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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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do is to be divided. we need to stand united.
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before some big time change smacks us in the face. so enjoy this. kristin. >>reporter: thanks so much, j.d. well, yeah, we've been talking those downed trees, downed power lines. i have all of them listed at least as reports come in on my twitter page.
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place. kristin-byrne. right now you're looking at an odot view of 90 right at east -- excuse me, west 84th. i'll get it together, i promise. but you can just see how slick we are out on the highways this morning because of that rain. and as j.d. has been talking it, something we are going to be dealing with for that morning commute, so make sure you take it slow, and if any of those traffic lights are out, treat those as a four- way stop. we're not going to give in to to fear, we're not going to give in to hatred or tragedy like this. >> healing after horror. ohio state coming togethers this morning to move forward -- together this morning to move forward after a terrifying attack. >> and classes will resume today less than 24 hours after a man drove into a crowd and stabbed several people. news 5's meg shaw is in now with the latest. good morning, meg. >>reporter: good morning, sarah and karina. there are so many unanswered questions this morning, but columbus police and federal agents are now working to uncover why this happened.
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attacker -- and a facebook post from the attacker may provide some insight. hours before abdul razak ali artan drove his car into a crowd and started stabbing he postd this to his facebook. i can't take it anymore, america, stop interfering with other countries, especially the muslim. we are not weak, we are not weak. remember that. the fbi now digging deeper into that post, all this as religious leaders focus on helping students and staff move forward. >> there's a sense of and a sense of wanting to overcome this together, and that's how we'll do it. that's the only way we'll do it is together. >>reporter: and that's been the tone all along, getting through this tragedy together. the ohio state emergency management tweeting this, quote, together we remain unified in the face of adversity. and they will try to heal together tonight at the st. john's arena with a special community event. that will start at 7:00, all are welcome. karina. >> meg, thank you.
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american islamic relations is condemning the attack. >> leaders in cleveland also calling for everyone to keep calm and not rush to judgment. about all somali americans. >> the somali community have left a place where there is ongoing violence and they've come here as a refuge to live in american society. they love this country, they work very hard, they want to peacefully raise their families here and they absolutely anyone who would perpetrate this attack. >> the group says it is worried the attack could prompt violence against other muslims and their mosques. well, looking ahead to tomorrow, ohio lawmakers set to take up a bill related to weapons on college campuses. the columbus dispatch says this bill was in the works before the attack. it would let universities adopt policies that allow concealed carry handguns on campus. another bill going before committee tomorrow would reduce
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to a misdemeanor. and social media played a big role after this attack. facebook activated its safety check feature. this allows people to tell family and friends they are okay. facebook calling it a violent incident in columbus. and we will continue to follow the latest on the attack as it develops. if you want to read a more in- depth coverage of what's going on, check out our news 5 app. we have a time line of developments, full versions of media posts about the attack. it is 5:05. i want to update you now on breaking news comeing into the live desk. a plane carrying more than 80 people crashes in colombia. police are confirming only five people survived. most of these passengers were players and employees from a brazilian professional soccer team seen here during their last match. this was in bolivia. we are staying on top of this all morning long. of course we'll keep you updated. sarah.
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work in louisville. the rep says members of the teachers union voted to end the strike nearly four weeks after it started. but there's no word yet on if they accepted the new contract that was left on the table. they're asking the board of education to clarify two issues, reduction in force and insurance bills from the strike -- before the strike. classes at all louisville city schools are canceled today. everyone will be back on wednesday. a 25-year-old man turns himself in after hitting a 10- year-old with week. cleveland heights police say jeremy boone was driving on lee road when he hit the child who was in a crosswalk with his older brother. boone has been charged with aggravated vehicular assault. according to police, the child is now out of the hospital. so that is some good news. well, today is giving tuesday, as we mentioned. in recent years it's become kind of a companion to black friday and cyber monday, but instead of buying the focus is on giving, hence the name,
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bank is hoping that you'll consider them today. food bank leaders say they are in desperate need of donations. one in three people in cleveland live in poverty, and many of them rely on the food bank to eat. demand, of course, it increases during the holidays as kids go on winter break and don't get a school lunch. >> back in our kitchen, we can distribute anywhere from 5,000 to almost 10,000 meals in any given day, depending on whether or not school is out. >> well, donations don't need to just be nonperrishable foods. the food bank also accepts financial donations and they use those to buy bulk foods to be storeed in their warehouse. -- storeed in their warehouse. well, today several groups of workers will rally at cleveland hopkins airport >> they're asking for a raise. they want minimum wage to be $15 an hour. it coincides with a national day of action organized by the fight for 15. protests expected all across the country. the groups are gathering in cleveland include passenger
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and members of communication workers of america. the rally is set for noon at the airport. they're not the only ones here. uber drivers also calling for a $15 minimum wage. hundreds of drivers will protest right alongside those fast food workers, airport employees and home care aides for what's being billed as a day of disruption. now, uber drivers are considered contractors rather than employees and because of that they're not entitled to overtime or sick pay. uber officials not mm rudd is back with another check on the weather >> yeah. as promised a look at those peak wind gusts that we've seen so far since midnight. check it out at cleveland hopkins, 45-mile-per-hour wind gust, just one miles per hour better than that lorain, 46- mile-per-hour wind gust. a lot of areas here 35 to 40 miles an hour. the good news is the wind is easing up a little bit. it's still going to be breezy if not gusty as we go through the day today. here's the hourly wind gust forecast, around 20 to 25 miles an hour through at least this
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got warmer temperatures coming into play, highs today and tomorrow in the 60s. but a big change by thursday. i'll come back with more on that in a couple of minutes. >> 50s, i like the sound of that. well, we made it to tuesday, everyone. good morning, i'm karina piza. >> i'm sarah phinney. thank you for waking up wus. still ahead, wildfires threatening thousands of homes in tennessee. we'll shoal you video of those evacuating. and a company working on a solution that can keep girls
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12 after fierveg. right now here at the live wildfires in tennessee. look at this video showing just how close this fire is to homes and businesses. this is gatlinburg rg the video we're looking at right now. that city under an immediate evacuation order and that includes the popular great smokey national park resort and ski areas, even dollywood, the fire being fanned by strong winds and the worst drought the area has seen in nearly a decade. so far no injuries reported, but at least 100 homes here are
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in colorado. this is a denver suburb. firefighters from the city are among those being called in to help. and it is snow causing problems in the dakotas. this is what it looks like in bismarck, south dakota now. in north dakota the government issued an emergency evacuation of protesters at standing rock. they're upset over a proposed pipeline. he says winter storms in the forecast are making things just too dangerous for them to be there. well, today green party candidate jill stein expected to file the paperwork needed start an election recount in michigan. she's already done the same in wisconsin where the recount is set to begin thursday. however, stein is suing that state because she says it will not hand count the ballots. stein has also filed a suit for a hand count in pennsylvania. our next first lady threatening to file lawsuit of her own. according to a letter from her lawyer obtained by tmz, melania trump is furious over a video
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baron is autistic. rosie o'donnell tweet add link to the video last week. melania not threatening to show donald, but she wanted the person who posted the video to apologize. a man whose profanity- laced screams about his support for donald trump now banned from delta for life. >> this man [ inaudible ] [ bleep ] we got hillary clinton supporters on here >> oh, boy. delta was criticized in the -- immediately after following the incident disruptive passenger. late yesterday the airline took action banning him, but it's all offering full refunds to passengers on that flight. and more drama on the tarmac, this time in houston where united airlines passenger jumped from her flight as it was approaching the gate. police say the woman opened a hatch on one of the emergency exit rows and then climbed out onto the wing. she was caught by officers and
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well, texas is now the second state to confirm a locally-transmitted case of the zika virus. lab results confirm the virus in a non-pregnant woman living in brownsville. that is in south texas right near the mexico border. now, the woman has not traveled to an area where the virus is circulating. the only other u.s. state where the virus is circulating is florida. and in california three people are dead, another five sick after eating thanksgiving dinner. health officials think they all got from a dinner at a church event. another 835 people ate at that event, but they have not reported feeling sick. well, providing hygiene supplies for women and girls in public rest rooms for free is an idea taking hold on college campuses across the country and in a growing number of cities. but critics say the idea -- they say the idea will make women greedy if they're offered pads or tampons for free, but a
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solution. hospeko designs a dispenser that lets women get their products for free, but it makes it difficult for one person to empty the whole machine. dispensers like this can have a huge impact on the lives of younger girls. around 50% of girls in cleveland live in poverty and that means money for sanitary products is not always available, resulting in missing school. >> so the truth is that a menstrual cycle can be a barrier for a young girl attending school because of the humiliation, because of the consequences access to those items. >> members of cleveland's city council say they are working on finding a solution, be it legislative or private and public sector efforts. right now we've been bout strong winds today. we're seeing downed power lines, trees, a jf?mess >> you gotta be careful on ko? mornings like this, the strong wind, any kind of downed power line could be an issue.
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kristin will tell you. windy for us, wind speeds the good news here that wind is going to ease up a little bit as we head more towards the afternoon. here's the big picture, satellite and radar. the wind is all being caused by one system and the warm air we're seeing as well. it's one big tightly wound system right here over the western sections of minnesota. look at the snow it's putting f the dakotas. w it's putting this system stretches all the way back to the east and then down to the south. we saw the rain last night into early this morning. now that milder air is its way in. we showed m%byou the video ? earlier. there's bismarck, north dakota. they got just pummeled up there with all that snow, over 12 inches of snow on the ground in the dakotas #vz?as we speak. for us here at home, we haven't gsnow yet which is a little unusual for this time of year, plenty of wind, though. look
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mentioned that mild air coming in. the average high this time of year is down /?to 45. look at where we are right now, though, temperatures at o dark o 30. 55 officially at the airport, 52 in westlake. around the wider area, everybody in the 50s this morning. we'll take '7?that. we're taking shape here for a day in the 60s for high temperatures. walk you through hour by hour. cloud cover this morning, so we're going to try to break that apart after pfh?the lunch today. may e sunshine out there. readings low 60s for highs. we'll take that. this evening clouds roll back in and overnight into tomorrow morning, take a %q?look, may se more showers as we head into early wednesday. shouldn't be a big time rain event at all. so here's the outlook for today in clevelandtpa( to low 60s. it'll stay on the breezy side. kristin. >>reporter: thanks so much, j.d. let's head outside and check on those odot views along 90 r9=? now. first a couple shots from the west side showing that we are slick, the shine on the
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there. so take it slow certainly. and that's not the only issue we are contending with this morning. it's those strong winds g/as j mentioned, a lot of downed trees, a b.?lot of downed power lines. let's head to the maps and show you what we are seeing. this one first, east 9th street, we are seeing partial closings along east 9th i would say from superior all the way to chester because of scaffolding cables that are hitting the side kn+of some buildings there. pedestrians and traffic not allowd to go in that area. we've got a road closed on .nb? lorain 5?avenue right at a partial building collapse, strong winds there leaving parts crumbles of the building in ? venue. t and maywood don't worry, it was a vacant building. let's toss >> thank you, kristin. congress just pass n"k?add bill that protects people who like to write ?reviews online. the bill now includes reviews in the freedom???of speech protections, meaning you can't be sued for ?g&writing a negati review. it was passed in response to some businesses making
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that prevented them from writing bad reviews. well, some great news for ommunity. holiday sales at 3w?mom and pop stores are up. small business saturday setting a new record this year across the country. 112 million shoppers turned out to support their favorite hometown the day has been steadily gaining in popularity. it serves as an .rbote to black friday and cyber monday which tend to support 0major retailers. all right. up next there's a big celebration in the works t%for what's being planned for the e?d and a new addition to downtown cleveland. how the city plans to connect public square to the lakefront. and super screen is 5 is up and running, tracking your weather and traffic during the break. you're watching "good morning
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a teenager in new jersey is taking an adrenaline rush , my goodness. he likes to climb new york high rises often without any safety equipment. he then shares the videos of his stunts. the latest shows the teen breaking into a central park high rise building and dangling from the crane with just one arm. he was arrested back in 2014, but that did not stop him. where are his parents, by the way? well, now police are once again investigating his latest stunt. he could face trespassing and reckless endangerment charges. kristin byrne, take note, no climbing buildings, all right?
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i will not be doing that. all right. we do have a lot of issues in the traffic center and weather department too because of those strong winds out there and the slick, slicks roadways. so we do have another report of a tree down. this is on oak park avenue in the area of cleveland between west 32nd and state. the biggest issue i'm dealing with is that east 9th. part of east 9th closed from superior to chester because of some scaffolding cables that are smacking the sides of 271 right at the 422 split. can't make out the shine too much here. but take my word for it, a lot of the highways, j.d. are slick. >> yeah, we had that rain overnight into this morning which has mainly moved out of the area. the bigger focus is the wind. you take a live look outside, you see the clouds at the top of your picture, the waves in the bottom part of your screen. this doesn't look terrible right now, that's because the wind has eased a little bit from where it was a couple of hours ago. as we broaden the scope, take a look at the next seven days, despite the wind and the clouds
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low 60s. so nice we do it twice again into tomorrow. may see a spotty shower or two. then as we go into thursday, the system passes us by. a cold front comes through and look at the drop in temperature, almost 20 degrees as we finish out the week and start the brand new month of december. we're kind of behind on snow. we'll take a look at that coming up later on this morning. there's a chance, though, for sunday into monday. ladies. >> thank you, j.d. you know now that construction on the new public square is done, the cleveland planng a pedestrian bridge to the lake, it's been talkd about for a while now. it was never completed, though. well, the commission says it's still in the works. designs are being finalized right now, funding is almost in place. >> we've got a great advantage which is a $25 million in committed funds from the city, the county and then from the state. >> since this project had an initial time frame that got pushed back, officials don't want to put a time frame on
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keep the momentum of downtown projects going strong. next we're learning more about the ohio state attack and the suspect. what's happening on campus today. then a somber anniversary in cleveland. we are looking back at an intense police chase and shooting. and as we head to break, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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i'm in ohio state, ins' a guy with his car and a knife stabbing people. >> now at 5:30, terror at ohio state as students return to class. the threatening announcement the suspect made before that attack and the motive investigators are now looking in to. and going back to class. teachers in louisville walk off the picket lines. have they agreed to a contract? but, first, that wind. [ wind noise ] >> and what you're hearing there, scaffolding cables cables slapping against the pnc building downtown. whipping wind cause ago whole lot of trouble, thousands of power outages overnight. in the upper left there on your screen, the entire front of an abandoned building collapses right onto maywood avenue. you see bricks and debris all over the place. >> our overnight news checker
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winds take down half a wall of bricks at a church on kinsman. there are also many reports of poles and power lines down. right now about 5,000 people are without power here in northeast ohio. the hardest-hit areas are cuyahoga and lake counties. and the high winds will continue this morning. meteorologist j.d. rudd tracking it all for us >> yeah. we track it here with our exclusive weatherbug network. nobody else has this. what this is a series of weather instruments, weather stations positioned all around the area that can wind gusts. and look at this, painesville 43-mile-per-hour gust. mentor 43-mile-per-hour gust as well. needless to say it has been a little on the windy side. the wind will slowly ease up as things go on. right now the wind is primarily out of the south at about 15 or so miles an hour. here's forecast for today a mostly cloudy sky, wind may subside a little bit. may see some peeks of sunshine later on this afternoon. high temperatures well above the norm for this time of year.
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around 60 today. we'll take that, kristin. >>reporter: absolutely. the wind causing different problems on the roadways. we've been mentioning these throughout the morning here. too many to mention, we had a lot of different closures because of the downed power cables. this one in huron county, so part of 20 closed between 57 and 601, that section right there on 20. let's jump over to west 91st street. we talked it a little bit before, right at maywood avenue, partial building collapse, that section closed off. lorain avenue partially open here, passible at least here at 126th after a tree fell down. let's pull up those odot views and check on four different shots along 480. traffic is building. make sure you go slow because the highways are still very slick out there. i'm on the ohio state campus. there has been -- i think it's some type of a terrorist attack. >> all right. well, there was a lot of confusion and chaos on the campus of ohio state university
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everybody involved there. a man driving into a crowd, then stabbing people nearby. a total of 11 people taken to the hospital. investigators are now searching the suspect's home, the suspect is dead, but are looking to see if terror was possibly his motive. >> right. many unanswered questions this morning, including why exactly he did that. meg shaw is in the tech center this morning. and she has more on what is happening today at the campus. good morning, meg. >>reporter: yeah, good morning, corrina and sarah. and healing for the ohio state university campus. classes will resume as normal starting later today as police and federal agents now begin their investigation into the man behind the attacks. less than an hour after abdul razak ali artan slammed his car into a crowd of people and started stabbing, law enforcement swarmed this apartment complex where they believe he lives. fbi agents seen moving boxes from the apartment late monday
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now investigating whether it was a terrorist attack, saying they believe artan may have become radicalized. investigators now looking into one of his facebook posts that read if you want us muslim to stop carrying out lone wolf attacks, then make peace. religious leaders on campus now working to help the o.s.u. community heal together. >> this might serve as a wakeup call for young people who might have been sheltered and not know what a violent world we live innd to come together and work to eliminate the violence in our world. >>reporter: now, as thousands of students and professors look to get past this tragic event, there will be a special community event tonight at the st. john's arena on the school's campus. it is scheduled to begin at 7:00. all are welcome. in the tech center, meg shaw, news 5. >> meg, thank you. you know, this attack could have been so much worse if not for the actions of a hero officer.
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horujko, he is just 28 years old, a two-year veteran of the force, also an ohio state alum where he was responding to reports of a gas leak when he saw the car hit the crowd, then watched the suspect get out and start stabbing people with a butcher knife. he shot the man identified as abdul razak ali artan and killed him. the entire confrontation unfolding in just minutes. it ended up with 11 people taken to three columbus-area hospitals, one person critically injured. these injuries ranging fractured skull to lacerations from that butcher knife. we do know the victims were ohio state faculty and also students. and, of course, we are going to keep you informed of all the late-breaking details in this case. if you want to read more in- depth coverage of what's going on, you can check out our free news 5 app. we do have a time line of developments and a lot more information there for you. sarah. well, now to news breaking overnight, teachers going back to work in louisville. the canton rep says members of
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night. right now it's unclear if they send the new contract that was left on the table. they are asking the board of education to clarify two issues, reduction in force and insurance bills from before the strike. classes at all louisville city schools are canceled today. everyone will be back on wednesday. well, today marks four years since the notorious cleveland police chase and shooting ended with two unarmed suspects dead. our overnight news tracker riding along with police officers that night. the chase cleveland, lasting for 20 minutes, ending in east cleveland. officers fired 137 shots at timothy russell and melissa williams. several officers were disciplined. michael brelow, the only one facing manslaughter charges was acquitted. the city of cleveland paid the victims' families $1.5 million each. well, still to come here, despite option from his inner circle, the president-elect will meet again with a former presidential candidate. then losing anything
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if you lost your pay check? how one woman was lucky enough to get it back. but, first, today's tech bytes. in today's tech bytes, cyber monday overloading the internet. >> nordstrom was among several websites that couldn't keep up with the traffic. there were reports of banana republic, gap and old navy also going down. the sites were back up within a few minutes. and a new report about the next education iphone and the possibility of a curved screen >> journal, apple could release a smart phone with a curved screen next year on the iphone's 10th anniversary. the report says apple is testing several prototypes. and it's about to become safer to post a negative review from your maybe curved iphone on sites like yelp and trip adviser. >> a bill protecting the rights of unhappy customers now awaits president obama's signature. supporter say the -- supporters say the law is needd to protect freedom of speech so that
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>> those are your tech bytes.
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it's 5:39. good tuesday morning, i'm power of 5 meteorologist j.d. rudd. a little on the windy side this morning. the wind is going to ease up as we go through the day. that wind, though, is helping us. it's bringing us warmer temperatures. here's how today plans out for you. noork 54 -- 9:00 54 degrees, still on the windy side. the wind will subside a little,
5:40 am
this afternoon. check out these temperatures, though, as we head toward 4:00, 60 degrees, just in time for the sun to set and the dark sky to settle in. but overnight lows will stay on the milder side. one more mild day ahead before change. this morning, though, kristin, you gotta be careful on the roadways. >>reporter: absolutely. it's those side streets i'm mostly concerned about. the highways not bad, but the downed trees, the downed power lines along those side streets, that's what i'm concerned about. the good news, though, corrina, we found out east back open. >> woo-hoo. >> thanks for that, kristin. new this morning, plans are under way to celebrate the life of prince on the first anniversary of his death >> paisley park will host a four-day celebration from april 20th to the 23rd. bands scheduled to perform includes prince's former backup band the revolution, as well as members of his other bands. paisley park officially opened to visitors last month as a museum. and starting next month the tours will be expanded with new fan experiences.
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the hospital. he's reportedly not ready to go home anytime soon. sources telling tmz west just isn't stable enough to leave ucla medical center. he checked in a week ago after suffering from dehydration and sleep deprivation and since he's been there, sources say he's also dealt with depression and paranoia. a rep for the rapper has not released an official update. well, up next a courtroom surprise. why an accused murderer may be able to question the family of his victims. then stores trick you into buying things you don't really want or even need. and super screen 5 is up and running, tragging your -- tracking your weather and traffic during the break. you're watching "good morning
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we are staying on top of breaking news here at the live desk at 5:44. there are only five survivors from a plane crash in colombia. police there saying everybody else on board was killed. right now search efforts being put on hold in the area because of heavy rain. 81 people were on board that plane, including a top brazilian soccer team. the chartered plane declared an electrical failure before crashing into a mountainous area. and more breaking news here right now.
5:45 am
it is orange with fire. outs-of-control wildfires threatening resort towns in tennessee. smoke and ash filling the air there. goz dozens of homes and -- dozens of homes and buildings evacuated. people are forced to evacuate. nobody is allowed in gatlinburg, a mountain town in the eastern part of the state. we're just learning people are trapped inside of a hotel there in gatlinburg. pigeon forge in the path of the fire, the theme park dollywood on high alert too. this fire fueling those flames. firefighters now just hoping that rain will help put it out, sarah. >> all right, corrina. tnchts could be a big day for the donald trump administration. mike pence hinting at it when he spoke with with the media. >> we'll be back at it first thing in the morning and there will be a number of very important announcements. >> today trump is set to meet with mitt romney for the second time. and yesterday he met with retired general and former cia
5:46 am
secretary of state. the decision has created a divide among trump's advisers. for now aides say trump is weighing his options before making a decision. and while trump decides who should be secretary of state, he is filling other key positions in his administration. trump tapping georgia representative tom price to lead the department of health and human services. an official announcement is expected today. price is a surgeon and has been a leading critic of affordable care act. corrina. back here with breaking news coming into the live desk overnight, the president of south korea says she will step down if that's what parliament wants. now, this is a surprise announcement. the opposition says she's just doing it to delay impeachment. prosecutors say she conspired with the daughter of a late cult leader who allegedly interfered in state affairs. the president accused of pressuring companies to donate millions of foundations that woman controlled. hundreds of thousands of people have rallied there in south
5:47 am
president to resign. an impeachment motion vote was planned for friday. the suspected shooter in the charleston, south carolina massacre is representing himself during his federal death penalty trial. that means dylann roof could cross examine survivors and family members of the deceased. the judge making that ruling yesterday as the final phase of jury selection got under way. roof faces 33 charges including murder and hate crimes. he's accused of killing nine people an african-american church last year. and the man behind the wheel when a school bus crashed in tennessee killing six children will make his first appearance in court today. 24-year-old johnthony walker faces multiple charges, including vehicular homicide. as of now a live look outside in cleveland where it is windy, but j.d. rudd says it will taper down throughout the day >> a little bit. this morning those gusty winds have been around 45 to almost
5:48 am
morning goes on. get you outside this morning, temperatures are mild as you step out the door which is nice for this time of year. we'll certainly take it. readings should be in the low to middle 50s. we'll keep a mostly cloudy sky, but a few breaks should work their way in as the day goes on. as far as the wind goes this morning, it'll be stronger than it will be in the afternoon, sustained wind speeds right around 15 to 20 this morning, scaling back more toward around 10 miles an hour later on this afternoon and this evening, but still those wind gusts have been something else. i'll show is you those morning. satellite and radar picture, we had some rain showers late last night into the early overnight hours. you can see here that is now long gone, just the cloud cover in place. that's all part of a bigger system which is putting down a massive amount of snow across parts of the dakotas. yesterday alone at least seven inches, if not more, fell in the bismarck, north dakota area. here's a closer inspection of that. these folks here definitely seeing a winter wonderland. did you know we're actually below where we should be this time of year for snowfall in
5:49 am
we're supposed to see around 4 1/4 inches in november. so far barely an inch is all that we've seen,.90. that's all that's been recorded at cleveland hop kin international airport so far. but don't worry, we have plenty of time to make that up. usually january our snowiest month on average, but no snow in the forecast for today or tomorrow. temperatures into the 50s this morning. the wind almost as high as the temperature at times. these are the sceurnt wind speeds current wind speeds, 15 to 20 miles an hour as we speak. here's the hourly breakdown today with the wind and the temperature on there. we may clear the sky out a little bit after about 2:00, 3:00, some more sunshine in here which will help bump those temperatures up just a bit. i am watching that storm system as it rolls its way by to our north as we go more into tomorrow night and thursday. that could give us a chance for a few showers, perhaps some more of that drizzle like we saw a few days ago. the best chances for this would
5:50 am
into thursday. as it looks right now, temperatures may be too warm for any kind of snow. but looking ahead over the next few days, sunday, monday there's a small chance for a little rain/snow mix in the area. we'll come back and detail your seven-day forecast in about five minutes. kristin. >>reporter: all right, j.d. an update for folks in the downtown area. east 9th street back open. it was closed between superior and chester because the scaffolding cables were getting in the way, smacking around buildings. not a good scene because of hour in the cleveland area. mentor, we have a section of 20 closed between 615 and jackson. your detour is going to be johnny cake ridge road just south here, also known as 84. let's pull up the odot view and check out jennings freeway at 71. still light out there, but we're still dealing with those slick spots along the highways because of that overnight rain. ly have another traffic check coming up in less than 10 minutes. over to you guys >> thanks, kristin. it's the season, the malls
5:51 am
shopping and the stores have some tricks up their sleeves, okay, maybe getting you to buy more or buy things you don't need. >> it is called the psychology of shopping. yeah, it exists. for example, studies show you're more likely to buy if items are on the middle of a shelf or if a price ends in a 9 which we see a lot of. and get this, rude salespeople in luxury stores can cause customers with lower self- esteem to spend more. >> they're so intimi >> you're, like, okay, i'll buy it. >> and if you think the music you hear is random, think again. the right genre can make shoppers happier and lose track of time. you may hear a lot of pop music because that leads to impulse buys. >> makes sense, i think >> we're all guilty of that. i love this story. a florida dog's christmas wish was granted early this year. kaya is a 1-year-old short-beda emu who loves playing with her
5:52 am
owners decided to treat her to meet old st. nick. you can't tell by the picture -- you can tell by the picture, absolutely, she is very excited. look at her. mouth wide open. kaya has her own instagram page and is quickly becoming an internet star. i highly recommend a follow there. >> i'm going to start following her as soon as we head to break. and it is a terrible feeling knowing you've lost something, especially if it is your pay check. >> the worst. well, unfortunately that same thing happened to a woman in you her story at least ends on a very good know. this is leticia garrett. she says she does not remember where or when she lost that check, but later she found it at her front door and that's what she found, a yellow envelope that was waiting for her. a good samaritan dropped it off. >> now, we don't know who that person is, but leticia has something she wants to say to them. >> thank you very much for being so honest, for taking the time to look up the address,
5:53 am
>> she says her family is especially relieved to ventilate check returned because her husband -- relieved to have the check returned because her husband has been out of work for a month that is great news >> karma will come back for that good samaritan. still ahead, a college student's bank account nearly drained. you will not believe how easy was for the thief. and now a local bank stepping in to get that money back. then neglected, living in the worst legged horse, obviously, soon- to-be mom has found her way out, but she needs your help to survive. "good morning cleveland" is
5:54 am
it's 5:54. good morning, i'm power of 5 meteorologist j.d. rudd. as promised, here are the peak wind gusts reported so far today. look at cleveland hopkins, 45
5:55 am
per hour this morning. other locales between 35 and 40. so it's one of those days the old trash can meter, where does it wind up? pretty much down the block. so hopefully things are good as far as the wind goes this morning. give you a quick look at the seven-day forecast here, just show you as we head to the weekend things will start to change. 40s for thursday and friday. a few snow showers sunday, monday. kristin. >>reporter: all right. as far as the highways look, they're okay. it's the side street ises i'm mostly worried about becae downed trees. townsend in particular, 20 closed in both directions between 57 and 601, that detour. use 18, avoid it entirely. let's look at odot view, 71 at west 117th street. you can kind of make out a little bit of pooling of water in the median there, but traffic seems to be flowing okay. over to you, corrina. i do want to get back to that breaking news we've been following this morning. i've got an update for you. we are now learning two of the
5:56 am
that top brazilian soccer theme that was on board. 76 others were killed in the crash. we're going to stay on top of this and we'll have another update for you ahead at 6:00. an elyria man is expected to be in court this morning after ohio state highway patrol arrested him for his fifth o.v.i. officers say eric frye was arrested sunday. he was involved in a on state route 83 in wayne county. a little bank possible to work with a college student who was targeted by a thief. the student says someone pretending to be her used her information, requested a temporary atm card. that card was granted. the thief all but wiped out that student's account. this morning the bank says it will fix the mistake while police work to track down the crook who did it. and local scams, they are getting so bad that counties now have put together a scam squad. the task force will combat
5:57 am
agencies, social service agencies, local, state and federal law enforcement will all work together on this to fight fraud. well, today is giving tuesday, everybody. after days of trying to score those deals, now it's time to give back. >> and the people at the geauga county humane society's rescue village hope you'll consider helping nevra. the horse was rescued and sent there. she was neglected and in such bad shape that she lost her firstborn. but now after being nursed back to health, she is again. and while nevra is getting much better care now, the shelter still needs help and is asking for your donations. >> it's a way for the people around us, for this humane community and people who love animals to do something great, to really be part of their story. >> the team at rescue village in south russell will be there helping her when she delivers her foal in march and hopefully
5:58 am
more to park, leaving your car at hopkins airport will now cost you a little extra. and giving back to those in need. how you can help a local family this holiday season.
5:59 am
6:00 am
off to a windy start. >> to say the least. overnight there's been several buildings damaged, a lot of them from the high winds. >> yeah. ear here's damage to a -- here's damage to a church at 71t and kinsman. the brick facade collapsing because of the wind there, but thankfully no structural damage >> another partial building collapse. look at this, this is on naywood avenue. the entire front of the building just fell right into the street. neighbors tell us this building has been vacant for several years. and lots of reports of downed power lines and poles


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