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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 9, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america.again. the gop front-runner winning big in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. now calling on the party to unite behind him. >> so, what i say to thes embrace it. we will win the election easily. >> and bernie sanders stunning hillary clinton. >> this has been a michigan. >> a major upset defying predictions. the race tighter than g it down. donald trump and john kasich both join us this morning. also right now, severe storms hit the hail. dozens already rescued as more severe weather and heavy rain moves in. hulk hogan takes the stand
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private tape. saying his famous character than who he really is. why that's crucial to his case. oh i get by with a little help from my friends and celebrating the fifth beatle.ccartney, ringo starr and others honor george martin. he helped create one of the biggest bands in the world. memories pouring in right now. we do sayamerica. many celebrating the life of sir george martin. the 90-year-old superproducer who really changed music as we know it. >> often called the fifthhe signed the group, gave them their first big break. so many great tributes to him coming up. >> a lot of great music as well. we will begin with a big night in the race for the white e decisive wins for donald trump and a stunner for bernie sanders.
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bernie sanders scoring that win in michigan.icking up a victory in mississippi. now, both republicans and democrats focusing on florida where one of the next big contests will take the latest in jupiter, florida. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. last night donald trump celebrated with two things he cameras and trump products. at one point he tried selling steaks for $50 at his press conference here at one of his golf clubs. now, trump still laugh as he marches over the competition and right to the nomination. overnight, donald trump with a power play winning in michigan,nd hawaii, showing more and more he can win all over the map. >> there's only one person did well tonight, donald trump. >> reporter: trump sarcastically taking on thevement. >> i want to thank the special interests and the lobbyists, to
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quickly is a pretty good m attack ads. >> donald trump hasn't served this country a day in his life. >> reporter: to mitt romney's robo call, it couldn't slow 't think i've ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. >> reporter: and trump taking offense to romney knocking his p products on full display at his news conference. trump water, trump wine, even raw meat. >> and we have trump steaks and, you want to take one, we'll charge you about what, 50 bucks a steak. >> reporter: don't forget. >> reporter:. >> here, take one. >> let's come together, folks. i say come together. far from over and asked him about his next target, florida. right now you're being outspent 2-1 in florida.
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have much more money than all of them put together times 20 but i'm a ter: senator ted cruz may be one reason why, still taking the fight to trump last night winning in idaho. >> at this point, our campaign has beaten him not ice but seven times. >> reporter: another brutal night for senator marco rubio finishing last in mississippi and michigan but still holding ou florida. >> buckle up your seat belts. this ride has got a few more twists and turns. >> reporter: now ohioh who has yet to win a single contest vowing to stay in the race and that he will win his home state and donald trump for him, the race to the presidency starts righte in florida and says he will win florida which he calls his second home. george. >> thank you, tom. donald trump joining us now. thanks for joining us. night and new polls out show you ahead in both florida and ohio. are you ready to wrap this up?
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do it. i have great relationships to those two states, ohio is very special to me for a lot of different reasons and florida is my second home and i have a lot of people inork for me. it was a great evening we had last night, george. >> it was the two big win, no question about it. but when you look at the national polls right now you have two-thirds have a negative opinion of you. almost half of republicans. how do you turn that around? >> well, i think the big thing is that they're seeing a lot of seeing me fighting all the time. i started off as better than anybody and started off with 17 people in total. and i was being hit from every single side. every side, nobody's hit like me other than this week where i was hit harder with these commercials. horrible and many false commercials but i was hit from a lot of different angles and had to fight back so they'remebody that is a fighter which they respect but also seeing somebody that wasn't particularly a nice person,
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but i had a fight and i was being hit very hard and i you know, beat a lot of people. and i think they're seeing that side and i think when they see the other side because if you remember, there was a time where we were sort of healing and doing well and my way through the roof and people were reporting on it but i was hit very hard by marco and i had to hit him back harder and i was hit hard by everybody., i think they'll see a very different person when this is all over with. >> one of the other canaries in the coal mine, exit polls out ofeit decided in the last few days went overwhelmingly for john kasich, 43%, only 12% went for you. what does that say to you? >> well, it says to me thaty the only person that could make a negative out of a big win because i had a tremendous win yesterday. i had, you know, in michigan, in mississippi, i was almost at 50%t that's with four candidates.
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four candidates and, you know, i see nothing negative about michigan. the michigan win was fantastic. it was a monster win. as you would call it, a massive landslide. look where second is and kasich wasn't even in second place. he was in third place, and he said that if he doesn't win michigan he guaranteed michigan and he said if he doesn't win michigan, he's pretty much out and -- >> you'll beat him in ohio?t he does. i think i will, yeah. i mean, i have amazing relationships to ohio. incredible people, and they're they're losing a lot of jobs. they're losing a lot of jobs to other places. >> mr. trump, thanks for joining us this morning. >> okay, thank you very much. >> and we are joined kasich, he's on the phone, as well. mr. kasich, thank you for joining us this morning. governor, you just heard donald trump right there. he beat you in michigan. says he'll beat you in ohio. >> well, he's not going to win ge, we're going to win in ohio and it's going to be
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be moving all across the midwest, frankly, for the first time people are really starting to hear my message and this that came out that shows that of all the contests yet to go it's basically a three-way dead heat. it's very , but both polls, ohio polls out this morning show donald trump is ahead right now. there have been 24 contests so far. you're 0 for 24. to victory? >> well, george, look, you know, again, we're campaigning the plan that we laid out, and, you know, we did very well in i went from single digit to -- >> you were third place. >> to basically -- basically tied -- well, look, george, it was very close. cruz and i split the number and you just read the poll that 43% of the late deciders decided in my favor. so, you know, thes we had not been heard. now we're being heard and we are
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going to be a whole new ball e competing all across the midwest over at the -- over, you know, in the east and, of course, heading west, so, you know, we're still standing and rmed how people thought we would do in michigan. most thought i would be single digit. >> even if you win in ohio you'll still be far behind in delegates. no path for you to get a convention, your only hope is a contested convention. why would a convention turn to you if you're in second or third place in delegates at george, let me, again, go back and to say that really for the first time, people are starting to hear what i have to say and the calendar has nowe home court advantage, and so as this thing is up north, you never know what's going to happen in a campaign or in an election. as you know, it changesday, but the message of the fact that i've been able to balance budgets, create an environment for job growth both
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people to have morability in their lives and given their kids a chance to live their dreams is a message that's being heard and that's why -- look at the significant growth i've had in the period oflast week or ten days. it's been pretty remarkable. you have to acknowledge that. it's gone from single digit into the 20s now ahead of marco rubio and not really thatnald trump. >> and we will be watching on tuesday. governor kasich, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks, george. now to those stunning results for the democrats sanders with a big upset michigan. all eyes turning to ohio now where some of the next crucial votes will be cast. abc's david wright is and joins us from there this morning. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. stunning is the word for it. just as hillary clinton had been hoping to focus on theon, michigan voters have said, not so fast, and now as the race turns here to ohio and
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ball. this morning, michigan voters havesanders a lifeline. >> the political revolution we are talking about is strong in every part of the country and, eve that our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> reporter: here in cleveland, hillary clinton had planned for a victory party. instead, it's groundhog more weeks of campaigning. >> this will be a busy week here in ohio. >> reporter: hours before the michigan polls closed, sanders himself didn't you expect to win michigan? >> i will tell you that in about five or six hours. >> reporter: the polls tuesday were still showing clinton ahead by double >> later -- >> i want to thank the people of michigan who repudiated the polls. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is now questioning whether attacking sanders on the
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>> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto >> reporter: technically that's true, but sanders supported the auto bailout. he only voted against the funding because the money was lumped in with the bailout wall street banks. >> it's important to have trust with the american people and if you say something that is not accurate, that long term will hurt you. >> reporter: you're saying sher record. >> i'm saying she distorted my record. >> reporter: the electorate here in ohio looks an awful like michigan so expect this state to be a battleground. meanwhile, tonight, the two in miami for their second debate this week. a lot of voters will be tuning in with new interest. robin. >> that they will, david. thank you. we bring in abc's more on last night's results and the crucial votes ahead next tuesday. jon, let's start with the republicans factoring in yesterday's results where does
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up more delegates and he is now one-third of the way to the 1,237 he needs to win. perhaps the biggest story big wins is that marco rubio right now has not picked up a single delegate. he may get a couple when they hawaii but comes up completely empty-handed. tuesday, the big day, call it super duper tuesday if you will. florida, 99 delegates, therida takes all 99 delegates, winner take all, ohio, same story. winner take all. all 66 delegates. if donald trump can win ohio andace on the republican side is virtually over. >> and how about on the democratic side, jon? >> reporter: you mentioned a huge night for bernie sanders. he wins in michigan, a big upset comes away with fewer delegates last night than hillary clinton because of her big win in mississippi, overall she is more than halfway to the needs to win.
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their big mini super tuesday coming up next week. bernie sanders now, robin would need to win virtuallyate going forward by an average of 11 points to catch up with hillary clinton. >> so, there's a mini super and a super duper tuesday. >> super duper on side. >> got it, jon, thanks so much. amy with the other top stories. a killer on the loose in kansas. >> there is a manhunt for anal accused of killing five people in kansas and missouri and that manhunt we can report is finally over. police say pablo serrano was a rifle found in a ditch not far from a murder scene killing four men at his neighbor's house. he was deported 12 years ago but ended up back in the country was released last year because of a paperwork error. well, the former marine accused of shooting a pastor
7:15 am
been arrested at the white house. the secret service says kyle odom was throwing computer flash drives and other items over thend also had a list of senators and congressmen with him. he say odom has a history of mental illness. a u.s. defense official says a top isis killerkilled in a u.s. air strike. the pentagon still working to confirm the fate of omar al shoshani serving as the minister of war for t point graduate was killed in israel. taylor force was attacked by a palestinian who ran down the street, stabbing people in their being shot by police. the violence coincides with vice president joe biden's meeting today with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. biden promised the u.s. will act if iran of the recent nuclear deal. just today iran said it test-fired missiles with the phrase israel must be wiped out
7:16 am
well, finally live tv can betimes it can be downright dangerous, take a look at this. >> it was chaoticion. >> very, very close call during a live shot in san francisco. incredibly, no one was hurt in the crash. alex savidge credits his chip for yelling get out of the way and credits that split-second decision to go right instead of left and it really was a must go on, though. he went back on. his next live shot he was a little taken. wanted to tell his wife he's okay and he's in the >> he's fast. >> yeah. >> thank you, amy. another big headline this morning. >> another big headline this morning. so many celebrating the life of the fifth beatle sir george e super producer credited with giving the beatles their first big break.
7:17 am
i get by with a little help from my friends george martin signed the beatles back in 1962 after being rejected by every other label they pitched. hard day's night ften referred to as the fifth beatle produced 13 albums and 22 singles for the group honing to hone the fueled the british invasion? we did a lot of learning together. he had a very great musical knowledge and background. so he could suggest a lot of things. >> reporter: encouraging the group to push boundaries with their music. >> we were a creative team always looking for something slightly out of artin produced over 700 records in his career. working with other talents such as sting, carly simon and elton john. r >> reporter: overnight tributes
7:18 am
him best. ringo starr tweeting god bless george martin along with this photo of the group and paul continued to work with him after the beatles broke up saying martin was like a second father to me. he will be misse rejected by everybody they tried to pitch. he heard them sing "love me do" and said i do like them. >> right about that. >> yep. >> that was great, ob right now. a lot of severe weather in the south. >> yeah, including flooding across parts of shreveport, check out this 8 inches of rain falling yesterday. rescues and evacuations under way there and in texas,h flood warnings and watches continue with 5 to 8 inches potentially.
7:19 am
. accura cadabra. just like that. take a look. 57 degrees in cleveland. march 9th is the normal high and we're off to a warm start. i think we're going to be -- eak -- running warmer today than a lot of the models. if per 60s, around 59 degrees. -- upper 60s, around 59 degrees oon, a make of sun and clouds and rain be prepared for wednesday evening. ay from houston to shreveport to baton rouge and extreme warmth across the northeast. near 80 degrees in some spots.
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coming up here, hulk hogan tand in his $100 million lawsuit. the superstar wrestler facing this question, when is hulk hogan not hulk hogan. >> i'm terry bollea theto separate the man from the character. a big headline about football and your kids. a major lawsuit involving a youth league over concussion. what it could mean for your parents and you. lowe's presents how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry.
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. it's 7:26. breaking overnight from the live desk, police in chagrin falls need your help finding 15- year-old mikala barrett. she was last seen erday afternoon. friends say she walked away from school. she's 5 feet tall, 135 pounds
7:27 am
seen dressed in blaif you have any information. and the browns may let johnny football go as early as 4:00 be surprised if they end up keeping him longer. the browns owe manziel more salaries and they get suspended by the league for recent domestic violence case. cash. and we're still waiting to see if a texas grand jury will arges against manziel. >> and i hope you're ready for another gorgeous forecast with somara. >> and here it is. the temperatures in the 50s. we're going to see some clouds and rain before temps rise through the 60s and we see sunshine. currently, 51 in wooster and knocking on 60s door 56 in norwalk and this is a look at the hour-by-hour forecast. the highs reaching 70 degrees and you can see the evening, when the rain moves in. the power of 5 seven-day forecast,
7:28 am
the next seven days. corrina. and i have your forecast in here on 271 northbound. we have been talking about an incident fed ex truck apparently hit something causing an oil spill at broadway avenue. the e.p.a. and odot crews are cleaning it up. bah also, because of this, from p at broadway, forbes is closed as crews continue the cleanup. and you can see the impact on traffic. elsewhere, we're seeing some volume, 90 and 71, if you're heading into the city of cleveland, drive time right now, 21 minutes, 91 eastbound crocker to the inner belt and this is a look outside. showing you that what is the incident. see you here in 25 want ds. i'm p.g. sittenfeld. after princeton and a marshall scholarship, i turned down a job at google to work improving education.for the senate to offer new ideas -- cut college loan rates in half, pass common sense gun safety laws.
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welcome back to "gma." we have some breaking news. you're looking at new pictures coming in, a building exploded in seattle, washington. nine minor injuries in the blast. they are recovering right now. we're going to have more on that coming up. also this wednesday morning, donald trump celebrating big wins in three states overnight walking away with a huge upset in michigan as he prepares to face off against hillary clinton in a debate in miami tonight. thetion strengthening its guidelines to fight the spread of zika saying pregnant women are advised not to travel to areas outbreaks. the cdc has issued similar . >> a lot of warnings. also, incredible sight. take a look at this.
7:31 am
the skies last night. >> some lucky see it up close, 37,000 feet above ground. we will have more on that coming up. it's incredible. >> i thought we were going to play total eclipse of the heart. hint, control room. we'll begin with hulk hogan back on the stand getting grilled in his $100 million lawsuit against the website gawker. the former pro wrestler ng the difference between his professional character and his real self. abc's linzie janis is in st. petersburg, florida, with more. robin. that's right, the defense suggesting it's almost impossible to tell when he is his bombastic wrestling character hulk hogan and when he's terry bollea, theehind the character. lawyers for gawker cross-examining terry bollea, aka hulk hogan on the witness stand for a second day.ust days after the
7:32 am
having sex with his then best friend's wife, the hullster willingly discussed the stories in a series of talk show >> you come off like a stud. honest to god. are you kidding me? do you think you come off bad in that tape? >> reporter: the defense suggesting if he wasressed by the release of the tape, why talk about it on howard stern? >> you didn't say, whoa, whoa, i don't want to>> i just -- i dropped my head in my hands, it was embarrassing, humiliating to hear but i didn't say it. >>en to a whole other level and i was trying to be cool, you know. >> what do you mean? i'm not getting this. >> reporter: the most famous pro world explaining he was in character giving him artistic license. >> did you tell howard stern you respect your privacy? >> no, sir, i didn't want to
7:33 am
separate the man from the chan testifying he didn't want to discuss the tape but the interviews were part of a promotional tour for his wrestling. booked long before the sex tape went viral. the defense also had long invited the public into his private life. showing a clip of his former reality show "hogan knows best" in which he and his ex-wiferiage counseling. >> between her and i, there is just all this unhappiness. >> did you consider that public to see? >> yes, sir, we were -- it's like the clip you showed where it's "hogan knows best," i wasn't terry bollea kno this was one of those story lines. >> reporter: hogan's lawyers telling us they never had a problem with gawker writing about the sex tape. it was posting it that went far and, ra'anan,
7:34 am
robin, they say he's almost always hulk hogan unless he's at home or in a private bedroom being secretly recorded. >> dan abrams joins us now of this. you heard his argument that he was staying in character. what do you think about that. >> it's a tough argument to me because basically saying he'sxcept when he's behind closed doors and, therefore, you shouldn't hold against him anything that he said as hulk hogan. it's a critical point in the wker's argument is because he talked about his sex life, therefore, this sex tape became relevant and newsworthy. he's saying the sex tape. tape. it's a tough distinction to make and i think one that's going to be hard for the jury to accept. damages. >> how does it relate to damages. >> because, think about it, let's assume there's liability, that the jury says we think that gawker's much pain and suffering,
7:35 am
terry bollea suffer, because of what hulk hogan you wonder whether terry bollea should sue hulk hogan for what he said. i mean, it's a sort of -- it'sign i had the courtroom now but i'll tell you, i think the most important testimony is going to come from the defendants themselves, from the gawker folks, because whether theyrry bollea, this case is going to come down to why gawker did what it did. type of defense ? >> no, actors are comparingeing an actor but talking about real things in his real life. not just about acting roles. >> there's a difference. dan, i'm sure we'll talk to you it. >> a strange one. we turn to a murder-for-hire plot out of indiana where a former marine who became a star baker is under arrest for trying to have her ex killed. she was stopped by a police sting and abc'shere with the story. >> reporter: good morning to you and you won't believe who turned her in. her new boyfriend and what came
7:36 am
for hollywood. she's a baker, gracing the cover of "southern indiana living" magazine and a marine serving two tours in iraq.ra buckingham is something of a local celebrity near knoxville. an american hero. but this morning, this marine turned baker is behind bars, accused of a plot against her ex-boyfriend. >> i thought it was a joke. in all honesty we all thought we were being punked for a short period >> reporter: bradley sutherland, the father of their 3-year-old son speaking out after police say buckingham recruited her new boyfriend, a marine sniper to help kill him. >> why? that's the only question i have. why. >> reporter: buckingham wanted to end a contentious custody say. that she was having to drive their 3-year-old
7:37 am
the new boyfriend, ex-sniper joseph chamblin told the alleged plot. authorities setting up an undercover sting where buckingham allegedly paid a $300 deposit for the murder. the total cost, just 3,000 buckingham has pleaded not guilty. >> i don't feel angry. i feel sad she felt the way she did to try to take my son from me. and in court, buckingham seen reportedly revealing she is also now pregnant and being held on $150,000 bond. she'll face a judge again in may. guilty but police say they have loads of evidence on her. >> wow. >> we'll see what happens. thank you. coming up that big lawsuit over concussions that could change the game for young kids football. later, "ghostbusters" star melissa mccarthy is taking on body image. a powerfulers this morning.
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7:41. we're back now with a big headline about football and your kids. youth league pop warner is settling its first wsuit. abc's linsey davis is here with the latest. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning. talk about a potential game changer for youth football. a mother of a former pop warner the sport for her son's suicide years later. a key witness for the family, dr. bennet omalu played by will smith inore a judge could rule the case was settled for less than $2 million. the nfl is known for its big hits on the gridiron which can injuries. but it's no longer just the nfl that's being affected. now the youth football organization pop warner just settled its first ever ed lawsuit. pop warner is the largest youth football organization in the united states.
7:43 am
year.d joseph played four years with pop warner and ten years later committed suicide and was later chronic traumatic encephalopathy or cte. >> i couldn't understand why a happy kid turned into someone soeporter: the family sued for $5 million. >> we just want children to play, we don't want children to engage in he lawsuit claims pop warner failed to enforce limitations on hitting in practice. stating their conduct was deliberate an of the plaintiff's right to safety, health or life. since 2010 pop warner now benches any child who is suspected to have a concussion and is unableuntil they're cleared by a qualified physician. in a statement to abc news, overnight pop warner said there is nothing more important than the safety of our players. we have led the way in making
7:44 am
safer and better experience. legal experts say this settlement may have been a financial decision by pop warner but could certainlyents to file suit. >> open it up. thanks, linsey. >> thank you. coming up on "good morning america," out of this world, a one-of-a-kind look at last g solar eclipse from 37,000 feet above ground. >> and two people who also scored big in the sky, the couple that traveled on a private jet didn't pay a dime. coming up. got lara's attention. e my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. my dad gave me those shares, you know. any. i get it. but you know i think you own too much.risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree. with 13,000 financial advisors,d jones makes sense of investing.
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for working people, for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy an and not just the powerful few. here was write in my life >> you asked for it. the best producers in the world up there a total eclipse of the heart >> back now with bonnie -- >> i know. >> bonnie tyler. "total eclipse of the heart." why are we doing this? to torture george. to torture george and stunning solar eclipse overnight captivating so many all around the world and alaska airlines flight even adjusting their path and departure time so see it up close. abc's t.j. holmes is --
7:49 am
>> hurry and talk to me so we can make that stop, please. all right, look, robin, i can't line to give me a free checked bag. asked. change of departure and we need to go this way instead ofng an exact place at an exact time to give them the exact perfect view of the perfect view above earth. astonishing images from acrossernight as a full solar eclipse took place. massive crowds gathered and let perfectly. people around the sun had filtered glasses to safely take in every moment. >> it was amazing. >> reporter: 163 luckyluding astronomers got a front row seat from 37,000 feet in the air. >> i have never seen one beforespectacular.
7:50 am
anchorage to honolulu departure time back 25 minutes so they could chase the shadow of the it's like christmas and new year's and easter all at one time. >> reporter: it intercepted the total solar eclipse for all of >> particularly from 37,000 feet. >> i'm going to turn it to the scientists. what you need to be able to see it. >> clear sky, of course. >> there it is. >> thank k to you. >> these guys on this plane are around the world. they happen with regularity. >> they book their flights waynd asked months and months in advance. >> you know why because they wanted to see -- a total eclipse -- >> the next time you see it is next august. coming up"real financial. changing the way you think of
7:51 am
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welcome back to "gma." we take you to hawaii. the beginnings of the pineapple express. wind as well could gust over 80
7:55 am
this brought to y " is brought to you by cintas.
7:56 am
workday. good morning, time is 7:56. new for you, cleveland police tell us they are close to arrests after dozens of car windows were shot at. >> last week, people woke up to shattered. more than 50 cars in fremont were hit, and people in that the case. >> and we made an appeal to the neighbor there sidents that -- [ indiscernible ] earlier and information. we got a tremendous -- [ indiscernible ] >> witnesses did see a black car in that information, you are asked to call cleveland police. and a warning from elyria police this morning. they're investigating another attempted abduction of an elyria high school i ride from a man near yale avenue yesterday. described as a white man with
7:57 am
driving an older car with recently, there were five attempted abductions in that same area. and now, a check of the forecast with somara theodore. >> and good morning, northeast or another warm-up, 59 degrees and almost at 60 degrees today in cleveland. 5853 -- 53 we left the 40s and we're heading to the 70s. seventy degrees this afternoon and a good amount of clouds. we'll start to build in right now and we're going to see rain moving into the evening. and there is a look at the power of 5 seven-day forecast. really sticking around. and we do pull down the front kristen. 77 northbound. look at that. 23-minute to you, eastbound crocker to the inner belt and 17 minutes for you. 77 northbound rock side to downtown and let's get w on 271 and the westbound ride abroad, and bad way, light rain blocked.
7:58 am
going and we're still up there because of that fed ex truck that spilled diesel and oil over to jackie and terrence. and thank you, kristen. we'll get another check on r you in about 25 minutes. >> and if you leave out, or rolling out, rather, enjoy the day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. bernie wins big. sanders with an upset overnight in michigan. >> let's show the world that democracy is alive and well withoter turnout. huge. and trump on a roll taking three more state. >> i can be more presidential than anybody. >> but the gop what he is saying this morning. heart attack shocker. this woman thought she had a 24-hour flu bug but her husband raced her to the er. how she missed the signs of attack. the couple and her doctor speaking out. dr. besser is here live with what every woman should know. club. what's got the biggest stars
8:01 am
the surprising claims over one hot property. may the best man win. andrty. our very determined and very hungry reporter with a slice of the biggest pizza gatherings on earth. what he learns spinning as we say -- >> both: good morning, america. >> dang it. what a beautiful day for a pizza party here in times square and look at those kids go right now. they are spinning the dough like total pros. we're going to -- back. all right. that's all part of the largest pizza convention in the world going on in las vegas. we'll talk to the 11-timechamp. >> dang it, we are. dang it. >> yes. and, of course, tax time coming up.
8:02 am
awesome news. and melissa mccarthy is making headlines sharing a very powerful message about how women can win and why she says just a little bit of joy goes ay. >> always see the joy in her smile right there coming up. first the morning rundown from amy. >> we start with breaking news from seattle. a massive explosion r the neighborhood sending nine firefighters to the hospital. they were responding to reports of a gas leak, the blast was so powerful it leveled at least two stores and shattered away. the firefighters' injuries are described as minor. bernie sanders is back on the campaign trail today after his stunning upset over michigan. meanwhile, donald trump is on a roll after winning three of four states tuesday. and a new poll showing trump leading by 16 points in florida. llamas has the latest on both races. tom, good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning. donald trump showing he can win all over the map.
8:03 am
mississippi and hawaii. won in idaho but clearly was donald trump's night and he celebrated in typical trump fashion at one of his golf clubs here in jupiter, florida, surrounded by trump products and trump water and at one point he tried selling steaks for $50 and called them trump steaks but that line has since been t it is pretty incredible he had such big victory ies considering the negative ads run against him, even mitt romney recording robocalls attacking donald trump's saying this -- >> i don't think i've ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. >> reporter: on the democratic side an upset.sanders winning in michigan. now, senator clinton did win in mississippi, but clinton needed both those states last night to get closer and closer to wrapping up the nominaders saying this about his big win -- >> political revolution that we
8:04 am
every part of the one of the next big contests, ohio could be important to him. both candidates, sanders and clinton will a debate. amy. >> all right, tom, thanks so much. several high water rescues being reported in parts of texas and louisiana this morning. drenching rains have closed area. and there is no letup in sight with up to ten inches of rain expected. well, a follow-up now on some disturbing video we showed you last police school officer hitting a student outside a school while a second officer stood there watching. we've now learned both officers will face several charges including assault and child home depot will pay nearly $0 million to customers affected by a massive data breach. some of that money will reimburse shoppers for their losses.ay for identity protection services. more than 50 million customers were affected by that breach in 2014. well, we all know about can be a real
8:05 am
but not quite like this. usually here in the states. a tiger on the prowl runningn the middle east. apparently it was someone's pet, briefly escaped. thankfully no one was injured and finally it was a very costly mistake for a filmmaker inand. take a look at this. his drone right there, boom. yeah, destroyed by this jet ski. it all happened during a water sports festival. the is a complete loss. jet ski versus drone, jet ski wins. >> every time. >> worried about the jetood point. >> thanks, george. let's get to lara. >> avenue a special guest. we'll explain why he's here. a bit of news for you in the" a big health alert. when is a flu really a heart attack? dr. besser is here with the signs you need to know about. then "ghostbusters" star
8:06 am
the beauty rule she says make women feel great. we're throwing around a lot of dough this morning. taking you to the international pizza expo. we've got two jupiter tossersve. hi, nick, hi, mike. they are unflappable. all that and puppy news on "gma." don't go anywhere.'s morning menu" is brought to you by new centrum vitamints, a multivitamin you
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8:11 am
one woman difference saved her life. it's a story we first saw in "the washington post" and juju chang is here with much more. morning, robin. you know women are care givers. let's face it. always caring for our of loved ones demanding health care for aging parents or our kids or go to the doctor but the one person's health we often neglect. our own but the woman you're about to meet is living proof that selflessness can be dangerous. as a rosecutor sue palmer has seen her share of tragedy but nothing could have prepared her for the near tragedy that almost took her life. >> i just kind of felt funny and a minute and thought, well, that's weird and after about a minute, i through that i was going to be sick. >> reporter: assuming it was a 24-hour virus she wanted to crawl back into bed but her objected. >> i thought, you know, this could be more and looked at the,
8:12 am
and looked at it and googled heart attack symptoms in women. >> reporter: his wifeas a healthy nonsmoker not feeling any telltale signs of a cardiac event. >> he said, let's go to the er. >> reporter: tim wasn't ready to take a chance and whisked her to the er and an ekg revealed a shock. even though she didn't fit the profile and only had ms she was having a massive heart attack. >> women are more likely than men to have what we call atypical symptoms of heart disease. she felt like she had the flu. she just knew something wasn't right. >> reporter: later tests showed that 100% of her corps row nary artery was blocked by a clot 70% clogged. that blockage sometimes called the widowmaker frequently results in sudden death. in less than 15 minutes, freddie and his team stopped the heart
8:13 am
clots and inserts s s spent s s stents. >> letting thehe decision. >> reporter: raetful to them for saving her life she has a message to others. >> don't trust your instinct. if your instinct is to go back since heard many stories of women who did exactly what i wanted to do and never woke up.e thing. one of the most haunting things sue told us if i go to the er they'll think i'm crazy blue a lot of women have none of the classic simms until it's too in the middle of a heart attack don't feel right. don't ignore your intuition. the worst thing he say, you're fine. you can live with as women don't think about it. always think, oh, men are the ones that get the heart attacks. i would be like, heartburn. >> also worried what other they'll think we're crazy? she wasn't obese, had done all
8:14 am
>> you would never think that's >> exactly. >> well, we need to, though. here. we have to be diligent. >> absolutely wake-up call. over to robin. >> glad she's doing all right. joining us chief health dr. richard besser. so glad we're talking about this. a lot get the stomach flu. how do you know it's more? >> i can see millions of people with the stomach flu just going to go to the emergency room and get it that's not the message. if you have typical stomach flu symptoms and everyone around you have stomach flu you canou have stomach flu but if it feels different than the normal stomach flu and no one else has it and something didn't feel right you don't want to ignore that? as we heard in follow your intuition about it. the classic signs of clutching your chest but it's different for men and women the symptoms. >> those classic symptoms are much more common in ak it down for you. so, the crushing chest pain that
8:15 am
palpitations, rapid heartbeat, nd sweating more common in men than women. the unusual simms are more common in women than men so unusual fatigue, ouble sleeping or pain in your neck, back or jaw can indicate a heart attack and it's the number one killer of men and women. a woman is so much more likely to disease than breast cancer but surveys half the women get it backwards and think they're much more at risk for breast cancer and have to do more to educateou have some of these symptoms what should you do? >> women are much, much slower to get to the hospital. much slower to call the er and much slower when they get to get the right tests and to have those procedures done. so, what you want to do, listen to your body. if it doesn't feel right, call 911. sit down, chew ant will help your survival from this and when you get to the emergency room don't diminish your symptoms and say,
8:16 am
>> saying that and -- >> the others on the other end they'll make those mistakes too and send tend to make the same mistake and think it'hing pain. >> thank you for saying that. we've heard from many women who say the doctor could be dismissive and say you're a woman and not having the heart 's a lot of studies that show doctors do not treat men and women the same when they come in with symptoms of heart disease. it is on both sides. things women can do and doctors need to do. >> i know you'll have a lot of questions. >> all monk. amy. all right, robin. thank you. we turn now to superstar she is on the cover of next month's "redbook" magazine and the "ghostbusters" star is rewriting the rules about beauty sending an important message to her kids and to how to be happy and confident. abc's reena ninan has her story. >> look at that. a bed andne of the hottest queens of comedy.
8:17 am
>> reporter: with two major blockbusters set for release later this year, "the boss" and" >> get out of my fridge. >> that's going to leave a mark. >> reporter: now melissa mccarthy, actress and fashion ewriting the rule book on beauty. in the april issue of "redbook" the comedienne breaking down the norms of body image telling the magazine "with women there's eird cultural thing where we're always supposed to be comparing ourselves with one another, who wore it best? whose butt's better? instead how about if everyone the issue dropping the term plus size. >> we told her we were taking the label plus off of clothing in our issue, her response was, oh, my god. let's let readers know it comes in their size, but why label them? >> reporter: mccarthy who recently launched her line of
8:18 am
telling "redbook" "i just try to make clothing that will make all women feel really good. when i feel good about my clothes i look at the world a little little bit of joy goes a long way." >> we can provide a real service. god, that's hot. >> reporter: the 45-year-old movie star eager to teach her kids theg yourself. >> she is an adoring mom of two little girls. and one of the things that she tries to do is always takend say, thank you. i love it too. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> i love all of those y that last one. >> the april issue of "redbook" is out now. >> all right. let's move on to supersaving secrets. we have t.j. back here right now. another story involving planes. this gets a private plane ride for free. >> how did that happen? >> all legit on the open, up and up. it's legal. we talk about a middle class jet, all to
8:19 am
so how did they do it? you guessed it. there is an app for that. forget long security lines orverhead space. flying 30,000 feet in the lap of luxury just got a whole lot more affordable. at least for gilbert ott andho scored a flight on this private jet for free. >> the look on our face definitely told the story. they knew we weren't regulars. >> reporter: the travel blogger sayplush trip from boston to washington, d.c. through jetsetter. then used an online promotion to earn points that paid for their entire flight. >> took a picture of ourse for safety, and it said, okay, great, i'll send you an invoice which read a big zero at the bottom. >> reporter: budgetsetter is just one of their manys. >> my favorite thing are the deal sites. every day there's some sites that are dedicated to just spitting out the best flight
8:20 am and, of course, our site a little research. >> there are opportunities every week, maybe not for a private jet for a crazy cheap flight. >> reporter: and gilbert says don't forget to rack up those flieres for tweeting. liking something on facebook. renting a car. >> reporter: you can earn miles tweeting. >> yeah. >> what? >> some airlines you know, want twitterant a little social presence and give you 500,000 miles just for -- crazy but it's true. >> reporter: even though they aren't holding their breath for ny time soon, they say this summer they'll be slumming it in business class flying overseas just on their miles. >> the big stack of miles are going to tokyo, vietnam. >> reporter: how much would a trip like that cost? the tickets alone would be 20 grand. >> flying for free. again, it just takes work.let is the app.
8:21 am
>> but on the private jet part this is one that just takes work to find those vouchers. awe all will be -- a ut the plane was going to -- from boston to d.c. if it had passengers on it or not. that's part of it, as well sond, you know -- >> george, right? >> george, i knew you were coming for me. >> no, no, no. they had a good time. >> but it was free. >> >> thanks, t.j. >> thank you, george. i've been waiting all year for that. >> out p side to rob. >> what a great crowd we have. feels good. not having to wear a jacket or coat. welcome to spring and you know who's happy about it, jumping for joy, the suburbs of chicago. check out the zoo there. this juvenile giraffe is like,ring on spring. and it's 70 degree yesterday in chicago. that's up near record territory. and we're going to see records
8:22 am
20 to 30 degree above average rnoon. 77 degrees in philadelphia and it's going to be june-like for the next couple of days. 75 degree on thursday in new york city and near 80 degrees in those cherry blossoms are blooming. . that includes here in we're at 60 degrees in menner; 59 in cleveland as we head throughout the day. i think we can possibly get close to the record set back in 1878 of 73 ghs around 70s this afternoon. >> all right, happy birthday to lexi. turned 21. what will you celebrate? >> going out for drinks. >> silly question. it's legal now, lara,o you.
8:23 am
come on in. "pop news" time and a battle brewing in hollywood this morning. we're talking leo d clooney, brad pitt fighting over "killers of the flower moon." i guess it's really good. we don't know yet. e ing ing tracking book says not only the hottest stars but biggest producers. kat len kenny, rat rhetter in all wanting to bring it to the big screen written by david illers of the far moon" follows the real-life mysteries of several osage indians in the '0s, the first case for the newly by j. edgar hoover. also in "pup news" this morning, i thank you. oh, i thank you. two pups is always better than k like lucas. >> we are partnering with our friends from the wonderful north shore animal shelter of america. robin got her puppycas.
8:24 am
there. >> one of my puppies. we want you it adopt them. all of them need a home. if you're at a loss how to do it, do notrself up. oh, a puppy. north shore animal league's 16th annual tour for life event kicking off today, guys. letting us announce itt here in new york. in the empire state building, the tour is the world's largest mobile pet adoption event. if you don't live in new york, no problem. it's going 26,000 miles, 53 the country. until mid-may and today you can adopt a pet at half price, george, if you want to add one ali, i know you're watching if you want to see any you like, half price today. if you're not in the city show support online and share a photo of your rescue with the #tourforlife #tourforlife2016. how great is it to rescue a dog.
8:25 am
lucas has been an absolute joy. >> people say, i don't know, n. here's the disposition of most -- >> oh, so sweet. >> grateful and loving and they -- >> yeah, i was at a benefit for best friends and their them all and this is how you save them all. >> i would save them all if i could. finally, everybody, i want to make you smile on this hump day and meet- i've done something like this. max's mom and dad told them they were going to a broccoli farm. it was a decoy because they wanted to give him a big surprise withtrip to the circus except when he they got to the circus they didn't get quite the response. >> we'rerm. >> where are we? >> we're at the circus. broccoli. >> wait, max. >> no, i wanted to gom. i wanted to go to the broccoli farm. >> we'll find out where a
8:26 am
farm. max, not into the circus wants to see how the broccoli grows and, everybody, that is "pop news."ing. >> yes, get your rescue on. >> so cute. >> so sweet. is there is that your phone ringing? was that ali calling? >>ht here. we have a big pizza party coming up just getting started and talk to the world's pizza champ, world expert on that after the ou saying puppies and pizzas and "gma." what's up, america. don't go anywhere. 2watu#@m4 bt`n,:$ tt2watu#@m4 "a`n
8:27 am
tt4watu#@m4 " gzl& s_@ . good morning, 8:27. police in chagrin falls need your help finding this girl, the 15-year-old mikala barrett, last seen y afternoon. the friends say she walked away from school and they think she was going to get lunch. she is 5 feet tall, 135 pounds, hair last seen all in black. call police if you have any information. and corrina, today at 4:00 p.m., it's the official start of the new nfl season, meaning that teams can and release players with no additional penalty. >> and the browns could cut ties with johnny manziel. don't be surprised if they end longer. the browns owe him over $4
8:28 am
and he got suspended by the t domestic assault case because of the ex- girlfriend, the browns won't owe him the money. we'll see if a texas grand jury recommends pressing charges > and somara has the forecast. >> i am watching the numbers rise. sixty in menner. en 59, cleveland and -- 59 in of 70 this afternoon. we're having a nice mix of sun and clouds and this is a look at the power of 5 seven-day of rain is eminent, on the way and coming into thursday. >> and tomorrow morning's commute might be difficult. and with the 71 north and still backed up and 90 east and 77 north into the city. look at this. still dealing with that backup on 271 right at broadway avenue. because of that fed ex truck, it hit something on 271 north and it actually started to spill oil and diesel.
8:29 am
that right lane is still all right, traffic is moving better. jackie and terrence. and in 25 minutes, that is the next time we will check in
8:30 am
this is the part we welcome you back to "gma" and we're talking, oh,ough spinning pros in just a moment. but first you're going to tell us more about it, amy? >> oh, yes. i'm the pizza reporter today. everyone loves a slice of pizza or maybe two or f the hottest tickets right now is the 32nd annual international pizza expo in las vegas, the largest gathering of pizza professionals on the planet and abc's is there. take a look. >> reporter: if you think you know pizza, trust us, you've been missing a big slice of the pie. world's largest pizza convention where dough
8:31 am
serious international saturday night fever with pizza dough, check. >> if i'm going to work out that's how i'm going to do it. i'm going to spin dough. >> reporter: work out spinningt as good as running. >> reporter: brittany saxton practicing year round for her annual pilgrimage here like thecs. >> normally girls don't win this so i'm meeting all these guys that think they're better than i am. >> reporter: it turns out being good at eating pizza for making it. >> i'm not getting a lot of air. especially the spinning part. >> there you go. >> look at that. >> former champion spinner joe carlucci says pizza is exploding in parts of you. >> when you see korea here, japan is here, australia is here, brazil is here, all here for every ingredient, cheese, flour, anything you can imagine is here. dairy-free pizza that tastes
8:32 am
and an oven that cooks a s s it fast.k like art and competition for folding pizza boxes. done. if you don't like pizza, don't worry, there's even a random section, all part of the plan for global domination. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, las vegas.] >> all right. >> i'm going to pass out the pizza. i'm going to pass out the pizza. >> joining us live, 11 time world pizza champ who is giving the state of the union of pizza keynote speech tomorrow. >> a lot of pressure. >> what will you say? >> t you guys? how are you doing? >> we're doing okay. i'm chewing on pizza. we heard this is the most popular pizza expo ever. what makes pizza sore than ever?
8:33 am
when you think of like your slice concept or that pizzeria you grew up with, everyone loves it and brings you back to when when things were easy and simple in life. it's worldwide. it's incredible. with over 40 billion dollars in sales, i mean, pizza is. >> if i could only have one food for the rest of my life. it would be pizza. i think a lot of people agree with that. this is so good. all right, so media has made it lar. there are two major national pizza trends right now. the first is chef driven pizzas and in front of us two olive and two mushroom pizzas from brooklyn and have been making them for 15 years. tell us when the chef driven trend. >> chef driven trends have been really, really popularn you think of buying local, buying regional but from
8:34 am
menu but not just thatsippi on your menu but turning them differently and changing and using ingredients that you'd never think of, i mean, when it comes to pizza now and the renaissance of pizzally chef driven places like frannie's in new york. >> what's the craziest top. >> the skid ink pizza that japan intense. it comes out to you. it's black and it's a bit fishy and -- >> mm-mm. yummy. >> not my style so much youe guys compete with it. >> grandma style pizzas are big. we have one of my personal favorites from prince streetived there i was down there once a week. >> he makes a soho square there. it's a grandma style pizza and you think grandma style pizzas long island and gone across to the boroughs but going all the way to the west coast, even to california.
8:35 am
>> don't ever take the napkin, a big faux pas to take the napkin and suck up the grease. >> no, you want that grease. good high butter fat. a good cheese. the grease isn't such a bad thingll right, tony, you were saying this is a great family food. speaking of families we have some amazing kids right here in times. we have testa and 9-year-old nicholas testa, their father owns carmine's pizza and their dad ise holding down the fort. so, michael, how do you do what you're doing? >> it's all in the wrist. i practice every day mostly, so -- >> it's all in the you open for the expo back in 2014 so you're a professional pizza spinner. >> oh, yes. >> and nicholas, i can see you're working -- look at you. you're just 9 friends at school think this. >> they think i'm so famous i'll
8:36 am
me for my autograph. you practice this? >> once a week. >> once a week. your brother says he practices every day. >> no, he doesn't. that's a lie. >> out of the mouth of guys both look awesome. keep spinning and we've got some pizza acrobatics. can you do some for us show us >> all right. >> hey. >> oh. >> whoo! [ cheers ] >> all right. that is nicholas and michael testa. you guys are onuch. you're famous. both of you are famous. let's go over to rob. hey. >> brothers. [ cheers and applause ] going to have no problem get g sadie hawkins dance in middle school.
8:37 am
severe weather we have to talk about across parts of southern there. flooding will be an issue as well. could see a tornado or two. that's a possibility but flash flood warnings posted for the arklatex region. could see another 5 to 8 of what they've seen. serious flooding e watching the temperatures rise before our eyes. 62 degrees and we gained two degrees there in 20 minutes. we're seeing temperatures pretty warm to start as we the day. the highs will reach the low 70s and upper 60s. a good amount of clouds overnight with rain. this weather report is brought to you by febreze. can you toss togeorge. >> hello. thank you for that. it's time for "real money." focus today how to save more when filing your taxes. so many americans turn over hundreds of dollars a year to uncle sam by advantage of good tax deductions and rebecca jarvis is here to explain.
8:38 am
are leaving as much as $1 billion worth of refunds on the table every those taxes. some of the most valuable deductions and credits available this year, take a look. >> hello, ladies. hi there. how are we hit the streets of new york to talk about everyone's favorite topic. taxes. what's the first word that comes to mind when you hear taxes? >> fear. >> very confusing many americans are leaving money on the table. >> one in five filers who prepare their own overlook lots of valuable they're leaving approximately $460 on the table. >> reporter: so we put their knowledge to the test. true or false you can deduct they if your taxes? >> i'm going to say false. >> that's truly true. let's say you create drawings for fun and sell a few on theose supplies are tax deductible.
8:39 am
cost of your commute to work? >> yeah. >> false. but you can deduct when you drive for work during business hours and if you use your car for any business, you may be able to deduct some of the costs of operation and think of anything you buy for work. uniforms and supplies or tools you use on the job and new this year, teachers are able to write off up to $250 on school. >> hi. >> and what about child care? true or false, you can deduct the amount of money you spend on after-school activities or even summer camp for the kids? >> it's actually true if it's considered child care and you're not paying also deducting child care on the side. it's true. it's way to boost that refund contribute to retirement savings account. you have until this year's tax filing date, that's april 18th
8:40 am
to an i.r.a. and if you duld be eligible for a saver's credit that could be worth as much as $1,000 for individuals, 2 $2 had you,000 for couples, so with that you get both the credit and the pretty good. did you just say april 18th. >> april 18th this year right around the corner. >> oh. a little later. >> it's usually april 15th but it's all about the days of the >> thank you for that rebecca. coming up what does the bachelor have to do with kirsten dunst? the actress will open up about that in her next movie next. ey" brought to you by voya financial. changing the way you think about
8:41 am
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tt2w`tiy %4. bt@q5f( tt2w`tiy %4. "a@q%jl tt2w`tiy %4. bm@q.a@ dztq ub0 tt4w`tiy %4." entq %fp tt4w`tiy %4." gzt&
8:43 am
tt4w`tiy %4." lzt& l; kirsten dunst has a new movie "midnight special" and she's captivating as the mother of a boy who has mysterious powers. i recently got to talk. take a look. >> he believes in something. you don't. >> doesn't ple die every day believing in things.
8:44 am
another man raise our son. he did what i couldn't. >> but what was it you couldn't t i'm trying to get to the bottom of with kirsten dunst. it has a lot of mysteries. >> yes. >> we were told be careful what you reveal and not reveal. movie. >> you want to enjoy the ride. viewers are having a hard time explaining it which is kind of amazing. the only thing i would compare it to is it feels like a close third kind and also something younger people could watch too so almost feels like a movie when you feel you shouldn't be watching it when a kid but youow "e.t." was and "poltergeist." >> yeah -- "poltergeist." >> what a cast. >> i know it's amazing. jeff nicholss is onevorites and did "take shelter" and "mud" and one of those
8:45 am
>> michael shannon in the movie, the list goes on. what was it like working on this movie. >> the director jeff creates such a good atmosphere on the set. you know when you're working with great people, you know, everyone is striving toing wonderful for him and with him. >> it sounds like they did and it's a very different kind of movie. meanwhile, you're also very involved in tv again on "fargo". >> can you hurry hat experience going back to movies which we know you from forever now on this great hit on tv. >> "fargo" was one of the best roles i've ever played so for mehere's no difference and that was one of my best -- the best experience i've had. >> do you like that idea where there is a definitive ending to >> to me it's of project. i would play peggy forever if i was on that show, as well. it's a little bittersweet because everyoneeived i'm sad it's over but very proud of it. >> i hear you're a big fan of "the bachelor."
8:46 am
it's so funny and soy crazy that this is on television. and that these women put themselves in this position. it's just so -- it's brilliant. yeah. >> it is wildly brilliant and it's been on forever and so manyell us this -- it's their guilty pleasure. >> yeah, i feel like it's a lot of women's guilty pleasure. >> yeah. moving on, i know you wanted to -- you've course, you covered movies. directing is something that you said you wanted to do? >> yeah, i'm supposed to be directing within this year, next year around. >> you have already picked out. >> yeah, yeah, i can't talk about it now but i'm terrified and also so excited. >> kirsten dunst, always love to have you here. >> thank you. >> great being s dress. >> thank you. you, as well. >> "midnight special" opens in select theaters on march 18th and coming up here, country
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
i am so happy right be with country music superstar and fellow mississippi mississippian, rapinoe. his fourth album "fired up"iday. first single already topping country charts. you'll play that for us in just a little bit. i'm so happy to see everybody here. you are very busy man. just came off the tour withu're getting married in may. beautiful tatiana so with this new music we're about you. >> absolutely. we have just been slowly digging deeper and deeper in the record and ended up with 17 songs so there's >> there's a lot going on. >> a lot going on upstairs. >> and going back out on tour
8:50 am
have you ever seen this man onu kind of lose yourself out there in a good way. >> yeah, i don't know if it's a good -- you know what i've kind of turn into a different person out there and just -- i'd be a little more shy otherwise but blast. >> i don't mind you being shy at all. all right, off his brand-new album "fired up" here's my friend, randy houser, number one single "we went." black pontiac with a pocket of cash foot on the gas ready and throwing up a little dust like a pickup truck does in the mud y slowing us down right now she said i need a little something with some get up and go
8:51 am
quite like you do when you doin' the things that you do wanna give this sleepy podunk town something to talk about taillights fading from some blue lights chasing cut a path through the corn off county road 44 ore up a fence jumped in a ditch felt so good we didn't want it to end so we went looking for a dive just to kill some time let the heat cool off we could didn't take long just a couple of songs you know it's last call when the law comes walking in ts fading from some blue lights chasing cut a path through the corn off county road 44 a fence jumped in a ditch felt so good
8:52 am
o fogging up the windows headlights off in a spotbody else knows we went taillights fading from some blue lights chasing cut a path through the corn tore up a fence jumped in a ditch felt so good we didn't want it to end black pontiac with a pocket of
8:53 am
dy and throwing up a little of dust like a pickup truck does in the mud but ain't nobody slowing us down right now [ cheers and applause ]
8:55 am
8:56 am
you never knew of who lived 20r house for 53 years? tomorrow the amazing sister surprise you won't believe. plus, "deals & steals" so good, you'll say -- >> tory, you never cease togood morning america." we were taillights "good morning america" can brought to you by carmax. the bright side of car the shoe game, blue suede shoes. >> oh, yeah. >> i love the boys in the band.on. "fired up" is the name of the new one. >> thank y'all so much. >> bye, y'all. . good wednesday morning, time now is 8:56.
8:57 am
-- after dozens of car windows were shot out. >> and last week, people woke up to find shattered. more than 50 cars in tremont were hit. people living in the neighborhood are helping to crack the case. >> and in the field for the neighbors there and for the -- [ indiscernible ] and any of their information. we have -- [ indiscernible ] >> the witnesses said they saw a black car in that area. if you have any asked to call cleveland police. and elyria police, a warning from them this morning. they're investigatinction. a high school student was offered a ride by a man near yale avenue, described as a white man with white hair and a beard and driving an older black car with twin theed windows. five attempted abductions were reported in the area in five days. >> and i am so taken back by the forecast. i'm loving the numbers. 62 degrees for a lot of us. na. , 55, wooster.
8:58 am
head throughout the day. i am taking us to 70 degrees this afternoon. again, we looked at some ouds will build in. we have rain approaching from the west. tonight. beginning tonight and it will go through your thursday. the temperatures on today. and much of a decrease tomorrow. kristen? >> thank you. and we're seeing slowdowns on 90. 71 and 77. your typical -- and 77 worse off than at that there. and let's go outside. we're dealing with the issue on 271 northbound, the right side, broadway avenue. and that two left lanes going and moving forward. odot and e.p.a. investigating cleaning up an oil diesel spill from early it might be awhile. please be careful in that area and have a good rest of the
8:59 am
9:00 am
kelly: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the "live" television called "the passion," trisha yearwood. and star of the new drama, "underground," christopher meloni. and if you have a comment or question, send it in to "kelly & michael's inbox." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are your emmy-award winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan.


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