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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we are all in the cold air. it's 39 when you step outside. that's a far cry from the 60s we had at this time yesterday so much quite the temperature drop but it's in the going to warm much at all as we go through the day today. expect a mostly cloudy sky. a couple of hit and miss showers. the wind is not going to help either. southwest breeze at 15 to 25. highs today only in the 40s. i do have warmer days in the forecast. more of th >> a shot of the inner belt bridge. east and west looking just fine. haven't seen any issues either. not a whole lot of cars out there. that commute checking in okay. let's check in that view. a couple of shots and as you can tell just a few lonely cars out there. i'll let you know as soon as i see an accident. this coming into the live
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injuries. he's died from his injuries. hefs shot inside a home. a i arriving officers got imhad to the hospital for surgery. he later died. the homeowner and her two children got out safely. we'll keep you updated. the fourth and final inmate who escaped from jail just over a week recaptured. finding him at his sister's house. he was arrested after eight- hour long standoff. cutting through the bars and turning bed sheets into make shiftd rope to climb from the second floor. gl right now plies are searching for this man. he's accused of shooting and killing a man and injuring add woman. this all happening right next to rivena high school.
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gathering in the latest details. good morning, sarah. >> good morning. investigators say that man is still only the loose this morning. if you can come over to your tv and take another look at the suspect. this is david darnell calhoun junior. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon before 2:30. not far from the high school. because of the close proximate it was put on lockdown for a half hour. student and staff are okay. they report a 32-year-old woman was shut. the relationship between the suspect and the man who died. >> there was two good dudes. they could have been betion friend, for real. they were -- i mean, they were two of the strongst. they were very, very bright. >> cal human being is
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give portage county sheriff's office a call. we are expecting to learn more information this morning. learn about the new for the latest updates. news 5. >> thank you. the pipeline food hooping it up. ghifinged company a green light. getting the permanent to build it. now that mean it is could clear the way for the natural gas pipeline it run through a huge stret it has residents worried. james says the pipeline would cut his acre farm in of a and he worries it will ruin it. >> by coming through it and taking up hay ground, grape ground you limit our production. >> now according to a statement they are anticipating a permit next year. they plan to be in service in november of 2017.
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comedian are on good terms. he heard his black waitress say she doesn't like serve blacks. olive gardens apologized and is making a sizable presentation. two sides to every story. another waitress were getting rowdy and that rasing the surer. ohio is number one in heroin deaths. the hero narrowly doubling. the local governments are overwhelmed virtually no beds left in rekofy sentence. members of the mental health board tells us there's a serious search for solutions. we're missing his long-term
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environment. not just two or three. it's coming approximate interest. they started a safe heroin use program. in ten years the news dropped. the programs tend to be spefns and not overly supported. if your car gets rear ended think twice before top stopping right away. two women were carjacked ar getting into burners. both were just hit likely from behind. check on the forecast. so much severe weather. >> we're talking the storms. the strong tornadoes that happened in some areas the last couple of days.
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sending crews to assess damage. you look at this map here, from tuesday and wednesday through cluing over the twhrant metro area and new orleans as well. take a look at some drone video. this is from that damage nearly 9 people killed as two dozen tornadoes reprimand through four states. the first tornado pass thrud counts. a we could one sow of the city of atlanta and moved through the heart affecting three northern suburbs. quite the active 24 to 48 hours for parts of the south. we'll talk more about that our forecast right around this morning. that entire southeast region hit so far. well today the president elect has a busy day. more than a now jobs at carrier here in the u.s. he's going to kick off his thank you tour. our state was crucial. he will be at the u.s. bank
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first in a series. the rest of that schedule has not been revealed. >> still ahead for you, keep you from moaking. the with enlight from lining up. >> giving safe rides after a night on town.
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getting some new unforgettable photos this
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trying to catch their breath. laying down there on the sidewalk. they have been fighting for 30 straight hours at this point . at least seven people have died including a missing mother who was found dead just hours ago. more than 50 people are hurt. we know at least 700 buildings have been destroyed. dolly paraton who grew up in the area is going to help out families living there. >> we want to provide a handup to all of those fami recover we want to make sure that the dolllywood foundation provides a thousand dollars a month to all the families who lost their homes in the fire until they get back up on their feet. the fire right now only 10% contained. >> soccer, if anyies holding tributes in honor of those killed when a plane
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colombia 40,000 filled the stands where their city was scheduled to play imens brazilian team. many wore white carried flowers for the tributes that including reading the names of victims and a moment of silence. >> smoking had be illegal in all public house. the new rule is designed to protect low-income residents from the effects of second-hand smoke. it will apply to 1 million homes that are subsidized by the federal government. tradio and hookahs will be band. e-cigarettes can be used. there's a chance they can undo the ban next year. the serm is going to go on for a while longer. the president-elect has nairl rowed it to four candidates. mitt romney, bob porker, petraeus and rudy giuliani.
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veteran's affairs. an aide saying he is k be used in a productive and positive way to help those desperately in need. the department is the largest government agency with more than 300,000 federal employees and a budget of more than 180 billion. all right. big changes ins forecast. >> one of those days you're going to feel this one. about a 15 to to '02-degree drop versus what we not going to help. southwest breeze at 15 to 25 miles an hour. so prepare yourself. here's what you should know for today. it's much cooler. also a few isolated showers are possible even a wet snow flake or two not out of the question. what about meaningful snow? still searching for that. not seeing that show up at all. show you the temperatures. waking town readings in the middle 30s this morning.
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expand the view out a little bit more. all of us are in the 30s. the exception you see here is new philadelphia. the cold spot. you are the warm spot. 40 this morning. the average high temperature this time of year is around 44. we may get close to that this afternoon. power 5 showing a couple of returns which may include a wet snow flake or two. showers as well. all this is still that big talking about all weekend. the backside floats by. that's why we have the chance for a few more showers this afternoon and againor. the main area is right along the lake shore and it wouldn't surprise me if we saw some snow fall in the far northeast. i think it would be a dwussing at best as it takes shame now.
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evening. uppers 3s to low 40s. we'll check the cavs forecast in a couple minutes. . >> nice and clear out of the highways this morning. just checked 77 and 71. still in the green and up to speed as well. let's head west a little bit. some lane restrictions here. 90 east. 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. that's happening yesterday. so it might be all week long. 90 eastbound lane right at yesterday. let's pull up the 480. a nice upclose view showing the traffic looks just fine. flowing okay. over to you guys. >> with thanks giving in the rearview mirror we can focus on christmas. >> it's december 1st. i'm so exciting. what better way to make sure they are on the best behavior by, you know, having tracking for st. nick.
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expense will continue it's 60 year tradition nor have they started back in 1955 of a an ad misprinted the number. you can track santa use your phone app or their website and the 12 days of christmas may be one the most popular holiday strongs but what would it cost to purchase those gifts? well, according to the wealth management all 12 would cost the most expensive gift is nine ladies dapsing. more than seven grand and 13 thousand. this year's toaght price has increased 200 from last year. >> consider inflation. always comes into play. >> always. >> thanks so much for waking up with us. still ahead a smart semimy hits
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in ohio. how football helped him stay on the right path. >> as we head to break a look at how wall street opens today.
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arriving a little bit before tipoff set for 8:00. it's going be cold. 39 at 7:30. same value at 8:30. things will be heighting up inside the q. that quick dash of the car with temperatures in the 30s as the game winds down around 10:306789 quick check of the forecast shows no real warm air until we get to next weeken we're back into the upper 40 _z and a few chances for rain am few snow flakes here and there. >> thanks. at least weather cooperating with us this morning. it impacting our speeds on the highway. the travel times nice and low. you are taking 71 north. 21 to 90. checking in just fine too. still in the clear. two 15 minute rides. happy with those average speeds. let's pull up our view and check on the highways right now. four different views along 77 joined nice and quiet conditions. over to you guys. all right.
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a -- sending a self-driving truck. some of the money will create a foundation in her son's name. >> new information out of cincinnati. they prepare to repair during a traffic spot. we are learning more about the jurors who could not reach a consensus in that first
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police officer. he called police the good guys who should be given the benefit of the doubt. they are trying to move the next trial out of hamilton county. and to the diamond now your dreams of making next year still alive and well. it looks like a major leak. baseball strike has been voided. they have reached a verbal agreement on a 5-year deal just hours before the current agreement expired. the last time was more than 20 years ago and they season. all right. we always like to hear those stories of inspiration especially during the holiday season. this morning we found another one that is sure to leave you fild with hoped. >> remaining focus on a goal no matter what you might face. a member of the notre dame college football team. it seems like a lifetime without knowing his father and seeing his mother addicting to drugs and after
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and he used football to can cheaz of getting a college education. host scheduled to graduate this may. >> can i it can -- ki show people that you can. define who you are. gl he played high school football and imranlted from glennville academy. here's a look at what aware working at it for 5:00. a big, even where dozens of barnaround animals were discovered right here in cleveland. >> then scoring a ticket to a game or a concert may get easier.
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over and over again. make sure not picked up. >> good morning, everyone. thank you so much for starting your thursday with us. it's officially december. it's here. the temperatures starting to fall. still a little bit re winter out there. >> coats. you'll want the coats this morning. you didn't quite hear this this morning. a little smattering here of some snow showers l i'm not sure much of that is reachinged ground. that may continue as we go through the afternoon today. a few spotty sprinkles. the biggest headline is much cooler day. upper 30 toss low 40s at best. when you toss in a breezy southwest wind it's going


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