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tv   News 5 at Noon  ABC  November 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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these are pictures from the campus right now. injured in the attack. reports show the suspect has been shot and killed by law enforcement. reports that the situation is contained. students reported out of control.
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joins us now from a live desk. what can you tell us about students hearing fun shots related to that car. >> that car drove into the chemical engineering building on campus. one student said someone jumped out of that car and started shooting. lots of reports of students running for cover. by 10 a.m. they tweeted that there was an active shooter on campus. this all taking place near hall. >> two other girl and i in the bathroom we got in here. we were shaken up but we were like did this really happenner or was that just the sound from something else. and the media instinct is believe it's not real.
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safe. >> and just mind me. live picture of hospital. one person is in critical condition. the others who were injured have non-life threatening medical problems. we're going to keep you up to speed. osu police say it's been lifted but all classes are cancelled today. we'll keep you up to speed on what's happening there in columbus. i'm on your side investigator. >> thank you. ohio state university used twitter as a those on campus to the active shooters situation. a tweet was sent from the emergency management department directing them to shelter in place. these words are now reminding everyone of the
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first run evacuation possible. gets silent out of view or as a last result fight. update the situation asking everyone to continue sheltering in place. as you just heard that's been lifted. they also direct everyone to listen to what police have to say and the department of homeland security has other specific advice for those and not do if situation. good thing to keep in mind. unfortunately this could happen anywhere. >> it could happen anywhere. thank you. appreciate that. well the official mourning of fidel castro is underway in cuba. thousands paying tribute to his memory. today at the same time castro's death is bringing uncertainty to the recent u.s.-
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>> lined up by the thousands today cubans paid tribute to fidel castro. filing past this memorial a somber reflection on this island nation. for 49 years. this figure will remain as big as pride. >> vie brapt music has been silenced in tribute. the flag flies at half staff. a stark contrast to the americans in miami little havana. >> i don't celebrate death but i celebrate the death of a tyrant. >> uncertain new chapter president-elect trump threatening to undue his diplomatic ties. do all it can to ensure prosperity and liberty for the cubans.
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tomorrow. holding the remains. be brought to other cities across the country ahead of the funeral on sunday. the clouds are continuing to flow in. you can see the rain has arrived a little bit early here. seeing hit and miss showers throughout your that moisture really starts to enter as we step into the early-esque. an elongated moisture. very dry. so on radar here some spots not see that moisture. we currently see from northern to southern county as that system continues to track
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we're going to see a slight break but this is effecting about seven states here. you can is see this is copious amount of moisture. going to be affecting us for at least the next 36 to 48 hours. temperatures though -- this is a warm front track together north. daytime highs returning to the mid-50s in some spots. hour by hour i do want you to start to have that umbrella handy. things will really start to rev the serve-day forecast when the 6 os return. >> it's a very, very busy news day. it was another deadly weekend here in cleveland. the sound of gunfire in several instancings. cleveland's homicide race is already above last year's numbers. still a month leftment saturday there were three shootings all of them within a couple of hours of each other. one of the shootings was
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holding a black friday sale. at least 20 gunshots were fired. two men were hit. one of them died. then overnight officers responded to a number of shootings including a deadly one. it was found in the home of mayor frank jackson. it was 9:00 when gunfire sounded. two men were shot. one of them died. we're working on more details. 120 this year. we have to go back to 2007 to find a rate higher than that. there were 134 killings that year. stories we continue to follow. donald trump continues to lash out. the recount in wisconsin. holiday heists on the rise. with today being one of the busiest online shopping day thieves target purchases.
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protect your package. we continue to follow breaking news at ohio state university. i'll new details in just a moment
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dinging into what you can do to protect your online orders. >> many of you are probably clicking and surfing trying to find the best deals. sales are expected to exceed $3 billion today. so that means millions of packages will be shipped all over the country increasing that risk for package theft. here's some steps you can take. if you have the option to check out set a delivery time so you know you'll be dropped off. another option where you know someone will be there. ask your employer if you can have your items sent to the work or even ask a neighbor who you trust. consider home security if you don't already have it. make sure the signs are posted clearly and yards so crooks considering anything ill lee will notice them right away and lastly require the delivery person to get your signature before leaving any items behind. this is one of those
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year after year. but the reality is according to social media website 42% of americans say they've had at least one package stolen. take these steps and ensure your packages are secure. in cleveland, meg shaw. news 5. and news 5 is staying on top of breaking news today out of columbus at the noon hour. after a shooter opened fire on the campus of ohio state university. i'll have the latest moment. we are tracking light rain right now but i'm going to show you when a good swath of this moisture moves in. also along with temperatures returning to above
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a suspect is dead and several have been taken to the hospital including one in critical condition. new information shows that a knife may also have been involved in the attack along with shots fired. there was a call involved where
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people in the engineer building. the lockdown has been lifted but classes are cancelled. the area around watts hall at 19th and college road is closed as the investigation into what happened continues there at ohio state university. of course, we continue following this story throughout the day. today election official in wisconsin are preparing for a recount million ofs vote. it's calling it all a scam. abc has the latest on the recount story. >> the wisconsin recount. the state is now in the process of recounting nearly 3 million votes in the presidential race. >> every candidate who's on the ballot as a presidential candidate has a right to request a recount. >> joined by hillary clinton's campaign. >> we're in a rigged system, folks. the winner president-elect
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against a rigged system and it could lead to redowns in pennsylvania and michigan. trump treated the people have spoken and the election is over. but in a tweet the president- elect posted he would have won the popular vote if you would remove the number of people who voted illegally. serious bias? big problem. trump tweeted no proof to back up his claim. california secretary of called the allegations absurd. his latest sweet story asks for attention. >> what all these conflicts of interest. i think that's the thing that's going to follow him. >> there's also turmoil over possible contender mitt romney. >> he went out of his way to hurt donald trump much i don't think it has to be secretary of state. >> his transition is team says he will have a second meeting tomorrow and
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director david petraeus. >> well let's check in on that all-important weather situation on this november day. how with relooking outside? >> we got spoiled for thanksgiving weekend. a lot of season shien yesterday but things are changing and that's just us. >> that's the way it goes. >> 12 hours, a different weather pattern that's starting to move in here. we're tracking rain on the tower 5. you probably warmer. >> i've noticed that. >> we're back in the -- that's always welcome. we are above normal for the last few days of november here. we're seeing the cloud coverage and we're dealing with drier air. so any moisture that we're seeing very limited. it's hitting the ground. that becomes more widespread as we spread into want to. take a look at our temperatures right now. look at the county. 54 degrees.
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lake county currently at 48 degrees. good afternoon. 46 with that warm air going to continue to move in here with the warm front to the north. i'll show you where the moisture is moving. we're seeing heavier bands for the county into the area. it's moving east about 10 to 15 miles an hour. so moving out fairly quickly. even seeing the darker green. the lighter green just scattered showers right now for you're going to see hit and miss showers throughout your afternoon. but what you can see here is this a elongated moisture affecting about 7 to eight states and it will continue to flow in here for at least the next 36 to 48 hours. behind that cold front is a lot cooler air. that's going to drop into northern ohio as we step into wednesday, thursday afternoon.
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temperatures. the warm front tracking to the north. that's going to bounce up and back to the middle 50s for most spots throughout your afternoon. so how you're planning your amp to the evening you can see the futurecast. going to dry out but you could see hit and miss showers here. won't see any heavy downpours. the bulk of this moisture here. 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 tonight and showing you and tracki continue to be really steady throughout your evening, throughout your overnight. a little bit of a break by tomorrow morning. the warm moisture starts to rev up for your tuesday afternoon. so today mostly cloudy skies. sporadic showers here. daytime high of 55 degrees. due to the cloud coverage that's in place, overnight lows into the upper 40s to lower 40 50s.
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of southeast. 15 to it 2-1 miles an hour. hold on to your hat this afternoon. due that warm front we bounce back up to the 60s. the cold front really tracks in by thursday. daytime highs return back to normal by thursday and friday afternoon into the lower 40s. we're also on the radio. cleveland christmas star 102,
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a suspect is dead. the longdown has been lifted but classes are cancelled. the area around watts hall and college is closed. that's the investigation into what happened continues. more information on our news net 5 app. we will continue following this situation on later broadcast at 00 one again the suspect is dead. nine victims have been hospitalized. we continue to follow the story from ohio state university in columbus, ohio. that's how our day has begun. more to come. more on that at 4:00, 5:00 a and 6:00 we'll see you
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hey. wake health is providing care where patients need it most. michelle pierce is here to share more. thanks for this. lake health house calls. making a comeback. >> the lake house is a nurse prak tition their program that provides individualized inhome primary care for patients. managing chronic diseases or following an acute illness. the goal of the program is to reduce hospitalizations and to increase patient outcomes. >> sole at the me about the services that you provide. >> sure.
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primary care provider. we work in conjunction with the provide ires with a team such as social workers or pharmacists. to provide an efficient and safe plan of care for them in their home. >> that's great. you guys all work together. tell me how does someone get qualify snd >> a person has been to be qualified and some of the reasons they would be home bound would be a cognitive impairment or the social from the office. they need help getting out of the home. >> so many people would fit that criteria. why do you think house calls are making a comeback? >> because people want to be in their homes. and we're allowing them to be in a their homes longer and safer and i think we can provide better care for them and their homes and support them better. >> perfect.
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if you'd like to learn more give them a call.
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. it's november 28th. time for great viral videos right this minute. rescuers try to reach a wounded elephant who is in a pit. >> with her 3-month-old calf. >> see the amazing effort to get baby and mamma out. a high speed survival story after a cop is car. the proof, you can't keep a good man down. >> he's the terminator. >> imagine leaving your home to live in safari tents designed by a world famous pet designer. now meet the couple who realized this is right up their alley. >> my gosh. so stinking cool. >> we are breaking down the best on the web including how a couple's motorcycle trip lead to


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