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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  November 27, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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i'm scared. i'm scared for my family. my nephews. >> fear and anxiety this holiday weekend. cleveland's homicide rate rising to near record levels. a tool designed to help stop prescription drug abuse is working state. we'll show you how. we're taking a live look outside at hopkins. doesn't look too busy right now but that is surely going to pick up. welcome to the sunday edition of "good morning cleveland," i'm sarah phinney along with chief meteorologist mark johnson. >> what time is it? >> 8:00. many people hitting the roads today. >> flying out, driving, so far so good. the good news is we don't have
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finally dry. here's our satellite map. notice the cloud deck coming at us from the west. we've got clearing, rapid clearing, very well defined line there where the clouds are, then no clouds. so the sunshine is headed your way. still a chill in the air, 38 degrees for all the tailgaters downtown. browns game. 38 akron, canton, clear skies here, 30 degrees, clouds for the most part in wooster, 37. but everyone should begin to see the sunshine rather quickly through the morning hours. right now cloudy in cleveland, near 40. notice temperatures warming up, we'll go upper 40s today with a lot of afternoon sunshine. akron and canton about 47 or 48 degrees for the high. with a mainly sunny sky. coming up, a nice warm-up but
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rain. more on that. three shootings in a couple hours of each other are pushing cleveland's homicide rate above last year's numbers. as you know we still have a month left in 2016. one of those shootings happened outside city blue yesterday in east -- an east side shoe store holding a black friday sale at the time. witnesses say at least 20 gunshots were fired two, men hit, one died. police tell us the shooter drove from the scene and hasn't been it's a identified yet. it's a story those nearby are tired of hearing. >> i'm scared. i'm scared for my family, my nephews, for my young son. myself, i work late. get home late. it's scary. >> there have been at least 120 homicides in cleveland so far this year. you have to go back to 2007 to find a rate higher than that. there were 134 killings that
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open after two suv's crashed, one rolling multiple times. police say distracted driving appears to be the cause. the news herald reports suv drifted into another car causing both drivers to lose control. the suv landing on its side in the middle of the freeway. the other car ending up against the median barrier but both drivers are expected to be ok. no charges have been filed at this point. take a look at this video of a car road just south of 82. the fire sparked by a crash on the busy stretch of road. crews responded quickly putting out the flames. no one was hurt. in streetsboro though unfortunately a different outcome. flames tore through a barn at sabra farms early sunday morning killing 12 horses and three rabbits. the building fully engulfed when crews got there. right now investigators tell us the fire doesn't seem to be
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blame. right now police are trying to track down four men wanted for a robbery near the university of akron campus. "the plain dealer" reports it happened friday night near exchanging and cling streets. the victim says he was stopped by two men needing directions. the two others came up behind him with a gun and robbed him if you have any information call police. when state legislators return to columbus tuesday they will have two weeks to before the end of the session. there are several issues expected to be discussed including a ban on post 20-week abortions, expanded conceal carry access and possible limits on local minimum wages. the session will likely end december 8th. the ohio pharmacy board says traffic on the state web site that logs prescription painkiller use is at an all- time high. it's designed to help curb misuse and track patients that
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prescriptions from several doctors to feed their addiction. it's accessed thousands of times daily. it is 8:05. the browns will try to pick up their first win of the season today. mark is ready! the giants are on a hot streak now. they won five in a row ahead of today's game. the despite rg3's return to practice, josh mcdown is expected to start this afternoon. mccown. coverage starting 11:00. the cavs have a 1:00 game in philly, in philly against the 76ers. the 6ers having a rocky start. just 4-12. meanwhile our cavs have just two losses, we're doing pretty good. thank you for joining us on this sunday, i'm sarah phinney.
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behind us but another big shopping day is on the horizon. we're previewing the best cyber monday deals. new divorce data is in. why fewer couples are calling it quits. >> we have clouds over downtown but they will clear out quickly. looks like the browns game will be filled with sunshine.
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here we go. if you're traveling today let me zoom to the map. we're going to look at some of the travel trouble spots. well, if we zoom on in to upstate new york, if you are traveling that way you can see some lake-effect rain into some snow from rochester through geneva, new york. over towards syracuse and down toward palmyra. not too bad there. it was worse yesterday. so travel along i-90 may be a little slo state. we've got some rain showers out toward denver, some higher mountain snows, i think your main delay here today will be san francisco. still a few flight delays if you're flying out west to the west coast and up towards seattle. there you go. and portland. it has dried out considerably. so not a bad sunday for travel there, sarah. >> thank you. as you said today's one of the busiest travel days of the
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it does look pretty quiet though. this year actually more people flew to their thanksgiving destinations than last year. that could mean long lines at other airports across the country. hopefully not as hopkins. right now the mostly quiet weather is keeping flights on schedule. flightaware's misery map here that shows delays across the country. everything looking ok now. one delay out of cleveland. that is to detroit. along with the travel this thanksgiving holiday, known data that shows consumers spent more than $3 billion shopping on-line, that is a 21% increase from black friday in 2015. and more people than ever used their phones to find deals. mobile purchases surged 33% on friday to $1.2 billion. discounts led to big gun sales over the weekend. hundreds packed a gun store and firing range in new jersey. the store's co-owner said he
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guns for a possible increase in demand if hillary clinton the election but says the store is very happy with the donald trump victory. he spoke about -- he sold about 15 guns on black friday. a big jump from the usual two or three. while some black friday sales continue amazon is looking to cyber monday. the on-line retailer will roll out more than 75,000 sales starting tomorrow on things like toys, electronics, long amazon says so far this year the most watched deal has been a mermaid tail blanket. it's actually pretty cute. small business saturday and cyber monday, in the last few years there's been a push to have a day devoted to giving back. this tuesday has become known
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donations through matching incentives, special gifts and other perks. as we head to break here's a look at last night's winning
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we're following news breaking overnight from new orleans. police say 10 people have been shot, one man has died. it happened in the french
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police say there were a lot of officers in the area already. because of a big football game. two people were arrested. right now in cuba, nine days of official mourning have begun. they will end with the burial of fidel castro's ashes. the 90-year-old cuban leader died friday night after ruling his country for 60 years. his death marks the end of an era. as abc's jim ryan reports from miami it unleashed a lot of >> reporter: in havana, tears. for the people of cuba he was everything said this man. in miami, cheers. >> thank you, god. >> reporter: in death as in life fidel castro is provoking powerful emotions. to many a heroic lane rater. to others a bloody tireiant. the young cuban revolutionary shot his way to power in 1959
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communist state. for 50 years he was a thorn in washington's side. in 1962 american spy planes found evidence that castro let the russians install nuclear missiles in cuba. president kennedy ordered a naval quarantine and the world trembled on the nuclear brink. >> we were very close to the nuclear war, extremely close. the >> reporter: the russian removed the missiles. as made no excuses. >> no dissent or opposition allowed in the public media. >> i could say honestly no. >> reporter: as much of the world hailed a fallen comrade. >> castro was the last of the great revolutionaries of the 20th century. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: there was dancing in the streets of miami's little havana. >> he was a sadistic murderer who brought great suffering to the 11 million people of cuba.
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sunrise over past castro cuba. no one knows yet if it means a new day. jim ryan, abc news, miami. castro's death is expected to spark even more interest in travel to cuba, among americans but the travel is still complicated. though the two nations re- established diplomatic relations, to go to cuba you need to fall in one of the 12 categories approved by the u.s. government. that includes visiting relatives, educational research athlete. before your trip you'll also need to sign a sworn statement you meet that criteria. you'll also need a visa and travel insurance. moving to chicago now -- a police sergeant who fatally shot a 19-year-old in the back has been stripped of his police powers pending an independent investigation. the officer reported kawan ray pointed a gun at him twice during a foot chase wednesday. police found no weapon and
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the head of the chicago police saying in a statement he has concerns about this incident. in colorado, a man accused of hitting and killing a patrol officer is now in custody. the colorado state patrol says noah gamez ruiz hit cody donohue with his delivery truck while donohue was investigating a deadly accident. gamez stayed officers arrived. >> it's tragic for both families. our prayers go with their family. i can't even put myself in that situation. at the same time, you need to understand there is a family that is devastated here as well. we are all thinking about their family too. he's dealing with something. >> gamez ruiz is charged with careless driving resulting in death, a misdemeanor. moving to politics now -- the cost of securing president-
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family could skyrocket. the secret service may have to protect both the white house and trump tower in new york city. a source tells cnn a whole floor at the tower may be rented to set up a command post. the going price is about $1.5 million per year. and if that happens taxpayers would be paying the president- elect for his own security. right now officials say there are a lot of variables and nothing is set in stone into speaking of trump tower, a new name on it's not flattering. it was briefly renamed "dump tower." a spokesperson says it's been changed back to its original. trump hasn't comenlted on it. he's been using the tower as his transition headquarter efforts. >> sounds like wikipedia, go in and edit what you want.
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>> overcast now. >> overcast now, cold. >> but sunny in huron. my mom told me that. >> all right, mom in huron. looking now at downtown cleveland, we're beginning to see the clouds filling out of here and moving away. good news. here's wooster, a live look. notice cloud-free. clearing in wooster. notice how chilly it we stayed warmer because we have the clouds, cincinnati didn't. still, dry weather on the "power of 5" live doppler network radar. we've been dry all night long and we're going to stay dry all day long today so 38 degrees cleveland, akron, canton to dover, new philly. down that i-77 corridor. clear in millersburg and coshocton. clear in mansfield at 30.
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now mentor to ashtabula. everyone's going to see those clouds clouds -- clouds clearing out. here's your hour by hour. >> here's that clearing. look at that line. definitive line as the high moves in, brings us the sun happens. tomorrow should be dry with clouds increasing. then tuesday milder air moves in but look at the rain showers that accompany that mild air. it's going to be a very wet tuesday with a 100% chance that you'll see rain. wednesday more scattered showers, thursday rain, even some rain on friday. giants taking on our cleveland browns. i think we get a win today sarah. i'm feeling it. 40 degrees, mainly sunny. they are laughing at me in the
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48 to 50 degrees today for cleveland. inland areas a couple of clicks cooler, 46 to 47. tonight 36, clear to start. clouds after midnight. here's your 7-day forecast. tuesday there's the rain. 61 though. ok. 59 on wednesday, a few showers lingering. then thursday chilly, scattered rain likely, 45, a deal with a few rain showers. those temperatures though cooling way down. we'll go from 61 tuesday, by friday we're 20 degrees colder. that is more november-esque, right? almost december. >> hard to believe. you couldn't ask for a more exciting game. the biggest rivalry in sports going that double overtime and luckily at the end ohiotate came away victorious. but the win isn't without some
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this morning's sports report. >> samuel in the backfield with barrett. touchdown! curtis samuel! and the buckeyes win in overtime! a game they trailed by 10 points! double overtime. ohio state 30-27 victory! >> it was michigan and ohio state, these two teams putting on quite the show. getting decided in double overtime. at the end of regulation tyler durbin with the field goal to tie it at 17-17, sends it to ot, that is where jt barrett
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touchdown run. buckeyes up 24-17. fourth and goal, the 5-yard score, ties it up again in double ot. curtis samuel as we just showed you scampers 15 yards into the end zone to win it for ohio state, 30-27. urban myer happy to be part of this exciting rivalry. >> it's awesome. i've still got many, many times, very humbled to be part of it, and you can't ask for better efforts for the players. we have great players, very well coached team. so are we. it's good for the country to see the big 10 in action like that. >> reporter: another game decided in double overtime, wesley and john carroll. anthony hooks up with anthony leonetti, to give john carroll the win 20-17. the coach reacting after the big game.
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in for a fight. to see the way our defense played against that talented of an offense, it's an incredible testament to their will. union takes on johns hopkins in maryland today. tied at 21-21, davis to ridge, who makes the catch. mount union goes up 28-21 and wins by that score. they and john carroll moving to the division 3 quarterfinals. if they win each other they will play each other for second time this season. high school football. after trailing 14-3 at the half, hoban coming back strong in the second half. third quarter, hoban down 14- 10, breaks through and takes off. he turns on the wheels going 41 yards to give hoban the lead. after that they kick two field
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division 5 edison and canton central catholic. down 7-0 when jack murphy airs it to cummins who takes it the rest of the way. 75-yard touchdown pass, game tied at 7-7. fourth quarter, gators up 17-7, murphy kicks it himself. takes it to the house. canton central catholic wins 24- 14 and we'll have a rematch against goldwater in the state finals. here's news on your sunday morning. having a couple of glasses of wine could be good for your health. [ applause ] >> but there's a caveat. more could have the opposite effect. that is according to a review of studies published in bmc medicine. the review found that those who had one or two a day reduced risk of stroke by 8% but more, increased risk of stroke. as for those people who don't
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divorce rates in the u.s. are plunging to a 35-year low. it's hard to say exactly why but factors could include the aging population, changing gender roles or just because not many people are getting married. some americans are foregoing marriage to stay single and live alone or co-habitat with partners without tying the knot. the new data from the national center for family and marriage research at bowling green state university. coming up -- cleveland courts will new bail system. what will change for those who will be in court soon. and we're just a day away from driverless vehicles making their debut on ohio highways. how this is going to change our
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we start with a live look at cleveland hopkins day, looks like some people headed to the security checkpoints at hopkins. no lines yet so that is some good news. welcome to the sunday edition of "good morning cleveland," i'm sarah phinney. we have several developing stories including cleveland's homicide rate growing over the weekend. more on that, but first we have to check on the weather with chief meteorologist mark johnson, many people hitting the roads and skies this morning. traffic not doing too badly
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local highways. folks are probably just getting up and kind of -- doing their calisthenics, getting ready to go and hit the roads. i can show you the regional radar screen. here's our "power of 5". five live radars, no rain drops or snowflakes within several hundred miles of cleveland, akron, youngstown. all the way to cincinnati. i-90, i-80 and 76 and of course i-77 smooth sailing. the nearest snowfall is way up here towards syracuse. so if you're traveling that way out of buffalo you may get a little slowdown due to some snow on the roads. 34 degrees in elyria. 38 cleveland to akron to canton. 37 ashtabula. let me show you the hour by hour -- notice the temperatures going up, upper 40s, if you're seeing clouds over you now, give it a little while, you're going to see
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afternoon. upper 40s and then we'll start off with a lot of sunshine -- or a lot of moonshine i should say before clouds move in after midnight tonight. many cleveland residents fear for their safety as the city's homicide rate grows even higher. now matching the number of homicides we saw in all of 2015, three shootings yesterday, all within a couple of hours of each other left one man dead. one of the shootings happening outside this big holiday shopping weekend. derek waller takes us there. >> reporter: this is one of thely -- >> you never know what is going to happen. >> reporter: a black friday weekend shoe sale cut short at
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the afternoon. two men are the victims, possibly in their 20s. one died after being shot in the chest. tonight the shoes are sitting in the dark, tore closed. only medical gloves remain. it's a story that is get doing common. tonight police responded to another shooting around the same time outside usa food mart at east 123rd and phillips. on east a 55th. police say another woman got shot in the leg. >> >> no. >> reporter:kayla fears for the safety of her 4-year-old child growing up in a city she believes is getting more dangerous. >> i'm scared, for my family. my nephews, i have a young son. i'm scared for myself. i work late. i get home late. so it's scary. >> reporter: there's been at least 120 homicides in cleveland this year. matching 2015's total. and we still have a month to
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billups says she just doesn't know. >> the neighborhood we live in, i feel like -- it's like hopeless. >> that was derek waller reporting. new information about a shooting on i-90 west that left one man dead. the 24-year-old man killed now being identified as jamel green. the scary scene playing out friday night just before 5:00 near dead man's curve. police say the suspt started to shoot. green then spinning out of control, flipped and ended on burke lakefront airport property. another person in the car was taken to the hospital but left before speaking with investigators. former university heights mayor beryl rogerschild has died. she was 88 years old. according to the city web site she served as mayor for 31 years ending in 2009.
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cleveland municipal court will soon change how it sets bail for defendants awaiting trial. "the plain dealer" reports the court will begin to use a formula that helps the judge assess the flea risk of each person. the suspect's age and criminal history are among the nine factors to be used to bail fees. a self-driving truck is set tomorrow. the maker of the truck will test it out on a 35-mile stretch of route 33 between dublin and east liberty near columbus. a human driver will be inside so don't worry, in case something goes wrong. state officials say that stretch of road is being designated as a a testing ground for new technologies. include a fiber optic cable network and sensor system. those will be installed next year. the pro football hall of
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for its expansion project. it will be called the johnson controls hall of fame village. the yearly induction celebration is getting a new name too. it will be called the pro football hall of fame enshrinement week powered by johnson controls. that is a mouthful there. the hall of fame says the new project will have an economic impact of more than over 25 years. ahead -- the holiday season is a popular time for giving. but where do your donations really end up? we're investigating those popular clothing donation bins. and public square getting into the holiday spirit. we'll show you downtown's new look. >> we've got a power of 5 forecast with 5 live doppler radars. it includes sunshine and some
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great news, no obstruction to travel at least not regionally. 38 degrees cleveland, akron.
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we're at 40. by 11:00 46. here's your browns sunday gametime kickoff. 48, sunshine all afternoon long. we should see sunshine all afternoon. 3:00 p.m. 49, that is about the high. then 5:00 p.m. cooling down a little. mid-40s, starry skies on the way at least for most of the night we're tracking rain. i'll show you the hour by hour forecast coming up. it's official, the holiday season is upon us. winter fest kicked off in it was an all-day holiday celebration with food trucks and live entertainment and ice skating. but the night wouldn't be complete without the annual tree lighting ceremony. more than 363,000 lights now lighting up public square. today the cleveland carolers are starting their holiday season. they will be performing on the newly decorated public square from 2:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. expect to see the group popping
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until new year's. also getting the christmas season started, historic kirtland. annual nativity exhibit starts today. features 1,000 nativity scenes on loan from area families. the display will be lit 7:00 p.m. tonight. takes more than 150,000 lights to fully decorate the village. the exhibit will be open daily from 9:00 to 8:00 in the evening until december 31st. speaking of nativities you need to look at here's one trending on-line. it's called the hipster nativity set. a modern take on the traditional scene complete with wise men on segways bearing gifts from amazon prime and as well as a latte-drinking mary an sporting joseph. taking a selfie with baby jesus. this is almost sold out with over 500 sets selling each day. wow. next, you've probably got a
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leftovers now. so how long are they safe to eat? we're going to answer that for
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deadlines are fast approaching in two more states targeted for recount by the green party. that party led by presidential nominee jill stein started the recount process in wisconsin friday. stein says it will do the same in pennsylvania and michigan but so far no paperwork has
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stein admits it's unlikely to find evidence of vote tampering but believes the process is important for democracy. >> i would say what is in this for us? as voters. we need to know our votes are counted, that they are not being hacked. that they are not being tampered with. >> to change the election results, clinton would need to gain enough votes in all three states to beat donald trump. that requires picking up about through a recount. meanwhile, donald trump is slamming the push for recounts. he calls it a scam. the clinton campaign agrees it's unlikely to change anything but say they will participate in order to ensure the process is fair to all sides. donald trump will continue to meet with candidates for adviser and cabinet positions. trump hasn't yet decided on who he will name as secretary of
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rudy giuliani remain prime contentedders. general jim mattis at the top of the list for secretary of defense. other posts are for treasury, homeland security and veterans affairs. several mosques in southern california say they've received threatening letters. the same hand written photo copied letter was sent to three islamic centers this week. it was addressed to "children of satan." it says donald trump will cleanse america starting with muslims, members targeted mosque say while it's been on edge they are still hoping to spread a message of love. >> if this person is listening i would like to send a message of peace and blessing to him or her. and i would like to invite this person to our center, our center is open any time. >> san jose police are now investigating and say the letters are being treated as hate motivated incidents. this morning one person is
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vandalizing three starbucks in albuquerque. the fbi says suspicious devices were found at the stores on friday. one of them went off and caused some damage. luckily the store was closed at the time so no one was hurt. it's not yet known the motive for the incidents. in north dakota the army corps of engineers making plans to close the land currently occupied by protesters. they say it say they are thankful for that decision, it won't work unless federal law officers help enforce it. protesters say they don't plan to leave their encampment. the group, many of which are native americans say the pipeline will disrupt sacred land and jeopardizes their water supply. the holiday season is the most popular time for donations in one of the easiest ways to do that, drop off all clothes in donation bins.
8:48 am
some of the most recognizable bins are these yellow planet aid bins, that organization says donations go to a regional office in solon, bundled and sold on the used textile market. the money then used to help planet aids missions around the world. but not all donation bins and companies are created equal so you have to look closely. >> some put a fine print and say for-profit. and no one reads donations is to take it to a store or group you know and trust. the salvation army family stores and goodwill are both reputable options. a rare condition hitting dozens of people in australia, called thunderstorm asthma. the storm you see in this video rolled into melbourne on monday. it stirred up so much pollen that it triggered asthma
8:49 am
icu. about a third of the patients who suffered asthma attacks say they have never had asthma before. mark, it's a little gloomy outside now. sunshine is on the way. >> sunshine moving in. steadily from the west. >> for the browns game. >> in time. i know a lot of folks heading to tailgate. a little chilly but not as cold as last week. >> that was brutal! >> very cold, 35 mile-per-hour winds. >> only the diehards were out i was. >> you were? i believe that. outside now, a live look at the airport. they were getting some crowds in there. folks starting to head out for travel. if you're traveling around northern ohio, things are looking good, akron still some clouds but don't you worry, clouds will clear out nicely during the morning hours and we will see an abundant amount of sunshine. holiday travel once again, we've got rain showers along the coast.
8:50 am
california. washington and oregon, though up here towards seattle and portland things have improved greatly. just some lighter snows, still some windy conditions there. over towards denver we got high mountain snows, i don't see real delays out there, maybe sfo may have a few-minute delay on flights coming in from the east coast. if you're traveling i-90 today between buffalo and syracuse into albany we've got a little streamer of lake-effect snow coming again it is much better than it was yesterday at this time when we had a lot of heavy snow in upstate new york. travel toward tampa, jacksonville, miami, looking good. maybe an isolated storm around there. lorain sunny now, wooster becoming sunny. mansfield and sandusky sunshine. that cloud deck should erode away nicely the next two hours.
8:51 am
to canton, 37 wooster. 31 millersburg. 30 currently mansfield. cleveland temperature 38. dew point 31. southerly breezes at 8 miles per hour. feels like 32. notice the moisture beginning to build toward colorado, albuquerque. that is going to slide north and east. so we're going to see a warming trend, warmer air moving from the southwest. we'll also track rain in. let me show you hour by hour -- watch the by 1:30 browns underway, sunshine. most of us sunny except for ashtabula and portions of trumbull county. now there's sunday evening, sunny skies, clear skies. uh-oh, clouds coming in toward dawn tomorrow. should be dry for most of the day. rain showers arriving, there -- temperatures in the 50s tomorrow. browns game, in the 40s during
8:52 am
good news there. compared to last week. 49 today becoming sunny, cool and dry. tonight down to 36. clear to start. clouds coming in after midnight towards sunrise. your 7-day forecast, tuesday rain likely, 61. warm but wet. wednesday a few showers, 59. thursday, uh-oh, cooling down, scattered rain and notice i've added snowflakes friday into saturday. it's an isolated rain/snow mix. after the turkey and good times with friends and family it's time to drive home or fly home. abc news senior medical correspondent dr. timothy johnson has advice on how to get there safe and sound. >> reporter: after that sum tuous thanksgiving meal millions of americans will face a drive back home. whether on the highways or just across town. but will they get there safely?
8:53 am
suggestions on how to make sure. among the most troubling hazards is drunk driving which accounts for about one in three traffic deaths in the u.s. don't be a part of the problem. if you've been drinking at dinner carpool or call a taxi. and if you're a host be sure to offer a variety of alcohol-free beverages. drowsy driving is responsible for 44,000 injuries and 800 deaths on u.s. roads each year. if frequently, drifting from your lane or hitting a rumble strip on the side of the road pull over. you may be falling asleep at the wheel. finally, texting and driving, a relative newcomer to the family of holiday road hazards, distracted driving is nonetheless responsible for eight deaths and more than 1,000 injuries everyday. so hang up the phone, save that text for later, and keep those eyes on the road.
8:54 am
dr. timothy johnson. the menu this week probably includes a lot of leftovers but how long should you really be holding on to that turkey? the u.s. department of agriculture says turkey only stays fresh in the fridge for about three to four days after it was cooked. pumpkin pie lasts about the same. for casseroles and mashed potatoes you've got a bill longer, three to five days. and the cranberry sauce is good for almost two weeks if you want to keep life by about one to two
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many people heading home today on the road or on flights. mark with a last look at the forecast. >> hour by hour here, your weather windows show increasing amounts of sunshine if you're not seeing the sun already. come on! it's trying to load! trust me! there it is! notice the sun coming better than yesterday, middle and upper 40s. have a great day. >> sunny for the browns game.
8:58 am
>> mr. ruder plumbing and mr. electric have a variety of services to customers and with up front pricing. our company president meg mcday is here to tell us more. i would love to know how you got started in this business. >> thank my dad started mr. rooter plumbing in 1954 when i was 14. i grew up in the business. i remember many mornings i would wake up and my dad wouldn't be home because he took a plumbing call the night before and he was still helping out customers. we started with three trucks, four employees and today we have over 75 vehicles on the road and over about 120 employees. >> wow, that is incredible
8:59 am
plumbing. >> mr. rooter plumbing is primarily residential and commercial plumbing and drain cleaning company. we handle everything from a garbage disposal issue, sum pump issue to whole house excavation or replumbing and everything in between. no job is too small. it's not fun to have a plumbing problem. but we want to be there to help our customers and we have that commitment. >> exactly. how about mr. electric? what do you offer? >> same thing. mr. electric, no job ties small. everything from changing a lightbulb that is not working to a smoky outlet to providing a ceiling fan or entire house generator. >> up front pricing. tell me about that. >> who wants to find out what they have to pay after it's done? right? we don't go shopping and get to the register and then decide what we're going to pay. customers need to knowum front exactly what it is going to cost. >> that is awesome. i love the up front pricing. thank you so much for being here. for more information visit
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or starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> our transition team is working smoothly, efficiently and effectively. >> as trump heads to the white house. his inner circle deeply divided over secretary of state. is the front-runner rudy or romney? >> his appointments will come out when he's not a moment sooner. >> trump promised to leave his empire behind. >> i couldn't careless about my company. it's peanuts. >> will he do enough or will his businesses profit from his presidency? and the growing call for a recount. d does hillary still have a shot? we take the questions to kellyanne conway, senators ted cruz and bernie sanders.


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