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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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out of the registers. >> a local pizza worker was robbed twice in two days, talking about his terrifying ordeal only on news 5. then, a raging inferno in tennessee has gatlinburg waking up empty and ravaged. what the city's mayor is asking for this morning. three new businesses could help the east bank bounce back. we'll have details. first, let's get a check on
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>> we have warm temperatures for today. we have rain showers out there this morning. this is the same big system we talked about yesterday, range going on this morning in the far southern part of our coverage area. that's going to continue to move off to the north and northeast as the morning goes on. a you few more spotty showers -- a few more spotty showers are possible today. temperatures will be in the upper 50s to lower 60s. by tomorrow as a cold front it's back to the colder air. i'll tell you how cold as our morning goes on. a couple traffic incidents to talk about this morning. ivanhoe road is closed south of saint claire. a car hit a pole overnight. crews are cleaning up the scene. the driver is in stable condition in the hospital. a serious motorcycle crash on the west side of cleveland, the
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near west 85th street. they were taken to metro in critical condition. heading to the maps right now, no major issues on the highways. we look nice and green, exactly how we want to start, nice quiet conditions for your wednesday morning commute. you can see stark is dealing with some slick spots along 77. let's check on 90 at kenn talking about being robbed twice in two days. >> we've got meg shaw on this for us. we'll be hearing from her shortly. that employee tells us they've got plenty of cameras at happy's pizza so it's a matter of time before the thieves are identified and hopefully caught. the worker tells us the most recent incident happened last night between 9:30 and 10:00. he said two young guys barged
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them wearing masks over their faces, one of them pointing a gun. they demanded the money from the register. after snatching up about $100, they took off. the employee said even though he faced the barrel of a done, he had no choice but to stay level headed. >> keep calm, follow their orders. they said give me all the money in the register, i gave them what was in the register, all i could do, you know. >> just terrifying. as we mentioned, this is the second incident in just two days, that same employee says monday night a man in his 20s hijacked the register getting away with nearly $100. if you know anything about either of these incidents, call cleveland police. today teachers in louisville are heading back to class. on monday night they voted to end their nearly four week strike but the union still
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contract. they're asking for clarification on a reduction in force and insurance bills from before the strike. this morning we're learning more about abdul razak ali artan, the man who attacked nearly a dozen people on the ohio state campus. isis is claiming he's a soldier of the islamic state but his motive is still unknown. all 11 people injured are expected to make a full recovery and this morning we are hearing from one of them for the first time. anderson payne served two tours in iraq unharmed, only to be injured at ohio state. >> initially it felt like someone punched me in the hand. then i looked down and saw my hand was full of blood. >> following the attack, he had surgery to repair damaged nerves and tendons in his hand. more than a dozen fires are
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tourism hub. three people have died here and more than 150 buildings burned to the ground in gatlinburg, including iconic homes and a resort has been destroyed. one of the fires was human caused. it is under investigation, two people under arrest. 14,000 people evacuated gatlinburg and pigeon forge, some driving straight through the mayor of gatlinburg lost his home in the fire. >> a house fire is devastating. when you get a city fire, that many people impacted, anything that anybody wants to reach out to help gatlinburg, we're more than willing to accept it. >> dollywood is shut down right now. according to their website, the park will reopen friday
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disturbing story. a barberton man was sentenced to life in prison after he was found guilty of raping his half sister.. she had injuries so severe, she was taken off life support. if he were to be released from prison he'll have to register as a sex offender. a man accused of pulling a knife on canton will be arraigned. danny henson is charged with resisting arrest, aggravated menacing and domestic violence. weeks after another business shut its doors in the flats, a few more could be moving in. >> there are several concepts looking to move in. the thirsty brewing company and two other models developed by a
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three level building on the east bank of the flats. a review meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. still ahead, after six days on the run, an inmate who made a daring window escape is now back behind bars. then, your furry family members are more than just cute. >> they are. >> why your animals can actually keep you healthy. stick around for this story.
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it's 4:39. good morning. i'm jd rudd. rain is on the radar picture this morning. it's going to continue to quickly crews cruise to the --
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northeast. as we get you through things and get you over this hump on this wednesday, temperatures should be in the 60s for today. change comes behind this system for tomorrow. we'll talk about that in a couple of minutes. you mentioned the rain, yeah, here's the camera shot, 77 and 30 in canton, highways are slick, slow the speeds down. we all love our furry friends. we post pictures of them all over social media. this time of year shelters typically adoptions. >> if you're thinking about adding a pet to your family i've got extra incentive for you. owning a pet is actually good for your health. pet owner benefits your heart, it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels and gets us moving, specifically if you have a dog. have you to walk them, right. dog owners are less likely to be overweight. they have better physical
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>> it helps us feel more connected. we feel bonded. it's like having family and our depression levels go down, just being able to love unconditionally and be loved unconditionally by that pet. >> sounds good. but on top of that, the doctor says owning a pet makes you more social and exposing infants to a pet early on helps them develop immunity to allergens. most americans, nine in ten, say they be some have had powerful spiritual experiences. a new study says those religious experiences make you feel just as good as love and drugs. they activate the same part of your brain, the reward system. they say it is one of the most powerful influences on our life decisions and behaviors. >> very interesting. certainly very powerful too. it is now 4:41.
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be the new fresh face of the democrats. passing the torch, we'll show you michael phelps' son getting in the pool . we'll be
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we've got breaking news out of northern alabama. severe storms includ tornado ripping through jackson county. we learned three people are dead. they were all inside a mobile home. others are you're. local officials are going over assessing the damage done to the homes there. breaking news coming into the live desk overnight, one of the two escaped inmates from california back in custody. lorne campbell was arrested overnight. we'll take on top of this story
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julio chaves. these inmates escaped last week by using a bed sheet as a rope to climb from the second floor. today the u.s. house will hold leadership elections. this ohio lawmaker is making his final pitch to unseat nancy pelosi new face to guide the party into the future. >> we have to ask ourselves when we walk out of the room tomorrow, what will we tell the american people, that what happened on tuesday and what we've not been able to do since 2010 is okay, we're going to keep going down the same path, or we will have a new messenger, a new message, a new brand and a new democratic party. >> for her part, nancy pelosi led the house democrats since 2003, the same year tim ryan
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of two-thirds of the caucus. president-elect donald trump continues to court mitt romney. he dined with trump in manhattan last night. he says he has increasing hope the president-elect can lead the country to a be better future. this was their second meeting. trump is deciding who to appoint as secretary of state. romney was critical of trump during the campaign, calling him a phony. a big indiana. mr. trump and mike pence making a deal to keep jobs in the u.s. the air conditioning company carrier was planning to move out of the country. the plan is expected to keep nearly 1,000 jobs from going across the border. closing arguments set to begin today in the murder trial of a former charleston, south carolina police officer, michael slager.
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the shooting. slager did testify in his own defense. the tulsa officer who shot and killed a black man in september will stand trial for manslaughter. the judge says there is enough evidence for this to go to trial. officer betty shelby shot and killed a man after he found his suv running in the the road. toxicology tests showed he had pcp in his system. the district attorney said she overreacted to the situation. you've got to look at this video, just a crazy example of road rage in england. a semi and a pickup truck crashed on the highway. the pickup driver reversed right into the semi. the men locked themselves in
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then the driver of the pickup grabbed a shovel and smashed through the semi's window. one of the men was taken to the hospital and police are investigating. jd, how's the forecast. >> that's a little intense. no reason to be upset about today. it's 62 degrees right now, the final day of november, how about that. we have a few showers out to our south. temperatures will be in the 50s to low 60s today. tomorrow, it's about a 20- degree drop as we say hello to the month of december. here's a look at the radar picture here, showing the showers that we have from canton, down to new philadelphia, up to youngstown. those are moving to the north and northeast. we'll put things into motion here so you can get an idea of where it's going right now. there you see moderate showers
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canton. there may be pockets of heavier rain at times which could cause minor localized flooding. this is moving to the north and the northeast. it's part of a bigger system. we talked about this system yesterday, all the snow it has dumped in the dakotas, it's still doing that. over the next 24 to 36 hours this system is slowly going to meander off to the north and to the northeast and behind it a lot colder air will come into play. so for to good side of the cold front, if you will. as we go through the day, into the night, the colder air continues to spill in. overnight lows tonight will fall into the 30s. highs tomorrow will only be be in the 40s. we have mild air in place right now with a few showers here and there. we'll have a few more showers
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fall off the cliff overnight tonight, into tomorrow. we'll stay below average for a few days. here's the breakdown for today. highs in the upper 50s, low 60s with a mostly cloudy sky with a few showers or two as the front slides through. the rain here in the southern portions of our viewing area, let's track some of those speeds, cars seeming to slow down as we zoom in. th some of those speeds around 65 from what i'm seeing along 77. make sure to slow it down along that highway. we have a closure on the east side on ivanhoe, south of saint clair because of a car that hit a pole. 77 and 30, there's one of the slick spots, so again, give yourself plenty of time before you head out the door today. >> you've got to be a little cautious out there.
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coming to universal studios. >> nintendo is coming to universal orlando and hollywood park. the idea is to make you feel like you stepped inside some of your favorite nintendo video games. maybe you can play real life mario cart. that's my dream. no word yet on the details of the attraction. we'll have to wait and see. this attractions at universal like harry potter and the simpsons. >> that is great. it seems like it's never too early to groom your children to continue your legacy. just ask michael phelps. there's the future, the most decorated olympian of all time may be ready to pass the title on to his son boomer. he can't walk but he's already learning how to swim.
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december 5th. >> little water baby. he loves it. >> not doing those strokes just yet but it's coming. it is 4:52. good morning, i'm corrina pysa. >> i'm nick foley. thanks for starting your wednesday for us. cleared for contact but will we see rg3 hit the gridiron for the browns this season. this is an ongoing issue, a news 5 investigation revealing a flood of department, why you'll now be getting bills more often.. as we head to break, a look at how wall street opens today.
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i'm jded jd rudd. average high is supposed to be 44 today. we're pole vaulting over top of that, going to reach 62 degrees. we had 20 days so far this month above average. we're doing pretty good for november. december brings change. you see it here day forecast, highs tomorrow and friday only in the middle 40s, a few isolated showers. through the weekend, we stay in the low 40s, no major chances of snow, though, as we start off the new month. thanks, jd. the good news we're accident free. we have lane restrictions on the inner belt bridge, 90 eastbound over the bridge, the right lane is pinched off today, 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
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77 at sixth, we're slick, canton area we're talking stark county, slow it down. over to you guys. a man now in jail, accused of punching another man, knocking him out, then robbing him after game six of the world series. police used this surveillance footage to identify anthony johnson. he and another man were seen here using the victim's stolen credit cards. johnson is charged with aggravated robbery. starting option at quarterback when they return from their bye week. doctors cleared robert griffin the third for game action once again. he won the starting job to open the season but was hurt in week one, hasn't played since. a big decision for coach hugh jackson coming up next week. and new developments this morning on our ongoing news 5 investigation into the cleveland water department. we're learning a big change is on the way. the water department is moving
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moving in january. cleveland water says the bills won't look any different but will be easy to read. some customers are worried more bills could mean even more billing mistakes. here's a look at what we are working on at 5:00. the tragic events at ohio state, local colleges now on high alert. how they are preparing for life or death situations. new details on a plane crash that killed alst brazilian soccer team.
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>> reporter: employees at the happy's pizza on west 2 25th is fearful this morning after they were robbed twice. it was just me protecting myself. >> we're learning more about
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including how an army veteran jumped in to save his fellow buckeyes. kids in a louisville district will be reunited with their teachers for the first time in almost a month, the more on the end of the strike coming up. it's wednesday morning. good morning. i'm corrina pysa. >> i'm nick foley. thank you for starting your morning with us. you'll notice another mild day. >> all good things must come to an end. with >> december is really just around the corner. christmas, 25 days away. we need to get more in the holiday spirit, mother nature. we have rain showers this morning, no snow from canton to new philly, a few moderate showers, those will continue to move to the north and the northeast. to help you plan your day, temperature-wise, we should be in the upper 50s to low 60s.


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