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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a check on the forecast. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. as we get ready to head back to work and school we are tracking rain on the power 5 right now. it's to our west. you're seeing a wintery mix. everyone across the board. we are off to a very chilly
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dropping a tad bit for greater cleveland. you can see the temperature contrast to the south from kilduff. good morning. 41 degrees. in the 20s. give the weather a little bit of time. see that gradual warmup. the big talker though is daytime highs. they're back into the 50s. you can -- you can see this hour by hour. we will not track that rain until about the 6:00 hour. >> yeah. we're not dealing with it for our morning commute. as we look at the map still in the green. let's head south. i've got great news. the akron central interchange ramp back open. 76 westbound. we're right on time here. also state route 8. open as well. check on 271 right at -- haven't seen any issues as of yet. i'll let you know as soon as
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breaking news lead nert sky. >> good morning. looking pretty good from air tracker five. we're giving you aing a lot the inner belt bridge and traffic is moving. there there's your look. no issues but i do want to point out through wednesday the right lane eastbound over the inner bell bring is goes to close. the exit ramp on east 9l1 thstreet will remain open. through wednesday. 9 a.m. to 5 >> all right. thank you. , you know, it was a really busy night for cleveland police. officers responding to a number of shooting. >> it including one deadly shooting. just down the block from frank jackson's house. it happened around 9 last night. we know two men were shot at least one person is dead. right now we are working to get more details. >> also happening last night a cleveland police officer shot at while on the
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them over on holmes avenue. >> make sure your phone is charged, your computer is charged. >> absolutely. >> cyber monday. >> new online shopping records are expected to be set today. >> yeah. all of those purchases are going to be shipped but not all of them will reach their destination. news 5 meg shaw is live at the cleveland post office with how you can protect those very precious online orders. meg. >> yeah. many of us will spend our morning and afternoon clicking all over the internet trying to score some of the best deals. i know i have my eye on a couple of things. sales are expected to exceed more than $3 billion. that means million of the packages will be shipped all over the country increasing that risk for package theft. so here's some steps you can take to help protect yourself and your purchases this holiday season.
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checkout. if you have the option you can set a delivery time so you know you'll be home when your order is dropped off. another option we have here is where you know someone will be there ask your employer if you can have them sent to work or ask a neighbor who you trust. consider home security if you don't already have it. make sure the signs are posted clearly in your front yard and in the front of your house so anyone considering right away. lastly, require that delivery person to get your signature before leaving any items on your front porch. this is one of the stories we talk about year after year. many people say this will never happen to me. but the reality is, 41% of people say they've actually had at least one package stolen right from their front porch. take the time to protect your purchases so you don't
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package thefts. live if cleveland. meg shaw, news 5. >> absolutely. thank you. this morning firefighters say they know what's been causing a bad leak at a local factory. two employees went to the hospital because of carbon monoxide exposure. fire crews say it was caused by two mal functioning forklifts. both have been it's hoping to have replacements later today. >> the ohio lake erie commission may be reaccordinged. that's the group in charge of conservation efforts involving the lake. ohio lawmakers want the commission to battle harmful algae. the goal is to reduce phosphorous. >> with a heroin epidemic that keeps getting worse so the attorney general is stepping in to help. he's announcing a price freeze
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the drug that can save lives. police and -- they say the price freeze is good news. right now two doses cost about $125 but this will drop it down to just $75. that means a lot of smaller departments will be able to keep it on hand. >> it used to be that most frequent calls would be for shortage of breath and that has been basically replaced with overdoses. >> ohio on all the purchases. last year the department got about $200,000 back. expwhr well, we are quickly approaching the end of no shave november and right now a local police department ned your help to reach their goal. they have been growing out their beards all month long. they're raising the money for cancer worldwide. they want to beat their 2015 total of just over $32
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and if you -- the rta has you covered. customer appreciation day and celebrating the reopening of track 8. free food for all drivers. pick up a sandwich from 6:30 to 9:30 this morning. good morning, everyone. as we're headed back to school. kiddos are going to want to have that heavy at start here but i do want to mention here you're going to need your umbrella by late evening. so our kids will be safe for your evening commute as our daytime highs. mid to upper 50s in some spots. you have that sunrise at 7:31. so off to a pretty good start but rain back in the forecast for most of the week. it is 6:07. >> we are so glad you're waking
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coming up, a new england school bans the american flag and the decision not sitting well with veterans. wait until you see what they did. >> if you are never home in time to sign for those packages amazon has the solution. the new delivery option here in northeast ohio. but first a look ahead to gma. in this morning's gma first look a state of deadly wrong-way accidents over the did arizona -- >> single vehicle. wrong way driver. >> the wrong way driver was killed. more than a dozen on the bus injured am college football player killed going the wrong way thanksgiving and sunday, two killed on long island. wrong way crashes make up only
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deadly. between 3 and 400 deaths a year ander nearly 60% involve drivers who have been drinking. coming up at 7:00 we'll have tips for staying safe on road w. your good morning america first look.
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ignore the cuban leaders. and record of political oppression. senator marco rubio called them shameful and ted
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raised in cuba called the tribute disgraceful. >> police in manila detonated a bomb found near the u.s. embassy. she said it was attached to a cell phone with wires. no one was hurt but traffic was backed up for hours on a major street because of this. >> developing this morning the search continues for two escaped prisoner. they broke out of a county jail in san california. just before thanksgiving. chavez and campbell part of a group of four inmates who orchestrated the getaway. they cut through the window then repel down two stories by tieing blan committees and bed sheets together. >> you can see where the bars are missing and you can see also they cut one of the he horizontal
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capture but chavez and camp pel have evaded for days. a $20,000 reward is being offered for their capture. today the head of wisconsin's election commission expected to reveal the time line. wisconsin is just one of three states expected to begin recount efforts this week. michigan and pennsylvania are the two other battle ground states targtded by jill stein and the green party. they have until wednesday to request a recount pennsylvania. a recount must be requested through an official court appeal. they aren't optimistic it will change any results. >> it's a legal right. i don't think anybody thinks it's going to be profound changes. >> hillary clinton's campaign says while it wouldn't have requested the recount in the first place, it will participate to ensure fairness. >> meantime president-elect donald trump tweeting
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voted illegally for hillary clinton. he says he would have won the popular vote if not forthe illegal votes that's an unprecedented claim and so far there's been no evidence to support it. >> outrage is growing at h ampshire college. the decision by school came after students burned an american fl donald trump's win. not long after all american flags were removed from the campus. when news got out, veteran groups called for protest. >> they took down my flag. they have a right to do that. i'm here to defend their right to do that but i want them to understand how seriously that hurts me. >> overall the protests remain peaceful with the exception of one incident when
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one man sat in the middle of everyone making obscene gestures. taking a live look outside right now. speaking of the american flag. old glory waving there in the breeze. we finally saw the sun yesterday but it could be gloomy again today. >> yeah. it was short-lived sunshine. finish up your thanksgiving weekend as we get going here this morning. the clouds there starting to thicken up and our temperatures contrast here. so greater cleveland with the winds that you're seeing from that flag shot. lower 40s but as you make your way into richland, wayne county, currently just above the freezing mark. good morning to millersburg. you're off to a very chilly start. now the radar starting to rev up here. just a tad bit. pockets of kind of a wintery
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county to southern medina county. moving east fairly quickly. i do want you to take note of that. the brunt of this moisture is still to the west. it looks like it's moving to the north. we are going to watch this back edge of moisture that really doesn't enter until 6:00 to 7:00 tonight. so your hour by hour talker to see the temperatures for the last few days of november. daytime highs are about 10 degrees above normal. let's show you so if you have evening plans today, you can see this is -- this isolated activity around that noon hour as you're stepping out to lunch. you can see the bulk of this moisture to our west from erie start to move in. 6:00 to 7:00. this is more of an overnight event. have the umbrella handy.
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55 degrees. tonight the clouds will be in place. we'll be in the lower 50s. >> thanks so much. we are still accident-free. haven't seen any big issues on the highways right now. 490 around as we look at an 8- minute commute. 71 12 minute commute. 71 and 77. checking in just fine. check out that view and check out 480. central road east and westbound lanes. let's check in with john. how's it looking from your view. >> looking great. you mentioned 480. we are looking at 480 and 77. gnat a whole lot of traffic. we are seeing so far this morning. an extra day for that holiday weekend. i do want to point out wednesday -- excuse me today
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lane over the inner belt bridge is going to close from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but the exit ramp will remain open during that work. let's go back inside. >> all right. thank you. it is crime that's really common as we go online and order holiday presents. we've been talking about this but some grinch reports comes along. a new way you can protect those packages. >> here's a grease stat. 23 million people have had a package stolen from outside their home or outside their apartment. it's one of the reasons amazon is teaming up with local businesses to make sure doesn't happen to you. they're called amazon lockers and we had a chance to see exactly how they work. >> two, coo. and there's my package.
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scan your order ticket and the locker with your package will open for you. great lakes mall has had these for three weeks now. they're right by dick's sporting goods. they're already pretty popular. >> we've had quite a few calls. it shows up when you do place your order on amazon. you have an option to have it shipped to your home. usually you can request for between 72 hours or delayed pick up. they'll hold it for you. >> the idea have your oferred shipped to the locker, pick it up when you have a chance. and you don't have to worry about it sitting out in the open. news 5. peace in mind. another heartbreaking loss but it's the coach's reaction that's going viral this morning. >> also going viral this ice skating rink out of russia. the connection to vladimir
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and traffic during the break. you're watching good morning
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you can see the track of this. we are only miss rain this afternoon. were widespread rain. >> this story will make you cringe. a performance from the ice skating show and not for any good reason. >> this show is a lot like dancing with the stars. during one of the rounds the contestant made a poor decision. the pair dressed as holocaust victims with striped
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to make it even worse she's married to vladimir putins main press spokesman. >> the wall street journal film critic is in hot water for cop fusing these two actors. >> critic joe morganson was reviewed lion but he compare it is to the name sake a movie he thinks he was in. except that was cal another actor. oops. they did correct the story. he said it was just a dumb error. i know he's pretty embarrassed about that. >> definitely. all right. next the murder trial could be headed to cleveland many we'll share what's happening today with that case. >> and the growing problem on this cyber monday. share some ways you can protect your online
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now at 6:30 breaking overnight. two teenagers lead police on a chase. how it came to an end and where those teams are this morning. thieves already hitting neighbors. the way to protect your online
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a warmer start than yesterday. most spots inlan locations here in the lower to mid-30s. so cooler air still in place. but we're going to see this warm front track to the north. and allow our daytime highs to return to the 50s. so the clouds are in place right now. but they will continue to transition into the form of rain throughout your early evening. for most of your day all of us going to be dry.
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happening all over the country and right here in northeast ohio. according to the social media site next door 42% of people say this has happened to them. with 61% of neighbors reporting they're afraid to even have their packages delivered to their homes. urvetion ps expect to deliver more than 6 million
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they suggest using a signature confirmation. that way you know someone is home to sign for that package you have ordered. coming up i'll have some stuff you can take to protect yourself and those precious packages that you have ordered. that's coming up. live in cleveland. meg shaw, news 5. . >> a neighborhood on edge this morning after a string of crimes. ten reported in one neighborhood in less than everything from car break-ins, thefts and one accident someone actually broke into a home, stealing a wallet and keys. >> news speaking to one of the victims who doesn't want to be identified. he's shocked by what's happening. >> the afternoon. i've always kept the doors unlocked. just going to start locking up which we normally haven't. >> cleveland heights police are watching this situation closely. all right. let's talk browns.
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game. quarterback rg-iii lost some money. they lost the wallets in the car. they came back to all the money inside gone. well a lot of people on twitter asking why would you leave your cash in the car in the first place? rg-iii tweeted back saying they were back in the player and family parking garage and you should be able to leave anything you want in there without worrying about it getting stolen. you can't do that. lock it up. >> and browns head tough here. fighting back tears after the team's 12th straight loss. >> television hard to watch. he showed up late for the post- game press conference after a 40 minute meeting with the bosses. you never want to meet for 40 minutes. he did assure reporters that his job is safe but when talking about another loss the coach had to stop numerous tights to fight back tear. it's tough to watch. topping the side of the podium
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>> being 0- 12 is probably the hardest thing ever. >> well the browns can now rest up as they head into a buy week. he does not plan on taking any time off. make whroof jokes about the browns but that hurts to see. >> it does. at the end of the day we're pulling for them. we're rooting for them. hopefully this time off will be helpful. >> coming up talk about turning lemons into lemonade. they had their first dance right in the middle of an ohio highway. >> and walking down the aisle, a grocery store aisle. the story behind this wedding. everyone's dream; right?
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they got stuck in traffic. what did they do? they got out of the car and started dancing. their first dance as husband and wife.
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it was shutdown for an accident. after about two hours they got though their reception but when a first dance. >> now that is romantic. >> it's true. will all right up next. an unusual move well the retrial of a former university of cincinnati police officer will moved to another county? >> and a carbon monoxide leak plaguing a local factory. what firefighters now say caused it. and we've got superscreen five up and running you. track your weather and traffic as you head to the
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. >> it's 6:45. what a beautiful shot of downtown cleveland. rain in the cards for your monday morning. >> love that shot though. our news 5 team to prepare for it all. let's check in with the meteorologist. who's in this morning? >> good morning, everyone. we have a change in our weather pattern after a fantastic finish to your thanksgiving weekend. we're going to start to see temperatures that are on rise and that's the good part of the story here. as the front continues to track to the north.
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at our temperatures. greater clevelands. 40 degrees. good morning. 39 from maple heights to -- we are talking about our temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. so still off to a very chilly start. i do want to take a look at our five live radar. a little bit of moisture and it's in the form of a few ice pellets. moving east. activity even for the burton area. the bulk of this moisture to our west. you can see some are moving in. as they make their way to the east they're really going to start to lose their
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temperatures. about 5 to 7 degrees above normal. let show you when the bulk of this moisture starts to rev up here. you can see that isolated activity around 7:00 to 8:00. you can see the moisture starts to lift to the north. mostly cloudy skies. today is the big day for the next five to seven days. we're going to multiple route of rain. 55 degrees. well above normal. it's going to coop us warmer. do want to mention the wind as it starts to track in. notice them out of -- mid-40s.
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271 to. 23 minute ride. if you're taking the north carolina lane. an 8-minute commute. and 12 minutes to the inner belt bridge. our average speed not too bad either. the akron area. 76 and 77. i'm happy with these drive times as well. let's pull up our view and check on the highways. 71 right at west point . looking fine. flowing fine. let's check in with the breaking news leader in sky. stereotype sting looking good. on 77 as it leads to 90. nothing that's too overwhelming. beginning today through webz the right lane of 90 eastbound is going to cross from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. they will remain open. let's go back inside. >> thanks. cleveland police are busy overnight. officers responded to a number
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down the block from mayor frank jackson. it happen around 9:00 last night in central. we know two men were shot. at least one is dead. right now we are working to get more details. and a cleveland police officer shot at while on the job. one person now in custody. police say the suspect shot at them at holmes avenue. firefighters say they know what's been causing a bad carbon monoxide leak at a locally factory. two employees went to the hospital because of carbon monoxide exposure. fire crews say this is caused by two mal functioning forklifts. since identifying the problem. both have been shutdown. overnight workers back on job. the factory say it's hoping to have replacements ready to go later today. new this morning. the university of akron laying out new plans to address its looming deficit and
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buyouts to employee and increase efforts and restructuring its scholarship system. the president says the university hopes to finalize the program by early next year. it's expected to save $8 million. also in akron a proas test against the pipeline. organizer calling for the project to be scrapped. several native americans tribes are fight the because they're afraid it will harm drinking water and cultural sites bu safe. the protest in akron will be at the corner of main and market streets. and today we could learn in the prosecutors request to move the trial will be grantedful he's accused of shooting and killing an unarmed
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this month. the prosecutor plans to retry the officer on the same charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter. and this morning we are learning an ohio sheriff deputy died after accidently shooting himself. this happened this weekend right outside his home in bowelling green while he was off-duty. the sheriff says sergeant shouted to his girlfriend to call 9-1-1 after he shot himself. he later died a at hospital. >> well it's almost time to dust off the and right now a local police department needs your help to reach their goal. the officers have been growing their beards out all month. they are raising money for the the organization cancer worldwide. they want their -- they want to be their 2015. over 2300. and they have. find a link to their donation page on their facebook page fsm you take the rapids to work. don't worry about grabbing breakfast this morning.
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it's customer appreciation day. and they are celebrating the reopening of track 8. providing free food. take a seasoned witch at the tower city station. don't go anywhere. the morning sprint coming back
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welcome back. you know what day it is. it's cyber monday: many of you may have scored some deals had th morning according to forbes more than $3 billion will be spent today. but with online shopping comes an increase in package theft. so here's with a you can do to protect your packages this holiday season. let's start with delivery. websites you tow choose when you want the package delivered. that way you know you'll be
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another option to ensure someone will be there to receive if your employ allows it have your items sent to work or even ask a neighborhood who you can trust. next, home security. have your sign posted clearly in the front of your home and yard. so considering anything illegal will notice them right away. and lastly require that delivery person to get your signature before leaving any packages on your front porch. police are reminding everybody if your neighborhood, please give them a call. diswhrnchts live if cleveland. meg shaw, news 5. >> thanks. went one of the largest retailer is -- is ready to set breaks. thousands of deals. >> i'll say this. if san it a workshop outside of the north pole it would probably look something
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center. snot just a couple. 1 miles worth. they run 4/7. with me is the spokesperson. stephanie, last year you guys did just a couple of sales on cyber monday, right if expwhr 629 each second on cyber monday. busy day for diswhrus. huge day. and your expecting the numbers to go up today. so for people watching what are some of the things they can expect. by . >> so aware really trying to do is make it convenient for shoppers. so they can shop from thundershower couch and pjs they don't have the deal with the hassle of the business parking lot onlines. deals ever 5 minutes. everything is on if you find a deal you can send an alert and your smart phone will tell you. >> you're making it easy for folks. >> something else here in
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3500 people. an extra couple of thousands around the holidays. anything you can do to keep up. i'll send it back to you. >> all right. interesting to see inside there. all those order miss are celebrating death of a controversial cuba dictator who was marked by human rights induces of civil and political rights. >> a lot of people in cuba still in shock following the death of fidel castro. his brother has already declared nine days of mourning for country. on december 4th. his ashes will be buried in southeastern cuba. and today the head of the wisconsin election commission is expected to reveal the time line for that state's recount. wisconsin is just one of three state expected to begin recount efforts. michigan and pennsylvania are the other two battle ground states targeted by the
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remeu in michigan. they have until wednesday to request a recount in pennsylvania. it must be e requested there a court appeal. >> star wars story on sale here in cleveland. tickets to see it. one on sale at 12:01 this morning online. december 16th. star wars fans, they are a forced to be reckoned with. apparently not expecting so much demand for tickets. they later tweeted they will be put in a waiting room because of such high traffic. >> wow. >> great weather day across northern ohio. 55 degrees. we are tracking rain but for most of your day we are going to be on droot side. lower 50s for overnight lows. the clouds will keep us warmer throughout your monday. more rain for tuesday, wednesday. >> all right.
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no problem. >> we'll see you back here in
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us today. have a good morning, america. president-elect trump lashes out launching a twitter tirade over those calls for an election recount, making the claim -- with zero evidence -- that millions of americans voted illegally and that he should have won the popular vote. the recount set to get underway in wisconsin. celebrations and mourning. over the death of dictator fidel castro. now new questions about the united states' future with cuba and trump's promise to "roll back relations." "world news tonight" anchor david muir is live in havana. lucky to be alive. the kidnapped mom found bound on the side of the road weeks after she was reportedly abducted on a jog. an eyewitness who discovered that mother of two now speaking out. >> i figured if she was willing


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