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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  November 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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out if what's happening inside a number of local gas stations is out of order as well. fbi agents fanned out across cleveland today raiding these businesses. the records on the investigation sealed tonight but frank wiley went inside one gas station to show us the ripple effect these sweeps are having on us. >> well the customers i talked to they walked out refused the manager says this is unnecessary and he has nothing to hide. a convenience store with little to offer. >> you're taking my customers and money. >> anger animated by the group that handicapped his business. he says a dozen people walked in with guns. >> do you have the video. >> they took it. >> they even walked out with computers and packages.
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took them back. >> this marathon doubles as an ups access point. pack js come here. >> very frustrating. >> they opened up several paj packages. >> sammy says it doesn't make sense. >> food stamp fraud might be an issue. but we don't have that here. nothing illegal happened here. >> sfarz you know? >> -- as far as yo >> no plastic, just money. >> disheartened by today's actions. >> customers too. one way or the other they say it's bad business. >> now the u.s. department of agriculture was involved. in manager we spoke with says he could be offline for a few days. live in cleveland frank wiley news 5. investigators say it is too
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terrorism. many believe ab bull artan was radicalized online. they are looking into weather he was inspired by isis or a former al-qaeda leadser. they think a video released this weekend may have had something to do with this attack. >> the terrorists have evolved and morphed into a different type of threat today. the message is not come to syria to join but attack in >> 11 people hurt in the attack before police officer alan horujko shot and killed artan. new tonight. new dreams of indian spring training don't need to be put on hold. a major league baseball strike averted. sources say the players and team owners reached a verbal agreement on a five-year deal hours before the current agreement expired. the last time players went on
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also new tonight the nexus pipeline feud heating up after a new report that could clear the way for the natural gas pipeline through a huge stretch of northeast ohio. megan hickey has been digging into that report and speaking with the residents who say they have the most to lose. >> residents along this stretch in medina county worry that the pipeline is now unstoppable. they're not ready to give up the fight. . james harvey's herd could see changes. >> it's a sad day for medina county and our country as well. >> it cuts his farm in half. and today the federal energy regulatory commission gave the company a green light towards one time step. >> that says that nexus has chosen this route. this is the route they're
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harvey's worry could ruin their farm and livelihood. >> by coming through it and taking up hay ground you take our production off that land. >> the report said there are no major environmental issues that should keep the proposed pipeline from being built. john harvey worries about safety. >> it's like sitting on a ticking time bomb. when the it going to explode. >> these neighbors aren't backing down. >> we're going to go against things we don't think are right and hope the law will eventually be on our side. >> according to statements from the company they're hoping the permit comes early next year and the pipeline will be operational in november of 2017. in medina county megan hickey news 5. as for the protests over the dakota access pipeline 2,000 vets plan to gather at the standing rock reservation on sunday to show support.
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leave the site. officials will start blocking people and arresting trespassers on tuesday. neither warnings or the snow seem to be pushing them out. here at home a live look outside. a rain seven-day outlooks northeast -- a rain soaked northeast ohio. i'm here with chief meteorologist mark johnson he's allowed me in the weather center tonight. >> you have the passport. have >> i haven't been. >> we have dropped 17 degrees since 6:00 p.m. we were at 60. we're now at 43. come over here and talk about this. >> do you want me to come with you? >> come on danita harris. >> no way. >> the rain showers have moved out of here. that's what i told you would happen by about 10:00 p.m. everybody dry right now. staying dry. 43 in cleveland. 43 akron.
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mansfield 38 degrees. all right. for your next seven days a sneak peek. temperatures hovering in the 40s and snowflakes out there. wicked weather in the south tonight. five dead and more than a dozen tornados reported. take a look at some of what we have going on in atlanta right now. tornados ravaging the south. this is atlanta, georgia. they had reports of a tornado to the north and west downtown. incredible. a car literally twisted into a pretzel and that's not all. trees down, including this one on top of a convenience store. right now thousands without power. in alabama the scene is worse. three people dead there after an ef2 tornado hit the family literally ripped from their home. roofs peeled off like a can of sardines.
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downed trees, power lines everywhere. cars picked up and tossed across the parking lot. and powerful images tonight of the storms in tennessee. this one happening near chattanooga. two people have died and at least nine others injured after severe weather hit that state overnight last night. these images are people returning home to realize everything they have is gone. gone just weeks before christmas. tonight they are picking up the pieces hoping for brighter days ahead. showing last night's tornados right here. 27 tornado reports along with flooding and wind. these are tonight's severe weather reports. and this afternoon we're talking a lot of wind damage. right there. there's atlanta. a weak tornado skip to the northwest of downtown and again the reports are coming in. roof damage, multiple trees and power lines reported down in the area of discovery bowl voord.
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no -- luckily no neuros from that one. no injuries from that one. another sad situation. that sam weather system trigger dg same weather -- same weather system triggering mudslides. the toll of the tennessee fires is taking toll tonight. look at these heartbreaking pictures. the fires damaged or destroyed more than 700 homes and businesses. nearly half in the gatlinburg. this afternoon we learned that 53 were treated for injuries and the death tole is rising. >> we have recovered three more bodies. we are up to a total of seven that we have recovered. we are still working on identifying those seven. we want to notify the families as soon as possible. >> well, now that the fire is
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place and will continue throughout the night. another deadly trend is setting records in cuyahoga county. the medical examiner's office says the number of fatal overdoses to opioids has doubled sings last year. 2016 coming to a close and -- since last year. 2016 coming to a close. there were at least 42 deaths connected to heroin or feint anymore and another that number could be higher. there were at least 16 overdose deaths just this month. a holiday warning for everyone tonight. scams against seniors in northeast ohio on the rise this season. i'm investigator joe pagonakis. what could be done to slow down this alarming trend. and if that's not enough. crooks are trying to get you to get tow you on the road -- to
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how unsuspected drivers wound up carjacked and what to do if you're targeted. rabbits, pigeons, a pig, a goat, a couple of dogs. >> i know it sound like a farm but these and dozens of other barnyard animals are at a shelter right now after a massive rescue operation today. and if cutting back on the caffeine isn't reason enough to get more sleep how about a longer life and more money? what researchers found about those of
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only on 5 the holidays turning into a horror story for seniors all over northeast ohio. crooks are lining their pockets with your parent's money. many of the victims are too embarrassed or afraid to come forward le out there to pull the same scam over and over again. news 5 investigator joe pagonakis has been digging into this problem tonight. joe, it seems like those who do report it, you got to cut through so much red tape it becomes a hassle. >> and seniors have to report their cases to more than just one agency to get the help that they deserve. >> that was the reason for my breakdown. i can't believe i'm living like
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over the stack of paperwork generated after $10,000 was stolen from her checking account. >> we're worried about seniors underreporting scams. >> this woman says more need to fight the embarrassment and report scams here to her office. but reporting a scam to one agency isn't enough. >> they report it just to whatever agency they happen to be talking to. and it might social worker who's then busy worrying about the impact of the scam but not investigating the scam. because that's not their work. >> hopefully it results in more investigations and resolutions on scams locally. >> connell believes reporting to several agencies will lower the number of scams. >> more than anything we want to educate seniors and let them know they have a place they can
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>> nancy alg len reported her -- allen reported her case to several agencies. she has some simple advice during this holiday shopping season. >> don't give them your card. do not give them any information over the phone. >> and in response to growing senior scams cuyahoga county is banding a dozen agencies together like the police and postal service to prosecute these cases. investigator joe pagonakis. and another warning for everyone tonight. if your car gets rear ended think twice before immediately stopping because last night in beachwood two women were carjacked. both were hit from behind by a dark-colored suv. one of the men in the suv got in and took off when she got out. the seconds woman was forced out of her car. police remind us to be alert
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around us especially this time of year. >> if you have questions at all as to what is occurring right now or if you feel in danger by all means it's acceptable to drive to the police station. >> one of the stolen cars was found but the other was not. this just in tonight. are you sick of paying more than face value for tickets to see your favorite band or show? you're saying yes. lawmakers in d.c. on ticket brokers that use software to snag those tickets. the senate passed a bill that would give the trade commission the ability to go after them. it moves on to the house. new tonight at 11:00. this video show as fraction of the more than 150 farm animals rescued from the backyard of a home in cleveland. take a look. they are now being checked out and cared for at the p r apl.
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with that many -- at the apl. with that many animals things are bad. >> the vast majority are chickens and a number of rooster. we have a number of turkeys, rabbits, pigeons, a pig, a goat, a couple of dogs, a couple of ducks, and we've just learned we have some geese coming in as well. >> the animals were rescued thanks to a tip called in. once they are checked out and treated for problems the apl will look the animals. and i know they will find great homes. all right, so, here's your dose of weird news for the night. it's really really weird. bestiality is close to being illegal in ohio. that's right it's not against the law in the buckeye state. a bill just passed by the ohio senate will make it illegal. it's on the way to the house and according to the dayton daily news ohio is one of 11
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still legal. hmm. well, take a look that's governor john kasich sending a self-driving truck on a test run in ohio. i said it, a self-driving truck. it took a drive with a driver along as back up. it will take a test run on the turnpike later this week. ohio is investing $15 million into testing self-driving vehicles putting in fiber optic cable tw year. that's an interesting development. >> very interesting. >> makes me nervous. >> so far a lot have not done well. >> it makes me nervous. i don't want to look over and not see a person. >> imagine if that driverless car is texting. let's look outside right now. a live look at downtown cleveland. lower 40s, mid-40s. mansfield at 39 degrees.
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near philly seeing stars out there. notice the feels like temps in the 30s. the cool air is invading right now. say good-bye to the rain. pushing off into new york state, western pa. that break in the overcast moving into canton towards youngstown in the next few hours. but skies will remain mostly cloudy. up here a little wrap around moisture. some of these showers again they'll develop north coast east of cleveland and the traditional snow belt. tomorrow during the day, all right? talking a little mix of light rain and light snow for cuyahoga lake je nova counties. lows when you get up and go. look at that in the 30s everywhere. time to break out that winter coat. you haven't needed it for the last couple days. the main front now into western pa.
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weakened. no longer any severe weather joet breaks for the south -- joet breaks for the south-- outbreaks for the south jrn eastern states. -- southeastern states. a lake effect northeast corner of the state. 38 tonight. mainly cloudy. breezy and colder. southwest winds 10 to 20. our high 42. mainly cloudy. there's the winds gusting above 20 you can see throughout the hours during the day sustained winds. 21 miles per hour. 19 moils per hour. -- miles per hour. air temps plus the wind gives you a wind-chill factorment by noon will feel like -- factor. by noon will feelg like 30 degrees. -- feel like 30 degrees. tomorrow is december 1st. tonight 37 for akron. tomorrow 43 mainly cloudy and
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seven-day, friday isolated winds. 41 saturday. sunday afternoon areawide weal see some -- area wide we'll see some light rain and accumulated snow. these are chilly readings. stay in the 40s monday, tuesday, and wednesday of next week. danita? all right this is interesting. something strange is washing ashore on some california beaches. look at it. many theorys about these globs that showed up. jellyfish, eggs, aliens, john john? jsh -- mark johnson? why did these wash ashore? some blame last winter's el nino. strange, very strange. we hear it time and time again. get a good night's sleep. maybe money is your ultimate motivator.
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people and found those who sleep less than six hours a night had an increased risk of early death and lost productivity every year. that could be costing our country more than $400 billion a year. and coming up in sports we've got a story we can all appreciate. how football helped one young man stay on the right path.
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now news 5 sports. brought to you by brunswick auto mart. >> we're going to introduce you to xavier tonight.
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he's overcome adversity his whole life. lauren takes us to the campus in south euclid where she shares his journey. >> every kid likes superer heroes but -- super heroes but he was looking for something basic. >> two parents. i didn't have that. >> where were you parents? >> i don't know my father but with my mother she was on drugs. she was in and out >> at just 3 years old the second young es of t -- youngest of nine witnessed his mother being abused. >> growing up you don't understand that you're not supposed to do that. now it makes me angry. >> after living in group homes at 8 years old an aunt from cleveland adopted him. >> it was like i have a family now. >> what impact did football have on your journey?
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>> he played for glenville coached by ted sr. >> i didn't think i could go to college off of academics and stuff but he seen something in me. >> mentors he met through school and football became his sidekicks. >> if i didn't feel like i could go anymore it was the people around me saying i can. >> especially after he went to college. >> football went fine. but got dismissed. >> you didn't give up? >> i went to community college for a year and got back in to lake erie. i failed a class and got dismissed again. >> but you still didn't give up. >> he went to notre dame college instead. >> my hard work paid off. i didn't just make the team. i had to walk on. i had to prove myself. i kept griepding and grinding.
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>> with the help of his sidekicks he ended up being his own hero. he wants to share his super power others trying to beat the same nemesis. >> i can show people that you can do stuff like, you don't have to be limited. don't let that define who you are and never use it as an excuse to why you can't accomplish things. it wabed to give -- i wanted to give up if i can do it you can. >> here's a kid who never thought he'd go to college. he garages in the -- graduates in the spring. news 5 at 11:00 continues after
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there we go. notice the wind speed line is covering the temperature line. >> mm-hmm. >> that means the winds are
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hold on the your garbage can lids and i will hold on to my toupee. >> that is not a toupee. that is real. >> it's real. >> it's a real solid there. it's a real salad there. >> did you just call it a salad? >> i love this man. i love our team. closed captioning sponsored by if you're thinking about chevy shop serepentini. news 5 traffic updates from the canton akron airport traffic
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight bono, julia roberts, channing tatum, dj ka legal, neil patrick harris, and the killers. and now, ready or not, here's >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy, the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. you are watching our second


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