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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  November 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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problem in their community or their school has been living under a rock for last few year snooze with a heroin epidemic that is getting worse the ohio attorney general stepping in to help. right now the state of ohio is the first to freeze the price of narcam. greater area is carrying nor oxon. this is naloxone. this is is -- it in action. lorain police officers using it to save a woman's life >> keep your head back for a minute. >> this is a nasal spray used
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extinguisher someplace gentleman everyone is carrying it because they need to the most frequent call would be for shortness of breath that. has been replaced with overdoses. >> people is -- can be blue and hardly breathing and you give them the narcam and they come back. >> it's not ch -- >> that came out of the taxpayer's budget. >> two bows -- doses about about -- will be $75 now. the attorney general says he hopes the prize -- price freeze means more agency wills carry it. the epidemic keeps getting worse. one dose could make the difference. >> if it was your loved one, you would want the officer to
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>> the agencies purchase the drug. more than twee hundred thousand dollars back went back from the state fro -- for the purchases. tara molina. traffic on the state web sites that logs painkiller use is at ana -- all-time high. it is too used to to track people. unless doctors -- it let's doctors check drug histories before prescribing a possibly addictive drug. officers investigating a pair of shootings. the scene of -- on the east side is active. two men were shot. one was found in a backyard. as we get more details will will -- with will he moeftd
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a neighborhood on edge. ten crimes reported in the neighborhood of cleveland heights. car break-ins and thefts. and in one case someone broke into a home to get a wallet and a set of keys. one victim said he is shocked at the recent surge of crime. >> hasn't happened in 40 years. i've always comment the doors unlocked. we'll start locking up which we police. they say they are now monitoring situation closely. one spurn dead after a police chase in cincinnati. the man was thrown from the car when it hit another vehicle. the driver ran from the crash but was caught two hours later and arrest snowed well, now to a close call for a cleveland police officer. one spurn in jail accused of
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hall on holmes avenue on the eft -- east side. the police took the suspect into custody after a short chase. a dodd -- body in the mainor care parking lot was found near rocky river drive. a reuss dent made the disturbing discovery. news 5 is working to see if any foul play was involved. take a good look. a sthooth left one man injured last night. the victim is expected to be okay. check on the frooft frooft -- forecast faira it's a beautiful day. the sunset is helping out four -- for us. ment winds are not too strong. --. the winds are not too strong. bringing back the rain chances. here in akron temperatures
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we see chilly temperatures for monday to start. 33 for us in medina. winds will be up at 15 miles per hour tomorrow. many of us on the calmer side tonight. waking up tomorrow morning good idea to have the heavier jackets. the daytime high tomorrow is 55. the low is 48. rain clans likely through the afternoon and evening. airways, it will be mild but the afternoon rain could cause problems. and showers and thunderstorm chances in dallas. the high is 71. we will not see 70s this week but we have 260s to look forward to. the forecast is next in a few minutes. cuba is facing the first week of post-castro history.
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in an iron grip for 60 years almost. there is uncertainty about what comes next. initiation cuba it is the end of an era. and the grinning -- beginning of an phorbol -- official nine days of mourning for fidel castro with flags flying at half staff. and churches in havana offer offer -- offering mass and services for a man revolutionary leader and a champion. castro took power in 1959 promises -- promising democracy soon jailed people and sent a million cubans into exile. >> in miami there are commonalities and cheers among cuban exiles and their families. she was eight when she fled cuba without her parents who
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prisoners at the time. >> that was hard and i was small. >> reporter: now it's a tame to reflect -- time to reflect from a gift from her father. >> open only when fidel dies. reporter: others are hopeful change will come even if slowly. >> the repression continues, the lack of freedom continues. it won't be an at all. . >> and earlier president elect donald trump warned he might undo the renewed ties with cuba. he now says he will do everything he can to ensure cuba's liberty and prosperity. >> colin kaepernick known for sitting in protest during the national anthem was grilleded in miami with boos today before
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population. this after the san francisco 49er praised cast raw raw -- craft -- castro during an interview friday. news of a vote recount in wisconsin sending the president- elect on a new twitter tie raid. at the same time donald trump's transition steam talking about people under consideration for the cabinet. it's not all nice. from >> reporter: donald trump and his staff blafth a vote recount in wisconsin. >> it's a total waste of everybody's time. >> jill stein started the recount last week. and this week hillary clinton's team start -- joining. it result gnat tweet storm from the president-elect. seven -- 70 evan -- seven
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it's not a big deal. i don't think anybody thinks there's going to be profound changes. we'll see what happens. >> trump had been widely criticized about stoking fears about the integrity of the election. >> it's a rigged system. >> now trump and the team is accusing stein using the this -- this for a fundraiser. >> she >> why are they so nervous? calm down. if you i this -- think you won, the recount will show the same thing. >> a senior advisory -- advisor kellyanne conway. >> he went out of his way to hurt donald trump. they were both about trump,
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>> conway said some support are -- supporters feel betrayed. the cost of mid -- admission for party unit doesn't have to be the secretary of state. >> the wisconsin election commissioner will told -- hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss the recount time line. coming up a wild ride. a ride down walmart. police say there's something more shocking that happened recall alert the company behind several hop lair carpet cleaners. what's inside the product that could putt some consumers at risk. a warm-up this week but rainfall too. we'll time out hour by hour. behind the scenes we'll show you what it takes to become a police officer. what clipper and combs have to do with it. if you first -- but first
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as you know police and community relations have been a hot topic lately. protests and rye alts after officer-involved shootings. and the big part of the conversation is focusing on training for the officers. we found that it actually takes more training to become a bash behr than it does an officer. -- barber than it does an officer.
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through their training. >> it's difficult some days. >> it's not easy. that's the point. >> the difference, thomas will be done months before elondo. >> i thought it was tut -- cut hair, make the money, keep it moving. but you got to put the work in. >> he must have 1800 hours to be licensed. . >> wow. the curriculum is >> but for thomas he is only required to have 60 -- six one 6100 60 -- 6100 -- six 681 hours before he can patrol. >> i will work as hard as i can for as long as i can to get on a police department and be the best i can be. >> in states like north carolina officers need six hundred 20 620 hours, but
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hone -- 1500. >> there's no way to see who you are in a short period of time. >> but it's less about quantity and more about quality. >> if you were to add up all the hours they are here for five months, it definitely exceeds those nufbz hours. >> -- numbers of hours. >> visiting the training facility where the next generation of cleveland police officers are studying now i day of training. >> it's intense. very demanding. everything they learn in class has a nexus to be -- to being a law enforcement officer. >> religion and ethnicity of the future customers. >> it's a lot of human interaction. the more people you deal with, the bet you are -- better you
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>> in a was an aspect he napes could improve in his draining -- triangle -- training . >> we would always make improvements. >> diversity of training lasts a long timing. all the instructors formanted that. >> when it comes to community policing thomas says for him it's about being flexible and willing to change even when it comes to conversations. >> you can't strap in for the ride, if you can't change for the times you are -- you are not going knack. that was lauren wilson. >> they review the hours required quorum. there is talk of increasing the six 681 hours required soon. but an exact date has yet to be announced. we have an important recall to tell you about. six parch -- different brands of dry carpet cleaners made by
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being recalled. exposure to the bacteria in the product can cause problems in the respiratory system. the recall involves arm & hammer, capture, healthy home, oreck, resista, riccar. if you used any of these contact milliken and stop using them immediately. sharps are more careful careful -- shamers way are more careful about spending. shopped this black friday but they spent on average $10 less than in 2015. the drop is attribute crepted to more discounts. last year's average was $300 per person compared to two hundred $290 this year. >> a wild ride inside a walmart landed a pair of brothers in kentucky in jail. it was caught on camera.
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you can see him speeding but but -- through the aisles on a min bike in wall -- mini bike in walmart. >> no one called police that. was shocking too. >> if anybody would have walked through there pushing a stroller or whatever, i mean, he could have hit them. >> police arrested jussin and -- justin and his brother at their home. degree endangerment. amazon rolling out sales tomorrow for toys, electronics, books. electronics tepid to be big sellers on cyber monday. the most watched deal so far is the mermaid tail blankets. small business saturday and cyber monday and black friday
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today -- tuesday has become don't -- known as giving tuesday. many charities are asking for donations incentives and other perk snooze it was a great day for shopping. put lea -- putting up decorations too. >> much wanted sunshine. we're going to see a little bit more of this. a gorgeous sunset in northeast ohio. the and hopefully we can give you a chance to enjoy this one. those are clouds made of ice crystals. no rain makers in there. 39 dekes in cleerld currently. a lack of -- degrees in cleveland currently. 50s make a return but tomorrow the winds will be noticeable. 15 miles per hour for winds tomorrow.
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moving around a bit tomorrow. 42 downtown. 39 in sullen. few 30s here on the east side. 31 in orwell. 35 in ashtubula. certainly want the winter jacket for the top of the day. 309 in akron. 36 in canalith only. a little better 40 in westfield center and the upper 30s in wellington. high pressure come to knelts here for a little bit longer before a warm front moves in. that will give us milder air. 60s. then a cold front pushes in rain chances. it doesn't cool us down. thursday is when it will be here. it means reynolds and rounds of rainfall.
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as we get into the overnight hours we start to ste pick up. we're still in the low 50s at 1:00 in the morning. tomorrow night it's on the mild side. afternoon sunshine possible for tuesday. here's a burst a break. the rain finally kick out and 60s making the way into the forecast for the afternoon hours. not bad considering we do have that warmer air and a chance to enjoy it. but it does come with the potential of muddy paw print back in the house. a quarter or half inch at very most for the next couple of days. and the chance of cooler air by thursday. thursday and friday lingering into saturday we start to see snowflakes mixing in as well. how much? here through friday, not too exciting at about a tenth. leitz -- let's talk about the kids. nice and farm bed.
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afternoon high is 55. enjoyable. that means tomorrow is a agreement day. if you head out right after school and find the perfect christmas tree, tomorrow is the best day of the week. 55 is the high. tomorrow rather than tuesday. if the showers hang on longer, it's not going to be fun to be out on the muddy agrees. seven-day forecast too -- two days closer to 60 degrees. back in. lower 40s. it's december so we have to get used to the change. >> boy, we say this every week. another tough day for the browns. it's like we're a broken record. coach hoop jackson gets meek meek -- hue jackson gets emotional. here what he said amount the
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news 5 sports brought to you by brunswicr auto mart. being on 12 -- 0-stoffel probably the hard efalith thing ever. >> that's raw emotion. hue jackson. you know he cares beeply beeply -- deeply ab >> not getting the result they want right now. they are returning out of chances. four opportunities to being out of the same sentence as the 20080-16 lions. the conversation for the browns includes the same narrative every week both written and spoken sentences punctuated by another loss. in the second quarter crowell gets the handled off and fumbles. giants recover.
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browns. mccown had a 54 hard -- yard pass play. right into the hanldz of jason pierre-paul. ruled a fumble recovery. mccown sacked seven times. they are fruft yuletide and so are the fans. -- frustrated and so are the fans. . >> the team re it's not because they are not trying. even so they have to find a way to push harder. >> ephor -- every time i got got -- come to the facility, we bring it. practice and game, we bring it. watching the game rather than looking at the score, our defense is playing pretty good. i think we didn't do well on offense. >> and the pass is bobbled >> i think we need to minimize
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us. >> we need bring it more, win the one-on-one battles. >> i think it's simple. >> browns now 0-12. >> we have to find a way the last four weeks to try to get a win. >> as they head into the bye week the advice to the younger splarz to take a break from football and come back hunger with new motivation. lauren brill. cavs started the game 0-14 from the field. they rallied. lebron had a monster day. he time it's up perfectly. triple-double. 13 assists. irving takes over. no chance. pretty play. lebron to kyrie buries it.
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cavs come back to win 112-one hundred eight against 108 against philadelphia. we're back right after the
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back it -- to work and back to school is a tough one. but weather will cooperate. 50s are the high. lot of rain but in and out chances. >> thanks for watching.
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the way defense played today, they couldn't win a game like that. we didn't take advantage. we could have beat that team. it's -- it's just sad, man. games that can he -- we can win versus very good team. they have three losses. we could have won that game. offensively be -- we didn't do it. i don't know what it was. talk to the coaches and stuff like that but whatever it is, we need to fix. . >> is pryor right?


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