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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  November 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the ways you should protect your online order. >> being 0-12 is not easy. >> and the browns -- their head coach teary eyed as he tried to confront their season. >> good morning, everyone. head back to school and work
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let take a look at what's going on. upper 20s, lower 30s. 36 degrees for lane county. we're going to see that warm up throughout the afternoon. after a lovely weekend rain that's back in the forecast. let's showout breakdown here for the early morning hours all the way throughout 9 a.m. we are still in the lower 40s by 1:00 going to see a warm front lift to the north. daytimes returning to 50s. >> hi. we're accident-free right now. great news for those akron drivers. opening by 6 a.m. this morning. so happy to deliver this news. 77 northbound. 76 westbound. 76 westbound. that's two ramps that open by 6 a.m. this morning. and fulton. no issues for you. very quiet. i'll let you know as soon as an
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live desk. a police chase in akron comes to a crashing end. it started as a routine traffic stop. his mom said someone who failed to kill him before came back to finish the job. he was supposed to be sentenced this week. so far no arrests in his death. there have been 122 hmeds this year in cleveland. right now police investigating a death in cleveland.
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somebody that lived next door making that disturbing discovery yesterday. right now police not saying how the man dieder or if the circumstances are suspicious. glfnlt laying out new plans to address the looming deficit. offering volunteer buyouts to employees and increase recruiting enforces and restructuring its scholarship system. akron's hope to revital likewise ize the program next year. a proasest against a pipeline happening today. organizers are calling for the project to be scrapped. several tribes are fighting the pipeline because they are afraid it will harm drinking water and cultural sites. but the developer says it will be safe. more than 500 protesters from all across the country
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august. a protest will be at 4:00 at the corner of main and market streets. 23-year-old mother is accuse fd killing her daughter. dan daniel daniel -- family members say that the child had a seizure disorder >> you know what day it is. sign ir monday. the busiest day of the year. >> it's going to bees on the internet. half of all americans will spend some time shopping online. you need to protect your holiday hype. meg shaw is live at the cleveland post office and meg, crooks are stealing deliveries right off people's front porches. >> yeah. starting today millions of packages will be shipped out to cyber monday shoppers
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spent online today. that's a 9% increase from last year. but those packages are more likely to be swiped right off of your front porch. you've seen this time and time again. we're showing you surveillance video of thieves snatching packages right off the porch and taking off many it's happening all over the country and right here in northeast ohio. according to social media site next people say this has happen to them. 61% of neighbors saying they're afraid of having them delivered at home. they suggest using a signature confirmation. that way you know someone is home when your package is delivered. but there are other steps you can take to make sure you're not a victim of stolen packages.
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at 5:00 plus in with where you can get the panels shipped. live in cleveland. meg shaw, news 5. thank you. cleveland heights neighborhood on edge this morning after a string of crimes. now ten crimes were reported in just less than two days. everything from car break-ins, they haves and someone broke into a home stealing a wallet and set doesn't want to be identified. he's shocked by what's happening. >> i've always kept the door up locked. just going to start locking up like we normally haven't. >> they are watching this situation closely. moving on here not only did the browns lose the game quarterback lost some money. he and his girlfriend left the wallets in the cars during the game.
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well a lot of people asking why would you leave your cash in the car in the first place? they were parked in the players and family parking garage and feels like she should be able to leave anything they want in there. >> always lock your car. >> it hurts to say. >> he showed up late to his postgame conference after a 40-minute meeting. he did say that his job is safe but when talking about another loss the browns coach had to stop numerous times to fight back tears. even tapping on the side of the podium about eight times to compose himself. >> being 0-12 is probably the hardest thing ever. >> just breaks your heart. the browns can now rest up as
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weekend. hugh jackson saying he doesn't plan to take any time off. they are going to be working hard to get one win this season. >> stuff to watch. >> it would be an unusual group. the retrial of a former university of cincinnati police officer be moved to another county? then a joyride through wal- mart. new video coming up next.
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all right. thanks so much. checking in just fine. we'll tell you we are off and some closures around the inner belt bridge. i'll have those details coming up. over you. >> glfnlgt a big question about the retrial of a former university of cincinnati police officer. >> yeah. the judge set to meet with both sides. we could learn in the request to move the trial out
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granted. he's accused of killing an unarmed black driver. a mistrial was declared earlier this month. they plan to retry the officer on the same charges of muferred and voluntary manslaughter. >> it is 4:42. cuba americans are celebrating a dictator's death the nation of cuba begins a week of remembrance. >> check this out. was it an earthquake? we'll tell you who did all of extreme five up and running for you. track and weather and traffic as we take you to break.
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we actually had some value and there was unity. we can make any possible. he was an exasm to the spire world. on december 4th his ashes will be buried in southeastern cuba. and happening today american airlines is launching a flight from havana. united, southwest and others will be adding service
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some are celebrated by participate in the mannequin challenge. frozeen in place as they toast the death with champagne banging dots and pans. meets with people who could last in the top spots. congressman lou bar lerks etta. we'll be watching these meetings closely to see if trump adds anyone to his
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they have no plans to forcibly remove the protesters in north dakota. they are looking for a peaceful resolution to move them safer. the land will be closed december 5th for concerns. those who choose to say do so at their own risk. >> it's going to be a nice weekend. [ laughter ] >> is it too early yet? many people are waking up, heading back to work and school and temperature still very chilly after a weekend, very nice conditions.
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side. the wind as we track the next cold front. that will rev up to 15 to 20 miles an hour. going to be feeling the winds. this moisture continues to track in. the bull is heading to north let's give you exact timing for most of your afternoon. cloudy skies. any o moisture that we do see will be on the
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really is the big day out of the week. we're going to continue to see rounds and round of moisture throughout the rest of the week. we could see about a half to a quarter inch of rain in muddy week throughout northern ohio. >> all right. thanks so much. highways are in good shape this morning. traffic still light. not a whole lot of volume on the roadways. all the major highways are checking in just fine. ?0 east over the bridge.
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only one lonely car. over to you guys. >> look at this new video here. a wild ride inside a wal-mart landing kentucky brothers in jail. caught on camera. police say this man on the bike is justin. you see him speeding through the aisles almost hitting people. police sergeant says she was shocked by this. not just that it happened police. he could have hit them. they are both charged with first-degree endanger many. >> all right. speaking of holiday shopping
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more than 20,000 visited on saturday alone. the shoe aisles were turned into rivers of orange shoe boxers. it was jury rask park crazy. >> i feel bad for the workers who have to clean up. thank you for starting your work with us. one cafi owner has erased pries from his menu. >> the force so strong overnight it crashed a major ticketing website. and as we ahead to break a look at how wall street
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grng, everyone. seven-day forecast. we're going to continue to seeing rain in it for today is the big day out of the week. just because temperatures are above normal. tomorrow we're in the lower 60s but more widespread rain through the your afternoon. you can see overnight lows in the lower 50s. by wednesday still tracking that front. it's pretty strong here. we'll cool off by friday afternoon. chris snn >> highway still in good shape. we are accident-free. looking fantastic. a 13-minute ride.
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and check one on highway and looking just fine right here at the 271. it does not have prices on the menu. >> the owner wants to pay what you feel you should pay. pay forward the good deed. david decided to adopt the philosophy while traveling in australia. so it started as a stand. it imreu pretty quickly. he opened his first permanent location. he says running the cafi has confirmed his belief that people ultimately just want to do good. most people are fair and honest and want to contribute. they want to contribute or pay what they can. >> some days though the money in the cash register is pretty low but this gives
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wonderful story. come over to your tv and look at this. this is the first dance for newlyweds. they will remember it forever. they were headed to their wedding reception when they got stuck in traffic. you're watching love birds have the first dance on the highway. route 35 was shutdown for an accident. they evenly got to the reception where i'm sure they danced but that's them rabble. >> it doesn't matter where you dance. >> happening now tickets for the upcoming -- star war tickets on sale. they went on sale at 12:01 online. a force to be reckoned with it crashed. the site not anticipating the high demand for
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few hours. they will be put in a waiting room because of the high traffic. >> here's what we are working on for a 9:00. today is not just a day to scoop up gifts. how about buying a cheap vacation? plus on a twitter tirade. what has the president elect all riled up and
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will you actually get your packages? how you can prevent your new
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with us. >> all is calm right now but rain could soon be on the way. here's meteorologist with a check of the forecast good morning. heading back to work and school. a very, very chilly start. most in the upper 20s. the rain chances continue to increase. now kids headed toed bus stop you are okay. not a chance of rain this morning. start to really rev up by the noon hour. folks are headed home. that's when we start to see scattered showers. expwr gl all right. thanks so much. still looking just fine. let slide south. great news for folks in the


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