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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it was an attack that only lasted a minute on the campus of ohio state university. but it was quick enough to send at least nine people to local hospitals. it all started at 9:52 this morning when the attacker, abdul artan drove his car into a crowd, then he got out of the car and began stack people with a knife. he was shot by a campus police officer who happened to be in the area at the time investigating the report of gas leak. >> an individual drove on to a sidewalk striking several individuals and then exited the vehicle with a knife and cut and or stabbed other individuals before being encountered by one of the university's police officers. >> the attacker was a student
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on the attacker's background but first we head to columbus where tara molina and bob jones have been talking to witnesses all day. it's an event that has everyone there still on edge. >> reporter: absolutely danita. talk about a pretty horrific day here at ohio state, students still shaken up tonight. now for many of them this all started with attacks. for chaos. >> this girl comes in in absolute hysterics. she couldn't talk. >> students ran from watts hall where osu student abdul artan drove through a crowd hitting people, then hopped out of the car and hit people with a butcher's knife. nine people hurt. university buildings locked
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artafternoon. >> piece op. still shaken but focusing on their fellow buckeyes' recovery. >> i can't believe newary going through this and i'm so sorry. >> i just pray for them. >> reporter: again, guys, officials are saying it is too early to determine whether this attack was terrorism related. but my fellow reporter bob jones is joining us now from outside one of the hospitals where these victims recovering. bob, what's the latest there? en p. six people are being treated here, four others at other hossmentsz meantime i spoke with a student who was stunned by what he saw. >> i am still shaking from that. yeah, the emotions, people were freaking out and screaming.
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kicked it into gear. >> reporter: austin, a junior from indianapolis, was walking to work when the unthinkable happened. he spotted fire trucks and -- sp. >> there was smoke in this plaza area in front of watts. >> reporter: moments later he witnessed a man with a knife stack innocent people. >> then i with a blue sweater vest kind of thing running at people with what looked like a kitchen knife. i saw him slash someone on the arm. he got someone else on the leg i i. >> reporter: the officer ordered the man to drop weapon. >> he told him twice and when
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fast's could but told me he was preparing to use his backpack as a weapon moments before the officer fatally shot the suspect. >> i was about ready to take my backpack off and try to slug him if he was near me. >> sp. >> reporter: how quickly life can change. >> when it actually happens here, it's a shock. it can happen anytime, anywhere, and i'm just thankful that we do. >> reporter: tonight austin is giving thanks for the officer which ebels could have saved lives. the motive behind the attack remains unknown at this hour but we are learning more about the attacker in this case. on your side investigator
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uncovering new details. >> reporter: what we know is the attacker was an 18-year-old somali revenue he have peaches. just three months ago ohio state's newspaper, the student newspaper down there, interviewed artafternoon. he talked about his trouble finding a place to pray on campus. he said, "i wanted to 49th open but i was kind of scared with everything going on in the media. i'm a muslim. it's not what the media he left his home country with his. they lived in pakistan before coming to the u.s. where artan became a permanent resident in 2014. he just transfer seemed. jonathan walsh, on your side. >> there is still a lot more to learn about exactly what happened in columbus so we're
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developments that come out we will make sure you have the latest through our news 5 app. time for a check on our weather with chief meteorologist mark johnson. i saw umbrellas. >> did you bring yours? >> no. >> you are going to need it by the time we head home from work at 11:45ish. rain showers coming in. in fact, rain showers san did you say. a few sprinkles east side the next little ole. 52 in canton. it is mild. it is going to stay mild all night long. let me show you the hour by hour. here is 1:00 p.m. upper 40s and lower 50s across northern ohio. your hour by hour look. showers, isolated, until
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winter coats. the fbi is trying to track down two men who robbed a brooklyn bank at gunpoint this morning. we want you to take a good look at these pictures. the robbers walked into the huntington bank just after 9:30 this morning as one of the men declared they were. the company is $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. a am. a man has turned himself in after hitting a 10-year-old with his car. he hit the child who was in a crosswalk. boone has been charged with vehicular saw. according to police the child was treated and released from the hospital since was hit.
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holliday shopping done early. it's also a day where scam foach. james gherardi has the tips you need. i visited amson, a couple of clicks. >> i know you did. you sit across from me. i see your computer. i was doing it, that. we were doing it, the bosses were, that. that's what millions of americans are going to be monday's biggest deals. but buyers beware. some deals may be too good to be true. and with one click of the mouse you could be scammed out of hundreds of dollars. $1 billion is the amount of money the fbi says on-line scammers will make from on-line shoppers this year. and while.
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well that a lot of us are doing shopping today. >> reporter: beware of totally bogus websites. they pop up looking legitimate but are selling fake knock-off merchandise. look at this terkz co it claims to have real tiffany's jewelry, but it was registered in russia just a couple of months ago right in time for holliday shopping https in front of it. that means that if you put your credit card information on there it is going to be securely sent to the seller. >> reporter: always shop. if what is delivered isn't the same as what you ordered, you can dispute the purchase. not the same with a debit card.
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at an unbelieve an lee low price, don't fall into traps. a new 70-inch tv will not go for $50. >> if the sounds too good to be true we've always set probably is too good to be true. >> finally, check a website's privacy policy. there will you be able to 0 fitch. been. >> reporter: it's always a good idea to check web reviews. if a website has no reviews and you have never purchased from them before experts say there is a good chance that site was created by a scammer. live in the newsroom, james gear rahr darks news 5. >> thank you. straight ahead on news 5, it was a project that had a hopeful completion date ahead of the rnc. months after the convention wrapped up plans are still up in the air for a pedestrian bridge. plus, the beginning of a
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cincinnati gets off to a rocky start. we'll have more on that coming
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. new at 6:00 an elyria man
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ohio state highway patrol arrested him for his fifth ovi. officers say eric frye was arrested after he was involved in crash inwayne county. he is expected to face the charge in court tomorrow morning. gals tonight, winterfest provided an opportunity this weekend for cleveland to get out and enjoy the new public square but the square's overhaul is just one of the project on the plate for cleveland's group plan commission. news 5's john kosich joins us with a look at where to the lake. what happens to those plans? >> the bridge has long been talked about. it was thought it might get dunn in time for the rnc, but as of today, nothing. so we set out to find out what's up. people out enjoying public square, shopping and ice skating. it's exactly what was envisioned for the space when the group plan announced the square's overhaul more than two years ago. it was part of a three-step
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the lake front. two of three are done. >> we're still very committed to figuring out that last piece of the puzzle which is the pedestrian bridge between the malls and the lake front. >> reporter: jeremy paris is executive director of the commission which oversaw the project and is overseeing the eventual pedestrian bridge that already has more than two thirds of funding in place. >> we've got a great advantage which is 25 million in committed funds from the city, cot, and state the design concepts that will carry walkers and cyclists to the lake front. two years later the designs are still being finalized. they are anxious to build off the momentum of public square but they want to make sure they get it right. >> this has got to be a meaningful connection for generations. you don't do this and say, oh, we screwed it up, let's do it again. you've got one shot. the activity around the malls is showing what a great public
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right, too. >> reporter: since this was project that had an initial time frame that got pushed back they don't want to put a time frame on when construction might start but they do stress they want to keep the momentum of those downtown projects going. john kosich, news 5. >> and downtown looks so beautiful right now. the busy holliday travel season is underway. if you are making a budget make sure to allow some extra cash for park. that's right. rates at hopkins are going up by a dollar as of today. so that pay anywhere from $9 to $18 a day depending on which lot you use. there will be a new judge for the retrial of former university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing who is charged with shooting and killing a black man during a traffic stop last year. hamilton county judge megan shanahan removed herself from the case. tensing's first trial in the death of sam dubose ended in a
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that the retrial should be conduct with a blank slate on all matters surrounding evidence and procedure. i find that this court is otherwise disqualified to preside. >> the case has been assigned to a new judge but there's questions as to whether he will keep it because he previously represented the victim's family member in a probate court matter. we will keep you up to date. right thought's time to talk about the weather. >> no rob powers today. he's not feeling well. >> feel better, sir. in the meantime, it's a special time. >> because this is a special place. we tease him about that. >> we love you, rob. >> feel better, buddy. we've got some rain coming in. rainy weather but mild weather. i told you there was a warm-up. the warm did you know arriving but it's bringing with it some rain showers. clouds overhead. the rain showers arriving steadily through the evening and the overnight.
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earlier, sandusky to mansfield now seeing the rain showers. notice for greater cleveland and akron and canton the rain showers really going up between 7:00 and 10:00. they will be in and out those rain showers between 10:00 and 1:00 but another real good swath of rain. rain likely. like toll good chances for rain all the way through 4:00 a.m., and then notice by the morning commute, boom, the rain shuts down. and rainfall totals should be manageable. a quarter of an inch for akron cleveland. .04 near sandusky so not a lot of monster rainfall. just some steady light to briefly moderate rain. 55 cleveland, akron 52, wooster sitting at 50 degrees. winds out of the south 5 to 15 miles per hour with gusts above 20 miles per hour.
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48 freeman, 49 norwalk but temperatures are not going to drop much from where they are. maybe at degree or two. in fact, bidawn tomorrow, we will likely see temperatures in the lower to mid-50s everywhere. today's high 54. 45 is where we should base. trace of rain at hopkins. here's the front coming in. rain showers out ahead of it. the warm front to our north, so on the mild side. tornado watch box down into mississippi and al bam movement severe thunderstorms during the for us it's all about rain. that's it. just some rain shower activity. but the good news no, tornadoes here. jackson, mississippi, down towards new orleans, tornado watch, atlanta, wind advisories to your north. rain showers, thunderstorms pulling that way. snow on the back side of this sum in the dakotas some heavy snowfall there with winter
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through tonight. gusts closer to 30. tomorrow 61 but notice the rain is done. drying out with some sunshine mixing in with clouds, breezy and mild. liking that. the here is your seven-day. wednesday near 60, a few showers. thursday, though, much cooler, a few showers, 44. then it's an isolated mix of rain and wet snow and even some ice pellets friday. saturday some lake effect rain and wet snow. sunday isolated rain and wet notice the temperatures. lower 40s. all. >> sports director andy baskin is here. it is monday. after a browns loss. >> therapy monday. >> still therapy monday. >> that's what it is. give me something good. >> not victory monday. i have more bad news. >> come on. i'll give you more bad news. that's a reason to stick around. we lost another starter today. and jim harbaugh puts his money
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flowing at the big 10 office in chicago. how much does he owe?
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well, the browns offensive line might start wearing those,
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everybody. that's john greek coast. he injured his right foot yesterday in the loss to the giants. now he is on the ir. if you need more browns news you can spend the off week with who? hue jackson and the hue jackson show. ohio state beat michigan. you can call out the questions of the referee at the end of the game but know who can't? a head coach. you want to hear what a $10,000 fine does it sound lying? >> i'm bitterly disappointed with the officiating today. that spot, the graphic display is the interference penalties. the one not called on us on grant perry clearly was being hooked before the ball got there, and the previous penalty they called on hill, the ball
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the officiating. can't make that any more clearer. >> nope, couldn't make it any more clearer. do you know how much jewelry you could buy for $10,000? >> oh yeah. >> that's what it cost him to say that. one of the side bars, the fact that the cavaliers were there hanging out on the field and in a suite. they took to social media during the game and j.r. smith asked a very important question on social media. >> so the question is, being basketball, didn't go to college, can we come back and play college football? do we still have eligibility? somebody give us the answer. i'll ask. wide receiver always looking good. why do you hate me, r.j.? >> i got nothing else to do.
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>> so much fun. >> in case you are wondering, lebron, if someone wanted to make an argument, he would have to retire, give up endorsement money would not be worth it for that one snap. >> not happening. >> and there's no hope. amateur? no way. >> stay in your lane. stay in your lane. >> you got it. watch the wetness. rain coming tonight. >> we'll see you tonight at 8 1:00. have a good one. >> news 5 at 6:00 has been brought to you by the ohio
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. tonight, breaking news. we're on the scene right now. the horrific attack at a major american university. the suspect plowing into pedestrians, then going on the attack with a butcher's knife. multiple victims. and what we've just learned about the suspect. also breaking tonight, the recount battle. the first state set to begin. we're there tonight with new reporting. president-elect donald trump drawing outrage from some after tweeting claims of voter fraud elsewhere with no proof. and could there be any change in the outcome of the election? severe storms at this hour. a tornado watch right now. heavy snow, rain and ice. that system marching east tonight. the record-breaker. holiday sales already. and now, it's cyber monday. the best deals you can still get tonight. and the missing mom mystery tonight. three weeks after she vanishes,


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