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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 4, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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in america this morning. good morning, america. we have our brand-new poll this morning as the candidates hit their final weekend on the campaign trail. >> because everything donald trump has said and done is a preview of what could happen. >> donald trump and hillary clinton cross paths in the battleground states. >> we'll have some big beautiful >> while melania trump takes center stage for the first time since that vepgs fiasco. >> a woman missing for months found being held captive chained inside a storage container trapped by a possible serial killer. her boyfriend still missing. how police finally discovered her and the search for more victims right now. breaking news, a major recall affecting millions of washing machines after hundreds of reports of about samsung washers blowing apart, hurting
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first on "gma." and bombshell allegations, megyn kelly's explosive new memoir. >> it's a very personal book. it's revealing. >> reportedly containing new accusations against former boss roger ailes. months of alleged harassment. why she says she didn't speak up then and how he is responding this morning. and good morning, america. happy friday. we know it's an especially happy morning in chicago. >> oh, you could say that, george. we'll take a look at wrigley field right now. millions are expected. some superstar fans also getting in on the fun like nba stars dwyane wade and lebron james. take a look at this post, lebron for the indians and made a bet and now lebron has to dress up in a cubs uniform and so dwyane
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about it. the race for the white house. just four days till the final votes and our brand-new tracking poll shows hillary clinton edging up to a three-point lead. still very close as the candidates crisscross the battlegrounds and tom llamas starts us off with the latest from the trump campaign. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. donald trump, hillary clinton and their top surrogates in at least ten states today, the campaign trail is getting congested. take a look at this. this is air force one sharing a tarmac with trump force one and then later just hours l north carolina, hillary clinton's plane and trump's plane coming face-to-face in north carolina. the race to the finish line is on. overnight, donald trump speaking to one of his largest crowds ever in the state of north carolina. >> we're going to have some big, big beautiful weeks ahead of us i think, huh. >> reporter: with just four days to go in full attack mode against hillary clinton sending his crowds into a frenzy with these unsubstance yachted
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inaccurate. >> the fbi is investigating how hillary clinton put the office of secretary of state up for sale in violation of federal law. the fbi agents say their investigation is likely to yield an indictment. >> reporter: also on the campaign trail, melania trump. >> he certainly knows how to shake things up, doesn't he? >> reporter: her first speech since the convention fiasco when her remarks were copied directly from a michelle obama speech. this time melania trying to appeal to female voters saying if the trumps make it to the white house, one of her issues will be to stop online bullying on social media. >> our culture has gotten too mean and too rough, especially to children and teenagers. it is never okay when a 12-year-old girl or boy is
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it is terrible when that happens on the playground and it is absolutely unacceptable when it's done by someone with no name hiding on the internet. >> reporter: an interesting choice for melania since her husband is prolific at attacking people on twitter. tweeting in the past, jeb bush just got contact lenses and got rid of the glasses. he wants to look cool but it's far too late. 1% in nevada and did crooked hillary out sex tape and pass alicia m. become a u.s. citizen so she could use her in the debate? trump watched melania's speech from his plane and gave this review. >> she did a great job. that takes a lot of courage. >> reporter: now on that tweet of a sex tape alicia machado called that a lie and he is accused of spreading more falsehoods saying clinton committed perjury which authorities never alleged.
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no reason to believe that. >> hillary clinton is calling on her top surrogates to help make a final push in the battleground states from politicians to musicians. abc's cecilia vega is westchester, new york, with her campaign. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. hillary clinton hits three states today alone. she is ending this race with a whirlwind tour of crucial battlegrounds and calling in some big names for help. jay z, tonight, stevie wonder, pharrell hillary clinton calling on her famous friends in this final stretch from pharrell. >> i'm here because i believe she's going to fight for us. >> reporter: to bernie sanders. >> we're not voting for high school president, we're voting for the most powerful leader in the entire world. >> reporter: in the battleground of north carolina, clinton's closing argument, a pitch to black and latino voters. >> he retweets white supremacists and spreads raci racially tinged conspiracy
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kaine in arizona with a presidential campaign first. a speech entirely in spanish. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: and president obama called in to fire up millennials in florida. >> we got to work like our future depends on it because it actually depends on it. >> reporter: one person not on the campaign trail, huma abedin. overnight clinton's closest aide seen at a high dollar washington fund-raiser for her boss. fashion editor anna wintour there to greet her. >> any res you -- >> reporter: abedin ignoring questions about the fbi's discovery of those e-mails on her estranged husband's laptop. and clinton's team revealed their plans for the night before the election. hillary clinton, bill clinton, chelsea clinton right there alongside the obamas, the president and the first lady for a massive rally in philadelphia, what they want voters to see right before they head into the polls this last image, george, the passing of the torch. >> going for a blockbuster
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karl to talk about this more. put up our tracking poll. we said it shows a three-point lead for hillary clinton overall nationally but part of the reason it's close you're seeing a scramble in states and encouraging signs for donald trump in blue states and encouraging ones for hillary in red states. >> reporter: no question it's tightened. donald trump is still behind. hillary clinton is still the favorite in this race but the map is really gotten jumbled. look at the new polls we have out in the last 4 first of all the state of new hampshire, now at a tie. this is a state that for over a month hillary clinton looked like she had a comfortable lead. now we've had a series of polls that show that donald trump could actually win in the state of new hampshire and then if you look at traditionally red states we have first of all the state of arizona. this is one that the clinton team said they are going after. look at this, a poll that shows trump up but barely outside the margin of error.
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finally in the state of georgia, this is a real shocker. georgia is a state that hasn't gone democratic for a long, long time. donald trump clinging to a one-point advantage, well within the margin of error statistically tied in what we thought was bright red georgia. >> still a long shot for clinton but surprisingly it is that close and, matt dowd, looking at the closing arguments on the clinton side you got president obama just out there trying to mobilize voters. on the trump side you've got him making charges from the stump and then melania yesterday. >> i just wanted to let the melania speech and the irony of that speech sink in. she comes out against cyberbullying and married to one of the biggest cyberbullies that we've ever seen in this. i think it was totally political malpractice to let her go out like that. it would be like bernie madoff's wife speaking out against investment ponzi schemes. >> you'll get a tweet from donald trump today. but on -- >> bring it on. bring it on.
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days, four days. is there anything any other external event you think could affect the voting or all momentum? >> as we saw last week when we were talking about hillary clinton had a rough comfortable lead was moving in and the comey announcement adjusted the race by two or three points. anything can happen in the final three days. we've seen it in elections in years past and wikileaks and everything else we have to stay tuned until monday. anything could change. it is a small but comfortable lead for hillary >> jon, what's the one state you're keeping your closest eye on? >> north carolina. north carolina is the state above all is absolutely dead even. you talk to both camps. they both think they can win and both know they could lose. >> donald trump needs to win it, jon karl, matt dowd, thanks very much. four days until the final votes and the latest on the race on sunday on "this week" and be here when the polls close tuesday night and anchor coverage all night with our political team starting at 7:00 eastern. moving on from politics to
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carolina. a woman missing for months finally found held captive. her boyfriend still missing. and a suspect is now in custody. abc's linsey davis has new details from the scene. >> reporter: this morning, investigators are poring over this rural south carolina area for evidence of a possible serial killer. todd christopher kohlhepp, a registered sex offender is now behind bars after authorities say they found kala brown held captive on this 100-acre pr charges is going to be kidnapping. it could be murder. it could be, you know, a number of things. >> reporter: acting on a tip, police say they heard brown banging on the inside of a storage container in this wooded area surrounded by a chain link fence on thursday. the 30-year-old was chained inside by her neck and told police she had been fed but trapped, padlocked inside the metal locker for two months. brown who reportedly cleaned houses for kohlhepp before he offered them for sale and her
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missing at the end of august. weeks later friends and family say mysterious messages began to appear on carver's facebook account saying the couple was fine and just out of town. they found their car at the crime scene but no sign of carver last seen on surveillance leaving work the day they both disappeared. police say brown told them there could be multiple bodies on kohlhepp's property. >> we're trying to make sure that, you know, we don't have a serial killer on our and sentenced to prison for kidnapping in 1986 is a licensed pilot and realtor based in a town about 15 miles away from the container. in september, the 45-year-old posted on facebook reading the news, this person missing, that person missing, another person missing, oh, wait, that person just went to beach with friend. other person found with her parole violation boyfriend. i just got a picture of the conditions that kala brown has
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month, essentially she was chained by the neck inside what looked like a steel cage roughly 4x4x6 and that was inside of a larger container. now, a massive search is under way in this field behind me because the victim herself told police that she believes as many as four bodies may be buried here, george. >> boy, that is just horrific. okay, linsey, thanks very much. we turn to another recall for samsung. this time for washing machines that could blow apart. it comes on the heels of those no phones caught fire. abc's gio benitez here with the story. first on "gma," good morning, gen. >> reporter: good morning to you. abc news has been working on this investigation for the past year. now we're learning nearly 3 million washing machines in american homes right now could put you and your family at rick. the images are dramatic. mangled metal, a wall that looks punched through and then there's the giant bruise. just three of the hundreds of
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loading washing machines blown apart when operating at high speed. >> without warning, the washing machine just exploded. sounded like a bomb went off in my ear. >> reporter: melissa this. hakton says she was inches away and her 4-year-old right there too. >> i remember covering my head and leaning over towards my son and just screaming this scream. >> reporter: just now after a month "gma" investigated on their top loading washing machine, we've learned t nation's top consumer watchdog and samsung are recalling an unprecedented 2.8 million top loading washing machines. how many reports are we talking about here? >> we're talking about 730 reports of a very serious hazard of the top of these washing machines completely blowing off. >> reporter: and amid the complaints nine reports of injuries. that bruise reportedly came
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woman's back and forced her into a cabinet where she struck her head and jaw. >> we're look at parents with their children. right there in close proximity. >> i do the laundry in my family. i've got two young boys. this would scare the heck out of me. which is why we hope parents and others take advantage of this recall. >> reporter: the machines in question, 34 different model lines of samsung's top loading washing machines sold since march 2011 until now. >> too much speed. the top of the unit is not secured enough based on the design failure. >> reporter: samsung telling "gma investigates," our priority is to minimize any safety risk and address the conditions that lead to the rare instance when the top of the washer unexpectedly separates from the unit. we apologize for the inconvenience this is creating to our loyal customers. so, a few options if you have one of these recalled machines. samsung is offering a free
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washer's top or a rebate towards a new washing machine any brand or full refund for those who bought it within the past 30 days. you get more info on on yahoo! george. >> important info right there. thanks, gio. to amy with the morning's other top stories starting with a real advance in the fight against isis. >> that's correct. intense fighting is being reported as iraqi troops backed by u.s. forces push deeper into the city of mosul today. the fighting described as the heaviest yet. isis hitting back with suicide attacks and rocket launches targeting tanks. the battle could take weeks if not months. back here in this country tense moments on the las vegas strip. thousands of people had to be evacuated from the paris hotel after a contractor hit a power line trapping people in elevators and forcing a room-to-room search. guests were put up at other hotels. power slowly being restored there this morning. and new revelations about the death of a former nfl star
7:16 am
kevin turner had a severe and unprecedented case of the brain disease cte linked to repeated head trauma. turner was a plaintiff in a concussion lawsuit against the nfl. finally, it is friday and if you need to destress your life, well, you should check out not netflix but napflix offering videos like raindrops in the fall and lazy clouds with music. there's also the standard fire burning in the can stare at a roast chicken there. n napflix promises you to bore you to sleep and a yale professor lecturing about einstein, a chess competition. mine is called the golf channel but, you know, whatever puts you to sleep. >> i like that rain video. >> nice and soothing, right? it's free, by the way. >> it is? you guys want to hop a flight to chicago? >> big day. >> come on.
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lifetime. millions expected to pack the street force a massive parade and rally celebrating the cubs. the brand-new world champions. abc's alex perez has all the excitement. >> reporter: it's the party 108 years in the making. the city of chicago coming together to honor the cubs. >> come and celebrate what we've all been waiting for for 108 years. >> reporter: thousands of loyal sporters of the lovable losers turned world series champs will line the streets in wrigleyville and heart of police already on duty along the parade route since early morning working in 12-hour shifts. fans forced to funnel through two security checkpoints. set to show off that historic hardware while fans will show off their new championship merchandise which has flown off the shelves after wednesday night's win. >> we had to come and get everything. just wasted $400 on just cubs stuff. >> reporter: as for the festivities, details are scarce and the mayor's office declining
7:18 am
lists like dyeing the chicago river cubby blue. tapping the city's fictional son ferris bueller to ride in a float or whether bill murray or eddie vetter might make an appearance. for all those young cubs fans in chicago they won't have to ply hooky. there's already a scheduled day off for the chicago public schools. robin. >> thinking ahead. no oneas anyway. thank you, alex, so much. the weather? >> it is going to be perfect, robin. so beautiful. i used to live a block and a half away from wrigley.
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good friday morning, i'm meteorologist, j.d. rudd. temperatures won't budge too much. low to middle 50s. tomorrow, sunshine and 62. so nice, we'll do it twice on sunday. pretty much around 62 for most areas. should be great out door weather for things like the ohio state game or as the cowboys come to town on sunday, to play the browns.
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anchor megyn kelly reveals allegations about her former boss, roger ailes, saying he grabbed and sexually harassed her. new details about the murder of washington intern chandra levy. the new voice mails you've never heard before from former congressman gary condit. this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,
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good morning, 7:23. in just a few hours, high school students are planning to speak out against an on going strike situation. >> it's been going on since wednesday in lewisville. there's a poster circulating on social media, encouraging parents to keep their kids at home. we have heard of high school students planning a walkout for 10:00 this morning. news 10 just talked spokesman. she says neither were planned by them. >> we appreciate what they're doing because the support is overwelming for us. but the thought of our students not being in school, i mean, that's against the very core of who we are. >> teachers have been working without a contract since the early summer. the board approved a fact finder's report monday, but members of lewisville education association rejected that report twice, claiming the language is too vague.
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it is 7:26, good friday morning, i'm j.d. rudd. temperatures are in the 40s right now. the exception is cleveland at 52. feeling a degree or two cooler when you factor in that wind. here's the forecast for today, we're not going to budge much. in cleveland, 54 for the high temperature. that's how it will be for most areas, low to middle 50s. here it is hour around 5 to 15 miles an hour. give you a check of that seven- day forecast. it will get warmer over the weekend. 62 for tomorrow and sunday looking pretty good, kristen. >> i am liking that. j.d., 4:22. we did have an earlier accident, as we zoom on in, very slow traffic on 422 westbound, just east of 528. that road is blocked from what we learned.
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the fact traffic is building. we'll be back again in 25
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? shake it up ? twist and shout ? >> okay, now this song is going to be stuck in my head all day long. that's what a parade looks like in chicago from ferris bueller's day off. it does seem similar to that later in chicago to celebrate the cubs. everyone waiting to find out who is going to hit tha route. matthew broderick. bill murray. >> we know bill murray will be there. no question about that. final week of the campaign trail. flooding the battleground states. our new poll shows a three-point race with four days to go. take a look at this smash and grab caught on tape. robbers storm a miami flea market. they have a sledgehammer, rifle and steal handfuls of jewelry and cash before getting away and police are searching for suspects right now. and i know we've all talked
7:31 am
but you have to hear this one. it may top them all and might be one of the most dangerous one, a couple of australians sneaking into a golf tournament. why is that dangerous, you ask? that was a golf tournament in north korea. >> huh. >> and they claimed to be professional golfers but they brandt and skills showed as much on the golf course so we'll tale you what happened next. >> did they get out of north korea. >> they have to give their passports when they walk in so we'll wait for it. >> a good those shocking new allegations from megyn kelly in her upcoming book reportedly making claims about sexual advances her former boss roger ailes made towards her and rebecca jarvis is here with the details. >> good morning. megyn kelly's memoir is still weeks away from release but people are talking this morning about the new bombshell allegations in it leaked by radar online including allegations that the now ousted
7:32 am
offered to advance kelly's career in exchange for sexual favors. this morning the bombshell allegations in megyn kelly's hotly anticipated memoir "settle for more." >> it's a very personal book. it's revealing. it's been under an embargo. basically they would have to hurt you if you found it. >> reporter: reporting excerpts ahead of its november 15th release date by radar online and her explosive allegations against roger ailes. >> i'm megyn kelly. online kelly writing that ailes began harassing her in the summer of 2005. i will be called in to roger's office. he would shut the door. he will engage in a kind of cat and mouse game with me veering between obviously inappropriate sexually charged comments and legitimate professional advice. the fox news anchor reportedly writing she rejected every single one of ailes' physical advances recalling one instance when he crossed a new line
7:33 am
kiss me on the lips. also addressing her own fears about speaking up crossing him was a major risk she reportedly writes but what if god forbid he was still doing it to someone? >> she has control of the story and she can explain in her own words what happened and why she came forward when she did. >> reporter: kelly's memoir released just months after former fox news host gretchen carlson -- in i'm gretchen carlson. >> reporter: -- brought her own roger ailes. >> hi, everyone. i want to support all women who have been victims of sexual harassment. >> reporter: ailes has repeatedly denied these allegations. his attorney telling abc news in a statement, "this is what misskelley had to say about roger ailes only one year ago on the charlie rose program, i really care about roger and he has been fog but good to me and he's been very loyal and he's had my back and he's looked out for me. mr. ailes denies her allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct of any kind.
7:34 am
declining to comment. kelly writes that the harassment eventually ended when she reported ailes to a supervisor. >> and the book is coming out november 15th. >> all right. thank you there, rebecca. we move on to more details on the chandra levy case, one of washington's most notorious murders and cost a congressman his job and there's new reporting on the case, amy? >> the mystery surrounding her death and disappearance and connection to gary condit never heard before. >> it's around 6:30. i haven't heard from you. >> reporter: that's the voice of gary condit heard for the first time to chandra levy, the 24-year-old intern whose disappearance captured the nation's attention and forced the married congressman out of office under a cloud of suspicion. >> it's 11:45. i'm sorry. i've been tide up for the last few days but you already know that. >> reporter: interest in this case now reawakened in light of
7:35 am
week's interview on dr. phil. >> you developed a friendship with her and you saw her outside the office, correct? >> i saw her one time. >> came by your con bow once. >> maybe twice. >> you say in your book that she had come by a handful of times. >> yeah, i mean i said handful of times. could have been four times, could have been five. >> reporter: the first time he's spoken about the case since abc's interview in 2001. >> did you have anything to do with her disappearance? >> >> reporter: but now these never before heard messages from a night in early may 2001 when chandra was already missing. >> maybe you're out of the country or something. anyway, give she a call if you get this message, bye. >> reporter: the former congressman always insisted he had nothing to do with her death and still won't comment on the nature of their relationship. >> why is it you will not answer
7:36 am
chandra levy? >> dr. phil, i haven't, you know, answered that question publicly for 15 years and i'm not going to change my position or my view on that today or probably any time in the future. >> reporter: but now new questions emerging like why was the married congressman calling a young intern to arrange a get-together. >> give me a rundown on kind of what your schedule is, things are looking pretty good for me today anyway, bye. >> reporter: on tonight's "20/20" you will see the story of how the case against the man once convicted of killing chandra le when an extra from "the house of cards" secretly recorded a key witness. you will hear audio from her seven-hour recording for the very first time. so many questions still in this case. >> the whole story and you will learn more on "20/20." mystery in rock creek park at 10:00 eastern on abc. thank you, amy. coming up on our big board, is the end of fitbit coming? plus, a new alert about your kids and salt. guess which foods are causing the biggest problems?
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time now for the big board. our team of insiders standing by to weigh in on today's top stories and becky worley at the table. you're coming up next. let's begin with more on the white house race, just four days to. >>. such a close race and crowded too, four candidates on the ballot in most states. you got gary johnson and still stein falling in the polls right now. well below 10% combined but we know that even the can make a difference. remember ralph nader in 2000. >> no question about that at all. right now it's hard to say exactly who they would help or who they would hurt. our colleagues over at fivethirtyeight took a look and found that a majority of pollsters have jill stein and gary johnson taking away from hillary clinton. but just by about a percent. obviously in a close race, george, in a close state that can make all the difference in the world and don't forget about
7:40 am
looks like he could actually win the state. >> there's a long history with third party candidates in presidential races. some people forget about teddy roosevelt. he even tried that. what's the most important ones going back. >> ross perot who at one point was actually leading in the polls in the 1992 presidential election leading b and george h.w. bush. of course, he dropped out of the race. he got back in, ended up winning i think it was 19% of the vote but, robin, they always took as a article of faith they lost because of ross perot. analysis later showed that perot took pretty equally from clinton and from bush and in one other one, george mentioned was ralph nader. ralph nader only got what was it, 97,000 votes in the state of florida in 2000.
7:41 am
6 million votes cast. you have to remember. >> that's the thing that comes up. up next, the fitbit was all the rage a couple of years ago and seemed like everyone had one strapped to their wrist but now sales are way down and the company's stock has taken a nosedive. becky, you will tell us about this. what happened. >> we all love the fitbit. you wear it. it motivates you to get off your butt. you learn what 10,000 steps a day feels like. you change your life. once that routine is changed, do you really need a second one? it's really amazing that this product has fallen so fast. now, fitbit tells me that 40% of the devices they sold last quarter were to returning to customers who had had one before but a lot aren't going back for more and the stock has fallen more than 80% in its value. >> all you need is had. >> or the iwatch or something like that.
7:42 am
fitbit do more to fight some of the other devices that were -- >> what could he have done? >> they tried to do big irscreens and tried to do more color, lower price points. they have one that starts at $60. notifications for text messages or phone calls. but if you wanted all the bells and whistles you'd pay 250 bubs for a smartwatch or if you didn't want to pay anything you'd use four joan, phones have cannibalized single use devices. do you remember didn't, in these count steps really well. >> becky, thanks. we move on to alarming new study about kids and salt. doctors reveal nearly 90% of kids 6 to 18 con sum excess sodium endr. ashton has more on it. what does it show? >> salt by the number, you guys, about 2300 milligrams is recommended for kids 14 years of age and older. even dulls to consume every day. that's about a teaspoon.
7:43 am
to 18. really wanted to ask the who, what, where, when, how they were consuming salt. bad news, they're getting a lot across the board. high school kids, the most getting it at dinner, buying it at stores but 9 shockers in terms of food, the most salt came in foods like pizza, mexican food, sandwiches, you guys, bread, more sodium than potato chips so it's really this hidden salt. now, to >> stop right there. how can that be? how can bread have more than potato chips. >> it's in all processed food, guys and added to bread so you have to look at those labels. from a medical and nutritional standpoint salt isn't all bad or all good. you want to get ready, take this data with a chunk of salt. >> i think this is an eye opener for a lot of folks. i think you're talking about taking the salt shake irand adding it but it's in the foods
7:44 am
example, adults have a problem with it l. if you're talking about things can you do today, start by reading those labels. flip that package around, look at the sodium content and look at the sugar as well because that's a big culprit. you want to try to eat n nonprocessed foods as much as possible. when your kids are little expose them to a range of different types of food because their palates are developing and should taste all types of foods and be on the lookout for kids water follows salt and could be a sign they're getting too much. >> are you taking note? >> check for sodium. five times a week. >> thanks, becky. >> getting down to five is going to be hard. >> that's true. hey, jon, have a good weekend, jen, same, becky, you'll still work and come back later. pre-black friday sales. >> don't start. >> okay, okay. coming up in two minutes, the guys who pranked their way
7:45 am
tournament. what happened when their cover was blown. 20 years after the jonbenet ramsey case, new questions this morning about her mother. was she a victim or part of the crime? bells jingling ] whoa. the holidays are coming. [ barks ] you're right. we need to get ready for the big show. what's up dudes? lots to do. hey iron man can you run up for the lights? you got it. thanks. [ drums beating ] way to assemble guys. um, fun! [ giggle ] got it. excuse me. coming through. oh, hey. what do you think? tall enough? taller. definitely taller. it's starting to click guys. woo-hoo. yes. [ instrumental music ] woah, we're gonna make this... [ barks ]
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that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets. all right. we're back with those australian men, a real estate agent and a builder who nearly found themselves in some extremely hot water in north korea because they decided to pose as professional golfers in a tournament and abc's nick watt has what happened next. >> reporter: morgan ruig on the tee. oh, dear. >> big shank. >> reporter: he's no golfer. he's an aussie realtor and his buddy evan is a construction worker. >> initially we just said we were a couple of australian golfers and they said, you are the australian team and we sort of didn't say no. >> i think their internet access is pretty limited and don't have many opportunities for research there. >> reporter: they had snazzy blazers made, took the pyongyang
7:48 am
this american college kid just got 15 years hard labor for grabbing a propaganda banner as a keepsake. kim jong-un not big on humor. his haircut is not supposed to be funny. rogen mocked him in "the interview." >> katy perry. >> i never heard this before in my life. >> i love katy perry. >> reporter: he threatened retaliation and spectacularly hacked. golf isn't exactly famous f a all those rules about when you can touch your ball and what kind of pants you have to wear, this prank should have gone horribly wrong. the caddies smelled a rat. >> i hit 120 which apparently is not very good and she thought it would bring great shame on my family. >> maybe they think australians are just terrible at golf and let them live. they let them leave. now they're big stars back home. >> i didn't tell my mom until i was at the border. got a big hug at the airport on
7:49 am
los angeles. >> so they're lucky to be laughing right now but you got to hear what they were having a long lunch which i think could be a translation for a boozy lunch and decide to do either mongolian eagle racing or join the north korean golf tournament. >> all those pictures out of will. >> it's a great tale to tell now that they are alive to say it, right? >> i got to say nick had a better golf swing than they did. way to go, nick. >> 50 over par, not so good for them. forget black savings right now plus the two biggest days for deals and then the great john legend is here live. look at that baby. he's talking about luna and sharing an exclusive look at his brand-new music. all that when we come back. little baby, oh. ? where did i go wrong ? coming up "gma's" fall concert series presented by carmax. drive what's possible. technology is useful. i just bought a book. and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song.
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? back here on "gma" a huge morning breaking down the best holiday deals this month. two days for major savings that aren't black friday. plus, we've got john legend here. he'll be with us and, of course, we got to get foo some of the weather. you have to see this video, you guys, out california, the big waves we've been talking about coming. well, they were there and it's not over yet because you have that parade of storms that have been rolling through the pacific. you could see waves up to 15 feet so surfers, beware and be ready. it's going to be a good one. high surf advisories around san francisco and the bay area. my sister is in monterey. she loves surfing enaright in the middle of the nation, a little update on the election forecast.
7:54 am
all that brought to you with
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"good morning america" is brought to you by aart.
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just about 7:56 on your friday morning. happening right now, police are at a house on hanson street for a shooting. you can see the crime tape surrounding the home. this is the 20,000 block of hanson street. dispatch confirms it was a shooting, but we are working to get more information from police. terence. >> crews scramble to rescue a man trapped under a car. this is from ea car up to get the man out from underneath. the victim is in serious condition. when he was taken to the hospital. we'll get another check for you. police have not confirmed whether the driver of the car stayed at the scene. >> one of the nation's top libraries is here in town for the seventh straight year. public library beat out more than 7,000 libraries to get the highest overall score in ratings. the library facilities on
7:57 am
>> thank you, much, good morning, everyone. the top of the hour temperatures are just coming in. we're at 50, as forecast in cleveland. it is a little bit chilly as you step outside. forecast for today, there you see it, we're going to be in the 50s all day long. sunshine here and there. are you worried about rain? don't be. we have no rain chances through the weekend or into the first day of next week. now, tuesday into wednesday, there is a small chance for a shower as a system starts to work its way through. otherwise, we should stay on the quiet side. the weekend looks so nice. we have to do it twice. 62 on both days. looks like the road should be fine for a little bit. >> we haven't had a whole lot of problems. just those side streets. some accidents coming in.
7:58 am
side street to talk about. another crash at broadway. but the drive times are looking decent. here's 90 and hilliard. traffic is building. we'll check back again in 25
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. final sprint. the brand-new poll, candidates neck and neck as they charge into the battleground states. and new questions resurrected about jonbenet ramsey's mother starting with the ransom note at the crime scene. we'll have what friends of patsy say about her life before her daughter's death. shopping so many black friday deals already available so is right now really the best time to shop? what day do you really get the best deals this month? we've got your answers right here. ? all of me ? millions love john legend's smash hit "all of me" and this morning the exclusive first look at his brand-new music video "love me now ? ? who's going to kiss when you i'm gone ? >> wife chrissy and luna right there with him and they'll melt your hearts as we say --
8:01 am
how much do we love john legend. >> so much. >> love that baby. >> i know. great combination of the two of them. happy friday, everybody. we have the fray here, as well. a big performance coming up and look what happened when they were rehearsing earlier this morning. they didn't think we were watching. got you, guys. >> don't pretend. we might make you do it later. >> as long as we don't have to sing. coming up. and just seven weeks away. we know the answer to this question for you, lara. you started shopping. >> absolutely. >> i've written my list down. >> that was good. that's a start. >> that's good. >> you got to start somewhere. becky worley is back with your in150i89der's guide to huge savings that are two days to get the best deals this month that aren't black friday-ish so we got that for you. >> all right. but first the morning rundown and amy. >> good morning, guys.
8:02 am
days until election day. and our national tracking poll out this morning showing hillary clinton with a slight three-point lead over donald trump but trump is enjoying a big advantage when it comes to enthusiasm among his supporters and abc's cecilia vega has all the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning. she'll calling on her famous friends to energize voters. in north carolina overnight pharrell telling the young crowd this election is too important to sit out. shatter on the floor and stomp on it together. >> reporter: bernie sanders slamming donald trump saying the republican nominee's campaign is built around bigotry and president obama is heading back to north carolina as part of his cross country tour of battleground states, across the aisle, donald trump telling college students in florida the race is too close to be taken for granted. he also got a boost from his wife melania in a rare campaign appearance she vowed to take on
8:03 am
>> our culture has gotten too mean and too rough, especially to children and teenagers. >> reporter: but she made no mention of her husband's frequent social media attacks. today both candidates back on the campaign trail in a last-minute push through battleground states. the clinton team revealing her plans the night before the election, a massive rally, clinton and her entire family right there in philadelphia with president obama and the first lady. amy. >> all right, cecilia, thank "gma" is first to report about the recall of nearly 3 million samsung washing machines because of an explosion risk. some customers say their top loading machines blew apart at high speed. nine injuries reported. the recall affects several models and our website has full details. $13,000 reward being offered in the search for a missing 10-year-old girl in texas. kayla gomez was last seen at a
8:04 am
authorities believe she was abducted by a stranger and could be in grave danger. the fbi and u.s. marshals have joined in the search. harvard university has canceled the rest of the season for its men's soccer team. school officials say players were compiling a sexually explicit so-called scouting report that rated the attractiveness of players on the women's team. harvard's president calls the comments appalling and says the practice began back in 2012. well, a dramatic crash caught on times in traffic. this happened in houston. surveillance video showing a woman running into help. somehow the driver was not seriously injured. it's incredible but the cause of the crash is under investigation. and finally, if you like to relax with a glass of wine and a hot tub you know what, why not combine the two. a spa theme park in japan offering hot tubs filled with merlot or bordeaux so you can really soak up the wine.
8:05 am
filled with coffee, tea and even ramen noodles and claim there are health benefits to those. i understand the wine and the tea. i think they lost me on the ramen noodles. not sure about that one. >> yeah. >> you had me at wine. >> thank you, amy. >> good to have you back from nashville. >> thank you, robin. happy friday. time for "pop news" and the upcomi upcoming "beauty and the beast" making bookworm. in this sneak peek from "entertainment weekly" we see her covered in music boxes. her dad next to her maurice as you might remember in the animated version in 1991. he was the gadget maker and flash in order and it's belle's dad who is the craftsman. belle herself is an inventor creating washing machines to give herself more time to read. >> nice. >> i love that.
8:06 am
belle says the movie is creating a more meaningful back story for her character. you can see it all unfold when "beauty and the beast" hits theaters on march 17. >> beauty and brains. >> isn't that great? sort of advance our stories. also in "pop news" this morning, quentin tarantino plans to retire after hitting the ten film mark which means he has just two to go. the writer/director revealing his impending departure from nine will be. "pulp fiction" director teased it earlier this year, a project about bonnie and clyde set in 1930s australia. >> i have to ask. why? >> i think he feels he has done what he needed in this genre and i think he will continue to create but i feel like he's ready to move on in that way but i wonder what number ten will be. you know he's going out with a
8:07 am
this morning, some friday celebrity real estate eye candy for you. fashion icon tommy hilfiger and his wife, you guys, listen to this. cut the price of their sprawling penthouse apartment atop new york's plaza hotel by $21 million so -- >> cut it by 21 misdemeanors. >> it's tree now, right? no, it will still cost almost $60 million. the luxurious due flex, 5600 square feet across two floors boasting four bedroom, four bathrooms is now listed at 58.9 million. down 21 million. the apartment features a kitchen to die for, amazing library. you can see all the pictures right there. jaw-dropping views of central park and it's been on the market for awhile so now it's like, you know, a fire sale. >> just like it. >> yeah, but great taste. hilfiger, you got great taste. that's "pop news" this morning. happy friday, everybody. >> happy friday to you, lara. coming up, the best holiday deals before black friday and the items you should wait to buy. plus, new questions about
8:08 am
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there is jonbenet ramsey. it's now 20 years after her murder and we have a first look at a new lifetime documentary that examines her mother patsy. paula faris is here with that. hey, paula. >> in this documentary you'll see interviews that you have never seen before as well as analysis of that 911 call. throu asking the question could patsy ramsey have killed her own daughter and how her love of stage and theater may have helped her cover it up. >> in 199 of the murder of jonbenet ramsey gripped the nation. >> reporter: on the 20-year anniversary a fresh examination of the tragic death of 6-year-old beauty queen jonbenet ramsey with an upcoming made for tv movie. >> jonbenet was everything to me. >> reporter: and a new documentary produced by lifetime. >> from the beginning, the
8:13 am
person, jonbenet's mother. >> reporter: which asks the question -- >> who was patsy ramsey? tragic victim or cold-blooded killer. >> let me assure you that i did not kill jonbenet. >> reporter: in 2008 the district attorney mary lacy exonerate the 9 ramseys claiming that touch dna proved the suspect was an unknown male. but this lifetime special is now resurrecting big questions about whether patsy ramsey might have been with the ransom note found at the crime scene. one of the first detectives to arrive at the million dollar mansion that terrible december morning robert witson. >> the handwriting examiner said i need to show you something and he turned three or four pages in that notepad and at the top of the pad said mr. and mrs. and then started the letter "r." so at that point it looked like somebody had used that notepad
8:14 am
and that notepad was patsy ramsey's. >> reporter: another decorative on the case fred patterson telling lifetime -- >> there were some similarities in the randwriting between patsy's writing and the writing on the note. >> reporter: investigative journalist jeff shapiro who covered it for over a decade saying -- >> would an intruder break in and try to copy patsy's rand handwriting or is it sheer owe >> reporter: it showcases her love of theater. her chosen talent when she was a young beauty queen herself. >> patsy practiced a lot. she worked on her characters and her vocalization and accents and all of the different things to create the characters. >> reporter: the filmmakers raising the question could she have been acting all along to cover up a possible crime? >> there was a sense within the law enforcement community that
8:15 am
was someone who has a grip on great theatrics. >> now, let's remember that patsy ramsey did pass away ten years ago. we reached out to lin wood who represent the family. >> dan, you've been following this from the beginning, 20 years, part of this documentary. what do you make of this new information? >> this new information basically pokes a hole in been patsy ramsey because there was one unidentified male person's dna both in john combafully's underwear and another spot in the long johns and that was the critically relatively new piece of evidence. the authorities did this new type of dna testing in 2007/2008 and they found what they told us publicly was a match in another
8:16 am
male dna found in her underwear so the conclusion was, well, that must be the real killer. now we learn, well, it's not so definitive >> that's the thing. it doesn't actively implicate patsy but takes away this information that looked definitive about somebody else >> that's right. because before and when the d.a. came out in 200 and formally exonerated the ramsey family, the main argument was, look, we've got this dna which points to som learn, well, this could actually be dna from multiple people and as a result it might have been transferred or gotten there. >> do you think had we known this at the time she wouldn't have been exonerated? >> the d.a. would tell you, no. the d.a. would say it was based on the totality of the circumstances, but it does make it a little bit of a tougher argument to formally exonerate and i say that because there is still such a divide within the boulder community and among the boulder authorities about
8:17 am
involved and so i think that to exonerate someone publicly you better have it sort of clear and convincing -- they would say -- mary lacy and lin wood would say we believe it's clear and convincing. >> what do the authorities do now? it's 20 years. >> what they do is publicly claim it's still open. they publicly leave it still open and this case will never be solved. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. movie "who killed tomorrow on lifetime. the holiday shopping alert. the best days to get deals that the best days to get deals that aren't black friday. alright, did you know i was thmmy slam dunk champion? the best days to get deals that aren't black friday. really? yes, really! don't sound so surprised. let's see it! -oh you're ready. alright, here we go. let's hear the crowd. ahhhh! i go to the right. i go to the left. fake 'em out. mama go up, up, up! she did it. -again? you can't avoid gravity. but unitedhealthcare can help you avoid
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and we're back now with music. it's a video for the disney movie "moana" written by "hamilton" star lin-manuel miranda and sung by alessia cara. here's "how far i'll go ? ? that line will i cross that line ? ? the sky meets the sea ? ? it calls me and i know how far it goes ? the wind in my sails ?
8:22 am
november 23rd. it won't thank you, ginger, it is 8:22. good morning to you, happy friday. temperatures are on the chilly side. look at this mixture of temperatures. 39 in ashtabula. 59 in cleveland as the sun continues to rise. it will help us warm into the 50s today, that's about it for most of us. here it is in cleveland. hour by hour, only reaching about 53 to 54 today. wind out of the north at around 5 to 10 miles an hour. tomorrow's temperatures jump into the 60s. scoop on holiday shopping. we saw amazon launch its black friday deals this week and some stores even started showing off holiday savings before halloween. becky worley is back to tell us what's hot now and what we should wait to buy? >> get this, 47 million people have already completed their
8:23 am
one study. 20% of the population wrapped and done. that is kind of unsettling along with the idea that we're seeing ads in circulars that came out last weekend for black friday deals starting now. so do i have to shop now to get the best deals? >> black friday deals are here all month long at lowe's. >> reporter: ads for early black friday sales like starting now. i thought shopping on black friday was getting ahead of the holidays. are these early sales a sign that the best deals are only happening now? there are a feustel lahr offers. walmart with a sale on tvs like this 32-inch hdtv for $125. that's over 100 bucks off. great deals like this 60% off blanket discount on the columbia site with a code and amazon with a limited deal on up to 40% off
8:24 am
missing the lowest prices. >> anything that calls itself a black friday sale and is happening in the first three weeks of november is suspicious. we're very skeptical of it. >> reporter: they say it's worth waiting for better prices around thanksgiving. phone, predicted to be hundreds of dollars cheaper. tvs can be 40% to 70% off and beauty products so rarely discounted are ripe for buy one get one free offers. and the timing on deals is pretty standard. sales all year round. the number of great deals are low in the beginning of november but ramp up to peak discounts on thanksgiving day. >> if you want the best deals of the season, you do have to do a little bit of shopping on thanksgiving. take out your computer or take out your tablet and start browsing the door busters online that evening. >> if you don't want to give up your turkey day, good for you. enjoy the holiday weekend because the second best day for deals all year long, cyber
8:25 am
>> ah, take a deep breath and plan your purchases knowing you don't have to shop early, robin, to get the best deal. >> it used to be so easy. we would wait till black friday. how do we strategize now. >> okay, thanksgiving, after you do the dishes and watched the football, okay, maybe you sneak off and fire up the computer and just tactically buy the things you really want to get the biggest discounts on because thursday is the best discount day. >> okay. >> then cyber monday is next. black >> good for clothes. but there is a strategy to it. >> there is a strategy. you'll be hearing more from me. >> happy to have you here. have a great weekend. coming up, the one and only
8:26 am
8:27 am
good friday morning, it is 8:27. high school students are planning to speak out against an on going strike situation. >> it has been going on since wednesday in lewisville. there's a post circulating on social media, encouraging parents to keep their kids at home, and we heard of high school students planning a walkout for 10:00 this morning. news 5 spoke to for the association. she says neither were planned by them. a man charged with stabbing and killing another man on west 6th will be in court today. police say stephon robinson, he was arrested. he later died at the hospital. robinson was a potential witness in the trial. it is not known if the stabbing is in any way connected. >> right now, jury decided between life and death.
8:28 am
barber shop in february of last year, murdering three people. if they decide he is quality, he can face the death penalty. let's get a check on that forecast. >> we step outside this morning, it's on the chilly, cold side. 41 in youngstown. 39 in ashtabula. 45. 50 in cleveland. again, it's a little chilly. as you step outside. temperatures aren't going to warm too much, too fast. we'll keep a mixture of and sunshine going. warmer air is on the way for the weekend. here it is for today, tomorrow, and into sunday. saturday and sunday both copy peace kind of days. sunshine, 62. wind speeds around 10 miles an hour for both days. >> tracking an accident 90 westbound into the city at mlk. we are delayed in those westbound lanes all the way to noddingham road. elsewhere, not looking too bad. 71 and 77.
8:29 am
we'll be back again soon, tomorrow live with kelly is coming up after this next cut
8:30 am
? i don't know who ? [ applause ] welcome back to "gma" this friday morning. welcome to our audience. good to have you here. [ applause ] and please welcome our very, very special guest this morning, he's up for the grammy, golden superstar john legend is here. >> good to see you, george. [ applause ] >> good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning. how is everybody? [ applause ] >> got a nice walk. just kind of have that gait. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> did you guys see the picture of his little girl earlier? >> oh. >> luna. >> perfect guest to have here this morning for our first topic
8:31 am
everything, we all know that of ear worms. study says 90% of us get an ear worm at least once a week. amy wakes up to them several types a week. >> i complain about it in the morning. i'm like "bohemian rhapsody." >> i've had one for the last day and a and a half since i heard the fray was coming on "how to save a life". >> that's what songwriters are going for. >> you can write >> we think we can. we don't approach it scientifically but trying to write songs that people can hold on to and grab on to. >> but not torment. i don't want to be tormented. >> you want it to be a good ear worm. you don't want it to be. >> you have one. 2:00 a.m., i'm sorry. >> your song, i've been -- i saw you and i started singing -- ? all of me ?
8:32 am
it brings up. ? all of you ? >> this song now -- i'll be singing it the rest of the day. ? >> it is the most beautiful song. all your curves and all your edges. >> imperfections. thank you so much. >> we all have them. >> yes, we do. >> to me it's like the last song i hear which get out of the car and it just plays in my head. >> the cmas when they did that tribute to dolly parton. i was singing it and now i can't remember the whitney houston sang -- >> i'll always love you. >> and lady gaga songs get stuck in people's heads because of the rhythm. >> upbeat and simple melody with a twist. ? bad romance ? >> you want something to feel familiar and fresh at the same time. a lot of songwriters, that sense of familiarity like i've heard something like this before but is still new. >> you mastered it. >> i don't know. >> songwriters don't usually
8:33 am
inspirations for songs. i'm trying to make a transition here. i'm just confusing john legend here. >> you're on your own in this one. >> classic segue. >> there's a reason why -- there's information more information this morning about the fact that women and men can't actually be friends. >> i think you can. >> i think that's phooey. >> i have friends that are platonic for a long time? are awe tracked to them. >> i think they're good-looking people but i'm not sexually motivated toward them. >> based on evolutionary standpoint it doesn't make any sense like why would that be something we should do or -- >> a lot of times it'll happen because maybe you're couples -- your friend cups like you're not attracted to, you know, the couples you hang out with even though they're good-looking people that you would like to hang out with, you're not
8:34 am
>> dig yourself out of this hole. >> do we have a shovel? >> you become friends with groups that are couples and -- >> i get it. >> you're not trying to bone your friend's wife. >> he didn't go there. >> he said it. he said it. >> he said what you were all thinking. what you were all thinking. >> i have lots of friends that are guys. >> different for men and women. >> men they say are -- but here's the new attracted to their female platonic friends than vice versa but this new study showed the difference wasn't that great so contrary to what people always thought the men always want to be with their female friends it's actually almost the same. >> it still underscored men still want a little bit more. >> that's true. >> i love how george does it with a wink. >> let's talk about what's new
8:35 am
three years. >> i'm so excited to have new music. we put the new single out called "love me now" and put the preorder up for the new album that comes out december 2nd called "darkness and light." i think it's my best album yet and can't wait for people to hear it. >> that's big because we'll share the video. the video is adorable. we'll make you wait for that and share that in a little bit. but you have so much that's going on with the new music and luna. she was just adorable for halloween. >> >> over a few days we put her in like eight outfits. >> oh, cute. >> adorable. >> i think -- >> oh. >> we kept -- chrissy on twitter said something about she didn't know what halloween costume luna was going to wear and so all these companies started sending us all these costumes so we were just doing a fashion show at the house and taking photos of everything. >> did she go -- >> i think luna was probably not
8:36 am
she had some moments where she was like i'm over this. she couldn't say it so we just kept going. >> ten years of therapy will knock that out. >> tell us about the movie as well. >> "la la land," that's coming out -- [ applause ] so, it's an original musical which, you know, we haven't really seen that in hollywood in quite a while, a brand-new musical, it's written and directed "whiplash" starring emma stone and ryan gosling, i'm in it, as well. [ applause ] and my company executive produced it and i wrote a song for it too. >> are you john legend in it. >> i'm ray different person. i'm keith. but i play a musician and i play the band leader in a band that ryan gosling's character joins for awhile and he's trying to decide what he wants to do with his career. >> you push him.
8:37 am
option. the other option is him being more like true to his original roots as a jazz pianist also dealing with his romance with emma stone's character and they're figuring it out but it's a love story but also about two creative people in los angeles trying to make it. >> i've heard great thing. >> beautiful, dame dwren is an amazing director and so proud just to be part of it. >> have you been bitten by the acting bug. >> i had a great time but songwriter and singer than i am an actor. but i had a wonderful time and i was lucky to just be a part of such a great cast and a great team. >> we see a combination of that. [ applause ] we see a combination of that with your new music video. can we show everybody? >> i wasn't really acting in this. >> ah, that's true. that's true, all john legend. here we go. ? who's gonna kiss you when i'm gone ? ? i'm gonna love you now like
8:38 am
it's over ? ? i don't wanna think about it i want you to love me now ? ? love me now love me now ? ? oh oh love me now oh oh oh oh ? ? love me now love me now ? [ cheers and applause ] >> your voice is unmistakable and it just -- when you hear your voice, when you hear your music now that will be stuck in my head. >> that's my goal here. >> and don't worry, john is going to be back in a couple of weeks and will perform for us so you'll have to come back. [ applause ] the new album "darkness and light." we can't wait for that. >> i can't wait for everybody to hear it. you can preorder it today. >> all right. >> hey, coming up, andrew
8:39 am
new role getting major oscar buzz.
8:40 am
8:41 am
and we're back now with an
8:42 am
it is 8:42, i'm j.d. rudd. a mixture of 30s, 40s, and 50 50s showing up in cleveland. a mixture of sun and clouds. a little warmer this afternoon. back this weekend. >> fall back. thank you, ginger. going to change subjects now to andrew garfield. he has gone from spider-man's web slippinger to a war hero starring in mel gibson's drama called "hacksaw ridge" playing a real-life conscientious objector who went on to receive the medal of honor all without firing a gun. abc's nick watt sat down with him. >> reporter: "hacksaw ridge" is the true story of a world war ii
8:43 am
pacifist. >> yes. where he says i want to help but i can only do it in my way which is a nonviolent way. i'm not a conscientious objector. i'm a conscientious cooperator. >> let's go. >> reporter: a battlefield medic who went back onto the battlefield after dark to rescue his own, even the enemy. the only part that i felt was not convincing was on the battlefield you take off your helmet and your hair >> well, you know what, what can i do about that? wearing a helmet and got a thick head of hair. all that's going to happen it's going to be flattened. i will argue this point with you. >> i'm just thinking my own experience if i was wearing a helmet on a battlefield i would tell you what my hair would look like. >> which is why you didn't get the job. maybe that's why they hired me. >> mel gibson directs, first time in ten years. mel gibson from my favorite
8:44 am
knows how to do a battle scene. >> it's a mystery how he did it. he had half the money and half the shooting days that he had for "braveheart" but i don't think you can tell. >> reporter: there's already oscar talk around this film. >> okay. >> how do you take that in yuri kick louse sort of british self-effacing way? >> yes, no, come on. the benefit of those kinds of even talk about it means that someone out go, oh, people are using that word associated with this film, maybe i'll go and see it and then that then might go in and have their lives changed by desmond doss. >> i figure i'll be saving people, not killing them. >> i have a friend from the south who is very easily offended by bad southern accents. he claims that you're one of the first people who has ever actually nailed it on the film. >> that could have gone either way. that's my intention was not to offend your friend.
8:45 am
>> thank you, nick. "hacksaw ridge" is in theaters nationwide today. robin. >> all right, lara, time now, i know you love this for our mission pawsible update. we've helped so many dogs find forever hopes. we'll tell you exactly how many furry friends have been adopted. first, though, let's take a look at some of our most recent success stories. coast to coast our four-legged friends are finding their forever homes from san francisco to burbank to memphis to new shy, now he's called watson and he loves his owner sean. mapetite positively stealing our hearts. >> here is ma petite in her forever home with her mom kathy and her canine siblings. >> reporter: and what about maurice. the lovable dog from mudville senior dog rescue. >> he's been a wonderful addition.
8:46 am
first met at the burbank animal shelter. the poodle mix already making himself at home with his human. >> i could tell that he was a super sweet guy. >> reporter: our count is growing as we're revealing our new tally right now. all right. so let's get to it. the number of mission pawsible dogs that have found new homes is, drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] >> 971. we are right there at a thousand. you guys can help us get there by go on yahoo! and find a participating shelter and share your story with us on twitter using the #gmapawdoption. i saw that vince vaughn yesterday. i love that little fella. i was in nashville, otherwise -- tomorrow we'll be live streaming from paw chela, a dog festival put on by the san antonio --
8:47 am
thank you, thank you for sharing all your stories. we're getting ready for the weekend. the fray here live performing live. >> "how to save a life," people.
8:49 am
so excited to have one of our favorite bands on the fray. called "through the years" and "singing low" which they're about to perform right now. ?
8:50 am
like water torture you get in my head ? ? you call me this and i call you that there's too much talking ? ? so please don't speak my heart is having trouble with the beat beat beat ? ? so try to take it slow ? ? we can't speak i want it i' ? my heart is singing low ? ? we can lay together we're closer than we've ever been ? ? stay right here forever and
8:51 am
? where we're going that promise land we made that promise you gave me your hand ? ? and all their talking it pulled us in ? ? say you'll never leave can we promise that ? ? please don't speak my heart is having trouble with the beat beat beat ? ? so try to take it slow ? ? we can't speak i'm trying i just wanna find the beat beat beat ? ? my heart is singing low we can lay together ? ? we're closer than we've ever been ?
8:52 am
we found a way to love again ? ? we found a way to love again ? ? ? step one you say we need to talk ? ? he walks you say sit down it's just aal ? you stare politely right on through ? ? some sort of window to your right as he goes left and you stay right ? ? between the lines of fear and blame you begin to wonder why you came ? ? where did i go wrong i lost a friend ?
8:53 am
? had i known how to save a life ? ? how to save a life ? [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" fall concert series is presented by carmax.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
thank you. thank you. that put us in a great mood. >> our pleasure. >> ginger, you have something you want to share. >> tomorrow morning my very own character on "miles from tomorrowland" will make a debut. i became a cartoon. she'll ride along on the jet stream. her motorcycle. chasing aliens. it makes sense. >> of course. >> congratulations, ginger. >> happy f 8:56, we have a developing situation. police responding to a house on hanson street for a shooting. you can see some of the crime tape surrounding the home.
8:57 am
hanson street. dispatch confirmed to us it was a shooting, but we are still working with police to get more information. terence. >> new this morning, crews rushed to rescue a man trapped under a car. this is from east 93rd. emergency response crews had to jack the car up to get the guy from out underneath. the victim was in serious condition when he was taken to the hospital. police still have not confirmed to us whether the driver of the car stayed at the scene. >> one of the libraries is right here in town for the 7th straight year. public library beat out more than 7,000 libraries to receive the highest overall score in ratings. the library journey judges facilities on number of visitors, program attendance, and circulation. let's get a check on that friday forecast. >> thank you, much. just a shade over two minutes away from the top of the hour. 53 in cleveland. 41 ashtabula. out of the 30s now. not much wind out there.
8:58 am
today. the temperatures not all that warm. 53 by 1:00, 2:00, 3:00. our high temperature only expected to hit around 54 degrees. that north wind at 5 to maybe 15. this evening, 48 north wind 5 to 15. chilly tonight as we fall down to 43. tomorrow's highs in the 60s. kristen. >> we have a stalled out car at chester avenue. some slow traffic in that area as we make our way east, we did have an earlier accident. this is ar but mostly concerned about the backup it is causing still delayed all the way to nottingham road. i'll leave you with a live look here. this is 90. flashing lights off to the side. live with kelly is up next.
9:00 am
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