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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that terrifying ordeal. >> just looked like a movie. >> they found himself with a starring role. >> i thank god i got my life. >> he was inside this bank this morning just after 9:00. that's when he explained to me that two men wearing wigs walked in. one walked up to a teller and demanded crash. >> putting the money in the bag. hurry or i'll blow your brains out. >> when cox told me he tried escape. >> he told me don't do that. i was not the one out of the door. this is where they filed the money at. they didn't make it far before the it exploded. this picture cox gave me captured it. the robber drops the money and took off. people started picking up the cash, returning it to the bank. the -- nearly double the bank robberies from last
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investigating 70 bank robberies compared to 42 for all of last year. and there is a new disturbing trend. she explained it's no longer one person with a note. >> we're seeing a lot more armed bank robberies which is really scary so we're up dramatically this year. >> federal agents are now looking to see if this robbery is also connected to a string of recent bank robberies. a reward is being offered for any information that leads to tonight, new at 6:00 crash and grab. i know it's unthinkable. an important warning before you get in the car again. crooks are carjacking people after crashes. the latest cases happening in beachwood. derek waller went there to find out what is going on. >> that's scary. >> she walks her dog every day where a woman told the police she got carjacked. >> it's scary in a neighborhood
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>> a 49-year-old beachwood woman's car was stolen just after 7:00. >> the woman told police someone in a dark colored suv tapped her rear bumper. when she got out one of the men got in and took off. then it happened again. the assisted living facility. once again a fender bender led to a woman being forced out of her c class. the thief got away with a cell phone, ipad, a purse, cash, checks and credit cards. nicer neighborhoods. >> my philosophy is it can happen anywhere. you could be in the best neighborhood, you know, the -- living in the most expensive houses and pay the most taxes and think that you're safe and i really think that it can happen anywhere. >> that's why beachwood police tell me that people need to be alert especially this time of year. >> if you have any questions at all as to what is
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like you're in danger, just drive straight to the police station. >> both involved crooks easy get waste. she's already been more alert because of the holiday season. now even more so. >> who knows what else they are doing? >> in beachwood, news 5. well police quickly recovered that cam camry. they believe it could be to other carjackings. some reports of lightning. what's going on? thunder and lightning starting to stir up as you can see the chilly air rushing in our direction. so the last few moments of 50 degree weather. here's the band. you tee see the lightning bolts. a half hour ago. right over downtown as this line moves through. heavy rain.
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if you're coming up or down. be aware. give it about a half hour and they'll be out of there. route 2. we've got heavier rain showers. maybe you might see a lightning flash and here's some thunder. scattered lighter rains all the way back to sandusky and that's the back edge. 62 cleveland 58 and akron but holy cow. temps are cooling down. watch hour by hour by 8 p.m. rain is coming to an end to our it's all done. skies clear out a little bit but temps chilling in the 40s. a local army national guardsman in the fight of his life right now after left hit by a car in basherton. tonight, news 5 bob jones talked to a witness as police tried to find the driver who took off and left the man in the road. my buddy was just struck by
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avenue. 27-year-old scott hollyfeld was walking when he got struck by an june coming car. he was hit by a vehicle and flung probably about 45 4-0r 5 yars r yards. he was off the road and barely got a glimpse before it took off. >> just something like that. >> he was like right here. >> he was driving with daughter. first she saw glass on road then was horrified by what she spotted next. >> she was like she wasn't for sure. when i looked at my rearview mirror that was a man. >> he's in the national guard in north canton. he's now in critical condition in a kulma. they can't comprehend how the driver could leave them for dead. you know you hit somebody. just make sure they're okay and
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in. >> police canvassed the area hoping to find surveillance video but no luck. investigators are hoping for tips and a car that should have passenger-side damage. >> there's no real gri debris left from the vehicle. all we know is possibly a shattered passenger window. >> the car may also be a dark red color and have front end damage. sergeant davis hopes someone will lead them >> the family they want to know what happened. >> the thoughts are with the guardsmen. >> prayers for him and his family. i hope he pulls there. >> bob jones, new 5. >> new tonight at 6:00 cleveland police are looking for a gunman who shot and killed a euclid man. according to first responders williams was shot in the chest around 8:30 last night. they say before he died he
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a quarter of a mile away trying to get help. with last night's shooting the number of murders in cleveland now stand at 123 and that number has surpassed last year with a moont still left to go in 2016. we are just 11 murders away from 2016 becoming the city's deadliest year in a decade. last year investigators had 121 cases to look into and in 2010 the city only had 72 cases for the year. the de when officers were called to 134 homicides. the settlement between rice's family and the city of cleveland was made official. they approved the agreement between the two in the death of her son rice earlier this year. it was announced that the city would pay $6 million after police shot and killed her 12-year-old son. his mother says that some of the money will help create a foundation in her son's name.
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scheduled to take up a case that would overhall two cleveland agencies of the both deal with citizens complaints made against cleveland police officers. the move comes after news 5 as repeatedly exposed of agencies and its flaws. they've been investigating the office of professional standards and the civilian police review board for years. she joins us now live and this latest move is part of the consent decree. >> part of that decree they have just been released. review board should operate after federal officials called them disorganized and ineffective. it's up to a judge to decide whether these are sufficient. i disagree with your statement about the board being ineffective. i disagree with that statement. >> the chairman of cleveland civilian police review board told us back in august that he doesn't think anything was wrong with his board. that board rules on citizen
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police. instead, thomas jones poin ed blame elsewhere. >> i'm just asking if i can talk to you for a moment. >> just heard what he said to you. >> you have the opportunity to talk if you would like. >> to the board's sister agency, the office of professional standards. which investigates those complaints. ops is headed up by this man. who has repeatedly refused our interview request. >> answer to the people of cleveland. >> but after our repeated investigations showing a federal officials got vostled and now they're taking it to another level. >> the case includes these new operating manual. for both the office of professional standards and the civilian police review board. in here it calls for ops to better document and assess complaints and make the overall process more efficient. calling for a case to be assigned to an investigator within 24 hours.
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complaint. it also says investigations should be resolved within 75 days. these new guidelines suggest that the board has the authority to discipline an officer f. it disagrees with what the chief of police does. as it stands now cleveland's police chief makes the final ruling on discipline in each review board case. now these proposed guidelines were developed by the cleveland police monitoring team which overseas imimplementation. and federal justice officials. now the federal judge in this case will hold a hearing on the new manuals december 12th. >> a former day care worker was sentenced to life in prison after videos molesting babies that were in her care. earlier this year, heather changed her plea to guilty following the 2013 arrest.
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personal laptop. break developments about the attacker at ohio state. what we've just learned about him in the past hour and he tried to unseat one of the popular democrats on capitol hill.
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we're learn new details about what happened right before the attack at ohio state on monday. investigators from both columbus and federal agencies say they tracked down abdul at a local wal-mart. he had purchased a knife but they're still not sure if it was the knife in the attack. they are looking for anyone who may have seen that morning so they can piece together a time line between the purchase and the attack. they're working through evidence to determine a motive. >> all we know at this point is we believe he may have been inspire i had by isis or isil. our investigation will determine. that it's too soon so determine that. >> the car the attacker was driving wasn't registered to him. it was registered to his
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police officer who happened to be nearby. but there's a renewed push to allow concealed carry weapons on campus for situations like this. house bill 48 buzz discussed by ohio lawmakers today which would give universities the opportunity to allow guns on campus. but no vote has been scheduled just yet. >> it is a first of the campaign promise that trumplez hopes to keep. a thousand jobs here in the announcing the deal with carrier air conditioner to keep two plants from moving out of indiana. however it's estimated that 2,000 people work across both of those plants. it's unclear if all of the jobs will be saved. the president-elected pick to become treasury secretary says this is a step in the right direction for the administration. i can't remember the last time a president did that. and, you know, this is a -- a
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secretary also acknowledged the good news but hopes the president-elect can do it more than 800 times to match the obama administration. >> democrats looking for a change in their house leadership didn't get it. northeast ohio congressman failed today in his bid to unseat nancy pelosi. news 5 here right now with a look at what this means for ryan's future. >> he did something few of us would have considered in taking they came up short. he got his name out. there the congressman might be ready to spread his wings with a bid for governor. he's flirted with the idea before but wacked away electing to stay in congress with a safe seat. this bid might be a sign he's willing to broaden his pll horizons specially given the unlikelihood they'll take back the house any too many soon. >> he's sit sitting in a party that has no voice at
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may be looking at then i do look seriously at the goip. he would be probably the strongest candidate to announce a democratic side. >> and other democrats would likely wait to see if he decides to get in the race. >> the republican said may be wide open. all eyeing possible runs. lrt. you have your eye on the power of five. >> we are announcing right now that we are it is raining outside. >> we're running quickly. >> running quickly. if you're out and about rain gear. we've heard some thunder here. some heavy bursts of rain now moving through with the gold front that's coming by. just pelting the windshield if you will. roadways are wet and if it's not raining where you are, give it a few more minutes. once again the cold air rushing
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look at the rain showersful really popping out ahead of it. here we have it. showers even some embedded thunder. the main band is through ki, hoga and headed to the north and he's. look at these yellow and red areas indicating some moderate to heavy rain. no lightning strikes right now. we do have a couple of little lightening bolt just a few minutes ago. the i-271 corridor is getting hammered as it i-71 corridor south out of cleveland. the good news is the rain chances are highest through 7 p.m. and they drop and by about 10 p.m. slim to none chances for rain. all the way way through your morning commute. good news there. 53. we dropped to 57. 57 for dover. look at fremont. the front is already there. it's already down to 47.
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mansfield 50. winds out of the west at 16. so already little blustery. we hit 62 degrees. quarter of inch of rain in the last hour or so. front is here behind it. much colder air. we'll likely see a few wet snroa flakes tomorrow. primarily lake effect snow t. will be right along the lake shore. cooler for everybody though. all the way through the weather weekend. let mow show you the hour by hour. notice it's lake effects. so it's just a little rain. eastern lake county. cloudy elsewhere. temps in the 30s. as we head to the lunch hour still right up there. and we get a few isolated snow flakes and rain showers again primarily in the snow belt through the afternoon.
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the primary snow belt. akron, booster, cannon even most of greater cleveland will be dry tomorrow. 38 tonight. some scattered showers. tomorrow we'll mention the lake effect rain shower or mix. mainly east of cleveland. 42 tomorrow. that will do it. mostly cloudy everywhere you go. evening showers. 43 tomorrow. mainly cloudy. blustery. remember that the wind will be gusty tomorrow. anywhere. saturday, same story. an isolated mix. sunday, afternoon rain snow mix. shouldn't amount to much. and then 47 tuesday, 47 on wednesday. welcome december. all right. it's beginning to a lot like christmas. >> yeah. >> what do you have up your sleeve today >> i love it. >> i didn't see t. tell me about it. >> we're going to show it to you. plus it's not the first time
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you know being social at work is good for your health. take a short break and perhaps ask how their holiday went. thing is, never a good idea to engage someone when
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while you can miss something or make an error. that's exactly what jr smith did. what are we doing? j rrs smith wasn't even talking to a teammate. he was hugging an opposing player. take a look here. jr goes oaf, hugs jason terry while the splair smith was supposed to be guarded throws down a duck. here's jr first explaining what happened then explains why he's wearing a ski mask during the interview. >> ran off the court and him. >> i don't remember that. >> you know they were inbounding the ball? >> what play are you talking about? >> the first half. you ran off the court and snell got a layup because you were off the floor. >> i didn't know i was in the game. >> it's my alter ego. just, you know, it was a gift. >> a gift from ohio state.
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that was bizarre. now this isn't the first time he's done something bizarre on the basketball court. two years ago he got fined for untying shoe laces. check it out. here with the knicks. leans down, unties dwight howard's laces. and then watch the left side of your screen here. unties the shawn marion shoe. and he didn't stop there. he tried to untie frank monroe. they had enough and fined him doc rivers will get fined for his actions. he crossed over court then e jectded. he was irate. had to be held back. clippers lost in double overtime. tomorrow night, cavs welcome them to noun a monster matchup. i think doc will probably be settled down by then. >> yes. okay let's get back to jr. what's going on? >> he said he was sorry today and he said it was an embarrassment.
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>> we haven't. >> you've got to show it. >> you've got to show it. >> hold him accountable. beware of what's going on. >> yeah b. aware. >> i like the ski mask. man of mystery. that's what he is 6789 >> and they lost.
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breaking news as we come on the air tonight. the deadly tornadoes. the watches late today across several states. more than two dozen twisters in 24 hours. in atlanta, the sirens. the system stretching from the south to the northeast. also, the state of emergency at this hour. seven dead. the wildfires out of control. fueled by the breaking developments in the plane crash. tonight, what we have just learned. what the pilot said moments before the crash. inside the meeting. the dinner with president-elect donald trump and mitt romney. and we have new reporting tonight, the post that could be given to sarah palin. the house explosion. the mother of three, the family dog crawling out from the debris. and an abc news exclusive tonight. the mystery mom who vanished, the husband breaking his silence


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