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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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including how an army veteran jumped in to save his fellow buckeyes. kids in a louisville district will be reunited with their teachers for the first time in almost a month, the more on the end of the strike coming up. it's wednesday morning. good morning. i'm corrina pysa. >> i'm nick foley. thank you for starting your morning with us. you'll notice another mild day. >> all good things must come to an end. with >> december is really just around the corner. christmas, 25 days away. we need to get more in the holiday spirit, mother nature. we have rain showers this morning, no snow from canton to new philly, a few moderate showers, those will continue to move to the north and the northeast. to help you plan your day, temperature-wise, we should be in the upper 50s to low 60s.
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arrives. you'll feel it tomorrow for sure. thanks, jd. certainly a wet start for our southern counties but compare what we're seeing on the radar south to cuyahoga county, nice and green and up to speed on all major highways. as we take a look, we are one car into a pole that has a section of ivanhoe closed south of saint clair. 77, that's what we're seeing when it comes to the wet, slick spots on the highways, certainly stark county, slow those speeds down. i've seen cars going 65, 66, you might want to go the speed limit. for the second night in a row, employees at a local pizza place are shaken up this morning. >> happy's pizza on west 25th has been targeted by robbers twice now. that's where meg shaw is for us this morning. what's the latest, meg?
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at happy's pizza say after the robbery, everyone was on their toes. they said they never thought the exact same thing would happen 24 hours later. around 10:00 last night two guys ran through the front doors at the pizza shop, both wearing masks. they took off after they got the money from the register. the employeeas gunpoint on monday night as well. >> this time it was two young it looked like kids, could have been from 16 to 18, and then last night it was like a guy in his 20s. >> reporter: we're told the pizza shop on west 25th has plenty of surveillance cameras inside the shop. they said they recorded both incidents, they have it on
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identified and caught. if you know anything, call cleveland police. meg shaw, news 5. we've got new information coming into the live desk about a severe storm outbreak overnight. this is in alabama. a tornado here killed three people. they were all inside a mobile home. four others we're learning were critically hurt when a 24 hour day-care center was destroyed. the most damage is in jackson un and businesses are damaged. we have new information coming in this morning about the attack at ohio state. isis claims that attacker is a soldier of the islamic state. still, the fbi is not confirming any links between islamic extremeists and abdul razak ali artan.
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his instinct was to grab the attacker's weapon. >> he was swinging it at people. he went to attack me and i grabbed the knife with my hand. >> following the attack andy had surgery to repair damagedded nerves and tendons in his hands. he is expected to make a full recovery. after what happened at the osu campus we started looking into the safety policies at some of our local universities. state use a method that is called a.l.i.c.e. at both schools staff are required to get active shooter response training and take part in simulations. case western can reach 95% of you users within two minutes and 15 seconds. we spoke with a security expert who said technology only goes so far, it's all about immediate response.
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might help in some situations, the best line of offense is a well trained, highly alert student staff and body. >> case western has a free phone app where people can report emergencies directly to police and track their exact location. teachers heading back to work this morning after louisville schools. earlier this week the teachers' union voted to end the nearly month-long strike and go back to work. the union tells the canton rep it still doesn't the teachers have been without a contract since june 30th. no word on when they will negotiate again. new details about a deadly shooting on cleveland's east side. antoine williams junior is charged with the murder of his 16-year-old accomplice, even though he's not the one that pulled the trigger. it was actually the homeowner the pair was trying to rob. suspects can be charged with
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death is a result of them committing a felony, in this case, a burglary. 37-year-old robert lance pleaded guilty to killing daniel caroway back in august. prosecutors say 18-year-old demetrius ford scalded his 4- year-old with scalding the baby was also found to have a skull fracture and broken r ribs. a raccoon in the shreve area has been tested positive for rabies. there's been no human exposure but it's possible pets were exposed. if you see any animals in that area behaving strange or overly aggressive, you're asked to call authorities immediately. the olive garden responding
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viral. >> it happened when rickey smith tweeted about his experience at the restaurant. >> he says that his party was kicked out because they asked for a new server. he explains they overheard their black waitress saying she doesn't like to serve other black people. when they complained, smith said the management told them they could either be served by the same waitress or they leave. when they didn't leave, the cops were called.. metrohealth systems could soon add a new hospital to the main campus. they are looking to borrow more than $25 billion to add the new building on west 25th. the plan is to replace the round towers to the recently
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thirsty dog brewing is hoping to move into a spot that used to be on air studio in the flats. next door, a dante's inferno pizza location could move in as well. the businesses need to be approved by the east bank developers but that's good news for the flats, always looking to have more businesses set up there. jd rudd, maybe not th >> we've got the rain today which is never fun but it could always be worse. we have mild temperatures, that's going to be short-lived. the rain's in place right now, moving to the north and northeast. as we get over the hump today, temperatures should be in the upper 50s throughout most of the day, make the most of it. there's an upside, there's a down side, we hit that tomorrow. i'll talk about that coming up in a couple minutes.
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i'm corrina pysa. >> i'm nick foley. coming up on good morning cleveland, wildfires continue to devastate tennessee. we're hearing about the conditions evacuees had to endure to get out alive. a clothing company shatters its previously black friday sales record but they're not going to see any of the profit. where that money is going
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it is 12 after 5:00. here at the live desk we're following breaking news. it's been a devastating 24 hours across parts tennessee. the destruction is not over yet. at least three people are dead, many more still missing. the wildfires are being spurred on by hurricane strength winds. those who evacuated in time left in a state of flux. they have no idea what they'll be returning to, when this will be all over. one man said someone told him his apartment is gone, someone
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>> it's frustrating. everything i own is in that little apartment. i don't know if i have nothing or if i have enough to start over with. >> officials are not sure when those evacuated residents might be able to go back to their neighborhoods. a curfew is in place right now from 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. every night. >> so much destruction in that area. we're learning new details about that horrific plane crash that killed 71 investigators say the plane suffered and electrical failure and a majority of the cabin disintegrated on impact. six people survived the crash. a black box was recovered from the crash. investigators hope they'll be able to pinpoint what happened on the flight. today, fidel castro's ashes begin their journey to the
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their fallen leader. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience to get to experience the culture in a truly different way. castro was a polarizing figure. it will be interesting to see how people are responding. >> the funeral is set for sunday. leaders from around the world are expected to attend. president obama is not planning to go. in north dakota, protesters of the dakota access pipeline are in a standoff with authorities in the middle snowstorm. there is a mandatory evacuation order but activists say they're not leading. police have started to block people and supplies from getting into the site. congress has reached an agreement on a new defense policy bill. the final draft removes the plan that would have forced women to register for the military draft. the full contents of the bill haven't been released to the public. the house is expected to vote
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then taking it up next week. president-elect donald trump announcing a new round of cabinet nominees. for the treasury department he picked steven munchkin and tom price is set to run the health care system. he supports privatizing medicare. for the department department of transportation he selected elaine chow. a lot of focus on the next administration moving into washington. many members of the current administration say they're not going anywhere. john kerry spoke about the challenges of international politics and took a jab at the president-elect's method of responding to events around the world. >> international challenges, my friends, have to be confronted
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and tweets or whatever that pretend to somehow deal with the complexity of this age. if we don't do that, we will fail to be able to lead because we will not be taken seriously. >> kerry also expressed remorse that hillary clinton was unable to break what he called the highest glass ceiling in the country. looking ahead to the presidential inauguration, we're learning more details about the dinners and the balls top donors will be able dinner featuring the president- elect and his wife. donors can choose from several packages. people who shell out $1 million will also have a luncheon with mike pence and cabinet appointees and congressional leaders. donors who buy a $100,000 package get to meet the cabinet but not trump or pence. heading to jd now, i had to
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not a bad thing for this time of year. satellite and radar picture this morning shows the rain we have going on mainly in the southern locations, this will continue to move to the northeast as the morning goes on. you can see the yellow showing up, that indicates the pockets of more moderate rainfall that we have this morning. right along 77, toward new philly, stretching to the north and occasional heavy rain shower as you get going this morning. this will push out of the area as we head toward drive time. this is associated with a big- time storm system. take a look at this thing, dumping snow in parts of the dakotas. in the south, look at this, here it is 5:17 in the morning and they have active tornado
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alabama and georgia as well. for us at home, we have mild air and rain. average high this time of year is 44. we're already well past that this morning with readings in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. look just off to the left side of the screen, there are hints of the colder air to come as we head into tomorrow. here's your future cast. temperatures show the rain this morning pushing out of here for a little bit, a few spotty showers around mid-morning. we get a few dry hours in as later on this afternoon into this evening, rain chances start to come back as the front gets its act together and starts to move across the area. we'll talk about the cooldown coming up in a couple minutes. the highways are slick on 77, four different views along the highway showing the shine on the highway. low travel times in the
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inbound to 271 to 90, 25 minute commute. 77 and 90 checking in fine as well. akron commutes are looking good as well. over to you guys. you might notice patgonia trending online this morning. they hit a new black friday record. they sold $10 million. thats was in just they're donating all of that mope, the $10 million will go to nearly 800 environmental groups around the world. the vice president of environmental activism says the company came up with the idea to help bring people together after -- i mean, obviously it was a divisive presidential campaign, so that's great. check this out, a seattle man proves that nothing can stop you from pursuing your
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disease. evans wilson is battling pulmonary fibrosis. he completed all 26.2 miles of the seattle marathon. the feat was a personal, emotional triumph for evans but one he hopes to make a difference. he raised money for terminal lung disease research. >> it makes you feel guilty of complaining about anything. a group of 20 just hit the jackpot, literally. we're hearing from the tennessee 20. coming up. you could be saving more than just one life when you adopt a shelter pet. why getting a furry friend could be good for your health. we're tracking weather and traffic as we head to break. you're watching good morning
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here's a million powerball jackpot. >> doesn't that sound good? the winning ticket was sold to a group of 20 co-workers at a tennessee manufacturing plant. >> they're being called the tennessee 20. they come from a town of about 5,000 people. they say this will more than just 20 lives, for sure. >> often i talk about it. you see somebody while you're checking out at walmart or kroger's that looks like they
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swipe the card. >> there will be a lot of people blessed through this and i'm thanful for that. >> the definition of life- changing probably for lots of groups. this group chose to take a lump sum of $254.7 million which they of course will split evenly. >> why didn't we -- we need to do that. i'm just like dang it,. we're dealing with roadways in stark county. we're mostly concerned with 77. reminder today is the final day for that right lane being pinched off on 90 east over the inner belt bridge, the work wraps up at 5:00 p.m. you still have access there on west 14th street to 90 east. let's check out the odot views.
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now . take you outside, show you how it looks right now, with the shot toward the cleveland skyline. no rain falling in the greater cleveland area. the rain is falling from canton to new philly, dover and heading to the north and northeast. that's going to continue to move in that direction. i do think we have another chance for showers later on this afternoon, into this evening, as a cold front makes its way through, kind of nature makes this happen. we start the month of december tomorrow, feeling more like december, temperatures close to average, in the 40s. we keep that trend going all the way through the weekend. before the details of the ohio state attack became clear, messages about an active shooter were blasted out to students and faculty. >> we now know that was not the case and the gunshots people heard were those of ohio state
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campus emergency. campus officials at john carroll university tell us ohio state did everything right. >> we have to make a quick evaluation based on information coming in. you may not always have time to properly evaluate it before we get there. we know something is happening. >> the chief of police at john carroll university said the fact the person had a knife rather than a gun is irrelevant, especially when you consider what happened in virginia officials received back lash from waiting to send campus- wide communication. 32 people were killed in those shootings. up next, a wild road rage incident caught on camera in the u.k. see what happens after these two trucks collide. and new restaurants could soon be headed to the flats. we've got the latest on development plans on the east bank. as we take you to break,
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one guy had a gun, the other guy jumped over the table, started asking for me to be pull money out of the registers. >> a local pizza worker was robbed twice in two days, talking about the terrifying
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tornadoes ravaging parts of alabama, at least three killed, homes demolished. we'll have the latest ahead. coming to the flats, the three new businesses that could help the east bank bounce back. let's get a check on the forecast with meteorologist jd rudd. >> this will be the last mild day for a little while. temperatures today will be in the upper 50s to low 60s. we have some rain down to the south, from canton to new phil at times moderate showers working their way through. if you live in the area and look out your window and you've got a photo for us, share it with us on social media. we have a mild morning with temperatures starting out in the 50s and low 60s in some areas. more rain showers may come back for this afternoon thanks to a cold front coming through. that will bring us a change for tomorrow, about a 20-degree
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couple minutes. we're accident-free in the greater cleveland area. there's a traffic alert, a car ran into a pole on the city's east side, ivanhoe road still closed just south of saint clair. this is in the city of cleveland. a car hit a utility pole. crews are working to get that cleaned up. the driver was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. let's show you we're up-to- speed on major highways in the greater cleveland area. you see the green on the slick. so 77, slow it down. we're seeing ponding in parts of new philly. elsewhere, giving the green light to your drives time. 480, the eastbound lanes, looking good. 77 and whipple, traffic starting to build slightly. this morning, a cleveland
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but twice in two days. >> meg shaw is live for us in cleveland this morning. what's the latest? >> reporter: the employee says they have plenty of surveillance cameras here at happy's pizza so he says it's only a matter of time before these thieves are identified and hopefully caught. the worker tells us the most recent incident happened last night around 9:30, 10:00. he said two young guys, probably ages 16 to 18, barged through the front doors, both wear one pointed a gun while the other jumped over the counter. they demanded money from the register. after snatching up about $100, they took off. the employee says despite facing the barrel of a gun he had no choice but to stay level headed. >> keeping calm, following their orders. they said give me all the money out of the register. i gave them what was in the register. >> reporter: this is the second
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monday night a man in his 20s hijacked the register, getting away with nearly $100. it was the same employee facing a gun. if you know anything about either incident, you're encouraged to call cleveland police. meg shaw, news 5. today teachers in louisville are heading back to class. monday night they voted to end their nearly four week strike. but the union still hasn't reached a deal on a contract. they're asking for clarification on a reduction in force and insurance bills from before the strike. teachers have been working without a contract since june 30th. back here at the live desk, we have new information about a severe storm outbreak overnight. we've been following this coming in from alabama. a tornado killed three people. they were inside a mobile home. four others were critically hurt when a 24 hour day-care center was hit. the most damage we've seen so
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county, this strong line of storms moving in overnight. there have also been multiple reports of tornadoes across northern alabama and southern tennessee. this morning we are learning more about abdul razak ali artan, the man who attacked nearly a dozen people on the ohio state campus. isis is claiming he is a soldier of the islamic state. all 11 people injured are expected to make a full recovery. 'r for the first time. 28-year-old anderson payne served two tours in iraq, unharmed, only to be injured at ohio state. >> initially it felt like someone punched me in the hand. you get that dull pain in your hand. and then i looked down and i saw my entire hand was full of blood. >> following that attack, andy had surgery to repair damaged nerves and tendons in his hand. we have new developments on
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life in prison after being found guilty of raping and killing his half sister. doctors found internal injuries so severe she was taken off life support. demarcus jones who was 15 years old at the time was found guilty of rape and murder. he'll be eligible for parole. if he does get released from prison he'll have have to register as a sex offender. a man accused of pulling a officers will be arraigned. danny henson pulled a knife out on officers who responded to an incident. he is charged with resisting arrest, aggravated menacing and domestic violence. weeks after another business shut its doors in the flats, a few more could be moving in. >> several concepts are looking to move in.
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and two other businesses are looking to fill the three level building on the east bank of the flats. a review meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. coming up next, after six days on the run, an inmate who made a daring window escape is now back behind bars. and sex, drugs and religion, what a new study says they have the same impact on. first, today's tech facebook added insta games for messenger. >> you can have one on one action with pac man and much, much more. google has updated the time lapse feature for several cities and landmarks, adding new data going back to 1984. this is a time lapse for dubai in 1984 and today. you can see how london and new
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this is a hot glue gun, but for cheese. >> you can load it with cheese, which it melts and then squirt the liquid cheese onto crackers and chips. >> think about how much better everything is with cheese. >> that is where the technology genius comes in. that's going on my wish
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we are 20 minutes away from 6:00. i'm power of 5 meteorologist jd rudd. thank you for waking up with us this morning. we're warmer in cleveland, about two-thirds of the country. look at denver, it's 13 degrees there right now. we're at 61. we're doing all right. a cold front later tonight, into tomorrow. make the most of a day like today with high temperatures topping out in the upper 50s to low 60s. we'll keep a chance of showers in there as well. a blurry view of 77 because of the raindrops, the light to moderate rain is making traveling a little bit tricky in the southern portions of our viewing area. just found out about a water main break, quincy avenue
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nine in ten americans say they believe in god. >> a new study says religious experiences make you feel just as good as love and drugs. they activate the same part of your brain, the reward system. the lead author of the you study says spiritual and religious feelings are the most powerful influences on our life decisions and behavior so having a better understanding of this could be insightful. >> are you rested? what does that even mean? if not, a new study says the effects are pretty widespread. the biggest impact of sleep deprivation is on your health and well-being. researchers say it costs the u.s. $411 billion every year. that is the amount of economic losses from lower productivity at work. >> this comes back to productivity, doesn't it?
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should be the new fresh face of the democrats. plus, passing the torch, we'll tell you how michael phelps' son is in the pool already. you're watching good morning
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it is 5:45. breaking news coming into the live desk overnight. one of the two escaped inmates from california back in custody this morning. lorne campbell was arrested overnight. there is still a manhunt going on for announcement of a $20,000 reward. theys escaped using a rope made by a bed sheet. an ohio lawmaker is making a pitch to unseat nancy pelosi. tim ryan's district stretches from youngstown to akron. he says it's time for a new face to guide the party into the future. >> we've got to ask ourselves
5:46 am
tomorrow what are we going to tell the american people, that what happened on tuesday and what we've not been able to do since 2010 is okay, we're going to keep going down the same path or will we have a new messenger, a new brand, a new democratic party. >> nancy pelosi has led house democrats since 2003. for her part, she says she has the support of the caucus. president-elect donald trump continues to court mitt romney. he dined with trump in manhattan last night. he says he has increasing hope the president-elect can lead the country to a better future. trump is deciding who to appoint at secretary of state. romney was critical of trump during the campaign, calling him a phony. a big announcement in indiana. mr. trump and mike pence made a
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carrier, was planning to move outside the country. the deal expected to keep nearly 1,000 jobs in the state from going across the border. more than a dozen fires are still burning in a tennessee tourism hub. three people have died so far in the fire. more than 150 buildings have burned to the ground in gatlinburg including iconic homes and a resort. it looks like severe storms moving into the area, we're talkin60 rain too. they certainly need the rain but the winds don't help things at all. one of these fires was human caused. it is under investigation. two people are under arrest. 14,000 people have been evacuated, some driving straight through the flames. tennessee's governor says this is the worst fire the state has seen in more than 100 years. the mayor of gatlinburg lost his home in the fire.
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many people impacted, anything that anybody wants to reach out to help gatlinburg, we're more than willing to accept it. >> tourist attractions like dollywood are shut down right now. >> so much destruction. closing arguments set to begin today in the murder trial of former charleston officer, michael slager. before that happens, the judge is expected to make a decision about whether the jury can shooting. the defense rested tuesday after calling 23 witnesses. slgaer faces 30 years to life in prison if convicted of murdering 50-year-old walter scott. the tulsa officer who shot and killed a black man in september will stand trial for manslaughter as well. the judge says there's enough evidence for this to go to trial after reviewing police helicopter and dash cam video.
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man after he found his suv running in the middle of the road. shelby said he didn't follow commands. the district attorney said she overreacted to the situation. you need to come look at this video here. a crazy example of road rage. this is in england. a semi and pickup truck crashed on the highway. things got really heated while the drivers were exchanging details many the pickup, the driver of the pickup reversed right back into the semi. locked themselves in the cab. the driver of the pickup grabbed a shovel and smashed the semi's window. neither of the men were seriously hurt and police are investigating this.. i think that guy needs a chill pill. >> a couple. >> at least. here's a look outside this morning, our beautiful city looking lovely and it feels kind of spring-like out there today. it's very strange. >> it's not going to last.
5:50 am
the last day of november today. we've had 20 days so far this month above the average. as the cold front comes through later on tonight, the mild air will go out the window, almost literally. the front slides through later this evening, into tomorrow morning. this is the eye-opening shot of colder air. it's going to drop about 20 degrees for tomorrow afternoon. right now, look at the readings. we're in the upper 50s to low 60s along the lakeshore. the average high this time of degrees. we're doing pretty good. here's the forecast hour by hour for today. i think we'll be in up the upper 50s to low 60s. we have rain showers out there this morning south of the cleveland area. here's the wide view of the power of 5 weather radar. zooming in around new philly and up and down 77, may have travel troubles here.
5:51 am
coming up. you see the rain we have on radar this morning. give yourself extra time as the showers continue to slide off to the north and northeast this morning. this is all a part of a bigger storm system, though, which has put down snow in the dakotas, over seven to 10 inches in some areas. as we talked about earlier, severe weather is ongoing in the south. those are active tornado watches right now in place until about 10:00 or so this morning. truly incredible. again, the front will slide its will spill in. rain shower chances will wane overnight tonight, maybe something spotty along the lakeshore as we go into tomorrow. the bigger store which will be that drop in temperatures. a few spotty showers will be around today from time to time. temperatures should stay in the upper 50s to lower 60s. a couple incidents to talk about in the cleveland area. let's get to it. we have a water main break, quincy avenue closed between
5:52 am
we have a two car crash, elk and 102, don't know when the area will be reopened as police investigate. the rain is impacting 77 in the southern portions of the viewing area, akron, canton, new philly, slow it down on the highway. we've got a new vacation idea for you. there's a whole new rl >> that makes me want to start singing "aladdin." nintendo is coming to universal's orlando and hollywood parks. the idea is to make you feel like you stepped inside some your favorite nintendo video games. maybe you'll be rolling barrels with donkey kong. >> or maybe a real life mario. >> that would be fun. no word yet on the details of
5:53 am
open over the next couple of years, they'll begin the process of opening. this follows other themed attractions like harry potter and the simpsons. >> always popular for many, many years. it seems as we move on, it seems like it's never too early to groom your children to continue your legacy. you can just ask michael phelps that question. he is ready to pass his title that would be boomer. phelps shows boomer getting lessons from his former swim coach. boomer will be 7 months on december 5th. it's the most wonderful time of the year. thanksgiving is behind us, now we're concentrating on another big holiday, that would of course be christmas. >> can you tell i'm excited? >> just a little bit.
5:54 am
december. rockefeller center is set to light the annual christmas tree tonight. thousands of people crowd the area to get a glimpse of the tree as well as live performances. the tree will be lit up until january 7th. that's one of my favorite things to do, going there with my family. will we see rg3 hit the gridiron for the browns this we have details on a flood of issues from the water department.
5:55 am
we all love our furry friends. this time of year shelters typically see a surge in adoptions. >> if you're thinking about adding a pet to your family we have extra incentive for you. owning a pet is actually good
5:56 am
pressure and cholesterol levels. it also gets us moving, especially if you have a dog. it decreases depression and reduces stress, so many good reasons to adopt a little furry friend, jd. >> why not? if you're counting down these kind of things, maybe for christmas, 25 days away from christmas day, 32 from new year. we're 111 days a away from the first day of spring. so there's lots of winter for us to even officially started yet. we have no real signs of winter. we have rain in the forecast, maybe a little snow tries to mix in early tuesday morning but that's still almost a week away.. at least no major accidents to talk about, at least on the highways. our travel times are low despite the fact traffic is starting to build. no issues along 76 or 77 in akron, just the slick spots we're dealing with because of
5:57 am
like on 76, not much of an improvement there when it comes to the slippery highways. the browns now have another starting option at quarterback when they return from the team's bye week. doctors cleared robert griffin the third for game action once again. he won the starting job to open the season but was hurt in week won and has not played since. new developments also in our ongoing news 5 investigation into the we are learning a big change on the way. the water department moving from quarterly to monthly billing in january. cleveland water says the bills will not look any different but will be easier to read. some customers we talked to are worried more bills could mean even more billing mistakes. also next at 6:00, the tragic events at ohio state has local colleges on high alert. how they're preparing for life and death situations like this
5:58 am
majority of a brazilian soccer team. what caused the team to go
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>> reporter: employees on happy's pizza on west of 25th are fearful this morning after it was robbed twice in as many nights. i don't know if it was
6:00 am
myself. >> we're learning more about the attack at ohio state, including how this army veteran jumped in to help his fellow buckeyes. students will be reunited with their teachers after almost a month. we'll have details. thanks for waking up with us on this very mild wednesday. >> it's like in the 60s or something. the big question, we know it can't last, stick around? >> you've got about 18 hours or so until things start to change. this morning, you might not need a jacket. temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s right now, if not the low 60s. you may need rain gear in some areas. rain continues in the canton, new philly area this morning. that will move to the north and northeast. for cleveland, our rain chances go up later on this afternoon, into this evening, ahead of a cold front which will bring the


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