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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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fires, why they were such a challenge to put out. we have all things oscar this morning. >> from the good to the cute and the most emotional moments. first a check of the forecast. good morning, happy monday to you. a wind advisory until 7:00 a.m. but we are seeing the wind all through the area. it's causing the power outages we are experiencing as wellment we saw some rain this morning. that's moved out and we are drying out for the majority of the day, we are talking about a chance for a mixed bag of wintery precipitation. for now, how are the roads?
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about an issue in portage county. the lights are out impacting traffic lights so 14, 44 and 76, that traffic light is out so treat that as a four way stop. i want to mention that the roads are okay, some slick spots because of the rain that is moving out but the wind is the big issue likely causing the power outages in portage county. we look at warrensville center rode where the traffic is starting to build.
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thank you, just into the live desk, first energy is reporting 7700 power outages in portage county, they expect to have the power restored by 7:30. local schools in that area are closed today. braking tonight strong winds make it difficult for firefighters to fight a fire in an abandoned home. no injuries were reported by neighbors next door dealing with melted siding, no word yesterday on the cause. this morning a congregation is mourning thar pastor. -- their pastor. the suspect is his own brother. >> what do we know from this story? >> reporter: the pastor was the
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people want answers. the pastor had just finished sunday service when his brother, 68 year old dan schooler followed him to his office. moments later shots rang out. people were still ideas st. peter missionary baptist church when it happened. >> i can't believe it. everyone loved pastor schooler. >> reporter: family members tell a dayton tv station his brother struggled with mental illness. daniel is being held in jail expecting to face murder charges today. >> thank you. new overnight, police in the columbus area are looking for a
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a man tried to grab an eight year old girl while she was playing outside in her yard. witnesses said she kicked and screamed until the man let her go. >> there is another abduction attempt in a cleveland neighborhood. a 15 year old girl reported a her. three separate shootings in cleveland could be related. police were called to a party, they found a injured man. 30 minutes later police were called back and found an 18
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he died at the hospital and then later police were called to a third shooting around the corner. so far police have two suspects in custody. >> in sandusky police are investigating a possible murder/ murder/suicide. hundreds are expected to pay their are respects to a local firefighter today. the can toon firefighter was -- canton firefighter was hit and killed when she ran across the highway. happen to the metro health is opening a new community
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now folks in that area can get walk in emergency care. tmz reporting this is johnny manziel drinking straight out of a bottle at a club in my apply. it happened hours after the dallas police announced charges were going forward against him. he hit his girlfriend so hard that she lost hearing in one ear. >> that behavior will not be tolerated as we moof forward. our organization is going to take a stand and we are going to move forward. >> dallas police want the district attorney to pursue an
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and the oscar goes to leonardo dicaprio. >> yes, he finally gets it. he's the kipg of the world -- king of the world and now the king of the oscars. brie larson also won best actress. spotlight won best picture. what some called a lack of diversity caused a protest, this one happened right outside of the theater and it was lead
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our oscars coverage is not over yet. why lady gaga's performance moved people to tears and got her a standing ovation. >> friends and family of a victim are now rejoicing, we
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breaking overnight, an american college student from cincinnati is held in north korea. otto warmbier is accused of trying to steel a banner from a hotel in north korea. it's unclear if he was coerced
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family of friends and the victims of the shooting spree in michigan last week are rejoicing, the only surviving victim is showing signs of improvement. the driver, jason dalton is accused of killing four people. the detroit free press has released e-mails that show that the governor in flint could have declared a state of emergency months earlier. the anthem of the sea
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around because of a norovirus outbreak. it's six 12:00. now to democracy 2016. governor kasich does not think he will win any super tuesday states but he thinks that when ohio votes, he will win and then he will go forward. >> i will win ohio. in i do not -- if i do not win ohio it's time to quit the race. >> donald trump is coming to ohio, he will hold a rally at
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it's free but you need a ticket. bernie sanders admitted he lost big in south carolina but he is looking ahead to tuesday. >> we got decimated, the only positive thing is we won the 29 years and yucker vote. >> a new poll finds hillary clinton leading in three key states on super tuesday. lets take a look outside. things look pretty in downtown cleveland but how do they feel. >> cooler and breezy. we saw some wind gives up to 50 miles per hour. a cold front passed through so we saw some rain. then the cooler air is going to
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conditions as well. that's the cause of the weather, the cold front. highs around 45 degrees this afternoon. we are seeing sunnier conditions but that does not mean we are in the clear in the overnight hours. parts of ashtabula could sow frozing rain and icing and snow flurries around the evening commute. how is the traffic? >> it's starting to build especially on 71 in dennison. heading to the traffic maps, we are all in the green. starting to see a little bit of
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in portage you are dealing with power outages and there are traffic lights that are out. one at 44 and 76 so be careful in those places. these that as a four way stop. looking over 480 at ridge road. we are not seeing a lot of volume on the highway, not a lot of incidents to report either. we will check out 77 to see how traffic is going to build. i will keep you updated on any incidents. lets talk about the big moments from the oscars. leonardo dicaprio brought his mom as his date.
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when he won the oscars. but the best moment was when kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio walked the red carpet together. and tina, fay and reese, witherspoon wore the same dress. >> listen to this. lady gaga with a beautiful performance. many said this was the most emotional moment of the night.
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she was later joined on stage by survivors of abuse, they wrote messages on their arms. brie larson who won best actress lugged every one of the people on the stage. we are going to have more oscar moments for you all morning long and you can get a list of the winners on our nz app. >> before the oscars were awarded the industry took tiek to honor the worst. it's called the razz ishes es.
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50 shades of gray won the most razzies. >> coming up, netflix fans get excited. >> coming up a story about a local football player and his
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time now 6:22. >> a quarterback and his former high school football coach are getting together. he almost never made it to this point. he has cancer and he's now in remission. he said that being a coach has gurch meaning to his life. >> this is what keeps me alive. if you do not have anything to live for, you will die. >> jones said growing up he did not trust many people but trusting his coach put him on
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if you are ready to head out, lets check on the forecast. >> lets look at our wind gusts. 33 miles per hour widz33 -- winds in cleveland, 38 miles per hour in canton. 43 degrees in new philadelphia. nor walk 35 degrees. highs today will not break the low 40s. we are going to be much cooler than we were yesterday. keep that in the back of your mind when you are heading out the door. today we have cloudy skies but the sun will come out this afternoon. we are could see wintery precipitation in parts of
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we are going to monitor that situation. how are the roads? outages in southern portage county. i just got a report of a fallen tree on plank road. i am already seeing backups into the city. lets head to the cameras, this is 71 and 25. that's where the backups are starting. >> good morning, i moved a little east to check out how things are looking. the traffic is starting to build but we are not seeing any issues.
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continue to 71 to give you an aerial shot from there. >> the 2016 comic world convention will return to cleveland in 2017. start working on your costume. >> get that money ready. it costs $40 to take a selfie with a character there. the netflix series producers are taking the first steps to continue the making of a murderer serious. from one netflix show to another, fuller house is getting mixed reviews, especially after fans learned
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to live in that house. >> why that controversial. it's silicon valley. >> i guess on the show he wants to sell the house. >> it's leap year. it's added once every four years. wowd leap year today would be -- without leap year today would be february 2017. a virginia officer shot this -- in the line of duty on her first day. a military officer is being
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now at 6:30, shots fired at a sunday service. a family member is charged with
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>> a power outage is canceling chases for some students -- classes for some students. first lets get to our meteorologist. >> we start oof with windy conditions which contributed to the power outages. lets breakdown the day. we saw some rain this morning, that has since swept through. you can see some of the lingering showers will continue to move through the area. around lunch time the clouds clear making way for sunshine and the temperatures rise into the upper 40s. notice this evening we have some wintery precipitation to
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we have possibly freezing rain and possibly icy conditions. the bigger story is tuesday night as we will see a large amount of precipitation. look at this, this is east. sheridan. a tree has fallen. also we have an accident at lee rode. our cameras is showing backups happening a bit earlier than we usually see. lets go to tracker five. >> we just arrived on the scene a minute ago. this is 71 north bound. it does not look like it's too serious.
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-- police have left the scene. but it will be impacting traffic for a little while. >> just into the live desk, first energy reported 7,000 people are without power in portage county. the red triangle is where the root town schools posted online that they are closed because of the the power outages. the weather is to blame. breaking overnight strong winds make it difficult for firefighters to battle a blaze. no injuries were reported. then we heard pop pop pop and emp started to run. >> shots fired moments after a
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still singing when the shots came in. the dayton pastor was widely known throughout the community and this morning people are asking why would a member of his family do this. the pastor was gunned down in his church before 730 sunday. church members were inside call 911 but it was too late. the community said the pastor was a leader. >> he has done a lot within the community and he touched a lot of young people's lives. >> police said the pastor was
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his brother is being held in jail, he's expected to face murder charges today. >> unbelievably heart breaking story. the time is 6:33. a vigil is held for a rocky officer who -- rookie officer who was killed on her first day on the job. before on friday. this was her first day back with us on the street. two other officers were injured and they are in the hospital. the man was charged with murdering her and he also shot
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a man accused of shooting and killing and pedestrian in cleveland turned himself in. six year old michael groves was not in the designated crosswalk but the community said that the traffic patterns create a lot of confusion. >> we reached out to the counsel man from the area but we have not heard back yet. we have new details about a deadly crash. a 21 year old and 19 year old were killed as a driver lost control. the cause of the crash is under investigation but speed is likely a factor. thu in morning. some of the university of
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concern about the leadership at the school. they were given the title of professor by the board of trustees but they wrote a letter. this morning cleveland's economy is being called worse than detroits. at the looked at teferl factors including the number of people under the postie line and median employment. they said cleveland is one of the worst cities after kamden new jersey. a navy seal from ohio will be given the medal of honor as a result of his rescue of a
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>> the mission was a hostage rescue mission. it was a no fail mission. our objective was to bru back an american hostage alive. >> he will be the 11th living service member to receive the medal for action in afghanistan. that ceremony is at 11:00 this morning. >> the happiest place on earth getting priceyer, why you may want to rearrange your trip to disney. while you were sleeping we had some rain moving through. the front is moving out of here. but that's not the end of the story. look to the north, we are monitoring another front that
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areas. we talk about where yo your full forecast coming up -- we
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welcome back. if you fly often, leg room is shrinking on airlines, you know that. now new york senator chuck
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size guideline. a similar bill was just voted week. >> the happiest place on earth expensive. disney just introduced new demand pricing. prices go up or down depending on the time of year. the most expensive is december and spring break. starbucks is making the leap into possibly it's most intimidating market. they are opening their first shop this italy. it's a symbolic move for the company because the ceo brought espresso drinks to the united states after a trip there this
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>> we are also gearing up for our after show, we are going to be talking about the oscars. good morning cleveland is back
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good morning and welcome. we are digging in several morning stories for you. first rs the big weather changes overnight. night. it was scary. we are seeing things calming down a bit now. here's a look at the rain. we have a cold front pulling through and it dropped in a good amount of rape. now we have dry conditions. we should remain dry throughout the majority of the day. if you look north we have another cold front moving in this evening. we are looking at a wintery mix out there. lee will look at the timing on
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but back to the winds. 38 miles per hour wind gusts in cleveland. give it some time to taper off but with the cold fronts moving through i imagine we are going to be windy. 35 in norwalk, ashtabula, 31. we are not expecting the temperatures to reach anything like they were yesterday. cast. we push forward. dry out and cheer out. the cloud coverage dissipates, it's chilly but mild out. the next front brings us a chance for some flurries. i think that the major story is tuesday night.
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home. we are seeing rain and freezing rain tuesday night into wednesday. here's the seven-day forecast. temperatures not rebounding, we are going to the 20s by thursday. >> the wind is a problem today. profile vehicles. >> we are already tracking a couple of accidents, this one at lee rode and another one here, at 71 north bound. you see the backup past 490. the weather is moving here. this is west 25th. you see the cars getting backed up other here. lets go to air tracker five. >> you mentioned that accident
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not. we are seeing major backup near west 25th street. a lot of cars are backed up in the left lanes. also we are seeing traffic on 90 heading into the city, so so commute. >> first energy is reporting portage. rest town schools are also problems. the sheriff said that the weather is to blame. braking overnight, a house fire
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the wind made it difficult for the firefighters to put it out. members of a church are mourning after pastor william schooler was shot and killed by his brother at st. peter missionary baptist church. they said his brother followed william into the church office and fired the shots. family members said that daniel schooler has a history of mental illness. he's expected to face murder
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>> san sandusky police are investigating a possible murder suicide. new overnight columbus police are investigating an attempted abduction. a man tried to grab an eight year old girl, she screamed until he let her go. police said another possible victim has come forward after four attempted abductions last week. the 15 year old girl saw a suspicious man near her driveway possibly unzipping his papts. -- pants. police say the attempted abductions may be connected.
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after an argument with her husband, she jumped out of the car and was killed. an urgent care is opening in cleveland this week. >> see brink is flushing out it's pipes and adding a chemical to clean lead out of the drinking water. the flushing will start tuesday and continue throughout the week. now to new developments in the flint water crisis. another batch of state e-mails is release. one shows the governor could have declared a state of emergency months earlier. that e-mail was sent on november 13th.
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of emergency three months after acknowledging the lead poisoning poisoning. >> . tmz shows this video of johnny manziel drinking hours after he heard he was going to face charge for domestic violence. >> lets look outside. progressive field here. game tickets go onsale to the public this morning. for more information go to our wews newsnet five app. the cavilers trying to get out of a funk after two losses. james did not play that game but he's expected to be back tonight against the pacers.
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at these temperatures, chilly to start, especially after we had such a great day yesterday. 35 in cleveland right now. 43 in new fill -- philadelphia. we are going to talk about our rain chances. the show continues this 60
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brews, five mexican states were put on alert after chemicals were stolen from trucks.
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from ohio is held in north korea. he's accused of trying to steal a banner, it's unclear if he was coerced to speak. one of the michigan shooting victims making major progress. she's breathing on her own and showing signs of improvement. she's the only survivor of the massacre. the alleged gunman, jason dalton is due in court this morning. >> the ant em of the seas was forced to turn the ship around
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>> more than a dozen cuban migrants were picked up by a cost guard ship. a man and another man were involved in a freak ski accident. 13 states and one american territory will hold primaries or caucuses tomorrow. donald trump and hillary clinton are hoping that this will cement their status as front runners. >> donald trump will hold a rally at the columbus airport tomorrow. the event is free but you need a ticket.
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>> twitter history made at last nights oscars. he got 400,000 tweets per minute when it happened. ellen's selfie was the previous record holder. >> lets look at the weather. we are seeing gusty winds out there today. but the wind advisories have we get some shin but a chance for freezing rain reenter the forecast for the evening commute. >> it was rough, especially with the wind gusts. here your backup on 71 just past 490.
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in la and robin is talking to leo. gma did the math. eight how days from his first
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ing america." a. chris rock stealing the spotlight at the oscars. >> well, i'm here at the academy awards otherwise known ase people's choice awards. >> facing the diversity backlash head on. >> you're damn right hollywood's leonardo dicaprio finally breaking through with a win. >> i do not take tonight for granted. >> lady gaga with a show-stopping performance. you happens to you >> the moment that brought everyone to their feet. reception for donald trump. >> wow, wow, this is amazing. >> commanding a massive crowd in


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