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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> a neighborhood on edge tonight after a rash of crimes hit cleveland heights. thank you for joining us. the thefts tell the story. 10 thefts and burglaries all within 48 hours. we're live with the latest. what else are people who lived there telling you tonight? >> people are upset. this is not a high crime area. people are not used to this type of thing. people say because of all of this they are locking up the houses and cars a little bit
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at home to the same. >> 10 reported crimes in a cleveland heights neighborhood in less than 2 days. in one case someone actually broke into a home to steal a wallet and a set of keys. i talked to one man who said someone broke into his car. he didn't want to be identified but said he was shocked when he went outside and someone else was in it. holding his dog close he told me, hopefully she will let him know if someone comes lurking just going to start locking up which we normally haven't . >> i talked to cleveland heights police and they are on top of this. people in the neighborhood told me they are confident in the department. again, all of these break-ins in an area you typically don't see it, good reminder to lock up your car and your house tonight. we are live in cleveland heights. news 5. now to a close call for
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accused of opening fire on that officer. it happened here at this hall. that is on the city pressure eastside. there was a short chase before police were able to take the suspect into custody. there is a death investigation underway in cleveland this after the discovery of the body. a resident of the facility making the disturbing discovery early this morning news 5 is working to see if any foul play may have been involved in that man's death. in dead following a police chase. investigators say the 20-year- old was a passenger in the car being chased. he was thrown from the car when it hit another vehicle. he died at the scene. the driver ran but was caught about 2 hours later and arrested. police need help locating this man. take a good look. they say he is wanted in connection with the shooting that left one man injured. it happened last night near jackson and harbour street. as
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route 2 and mentor is back open after 2 suvs crashed bringing traffic to a halt. one of the vehicles rolling multiple times. distracted driving appears to be the call -- cause. an issue be drifted into another car causing to cars to lose control. one car ended up in the middle of the freeway and the other against the median barrier. the drivers are expected to be okay and no charges have been filed. christmas decorating. a beautiful sunset for us. i stopped the camera so you can see it just in case you were busy on this beautiful sunday. here in cleveland we have that sunset at 5 pm. these are the actual conditions when it is dark outside but i wanted to show you then i shot anyways. you will just see a few lights on with the dark. 42 your current temperature. dewpoint is lowered with southeast foul around 9 miles-
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will deliver above average temperatures for the beginning of your work week and school week . yes, we are all going back. we even have a few 60s trying to mix on an. tonight we are ready know of a cooldown. warty 6 in cleveland with clouds gone. 35 worcester. 39 ashtabula. hour by hour expect it to stay pretty quiet. we have high pressure dominating. a warm front to the west and that will provide us with some warmer temperatures as we move timeframe tonight. it is still chilly. clouds in and out but we will be in the low 40s and upper 30s for those sunday evening plans. we will take a look at many rain chances in your power 5 7- day forecast coming up in just minutes. powerful reaction following the death of fidel castro. a nine-day mourning period underway. the 90-year-old leader who ruled the country with an iron fist for decades died friday.
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response and what the trump administration plans to do going forward. >> the field flags from the air celebrating the death of fidel castro. >> it is like a new beginning. on the ground cuban exiles praying for the day freedom rings. vivian came to florida as a child in 1961 with her family. >> i never grew up with the grandmother or grandfather, with my cousins, aunts and uncles. it was just my parents and my brothers and that was it. >> in cuba a elion gonzales who became a symbol of troubled relations between the 2 countries after he was rescued off the coast of florida before a legal battle was ended with enforced -- with them and forcing him be returned to his homeland. >> fidel was the friend who was with my family, with my father at the most difficult moment made it possible that i came back to my father and back to cuba.
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cuba decades ago. though no us official said they plan to attend his funeral, the former presidential candidate lashed out. >> i hope we don't see barack obama, joe biden, hillary clinton, and democrats lining up to lionize a murderous tyrant and the -- stalled -- dog -- thug. saying administration -- in a statement that our administration will do everything they can to ensure the cuban people can finally have some liberty. still ahead, recount reaction as the clinton camp joins efforts to double check election results. hillary's one-time opponent is sleeping out. -- speaking out. what bernie sanders a thing
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6 different brands of dry carpet cleaners made by miller can are being recalled due to a harmful bacteria in the product. it can pose risk of respiratory and other infections.
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hammer, capture and ricker bands -- brands of carpet cleaner. if you have purchased any of these stop using them completely and contacted them to receive a replacement. a rare condition hitting thousands of evil in australia. it is called thunderstorm asthma . the storm rolled into the city on monday and is stirred up so much pollen that it triggered asthma attacks. at least 6 people died and another 6 ended up in about a 3rd of patients who suffered asthma attacks say they have never had as a 4. next: it is the question many of you are probably asking yourself right now, how long should i hold onto those tricky dilemma service -- leftovers -- turkey day leftovers ? we have that coming up for you. when it comes your forecast we are looking at rainfall
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will take a look coming up next
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news of a vote recount in wisconsin sending the president- elect on a new twitter irate. -- tirade. his transition team is talking publicly about people under consideration for his and it is not all nice. >> what a waste of everyone pressure time. jill stein started in an effort last week. >> there were lots of hacks in place around the selection. >> this weekend hillary clinton's team joining the fray. the president-elect fired off 7 tweets in 70 minutes nearly all aimed at clinton but her general counsel said clinton staffers intend to participate
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>> it is a legal right. it is not a big deal. i don't think anyone else think there will be profound changes but we will see what happened -- happens. >> trump had been criticized for stoking fears of the election integrity. >> it is a rigged election and we know it is rigged. >> now he is accusing stein of using the recount as a fundraiser. >> this is a fund-raising notoriety driven fraud by a person who won 33,000 votes >> i don't know why they are so nervous. they are so jittery. no recount, it just calm down if you think you want just -- the reit -- if you think you won the recall will show the same thing. >> kelly ann conway take -- took aim at mitt romney. >> he went after donald trump. he gave 2 speeches and they were both about donald trump.
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feel betrayed that he could be in the new administration. >> this is donald trump hessian party and he won states that mitt romney lost. -- loss -- lost. the disc -- a report will be held tomorrow to discuss the recount timeline. >> it was a great day to get all of those christmas decorations up. it was nice to see some neighbors out with the heavy jackets off. we have little bit better wetter -- weather for your monday temperature wise. we have a lot of rain in your 7 day. we will get to full details coming up. your sunset at 5:00 exactly. yes, it has darkened out. we do have the lights on in akron. we're still a little busy with the supper traffic. 42 is the current temperature southeast winds at about 9 or
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we will feel those winds a little bit more tomorrow as well as on your tuesday it is 60. we're mainly fighting lower 40s and some 30s mixing in there. let's dive a little deeper. downtown coming in at 45. 40 degrees parma and 41 euclid. eastside not bad, lower 40s. you will fill comfortable but you will want to grab your jackets for evening plans. and 38 currently in canton. 35, your drop in wayne county for wooster. for your dinner plans and vermillion , a few clouds keeping your 41. many of us will see those beautiful dry conditions for a brief amount of time before rainfall hits as early as the evening hours on your monday. the bulk of the day is going to
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to be running those errands, you shouldn't have issues until you get to your evening plans but it also comes with the cold front. we will warm-up temperatures a little bit and then drop them back down as well. take advantage while we have warmer fall air in place. we are pretty quiet to start your monday. we push to about 8:00. you can see some of the moisture to the north starting to sag far enough south. it is with that warm front. we also have some wayne -- rainfall in the wings. here's where the moderate rain is moving in. this is all rain if it was in would show up in the model . we are pretty mild in the lower 50s. that is the overnight hours tuesday will start out wet with the afternoon clears out and we have some sunshine for the afternoon as we reach highs close to 60 degrees. i do think many of us will reach a 60 with the added sunshine by the end of the day. the problem is, rainfall will not go away. we are going to see plenty of opportunities for rain over the next several days. if you want one last time to
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in that cold season where you don't want to do it anymore, tomorrow is the day. here's a map. how about a quarter of an inch in cleveland. this goes through that wednesday forecast. amounts are not huge but some of us could see a little more than others. at the highest i think we're about at a half an inch and that is over several days. your power 5 7-day forecast showing afternoon and evening shower showing up on monday but a comfortable 55. 60 for tuesday and wednesday love that but it is a reminder it is fall in northeast ohio. and now snow will be back in the forecast. maybe a little bit of a mix friday and saturday especially on the east side as we cool temperatures back down and below average into the lower 40s. that is football weather. for the cleveland browns it
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new week same old thing. you can wash the pants with ever -- with whatever detergent you prefer but it doesn't matter the brown stills. -- still stink . isaiah coughs it up here giants recover and fumbles were a theme in this game for cleveland. giants capitalize on the turnover. manning to harris for the touchdown. 7 - zero new york just li first half, manning told him beckham junior and he does the rest. 32 yard touchdown. beckham had 2 tds in the game giants of 14?6 at halftime. josh has a 54 yard pass play but here later gets hit and he throws right into the hands of jason. paul and returns it. browns had 3 lost fumbles. prior frustrated and sore the
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are the fans. browns lose. >> the way our defense played today, you don't win games like that. we could've beat that team is sad. games that we can win versus a very good team, they had 3 ostensibly we just didn't do it. i don't know what it was. you have to talk to the coaches and stuff like that but whatever it is we need to fix it. next week the browns have a bye week and they return home to play against the bengals. >> at least we have the buckeyes. lebron james and his team celebrated a win yesterday. today they are on the road
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face. covington gets him. check out the cut above his eye. nasty. jr smith helping out dabbing his eye with the tissue. he did have to get stitches. lebron with the monster afternoon drives, throws it down. is just getting started. in the 2nd, thompson at the free-throw line, no good butler brown -- lebron on the follow- up . 4th. pretty play there and then lebron kicks it out to kyrie for the 3. he buries it. he scored 19 of the season. the cavaliers come back to be philadelphia 112 - 108. the cavaliers are in milwaukee on tuesday.
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looking ahead now your family session menu probably includes lots of leftover but how long should you hold onto the turkey?
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fresh for about 3 to 4 days after cooked. pumpkin pie less about the same. casserole en masse potatoes are good for about 3 to 5 days. the cranberry sauce is good for almost 2 weeks. of course if you want to keep anything longer freeze it will extend the life by about one? 2 months. >> after you have finished off all that food you may be worried about your waistline. here are some tips to stay active. when you're out doing a shocking -- shopping parking spot away from the building. play with your kids, go for a walk and even chased him around the house. since they are all around why not plan activities for your family , caroling or take a walk to check out the neighborhood holiday like.
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the pro football hall of fame announcing the new name for it has shaq expansion project -- it 's expansion project. they bought the naming rights for the virtual reality exhibit. yearly induction is getting a new name called the pro football hall of fame enshrinement week powered by johnson controls. the hall of fame says that the new project will have an economic impact of
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>> they can name it whatever they want if it is bringing in $15 billion. >> day ago extract weatherwise it is warmer. we expect a turn on thursday. look at what mother nature does. it brings back snow chances but before we get there not bad 50s and 60s for the end of november. make sure you have your umbrella rain jacket and had -- in hand. >> you so much for joining us for news 5 at 6. we are
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from havana. the death of fidel castro. the dictator reigning for decades, defying the u.s. nine official days of mourning here in cuba have now begun. the flags at half-staff. tonight, cuban exiles in miami celebrating in the streets of little havana. while here, we meet so m families who now mourn their leader. and what they say about a future relationship with the u.s. also, the cuba backlash. new questions about the renewed ties with america. president-elect donald trump's team calling it a one-sided deal, suggesting it won't last long. and president obama facing some backlash for his official statement.


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