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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 27, 2016 2:37am-4:00am EDT

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clinton jabbed trump about his wealth, his business dealings, things they hoped would set him off. >> you know, donald was very fortunate if his life, and that's all to his benefit. he started his business with $14 million borrowed from his father, and he really believes that the more you help wealthy people, the better off be and everything works out from there. i don't buy that. >> reporter: trump about that moment in the spin room following the debate. >> mr. trump, she say taattacke loan received from your father and about women. do you feel that was fair or cheap shots? >> i felt it very cheap. first of all, my father gave me a small amount of money relative to what i built, but i learned so much from my father, tremendous father, fred, who was my best friend, but the number was the wrong number, number
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what i did, but it was fair other than the number being wrong. >> reporter: trump announcing victory, and now they embark on the battle ground states this week with hillary clinton in north carolina today, and donald trump in florida. diane, kendis? >> all right. liz from the spin room, we also have the new york post out with their headline for this morning. their verdict, "don not out." >> i'm >> it's lacking in a little bit of what we normally expect from papers like the post and daily news. they usually have better headlines. >> saying hillary's look says it all, face of the nation. even the usa today, tempered down, did good, i'd say. fight night, that describes it. good job, editors there. we'll see. >> the post saying their columnist they called the debate
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landed more blows than trump, but he just had to survive. >> oh. >> not enough blows to knock don out. >> i see where they were going with that. still, they've done better. >> as marcy mentioned, washington university is the venue for the next one in st. louis, sunday, october 9th, moderated by anderson cooper. a closer look at how trump and clinton did from our own political experts on the presidential debate and which of the two might have carried the night. random gunfire that broke out in a mall in houston, texas that wounded nine people. what we are finding out about the suspect. first, here's a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care.
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we have a a country that needs new roads, tunnels, new bridges, airports, new schools, new hospitals, and we don't have the money because it's been squau squandered on so many of your ideas. >> you have not paid federal income tax for a lot of years. >> that was just one of the fireworks moments during last night's debate between trump and clinton. >> how did they do overall? here's dan harris. top, if anybody? >> i think in this debate, they are who we thought they were. if you liked donald trump, you liked this performance. if you liked hillary clinton, you probably liked this performance. they both doubled down on things their supporters already love about them. >> what i will say about the undecideds, though, if they had questions about donald trump's temperament, he did not give peace to them at the end of the night. bringing up his father, he unravelled a little bit.
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moderator, and if you wonder what president will he be with the u.n., yao saw that, and that may not be comforting. >> was there defining moments in your view? >> i think a good moment for donald trump was going on the attack saying hillary clinton has lots of experience, but it's bad experience. by saying hillary clinton has bad experience, he's trying to say, look, i may be risky, you may not love my temperament, but she's not bringing change you need, but more of the same. >> is there a moment for every single moment that was connected to race. whether it was hillary clinton and the way she prodded him or donald trump in the way he answered, i think as the night went on, you got more and more disturbed how he happndled the issue of race. stop and frisk, we know the results. it was not an effective policy. it's a racist policy. >> he supported stop and frisk, and when con fronted saying, actually, it was found to be
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>> absolutely. >> do you think tonight's debate moved the needle? >> e don't think that it necessarily did. i think there's going to be some trump voters who are republicans, but have been worried about whether he's presidential. i'm not sure he was compelling enough on the, can you pass the commander in chief test tonight, so he may see some of those moderate republicans drift over to clinton, but overall, i don't think this changes the polls much. >> it the national needle, which was not moved, but parse that, in colorado, people supported johnson and stein now go, all right, i can deal with hillary. she was more presidential. if you're on the fence with third party candidates, she's looking better. state by state, needles may move. >> greening it out for weeks now, two more debates and a vice presidential debate. more combat on air and on the ground. thank you very much.
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wait for the official polls of likely voters to find out what everyone actually thought about the debate last night, whether it did move the needle, though, we heard a lot of analysts come out this morning saying hillary clinton won. we got a tweet from the trump campaign who they think -- >> who do they think? >> they have a variety of on line polls, publications finding in on online post-debate polls they go for trump. >> trump found throughout the entire proce debates he's taken part in, the online polls are favorable to him, even when the analysts are, like, well, he didn't do that well. what we know for sure, it was the most tweeted debate ever. 79% of the conversation on facebook last night was about the debates 62% on twitter. the most debated moment? >> trump addressed his temperament, right? >> his temperament. that's what people tweeted most
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obama, he's been renamed black eagle. >> why america's commander in chief was decked out like this. you're watching "world news now."
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headlines right now. crews battling a fast moving wildfire. in california, the blaze burned hundreds of acres, and only 5% contained, and smoke and flames are visible for several miles, homes threatened by the fire, and residents on the other handed to evacuate. one structure has been destroyed. random gunfire in a houston mall is blamed on a disgruntled employer. a 46-year-old monday morning, and officers shot and killed him at the scene of the police say he was wearing milita military-style apparel and recovered two weapons and 2600 rounds. new information in the keith scott shooting in north carolina. police say scott was holing a stolen gun when officers shot and killed him. reports say the person who stole that weapon sold scott the gun. meanwhile, there's word that scott's wife filed an order of protection against him last year. the order reportedly claim he
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talk about your brazen burglars. these guys ignored the signs outside a utah home warning of a security system and entered the house during the middle of the day. the video shows one of them going straight for the big stuff. oh, yeah. walking out with a blue tooth speaker and television. the family hopes someone will recognize them. and two quick thinking cops at the los angeles airport credited for saving one man from suicide. you canee hanging over the edge of a five story parking structure. the trouble? the man spoke only korean, a language the officers could not understand. seconds ticking down, one of the copped used google translater to communicate. >> i saw he was willing to take possession of the phone to try to facilitate the translation. >> my first reaction, just grab him and know he's not going to go anywhere after that. >> wow.
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hop the barrier and grab him. if you plan a trip to washington, d.c., cross off a trip inside the washington monument. the national park service is closing the popular tourist attraction indefinitely because of ongoing problems with its elevator. it's been breaking down frequently over the past few years. the monument will not reopen until the elevator can be replaced. while hillary clinton and donald trump prepared to be presidential yesterday, president obama looked at the white house in the tribal nation's conference. it highlights efforts on behalf of native americans. you can now call him barack "black eagle" obama. >> i like it. he's been renamed. that outfit is pretty awesome. mr. obama started the tribal nations conferences, this was the eighth and his final one, but plans to work on the rs
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? ? regardless of your point of view, most agree the debate was short on humor and levity. >> you could say that. let's turn to the comedy professionals to put it in perspective. >> talking about the debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. it was thee first chance americans got to see hillary clinton and donald trump debate at the same time. more importantly, it was the first chance americans got to mute both of them at the same time.
2:56 am
with the finale of cheers with the finale of m.a.s.h. forreal. it makes sense. this election feels like the series finale of america. >> of course, it did not take long for one of two candidates to tell a lie. >> donald, it's good to be with you. [ laughter ] >> now, the last thing the commission wanted was being candidates' demands giving hillary a shorter podium and let donald trump stop and frisk lester holt. >> trump held ground and insi insisted it could be cleared up if someone just would call hannity. >> hannity said strongly, nobody called hannity. if someone call up hannity. >> sounds like a commercial for an irish plumber.
2:57 am
>> trump sounded like he was fighting off a cold with coca cocaine. >> we have to renegotiate our trade deals and mexico. [ applause ] he sounded like the coked up best man in the bathroom at a wedding. no, no, no, no, you guys, i got it. i know how to fix the entire economy. let's go in together and buy a boat. >> there was actually 1,000 people in the audience tonight, and they were instructed not to applaud or cheer in the debate. and people watching were, like, what about sobbing? can we quietly sob? >> in the end, there was really on one word summing up this whole debate and this whole election feels, and donald trump captured it. >> wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. >> comedians had a field day with it.
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>> i think my strongest as at
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temperament, i have a winning temperament. >> wow, okay! [ laughter ] >> well, candidates sparred over nuclear weapons, isis, and policing. >> abc's marcy gonzalez has highlights with the debate hall in new york. nar si, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. even this early in the morning, there's some action here in the spin room. earlier, donald trump broke tradition. he came through here talking to reporters about that fierce battle on the debate president of the united states, hillary clinton, and republican nominee for president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> reporter: facing off for the first time. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. >> i made a mistake using a private e-mail. >> that's for sure. >> and if i had to do it over again, i would, obviously, do it
3:03 am
donald trump each on the attack dishing personal punches. >> donlald, i know you live in your own reality, but that is not the fact. >> but you have no plans. >> oh, i do. >> reporter: and hitting each other on the issues from taxes -- >> my tax cut is the biggest since ronald reagan. >> your plans would add $5 trillion to the debt. >> reporter: to stop and frisk. >> the argument is that it's a form of racial profiling. >> we have to take away that have them away from bad people that have them. >> stop and frisk was found to be unconstitutional, and in part, because it was ineffective. >> reporter: with one and five voters saying they could change their mind, but candidates trying hard to turn this tight race. >> i think donald trump criticized me for preparing for this debate, and, yes, i did. you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president. >> i agree.
3:04 am
this country can't affords to have another four years of that kind of experience. >> reporter: and trump and clinton will meet for two more debates, next is the town hall in st. louis on october 9th. kendis and diane? >> what are the candidates saying now that the debate's over? >> reporter: they are both claiming victory. clinton went to a debate watch party after the debate ended, talking with supporters, and experience saying it was a great debate, and an amazing experience. after the debate, trump was asked whether he wished he would have prepared more, but he said no because i think we won, and he said he's very happy with the way things turned out. >> trump, ncin fact, was in the spin room where marcy is. did he happen to explain why he didn't bring up a key figure there, it was right there in the
3:05 am
>> reporter: right. you know, after all of that talk about the possibility of gennifer flowers in the audience, there was speculation he was going to go after the former president with some of his past transgressions, but abc news asked trump about that here in the spin room, and he said he decided against those topics in the debate because clinton's daughter, chelsea, was there in the audience, but he's not ruled out bringing up those sort of kendis, diane? >> could get interesting. marcy gonzalez live for us, thank you. >> as we saw, it didn't take long for trump and clinton to come out swinging. >> how did each candidate fair? for more, let's go to rick cline, rick? >> reporter: in the first half of the debate, trump tush turned
3:06 am
argument, about the status quo, making attacks on the political establishment. that was the good side of donald trump, the bad side later in the debate with a dispute with her, working for the office, and just generally speaking, you saw a candidate getting under the skin. i think hillary clinton was able to walk away from the debate saying i know where the weak spots are. donald trump, particularly shaky ground talking about the birther with the iraq war, a false claim, said he always opposed the iraq war. those are things that are played over and over again. two canadidates knowing how to prosecute the case, but nobody closing the deal. >> thanks to rick there. last night's faceoff set a new record. the most tweeted debate ever. >> third most tweeted moment was plans for defeating isis, and number two was trump's comments
3:07 am
tweeted moment of the night? when trump said he has good temperament. >> i should have taken temperament in the drinking game. one forced to leave campus before the debate got underway. stein did not have proper credentials to be there and took to twitter to get the message out. gary johnson failed to be part of the debate. >> johnson watched the debate from inside twitter's manhattan's headquarters on site all night making the case to be on case at the next debate writing neither the rhetoric of donald trump or hillary clinton can be the commander of chief i want. >> the miami marlins return to the field days after losing a pitcher. >> how the team honored jose fernandez, and the first batter of the night broke down in tears after hitting a home run.
3:08 am
found alive after going out on a boat more than a week ago. how he was found and the search for his mother right now. check out behind the scenes pictures on instagram, abcwnn. you're watching "world news
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last night's first debate between donald trump and hillary clinton covered a lot of ground from jobs to terrorism plus her e-mails, his tax returns. >> there was a lot of things covered, and in this close race, were any minds changed? abc's political director joins us right now. just back from long island. okay, so good morning. it was a relatively small area, the debate hall, a thousand people there, watching it right next door, what exchange got the most reaction? >> one of the moments the moderator had to turn to the audience to quiet them down, and donald trump said he would release his tax returns if hillary clinton released her 30,000 personal e-mails. his supporters in the crowd seemed to really like it. they got, you know, really loud, but this moment i think will
3:13 am
you could see, and clinton, seemed to forget the reason that he's been talking all along about why he's not releasing tax returns is because of that audit. he momentarily forgot that. >> lester holt saying so it's negotiateble? >> he said, no, but talk about the e-mails. he said against my attorney's advice, but i'll do it. a lot of back and forth over the e-mails. >> oh, there you go, he's turning around there to tell the audience to calm down a little bit. >> there were a few moments with the audience seemed to react, and not just at that one. what was it like to be hall? was it taboo or were we letting it slide? >> no, i mean, i think that every moderator knows that an audience is going to make noise, right? even though in the beginning, they say that they're not supposed to clap, you're not supposed to chapter for the person you support, but the moderator knows. that was the moment that was the loudest, but it was just one of a few. >> what were the individuals' strategies going into the
3:14 am
they step it up? >> hillary clinton came to fight, and you saw that. she had to. she prepared for both donald trumps. restrained donald trump that we see more recently on the campaign trail, and then that unpredictable one we saw for almost a year. she wanted to make sure she could debate that unpredictable trump out. e she got that on the issue of birther, treatment of women, and she got unpredictable trump tonight. >> what trying to appeal to? we have a sense of who secretary clinton appealed to, and trump, who was he trying to appeal to? >> well, i think trump and clinton, too, trying to appeal to undecided voters, but they are not that many of them, so both trump and clinton were trying to play directly into their base. make sure they're excited. make sure they are enthusiastic so they vote in november. hillary clinton has had a
3:15 am
knows that her voters are less enthusiastic than his. she needs that bamaobama coalit to show up. >> she tried to bring out the unp unpredictable trump, but he did too. how did that play out last night? >> he did well when he tried to portray himself as a new choice for the country, saying over and over again has been around for 30 years. i thought he did well in that he was skeuccessful, but that strategy went away by the end of the debate. >> he said in 30 years, what jobs have you created and hammered that. >> and kept going back to that on trade, economy, and jobs. you saw it in the second half of the debate when she gained steam. >> maybe overall, do you have
3:16 am
i think they both have a ways to go. i think you really need that big moment for them to move the needle. what kind of moment? donald trump needs a big apology. we did not see that tonight. hillary clinton needs to appear presidential and make trump seem up acceptable to voters. she's sort of that tonight, but still two more debates that's going to be the goal. >> all right. our political director, we'll see you from st. louis. >> definitely. >> thank you. hour, fact checking candidates after a night of claims, counterclaims, and outright accusations. we'll sort out fact from fiction. >> first, authorities trying to figure out what happened in the mystery at sea. a young man rescued after eight days on the open water, but his mother is still missing. what we're learning now about the investigation. you're watching "world news
3:17 am
3:18 am
back with breaking news where several people were critically injured after a driver crashed into a bus stop hitting pedestrians. three of the victims were family members, parents in their 70s and their daughter, who was in her 50s. police say the driver crashed his vehicle causing another vehicle to plow into the family. the first driver then ran away. a man described as a disgruntled employer is blamed for gunfire in a houston mall that wounded nine people. 49-year-old nathan was shot and
3:19 am
of the victims is in critical condition. the suspect in the deadly shooting in a mall in washington state confessed. he admitted in court monday he killed five people in a macy's north of seattle last week. the 20-year-old faces five counts of first degree premeditated murder. three other victims were treated and released and he's being held on $2 million bail. an emotional night in miami, of jose fernandez. every marlins' player wore his jersey. the owner saying no one will wear that number again. second baseman led off the first inning with a home run crying all the way around the bases. after the marlins beat the mets, 7-3, players and coaches gathered around the mound to toss their hats on it. >> so much emotions all the way around. yesterday in the press
3:20 am
passion fernandez used to play with. >> that he did. one of the most popular gifs over two hours has been pitching against the colorado rockies, and he pitched a ball, and hit it so quickly and caught it quickly, and the guy who was hitting it was, like, you catch that? he was, like, yes, yes i did. he was proud of it. >> the coach compared to watching children playing little league was his enthusiasm for the game. a mystery at sea deepens now. a young man from connecticut found 100 miles from land after eight days on the open water. >> but his mother is missing after he says their fishing both sank. here's the latest. >> reporter: nathan carman on the way back to land after a week lost at sea and days after the coast guard called off its search. a cargo ship spotted 2-year-old
3:21 am
>> he was found in a life raft with food and water. he was reported to be in good condition. >> reporter: nathan's mother, linda, is still missing. the pair left a marina in their 32-foot fishing boat nine days ago. linda's friend said she texted plans, writing call me if you don't hear from me. nathan reportedly telling rescuers -- >> when the boat started taking on water, he looked for his mom and could not find hope linda is alive, and they want to know more about what happened. they'll get the chance to speak with nathan tuesday night, that's when he's due to arrive in boston. abc news, new york. >> the coast guard says so far they searched 62,000 nautical miles. >> searching for her? >> uh-huh. >> incredible story. coming up, more from the first presidential debate.
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ditch the misery. let's end this. so, of course, world reacts to the big debate about 100 million people estimated in this country to have watched. early newspaper headline are out. the new york daily news, not a fan of donald trump, out with this headline saying the face of the it all. >> okay. could have done better. >> yeah. >> not as salacious as we expect. daily news, this sums it up. this was from the usa today, fight night. clinton-trump tangle. >> shaking hands. >> the nicest part of it. i will say they got more hits than the pacquiao fight.
3:26 am
it is strange to find out the morning after what the twitter-verse or social media in general picks out as highlights. for this debate, donald trump's sniffles have become part of the focus. using the twitter handle, and apparently, there was a lot of reaction to trump's sniffling. >> we don't know what we're doing. what of mexico agreements, is that okay? good. made the agreements better. >> i did not notice that, but thanks, twitter, for pointing it out. >> here's some tweets, trump sniff, tweeted sniff. >> another meme with a box of
3:27 am
achoo! i listened to it, and i didn't pick up on it. >> oh, wow. >> they went to town. >> who is this trump sniff person? >> someone with a lot of time on their hands. >> exactly. >> jinx. hillary clinton's debate night got off to a rough start you might say. take a look. so e see if you see the mistake he. given to a thousand or so folks inside the actual debate haul. h hillary spelled with one l. it should be two ls. >> whoops. we talked about the third party candidates, bernie sanders was watching the debate, sending out this tweet of him watching on tv, though, of course, for the twitterverse, they decided he
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
th this morning on "world news now," the big debate, hillary clinton and donald trump on stage one on one, clashing over their past and plan if elected president. >> i call it trumped up triple down. that's what it would be. that's not how we grow the economy. >> a politician, all talk, no action, sounds good, doesn't work. >> the candidates covered a number of issues, but trump said he held back on one after the debate, he explained to abc why he didn't mention bill clinton. a lot of celebrities reacting to the debate on social media. after ten years, favorites reunited for a special "will and
3:31 am
it's tuesday, september 27th. ? ? from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. what a ruckus night it was. lived up to the height? >> i think they were waiting on a real moment, a knockout, so to speak, and i don't think that people got that last night. >> there was no dan quail lloyd benson moment. a lot of, oh, he one upped her, she won on that point, but no knockout they wanted to see on one side or the other. >> 98 minutes of good back and forth between donald trump and hillary clinton. they tangled early on stage for the first time. >> the candidates not pulling
3:32 am
squaring off over race, jobs, terrorism, temperament, and at times, the moderator was ignored, and they didn't hesitate to get personal either. abc's david wright was in the debate hall. >> a politician, all talk, no action. >> reporter: on long island, a battle royal. >> i have a feeling by the end of the evening i'm blamed for everything that ever happened. >> why not? >> yeah, why not. >> reporter: donald trump, at times, barely concealing his contempt. >> in all fairness to secretary clinton, i guess, is that okay? good. i want you to be very happy. >> reporter: did his best to brand hillary clinton the champions politics as usual. >> you've been doing this for 30 years. why are you just thinking about these solutions right now? for 30 years, you've been doing it, and now you're just starting to think of solutions -- >> i will -- >> excuse me. i will bring back jobs. you can't bring back jobs. >> well, actually, i thought about it quite a bit. >> for 30 years. >> well, not quite that long. >> reporter: hillary clinton did her best to keep a smile on her
3:33 am
>> donald, it's good to be with you. >> reporter: as she stuck in the chiv. >> i think donald trump criticized me for preparing for this debate, and, yes, i did. you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president, and i think that's a good thing. >> reporter: debate marked the fi realtime. the debate, the voters' first chance to compare them side by side, and last time they were face-to-face was more than a decade ago at trump's wedding. >> that is just not accurate. >> reporter: a lot less chumming. >> at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> no, no, you tell the enemy everything you want to do. >> no, we're not. >> no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult life. >> reporter: clinton goaded trump about failure to release his tax returns.
3:34 am
keep guessing at what it might be he's hiding. >> reporter: trump goaded her about her e-mails. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. >> i made a mistake using a private e-mail. >> that's for sure. >> reporter: the subject of immigration never came up, and some of the other issues barely got past the name calling. now the now the spin campaigns working the floor, hoping to dominate tomorrow's headlines, and something you normally don't see in the spin room? donald trump spinning himself. >> mr. trump, how do you think you did tonight? >> i thought it was good. i mean, i got everything i wanted to say, i got it out, other than the transgressions of bill, but i thought -- and i didn't want to do it with chelsea, when i think is a wonderful young lady. i didn't want to say what i was going to say with chelsea in the room, so maybe they are well off to bring chelsea. >> reporter: more people watched this debate than any other presidential debate in history, what's more important?
3:35 am
i'm david wright. >> clinton called trump's jobs plan a trumped up version of triple down economics, and he slammed her record on trade. >> yeah. the audience said it was supposed to be quiet and stay quiet, but they couldn't resist reacting to some of the candidates' more snapping zingers. we're in the spin room and have more. marcy, good morning. a talked about moment, i wrote it down here, hillary clinton said trump supported the war in iraq. >> reporter: right. this was a pretty lengthy exchange. trump insisted that he'd always oppose the war in iraq, but moderator, lester holt, pressed him on that saying the record didn't show that. there was a radio show with stern who asked trump if he supported the war, and that's when trump said, yeah, i guess so. so in the debate, trump said
3:36 am
he answered lightly, but insisted every interview after that, he adamantly opposed the war. >> marcy, another big issue here is race, a discussion on black community, tensions with recent shootings, how did the candidates do on that issue? >> reporter: yeah. the issue definitely came up including some of the recent shootings that they didn't get into those specifics, but clinton said race is a significant challenge in this country. she said that we have to restore trust between the community and police, and then trump in his rebuttal said he was using words that he claims clinton won't use, and those words are law and order, of course, that's been a major theme of the trump campaign. >> that, indeed. she used it in one point in
3:37 am
marcy gonzalez in long island for us. thank you. >> marcy, thank you. you know, it's interesting to watch these debates and how they progress because we talk so much about their preparation going into this. well, now they've both had this experience. >> yep. >> oftentimes we see candidates change demeanor and strategies as the debate process goes on. interesting to see how that works. >> interesting to see if donald trump takes a few days off the prepare more. that's one of the things that a lot of folks thought that he needed to prepare a little bit more going into last night's debate. of course, hillary clinton was, i think she might have had one day on the campaign trail in the last week. trump took off friday to do some debate prep, so we'll see if that strategy at least changes. >> uh-huh. there were some, though, saying maybe that was just in order to temp her expectations. they like to say he's not prepared.
3:38 am
and maybe some are saying that's exactly what happened. all right. stay with abc news for the latest on the debate, checking in on what both candidates have to stay on a number of issues. that's coming up. straight ahead in the skinny, overnight reactions on the debate coming in from celebrities. >> and a city deserted, thousands of people forced to evacuate as the surrounding rivers are hours away from cresting. new video just in. plus, the mom against changed her mind. she explains why. first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print. "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print.
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>> san antonio firefighters made more than 41 rescues yesterday after heavy rains caused street flooding. among rescued was the driver of a garbage truck who tried to drive through a flooded intersection and the water came into the cab. look at the scenes here. major roads remain closed. in iowa, the cedar river expected to crest this afternoon in cedar rapids. it's expected to reach 23.5, the second highest in the city's history. the city's downtown was all but deserted yesterday in anticipation of widespread flooding. officials are now cautiously optimistic. >> well, turning back now to the top story this morning. last night's first one-on-one presidential debate between donald trump and hillary
3:43 am
night was entirely accurate. here's abc with a fact check. >> reporter: these are two d candidates accused of stretching the truth in the past. perhaps the most intense exchange of the evening? who started the birther campaign, and president obama not being born in the u.s. trump said it was not him. he simply cleared it up. >> i got him to produce the birth certificate. i think i did a good job. secretary clinton also fought . that statement by trump is false. the two clashed over trump's wealth. he said his father gave him a loan for a million dollars to start his business. clinton said it was $14 million. >> you know, donald was very fortunate in his life, and that's all to his benefit. he started his business with $14 million, borrowed from his father. >> reporter: our abc news fact checkers concluded yes and no.
3:44 am
admits to, a coo see know disclosure shows he took $14 million from his father's company in loans. on the issue of nuclear weapons -- >> he's said repeatedly he didn't care if other nations got nuclear weapons, japan, south korea, even saudi arabia. >> reporter: that fact, while a yes and no, donald trump has taken different positions on the issue. another contentious exchange, comments trump made in the past about women. >> someone who pregnancy is an inexperience to employers. >> i never said that. >> reporter: according to fact checkers, that comment by trump was also false. in the end, the only question that remains, did either candidate change the minds of any voters? we don't know that fact until november. abc news, new york. by then we'll have two other debates, two other presidential debates to chew on and figure out if that moves the needle at all. >> that's right.
3:45 am
always a lot of topics to get through in the debates and never quite hit all of them, but each one tries to focus on the topics of the others. we'll see who discusses new issues the next time as well. >> the vice president reacting to the debate, of course, saying clinton is ready to be president and donald trump proved he is not. when we come back, celebrities weigh in on the debate. >> and the "will and grace" episode just for this year's presidential race. the skinny's next. "world news now" con after this from our abc
3:46 am
3:47 am
? ? it's going to be a rarity where we start the skinny talking about politics, but a lot of celebrities were actually talking about the presidential debate from last night. >> quite a few of them shared their very partisan views, but some of them did choose to take the high road with a dash of humor instead. liz phair said, quote, remember to watch the debate through a pinhole camera or polarized sunglasses, starring at it with the naked eye may cause blind ness. >> this is my favorite, teigen saying, only drinking game for tonight is to never stop. >> regardless of your political stance, ellen degeneres had a message for all voters saying, 100 million people are watching
3:48 am
watch, i hope you're interested enough to vote. we need you. >> that's a good message from ellen. you're right, the celebrities i saw were clearly partisan in their tweets throughout the night. >> that's right. if liz phair's quote of evidence of the way the debates went down, it's not sure people who tuned in will vote. >> yeah, true. next, just in time for last night's debate, a nostalgic throwback to the '90s with a today's twist. >> the cast of "will and grace" reunited for a mod earn ten minute episode on this year's presidential election. >> "will and grace" and their now dated apartment joined by jack and karen who have surprising opinions of their own. >> you know, hillary has done everything, jack. she's been a two-time first lady. >> i've been a two-timing first lady.
3:49 am
>> state. >> state. [ laughter ] >> blah, blah, blah. i'm glazing. i'm bobbing. >> she's going to appoint justices to the supreme court to ensure your civil rights. >> yeah, but i don't like that she wears pants. [ laughter ] >> debra has been an outspoken clinton supporter, but they said #votehoney, in other words, just get out and vote. >> by the way, sources say they are unaware of reboot plans for the show, but, man, makes you miss them when you see the gang there together, and to get that whole production back together like that, that's impressive. >> well, i mean, recently, an official reunion -- >> yeah, yeah. >> maybe. >> they did so in santa barbara over the weekend and had a photo of the gang back together. >> now we saw them in action officially.
3:50 am
well, next, in case you missed it, there was a "dancing with the stars" episode. >> the show was forced to cram dances into one hour for a faceoff night leaving no room for judges' comments or tearful back story packages. >> okay. the high score of the evening was a 32 out of 40. that's impressive for calvin johnson and lindsey arnold's saying he has to work on the emotion in his face, but they pulled it off, and amazing sliding split across the floor. >> for the man who said he can't dance at all, even being mocked by his sliblings, that's not bad at all. >> smooth moves there. >> earning immunity from next round of cuts, laurie hernandez,
3:51 am
james, and cramer. second couple will be sent home tonight. >> one of the funniest in the debate was at one point donald trump said he had the support of i.c.e., and someone said, vanilla ice supported donald trump? >> left out the ice, baby? >> exactly. finally, the celebrity wedding crasher here in new york. >> so, this was funny. a bride and groom snapped their wedding pictures. this is in beautiful central park when look who walks down, tom hanks, jum photo shoot. >> apparently, he was just out jogging when he spotted the couple and decided to surprise them. they were completely star struck. their names are elizabeth and ryan, and they invited him to take pictures with him, no surprise. >> that's very cool. their wedding photographer and hanks, himself, shared photos on instagram with hanks saying congrats and blessings. >> at least he didn't find something they lost.
3:52 am
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a number of parents choosing not to vaccinate their children with concerns ranging from autism to other devel disorders. >> one mother had a change of heart after a health scare with all three of her daughters. >> reporter: these are her children, happy, healthy, and now fully vaccinated, but it was not always that way. >> i put my kids at risk. i wish that i had taken more time to research both sides. >> reporter: o'mara, a teacher living outside chicago, said she was a big believer in anti-vaccination research. >> i scoured, you know,
3:56 am
harmful. i became pretty convinced. >> reporter: so she chose not to vaccinate her children, but then her 5-year-old and 3-year-old twins were stricken with a case of roto virus. she and her husband were very sick. she was suddenly living with the terrifying consequences of her choice. >> it was awful. and it didn't have to happen because i could have had them vaccinated. i felt guilty. >> reporter: although the american academy of pediatrics recommends vaccinations for practicically every child, the group says the number of parents refusing to vaccinate their children may be on the rise. in 2013, 87% of pediatricians surveyed had parents who refused a vaccine up from 75% in 2006. the most common reasons for refusing to vaccinate? some parents cited they believe vaccinations were unnecessary,
3:57 am
autism, a link that's been repeatedly disproven. today, her children are fully up to date on their vaccines after an aggressive catchup regimen. now she's encouraging others to vaccinate their kids too. >> i'm here because i wanted to share my personal story, and if it helps someone change their minds, then that's great. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> a scare for her. coming down with something like that. >> she said if her girls were babies or a compromised immune system when they got sick, they may not have survived the situation. >> it's interesting, when she thought that was the way it was, looking for research to support my views. >> we'll be right back. this is abc's world news now, informing insomniacs for two decades. ld news now, informing insomniacs for
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, the presidential candidates go toe to toe for the first time. >> trading blows on several issues from the economy. >> i will bring back jobs. you can't bring back jobs. >> well, actually, i have thought about this quite a bit. >> to national security. >> at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> no, no, you're tel >> this morning, the topic trump says he stopped himself from bringing up, plus what voters are saying about the historic showdown. full coverage and analysis start now. a good tuesday morning. we begin with the biggest night so far in the race for the white house. >> donald trump and hillary clinton clashing over and over


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