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tv   News 5 at Noon  ABC  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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officer who killed a black man at an apartment complex. the district attorney says the officer's action were justified. vincent shot and killed 43-year- old keith scott. he got out of his vehicle with a gun as officers approached him. his family has said he was not armed but they recovered a firearm at the scene. more breaking news at this hour. right now ohio congressman
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rather his effort to unseat nancy pelosi. pelosi will hold to her position as the house minority leader. ryan was trying to sell a change after the party saw losses again and again at the polls since 2010. pelosi has had the leadership since 2002. his bid did put a huge splt on his career. we'll take an in-depth look at what this for his future. >> at the noon hour. the story of the cleveland fbi conducting raids at several northeast ohio gasoline stations. they responded on rock side in garfield heights. they were at the mair thon sites. we called together as we're told an agency spokes person told us that the information related to the raids is saled by the fbi.
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robbed twice in two straight days. the double robberies were at happy's pizza on west 25th street. meg shaw has more on the robberies glvment >> reporter: the glees say after the robbery everyone was on their toes keeping a close eye on things. they never thought the same thing would happen just 24 hours later. >> they .ed the gun at me. >> he says around 10:00 tuesday night two guys barged through the shop. both wearing masks. >> one guy had the gun. the other jumped over the table. he started asking to pull money out the register. >> the pair about 16 to 18 months old snatched a hundred bucks and took off. a scene all too familiar after he was robbed the night before by a man in his 20s. he also got away with about
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nights he had no choice but to stay level-headed glsmed follow the orders. give me all the money. i gave them what was in the register. >> that employee says both robberies were caught on their cameras. he believes it's only a matter of time before these thieves are identified and caught. if you have any information, please call cleveland police. in cleveland, meg shaw. news 5. thers weather. we'll check with janissa. >> after all that sunshine yesterday and temperatures above normal today, kind of making you feel a little down out there. gray skies rooses the board but we are awaiting the arrival of our next very strong cold front. and produce us with a good swath of rain. temperatures though are still on the warm side. we're dealing with the southerly flow. oui talking about the upper
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60s mple you can see we are dealing with a little bit of rain to the south of us and still tracking some spotty showers right now for southern stark county into jihaga. they are moving east fairly quickly. we have severe weather that is moving across the south and this band of moisture is going to continue to lift as we step into the rest of the afternoon. let's get the umbrella that front starts to track through here. we'll continue to track that rainy activity. i'll give you exact timing coming up am 20-degree temperature drop in the seven- day forecast. i'll show you that coming up. >> new developments in on ongoing investigation into the cleveland water department. we're learning a big change is on the way. the water department is moving from quarterly to monthly billing in january.
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water says the bills won't look any different but easier to read. they were worried it could mean even more billing mistakes. >> mt. row health medical system could soon be adding a new hospital to the main campus. metro health is looking to borrow just over a billion to add the new building on west 25th street. the plan is to replace the round towers with a new building connected to the recently opened critical just weeks after another business shut its doors in the flats. a few more businesses could soon be moving into the area. thinkerthirsty dog brewing could be move into the area and a new place.
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by the flats' east bank developers. it could take place tomorrow. still ahead, thousands of people are picking up the pieces after severe storms as fires continue to rip through participant of the american southland. investigators in colombia say they may have an initial finding into why a plane carrying 77 people crashed near an airport in colombia. president-elect donald trump announcement. we'll have details on all of
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right now severe weather has made a deadly impact south of us. two dozen tornadoes were reported overnight. they've destroyed homes and a day care center. the death toll across alabama and tennessee now stands at 5:00. amid all of this tennessee is still dealing with devastating here's the story. that's the data right there. let's go. >> from louisiana to tennessee, death and destruction. in northeast alabama, tornadoes rip apparent homes and businesses leaving animals to roam. >> trees and some 18 wheeler beds and things that
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>> reporter: in mississippi trucks and barns no match for strong winds. gusting over 60 miles an hour. >> we're really lucky nobody was hurt here tonight. it could be the other way. >> reporter: and the storms also turned deadly. this as people begin to get a better look at the damage it's done after the raging wild fires went through a resort area. dollywood theme park families including those who's homes were gutted. their cars and belongings were scorched. calling this is the largest forest fire in a century. at least three deaths and more than 14,000 to scramble to safety. this man is still looking for his mother. >> she called me at 8:30. said the house was on fire. i told her to get out immediately and we got
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could be some relief for firefighters after seeing no rain for nearly two months. forecasters say there's now a flash flood warning with heavy rain expected in the area. elizabeth herr, abc news new york. >> we are learning new details about that airplane clash in which 71 people were killed in columbia. they said the lack of apparent fire damage means the plane may have ran out of fuel. among the dead were members and coaches of a profes brazil. officials said six people surviefd the crash. three of them soccer players. closing arguments are set to begin today. michael slager. the judge is expected to make a final decision about whether the jury can visit the scene of the shooting where an unarmed black man was killed by the white officer when the man fled a
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after calling 23 witness. he took the stand in his own defense. he faces 30 years to life in prison if he is convicted of murdering scott. and the tulsa officer who shot and killed a police officer will stand trial for manslaughter after ruling the video. there was enough evidence to go to trial. officer beth di shelby shot and killed him after she found his suv stopped in the middle of toxicologisttoxicology tests show he had pcp in his system. still ahead today at the noon hour as we continue the tennessee 20. a group of coworkers strike it big in the lottery. how they plan to change more than just their lives. >> dry weather right now. but we have heavy bands of moisture about to enter.
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it's a case of the heist of gold. a man walked up to an armored
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of goal flakes. they put the value at more than a million and a half dollars. there was a guard but he left the vehicle open as he went to retrieve his cell phone. the thief with the golden hand and the gold hopped into a van and sped away. he may be hiding in florida. they're looking. a major announcement. trump is leaving his company to focus on pre thank you tour across the country. he say it starts in cincinnati tomorrow. more cities are expected to be announced later this week. the president-elect announced a new round of cabinet nominees for the treasury department former goldman sachs executive. and a fierce obamacare critic. and for the department of
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selected elaine chau. >> it was sold to a group of 20 workers. they're being called the tennessee 20. they come from a town of about 5,000 people. lottery group members said this was going to be more than just 20 lives being changed. often i talk, you see somebody checking out at wal-mart that looks like they need help, we'll go and swipe the card. >> there's going to be a lot of blessed through this and i'm thankful for that. >> the group chose to take a lump sum of $254.7 million which they'll split evenly. that amounts to just under $13 million a piece. they don't say if they will continue to work but i
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>> all about giving. giving back. >> yeah. take some time off probably. take a little vacation. wouldn't that be nice? good for them. i wish it was me. but leave it alone. >> next time. [ laughter ] >> that's what they say. what are we looking at next time in the weather? >> sunny yesterday in the 60ed s. low-lying clouds and the gray clouds and they're going to stick around. we have rain that's forecast but leon we are still about 15 to 20 degrees above normal in spots this afternoon. many of us in the mid to upper 50s already. we're going to continue to warm up throughout your afternoon. but we have a very, very strong cold front that is going to reenter northeast ohio later on tonight but ahead of that front, it's moisture. most of it is to the south and
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canton area. even southern summit counties. right in portage. some isolated activity. we have severe weather moving across the south. that moisture is lifting to the north. throughout the rest of the afternoon and going to provide us with a good dose of moisture. around that 5:00 to 6:00 hour. we'll start to really see the heavier stark county. even wayne county. we'll be on the light side for the greater cleveland area. so rain is in the forecast throughout your evening but you can see 9:45 to the 10:00 hour it moves to the east. still effecting asterbula. we'll be in the lower 40s and even overnight lows tonight. dropping down to basically back to normal in the lower 30s as that front
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chance of a little bit of moisture at times. a little bit of snow accumulation starting to pick town the west. things will start to dry out for your thursday. so tonight going to be kind of a dicey one here. as rain is still in the forecast. the big note is our temperatures drop about 20 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. we're back in the 40s for your weekend. things looking pretty dry. mostly cloudy for you satu now it's time for mark. , you know, every year i look and i don't think they can do better but they can improve every year. >> yeah. especially last seven or eight years. all these new customers. so much stronger.
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foliage. they last longer. this is not painted on either. >> it's unbelievable. >> it's so small. >> and i like how you've done some in the blue and cream. >> we do -- we kind of do all different colors t. kind of -- some will have some fun and something different. >> whatever your decorated in. you want to make sure the poinsettas. the door or the heater vent. >> that dries them out. >> ice cubes how often? every couple days. >> perfect. >> they will lost longer than you want them to. >> it's that time.
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things are looking up for one pacers fan. the fan who vowed not to wear pants only shorts until they won again. well, he can wear pabts. that i beat the eagles monday night but he say he's going to keep the act going. he thinks just wearing shorts brings them good luck. maybe the browns will take some of that luck. that's it for us.
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holiday gift. you've got to check these out. head to their website.
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it's november 30th, time for amazing viral videos "right this minute." a man holds a 3 year old at knife point in a store. >> just the beginning of a six-hour ordeal. >> how a mother begs for her child's life while undercover cops sneak in to save the day. >> that was a good move. >> are you all right? >> yes. paraglider. see what they are trying to prove with one crazy stunt. >> no, no, no. come here, good boy. >> rescuers try to corner a lost dog. >> its leg is severely injured. >> the immense effort to capture a pup that is way, way far from home. >> what? >> we've got christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle bringing you the best on the web. and a slippery celebration involving --


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