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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  November 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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now at 4:30, ready for the holiday rush. millions heading out of town today for the thanksgiving holiday. expect crowded commute. what you need to know to get through the lines at hopkins. >> my wife was very disappointed. she said she's not going to buy anything online anymore. >> tis the season for stealing. thieves already hitting neighbo. the way you can protect your online order. >> ? ? [ music ] ? ? >> all right. we'll talk a little weather . it's 4:30 on the nose on this wednesday morning. here's the storm
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i expect two rounds of rain as we go through the day today. the first arriving around the lunch hour, the second i think will show up later on this evening into tomorrow morning. here's the forecast for today, i think we are dry through about 11:00 to 12:00 today. a few spotty showers will work their way in. a better rain chance for late this evening into tomorrow. it doesn't look like a soggy stuffing day for thanksgiving but a few rain showers may linger. we'll talk more about that as the morning goes on. kristen. >> all right. it's nice out there issues on the highway it is. we have a water main break in brunswick. haddock road closed between keller hannah and park. we'll let you know when they fix that issue and open that road book up again. let's head outside and check on the highways. 41 and 80 trouble free so far. i'll let you know when a problem comes in. i'll take it here. an update to an investigation of a
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barber heights. meg shaw is live right now. meg, police are still searching for the killer right now. >> reporter: yeah, it was a crazy scene last night but all is quiet here this morning. you can see behind me the skills barbershop, the lights are still on inside. police tape is up around pretty much this entire block but police have a lot of work left to do in this case. they say right now they are in the process of questioning possible witnesses. they tell us several people were inside this barbershop at the time the shooting and possibly even a small child. they say it happened around 5:30, 6:00 tuesday evening. some kind of altercation spoke out between the shooting victims moments before the bullets went flying. one 29-year-old man was killed. he died after he was taken to the hospital. another man in his 20s, he was shot in the leg. he has since been released from the hospital. police tell us one gun was recovered from the scene but they don't believe
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from anyone who may have been around during the time of the incident. >> we hope that somebody saw something, heard something, someone is talking on the streets. they can call and remain anonymous. >> reporter: they say even though several people were inside and saw what happened the only thing they know about the shooter in this case is that he's a black man in his 20s. so if you know anything, anything, please call police this morning. live in garfield heights, meg shaw, news 5. >> meg, thank you. police need a lot of information in that case for sure. nick foley here. breaking other night, the victim of a shooting found sitting in his car at east 55th. ems said that man was transported to university hospital in critical condition.
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the ground in very rough shape. haddock is closed between keller hannah and park. we are monitoring the school to see if classes are effected. the grinches are out early this holiday season. crooks in ohio are targeting shoppers and targeting deliveries. surveillance video caught this hooded thief making off with a package in front of a home in university heigh. protect yourself. they offer signature confirmation and a mobile app that lets you track your package all the way to your door. if you're not going to be home the postal office now has a new service. >> usps package intercept is what it's called. it's a service that we provide that you can actually change in transit where your package is going when you know it's coming. >> the postal service also
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facebook or twitter. black friday is two days away. if you plan to stop at a store and not online you need to hear it. if someone steals your purchases from your car most insurance companies won't cover the claim. you can try your homeowner's or renters insurance but still no guarantee. bottom line, try to drop your packages off at home before you shop again. today will be one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> yes, and every year the tsa about what you can or cannot put in your carry on. news 5's sara finney is live at hopkins airport. even though it's the thanksgiving holiday the travel rules still apply. >> reporter: things still apply. they never take the day off. things are busy at hopkins. we are seeing one delay to orlando. security lines starting to line.
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jetblue passengers here. some passengers may be carrying some of their favorite food to eat for thanksgiving dinner. you have to follow the tsa guidelines. you can carry on salad, produce, cakes, pies, frozen turkey but it has to meet the requirements. plan to put this stuff in your checked bag, dressing, and yam. the liquids can only be carried on in a 3.4 ounce or smaller size container. the tsa can take a better look at anything it wants to. if you have some questions about checking certain items versus carrying on you can take a picture of it and tweet it at @asktsa. we are seeing questions about all kinds of stuff.
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going for christmas, a survey finds that thanksgiving week is the least expensive time to book hotels. coming up in the next hour, the best time to book flights. i think the answer is going to surprise you. you want toll stick around that at 5:00. live at hopkins, sara finney, news 5. >> you had me shocked. trying to figure that out . >> reporter: the more you know. >> sara said it though. >> it's true. thank you. it's 4:37. still let what happened to this woman be a reminder that apple wants you to stop using chargers it does not make. >> a cop killer makes an unbelievable pit shop. how he spent the hours between the crime and being caught.
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we are 20 minutes away from 5:00. good morning to you. if you're up bright and early trying to catch a flight or heading off to the airport here's what to expect today in the cleveland area, rain showers moving in this afternoon to this evening. you will be fine between now and noon. not expecting rain in our area. depending on where you're going there could be some rain showers. if you're passing that in mind. dallas, denver and l.a. all looking good. travel for tomorrow, a few showers on the east coast, snow in the northern part of the country. we will look ahead to friday and the weekend here in just a bit. kristen. >> thank you. highways are in good shape this morning. i noticed a small slow pocket around 77 south and 80. i think it's just some cars going under the speed limit. >> thank you, kristen. there's a reason why apple wants you to only use chargers it makes on your iphone and
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she's from ohio. the metallic covering on her charging cord shorted it and exploded. this was a third-party one, the kind that apple has been warning customers against buying. katy said she's lucky the carpet didn't catch on fire. >> i just heard an explosion and stopped a second like what was that and then i look down and see the sparks. >> apple said logo that way you know your charger is apple certified. the company is taking legal action against one manufacturer making counterfeit charges like the one katy had. all right. time right now 4:41. this week's school bus crash reigniting the talk about seat belts. >> i would feel safer trusting a bus if they were strapped in. >> would you keep your kids
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this morning a closer look at how this work. the price tag and what the benefits to your kids are. as we take a
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it's 4:44. chilling new details about the school bus crash that killed children in te speeding around the curve when he asked them if they were ready to die. one of her children among the dead. she said she's complained about driver jonathan walker's behavior since august. walker charged with vehicular homicide and this was not his first accident. in september he sideswiped another driver. no kids were hurt there. >> friends and family came together to sing, pray and remember five young lives lost
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packed into this church until there was barely room to stand. six children are still in intensive care. this tragedy has pushed the issue of seat belts on school buses into the spotlight again. >> we all heard the phrase seat belts save lives. when it comes to belts on school buses some argue that's not the case. kristen burn has been looking into this for us. good morning, kristen. >> reporter: good morning. this is a very trover controversial -- should your kids be strapped in on the way to school. >> seat belts on large school bus, only six states have them right now, ohio isn't one of them. these parents want to know why. >> they could always have seat belts just like in roller coasters to quickly release. >> i would feel a lot safer trusting a bus if they were scrapped in. >> meet jeffery castle. >> the size of the bus, we don't need them.
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drivers in 3,000 school districts nationwide, 100 here in ohio. castle's argument, the school bus is built like a tank, extra protection just isn't needed. >> they are big, huge, heavy and they are delivering kids to and from school. >> look at this school bus crash test. their pro-seat belt stance supported with images, what can happen. on they should have to. >> if it broke out in a fire or they went in the water the kids will be trapped. >> they are five times more likely to die if they didn't have the seat belt on. >> installing belts on one school bus could cost from $7,000 to $11,000. for parents you can't put a price tag on a child's safety. >> if we can do what we can do
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education and back home safe that's what we need to do. >> reporter: a year ago the national highway transportation administration endorsed seat belts on school buses but nothing has happened. nationwide about five kids are killed riding a school bus each year, compare that to 800 students who don't ride a bus killed each year that walk, bike or ride in a car. thank you. another police officer was shot point-blank. last night a wayne state university police officer stopped a man on a bike who pulled out a gun and shot him in his head. officer in his 20s is fighting for his life. a man who shot and killed a san antonio police officer, police say otis mccain got
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the shooting and being captured. he was with a woman and a 2-year-old child when he was arrested. while he was being walked out of the police department he told reporters he was upset about going through custody battles and lashed out at someone who didn't deserve it. nick. >> all right. breaking from over night, southd carolina governor nicki haley set to become the next u.s. ambassador to the united nations. hey did accepted president-elect donald trump's offer to serve i administration as ambassador to the u.n. haley 44 serving her second term as south carolina governor has worked on trade and lay boor issues in the past but brings little foreign policy experience. now for another check of your weather over to j.d. >> good morning, everybody. here we are at 4 :#48 on this -- 4:48 on this wednesday tracking more train for today. not this morning but this afternoon and this evening that second chance of rain works in on the heavier side. here's the satellite and
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northwest of the area and the rain just off to the west. that's the storm system on the why in. i expect the first round of rain to come in around the lunch hour or so in our greater area. you see snow on the radar now but i think as we go through the day that's going to warm things up and that snow should change over to rain. here's how it may play out for us on the wide view, watch the first round of rain, the second round of at 8:00 we should be fine and dry. more towards 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, your chances for rain start to go up. that rain continues to move off to the north and to the northeast. the second chance of rain may hug the lake shore right along 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 this evening and will continue to build in later on tonight into tomorrow morning as that whole system passes by to our north and northeast.
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said and done, between a tenth of an inch to around a quarter of an inch of rainfall by the time we get to early tomorrow morning. the bull eye's in wooster and medina with a quarter inch of rainfall. keep that in mind. the thanksgiving day forecast, as you put those pies in the oven for tomorrow, high temperature around 50. a good chance of a turkey coma by this afternoon tomorrow as we stuff ourselves. if heading back on friday here's the over all out look, pretty good if you are traveling on friday. the weekend could bring more rain showers. more on that. kristen. >> thank you, j.d. the highways in good shape nice and early. no problems. let's talk about a water main break in the brunswick area, keller is drived between hannah and park.
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northbound and southbound lanes are back up and running. over to you. >> good to hear, kristen. we have new information to pass along to you about kanye west being taken to the hospital. >> west tried to assault a worker at his trainer's gym. the doctor said he was sufferer from temporary psychosis because o he was taken to the hospital one day after he canceled his tour. no word when he will be released. good morning. >> thank you for starting your day with us here at news 5:00. ready for a retrial. what change prosecutors are hoping for as they make another case against a cincinnati police officer. >> his play made him a cavs fans favorite and now dellavedova is ready for the big screen. >> what?
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we are six in front of 5:00. good morning to you. i'm power of 5 meteorologist j.d. rudd. rain is coming in today but let's talk about tomorrow for turkey day as you set the table to give thanks. here's the forecast for you. temperatures in the morning, 44 around eating around the lunch hour expect mid to upper 40s. we will top out around 50 tomorrow afternoon so we should be near average for tomorrow. a few spotty sprinkles are possible. the 7-day forecast showing us a few more spotty sprinkles on friday and the weekend may be cloudy on saturday. i'm going to paint it dry for you. a small warming trend for sunday, monday and tuesday with highs in the low to mid 50s. we want to know where the
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>> i'll get them in there. >> that's kind of a big deal. got to have the cash carbs on there. 77, 71, 9 #0 0 looking good. low travel times to start off your wednesday morning. right, wednesday. tomorrow is thanksgiving. let's pull up the odot views of 90. four different views showing the highways looking good. haven't seen any issues in the eastbound or westbound lanes. an ohio prosecutor said he will try again for a murder conviction against the former university of cincinnati police officer. >> ray tensing is accused shooting and killing sam debose, a black man in 2015 during a traffic stop. a jury this month could not reach a verdict so the prosecutor is planning to ask the judge to move the next trial out of cincinnati. a sheriff is changing his plea to guilty for stealing sheriff prescription drugs from drop off boxes from at least six sandusky county police departments. the former sheriff
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including theft in office. he won a championship and now matthew dellavedova's basketball journey is hitting the big screen. it will chronicle his struggles in growing up in australia and becoming an nba player. dellavedova said he's honored to be the subject of inspiring story. he now plays for the bucks and we miss him. >> i would love to see him in space jam 2 with lebron. >> i hope so. the bigg >> a whole lot of volunteers here helping those who need a warm meal this holiday week. the 4th annual feed the need were there including jim brown, tye lou. >> this is what it's all about. you know, it's about help ing others no matter what their situation is.
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all day. >> they are also raising funds at town hall to help out the needy all throughout the year. i have a link up if you want to contribute to thatch >> that's awesome. let's take a look at what we are working on at 5:00. pulling the plug on pink. how ohio's treatment of the new street drug could lead the way for law enforcement across the country. >> a small arsenal in the arsenal search in the middle of the night before they get into the
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now at 5:00, ready, set go. you are looking live at cleveland hopkins airport as many are ready to hit the skies or the roads today. why it's not too late to get a great deal on a get away this season. >> it happened again, another deadly shoot out at a barbershop. what officials are
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a teacher narrowly avoids dis disaster with a glue stick. happy thanksgiving eve. many of you getting ready to hit the road at some point today. let's get a check of weather and traffic with meteorologist j.d. rudd. >> we talked the last couple of days about how rain could slow you down. we have rain and snow on the radar andth that's the north and northwest. rain will work in by the lunch hour today and a second round is expected later on this evening into early thanksgiving morning. it's starting off cold and going to be chilly this afternoon. this is still the middle part of a small warm upcoming our way. more on that as we go through the morning. kristen. >> we'll take it j.d. let's head to the maps. nice and green on the inner belt.


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