the rain, this all pushed through within a matter of a couple of hours. so we should start to see the
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here in a few hours. temperatures, we started out at station. right now it's 48. the cooler air behind the front is coming inment adds we head throughout the day, the rain is out of here. you are going to work with some clouds but by the time you get sunshine. then we have a chance of a mixed bag of precipitation tonight. it will move in and out quickly, with some possibility of freezing rain. then the next story is the snow chances tomorrow into wednesday. here's your seven-day forecast. most important thing to note is the precipitation spt temperatures. it's going to be cool by the
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>> we see traffic, just a few cars out there. we have been talking about the wind but the good news is we are starting off on our work week accident free. less zoom in, look at the inner belt, nice and clear. 480 eastbound we are clocking in at eight minutes this morning. so we are looking great. thank you. lets talk about those top trending moments tbr the oscars. >> leonardo dicaprio brought his mom as his date and had the most tweeted moment when he won best actor.
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leonardo dicaprio walked the red carpet together. >> also friends reese, witherspoon and tinafay wore almost the same address. lady gaga's song, till it happens to you got an emotional reaction. she was later joined on stage by dozens of young people. all of those people were survivors of sexual abuse. we will have more oscar
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you can get a complete list on our wews newsnet five app. the razz ishes es celebrate underachievement of sin ma. 50 shades of gray received five awards. coming up, netflix fans get excited. you might be getting new episodes of making a murderer.
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owe minutesblap -- ohio state quarterback jones takes about he almost never made it to this point in his life. he said being in football saved his life.
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if you do not have a purpose, you will die. >> jones said he did not trust many people but trusting his coaches put him on the path that he is on today. forecast. >> we have some rain, the roads were damp but it's mot raining most place any more. we are drying out. of clouds. rain. then sunshine for your time. temperatures. not too bad. low 40s, just a little mild. then as temperatures drop and the precipitation moves into
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ashtabula, there could be precipitation for a few hours. tomorrow is a bigger story. you can have a wet tuesday with freezing rain and possibly some snow tomorrow. how are the roads. >> not too bad. our ride is looking great. 90, and 71 are checking out okay. just a reminder, construction happening on 105th street. it's closed at carnegie. >> . a spokesman for comicon said it's coming back.
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another season of making a murderer is in the works. the netflix show follows a fight for freedom. they said they are taking the first steps to continuing the serious. from one netflix show to another. fuller house getting mixed reviews. especially since the tanners home would cost them $3 million to live in. happy leap year. february 29th comes once every four years and it is added to
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without leap we are it would be february 14th, 2017. wow. we have businesses that are offering leap year discounts. check out our nz app for details. coming up, our oscar coverage continues from the trendy to the trashy, we look at the best and worst dressed of the night. also coming up, a new officer is killed on her first day on the job.
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good morning, now on good morning cleveland. shoots fired at a sunday service. a pastor killed in his office. how mother nature helped fuel a fire that made work difficult for firefighters. then ruining a university's reputation. accusations made by professors and what they want to see happen. good morning, i hope you enjoyed your sunday. temperatures reached 60 degrees for some of you.
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dropping into the 30s. a couple of hours ago, we were at 58 degrees. now a 20-degree drop in a matter of a few hours. so this is the cold front passing through. you can see that line as it continues to sweep through, the cooler air is going to replace the warm air and we see highs reaching the footers this afternoon. the good news is we should see sunshine later. i am not seeing any accidents, a perfect way to start out of work week. over here, we look at the 3 d city zoom. take it slower because of the
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heading outside for live looks, it looks calm all around. brawking overnight firefighters battle huge flames on the east side of cleveland. the strong winds making their job difficult, it took firefighters half an hour to put it out. no injuries were reported. no word yet on the cause. later another house fire on west 77th between detroit and franklin. firefighters are still dousing hot spots. officials tell us it looks like people may have lived on the bottom floor but not wab around. -- but nobody was around.
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dayton church and pastor william schooler was killed by his own brother. >> reporter: many people are still asking why a member of his own family would do this. william schooler was gunned down by his brother dan. he followed william to the back of his office following sunday service and shot him. church members called 911 but it was too late. community members said pastor schooler was a leader. >> he has touched a lot of people's lives.
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schooler was the only intended intended target. thank you, a vigil held overnight for a rookie officer killed on her first day on patrol. officer ashley gwinden was shot on a domestic violence call. >> she was sworn in on friday. this was her first day back with us. >> two other officers were injured and they are in the hospital. the officer who was killed was a staff sergeant who worked at the pentagon. a man accused of hitting and killing a pedestrian in cleveland turned himself into police.
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about the intersection on lee rode. it happened saturday night. michael groves was not in a crosswalk, but the new traffic pattern has created a lot of confusion. >> we reached out to a counsel man about the intersection but we did mot hear back. we have new details from a deadly roll over crash. two people were killed after their driver lost control of the car. the cause of the crash is under investigation but speed is likely a factor. new this morning. some of the university of akron's professors were given
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professor and they wrote an open letter saying that the school's president is driving away students and donors. also new, cleveland's economy is being called worst than detroit's. youngstown was also on the list, coming in fourth. detroit was number 10. a man from ohio will be given a medal of honor from president obama. it's for a 2012 hossage rescue mission in afghanistan. he saved a doctor kidnapped by the taliban.
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our objective was to bring back an american hostage alive. >> he will be the 11th living service member to receive the medal of honor for his work in afghanistan. i have missed most of girl scout cookie season. it's something dads across the nation do for their daughters. help them sell the girl scout cookies but chris rock took it to a new level. you do not want to miss that,
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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out there. still have a few wind wind advisory advisories. the wind will taper off later in the day. you can see it's breezy out there. that means high profile vehicles on the road, be careful.
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front moving away and that means that the cooler air is beginning to settle in. today will be in the low 40s. a few spots farther south could reach 48 degrees, the good news is that the sunshine should come out around lunch time. if you travel a lot you will notice that leg room is decreasing in airlines. new york senator chuck schumer has introduced a seat size guideline. a similar bill was voted down by a house committee last week. the happiest police on earth is now becoming one of the most expensive. disney has changed ticket prices they will go up and down
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the most expensive times are december and spring. that pricing plan applies to one day tickets. it's leap day, the extra day comes around every four years. google celebrated with a little doodle. speaking of leap day, businesses are taking advantage of the day with special deals. you can score the biggest discounts on where hotels are 29% off and pizza hut offers a personal pan pizza if today is your birthday.
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>> then who wore it best. we look at the hits and his --
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first energy is reporting 7,000 power outages, we are working to find out why. also in china, 10 school children were stabbed heading to school. none of the children were killed and the suspect is in custody. lets get to democracy 2016. 13 states and one territory will hold primaries and caucuses on tuesday. if this years race has taught us anything, it's to expect the unexpected. this morning ted cruz has accused donald trump of having
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>> there have been many reports about donald trump's dealings with the mafia. >> donald trump also got another endorsement from alabama senator jeff sessions. a freak accident kills a man at a pennsylvania ski resort. both men fell and the 51 year old man suffered head and neck injuries. police said this was an accident. more than a dozen cuban migrants are picked up by a cruise ship. the cruise was heading from
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the cost guard insists this does not happen often. 5:45 on monday. >> the temperatures are dopg and we say good by to the sibts. are they coming back any time soon? >> not this week: . we have a wind advisory in effect that expires at seven a.m. we have 40 miles per hour gusting in cleveland. thirp miles per hour winds in youngstown and canton. we saw 60s yesterday. but today the cold front is coming in and we are seeing 30s
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again, this is signifying that the cooler air is coming in for the rest of the week. here's a look at the rain, it's out of here. so it's not raining this morning just windy and cloudy. throughout the day we lose a bit of the cloud cover. we get some sunshine this afternoon and things heat up to the 40s. then we get the front dropping through again and wintery precipitation is expected for tonight in lake ashtabula. then we dry out again and round three comes in. this is going to make for a messy commute tuesday evening as we see the rain switching over to snow and possibly icing there. for your seven-day forecast, the rain today is done until
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a bit of freezing rain in parts of ashtabula and that snow belt. highs at 45 throughout the week. >> the wind is going to be an issue for the larger vehicles. i just turned on our traffic predictors the map shows what you are going to be seeing in the next four hours. backups on 91 and 77 as people make their way in. ledz look at your drive time from -- lets look at your drive time. portage county, 7,000 people without power. some of those traffic lights might be out as well. traffic is starting to build in
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the 88th academy awards. that means this whole no black nominee thing has happened 78 other times. we want opportunity. we want the black actors to get the same opportunities. that's it. >> chris rock taking on the controversy of no black people at the oscars. he called the show the white people's choice awards. >> but there was a moment that left a lot of us scwachg our heads. >> i cannot wait to help my people out, happy black history month.
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she said she showed up to support chris rock and diversity is more than different skin colors, it includes different ideologies which she said she represents. chris rock has been busy putting together the show, so he said he missed an important moment in his daughter's lives, selling girl scout cookies. so he told the audience that his daughter's troop always gets beat for cookie sales, so he asked the audience to purchase cookies. they sold $65,000 worth of cookies. we not forget about the fashion.
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look at some of the best dressed. this is alicia vikander in a yellow vuitton dress. then indicate-- cate blanchett in dior. now for the worst dressed, orlando jones showed up in this jacket with gold and silver. then amy pohler showed up in a kimono. then heidi, klum. this is a project runway reject that she never should have
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>> you can see a list of the winners on our wews newsnet five app. coming up, leaving the lead behind. how a village is fixing their water this week. >> then cutting your risk for dementia.
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good morning and well om back. in health news, the uk put out guidelines to help reduce the
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the list includes, exercise, watch your weight and take vitamins. a new study says plants can help your health. it says workers are more productive when the rooms are filled with greenery and hospital patients tolerate pain better if there are flowers in their rooms. lets look at the temperatures. 30s towards the west and 50s towards fill 50 -- philadelphia.
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you woke up to rain, it's going to pass through. here's a look at today's forecast. sunshine comes out after lunch. highs reaching the upper 40s for most of us. we have 7,000 people without power in portage county. we are seeing a slow down on some highways nothing too concerning. construction reminder, 105th street is shut down near carnegie. >> a strong reaction to a five on your side investigation. cleveland water customers are being build for thousands of dollars they did not use and the department is under increased scrutiny. >> i am concerned about what is
5:56 am
customers in the water system in the city. one thing that people should know is that they have a right to appeal. that's into the law. they have that right. last year we are found 40,000 customers received shutoff notices but the review board herd only 30 reviews. the department refused to answer questions on camera but they said if a customer does not pay their bill the costs are shifted to other customers. this man will be in court accused of running a meth lab next to a chielz bedroom. -- child's bedroom. sea brink is going to start
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so the village can add a chemical to the water system to help protect against lead. today single game tickets go on sale for the browns. the cats trying to get out of the funk after getting defeated in the last two games. another weekend another
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caught drinking as his legal problems get worse.
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now at 6:00, a peaceful sunday at church interrupted by
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fires, why they were such a challenge to put out. we have all things oscar this morning. >> from the good to the cute and the most emotional moments. first a check of the forecast. good morning, happy monday to you. a wind advisory until 7:00 a.m. but we are seeing the wind all through the area. it's causing the power outages we are experiencing as wellment we saw some rain this morning. that's moved out and we are drying out for the majority of the day, we are talking about a chance for a mixed bag of wintery precipitation. for now, how are the roads?


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